Monday, January 02, 2006

LOVE QUOTES FOR TODAY - January 2, 2006

"hopeless romantics
are only hopeless
in the eyes
of those who
dont's believe
in romance."

"he who wants a rose
must respect the thorn."

"In love,
one's happines is inevitably
attached to the happiness
of the other."

"Life is like a journey,
you ned to face different challenges,
but Love makes this journey

"One of the best virtue
of Love is that it is
meant to be spread
and shared."

"In Love you don't ask
person to love you as much
as you do,
but you Love a person as far
more than you could."

"To Love deeply
in oje direction makes us
more Loving in all others."

"Love is not enough.
It must be the foundation,
the cornerstone -
but not the complete structure."

source: Love Quotes and Messages