Saturday, September 30, 2006

Eric, sudden surprise visit to ParkShiYeon drama filming scene


Shinhwa member Eric gave a sudden visit to lover Park Shi Yeon drama series filming scene, showing their steady relationship.

According to one of the filming crew, said that eric lately came with 2 handful of drinks beverage appeard in ParkShiYeon SBS drama scene filming. Eric because he knows the tiredness of the filming scene express his gratefulness and also not forgetting to ask everybody to look after of girlfriend ParkShiYeon.

It was said that ParkShiYeon's confident was being increased due to eric's visit and support, and smoothly the shooting ended very fast and well that day.

Eric and ParkShiYeon start dating last year and was in people's attention. Specially ParkShiYeon who formerly a Miss Korea and did not make much activities in Korea so there wasnt many fans known about her. She completed acting in 3 drama filming in China and was known in SBS for the local fans in Korea. Then she was acting in movie <9>.

credits to:
- osen [source]
- jojoyu7@shinhwachina [chinese translation]
- amane@mySHINHWA [eng translation]

KimDongWan showing the desire to released solo album


Shinhwa KimDongWan through his diary entry in Official Website express his desire to release a solo album, will he be the 4th member debut as a solo artist receives many people's attention.

KimDongWan after finishes Japan Tokyo concert on the 24th Sept wrote a diary entry on the Official site and express about his regret of not doing good on his solo performance and his feelings toward the whole concert. In his entry written 'I think it's not the time yet for a solo album' express his desire of releasing one.

This is KimDongWan's first time of expressing his thought towards a solo album. One July 7 in China Shanghai press conference, question 'didnt thought of releasing a solo album planning like other members?' by a china press and DongWan reply, 'If there's a planning for a Solo album, i'm afraid it will be after my military service.' Although the time and planing has no confirmation but still express his feeling towards a solo album.

Already had released their own solo album Shinhwa member LeeMinWoo and ShinHyeSung. Junjin will be releasing a digital single on October. JunJin during the ShangHai press conference said that "After seeing M hyung's solo concert in January, suddenly wants to have a solo debut." MinWoo speak, "Member's solo activities will give different excitemnet to each other, only like this, shinhwa can only nonstop develope more."

Towards JunJin's solo album in Oct, how will it affect and bring KimDongWan exitement? Let us just wait and see.

Credits to:
- MYTH6 [source]
- 打糕@shinhwachina [Chinese Trans]
- amane@mySHINHWA [Eng Trans]

Thursday, September 28, 2006

27/9 Dongwan Diary

IPB Image

Thank you every one ~~~
I am really surprised.
There are so many fans supporting us by giving us their warmth. Thus I am really surprised.
It is the same for Tokyo and Osaka
The members are totally surprised and happy too.

Minwoo mentioned about having thoughts of releasing his solo album in Japan.
Maybe he will like to have a challenge with Hyesung!?

As for me, I feel that I have a lot of regrets for the Osaka concert
It is because of my cold, I have not performed and sang well on stage.
I am really sorry to those who love to watch my singing performances that I spent so much effort on.

I really wish to have another Osaka concert!
With a healthy body and a smiling image.

A fan in front of the stage, has an gIt is alright~~~h expression looking at me...
I will like to say thank you to the fan!
As a matter of fact, at that moment I really wish to escape!
My voice is really awful!
Now, I am not yet a professional BBBTT

Next time I will be back at Osaka again!
When the members are sound asleep, I will put them in my bag and bring them here.
It is a promise!

Today is a memorable night for the members and fans
To the members that have performed charismatically on stage, and the fans who have been giving us undying support, a big thank you.

I will be having Takoyaki tomorrow before I head back to Korea.
I will really miss you all~~~~

Credits to Enne@Shinhwaism for English translation,
S—¢—L‹S@bestshinhwa for Chinese translation and Good Japan

Good Notice” Shinhwa Asia Tour has ended successfully

Hello everyone
This is GoodEmg

On the 26th of September at 7pm, "Shinhwa, 2006 Japan Tour Inspiration #1 In Osaka" has ended successfully.

Since May, the Asia Tour Concert had begun in Seoul, Shanghai, Busan, Thailand, Singapore, Tokyo and Osaka. Thus this ends their Asia Tour concert with a success.

During this period of time, we will like to thank the fans from Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and the rest of the oversea fans of their support for Shinhwa.

In addition, for the Asia Tour Concert to be a success, Shinhwa had spent a lot of effort in their performances. We will also like to thank Shinhwa.

There will be a "Japan Tour Live Dvd" releasing early next year in Korea and Japan. It will consist of all footages from the Japan Tour concert. That includes the 3hrs concert held in 24th and 26th of September. Moreover it will also includes others footages of Shinhwa in Japan during their Japan Tour concert. We hope everyone will give your loving support.

Once again, we truthfully like to thank every fan for their undying support in Shinhwa Asia Tour concert. We hope that everyone will look forward to Shinhwa individual activities and continue to give them your support.

Credits to Enne@Shinhwaism for English translation,
心里有鬼@bestshinhwa for Chinese translation and GoodEmg

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

2006 grand ceremony of Hallyu's popularity in China

On the evening of 24th September, 2006, the “2006 grand ceremony of Hallyu's popularity in China” was held in the golden grand hall of the ‘Great Hall of the People’ in Beijing. Nearly 200 guests, including leaders from both China and South Korea, celebrities from private enterprise, financial markets, renowned entrepreneurs, entertainers and the media.

The vice president of the 9th National Consultative Conference Zhao Nanqi delivered the opening speech. The former vice minister of Foreign Affairs, a representative of the Ministry of Asian Culture, the head of the South Korean tourism and others were among the attendees. The evening was broadcast live from Sina.

The evening was carried out in an auspicious and cheerful atmosphere, there were 25 awards including:

* “The top 30 most influential figures”
* “The top 10 most influential brands”
* “The top 10 most popular TV/movies”
* “The top 10 most popular entertainers”
* “The top 10 most popular singers”
* “The top 10 most popular songs”

The winners were: Hyundai, Samsung electronics, Kumho Asiana group, Asiana Airline, Lotte, SM, H.O.T of SM entertainment, TVSQ, Shinhwa, Super Junior, N.R.G, Bae Yong Joon, An Seung Ho, Jang Woo Hyuk, Jang Seo Hee and Chae Yeon.

The 12 members of the well known S Korea band Super Junior accepted their award on stage and expressed their gratitude to the fans in China for their support. Managing agencies of TVSQ, BOA, Kanta, Jang Woo Hyuk and N.R.G accepted awards on behalf of the celebrities. Bae Yong Joon and An Seung Ho could not be present due to schedule clashes. They also delivered their speeches via their respective agencies in S. Korea.

The voting started from 7th of July 2006 to 31 July and attracted one million voters from more than 20 different countries and regions such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, S. Korea, Japan, Singapore and USA. Voting was limited to once per IP address and the same mobile number can only vote once. There were over 15 million votes collected over the net and SMS, achieving the highest voting record in China. At the same time, in order to guarantee the security of the process, the voting was using the net as their evaluation basis for the first time.
This event, has the themes of
* "strengthening cultural exchange between China and S Korea,
* promoting economic development between China and S Korea,
* broadening the friendship of Chinese and S Korean people and
* the co-prosperity of China and S. Korea".

The event was run by the Association of economic development of China and S.Korea (part of Department of Foreign Affairs), the Bureau of Statistic and Economic Development Committee of China and S. Korea, Tian Yi creation and Design, Model Media and many other sponsors. Proundly supported by China Central TV, Hunan Satellite, Eastern Satellite, Beijing TV, ShanXi Satellite, HuaYu Satellite, Sina and nearly a hundred other authorized broadcast bodies. The events were divided into 8 different ceremonies, with 25 series such as ‘Influential’, ‘Impression’, ‘Enterprise’, ‘Entertainment’, ‘Music’, ‘Sports’, ‘Imaginary’ and ‘Games’ .

credits: sina entertainment news + vignette of

Eric as the "Highest treated Gasoo"

Eric had signed a year contract with casual wear brand UGIZ. He will be their spokesman. On the 28th, Eric will be having winter wear photoshoot at a studio in Samsungdong.. Thus this starts off his activities as the spokesman of UGIZ.

In this photoshoot, there will be a "Color in Eric" theme. Through this "Black In Eric", "Eric Proposal Chic" themes, they are able to display the different kinds and colors of clothes for every month.

Especially on the 29th, 2 lucky fans whose birthday fall on the same day of the photoshoot get the chance to be on set. These 2 lucky fans will get a chance to have quality time with Eric. Moreover they will be getting birthday cakes, UGIZ T-shirts and all kinds of birthday presents.

UGIZ representative stated "Eric has a high popularity in drama and film industry. Recently in his "Invincible Parachute Agent" Eric has shown his own strength of talent. Thus we decided to choose him as our model". Eric's fashion sense and his "city" image suits UGIZ image. He is able to portray it. We hope that our brand is able to grow along with Eric rising popularity."

Eric stated "Every month I will be having different styles of photoshoot, I hope that the youngsters and I will have the same liking. Thus the advertisement will be able to attract more people."

Credits to Enne@Shinhwaism for English translation, 心里有鬼@bestshinhwa for Chinese translation and Ocean6

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Shinhwa, No Manners Junior Just Disappear One by One

Shinhwa who has been in the market for 9 years express their thoughts on Juniors who just enter the market.

On the 23rd, Shinhwa who was in Japan as their last stop for their Asia tour, were in Tokyo Hotel where they held their press conference.

When they were asked on their thoughts on newcomers or junior groups, Lee Minwoo express that Shinhwa that they will follow their footstep "like older brothers looking after younger brother (junior), I find them very cute. They do approach us for advice sometimes and we are happy we can be some help in a way. We hope they(juniors group) wont disband and be together as a group for a very long time"

After that, Lee Minwoo express his anxious on those no manner juniors who are dont greet seniors "but it is a pity that those juniors dont even greet their seniors. in the past when we are recording or appearing on shows, even in the resting room, we will greet our seniors non stop"
Shin Hyesung express his opinion "but the strange thing is those juniors who doesnt greet just disappear without a trace"

Shin Hyesung gave an example "there was once a newcomer group didnt greet their seniors and I was thinking "these kids wont last long", in the end it was true after a period of time, they just disaapear without a trace"
Andy "if a junior greet me, i will automatic bow back to them 90 degree" which make the reporters burst out with laughter

On that day, Eric who was busy filiming with his new drama wasnt there to attend the press conference.

Credit: :joynews24 + dreamhyesung@shinwhasarang

Monday, September 25, 2006

9/24 Dongwan's Diary Entry

Is's oppa~! (2006 092 4 20:43:33)

My voice cracks! so badly!
no wonder I didnt release my solo album T_T

Rhe members concluded the concert performance was great
Junjin's live performance was good and Minwoo's dance blew everyone away
Hyesung ans Sun Min performance was beautiful and Andy's dance was loveable
and i went off tune...T_T
it just stays in my head

Even though i laughed at the end of the concert, but once I reach the hotel I am so sad..sigh~~
X-JAPAN FANS sure hate me…

AH! Eric's back is hurting him and he endured it for the whole concert
once back in Seoul, I am going to make him eat centipede

Lets do well in Osaka Concert everyone hwaiting!
anyway (in japanese)
Concerts are fun ^_^

Credit: goodemg + dreamhyeusng@shinhwasarang

SHS Captured Japanese Girls Hearts With His Voice

On the 24th at Tokyo Hall, Shinhwa held their "Shinhwa, 2006 Japan Tour Inspiration #1 In Tokyo". On this day, Hyesung perform his solo album song "Same Thoughts" in japanese and perform a duet "Keep Holding Yyou" which is the OST for the movie "Has Japan Sink" in korean with Sun Min.

On the 25th, comments on the internet left by Japan 스포츠호치 "Shin Hyeusng and Sunmin duet 'Keep Holding U' let the audience feel the song lyrics power. Lots of female fans who came to watch Shinhwa concert are captured by Shin Hyesung voice.

On the 26th where Shinhwa will be holding their "Shinhwa, 2006 Japan Tour Inspiration #1 In Osaka" which ten thousand of fans are expected, Shin Hyesung will be performing with Sun Min again for his solo stage

Credit : only4steve + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Junjin "I'm So Nervous I Couldn't Breath"

On the 24th, Shinhwa held their 2nd to the last Asia tour in Tokyo and on the 26th in Osaka where they will officially end their tour which kick off from Seoul, China, Thailand, Singapore and lastly Japan.

For this concert, Junjin sang his solo album song "Love Won't Come" for the first time. This is a ballad song which show off Junjin vocals and shed his image as a dance and rapper.

Following the footsteps of his bandmates, Shin Hyesung and Lee Minwoo, Junjin is the third person to release his own solo album.

Before the concert, Junjin "I want to show that anyone can sing and I sing because I want to sing not because I want to sing better", his perfect performance on stage shocked the fans on how fast he improve his vocals." he added on "actually i wanted to release my solo album faster, even though there is rap and dance but when a singer sings, it is where they look cool. About 3 yearas ago, I had the chance to release an album but i dragged it till now and I will work hard to improve myself"

After the concert, Junjin "I was so nervous on the stage that i couldnt breath but i am very satisfiws with my first performance"

As for the mian song, it is not decied but Junjin "it will be a song that everyone can sings to easily"

Junjin solo album is slated for release in early October

Credit: ocean6 + nocutnews + joynews24 + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Shinhwa Talks About Their Fans In Different Countries

On the 23th at Capital Tokyo Hotel, Group Shinhwa held a press conference. When asked on their fans in different countries, Shinhwa's answer grabbed lots of attention.

When asked about Singapore fans, Lee Minwoo "Maybe Singapore is an english speaking country, thus we can move and do things freely" "during the concert, when we see the fans dancing in their seats, there are times where we feel as if we are the audience watching them performing"

Shin Hyesung spoke on the China fans "the china fans are very passionate, they know all of our programme be it meals time, sleeping. From our arrival at the airport to the city, there 12 cars following us so closely. It was really dangerous" he added "we can understand their feelings as they have not seen us for a long time.." and was loss for words to continue and Kim Dongwan continue for him "but it is very scary. We hope they wont do this the next time" which show the care and worry they are for their fans.

LAstly, Kim Dongwan added "Shanghai fans are very passionate, japanese fans are poilte, korean fans are between these two. They are polite and passionate thus Koreans fans are the best"

Shinhwa will begin their solo activties from Ocotober.

Credit: joynews24 + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Sunday, September 24, 2006

092306 Hye Sung Pictures leaving for Japan!

Today, Hyesung, Junjin and Andy leave for Japan. Minwoo and Dongwan arrive the day before and Eric will arrive later in the day due to his drama filiming.

Credit: Rspond + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

060923 Dongwan's Diary Entry - Are they doing this on purpose

(*Note : they misspelt again the word '정용' & '식탕' ^^;;.)

음.. "탕"은 지금 발견했다.. 헐~

(Hrm, Hul~ at the moment,just now I saw "Tang? 탕")

Dongwan's post comment on 2006-09-23 22:34:13 :(

음식은 똑같았어. 신화전용식당이 있었던건 무대랑 통하는 엘레베이터 때문!
(What made this a special restaurant for Shinhwa is due to the elevator being connected towards the stage. The food is similar)

MIC edit: In korean, the word restaurant is "식당" and not "식탕"
the word special is "전용" and not "정용"

Source : GoodEMG
Translated by : angelix @

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Eric and Yoon JiMin's soul stirring kiss scene to be broadcasted

user posted image

user posted image

Eric and Yoon JiMin's 'soul stirring kiss scene' will soon be broadcasted on SBS's 'Invincible Parachute Agent.'

Just before dawn on the 20th, Eric and Yoo JiMin filmed the scene just after their date where they secretly followed Choi Seon Choi Jung Won and Kang Eun Hyuk (Shin Sung Woo). At the instant where they had to hide themselves in order to not be discovered, they sweetly kissed.

credits : Naver + angelix @

060923 Dongwan's Diary Entry

Title: [Dongwan]Japan fans don't love me..¤Ì¤Ì

It's Oppa! (2006-09-23 08:10:37 )

user posted image

they lave me!

lave... hahaha

p.s. japanese ramen is tastyyy~

the japanese fans wrote the word 'love' or sarang as saring
»ç¸µ instead of »ç¶û

the full translation of the message is
"we made it because of the concert!!
we are in love with dongwan shhi"
cute ^^;

Credit: GOOD EMG + sometimes @ shinhwajj & angelix @

Shinhwa Vol. 8 ~ Top selling k-pop albums - August 2006

Top selling k-pop albums - August 2006 September 20, 2006 - 12:32am category: monthly album sales
Shinhwa's 8th album plus its repack version was the top seller in August, with total sales surpassing the 200,000-copies mark, becoming just the third album this year to sell over 200,000 copies. The other 2 were SG Wannabe Vol. 3 and Lee Soo Young Vol. 7.

1. Shinhwa Vol. 8 + Repack (CD +DVD)
Date of release: 2006.05.10
August 06 sales: 40,440

source & credits: + Shinhwasarang

Mnet Star Watch, Shinhwa Special 2nd episode, ‘The never ending Shinhwa'

Broadcasting date: 2006/9/22
Broadcasting time: First broadcast: Friday evening 3:30pm – 4pm

Date shown : 22/9/06 Friday 3.30-4pm

Show contents
Welcome to shinhwa world
Shinhwa ASia tour live in Singapore
With Star Watch24 you can see all of Shinhwa
in there we can see
interesting performance, rest, Junjin solo album production and etc
all of things willb e reveal

you are invited to shinhwa world


eric the reason he can diet
junjin the reason he had to face Singapore police is?
andy, the reason he act pitiful and happy is?
Shinhwa photo shoot problem?

All these will be reveal on Star watch 24

Credit: Ocean6 + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Friday, September 22, 2006

Shinhwa Will End Their Asian Tour In Japan

On the 24th and 26th, Shinhwa will be holding their Japan concerts 'Shinhwa, 2006 Japan Tour Inspiration #1 In Tokyo' and 'Shinhwa, 2006 Japan Tour Inspiration #1 In Osaka'

Japan is their sixth stop for their Asia Tour and they are gaining a lot of attentions after the release of their Japan album.

The concert organizer for their Japan concert is a combination from Japan and Korea's biggest producer.

For this concert, each of the member will have their own solo stage

Slated to release his solo album in Ocotber, Junjin will be preforming his solo song hit "Love Won't Come"

Andy will be showing off his rapping skills when he raps for "Girl Exclusive"

Hyesung will be doing his with Sun min where they will singing the main theme "Keep Holding You" for the movie "Has Japan Sinks"

Dongwan will be singing the songs he sang the last time in Pusan "Cry Sour Grape" and "Tears"

Minwoo will be performing his songs from his 2nd solo album "Battle", "Let me love you" and "Bump"

Besides this, recently joined GOOD EMG, Lyn will be performing too.

Shinhwa express their thoughts on ending their last stop and concert for their Shinhwa State of the art Asia tour " This year, we release our first japanese album and we have receive a lot of good feedback. We hope the fans will look forward to our exciting stages we have prepared and we will do our best."

Shinhwa will be leaving for Japan on the 23th.

Credit: mtstarnews + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Junjin Will Sing His Solo Album Song in Japan

Junjin who is slated to release his first solo album early October will be singing his solo song on the 24th September at Tokyo Hall where Shinhwa will be holding their Asia tour "Shinhwa, 2006 Japan Tour Inspiration #1 In Tokyo".

Junjin will be singing his solo song "LOVE WONT COME" (사랑이 오지 않아요) for the first time.

Good EMG "LOVE WONT COME" ('사랑이 오지 않아요) is a ballad song, Junjin will be showing a different stage from what the fans has been seeing. Junjin's new performance is something to be look forrwad too.

The producer for Junjin's solo album is no other then his bandmate Lee Minwoo. Junjjin solo album photoshoot and album is almost done. on the 12th, after the Shinhwa Singapore Concert, he stayed behind and went to take shots of him walking on the streets etc.

Besides Junjin performance, Shinhwa will also sing their songs from their japanese album. Hyesung will be doing his solo with Sun Min where they will be singing the OST "Keep Holding You" for the movie "Has Japan Sink" and IVy will also be their special guest for that night.

Credit: mydaily + Dreamhyeusng@shinhwasarang

Thursday, September 21, 2006

9/21 Dongwan's Diary Entry

It is Oppa~

Today i read 한예슬 news..

One sentence from MC!

"Small face 한예슬 ...firstly, because face is small and famous Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan.."
"because face is small and famous Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan."
too much!!
I am famous all the while!! PUHAHAH!!!

Damn it (Mic: he curse but i change the word sweat) , starting tomorrow, i am going to train myself to jog! For the sake of getting a smaller face, i want to turn into skeleton..

Credit: GOOD EMG + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

ok, some of you might be lost. Today ytn wrote a report and they mentioned Dongwan. So what it meant was that, when Dongwan stand beside 한예슬, his face look very big.

p.s 한예슬 and dongwan were the MCs for Inkigayo before Andy took over ^^

9/19 Dongwan's Diary Entry

It's oppa~ (2006-09-19 02:59:15)
Tittle: Disadvantages of being a dancer

- Your health will suffer
Do you know? Athletes life can be shorten very easily
Just like without doing any preparation and just run 100m, dancers too always get sick..must stay young...

-* want my face to be captured beautifully on the tv but once its captured, it turns out to be so freaky..

-on the stage, want to get into the mood, fans just laugh and joking said it doesnt suit me.
only hyesung said I'm better this way the rest said I'm not suitable otl
even so, i still want to get into the mood *___*!

-* fans fight with each other

- *OTL the words doesnt mean anything but represent a symbol of a person kneeling with his head down.
- * what he meant was the camera always capture his face at the wrong timing
-* fan fights mean fanclubs fights with others fanclubs e.g SHJC vs DBSK

Credit: GOOD EMG + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

9/18 Dongwan's Diary Entry

2006-09-18 19:20:35

It's Oppa~

-I can give my Cd as a present
The best present one can give easily is by giving my hard effort and work to others in the profession.
If not singer then what? If it's an actor, he can give dvd as a present but Cd is cheaper!! ^^

-fanclub support

even though tv actor and movie actor fanclubs are great but the fans can't get close to them and support them as singer's fanclub does.

Credit: Good emg + Dreamhyeusng@shinhwasarang

Sunday, September 17, 2006

MNET:STAR WATCH - Shinhwa special 1st esp "We are SHINHWA"

Date release: 2006 09 15, Friday 7.30 - 8pm

Show time :

1st esp: Friday, 7.30 - 8 pm

2nd - 6th esp:

Sat, 7 - 7.30pm
Sun, 6 - 6.30pm
Mon, 3.30 - 4 pm
Tue, 6.30 - 7pm
Wed, 11.30pm - 12am

Show Contents
Shinhwa changjo in Shinhwa world
together with six man went to Singapore for interview
Asia star Shinhwa
their live performance in singapore
STAR WATCH24 solo interview
their asia act

Being together as six men is shinhwa reason!

you are invited to shinhwa asia live performance

this is just a preview
next week, 2nd espiode
please look forward to shinhwa interesting world


hyesung,junjin mistaken as a criminal?!
junjin,hyesung mistaken as fake?!
dongwan feel difficult in some matter?觉得有点苦的事因?!
minwoo files a complaint?
andy wink case?!

Credit: ocean6 + dreamhyesung@shinwhasarang

[vote] MNET Pure 19 {Best Song} Shinhwa VS H.O.T VS DBSK

Once a day, those with ID can vote
Voting close on 8th october

Curent voting results

H.O.T.『I Yah』15956 Vote / 43%

Shinhwa 『T.O.P』 15953 Vote/ 43%

DBSK 『Tri-Angle』 4421Vote / 12%

Thingsa are not as simple as what you see, DBSK fans are very quiet, we cant lose this itme

The last time, we really tried our very best but we still lose by 2%

Dont feel it is so troublesome, just a vote once a day will do

let get as much votes as we can...we cant just ignore it, can we?


Voting Link

Credit: Ocean6 + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Shinhwa-Shin Hyesung-Eric- Minwoo* Shinhwa is the biggest winner!

Netizens has choosen their MVP for the month of September. Shinhwa held first spot in four catergory.

Out of 82,171 votes on Best male singer:
SHIN HYESUNG came in first with 42.1% (34,601 votes)
2nd Tony An 36.7% (30,123 votes)
3rd KJK 9.75% (7963 votes)

Out of 158,436 votes on most popular group:
SHINHWA came in first with 35.5% (56,307 votes)
2nd SS501 34.1% (54,021 votes)
3rd DBSK 28.2% (41,511 votes)

out of 17049 votes on best male actor:
Eric came in first with 42% (7,166 votes)

On Movie catergory, Minwoo's Won tak angel (2135 votes,50.7%) is rank first while the Host (975 votes,23.2%)is rank second.

Credit: gonews + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang[/color]

PSY talks on how Eric and Her met plus others on YSMM!

BAsically, she was sharing and talking about her she met eric for the first time and how eric woo her.

PSY: The first time we met was in 2004 December when we went for a friend's party, that time, Eric didnt even take a glance at me, and in my heart i was screaming "just because you are Eric, doesnt mean you are that great!"

after that, Eric who pretends he doesnt care, tries means and ways to grab hold of my handphone and dial his number on it jsut so he can get my number. That time, i was like "if only Eric asked for my number"

The both of them fell in love love at first sight of each other. This YSMM esp will be shown on the 18th sepetember.

Credit: Ocean6 +dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

9/15 Dongwan's Diary Entry

It's Oppa! (2006-09-15 23:15:18 Hit: 899)
Title: Advantages about being born in Korea

-a lot of beautiful women

-Dawn 808 (yohmyung), 까스활명수 (I am not so sure how you spell it but is a cf DW did before)

-it is illegal to have posessions of guns

-you can play for 24 hours if you really want to do it

-lots of clean and cheap public baths places

i went to the village pension yesterday, with the thoughts of breathing in fresh air and studying
but i slept 12 hours instead..what is this?..but it is good for the body!
really wish to sing Jong Yo nam's song "Goodbye, City"..-_-

Credit: GOOD EMG + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Friday, September 15, 2006

Shinhwa in Singapore (MNET)

Wannie is so cute with his "I love you" and those Junjin and Andy fans will surely watch this clip over and over again.

Shinhwa Lotteria Rice 30 sec. CF

Finally the Lotteria Rice Burger CF is out and it's so cute I can't help but watch it over and over!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

BACK from the Concert

Hi peeps! miss posting these past few days. Had a grand time watching the Shinhwa Concert in Singapore. Will post the pictures and vids I got from the concert ASAP. It was such a thrill seeing all the 6 perform on stage. Although Eric was not feeling well, the rest of the group made sure that Eric will not overdo his act.

You should have seen Andy, he's so cute. Sorry, I cant say handsome, coz he really looks so cute. He will always be a baby to me. Junjin was so energetic as compared to his performace in Seoul, this is according to some fans who watch Shinhwa concert in Seoul. He improved alot in terms of his singing but you cant beat the energy he exerted to do his number. No wonder many fans shifted to to Junjin after the concert. I salute DongWan in singing Once in a Lifetime in nnglish. Hye Sung was surprised when he heard DOng Wan sing in english. I appreciated Dong Wan's effort, I am one of those who cheered on him so loud when he did his english part. Hye sung as always did his piece well especially his stunt, boy he can really kick. Minwoo was not to be left out, he always charms the fans by saying how beautiful they are. Charity, Charity's sister and I together with our Singaporean Friend, Virgie Tam, watched the concert and we were all mesmerized after the show. We all became solid fans of the Shinhwa stars each admired. After the concert, Cha and I went out to take one last look at the hotel were Shinhwa stayed. We have no intention of stalking the guys, sorry but we just dont have the guts to do just that, besides we dont want to piss them off. My message to The Voltes people, thanks guys for the effort. I know you worry a lot about me these past few weeks. When Cha told me what you did, I literally broke down. Cant thank you enough for the effort you exerted. Whether there's a response or none at all, I still appreciated what you did. Would have been great if it happened but knowing you went out of your way just to make me happy tops it all. Again, thanks a bunch. Love you guys so much. Will post the pics soon.

To Kim and Felise, miss you! A special message to Virgie Tam

Thank you so much for the company. You were so nice going out of your way just to be with us during our stay in Singapore. The fact that you have to take a leave at work just to be with us made me feel so lucky to have known you. The people at Voltes would like to know you email address. I will give them you email address coz they also would like to thank you for being such a wonderful host to us. My son wants to thank you for the gift that you gave him. We will be calling you one of these days so that he can say his THANKS.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Boy Band Shinhwa Enjoyed Immense Popularity in Singapore.

During the time when Shinhwa were accepting interviews and holding their press conference, fans booked 100 taxi's so they can follow Shinhwa and so they can find out their whole schedule.
This caused a big public transportation problem in Singapore, because there was a small shortage on Taxi's.

Someone from GoodEmg/Shinhwa said "On some Singapore television programs we heard that some fan clubs booked 100 taxi's during the time they were holding their press conference and interviews." This person also said "I also heard that 3 or 4 days beforehand, fanclubs booked up to 100 taxi's, and this caused a transport problem in Singapore." "This is incredibly suprising."

Source: myth6
Ko - Chi Trans: jojoyu7 @ shinhwachina
Chi - Eng Trans: angel_b3k @ s-shinhwasarang

GoodEmg's Message About The Singapore Concert

Hello everyone,
this is GoodEmg here

Last night, SHINHWA'S 2006 TOUR "STATE OF THE ART" IN SINGAPORE successfully ended.

Shinhwa was the first Korean singers to actually hold a personal concert in Singapore, getting a lot of the media and fans' attention. The concert was completed in a screaming/cheering atmosphere with 10, 000 and more fans.

And to all those fans who attended the concert from overseas, without you, the concert wouldn't be as successful. After this Singapore concert, Shinhwa will be holding their SHINHWA 2006 TOUR "INSPIRATION #1" on the 24th and 26th in Japan.

We hope that fans will come and support Shinhwa in Japan. And we also hope fans who are unable to attend Shinhwa's Asia Tours to still give them support, love and care.

Thank you.

Source: goodemg
Ko - Chi Trans: jojoyu7 @ shinhwachina
Chi - Eng Trans: angel_b3k @ s-shinhwasarang

9/7 - Dongwan's Diary Entry

[Diary] 060907 Dongwan - Autumn.....

글쓴이 : 오빠얌! (2006-09-07 23:47:30 Hit: 11753)


(Breaking up.)

(Being hungry.)

(Being sad.)

그딴게 생각나는 계절이야..
(This season reminds you of those things..)

(Very sad in a weird way..)

내가 붙잡지 않았던 수많은 여인들이 떠올라.. 휴우~~
(I keep thinking of those women who I didn't keep by my side.. Whew~~)
붙잡아 둘걸.. 가을에 놀면 좋을텐데..
(Should've kept them.. It would be good to play with them in the fall..)
왕자병 심각해?,,
(Serious narcissism?,,)
왕자병이라도 있어야지.!
(I should have AT LEAST narcissism.!)

요즘 거울을 보면 자꾸만 임금이 되어간다.. ㅜㅜ
(When I look in the mirror these days I realize I'm turning into a Korean king.. ㅜㅜ)

오늘 기사 보니까
(I saw the news today)
악플러를 고소한 연예인 때문에 난리더군..
(Everyone was crazy about a star who sued these people who left bad comments..)

"은혜도 모른다고.... 악플도 관심이라고...." ㅎㅎㅎ ^__^;
("You don't know how lucky you are.... Bad comments mean that they're interested in you...." Hahaha ^__^wink.gif

그런 애들이 학교에서 애 하나 잡고 왕따 시키면서 그럴꺼야.
(These people will probably make a wangta of someone at school and say.)
"이런게 우정이라고.."
("This is friendship..")

Source : GoodEMG
Translated by : sometimes (Erica)+ shinhwajj+angel2nyt of soompi

Monday, September 11, 2006

060908 Singapore Radio Yes 933 Interview (ANDY)


(Korean)Hello, I’m Andy of Shinhwa! I came to Singapore again after long time. This is my 1st time to hold a Asia Tour concert in Singapore. Thank you for inviting us to hold a concert here!

The reason of going to Thailand: Mr. Mimwoo Lee went to Thailand for the Asia Music, there are a lot of FANS, we are so happy, and got many suggestions of “holding a concert in Thailand”. So we finally decided to hold a concert in Thailand. The concert in Thailand is very successful and we really got the love from Thai FANS to Shinwa. We are really happy and got a funny concert here.

Ah~~we have not planned many SOLO numbers same as the Seoul Concert. Solo show, in fact, I have not….From the 1st Ablum to the 8th Album, our styles are changed a lot, we have many songs. In the Seoul Concert, we prepared a lot of solo performances but so poor…Next time…We will show all more solo shows in the next concert.

Ah~~We come to Singapore t hold our Concert. I hope many people will come and let’s have a wonderful concert night. We prepared some special shows to all, hope all can come here. We will a lot of effort in the concert and please give us more support. Please also pay more attention in our individual solo activities! Thank you!

Credit to: Bestshinhwa - TINA丫头 + Byboby@BestShinhwa

Friday, September 08, 2006

Shinhwa - Lotteria Burger CF

I had an inkling that the "Burger Song" they sang during their Seoul concert will inspire a CF. Ladies check out the making of their Lotteria Burger advertisement here.

Once in a life time (English Version)

For those who requested this, enjoy:

Everyday I help me through the day...
to make myself stronger...
and I pray...

So long I've waiting for my dreams to come to life
Believe that faith would make them come true

And when I close my eyes in my heart i knew that someone was..
gonna listen my prayers.. somehow i knew

Beneath the stars at night I promise I would always try
And now i know it was worth the while

Although it's hard sometimes you know that my love is always on your side
You can make it happen just believe

Once in a life time Fly to the stars

There's no denying just believe in who you are

Once in your life time Let me take you there
Cause you dont have to feel all alone you know

I will be there

Andy & Eric's Rap

Through all the joy and pain my dreams wont fade they sill remain
Rainy days always come and go

But love is always there I know as long as you are here with me
That eventually you'll see u oh~~

Once in a life time Fly to the stars

There's no denying just believe in who you are

Once in your life time Let me take you there
Cause you dont have to feel all alone you know

I will be there

Don't you ever let go or shed a tear

(No Baby No More Cry)

I'll be there so have no fear

(I will pray for you and me tonight)

When the moment's right
You'll know inside it's time
Inside you always knew
Dreams can come true

Once in a Lifetime~

Thursday, September 07, 2006

We Only Saw Shinhwa Once But We Remember Them

On the 6th around 2pm, Westlife who hasnt come to Korea for 5 years held a press conference.

When asked if they have herad of Shinhwa before, Westlife "We saw them once on a tv variety show and not only do we know them, we know Boa too" They added on "We work with BOA a few years ago on the song "Flying without Wings" and it was through BOA that we get to know Shinhwa."

Credit :mydaily + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Shinhwa to Give Concert in Singapore

Shinhwa will become the first band from South Korea to give a concert in Singapore. The event will take place October 10 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium as part of Shinhwa's 2006 tour.

Shinhwa will visit Singapore for the second time following its first visit in 2004 to participate in the Euphoria 2004 concert. That same year, the band became the first from South Korea to enter the top-ten of Singapore’s Mandarin chart with the song “Perfect Man.”

"We’ll do our best to leave a good impression in Singapore as the first Korean artists to give a concert there,” said the band.

The four-member band Lug will appear as guest peformers to open Shinhwa’s concert.

Shinhwa will sing “Once in a Lifetime,” the title song of its eighth album, as well as “Brand New,” “Perfect Man” and other hit songs.

On September 7, the band will domestically release its single “There Is a Sun in Our Hearts,” the first single the band released in Japan.

Source: KBS Global

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Group S and F4 Might Sing Together for the Beijing Olympic Song

Lots of attention has been focused after Shin Hyesung who is also in Group S commented "S and F4 might work together" .

Shin Hyesung who accpeted an Herald interview recently commented "After I release my 2nd solo album early next year, S 2nd will be release too." He added on "In S 2nd album, we might include songs that F4 members sang with us"

In 2003, Lee Jihoon, Kangta and Shin Hyesung who are good friends and born in the year 79 came together and formed Group "S" and when news on F4 might participate in S 2nd album came out, lots of attention were on it.

But it is due to Kangta who formed a duo with F4 member Vanness Wu in May that this topic arise. After K&V formed, Shin Hyeusng and Lee Ji Hoon were introduced to Vanness and after meeting each other a few times, the topic of bringing the two groups to work together is natural.
Shin Hyesung "Kangta is very popular and well known in China, so if S and F4 work together, it won't be a problem to sing anything regarding the 2008 Bejing Olympic song"

Credit: ocean6 + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

For 10 days in a row, Minwoo didnt take a rest to promote his movie!

Shinhwa Lee Minwoo has attracting attention for his enthusiastic promotion on his movie "Wontak Angel"

AS this is his first movie, Minwoo has decided to attend each and every of the movie premiere including weekends as it was plan to be a 11 days schedule meeting, within 10 days, Minwoo has almost cover the whole of Korea and the fans. Especially when the movie premiere clashes with Shinhwa asia tour schedule, he didnt rest for a day and just went on promoting his movie.

Credit: OCEAN6 + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

[Diary] Dongwan "The Movie Has Japan Sink Yet"

It is Oppa! (2006-09-01 18:22:09)

Very interesting

Came back after watching it in the morning
Lots of computer graphics and it is a big production
Kusanagi Tsuyoshi hyung acting left me in shock
after watching it, i find it very interesting so i came back

the scene between (??) and (??) hyung was great
Kusanagi Tsuyoshi hyung is the real hero

ps: ate cold noodles after visiting the dentist, the soup is sliping out..hoho....wu eg (Sigh)

(Mic: he added one more)

It is Oppa~ (2006-09-01 18:23:06)

It look weird if i just buy one movie ticket! So i bought two! there is a free CGV ticket!

Credit: GOOD EMG + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

[Trans]Shinhwa in Arena Act 12---Hyesung&Junjin Interview

What would you do if you suddenly feel your life is colorless?

H : I felt "colorless" when I was doing my solo activities. When I work as Shihnwa, members are always beside me but when you work as a solo singer, you are always alone. So when I felt lonely, I talked with the members on the phone or got together and went out. I even bought expensive accessories and clothes to Junjin! lol That's what I did.

Junjin, did you really receive them?

J : No~~~!

I thought The next question is to Junjin. How do you eliminate your worries?

J : When I have a big problem, I think by myself first. Then I talk to my close friends, members and parents. I think the best way to solve a problem is to talk with someone.

Has Junjin ever asked you to listen to his worries?

H : Yes. I think he talks to me more than anybody else in Shinhwa.

J : But he's no help at all. lol Anyway, I always feel thankful to him. For listening to my worries.

I understand. You feel better just to get someone listen to.

H : If the problem is small, I can give some advice by referring to my past experiences. But if it's too big, I give expensive accessories and clothes to him and his problems go away! So I'm always broke in Korea! (In Japanese) I don't have a wallet...No Money!

J : When he's broke, I give some money to help him! lol

H : Hahaha!

What a beautiful story! The next question is...

J : Hyung! You go first!

H : No you!

Then Junjin, who do you want to say "Don't worry to"?

J : I truly want to say this to Hyesung. We are Shinhwa till we die so I want to be there for him when he needs me and he would definitely be there for me when I need him...

H : Are you crying?

J : No! But I really want to say "Don't worry" to you... Oh.. I think I'm crying!!


Then, do you feel your members care about you?

J : Yes. I'm a younger member in Shinhwa so I always feel that they care about me. Especially when I was injured, I felt the members love and care.

I understand. Next, Hyesung.

H : I will talk about the things I did with courage. We went to the sea on location the other day and rode a banana boat.

A Banana boat?

H : Yes. When we were riding on it, Junjin fell off and drowned! As I watch him sink, I thought "Should I help him?"

J : You don't need to think!!!!!

H : After a thought, I went into the water and helped him. I'm proud of myself. If I didn't help him, he would not be here today. The important thing is, I had to think really deeply whether I should help him or not... (In Japanese) Just joking!

I know! lol

H : LOL! That's just a joke but what I really did is... the members are now doing solo activities, right? I myself like to sing so I decided to release a solo album but I wanted it to be perfect. And because it will be my first solo album, I spent a lot of time thinking whether or not to release it. I thought I'm too busy and don't have enough time to create a good album but on the other hand, I knew the fans are waiting for it... Then one day, someone said to me "The fans will support you no matter what!" So I decided to release it. I needed a lot of courage to release the album but as a result, I could see the fans' happy faces and felt grateful. So I want to keep releasing solo albums!

So you will release albums as both Shinhwa and a solo singer?

H : That's right! (In Japanese) Thank you! I will do my best!! (Junjin smiles and touches Hyesung's shoulder)

Credit: Arena 12 +Kikissxx@shinhwasarang

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hyesung, Sun Min "Addiction Revolving Around the Ears"

Shinhwa's Shin Hyesung and newcomer Sun Min's duet song "Keep Holding You" has received good feedback and praise from the netizens.

On the 27th, on SBS Inkigayo, Hyesung and Sun Min stood together for the first time on the stage as the group in "Sun Min thanx Hyesung", wowing the audience with their perfect harmony.

Upon hearing the song, netizens gave praises and comments like "The song keeps revolving around the ears", "Love the original version but the Korean version is even better", "Almost addicted" etc.

There are more positive comments especially for Sun Min, who started her career in Japan and not in Korea. "This is better than expected", "Her vocals are powerful", "Going to become Sun Min's fan too"; it seems like Sun Min's career in Korea is looking good.

The performance on Inkigayo on the 27th will mark the beginning of the activities for "Sun Min thanx Hyesung".

credits: (eng trans) + 万万钱钱 (cn trans) + 베스티즈 (source)



On the 8th, the Chinese media reported that Korea's representative singers Shinhwa concluded their Shanghai concert with great success.

Fans that had waited for 8 years from not only all over China but all over Asia's biggest cities flooded to China's Shanghai, selling out all tickets completely and creating a sea of orange clothes and balloons to see group Shinhwa perform said the press in China.

This concert had an even amount of focus on Shinhwa and solo stages that received great reception from the fans. So much was the excitement of the fans that during the concert one fan even ran on to the stage to the members causing the concert to be momentarily paused.

The Chinese media continued to report, "The fans that came to see Shinhwa arriving at Shanghai airport were in the thousands and all roads to the airport were even brought to a standstill by the sudden masses of traffic. This and the attention and interest by the general Chinese public and media is one that greatly exceeds those that had visited China in the past such as Bi or Lee Jun Ki."

Shinhwa will now continue their success of their Asia-wide tour with Korea's Busan, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and many more cities coming up next.

Credits :: + + orenji728 (translation) + (HeraldMedia) source

Friday, September 01, 2006

Kim Dongwan to Promote Movie for Lee Minwoo

"Kim Dongwan will be appearing alongside actors Lee Minwoo, Haha, and the director of Wontak's Angel on Sept. 2nd for the movie's promotional activities.
On August 22nd, all of Shinhwa's members attended Minwoo's movie VIP Premiere , with the exception of Kim Dongwan who was unable to attend due to his filming of his MBC Best Drama. Dongwan has always felt sorry for this. In addition, since Dongwan has previous experience filming "Spin Kick" in 2004, he understands the anxiousness of actors during the movie's showing, and so to help support Lee Minwoo, he chose to participate in the promotion activities this time.

Kim Dongwan says, 'Having been together for nine years as Shinhwa, we are now like a family. So helping out feels like the natural thing to do. I will earnestly help out with the promotion, so I ask everyone to please greatly support and care about the movie Wontak's Angel.'

In addition, Kim Dongwan's drama MBC Best Drama will be showing on Sept. 2nd."

credit: jinminlove + ocean's six+angeldreams@soompi