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Minwoo’s Facebook photo update: Taking the aeroplane to Guangzhou

120629 Taking the aeroplane to Guangzhou go-go-ssing^^

credit: Minwoo FB

The reasons why we just have to love Shinhwa Broadcast

Shinhwa Broadcast broke its own ratings record when it
 achieved a rating of 1.87% for the Seoul Metropolitan Area (figures from AGB Nielsen Media Research) for the episode aired on 23rd June. With this, Shinhwa Broadcast has broken the 1% ratings mark for the 4th consecutive week, and with viewer ratings for general programming channels averaging 0.3-0.5%, the program has established itself as jTBC’s flagship variety program.
The 23rd June episode of jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast featured Shinhwa leader Eric being the victim of a hidden camera prank by his fellow members. Though it was fun to see Eric thoroughly humiliated by the embarrassing punishments, viewers were also moved by the Shinhwa members expressing their faith in, and affection for their leader Eric via their video messages. So what are the key reasons that keeps us looking forward to Saturday nights with Shinhwa Broadcast?
1. Humiliation without hesitation – Shinhwa’s “letting-go” variety
“Letting-go”, as defined by Shinhwa’s little prince Shin Hyesung, means “letting go of myself (my inhibitions)”. Shin Hyesung, who melts female hearts with his delicate features and emotive voice, wore a Tarzan suit for Shinhwa Broadcast, and drew laughter for his unexpected physical comedy. His “bad acting” and “bad emceeing” – as assessed by the members – is a new side to him that can only be seen on Shinhwa Broadcast.
However, more than anyone else, Eric – who played a chaebol in ‘Phoenix’, an arrogant top star in ‘Spy Myungwol’, a ruthless killer in ‘Bittersweet Life’ – has proven to be the greatest character reversal. His striking features and his deep voice have created a perfect misunderstanding as the public thinks of him as a man of few words.
In Episode 1, Eric managed to still look sharp as he transformed into the ‘Six Million Dollar Man’, but by Episode 15 his’stupid hyung’ image was established as he did the pelvic dance in flowery pants, and strutted down the marketplace wearing a short lacy skirt.
They may be thinking, ‘do we have to embarrass ourselves to this extent’, but the two of them – known for their oil-and-water relationship – have thrown aside their image, and have drawn laughter for being “unexpectedly” candid and black-hole. With variety veteran Junjin, and fellow members Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan and Andy, naturally working themselves into the plot, this episode drew even greater laughs.
2. ‘Pretend if we have to’ – The perfect 14-year teamwork
Apart from the time they spent as SM Entertainment trainees, the members of the longest-running idol group Shinhwa have already spent 14 years together, and during the filming process, they know what one another is thinking – “he’s really angry”, “he’s sulking now” – just by looking at one another’s faces. Such impressive teamwork seems even more exceptional with the members uniting to make Eric’s hidden camera episode a success. Eric, who’s usually quick on the uptake, couldn’t see through their ploy right until the end.
The performers working together, the performers’ reactions and the characters they create, these are the most important things in variety. To these 6 guys, it seems that they don’t need the ‘variety adjustment period’ to be in sync with one another. When Kim Dongwan pulls one of his childish gags, his cut gets spared from getting edited out when he earns either a hit or a reprimanding reaction from Eric; while Andy gives it his all in ‘over-dancing’ and creates the new variety character of ‘O-dance Master’. As they understand one another’s character, they are unpretentious and don’t try to force laughs.
In the ‘MT Channel’ episode, although Shin Hyesung makes a potentially fatal blunder when he mentions the upcoming game (which they are not supposed to know about yet), the other members cover up for him by slyly and naturally changing the topic to divert Eric’s attention. This ‘pretend-if-we-need-to’ chemistry among the members enabled the hidden camera conspiracy to conclude successfully.
But even with such perfect teamwork, they’re still hopeless at soccer.
3.  Endless possibilities with ‘OO Channel’
The final reason why Shinhwa Broadcast is receiving a lot of love, and will continue to do so in the long run, is that it doesn’t have a fixed format, and thus there are many different challenges they can take on.  Shinhwa is able to bring laughter with every new theme and challenge they take on.  Shinhwa fans who are familiar with Shinhwa as ‘idol singers’ will be able to see a new side to them, while the public can get to see the real Shinhwa, and thus the number of Shinhwa Broadcast viewers are also steadily increasing.
Of course with the many ‘real variety’ programs out there,the material shown on Shinhwa Broadcast isn’t exactly original either. But the main concept is to capitalize on Shinhwa members’ understanding of one another’s strengths and weaknesses to draw laughs, thus making it subtly different. PD Yoon Hyun Joon highlighted this very point during the press conference in March. “I believe that even if it’s something that has been done on other shows, Shinhwa will be able to give it a new lease of life.”
In addition, Shinhwa Broadcast’s production team is now accepting ideas from viewers via the guestboard on the show’s official homepage. With a wide range of ideas and suggestions being collected from the guestboard every week, it looks like there won’t be a lack of materials for the time being.

Overcoming the limits of general programming channels, Shinhwa Broadcast is now starting to make its presence felt and leaving its distinctive mark.  Not only does it rank among the real-time top-searched keywords before and after the show, it has also leapfrogged over its lowest ratings of 0.3% for its first episode to be given the honor of being labeled as the ‘Infinity Challenge’ of general programming channels.
To Shinhwa, who is prepared to fight to the end with Shinhwa Broadcast, “Do you hope that Shinhwa Broadcast can become a long-running program just like Countryside Diary? As long as you can keep this up, it will happen. Don’t you worry!”
Credits: TV Report + Absolut Shinhwa

Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2012 (main page updated)

The 6-seater dining table with differently-colored chairs that I’ve always wanted to have.
Now I have to buy a rug!

credit" Dongwan's Naver Blog + Absolut Shinhwa

120623 ShinHwa Broadcast EP.15 (Full)

 this has no English sub :) once available I will post :)

video credit: SofiBaby25

Shinhwa Managers Unite to Complain about the Members on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’

Following a very successful hidden camera prank on Eric, the Shinhwa members will face a battle against the people who know them the best – their managers. 

To air on June 30, jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast will reveal a fight for survival between the Shinhwa members and their managers in a game of dodge ball. 

Whoever wins will be rewarded with the traditional feast of the Chuncheon region.

Right before they began the fierce competition, the Shinhwa managers went around in a circle and complained about the Shinhwa members in front of them, making them laugh and speechless in utter shock. 

The manager who had the biggest complaint, was in charge of the hero of the ‘MT Channel,’ Eric.
Kim Bo Geun, the youngest of the Shinhwa managers, talked about how Eric was cold and unfriendly, as shown in the ‘Human Documentary Channel’ episodes when Eric would rarely talk with him. 

After the comments, the other Shinhwa members scolded Eric saying things like, “How can you do that?” and “You went too far!” creating laughter around the filming set. 

The dodge ball game and the managers’ venting will be shown on June 30. 

Photo Credit: jTBC
source: CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong

Shinhwa Members Have a Sleepover

The Shinhwa members have all slept together in the same room for the first time since their dormitory days. 

In the next episode of jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast, the final part of Shinhwa’s overnight trip will be shown from their trip to Chuncheong-do. 

Sharing the same room for the first time in years, the members were reminded of their dormitory years as they picked who they would be sleeping next to based on their recollection of who snores the loudest, who lets out the most gas, and so on. 

The members talked and laughed into the wee hours of the morning. 

The early morning mission caught the members off guard, and also revealed parts of the members′ muscular bodies, which showed the Shinhwa members still got it. 

The episode will air on June 30 on jTBC. 

Photo credit: jTBC 
souce: CJ E&M enewsWorld Stewart Ho

Kim Dong Wan is Ready to Marry if the Right Girl Comes Along

As one of the oldest idol stars in the music industry, Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan revealed his thoughts on his current marriage situation. 

Meeting with reporters at a special press conference in Anguk, Seoul for his newest movie Deranged on June 27, Kim Dong Wan spoke out about his desires to get married.

“The more I get age, the more I want to get married,” the singer-turned-actor shared. “The Shinhwa members, including me, are thinking about getting married if we get girlfriends now. If I meet a woman by fate, I think I can get married within this year.”

He then shared a bit on the Shinhwa members. 

“When we get a girlfriend, we usually introduce each other.” He said, “I want to get married first, but I’m sure that there’s going to be a member who’ll get married before me.” 

On what kind of person he wants to marry, Kim Dong Wan said, “I don’t have any plan on marrying a celebrity or even publicly dating. But if I have a fateful run-in with a celebrity, I might change my mind.” 

In related news, Kim Dong Wan stars in Deranged as Jae Pil, a detective and brother of Jae Hyuk, played by Kim Myung Min. 

Deranged is a story about a disastrous epidemic caused by mutant parasites that control the human brain and cause people to drown to death by making them thirsty. 

The movie will be released on July 5. 

Photo Credit: Kim Byung Kwan
source: CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong

Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan Asks Fans Not to Judge Based on One Mistake

With Shinhwa member Kim Dong Wan’s movie Deranged coming out soon, a minor dispute between his company, Live Works Company, and fans occurred. 

On June 26, Live Works Company posted an official apology on its website, explaining the situation that fans were upset about.

“The movie promotion company gave Live Works Company 100 tickets for a special screening of Deranged, but as time was limited to hold an official event to give out the tickets, we distributed the tickets to Kim Dong Wan’s largest fan club," read the apology notice. 

“We want to apologize especially to the fans who have excitedly been anticipating Kim Dong Wan’s Deranged for our unprofessional actions and disappointing everyone.” 

It seemed that some fans, who were upset about not being given a chance to receive a ticket, complained about Live Works Company’s faults. 

The outrage of certain fans caused Kim Dong Wan to write a short entry on his blog, saying “Whenever a Shinhwa member has a small worry or a misunderstanding, the Live Works family played a big part in trying to solve it. I have never heard or seen such a company do this ever. Please try not to judge them based on one mistake. This is my request.” 

The blog entry has since been removed. 

Fans were apologetic for their actions and wished Kim Dong Wan the best of luck with his movie. 

Netizens commented, “It would have been good if the company explained the situation before it blew up,” “At least they apologized,” “I hope this all gets solved well.” 

Deranged will open in theaters on July 5. 

Photo credit: Shinhwa Company
source: CJ E&M enewsWorld Stewart Ho

Shinhwa’s Jun Jin’s Contract With the Scandal-Plagued Open World Entertainment Ends

Shinhwa’s Jun Jin has temporarily become a free agent. 

On June 26, Jun Jin’s contract with Open World Entertainment drew to a close. Jun Jin is now no longer a part of the agency and is currently contemplating which agency to sign with. 

As nearly all the Shinhwa members are signed to different agencies, many are wondering if Jun Jin will follow one of his Shinhwa members or sign on with an entirely new agency. 

Jun Jin has sought to distance himself from his agency since Open World Entertainment’s head and certain associates began being investigated by the authorities on charges of rape, sexual assault and other allegations. 

Shinhwa is currently on its Asia tour and will next head to Guangzhou, China on June 30 for its next concert. 

Photo credit: Shinhwa Company
source: CJ E&M enewsWorld Stewart Ho

Jun Jin Receives Back Surgery for Slipped Disk

Shinhwa’s Jun Jin has received surgery and is currently recovering.

On June 22, Shinhwa Company revealed Shinhwa’s Jun Jin received surgery on June 19 for a herniated disc. 

Jun Jin has long suffered because of a slipped disc but was unable to receive proper treatment during the promotional activities for Shinhwa’s recent tenth album as well as Shinhwa’s Asia tour concert series. 

During this time, it was revealed Jun Jin had been taking pain killers to bear through the pain. However, the disk became aggravated to the point that surgery was required.

A representative for Jun Jin said, “To prevent a recurrence and a bigger injury, surgery was necessary. For the next six weeks after the surgery, rehabilitation exercise and stability will be needed.” 

Jun Jin himself added,” To my Shinhwa members and of course our fans, I’m sorry for causing you this concern. I will work to recover fast to rejoin my Shinhwa members for our remaining performances and broadcast activities and to show a better side to myself.” 

Jun Jin is still planning to make it to Shinhwa’s upcoming concert in China’s Guangzhou on June 30.

Photo credit: Shinhwa Company
source: CJ E&M enewsWorld Stewart Ho

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Eric’s after thoughts

Before that…
Eric: Why? Why? Suddenly…
Min Woo: Please tell us how you feel…
Eric: But how did you all know I will fall for it?
Dong Wan: Because you are a blockhead!
Hye Sung: Ah just say how you feel!
Min Woo: Because you are a fool!
Eric: …..I can’t believe it…so next time when I watch the broadcast, everything will be shown and it will be different from what I have been thinking all the while.
Dong Wan: Everyone else is variety but only yours will be a documentary. (Suddenly becoming anxious) let’s then shout once ‘Eric’s Hidden Camera Success’?
Everyone: No no we have to first hear his feelings…
Jun Jin (to Dong Wan): Do you need to go somewhere?
Everyone: You have an appointment? Hiking?
Eric’s message to the members
It’s not an easy task to fool someone for the whole day…the teamwork between our members seems to be manifesting. After hearing each of the member’s messages, it feels that they are sincere and I am touched. I hope Hye Sung will fulfil what he be my best friend and be someone whom I can talk with…
Min Woo: Dong Wan you have something to say?
Dong Wan: We should commemorate such a prank, let’s say ‘Eric’s Hidden Camera Success’…(still not giving up)

Haha there’s a twist at the end where the PD told Eric as a present for his hard work he gets to choose one other person to accept any punishment that Eric wishes. Everyone thought he would choose Hye Sung but instead he chose Jun Jin! Reason was Jun Jin treated him well (throughout the day) so he didn’t like it. HAHA! The punishment is ‘self dak bam’ (Onew’s style) and Hye Sung wondered what sin has Jun Jin committed. LOL!
The more fight, the more love they have for each other!
credit: Fallen Angel@tumblr

Heartfelt messages to Eric

The touching video messages left by the members…

Andy: Jung Hyuk ah look over here!
(Eric: This is crazy)
Min Woo: You really worked hard!
Dong Wan: We feel so happy and blissful to have fooled you…
Jun Jin: Your expressions were unforgettable!
Dong Wan: Like an idiot!
Hye Sung: The main reason why we are doing this is you, as a leader, have worked hard for Shinhwa’s comeback and we want to thank you for that..
Min Woo: Continue to work hard to the end!
Hye Sung: Don’t be upset…
Jun Jin: We hope you can laugh as much as today..
Hye Sung: With hope next year you’ll do better, this is an award prepared by the members!
Dong Wan’s message

Eric ah it’s the CEO of Shinhwa Company you seemed to have gone through hard times. This round of Shinhwa’s activities you have worked hard and I personally am very thankful for that. Next year too we’ll entrust Shinhwa’s activites to you. Fighting!
Min Woo’s message

Hey yo!! E-R-I-C! It’s been almost 15 years? During these 15 years, in various aspects, even though I have been unable to express my thanks to know since both of us dislike being emotional. Anyway recently I think you are really pretty (handsome)! In the future hope you will continue to work hard.
Hye Sung’s message

My best friend Eric ah…so awkward!! My best friend Eric ah I’ll try to drop by your place often *burst out laughing* The empty space that Yong Bae left behind, in the future I will work hard to fill up that space. Fighting!
Andy’s message

Leader-nim Eric hyung hope you will continue to lead us well. For today’s Hidden Camera we actually wanted to make you feel touched and for you to forget all the hard times, that’s why we prepared this. In the future let’s all fighting and work harder!
Jun Jin’s message

It must be very stressful to balance the different opinions of the members. We believe in Hyung and hope you won’t forget that we love you very much. Even without the cameras we hope to be as what we are in Shinhwa Broadcast. I hope to be with Shinhwa till I die (Jun Jin’s eyes were teary in the video). I love you~

Everyone: Shinhwa Fighting! Eric fighting!
Min Woo: Your brain is kind-hearted!

credit: Fallen Angel 안젤리나

[ENG SUB] SHINHWA Broadcast E14 120616 (Full)

by Jeannious1128

Shinhwa′s Kim Dong Wan Oozes Manly Charisma in ‘Harper’s Bazaar’

Returning to the big screen after eight years, Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan took time out from his movie promotions for Deranged to pose for the fashion magazine, Harper’s Bazaar.

Dressed in a black jacket and an unbuttoned white shirt, Kim Dong Wan’s slightly puzzled, slightly angry expression oozed out the charisma of a beastly man. 

In another photo, he showed off a more laid back face, with his hands resting on top of his head, while wearing a uniquely styled black jacket and netted shirt. 

Acting as a detective in Deranged, Kim Dong Wan said, “I realized that just because my character is a detective, I didn’t have to act like a detective. All the detectives that I actually met did not care about their looks or fashion so I gained the assurance that I didn’t have to act like a detective.” 

On his first movie role since Spin Kick in 2004, the singer-turned-actor said, “I tried my hardest not to let people remember what they know about me while watching Deranged. I hope that another point in watching Deranged would be to see Kim Dong Wan’s new transformation.” 

Deranged is about a national disaster that rises after mutant parasitic worms called yeongasi take control of human brains and force them to commit suicide. 

Kim Dong Wan’s pictorial will available in the July edition of Harper’s Bazaar. Deranged will open in theaters on July 5. 

Photo Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ reaches its highest viewer rating yet

jTBC‘s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘ has reached its highest viewer rating to date.
On June 24th, AGB Nielson Media Research released the viewer rating for the June 23rd episode of ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ in which it amassed a rating of 1.87%. As this is a cable TV program, it is considered an impressive feat.
This week’s viewer rating for ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ also marked the show’s fourth consecutive week of reaching a viewer rating of over 1%. At this rate, could 2% be far off?
The June 2rd episode of ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ featured ‘Vacation Channel – The God of MT Part 2′ in which the Shinhwa members pulled a hidden camera show against their leader Eric.  Furthermore on this episode, Junjin gave a heartwarming message to Eric after the Shinhwa members finished their hidden camera show.
‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ is a TV program created by the legendary idol group, Shinhwa, who has made a name for themselves in the entertainment industry by staying together as a group for over 14 years.
Source & Image: Star News

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Junjin confesses he wants to be a Shinhwa member until death

Junjin made a heartwarming confession on jTBC‘s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘. He stated that he would like to be a Shinhwa member until death.
The June 23rd episode will focus on the members pulling a hidden camera prank on Eric during their MT trip. The other members themselves made the suggestion to producers as a special event for the leader. They made sure to include messages of their gratitude towards him for leading them the past 14 years as well.
Junjin’s message in particular made Eric and the rest of the members choke up. He stated, “I know that Eric hyung has always been under a lot of stress trying to balance the opinions of the members. Please don’t ever forget that the members will always believe in and love you, hyung. I’d like to be with Shinhwa until I die.”
Eric didn’t even have time to recover from the shock of falling prey to a hidden camera prank as he was moved by the members’ heartwarming message.
Check out the full episode on the 23rd at 10:55PM KST.
Source + Photos: Star News via Nate

Shinhwa members don’t comment on each other’s activities?

Shinhwa‘s Kim Dongwan revealed the reactions of his fellow members to his first time back on the big screen since the 2004 movie ‘Spin Kick‘.
On June 20th, the Shinhwa member and the rest of the cast of ‘Deranged‘ held a press conference atCGV Gangnam in Seoul.
Kim Dongwan, who stars as a homicide detective living with his brother because of failed stocks, was asked by a reporter to describe the reaction of the Shinhwa members to his role in ‘Deranged’.
He commented, “We don’t usually react to each other’s works. We simply say, “Do well,” and leave it at that. They probably don’t even know what I’m doing today. However, they will all be coming to the premiere.
Subesequently, a reporter asked, ”Do you think the members are envious of you?” Dongwan replied, “They are all working hard so they are not envious of me.”
‘Deranged’ is about a man trying to save his family from a widespread infectious disease carried by parasitic worms that induce the infected human to drown themselves.
Source & Image: MyDaily

Shinhwa’s Minwoo dubbed Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon as the next BoA

With Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon gaining more and more spotlight through ‘Dancing with the Stars 2‘, the show will be airing audition videos of the singer as well as testimonies by her fellow artists about the popular girl group member.
Some of the comments that will be included are from Shinhwa‘s Minwoo and Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk.
When asked about a girl group he’s keeping an eye on during a recent interview, Minwoo praised, “I’m a Girls’ Generation fan. I especially paid attention to Hyoyeon because she danced so well even when she was young and I thought she was the next BoAIt’s good to see that Hyoyeon is achieving her dreams.”
In addition, Eunhyuk, who spent his trainee days with Hyoyeon also acknowledged her dance skills by sharing, “Hyoyeon stood out from the 100 trainees because she danced so well. I went to Hyoyeon for dancing lessons.
Hyoyeon will showcase a performance combining locking and dance sports to show off her talents that has helped her earn a spot in one of the hottest girl groups today, so don’t miss out on the episode airing on June 22nd!
Source: Star News via Nate

Shinhwa makes their grand return to Singapore for their Asia tour

its been, exactly a week, since the concert and i still cant shake the feeling... i saw the guys in person and i can't forget the look in their faces. Shinhwa you're the best!!!

i will still watch your concert, every penny i spent is worth it... you guys are AWESOME!!!

Shinhwa has proven that they’re not only the longest lasting idol group to date, but that they still have it going strong by turning Singapore into a sea of cheers at their ‘2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour in Singapore – The Return‘.
Held on June 16th at the Resort World Sentosa, the men performed to a crowd of 5,000 ecstatic fans. This was their first time visiting Singapore in six years since. Their last visit in 2006, so a considerable number of local media outlets gathered for the event to report on the concert.
The interest and attention garnered from the media and their fans was a display that was said to have made anyone understand how they paved the path for Hallyu and just how legendary the group actually is.
A representative of Shinhwa Company expressed, “We’re currently receiving many requests for concerts from fans of many different countries. The members were unable to hide their excitement and joy at the warm support from their fans after the concert. They will do their best for their remaining concerts to pay back the love and interest they’ve earned.”
The boys will be traveling to Guangzhou on June 30th as their sixth Asia tour stop.

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Naver