Tuesday, March 31, 2009

‘6′ is just a number without any special meaning…

this was shared by Su of AnsolutShinhwa. A tribute to the 6 guys who gave a different meaning to the Number 6.
…but to us, ‘6′ represents SHINHWA

Some fun facts about the number ‘6′:

‘6′ is the smallest perfect number, that is a number whose divisors add up to itself, e.g.: 1 x 2 x 3 = 1 + 2 + 3 = 6
Six similar coins can be arranged around a central coin of the same radius so that each coin makes contact with the central one and touches both its neighbors without a gap.

In numerology, 6 is the number of cooperation and the number of love and romance.
‘6′ is the only number that is both the sum and the product of three consecutive positive numbers.
Six Degrees of Separation (also referred to as the “Human Web”) refers to the idea that, if a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people they know, then everyone is at most six steps away from any other person on Earth.

That makes sense for me and anyone who’s reading this actually… there are really only six very special people between us… Thanks to everyone who’ve dropped by my little blog for the past 100 days or so. Whether you’re actively commenting away or lurking quietly (thought I didn’t know? LOL), I appreciate your visits - it makes me glad to know that Shinhwa will be coming back to a huge sea of orange in 4 years’ time…

And the reason behind this whole tribute to ‘6′? I saw this bit from Andy’s cut on Song Battle… Let’s just say it made me a little sad, but very very proud to be a Shinhwa fan… ^_^

credits: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.30] Andy promises that Shinhwa will never split


Andy, member of Korean supergroup Shinhwa held his first solo fanmeeting in Taiwan, “2009 Lee Sunho The First New Dream in Taipei” at TICC, who filled up about 70% of the venue and contributed to about NT$4.5 million (approx USD132,400) in ticket revenue. He specially performed Shinhwa’s ‘T.O.P’, which was the first song that Shinhwa performed when they made their first trip to Taiwan 9 years ago. Footage from their trip back then was also shown, and Andy said, “Looking at the video puts me in a very nostalgic mood, I wish we could go back to those days. Shinhwa will never disband.”

Andy made his entrance on stage amidst high-decibel screams from the fans and kicked off the fanmeeting with ‘Propose’. He even greeted the fans in Chinese, saying “大家好!我是Andy,我愛妳們!” (Hi everyone, I’m Andy, I love you all!”

When the video with scenes of Shinhwa’s first Taiwan trip played on the screens, the fans seemed to be transported back in time as they exclaimed at the precious footage.

ndtw2 Proteges Jumper make their appearance

Andy recently took on the role of producer to produce for newcomer duo Jumper, and on this day Andy performed the Shinhwa classic ‘T.O.P’ with them, which brought the atmosphere to a climax, and fans cheered just as loudly for the newcomers. After some games with the fans, Andy ended his fanmeeting on a perfect note with ‘Love Song’.

Source: Apple Daily
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

Monday, March 30, 2009

[09.03.30] Good EMG: 2009 SHS Concert Notice for overseas fans

Good EMG notice
for those planning to watch here are the contact #s
The phone number listed on the site: 82-2-540-6292
The fax number listed on the site: 82-2-540-1809
email add: webmaster@goodenter.com

Hello, this is Good Entertainment.

We appreciate your support and interests in the ‘SHIN HYE SUNG Third Asia Tour Live Concert 2009′, which will start from Seoul on 2nd & 3rd May. Good Entertainment and ENIS Ltd, the concert organizer, have received a lot of enquiries about the concert ticket booking from overseas fans.

For this concert, booking will be available through only one official agent, INTERPARK, due to certain circumstances, despite the fact that we used to have contracts with local travel agencies before. Booking from overseas will be the same as the domestic booking process via INTERPARK.

Apologies for any inconvenience, and the updated schedule about Asia Tour will be announced once all the details have been finalized.

Thanks again for your interest.

credits: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

Close-up shots of the 6 dolls in Dongwan’s photolog entry


credits: yoenin + midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.29] Andy in Taiwan: Consolidated news

Andy, member of Korean supergroup Shinhwa, arrived in Taiwan yesterday, and at the press conference he expressed his regrets that Shinhwa is unable to come to Taiwan together due to army enlistment. He said he hopes to come to Taiwan again for a concert when Shinhwa reunites.

When asked about how he copes with stress, given the recent spate of celebrity suicides, Andy said, “Celebrities can only show their good sides on stage, and we’ll have to bear with any unhappiness, which eventually accumulates into a lot of stress. That’s why many fall into depression. For the past 9 years I’ve been lucky to have the other Shinhwa members by my side, so I haven’t been alone. We meet up once a week, or about 2/3 times a month for drinks. A few days ago on 24th March, it was our 11th anniversary, and we met up before that for a small celebration.”

On his way to the hotel, he passed by the Taipei 101 building and exclaimed at its height. Despite his fear of heights, he expressed that he would like to take in the view of Taipei from the top of the building.

Andy was also voted as the best son-in-law in Korea not too long ago. He said wistfully that though he’s happy about that, he wonders when he will be getting married.

Andy will be holding a mini-concert at TICC at 7pm tonight, and his proteges Jumper will also be making an appearance.

Source: Liberty Times + Apple Daily + China Times
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.28] Open World notice: Junjin’s album release & 2009 Asia Tour


To the many fans who have been waiting for news of Junjin’s new album
We have previously said that the album is scheduled for release at the beginning of April
However as Junjin hopes to give the fans the best of him on a more passionate stage performance.

The album release will be postponed to early May.
Despite his busy schedule, to produce an even better album,
Junjin has put in his best efforts and we hope that the fans will be able to give him even more support.

In addition, along with news about the new album, we also have good news about his concert.

Countries: China; Taiwan; Hong Kong; Japan; Thailand; Singapore or Malaysia
Tentative date: June

Once we have more concrete details about the schedule, we will inform everyone via our website.
As everyone would know, this Asia Tour is to commemorate the release of the new album and will also be his last concert before he enlists for military service.

For the Asia Tour which will feature many spectacular performances, we hope local and overseas fans will give him all their support.

Thank you.

*We will announce more details about the new album soon.

Source: junjin.com
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.27] Shin Hyesung attracts attention as he forms ‘Shinhwa’ with pretty college girls


Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung formed a makeshift ‘Shinhwa’ with 5 pretty college girls at the recording for KBS2’s Roadshow Quiz Expedition at Sungkyunkwan University and put up a impressive performance.

Shin Hyesung partnered the students from Sungkyunkwan University’s jazz dance club in a performance of Shinhwa’s ‘Wild Eyes’, and performed the chair dance with great chemistry. It has been a while since Shinhwa performed their dances, and Shin Hyesung showed that his moves were as sharp as ever.

Shin Hyesung also performed the duet he did with Lee Ji Hoo, ‘Doll’, with a male college student, a self-proclaimed Shin Hyesung fan, in perfect harmony.

This episode will be shown on 29 March at 10.45am.

Source: Forever HS
Chi trans: 宝宝爱王子@S.C.I.C
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com
Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung formed a makeshift ‘Shinhwa’ with 5 pretty college girls at the recording for KBS2’s Roadshow Quiz Expedition at Sungkyunkwan University and put up a impressive performance.

Shin Hyesung partnered the students from Sungkyunkwan University’s jazz dance club in a performance of Shinhwa’s ‘Wild Eyes’, and performed the chair dance with great chemistry. It has been a while since Shinhwa performed their dances, and Shin Hyesung showed that his moves were as sharp as ever.

Shin Hyesung also performed the duet he did with Lee Ji Hoo, ‘Doll’, with a male college student, a self-proclaimed Shin Hyesung fan, in perfect harmony.

This episode will be shown on 29 March at 10.45am.

Source: Forever HS
Chi trans: 宝宝爱王子@S.C.I.C
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.27] Shin Hyesung’s 3rd solo concert: “Now preparing for a special performance with a surprise guest”

Korean fans will be seeing Shinhwa member and solo singer Shin Hyesung in his 3rd solo concert.
Last November, more than 25,000 fans in Shanghai, Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo saw Shin Hyesung in his wildly successful 2nd solo Asia concert tour, and now he’s getting ready to kick off his 3rd concert tour. Shin Hyesung will be holding his “2009 Shin Hyesung Keep Leaves Tour” in Seoul on 2/3 May at Ewha University, followed by Busan on 31 May at the Busan KBS Hall.

Shin Hyesung’s 3rd solo concert will be held at the auditorium at Ewha University has a capacity of 2,800 theater-style seats, which is not as big as the concerts usually held at large stadiums. Fans can look forward to a more intimate and interactive concert with Shin Hyesung. For this concert, Shin Hyesung will be preparing his trademark ballads, which are prominently featured in his Vol.3 Side 2 album.

Shin Hyesung said, “For this concert, besides the songs featured in the Side 2 album, I’m planning to include rearrangement of songs from my previous albums, remakes of songs by other singers in the repertoire as well. I’ll also be preparing a special performance with a surprise guest and I hope that for the 3rd solo concert, I’ll be holding it together with all of the fans.”

Source: Mydaily
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

Friday, March 27, 2009

[09.03.27] Hyesung’s JP Mobile Staff Diary


It’s been a long time since I talked to everyone about the making of the MV^^

To film the MV for the title track ‘Why Did You Call’ for Vol.3 Side 2, we headed to Sapporo on 19 Jan 2009 and stayed there for a week~

Stuck knee-deep in snow in Sapporo and behind the scenes at the MV filmshoot
Together GO~GO!!

Chi trans: 弼教吾爱@onlyhyesung
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.27] Andy: I’m interested in fashion too


Singer Andy turns up as a guest at designer Park Hyerim’s fashion show at the 2009 F/W Seoul Fashion Week on 27th March, held at the Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention Center (SETEC).

Source: hankyung.com
Chi trans: 草木番茄@andy4ever
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.27] Junjin: ‘Wife’ Lee Shi Young is a scary woman


Junjin revealed that anyone who knows WGM ‘wife’ Lee Shi Young would feel that she’s a rash and scary woman.

Singer Junjin recently said at the recording of the 28th March episode of Star Golden Bell, “Lee Shi Young has a somewhat rash personality, so she would easily do something frightening.” His conclusion that “She is the strongest out of all the female guests here” left her reeling in embarrassment.

Lee Shi Young also shared a tip for casting auditions, “During casting auditions, if interviewers ask you if you can dance or sing well, the trick is to immediately perform for them.”

Junjin and Lee Shi Young face off once again on this episode of KBS2’s Star Golden Bell, to be aired on 28th March.

Source: Newsen
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.27] Junjin “wants to get to know the younger idols better”


During the recording for the 28th March episode of KBS2’s Star Golden Bell, Shinhwa member Junjin expressed his wish to get to know the younger idol groups better. When MC Kim Jae Dong asked him, “What do you think when you see the junior idol groups?”, he replied, “I actually get very envious when I see them, and I’d like to get to know them better too. But I’m worried if my age is too old and that it looks strange for me to do that.”

When the KARA members greeted Junjin and asked, “Please give us your support”, he got so shy that his face turned red. Junjin’s ‘reel’ wife on MBC variety show We Got Married, Lee Shi Young was also a guest on the show, and her psychological ‘battle’ with KARA leader Park Gyuri for Junjin was highly entertaining.

This episode will be aired on 28th March.

Source: Newsen
Chi trans: 维他命J@junjin0819
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.27] Shin Hyesung at KFDA Seoul Collection: Today I’m a fashionista too


Currently actively promoting the second part of his 3rd album ‘Keep Leaves’, singer Shin Hyesung showed up at the Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention(SETEC) for the 2009 KFDA Seoul Collection F/W fashion show.

Shin Hyesung has made a guest appearance to congratulate designer Ko Taeyoung, who designed the clothes for his album jacket. Although Shin Hyesung usually prefers to wear monochrome colored clothes that are sleek and trendy, he has specially dressed up for the event.

Shin Hyesung said, “I heard that bright colours are in this Spring. And although it’s different from my usual style, I’m really satisfied with it. Designer Ko Taeyoung designs clothes with a unique style that are comfortable at the same time, and I’ve always liked to wear his designs.”

Source: Osen
Chi trans: 淼儿@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

Thursday, March 26, 2009


The European-style mooaM conceptualized by Minwoo
Discreetly opening in early April

A brand whose design concepts and creation involved the direct participation of Junjin himself
Scheduled to open in mid-April

Source: muggle.co.kr
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.25] Tour Note - SHS Live Music Show in Taiwan

Bringing news of Singer Shin back together with the warm spring breeze, I’m here to share my excited thoughts with everyone.
I’m really feeling excited~Writing the first diary entry of 2009’s Tour Note.
I’ll tell everyone about the Taiwan fanmeeting that was held recently^^

The day Singer Shin entered the Immigration Hall in Taiwan, there were already reports about this on the evening news.
This was how Singer Shin looked in the reports…
[Caption on the screen reads: Shin Hyesung reaches Taiwan, welcomed by a large contingent of screaming fans]

The promotional trip in February, was to see if the Hallyu Wave is subsiding in Taiwan
Singer Shin was really cool!
The staff were very excited to see the reports
And quickly took pictures with their handphones, so the quality isn’t great~

(left) Playing the O-X quiz with 3,000 fans

(right) Making White Day cakes

Singer Shin who exited the stage after performing all the songs that he had prepared, but for the sake of the fans who stayed on and kept on shouting for an encore, he came back on stage and performed the first song he had sang for the event ‘Love Actually’ before reluctantly (?) ending the fanmeeting.
Just like in Korea, Singer Shin is really well-loved and popular in Taiwan too~~^^v

ps. There is a beverage company in Taiwan, it’s called “Hey Song”
Hey Song????? 크크

Source: GOOD Entertainment
Chi trans: moritacoo@hyesungworld
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.25] ‘All About Shinhwa’ DVD to be released in Japan first

One year after Shinhwa’s 10th Anniversary Concert — ‘Shinhwa.The Legend’ lives on!!
A collection of 6 DVDs that captures the members’ past 10 years, their charisma is all contained in this DVD boxset.

A must-see for fans and a must-have collectible item!
And first released in Japan!

Includes original Shinhwa merchandise not available anywhere else other than in the DVD set! (tentative)
This product will only have a limited quantity one-time production run. Available only while stocks last. We seek your understanding.


■ 6 DVD boxset
■ Running time of approximately 720 minutes
■ With Japanese subtitles
■ Audio: 2.0 Dolby digital stereo
■ Screen format of 4:3
■ 2 chapters per DVD


SHINHWA members (individual footage+Shinhwa episode) + SHINHWA in TV (SBS broadcast footage)

DISC 1. ERIC in SHINHWA + SHINHWA in TV 1998~2000
Unreleased footage of Shinhwa’s sneakers photoshoot + sitcom 【Marching】

Unreleased footage from 2007 Winter Story + 【Bungee King】

NG scenes from ‘We Are Shinhwa’ interview + 【Star Go Go】 Shinhwa special

Unreleased footage from Shinhwa’s 9th album activities + 【Good Sunday】 Thailand special

【Good Sunday - Banjun Drama】 +【Kim Seung Hyun & Jung Eun Ah’s Good Morning】 Shinhwa special

DISC 6. ANDY in SHINHWA + SHINHWA in TV 2007~2008
At the hotel during overseas promotional activities + Making of Shinhwa’s 10th Anniversary Concert

※We seek your understanding if there are any changes to the aforementioned content

【To purchase】

■ HMV Japan
■ Amazon Japan

Reference price (with taxes): ¥15,540 (approx. USD160)

Product Details
Genre: World
Format: DVD
Number of discs: 6
Region code: 2 (Japan)
Format: NTSC (Japan)
Release date: 20 May 2009
Catalog No: MNPS59
Label: Media-Net Pictures
Country of release: Japan
Box collection,standard Others: One-time limited production run. Box collection, standard.

Source: Shinhwa official JP fansite + HMV Japan
Chi trans: 小玉@love-ric
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

[YouTube] Jinsyung phonecall on KBS2 Song Battle

This amused the hell out of me…. SO PLAYFUL~~~


Hyesung: Jin ah~
Junjin: Hyesungie, wae cheonhwahaesseo~

Hyesung: Andy yah~
Andy: Hyung, wae cheonhwahaesseo~ saranghae!

Hyesung: Minwoo yah~
Minwoo: Yah… wae cheonhwahaesseo~

Hyesung: Dongwannie ah~
Dongwannie: Wae cheonhwahaesseo~ *bursts into a laughing fit*

Hyesung: Yah~
Eric: *hangs up*

credit to midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

Shinhwa - 11th Anniversary montage (fanmade)

credits midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa@wordpress.com for the video

[09.03.25] Andy: I miss Shinhwa when I see Jumper

Jumper, whose producer is Andy, said “Our captain is very scary.”

When we suggested that they talk about Andy (Lee Sun Ho, 28), the newcomer male duo Jumper (made up of 21-year-old Park Dong Min and 18-year-old Rocky) hesitate, but just like the new generation, they said what had to be said.

“Captain Andy is very shy, if only he could talk more to us. If he just stays there quietly it seems like he’s angry.” (Park Dong Min, rapper)

“He’s kind to us like he is to others too… He would correct our mistakes, but he’s most scary when he’s indifferent towards us.” (Rocky, main vocalist)

But producer Andy who was together with Jumper at the interview simply burst out into laughter.

When Andy looked at Jumper’s debut performance of their digital single ‘Yes!’, he thought, “I’m even more nervous about them than myself going on stage.” He explained earnestly, “Although it was similar to what he had imagined, but they still need more of what we call “camera massage”. [I should think he's referring to searching for their best angles on camera] They still have much to improve on.”

Andy isn’t stingy with his advice for the two members. He had told them, in an environment where there are so many newcomers, and with only one performance, and they would regret it if they failed to impress. Moreover, he even gave them video cameras so that they could monitor and review their performances so that they can work on improving themselves, and also advised them on finding their best angles on television. This was a great encouragement to Rocky and Park Dong Min, who had been training for 4 years and 2 years respectively.

The two members then talked about their first impression of Andy.

“Captain entered the office after pressing the doorbell, and I was shocked. After greeting him, a lot of thoughts came into my mind. It was amazing yet surreal to have someone I always see on TV standing right in front of me.” (Park Dong Min)

“Captain is part of Shinhwa, a representative group in the world of K-pop, after all. With him being our producer, it’s really like our big break has arrived. Although I got chased away after trying to do some vocal exercise by shouting at the field at a nearby high school, but after taking Captain’s advice I can control my breathing now.” (Rocky)

Andy said, “Park Dong Min came onboard after Rocky did. After many discussions we realised that there is a void of male duos after Deux, Untitle and Clon. Thus we decided to combine a powerful idol image with a sophisticated music style.”

Rocky laughed as he explained a little more about their debut song.”‘Yes!’ is a song that you should hear at clubs. When we did the recording with songwriter Kwon Tae Eun, he already had an idea of how I should perform the song. He said that I needed to have the feeling of someone who chews gum, shakes his legs and spits, and he explained to me what is ‘enjoying the music’.”

Andy said that the duo reminded him of the early days of Shinhwa. “Lee Soo Man-sonsaengnim made me sing and dance in a park in the US for him, and he eventually picked me and gave me a chance to be a singer. It’s been 11 years now. It was the most fun when all the Shinhwa members were living together, and lately I’ve been thinking about and missing those dormitory days. I’ll be enlisting for military service early next year, and we’ll all get back together for our next album when we’re all done with the army.”

Andy stressed, “I had many ideas that came into my head, and it would be a pity if they weren’t used, so I decided to go into production instead. I just want to be recognized as a producer. When I released my first solo album, I had many malicious comments such as “What’s ‘Andy’s solo album’?”. This time round, there have been comments like, “Just stick to doing your own activities”.

“I’m glad to be able to give Jumper the opportunity to stand on the stage that they so badly want to be on. I won’t be discouraged, and I will be more ambitious.”

Source: Yonhap News
Chi trans: 草木番茄@andy4ever
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where are you Minbong-shi?????

It Shinhwa's 11th Anniversary!!!!

I heard a lot of news about Hye Sung being busy with his album promotions and guestings. Junjin will be enlisting soon so he is also finishing up his album before he enlist. Andy is busy with promotional tours and concerts and also helping Jumper.

Though two of our beloved namjas are enlisted, Dongwan-shi makes sure that he updates us with his blog entries and Eric, at least we saw him enjoying his rest day fishing.

Just want to know if you are okay???? Are you well???? Not ill or anything?????

Its not like you at all. There usually is something about you every now and then, but lately ......

Not used to not hearing anything about you guys. Just tell me you're okay so I dont have to worry. I know I shouldnt coz you are receiving lots and lots of love especially from the Changjo fans.

Wish you dont mind me being worried.

Where ever you are, hope you are doing okay. I hope you are happy coz there's nothing I want more than to see you happy.

Minwoo-shi, please show yourself soon, okay :)

Chawseem haseyo.

Noona Flor

[DL] Pics from GOOD’s Shinhwa 11th Anniversary site

If you checked the GOOD site today, you might have noticed that they set up a Shinhwa 11th Anniversary site with new pictures from their 9th album jacket shoot and the MV shoot



Currently active in areas of music, acting and variety etc
Hyesung, Minwoo, Junjin, Andy…
And currently serving their military service - Eric, Dongwan
While giving them all our support, at the same time we congratulate Shinhwa on the 11th anniversary of their debut.

Let this name go on forever



Source: GOOD Entertainment
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

Note: if you like link to the pics which i downloaded, just drop me a line, i did not post it here coz those files are also shared by the original poster, Su. thanks.

Pic credits to GOOD Entertainment + wxl850508@bestshinhwa + absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.24] GOOD notice: Congratulations to Shinhwa for their 11th anniversary!

Hi everyone!
This is Good Entertainment.

Today is the meaningful day where we have known the ‘Shinhwa’ name and the six men of Shinhwa for 11 years.

To Shinhwa Changjo, who have been Shinhwa’s strongest fortress during the 11 years and protecting them all the way,
And everyone who stayed together with the name ‘Shinhwa’, we express our heartfelt gratitude.

Although it has already been 1 year, we have not forgotten the promise to be together forever, and the tears and emotion of the 10th anniversary concert.

While we wait for the day we all meet once again,
We hope everyone will continue to give all the members,
Who will be active in music, acting and other fields,
And also those who are serving their military service, your love and support.

Once again we congratulate the Shinhwa members and Shinhwa Changjo for creating these 11 years,
And we hereby express our heartfelt thanks.

Source: GOOD Entertainment
Chi trans: julias@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.23] Dongwan’s blog: Hahaha

What a surprise~

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.23] Andy’s first Japan concert DVD to be released in Korea in April

Singer Andy’s (Lee Sunho) first Japan concert will be available in Korea on DVD in April.

The live DVD will showcase spectacular scenes from Andy’s first Japan concert held last year on 14th June at the Stella Ball in Tokyo, which clearly demonstrated the overwhelming popularity of Shinhwa and Andy.

Besides featuring Andy’s cute ‘heart dance’ in ‘Love Song’, ‘Propose’ with its memorable melody, ‘Extraordinary Imagination’ and ‘Music In My Heart’ from the musical of the same name, the DVD also features Andy performing other songs such as ‘Aspirin’ which he himself is very fond of singing.

In addition, the DVD also contains a multi-angle feature which will allow viewers to see Andy’s performances from different perspectives. There is also a making-of video from the Tokyo concert and highlights from his China concert.

There will also be a video from Andy’s France Story, where we will see him happily admiring street performances, appreciating wine in Bourgogne, having culinary lessons at the famous hospitality education institution Le Cordon Bleu and snowboarding.

Source: Newsen
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina.com
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.23] Junjin makes his comeback in April before army enlistment

Singer Junjin will be making his comeback in April before he enlists for the army.

In a recent interview, Junjin said, “The album is scheduled to be released on 9th April. We’ve completed 50% of the recording now.”

The title track is a dance song that will allow Junjin to exhibit his dancing skills, and he is now working hard on recording and dance rehearsals.

As Junjin has been confirmed for active duty, this spate of album promotional activities will give fans the last opportunity to see Junjin before he enlists for military service.

With regards to the enlistment date, a spokesperson for Junjin said, “Because of his age, he will have to enlist this year, but the date has not been set yet.”

Junjin has received a lot of love and support from fans since releasing his 1st solo album, ‘New Decade’, in April last year, featuring the title track ‘WA’.

Source: SPN
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.23] Info: 2009 Shin Hyesung concert notice

Hi. This is Good Entertainment.

2009 SHIN HYE SUNG “Keep Leaves” Tour in Seoul, Busan
This is to announce an updated summary including more new details.

1. 2009 SHIN HYE SUNG “Keep Leaves” Tour in Seoul
- Date/Time: 2 May 2009 6pm / 3 May 2009 5pm
- Venue: Ewha Women’s University Auditorium
- Ticket prices: Category R 88,000won / Category S 77,000won / Category A 66,000won
- Ticket retailer: Interpark (www.interpark.com)
- Tickets open for sale on 30 March 2009 8pm
- Enquiry hotline: 1544-0765
- Organizer: IS Enter Media Group
- Event management: ENIS PLUS, Information & Design
- Supported by: Good Entertainment

2. . 2009 SHIN HYE SUNG “Keep Leaves” Tour in Busan
- Date/Time: 31 May 2009 5pm
- Venue: Busan KBS Hall
- Ticket prices: Category R 88,000won / Category S 77,000won / Category A 66,000won
- Ticket retailer: Interpark (www.interpark.com)
- Tickets open for sale on 30 March 2009 8pm
- Organizer: IS Enter Media Group
- Event management: ENIS PLUS, Information & Design
- Supported by: Good Entertainment

Before making reservations for your tickets, please check our official homepage for any official announcement.

Thank you.

* Booking Information for Overseas audience (fans) will be announced later.*

Source: GOOD Entertainment
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

Monday, March 23, 2009

SUBBED] Shinhwa 11th - Shinhwa Isn't it Pretty? MV

credits shinhwa11th

My Message to the SHINHWA Guys on their 11th Anniversary

March 24, 2009

I wish you all the Best - in love, career, life, family
In everything that you hope for and desire.

I am not good in putting into words what i really want to say,
simple words is only i can relay....

You are trully are the Best - SHINHWA JJANG

you taught me a lot .....

Eric - I know you will always be there for the Group, that is why they chose you the leader

Dongwan - always the witty guy. I love your frankness. Please dont drink to much, araso!

Minwoo - the guy who is always passionate. Hope you are okay. Havent heard anything from
you, wish you are happy and I Wish for your Happiness

Junjin - take care of yourself. I know you want to live up to the fans expectations but we dont
want to see you getting hurt in the process.

Andy - I am so proud of you. I wish you all the best.

Sungie - you are doing a good job in hold the Shinhwa Turf. I love you for being there, thanks
for all the beautiful love song. I love them all.

To the Guys, i wish to see you on stage again, will wait for your next concerts and albums.....


[SUBBED] Shinhwa 11th - Shinhwa's behaviour before recording of TV shows

credits to shinhwa11th

[09.03.23] Andy takes on acting after 4 years in new SBS daily drama

Shinhwa’s Andy will take on acting after 4 years, with a new role in the new SBS daily drama ‘Two Wives’, which will take over ‘Wife’s Temptation’ in May. The drama stars Son Tae Young, Kim Ji Young and Kim Ho Jin.

Andy will play the younger brother, Yoon Nam Joon, of the female protagonist played by Kim Ji Young. While Yoon Nam Joon is not only good-looking, well-dressed and has the appearance of a rich man’s son, he is only putting up appearances. He is actually a loafer who puts up frequently changes jobs and creates trouble.

With this role, Andy will shed his usually gentle and kind image in musicals and variety shows. The filming for “Two Wives” will start in early April, but Andy will only join in the filming in early May.

After the first script reading session last week, Andy said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve acted in a drama, and though I’m very nervous to be in this daily drama with so many sonbaes, I will be able to learn more about acting. Since it’s a role that’s very different from my usual image, I will give it my all.”

Andy’s last appearance in a drama was in 2005, in SBS drama ‘Lovers in Prague’, starring Jeon Doyeon and Kim Joo Hyuk. After that, Andy took on roles in various musicals

Andy had been in the limelight lately for producing for the new male duo Jumper, and will be releasing his new album in early May, at about the same time he starts filming for the new drama.

Source: Newsen + Asia Economy + Osen
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.22] Dongwan’s blog: 2009 (main page updated)

good for you

The weather’s cold.
Spent the weekend without drinking alcohol,
Had a lot of free time~

Should sleep early.

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.22] Dongwan’s blog (memo): Tips on buying an MP3 player!

Buy a CD, dude!

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.21] Jumper and Andy to perform T.O.P in Taiwan

Shinhwa member Andy will be performing Shinhwa’s classic hit ‘T.O.P’ in Taiwan together with Jumper, the new male duo he has groomed and produced for.

Andy will be holding his first solo Taiwan fanmeeting, “2009 Lee Sun Ho The First New Dream in Taipei”, at the Taipei International Convention Centre on 29 March. Jumper, who made their debut with the song ‘Yes’, will also join in the event, performing ‘T.O.P’ with Andy.

Andy, who is visiting Taiwan after 9 years, together with Jumper, are now preparing hard for the special performance for the Taiwanese fans.

Andy said, “T.O.P is the first song we performed in Taiwan 9 years ago, so it’s a very meaningful song for us. Although I won’t be performing this together with the other Shinhwa members, I still hope to present a special gift to the fans who have been supporting Shinhwa all this while, and I’m now practising hard with the juniors for this.”

Source: Mydaily
Chi trans: 尘筱沫@AndyTheWorld
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

Friday, March 20, 2009

[09.03.17] Dongwan’s blog: 2009 (main page)

comments of Su:

Filling in an entry I missed out 2 days ago… He wrote this entry just minutes before replacing it with his entry on Lee Jaejin

If he’s referring to what I think he’s referring to… *sigh* The world of showbiz is too scary….
There are too many people in Korea who think that there is no God.

How are they all going to be punished…

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Yoenin
Trans: absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.20] Dongwan’s blog (memo): What a pity..

transcript from Su:
This entry replaced the “Oh~” entry in his memo section… I think the messages he mentioned could be the messages that he had on his blog or Cyworld minihompy or something…

So someone’s probably flooding the server or something…. I think…

Stop flooding..
Isn’t it because of you that I can’t see the important message anymore!

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.19] Dongwan’s blog: So.

My friend got laid off.
My friend had his pay cut.

Buying drinks for them to drown their sorrows.

In any case, I’ll only buy drinks for the friend who got laid off.

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.19] GOOD: 2009 Shin Hyesung concert notice

Hello. This is Good Entertainment.

Shin Hyesung, who’s in the midst of the promotional activities for his new album Vol.3 Side ‘Keep Leaves’ will be launching his Asia tour in Seoul and Busan in May.

The following dates are confirmed for the tour.

1. 2009 SHIN HYE SUNG “Keep Leaves” Tour in Seoul
- Date: 2/3 May 2009 (2 performances over 2 days)
- Venue: Ewha Women’s University Auditorium
- Ticket retailer: Interpark (www.interpark.com)
- Organizer: IS Enter Media Group
- Event management: ENIS PLUS, Information & Design
- Supported by: Good Entertainment

2. 2009 SHIN HYE SUNG “Keep Leaves” Tour in Busan
- Date: 31 May 2009 (Sun)
- Venue: Busan KBS Hall
- Ticket retailer: Interpark (www.interpark.com)
- Organizer: IS Enter Media Group
- Event management: ENIS PLUS
- Supported by: Good Entertainment
Specific information for the concert timings, seat classes, ticket prices will be announced in a 2nd notice on 23 March.

In addition, this concert will be followed by the Japan concert which will kick off the Asia tour, and once the schedule is confirmed, we’ll inform everyone via the official website.

As lush as the ballads that make up this album
This concert will feature also magnificent and spectacular stage performances, we hope you will give this concert your support and interest.

Thank you.

* Booking Information for Overseas audience (fans) will be announced later.*

Source: Good Entertainment
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

Thursday, March 19, 2009

[09.03.19] Korean fanblog: Eric, having fun fishing

Aigoo ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Ric-nim has been heavily involved in fishing activities, not too long from now there should be more photos like these being released ㅋㅋㅋ
Fishing is really funㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Isn’t it oppaㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
You look really happy with that cigarette dangling from your mouth ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
It’s been too long since we saw your face, you even have a moustache now I really love it to death ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ (although you already look handsome)
Heard that you put on weight but you don’t look like you did ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Your hands haven’t changed at all………..
His eyes hasn’t changed eitherㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ These photos are going to be precious photos worth reminiscing over time and again in another two years’ timeㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

Source: shinhwa79 + Korean fan’s blog
Chi trans: 悟空空@love-ric
Eng trans: absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.19] Info: 2009 SHIN HYE SUNG “Keep Leaves” Tour (Seoul/Busan)

Ticket sales open at 8pm, 30 March 2009 (Seoul time)

Seoul Concert

- Title: 2009 SHIN HYE SUNG “Keep Leaves” Tour in Seoul
- Date/Time: 2/3 May 2009 (2 performances over 2 days)
- Venue: Ewha Women’s University Auditorium
- Organizer: IS Enter Media Group
- Event management: ENIS PLUS, Information & Design
- Supported by: Good Entertainment

Busan Concert

- Title: 2009 SHIN HYE SUNG “Keep Leaves” Tour in Busan
- Date/Time: 31 May 2009 (Sun)
- Venue: Busan KBS Hall
- Organizer: IS Enter Media Group
- Event management: ENIS PLUS
- Supported by: Good Entertainment

Source: Interpark Ticket
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.19] Shin Hyesung - The Stories We Haven’t Told (Singles interview)

Written by Park Jung HyunPhotographed by Kim Bo Ha

He is an idol singer who is Shinhwa’s main vocalist and who sometimes partakes in solo activities. If this is all you know about Shin Hyesung, then take a listen to him albums now. The real Shin Hyesung, and what he wants to say, are all cleverly hidden in his albums.

There was a time when Shinhwa was the box-office and ratings guarantee for variety programs. While they seemed to pierce through the cathode ray tubes with their wild eyes and perform their testosterone-laden chair dance to perfection, their image completely falls apart with their funny antics on variety shows, but at times they would demonstrate their gentler and more sensitive side as well. After Shinhwa gained a stable popularity, they began to start on their own solo activities and expanded their field of activities, eventually showing off their own distinct personalities. This, at the time, was very unconventional.

After Shinhwa set the precedent for variety-type idols, among all the talented members, Shin Hyesung - as the most “un-Shinhwa”-like member - chose a path that was different from the other members. Although he has appeared in various variety programs, showing his cute and cheerful side performing his trademark ‘crab dance’ and spinkicks, unlike the other members who have moved on to focus on acting, sitcoms or variety, main vocalist Shin Hyesung has only prepared to be a solo singer. To him, this is a double-edged sword with the burden of “the general prejudice against singers with idol beginnings” and “the unconditional support from the fans”.

At a time when single albums seem to be the norm, his album seems to bucking the trend with complete stories behind Track 1 to Track 10. Keeping the album format that fans who were students in the 90s are familiar with, it was like he personally selected the songs and recorded it on a tape or CD to as a heartfelt gift to a friend. A high-quality album that does not fall short in any area, and not letting any song get missed out on - that’s his ambition to create such an album.

As a result, Shin Hyesung’s solo debut has been very successful. Although he’s known as a Shinhwa member, but to people who don’t know Shin Hyesung, compliments like “He really can sing very well, he’s got a great voice” are abundant. Prior to the release of his album, his presales took the #1 spot on major online music sites, and many of his lovely fans responded with ”If anyone could do this, it has to be our oppa”.

Supported by the unconditional purchasing power of the idol fans, and successfully earning popularity with the public, Shin Hyesung has been working towards achieving the goal of building a brand of “Shin Hyesung-style ballads”. Unknowingly, he has already released his 3rd album (and a double album at that) as a recognised solo singer. And that has been his position until now.

Q: While we were preparing for the interview, we realised that you’ve always remained an idol. There were really many questions posted on our website. What are Shinhwa and the fans to you?

A: Shinhwa to me is like my home, my hometown. Although we’re all busy with our own solo activities, and some are now serving their military service, but there’s nothing better than the feeling of coming home to a hot meal and a good rest after a hard day’s work. It’s really nice when we get together, I have the feeling of coming home. Fans to us are like our fence, or perhaps like family members.

Q: What’s the biggest difference between Shinhwa member Shin Hyesung and solo singer Shin Hyesung?

A: Hmm, firstly the music genre is different. In Shinhwa, we mainly perform our songs coupled with powerful dance choreography and intensive expressions, and because now as a solo singer I mainly sing ballads, I have to convey a gentler and more melancholic feeling.

Q: Are Shinhwa and S on good terms? Do you all get along well?

A: These days, Kangta has gone off to serve in the army, and our members are also serving their military duties in different departments, so there hasn’t been a chance to meet. But whether I meet with Kangta and Jihoon, or with our members, I always feel very comfortable with them. We often hang out together in a group too.

Q: Are you in frequent contact with Kangta who’s serving in the army?

A: Of course. Not too long ago we met up when he was out on vacation.

Q: Many people are curious about the relationship between Shin Hyesung and Kangta, somehow they see you as rivals.

A: Me and Kangta? Why would that be the case?

Q: Aren’t you two the main vocalists of Shinhwa and H.O.T respectively?

A: Ah, but that was a really long time ago. Perhaps because we both started out as idols and became ballad singers, that’s why they think that way.

Q: How did you and Kangta become such close friends? If so, then why don’t you have any of Kangta’s songs on your album?

A: The first person I actually became close to after my debut was Jihoon, and Jihoon is close to Kangta, so eventually I became on good terms with Kangta too. Like the members, I’ve known him for more than 10 years too. In fact, it’s not just Kangta, but no close friend of mine has written any song or featured on any song in my albums. It’s not deliberate, but when I released my first solo album, I wanted to showcase just my own style, different from Shinhwa or S. Once I’ve accumulated enough experience as a solo singer, we’d be able to work together whenever the opportunity arises.

Q: So if the fans hope for S to continue, will there be future plans for S?

A: When we started S, it was more of a freestyle project. Although we all work differently, but the music that we’re working towards is the same. With similar tastes in music and similar interests, we naturally formed the group, and since that is the concept, we can actually release an album sometime in the future. In fact Kangta wanted to release an album before he enlisted, but because we all had our own activities, we couldn’t coordinate our schedules. We’ll probably have to work on it when Kangta finishes his military service.

Q: Your 3rd album is a double album. Side 1 and Side 2 have completely different styles. Which one is Shin Hyesung more satisfied with?

A: The reactions of the fans are always the same. For Side 1, fans said things like “it’s a different approach”, “it’s not really weird”, ” Trying something new is always welcome”, while this time round, they say “Ballads are indeed more suitable for him”. But this is what the fans say. Excluding the negative comments and things like that, I’m very grateful to the fans for thinking this way. Personally, it seemed like the fans reacted better to Side 1. I like the fans’ encouragement and faith in me for trying something new. If I had to pick one.

Q: Do you think that Shin Hyesung is more suited for ballads?

A: I think I can do best at ballads. For other genres, or to sing and dance at the same time, I seem a little awkward. (-_- you’re not telling me you’ve been awkward for 11 years now, are you?)

Q: You must have heard it many times, but what is your favorite song from this album?

A: Ah, I really like them all, I can’t choose. Everytime I release an album, I hope to hear people say “You can’t miss out on any song”. Although all singers may share the same opinion, but with so many singles being released these days, I have this desire to release full albums with many songs.

Q: The more albums you release, the more sensitivity you have. What is the secret behind your ability to control your feelings when you sing?

A: I try my best to have a perfect understanding of the lyrics and melody of each song that I record, that’s the most important thing. Actually because I’ve been single for so long, that’s why naturally I would come across as lonely (laughs).

Q: If you were to release a remake album, whose songs would you want to try?

A: I’d like to try it once as a solo singer. Although I’ve been thinkin about it, but I really don’t know who to choose if I had to pick.

Q: There was a fan who commented that you seem suited to sing Park Jung Hyun’s songs.

A: Songs from female singers would be interesting. Lee Seung Gi once released a remake album featuring songs from female singers. In fact, I had this idea before Seung Gi released his album. Really. (laughs) At that time remake albums were really popular, and I thought to myself, “I’m a ballad singer and my voice is more on the emotive side, how about singing songs by female singers?”. But at that time Seung Gi happened to released his album, and I thought “Ah, that got snatched away” (laughs). So I reconsidered and thought about using gentler vocals to sing songs by male singers with rougher vocals such as Im Jae Beom. Even if it’s a remake, I want to make it more interesting.

Q: Are there any songs lately that you like to sing?

A: I’ve been listening to my songs most of the time. If not, then I’d be listening to the autographed CDs that the juniors give to me at the TV stations after recording.

Q: The image of Shin Hyesung that we see on TV is that of the “Little Prince”, which is somewhat unrealistic. What kind of guy is Shin Hyesung in his daily life? Usually a regular 30-year0ld guy would be making a portfolio of investments, or changing the fluorescent lightbulb at home. Have you done ordinary things like this before?

A: Honestly, I’m no ”Little Prince”. I’m not young anymore. I’ve made investments and bought shares before, but I’ve stopped because I don’t think it’s right for me. Although that kind of image makes me seem quiet and sensitive, but in reality it isn’t like that. There are many differences between me in reality and me on TV. There are times when I’m very laidback, and times when I’m reticent, and I’m really quite playful most of the time.

Q: Being in showbiz for 11 years, you’ve been living as a celebrity for so long. Have you ever envied others for being able to lead ordinary lives?

A: No. I felt the opposite during the shoot today. Until now, because I know all the staff, it feels a little burdened when they take care of me. I don’t think there is anything special about being an entertainer, so usually I like to go out as simply as possible. But today for me alone, so many clothes were brought here and makeup was done separately, this feeling is really nice. At this time I’m thinking, “Anything can be done just for me. I’m really a celebrity too”.

Q: Didn’t Andy appear on “We Got Married”? If Shin Hyesung were to take part in the show too, who would you like to be paired up with?

A: Anyone will do (laughs). But since that is a reality programme, so no matter what, it will be fun only if it’s a partner I like. As for the name…

Q: Hmm, SNSD?

A: They’re too young. She must be a little older, very feminine and domestic. Think about it. (Why am I thinking of a certain Ms Park from a certain SBS reality show…? ^^;)

Q: Who~? Your ideal type has a very feminine style?

A: Someone who’s really demure and feminine.

Q: Are there any professional gamer friends you’re on good terms with?

A: I’m on very good terms with Hong Jin Ho, Jin Ho has also gone to the army. I’ve played 5 games with Jin Ho before, and I won 3 games. I really hit the jackpot! Since I beat a pro gamer. I’m on good terms with the pro gamers from MBC’s Game Hero too, Seo Kyung Jong, Min Chan Gi, Bosungie… Many of them. I keep in touch with Kyung Jong more frequently.

Q: Your network of friends mostly seem to be from this circle.

A: Actually they’re all my dongsaengs (younger brother/junior), so it’s not like we have a deep friendship. We got to know each other better because I like to play games. Recently I haven’t been playing much.

Q: When do you feel most bored and lonely?

A: When I’m not working I get bored. I’ll meet the guys too. I’m working hard to expand my social network, but that’s not an easy thing, because the people I meet everyday and the places I go to everyday are all pre-arranged, so I get bored.

Q: Kim Dongwan once said in an interview, “When people meet, they’d be smiling until their faces are about to get spasms. When I see a face like that I really like giving a punch. Towards people that I dislike, I would approach them in a friendly way and then slowly bring them over to my side.” He said that as he got older, he really hated the idea of becoming a person who gets swayed by things and people around him. Especially having to give up your own beliefs in order not to make enemies. How is it like for Shin Hyesung?

A: I hope to do that. I don’t take to unfamiliar people well, and itt was very bad when I first started out. I didn’t want to go anywhere with strangers and only wanted to be with people I know. Even for a meal, I would go to 3 or 4 shops to see which is the one with the least people. I don’t know why I was like that back then. I was just like that for no reason. Now I’m trying hard to expand my social network, and compared to before, things are much better. So unlike Dongwan, I’ll continue doing what I’m doing. Before I only spent time with the same few people and basically didn’t care about anyone else, but I should be doing what Dongwan says, “Now I won’t look bad when others look at me.”

Q: You seem like the type who don’t send text messages to other people.

A: It’s not that I don’t, it’s more like I don’t receive messages often (laughs), so I think it’s embarrassing if I send a message first. I’d be worried if the other party thinks that I’m being too overenthusiatic. The juniors or friends would send messages like, “Ah hyung, what are you doing now”, “Ya, what’s up? How’s it going?”, but I can’t do it.

Q: Is there anything you want to change in terms of your appearance or personality?

A: I would like to have a more angular chin, and more defined cheekbones, a more masculine image? I want to look handsome. In terms of personality, even if it’s not very much more, I’d like to be more sociable. Although sometimes I feel that I can do it, but when it comes to the time to do it, I can’t.

Q: Have you ever regretted becoming a singer?

A: Not even once.

Q: In your 11 years of activities, what were the happiest and most agonizing moments for you?

A: Ah, that’s a tough question. The happiest moment is when Shinhwa received the Daesang? I really felt very grateful. The most agonizing moment, actually there were many tough times. Just thinking about Shinhwa, it’s the worst when the members get injured. Jinnie injured his head once and nearly died, and Minwoo fell during a performance, those were really terrible times.

Q: As a solo singer, do you think you have any rivals? And what is your long-term goal?

A: There’s still too long a road ahead of me to talk about rivals. There are people that I aspire towards. I often mention the sonbaes like Lee Seung Chul, Shin Seung Hun and Lee Seung Hwan, I hope to continue singing for a long time like them, continue holding concerts and receiving love and support from everyone. It’s my long-term goal to be like them.

A shy young man who didn’t want to go to anywhere with strangers, who works hard to improve his interpersonal skills because he senses its importance, and who always makes a conscious effort to show a brand new side of himself, and his fierce desire to let us hear high quality music with a unique touch. This is the attitude of always doing your best, coming from a top idol group member who’s been around for 11 years.

He is in the midst of changing, and compared to the present, he’s a singer whose future people have even higher expectations of. In showbiz with its many ups and downs, sticking to only one path and also showing visible musical growth only means that he has much more to offer. And more than anything else, the fans who have grown with him through his 20s and into his 30s, as long as they’re there, can he not be happy?

*Please check out the April issue of Singles for more!

Source: Singles
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina + 悟空空,宝宝爱王子@S.C.I.C
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com


online mall Muggle

Minwoo’s WOLF MThis section is already packed with his latest cap collections and t-shirts… check it out HERE


There isn’t anything on his section yet, but you can check it out HERE anyway

Credits to Muggle + midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.19] Stars’ brands in one integrated online mall


Fashion brands set up by stars like Junjin, Lee Minwoo and Chae Yeon will now come under one roof in one integrated online mall.

The newly launched online mall, Muggle (www.muggle.co.kr), will gather brands from various stars in one site. Just like the Muggles who aren’t part of the magical community in the “Harry Potter” series, the mall aims to cater to the “regular folks”. The concept behind the mall is that although there is no real magic in this, but they will deliver a “magical fashion style” with their products.

Unlike previous celebrities such as Lee Hye Young, Hwang Shin Hye, and Kim Joon Hee who have been working on their respective fashion brands respectively, this has given rise to the “stars’ brands integrated clothing shopping mall” format. With brand-building and operations being managed from one single source, the combined synergies can bring about greater competitiveness and efficiency.

To manage this integrated concept, it’s not a simple case of just consolidating the products for sale. The stars themselves will have to participate in meetings and take active participation in the promotion of their own brands. The mall will feature brands from Shinhwa members Junjin and Lee Minwoo, Bigenchilada and Wolf M, and also Chae Yeon’s Bequem.

In addition, one of the selling points of the mall will be the advice from professional stylists’, which targets females who have trouble choosing clothes that are in line with the current trends, and also men who lack the fashion sense when choosing clothes and accessories for their girlfriends. These stylists, who have worked with popular stars like Jeon Ji Hyun, G.O.D, Shinhwa and FT Island will analyse and make professional recommendations based on current trends.

Source: Mydaily
Chi trans: junjin0819
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.19] Rain, Lee Eunmi, Andy: 2nd generation of singers-turned-producers

After Lee Soo Man, Yang Hyun Suk and Park Jin Young, a new generation of singers-turned producers has emerged - Andy, Lee Eunmi, Rain.

Lee Soo Man, Park Jin Young and Yang Hyun Suk has groomed many of Korea’s top stars. Lee Soo Man’s SM Entertainment has produced countless stars from H.O.T to DBSK and Boa; Park Jin Young’s JYP Entertainment has groomed Rain and the Wonder Girls; and Yang Hyun Suk’s YG Entertainment has produced Se7en and Big Bang among others.

After them, the new generation of producers, with their own unique styles, are now grooming newcomers too.

Shinhwa member Andy has recently introduced the male duo Jumper, whom he has produced for. The duo made their debut with a likeable pop song that showcases their vocal abilities, and has attracted much attention since production began.

(non-related info omitted)

A challenging road lies ahead of them, and it is with much anticipation as we see if they are able to outshine the current producers who are now leading the Kpop scene, and gain further success.

Source: Osen
Chi trans: 草木番茄@andy4ever
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.19] ND notice: Andy’s fanmeeting in Chengdu, China

Hi everyone. This is ND Entertainment.

Here are the details of Andy’s upcoming fanmeeting on 25 April 2009 in Chengdu, Sichuan.

1. Title: [FIRST LOVE - Meeting You] ~ First Love in China
2. Managed by: Chengdu Jindi Advertising Co., Ltd
Organized by: MG SHOW
3. Date: 25 April 2009
4. Venue: Chengdu Golden Opera House

For enquiries:
Artist management: jd98124@163.com
MG SHOW person-in-charge: dailu520@hotmail.com
Ticketing enquiry hotline: 86-028-85051409/66183738
Official website: www.cdjdcm.cn

Source: ND Enter
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.19] Shin Hyesung to feature at KFDA Seoul Collection fashion show

The 09/10 F/W Seoul Collection fashion show will be held from 26 March to 2 April at the Seoul Trade Exhibition Center (SETEC). This event is jointly organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, and supported by the Korea Fashion Designers Association (KFDA), the Korea Fashion Association and the Seoul Business Agency.

Fashion designer Ko Tae Yong, whose designs have been showcased in the drama “Boys Before Flowers” will hold his fashion show on 26th March at 3pm, with the theme of “Homesickness”. The show will be featuring guest models actress Kwak Jimin, actor/singer Kim Joon, actor Lee Jung Jae and singer Shin Hyesung.

(non-related info omitted)

Source: Newsis
Chi trans: 狐狸素包子@S.C.I.C
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.18] Dongwan’s blog (memo): Oh~

messages from your email or blogs? can we leave a message on your blog or are you talking about the yoenin message left on her blog?????

All the messages got deleted.. ㅜㅜ
There was something important…

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog
Trans: absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.18] Hallyu singers take part in “2009


The “2009 Sparkling Concert in Seoul”, jointly organized by AnnexTelecom; Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Korea National Tourism Organization; Korea Tourism Association; and Gmarket, will be held on 11th and 12th April 2009, at the Olympic Gymnasium.

The Sparkling Concert is being organized by the Korean government for the first time in 2009. Popular Hallyu acts such as Big Bang, DBSK, FT Island, SG Wannabe, Shin Hyesung, Shinee, Lee Minwoo and Lee Jihoon will be featuring in the concert.

This is held in conjunction with this year’s Korea Grand Sale, part of the government’s efforts to increase foreign tourism to Korea, aimed at overcoming the economic crisis and also to expand Korean culture to the rest of Asia.

There are 4,000 seating tickets and 4,000 standing tickets for the concert.

Source: Newsen
Chi trans: 宝宝爱王子@S.C.I.C
Eng trans: absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.18] Shin Hyesung: I felt ‘robbed’ when I saw Lee Seunggi’s remake album

Shin Hyesung attracted some attention when he commented, “I’ve thought of producing a remake album like what Lee Seunggi has done.”

In the April issue of fashion magazine Singles, Shin Hyesung shed some light on this question which he has never really talked about before. Having made his debut with Shinhwa in 1998, Shin Hyesung takes care of the high notes in Shinhwa’s songs, and has been recognised as a credible singer with strong vocals since his debut.

With regards to the remark, “You seem suitable to sing female singers’ songs too”, he confessed, “Lee Seunggi has previously released a remake album featuring songs of female singers, and frankly speaking, I did think about doing something like this before he released his album. At that time, remake albums were really popular, and I was thinking about how it would be if I sang songs from female singers, since I’m a ballad vocalist and my vocals tend to lean towards the sensual side.” Then he joked, “But when Seunggi released his album, I had a feeling of being robbed.”

When asked for the reason behind his superb delivery of ballads, he said, “Actually it has been a long time since I experienced separation, and naturally I feel lonely. When I have nothing to do, or when the people I have to see and places I have to go everyday are all arranged for me, I feel very lonely.”

“Lately I find my voice getting weaker, and I’m trying to quit drinking and cut down on smoking. I haven’t really thought about that before, but these days I’m finding it harder to sing during rehearsals.”

On Shinhwa, he had this to say, “To me Shinhwa is like my home, it feels like it’s my hometown. Although we’re all busy with our solo activities now, and some are serving their military service, but when we do get together, it feels even more like being back home.”

He added somewhat regretfully, “Although Shinhwa as a group has released many albums and has been active for a long time, but what people can remember most is our pop dance choreography or things such as the Wild Eyes chair dance. On the other hand, we haven’t had a hit song that is infectious and influential throughout the country.”

Shin Hyesung also proudly talked about the time when he played against a professional gamer and won. “I’m on very good terms with pro gamer Hong Jin Ho, who’s now serving his military duty. I’ve won 3 out of 5 games with him. It’s quite amazing to win against a pro gamer!”

“I hope to be like the gayo seniors like Lee Seung Chul, Shin Seung Hun and Lee Seung Hwan, to continue singing, continue holding concerts, and being liked by everyone. That’s my goal.” More about Shin Hyesung’s views, his life, and his love will be featured in the April issue of Singles.

Source: Star Today
Chi trans: 宝宝爱王子@S.C.I.C
Eng trans: absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

[09.03.18] Shin Hyesung: Shinhwa will release the 10th album in 4-5 years’ time

Singer Shin Hyesung has expressed that Shinhwa will be releasing their 10th album in 4-5 years’ time in an interview with the April issue of fashion magazine Singles. “Although I can’t confirm that it will be another 4 years, but we will release the album when all the members have finished with their military service in 4-5 years’ time.”

“To me Shinhwa is like my home, it feels like it’s my hometown. Although we’re all busy with our solo activities now, and some are serving their military service, but when we do get together, it feels even more like being back home.”

He added somewhat regretfully, “Although Shinhwa as a group has released many albums and has been active for a long time, but what people can remember most is our pop dance choreography or things such as the Wild Eyes chair dance. On the other hand, we haven’t had a hit song that is infectious and influential throughout the country.”

Born in 1979, Shin Hyesung is 31 (Korean age) this year, and it has been 11 years since Shinhwa made their debut in 1998. Now he is one of the few highly popular singers with idol beginnings. He has been taking care of the high notes in Shinhwa’s songs, and has earned himself a reputation of being a credible singer with strong vocals since his debut.

He also formed the project group S in 2003 with Kangta and Lee Ji Hoon, and went on to release his first solo album in 2005. He has just released Side 2 of his 3rd album on Feb 16 this year, and it’s a milestone album that marks the musical growth of Shin Hyesung in these 10 years.

On the other hand, according to the album sales charts, Shin Hyesung’s “Side 2: Keep Leaves” has taken the #1 spot with 26,149 copies for the month of February. The ballad “Why Did You Call”, featuring Shin Hyesung’s melancholic vocals has also earned good reviews.

Source: Newsen
Chi trans: 宝宝爱王子@S.C.I.C
Eng trans: absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.17] Dongwan’s blog: 2009 (main page updated)

transcript from Su:

Lee Jaejin is a former Sechskies member, and for those not familiar with this
group, they were basically the biggest rival to H.O.T in the late 1990s (1N2D’s
Eun Jiwon used to be the leader of the group).. So essentially Lee Jaejin took a
short sickness leave from the army, but didn’t report back (more details

Lee Jaejin.
You must come back…

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog
Trans: midnightgirl13 @ absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

[09.03.15][News] Baek Ji Young's Husband Type : Shinhwa's Shin Hye Sung

Singer Baek Ji Young appeared on MBC 2's 'Golden Fishery' (11/03/2009) and revealed some pre-debut confessions.

As a young girl in junior high and elementary school, she was introverted and did not study to the point she ranked last in her class. Growing up, Baek Ji Young also learned the clarinet. She was really good and was even accepted into university for it but did not attend at the time. She quit the clarinet because she didn't want to burden her parents with the expensive lesson fees.

While studying music in college, she decided to be a singer from the encouragement of her boyfriend. After being introduced to a composer, she passed an audition and began her solo activities. At the time, she was also in a little known group called Trout Boys but only participated for two to three months.

When asked about her husband type, she answered: Shinhwa's Shin Hye Sung, H.O.T's Kang Ta, and ballad singer Sung Shi Kyung.

She also broke out in tears when she talked about the pain she suffered after her sex video scandal, but she was able to overcome all that backlash with the support from her family. Many people who tuned in to see this revelation saw her in a new light. Hopefully, those embarrassing days will be able to be forgotten.

Source: allkpop + Hyesung Addicts@shinhwabiz.net

[09.03.17] Kim Bum replaces Eric as It’s Skin CF model

Kim Bum of the hit drama series “Boys Before Flowers” will be making his debut as a cosmetics model, with Hanbul Cosmetics.


After Eric (Mun Jung Hyuk) who enlisted for military service last year, Hanbul Cosmetics announced on 16th March that they have signed on Kim Bum exclusively as their next CF model for their cosmetics brand It’s Skin.

1989-born Kim Bum has featured in several drama projects such as MBC’s “Unstoppable High Kick” and “East of Eden”, and is now playing So Yi Jung of F4 in KBS2’s “Boys Before Flowers”. His popularity has been rising fast due to his acting abilities and affable image.

Nicknamed “Dandy Guy”, Kim Bum has shown much potential in “Unstoppable High Kick”, and also received recognition for his acting skills in “East of Eden” and “Boys Before Flowers”. His increasing commercial value can be seen from his multiple drama and film projects coming up as well as CF endorsements.

As for why Kim Bum was selected, a spokesperson for Hanbul Cosmetics said, “The key to cosmetics marketing is communicating with the female market, even overseas, and using the CF model to do so is our most straightforward marketing strategy. Recently Kim Bum has been very active in the entertainment scene, and the value of that is consistent with the value of cosmetics marketing, thus we’ve decided to sign an exclusive contract with him.”

“Kim Bum not only has fans in Korea, but fans in Japan and China as well, and we believe his popularity will help to achieve marketing synergy in the overseas markets too.”

Hanbul Cosmetics is planning to premiere the ads that Kim Bum has done for It’s Skin in the middle of next month, and there are also plans to hold promotions such as fan signing sessions, to interact with the core market of female customers.

Source: Daily Cosmetics
Chi trans: 悟空空@love-ric
Eng trans: midnightgirl13 @ absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

Monday, March 16, 2009

[09.03.14][Info] Hallyu Tour to Korea - 2009 7th Stage Family Concert

Dear Hallyu Fans

Here is a once in a lifetime chance to watch Rain, Big Bang, Super Junior and Shin Hye Sung perform altogether!

The 4D/3N includes a A-Grade seat ticket to the “2009 7th Family Concert” plus your chance to SHOP TILL YOU DROP IN SEOUL in view of the favourable Korean Won exchange rates now. Tour package price starts from S$970.00. Please refer to attached for detailed information.

Details of concert:
Date & Times : Saturday, 18 April 2009 (7pm - 9pm)
Venue : Seoul Olympic Park, Gymnastics Complex (around 10,000 capacity)

There are 3 departures - 15, 16, 17 April 2009. Seats are limited! Book now to avoid disappointment!!

For enquiries and bookings, contact

1 Goldhill Plaza(Podium) #01-39/43
Singapore 308899 Tel : +65 6222 4501

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday : 9.00am - 6.00pm
Sunday / Public Holiday : closed

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

KTO Singapore

15 APR 09 Assemble at Changi International Airport two hours before flight departure for check
in formality. Then off to Seoul, South Korea.

16 APR 09 On arrival at Incheon International Airport meet and greet by Hanatour guide and
transfer to Nami Island. Thanks mainly to Hallyu, the explosive popularity of Korean
pop culture, but in particular the legendary success of the hit television drama “Winter
Sonata,” Korea’s Namisum (Nami Island) has made a prominent mark on the map of
popular tourist destinations here.

Thereafter, continue journey to Mt. Sorak, The park is spread across 4 cities and
counties: Sokcho, Inje, Goseong and Yangyang. The highest peak is Daecheongbong; to the east is OeSeorak and to the west is NaeSeorak, which is divided again into North NaeSeorak and South NaeSeorak. North NaeSeorak is composed of Bukcheon, which flows to Ingyecheon and Baekdamcheon.
After checking in at the Seorak Hanhwa Condominium, we gathered some shower
items and swimsuit and went straight to Seorak Waterpia, which is an annexed facility
of the Hanhwa Condominium. Seorak Waterpia has various hot spring baths with
numerous other amenities to enjoy, so it is a great place to have fun and give a weary
body a healthy treat.

Overnight at Hanwha Resort or similar

17 APR 09 After breakfast, we explored the Gwongeumseong Fortress course, which is
accessible by cable car. The ride on the cable car takes about 6 minutes. Then, we
walked for about 20 minutes and reached the summit of Gwongeumseong Fortress.
This is a rocky peak from which we enjoyed a great birds’ eye view of Mt. Seoraksan.
Then continue to Everland Theme Park (One day ticket included)

Located in Yongin, Everland is a large theme park boasting a zoo, snow sled, and
botanical garden. The park also contains three distinct themes which are Festival
World, Caribbean Bay, and Speedway. Festival World includes Global Fair, American
Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure, and Equatorial Adventure, each
created with its own unique style. Caribbean Bay is the very first water park in Korea.
Its main feature is the wave pool, and many people come here during the summer
just to ride the waves. Speedway is also the very first of its kind in Korea. Car racers
can practice train here while learning about automobile culture.

Return to Seoul, check in hotel rest and relax
Hotel: SIHEUNG TOURIST HOTEL or Similar (3 Stars)
SUWON LA VIE DOR or Similar (4 Stars)

Day 04 SEOUL (B/L/D)
18 APR 09 After breakfast, proceed on city sightseeing tour of Seoul visit to Cheong Wa Dae
(Blue House), Folk Museum, Gyeongbok Palace, Namsan Hanok Village and

18.00 hrs, transfer to Olympic Gymnastics Arena for the Korean Superstars Concert.

Include A-Grade Seat for the concert.
Hotel: HANGANG HOTEL or Similar (3 Stars)
ELL LUI HOTEL or Similar (4 Stars)

19 APR 09 After breakfast, check out and transfer to Lotte Duty Free Shop, Amethyst Factory,
Myundong and Local Supermarket.Then proceed to Incheon Airport for your flight departure back to Singapore.

Package Price:
S$970.00 Twin/Triple Share (3 Stars)
S$ 80.00 Single supplement
S$1030.00 Twin/Triple Share (4 Stars)
S$ 120.00 Single Supplement

DEPARTURE DATES: 15, 16, & 17 April 2009

1) Return economy GV10 L’ class fare on Korean Air and excludes airlines taxes.
2) 3 Hotel accommodations
3) Daily Breakfast
4) Other meals as specified in the itinerary
5) Sightseeing tours as specified in the itinerary
6) Entrance fees where applicable on all excursion as specified.
7) A – Grade Seat Ticket for the concert.
Transportation for all journeys as specified in the itinerary.
9) English and Mandarin Speaking Guide

For booking, please contact:

Brian Park or Jane Seto
1 Gold Hill Plaza (Podium) #01-39/43 Singapore 308899
Tel: 65-62224501 Fax: 65-62224507

Credit: KTO Singapore & Big Bang Singapore Fan club + ntlove@shinhwabiz/forums

[09.03.16] Dongwan’s photolog: Waning Moon

蒼く 優しく (Romaji: Aoku Yasashiku / English: Blue and Gentle)

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog
Trans: midnightgirl13 @ absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

JAPANESE: 蒼く 優しく
あの日の夢を 今もずっと 追いかけ 続けていたら
今ごろ 僕は どこにいて 何をして いたんだろう?

ため息で錆びついたこの鍵で 今もまだ 開くのかな?
信じたまま 脱ぎ捨てた 夢と一緒に
僕を待ってる あの日のロッカー

今よりずっと蒼く 優しく見えた空
何を忘れたんだろう? 何を覚えたんだろう?
何を 見つけたんだろう?
答えのない問いに 白く滲んだ空
踏み出せなかった あの道は 今ここに 続いていた

何度負けても 間違っても 夢は 終わりじゃない
何度勝っても たった一度の 諦めに 崩れてゆく

見上げるほど長い上り坂 今僕の 目の前に
引き返して しまえばまた 後悔だけが 僕を待ってる 下り坂

心の叫びなど 誰にも聴こえない
だから笑うんだよ 涙が出るんだよ だから 輝くんだよ
自分らしさを探して 誰かのまねもしてみた
何かが違うんだよ 誰にも聞けないんだよ
それでも 探していたいんだ

今よりずっと蒼く 優しく見えた空
何を忘れたんだろう? 何を覚えたんだろう?
何を 見つけたんだろう?
あの日よりずっと蒼く 強く信じた空
踏み出せなかった あの道は 今どこに

あの日の僕が ずっと待ってた 心の 行き止まりで
少しだけ話を きいてくれるかい?
少しだけ 休んでも 良いかい?

ROMAJI: Aoku Yasashiku
Ano hi no yume wo ima mo zutto oikaketsudzukete itara
Ima goro boku wa doko ni ite nani wo shite ita n darou?

Tameiki de sabitsuita kono kagi de ima mo mada aku no ka na?
Shinjita mama nugisuteta yume to issho ni
Boku wo matteru ano hi no locker

Ima yori zutto aoku yasashiku mieta sora
Nani wo wasureta n darou? Nani wo oboeta n darou?
Nani wo mitsuketa n darou?
Kotae no nai toi ni shiroku nijinda sora
Fumidasenakatta ano michi wa ima koko ni tsudzuite ita

Nando makete mo machigatte mo yume wa owari ja nai
Nando katte mo tatta ichido no akirame ni kuzurete yuku

Miageru hodo nagai noborizaka Ima boku no me no mae ni
Hikikaeshite shimaeba mata koukai dake ga boku wo matteru kudarizaka

Kokoro no sakebi nado dare ni mo kikoenai
Dakara warau n da yo Namida ga deru n da yo Dakara kagayaku n da yo
Jibun rashisa wo sagashite dareka no mane mo shite mita
Nanika ga chigau n da yo Dare ni mo kikenai n da yo
Sore demo sagashite itai n da

Ima yori zutto aoku yasashiku mieta sora
Nani wo wasureta n darou? Nani wo oboeta n darou?
Nani wo mitsuketa n darou?
Ano hi yori zutto aoku tsuyoku shinjita sora
Fumidasenakatta ano michi wa ima doko ni

Ano hi no boku ga zutto matteta kokoro no ikidomari de
Sukoshi dake hanashi wo kiite kureru kai?
Sukoshi dake yasunde mo ii kai?

ENGLISH: Blue and Gentle
If I had kept chasing that dream from back then
Where would I be today? What would I be doing?

Will this key rusted from all those sighs still work?
Will it still open that old locker waiting for me
together with the dreams I believed in but abandoned?

A sky so much bluer and gentler back then than now
What have I forgotten? What have I remembered?
What have I discovered?
A sky turned pale in the face of questions without answers
That path I couldn’t summon the courage to tread leads to here and now

No matter how many times I lose or make mistakes, my dream isn’t over
No matter how many times I win, it all falls apart when you give up just once

Right before my very eyes is an uphill path so steep you have to look up
But if I go back now, it’s a downhill road full of only regret

Nobody can hear a heart’s cries
But that’s why you smile, that’s why you cry, and that’s why you shine
I’ve tried looking for my own way, tried imitating others
But something doesn’t feel right… You can’t ask anyone
And yet I still want to keep looking

A sky so much bluer and gentler back then than now
What have I forgotten? What have I remembered?
What have I discovered?
A sky so much bluer then, a sky I had so much faith in
That path I couldn’t summon the courage to tread, where does it lead to now?

At a dead end inside my heart that I’ve been waiting for since way back when
Can you listen to what I have to say for a little?
Can I rest for just a little?

Lyrics from DramaWiki

[09.03.16] Did WGM couple Junjin-Lee Shi Young really kiss?

The quarrelsome couple of MBC variety show ‘We Got Married’ - Junjin and Lee Shi Young - became closer than ever because of a game.

On the 15th March episode of WGM, Jung Hyung Don suggested the ‘carrot game’ as a test of the couples’ affection for each other, where the couples had to bite the carrot stick continuously and the couple with the shortest carrot stick would win the game.

Compared to the more passive approach taken by Shin Sung Rok/Kim Shin Young, Jung Hyung Don/Tae Yeon, Kang In/Lee Yoon Ji, the Junjin/Lee Shi Young couple surprised the others when ‘wife’ Lee Shi Young boldly took big bites towards ‘husband’ Junjin. The other couples even teased them with the ‘carrot song’.

After the game ended, Jung Hyung Don started to tease the couple and asked Junjin if their lips touched, to which Junjin said “No”. Shin Sung Rok then added, “Although Kang In and Lee Yoon Ji won the game, the most searched keywords would be ‘Junjin’s kiss’.”

When Kim Shin Young asked Lee Shi Young if their lips touched, Lee Shi Young admitted, “Our lips touched.”

Source: Hankyung
Chi trans: 淼儿@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13 @ absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.03.15] Consolidated news: Hyesung in Taiwan


Shin Hyesung happily greets the fans at his fanmeeting at the Taipei International Convention Center

The main vocalist of top Korean group Shinhwa, Shin Hyesung, held his first Taiwan fanmeeting, “2009 Shin Hyesung Live Music Show” at the Taipei International Convention Center, and spent White Day with more than 3,000 fans. He told the fans in Mandarin, “You’re all really pretty!”, and also turned into a patissier to decorate 6 little cakes for 6 lucky fans, driving the rest of the fans into a jealous frenzy.

All 3,146 tickets were sold out within 38 minutes when tickets went on sale in January, and even though he sang only 5 songs at the event, the fans who bought the NT$3,200 tickets exclaimed, “It’s more than worth the ticket price to see him in person!”


Shin Hyesung decorating the little cakes, saying that his skills aren’t up to standard.

Later in the event, he put on his apron and turned into a patissier, and personally decorated little cakes for some lucky fans. During his performance of ‘Why Did You Call’, the fans even formed the Korean characters for ‘I Love You’ with placards, and he was so touched by the gesture that he went silent for a moment. He ended his first solo performance in Taiwan with ‘Same Thought’.


More than 3,000 fans packed the event venue.


Shin Hyesung bowls fans over with his sweet words on White Day

Having just been voted the #1 male star that Korean netizens want to receive White Day candies from, Shinhwa member Shin Hyesung spent White Day with more than 3,000 fans at the Taipei International Convention Center. Besides performing his moving ballads, he even praised the Taiwanese fans, “You’re all really pretty!”

Shin Hyesung is the first of the Shinhwa members to hold a solo fanmeeting in Taiwan and a screamfest followed as he made his appearance in a white suit. The MC for the event, DJ Ken, quizzed him on some personal questions and to test the fans’ knowledge of Shin Hyesung. Shin Hyesung, who admits to not being able to dance well, was egged on to perform a cute dance, and eventually ended with a sexy wave, much to the delight of the fans. After that he even confessed, “When I look at myself in the mirror after a shower, I don’t really like my body, it’s too ‘adorable’, I need to bulk up a little more.”

Some lucky fans were selected to go on stage to take photos together with him, with some even getting to hug him, and he also selected 6 fans to receive little cakes that he personally decorated. Nearing the end of the event, he said that he hoped to be able to include Taiwan in this year’s Asia tour. Fellow Shinhwa member Andy will also be making a trip to Taipei on 29 March for a fanmeeting / mini-concert.


Source: Apple Daily / UDN
Trans: midnightgirl @ absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com