Friday, February 29, 2008

[08.02.28][News] Pink Andy, dancing in his cute steps

Singer Andy on 28th evening 7pm in Seoul 88 Stadium Mnet Live broadcast 'M! Countdown' passionly sang his hit 'Love Song'.

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Dongwan singing Lately in Japan 2007 Fanmeet

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

[08.02.27][news] Lyn, Shin Hyesung become messengers of love

Good EMG artistes Shin Hyesung and Lyn will release their project album, "He Said, She Said" on 28th February.

This collaboration album comes one year after their duet "Love..After", and one day before the album release, on 27th Feb, websites such as Melon, Dosirak, have all released previews of the songs. At the same time, the album has also been climbing the presales chart of Korea's largest music site Hottracks, clearly demonstrating the love and support from the fans.

In addition, at the same time of the album release, a competition titled "Producing My Own Unique Album", will also take place on the Daum portal. This unique competition allows participants to make a video, using songs that best express their feelings coupled with a story, and upload the videos to Daum. Shin Hyesung and Lyn will then personally select a male winner and a female winner, and they will be able to produce their own unique albums with Shin Hyesung and Lyn.

Moreover, Shin Hyesung and Lyn - as the messengers of love - will lend their assistance in the entire process, from training to the actual recording and production of the album. They will also record a narration and ending track for the album to make this a memorable album for the winners.

Good EMG have already released the jacket-making video on the official "He Said, She Said" site on 26 Feb, after which the MV for the title track "It's You" will also be released on the 27th. The competition will last for 4 weeks, from 28 Feb to 28 Mar.

Source: oceans
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[08.02.23][News]Shinhwa's 10th Anniversary Concerts, Sold Out

Shinhwa's 10th Anniversary Concerts, Sold Out

Popular Group Shinhwa will come to their 10 year anniversary on March 24th. To commemorate this event, on the 29th and 30th of the same month at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, they will hold a commemoration concert, "Shinhwa 10th Anniversary Live in Seoul." Immediately after the tickets were on sale, the 22000 seats immediately sold out, and due to the rush to access the site for advanced booking, the server was down many times.

According to authorized persons, although they tried to sell the tickets on the 18th from 8am on the internet shopping site Intrapark, because of the many fans trying to access the site at once, the server was down several times, but at the end of the day, it was said to be sold out.

Currently, Shinhwa is very busy preparing for their 9th album to be sold in March, and the 10th Anniversary concert.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

KDW,LMW,JJ to perform at the Hallyu Festival in Jejudo

Park Yong-ha along with members of Shinhwa and SG Wannabe are participating in a Hallyu event in Jeju-do (island).

The '2008 Hallyu Again in Jeju' is sponsored by BNV and Jeju Peace Tours, and supported by the Jeju Self-Governing Province. It will open on March 13th at the Jeju Halla Art Hall.

Park Yong-ha is scheduled in the first part of the festivities for a charity round of golf, hand-printing, and commemorative photos. For his fans on Jeju-do, he will also participate in a gift-giving event on 'White Day' (March 14th).

Performances by Lee Min-woo, Kim Dong-wan, and Jun Jin from Shinhwa, as well as SG Wannabe, will take place during the second half of the event.

The sponsors added that "Park Yong-ha will donate everything from the golf game, along with his own personal items, to an auction where the proceeds will be donated to a charitable organization".

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[08.02.26][Good notice] SHCJ 9th enrolment: For foreign fans residing in Korea

Hi everyone,
I'm the person-in-charge for the Shinhwa Changjo fanclub

This is a notice for all foreign fans who are interested to participate in SHCJ's 9th enrolment.

For foreign fans currently residing in Korea, please take note of the following items and send out an email accordingly.

[Enrolment period] 25th Feb to 6pm, 3rd March
[Title] Shinhwa Changjo 9th Enrolment for Foreign Fans
[E-mail address]
[E-mail contents]

2.Foreigner Certificate of Entry ID
3.Current address in Korea
4.E-mail address
5.Good entertaiment ID
6.Contact number
7. Additional contents: Foreigner Certificate of Entry

Once we verify your email address, we will contact you via email.
Please send all enquiries regarding foreign fan enrolment to the email address above.

*Only foreign fans currently residing in Korea can participate in enrolment, overseas fans are not included in this enrolment exercise. We seek your understanding in this matter.

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[08.02.26][news] Andy: My next goal is to develop myself as an actor

Singer/musical actor Andy's biggest goal for himself this year is to establish himself as an actor.

Andy said, "This year I'd like to act in a movie or drama. In the past I didn't add in my own characteristics into my roles, so even though I appeared in dramas, the performances were all very raw."

He also revealed, "Though I'm not really good at acting yet, but I'd like to play the role of a romantic guy or a like Sean Penn's role of an intellectually-disabled father in 'I Am Sam'."

In addition, with regards to his recent promotional activities, Andy said "Although I promised the fans that I'll definitely perform live on the first programme, three days before the recording I caught a cold. I was worried about whether I could really perform live then, but once I started the performance, my voice naturally came out. After the show, the staff members from the management agency all said that I'm really born for the stage, but I was really under a lot of pressure because of my cold. (laughs)"

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Monday, February 25, 2008

[08.02.21][Info] Hyesung & Lyn mini album

Release date:2008 Feb 27th

Is you
Composer: LeeHyeonJeong/JangSeungWoo
Lyrics: JangSeungWoo
Perform by: ShinHyeSung, Lyn

Composer: LeeHyeonJeong/JangSeungWoo
Lyrics: ShinHyeSung
Perform by: ShinHyeSung

Composer: JangSeungWoo
Lyrics: JangSeungWoo
Perform by: ShinHyeSung

Even if forgotten
Composer: LeeHyeonJeong
Lyrics: JangSeungWoo
Perform by: Lyn

I am a man
Composer: JangSeungWoo
Lyrics: Lyn
Perform by: Lyn

Source:Korea Music copyright association &oceans&투명gyo님
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[08.02.25][news] Kim Dongwan to release rock-ballad 2nd album in March

Singer/actor Kim Dongwan, who will be due for army enlistment soon, is scheduled to release his 2nd album in March.

Kim Dongwan had already planned to release his 2nd album in the first half of 2008 before he enlists into the army, and he has recently completed all recording work for the album and selected his title track. This album is scheduled for release in early March.

This album contains mostly rock ballads, after displaying his gentle vocals in Handkerchief, the title track from his first album released last June. Though Kim Dongwan is part of dance group Shinhwa, he has chosen to perform ballads in his solo project.

A spokesperson for Kim Dongwan said, "Kim Dongwan will be enlisting soon, and he is currently taking a break after completing his recording work. We hope everyone will look forward to Kim Dongwan's style of ballads.

When his fellow labelmate D Bace made his comeback stage recently, Kim Dongwan personally attended the performance to lend his support. When his own album is released, we can expect Kim Dongwan to put in even more effort.

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Diary] 25/2/08 Dongwan - subject 모니터링 (Monitoring)

subject 모니터링

모니터링은 심각하게... monitoring seriously
고민이다. it's mind-boggling
들을까? 부를까? should i listen to it? should i sing it?
하아~~ 노래를 10년 했는데.. 요즘은 노래가 넘 어렵다.
ah ha~ though i have been singing for 10 years ... nowadays singing is very hard

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

[08.02.23][news] Andy - I have no social network on variety programmes

Shinhwa member Andy and singer Tei both say that they have no social networks on variety programmes.

When he made an appearance on KBS' Cool FM's Music Island, hosted by Tei, Andy was talking about the artistes who participated on his album when he said, "Actually I don't know how to get in touch with artistes, I have absolutely no social network when I appear on variety programmes."

At this point Tei also said, "I'm worse off, I don't have many artiste friends that I know well." Andy went on to add, "I heard that Tei has some artiste friends who you always keep in touch with, but other than Shinhwa members, I really don't know anyone else to contact. If not for the Shinhwa members, I really would descend into loneliness." Everyone in the studio was tickled by Andy's comments.

On the same programme, when Andy heard listeners share their stories about their boyfriends looking too casual, he shared his own little story, "There was once when I was out with my girlfriend, and when she told me "You look like a poor man", and that really hit me hard. After that I began to put more effort into dressing up."

This programme will be aired at midnight on 23rd Feb.

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[08.02.22][News] JunJin being voted as "The Most Attractive Overseas Charitable Star"

[ Extract from the first part of Project Article : " Shinhwa's JunJin - The "Big" Star " ]
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Last year's July, Shinhwa's member JunJin specifically came to China to participate "Lightning Star Moves", a special program to celebrate the upcoming Olympics Games.

Thorough the program, JunJin has been highly reputated as a very smart, friendly, and generous Star !


In Sohu's end of year poll session of " Charitable Stars", JunJin has been at the forefront of the votes for " The Most Attractive Overseas Charitable Star " !

Many users said that they had been unable to forget the " Lightning Star Moves" programme in which JunJin was holding the hands of children with mental retardation, and the melodies of the song they sang together.

Credit: Sohu Entertainment - Jin Baidu Bar - LetSayEden @

[08.02.22][diary] Dongwan - Outdoor photography

Today I went to Cheonggyecheon, the place where the people of Seoul love to take pictures
I took photos~~ Haha~/
I went there wearing very thick clothes, but I only took one picture...-_-
I found a shop selling really delicious spicy squid, so I'm very happy!

But I just went on eating and I didn't take any pictures of the spicy squid! It's really good..Hehe

To digest the food, I went to the rockclimbing park at Eungbong Station...
But it was very foggy, and it's the first time I'm using the tele-lens..
I didn't manage to take a nice picture of my favourite Seongsu Grand Bridge..-_-;;

Anyway I took one more picture as a souvenir!

Suddenly I feel my stomach burning...ㅜㅜ

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Andy becomes Super Junior's savior, fills in MC jobs for Heechul and Kangin

Shinhwa member Andy, who is currently solo, becomes Super Junior's savior.

On the 24th, Andy will replace Super Junior's Kim Heechul, who will be performing in the group's first solo concert in the Fencing Stadium of the Seoul Olympic Park from the 22nd to 24th, as the MC for one day. Kangin who is the host DJ of MBC's radio program, "Kangin, Cho Jungrin Good Friends" will also be filled in by Andy during the three days of Super Junior's concert.

Andy has recently been busy promoting his single, "Love Song" and within busy solo activities he also agreed to fulfill requests by his juniors. Super Junior thanked Andy and expressed, "When no one could fill in for us, Senior Andy has agreed to help us, and we are really thankful." "Although Senior Andy isn't scheduled to perform in 'Popular Songs' this week he is still willing to MC for Heechul. Thanks to Andy we are able to fully prepare for the concert. We are touched by his warm heart."

Last month on the 31st Andy also filled in the MC jobs of Leeteuk, Shindong, and Eunhyuk at "M! Countdown" for one day.

Source: Mydaily
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[08.02.21][news] Shin Hyesung, Lyn work together again on project album after 1 year

Singer Shin Hyesung will be releasing his project album "The Story of That Man and That Woman" on 28th Feb

This project will be made up of 3 differently packaged albums - Shin Hyesung's "The Story of That Man", Lyn's "The Story of That Woman" and both of them on "The Story of That Man and That Woman"

The main track on "That Man, That Woman" is a song called "It's You", and this collaboration comes a year after Shin Hyesung and Lyn collaborated on "After...Love". It's a ballad with a soothing melody and sad, gentle lyrics, featuring both of their harmonious vocals. This album also features mostly songs by husband & wife songwriting team Jeon Sung Woo and Lee Hyun Jin.

Shin Hyesung and Lyn both expressed, "This project album fully demonstrates the different perspectives that a man and a woman have towards love, and we're glad to be able to share that with everyone. We hope that this will be a good album that people will listen to and remember."

"The Story of That Man and That Woman" will be released for preview on the 21st via its official website.

Source: Sports Chosun
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[08.02.21][news] Report: UGIZ spokesperson Eric's fansigning session

Loud cheers and screams from Korean, Chinese and Japanese fans were heard outside the U.G.I.Z store at New World Lotte just a few days ago on 12 Feb.

U.G.I.Z, a brand under The Hue Company, held a fansigning session for its spokesperson Eric on 12th Feb at 4pm outside the U.G.I.Z store at New World Lotte. Despite the temperatures dropping to below 15 degrees, throngs of fans from Korea and even China and Japan were all gathered there since morning.

Wearing U.G.I.Z's layered T-shirt and hooded jacket, Eric had his unique warm smile throughout the session. He even shook hands with each of the fans to thank them for their support and for waiting in the cold.

As Eric's birthday falls on 16th Feb, the fans celebrated his birthday in advance with a cake and presents, and even held a mini birthday party when the session ended, making this an even more meaningful gathering.

Eric, who has been signed on as U.G.I.Z's spokesperson for 2 years in a row, will be starting work on a drama soon, as well as starting preparations for Shinhwa's 10th anniversary concert in March, thus kicking off his activities for 2008.

U.G.I.Z will be holding more promotional events with Eric in the near future.

Source: DC+UGIZ
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[08.02.21][news] Andy: Eric asked me if I "released a solo album as a joke"

Singer Andy reveals Eric's first reaction towards his solo album.

Andy recently appeared on KBS2's Star Golden Bell, and he commented, "Though it's a little lonely to be standing on stage alone now, but when the 6 of us are onstage together, it doesn't really make a difference if I'm there or not. At least now I'm happy that I can have the whole stage to myself." During the recording he kept showing his excitement by hogging the camera, much to the laughter of the audience.

Andy then said, "The members were all quite worried about my solo album, but they all like it now." When the MC asked, "Do all the 6 Shinhwa members really like it?" Andy then answered, "Eric sent me a text message, asking me 'Did you release a solo album as a joke? Is this for a gag show?', I felt really hurt", sending the audience into fits of laughter again.

Further fueling the atmosphere, Andy added, "During Shinhwa's activities, compared to the other 4 members, me and Eric weren't that familiar with our dance steps, so if we made mistakes on stage, we'd pretend that either we're hurt at the waist or the arms."

Catch Andy's witty comments on the broadcast of Star Golden Bell on 23 Feb at 5.20pm.

Source: newsen
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Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.02.21][Info] Hyesung & Lyn mini album

Release date:2008 Feb 27th

Is you
Composer: LeeHyeonJeong/JangSeungWoo
Lyrics: JangSeungWoo
Perform by: ShinHyeSung, Lyn

Composer: LeeHyeonJeong/JangSeungWoo
Lyrics: ShinHyeSung
Perform by: ShinHyeSung

Composer: JangSeungWoo
Lyrics: JangSeungWoo
Perform by: ShinHyeSung

Even if forgotten
Composer: LeeHyeonJeong
Lyrics: JangSeungWoo
Perform by: Lyn

I am a man
Composer: JangSeungWoo
Lyrics: Lyn
Perform by: Lyn

Source:Korea Music copyright association &oceans&투명gyo님
Cn Trans:打糕@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

[Lyric] M ~ Sentimental Reason

Just One More Night

First Sight 이미 너란 걸 알 수 있었어
First Sight i-mi neoran geol al su isseosseo
너의 길었던 머리가 짧아졌을 뿐
Neo-ui girodeon meoriga chalba jyasseul ppun

언제나 내 맘 설레게 한 너의 미소가
Eonjena nae mam seollege han neo-ui misoga
화장으로 가려졌을 뿐
Hwajangeuro karya jyasseul ppun

So Long Time I haven't Seen 너의 왼손엔
So long time I haven't seen neo-ui waensonen
누군가의 여자가 된 것 같은 작은 반지가...
Nuguga-ui yeojaga dwaen keot katteun jakeun panjiga...
넌 참 잘 지냈나보다 웃음 짓지만
Neon cham chal jinaetnapoda useum jijiman
내 심장은 무너져 내릴듯해 I Wanna Know~~~
Nae shimjang-eun muneojya naeril teuthae I wanna know

When You Look In My Eyes, Can You Feel My Heart
When You Look In My Eyes, Can You Feel My Heart
아직 난 네 곁에 머물고 싶어
Ajik nan ne gyeot'e meomulgo ship'eo
하루만이라도 사랑했던 기억을 불러
Haruman irado saranghaetdeun kiogeul puro
너를 느끼고 싶어
Neoreul neukkigo ship'eo

The Place I've Been Waiting For 이 곳 생각나니
The place I've been waiting for, i kot saenggak nani
이젠 술을 권해도 넌 가벼운 Coffee 한잔만
Ijen sureul kwonhaedo neon kabyeo-un coffee hanjanman
추억... 우스운 것 같아 말은 했지만
Chu-eok... useu-un keot katta mareun haetjiman
이제라도 다시 되돌릴 수 있다면~~~
Ije rado tashi twaedollil su ittamyeon

너를 그리워 했던 만큼
Neoreul keuriwo haetdeon mankeum
네가 행복하면 좋겠어
Naega haengbokhamyeon johkesseo
마지막으로 뜨겁게 안아 본다
Majimageuro tteugeobke ana ponda
이 순간을 기억해줘
I sunganeul kiokhaejwo
추억은 살 수 있게~~~
Chu-eogeun sal su itke

Baby, Just One More Night,
Baby, Just One More Night,
Can You Feel My Love
Can You Feel My Love
내일이면 모두 사라질 꿈들
Naeirimyeon modu sarajil kkumdeul
하루만이라도 사랑했던 기억을 불러
Harumanirado saranghaetdamyeon kiogeul pullo
너를 느끼고 싶어
Neoreul neukkigo ship'eo
너의 곁에서
Neo-ui kyeot'eseo
Loving You
Loving You

Believe In Love

하얗게 눈이 내린 지난 겨울 어느 날 밤
Hanya-ke nuni naerin jinan gye-ul eoneu nal bam
눈처럼 눈이 부신 그대를 처음 보았죠
Nuncheoreom nuni pushin keudaereul cheo-eum boajyo

가로등 밑에 혼자서 새하얀 눈을 맞으며
Karodeung mit'e honjaseo saehayan nuneul majeumyeo
가만히 그댈 따라 걸었죠 아무도 모르게
Kamanhi keudael ttara keoreojyo amudo moreuke

달빛이 따라오며 그댈 비추고
Talbich'i ttara eomyeo keudael bich'ugo
밤하늘 별빛 우릴 감싸 주네요
Bamhaneul byeolbit uril kamssa juneyo
혹시나 알고 있나요 이런 내 맘을
Hokshina algo itnayo ireon nae mameul
그대만 바라보는...
Keudaeman paraboneun

조용히 눈을 감고 그대곁으로
Joyonghi nuneul kamgo keudaegyeot'euro
다가가 조심스레 용기내봤죠
Tagaga choshimseure yongginaebwajyo
살며시 떨리는 마음 건네보아요
Salmyeoshi tteollineun maeum keonneboayo
그대를 사랑해요
Keudaereul saranghaeyo

다시 또 눈이 내린 하얀 겨울 어느 날 밤
Tashi tto nuni naerin hayan gyeo-ul nal bam
영원을 약속하죠
Yeongwoneul yaksukhajyo
And, I Will Always Love You...
And, I Will Always Love You...

사랑이란 예쁜 두 글자
(Love Is A Beautiful Word)
Sarang-iran Yeppeun Du Keulja

Rap) 사랑을 느끼는 방법
Sarangeul neukkineun bangbeob
가까운 벗 보다 더 너와 있는 게 나은 걸 시간은 Tic Tac
Kakka-un beot boda deo neowa itneun ke na-eun geol shiganeun Tic Tac
또 하늘을 빗댄 표현 따위 부족해 Umm-
Ddo haneureun bitdaen pyohyeon ttawi bujokhae Umm-
Let Me Beat That
Let Me Beat That
세상은 계속 차가워져 힘든 모든 것들이
Sesangeun gyesok chagawojyeo himdeun modeun keotdeuri
다 날 거쳐간다 해도
Da nal geochyeokanda haedo
내 옆에 남아줘 날 알던 사람들도 이런 지 몰라
Nae yeop'e namajyo nal aldeon saramdeuldo ireon ji molla
두 글자 I'm a Call it Love
Du deulja I'm a Call it Love

So I Love You 내 사랑을 깨워 준 그대 I Do
So I Love You nae sarangeul kkaewo jun keudae I Do

사랑이란 예쁜 두 글자에
Sarang-iran yeppeun du keulja-e
늘 곁에 항상 그대만을 새겨둘게
Neul kyeot'e hangsang keudaemaneul saegyeodulke
변함없는 달콤한 시간에 언제까지라도
Byeonhameobneun dalk'omhan shigan-e eonjekkajirado
How Much I Love You So
How Much I Love You So

Rap 2) I Can't Stop Fallin' in Love 순서는 첫 순위
I Can't Stop Fallin' in Love sunseoneun cheot sunwi
작은 반지대신 내 숨을 끼웠으니, Trust Me and 함께 걸어
Jakeun banjidaeshin nae sumeul kkiwusseuni, Trust Me and hamkke keoreo
It's So Sweet and bitter 작은 네 웃음 하나에 난 또 얼어
It's So sweet and bitter jakeun ne usuem hana-enan ddo eoseo
Let Me be a Fool For You
Let Me Be a Fool For You
나는 너만의 소유 내 모든 것을 걸어 너를 지킬게
Naneun neoman-ui soyu nae modeun keoseul keoreo neoreul jik'ilke
난 너 아니면 패인 Something Never Changed
Nan neo animyeon p'ae-in Something Never Changed
변하지 않는 것
Byeonhaji apneun keot
두 글자 I'm a Call it Love
Du keulja I'm a Call It Love

So I Love You 네 두 손을 꼭 잡고 이젠... I Do
So I Love You ne du soneul kkok jabgo ijen... I Do

사랑이란 예쁜 두 글자에
Sarang-iran yeppeun du keulja-e
내 반쪽이 된 그대 맘을 노래할께
Nae banjjoki doen keudae mameul noraehalkke
서로에게 소중한 시간에 언제까지라도
Seoro-ege sojunghan shigan-e eonjekkajirado
How Much I Love You So
How Much I Love You So

약속할게 아픔이 되어도 난 떠나지 않겠다고
Yaksokhalke apeumi doe-eodo nan ddeonaji ankedago
웃음으로 가득 채워줄게
Useumeuro gadeuk chaewojulke
그대 없인 할 수 없던 사랑 I'll be There
Keudae eopshin hal su eopdeon sarang I'll Be There

Rap 3) 너와 난 둘이 아닌 하난 걸
Neowa nan duri anin hanan geol
하지만 글자는 둘 What You Gonna Say It Girl
Hajiman keuljanuen What You Gonna Say It Girl
I'm Down With You, You Know I'm Down With You
I'm Down With You, You Know I'm Down With You
This Ya' Boy is Love and M
This Ya' Boy is Love and M
너와 우리 둘의 끝이 없는 Chemistry
Neowa uri duri kkeuch'i eopneun Chemistry
생각만 해도 좋아 널 위한 내 Poetry
Saenggakman haedo joa neol wihan nae Poetry
I'm Down With You, You Know
I'm Down With You, You Know
I'm Down With You
I'm Down With You
This Ya' Boy is Love and M
This Ya' Boy is Love and M

사랑이란 예쁜 두 글자에
Sarang-iran yeppeun du keulja-e
늘 감싸주던 그대에게 맹세할께
Nal kamssajudeon keudae-ege maengsaehalkke
영원토록 행복한 시간에 언제까지라도
Yeongwont'orok haengbokhan shigan-e eonjekkajirado
How Much I Love You So
How Much I Love You So

사랑이란 예쁜 두 글자에...
Sarang-iran yeppeun du keulja-e
So Many Different Ways 사랑을 느끼는 방법
So Many Different Ways sarangeul keukkineun bangbeob
사랑이란 예쁜 두 글자에...
Sarang-iran yeppeun du keulja-e
So Many Different Ways 사랑을 말하는 방법
So Many Different Ways sarangeul malhaneun bangbeob
사랑이란 예쁜 두 글자에
Sarang-iran yeppeun du keulja-e

[08.02.15][Notice] Andy "Love Song" nominated in Inkigayo Take7!

Hi everyone,
This is from ND Entertainment

Andy's "Love Song" was in SBS Inkigayo Take7
Sincerely thanks to all the fans for your great support.

Hope the fans will continue giving your support and bring more good news.

Because Inkigayo Take7 is vote through web, collections, album sales, research, and decision from the judges, so we hope that everybody will participate.

* Take 7 decision voting

* Take 7 Inkigayo song chart

* Take 7 mp3 chart

Besides than that, the music web chart too will be reflected according on the ranking
Hope that everybody will listen to "Love Song" in Melon, Dosirak, Bugs, Juke on, and so on often.

Thank you

Cn Trans:打糕@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,,

[08.02.17][Message] JunJin's message to JinEyes [plus outside info]

Credit: JinEyes - tweetyjin @ DoubleJ - LetSayEden @


Finally, the mini album will be released this March .
Please give more attention and support to that !
I will work harder and we will be always together !

FROM: Shinhwa's JUNJIN

** Outside info **

- The mini album will have 6 songs.
- In March, fansign event in China with HyeSung + Concert with Shinhwa.
- In April, activities in Japan + South Korea's agenda.

[08.02.19][News] YTN Star - Notice on JunJin Solo Album

Please take out only with proper credit !

Shinhwa member JunJin has announced about his second solo album, which will be released in March.

According to Agent 17, the album has progressed up to 70% of the operation, ballad and dance oriented.

JunJin solo activities will start on late March, after finishing Shinhwa's 9th jib activities.

A special concert in Japan on April will also be included.

*** To watch the news online :

Link to YTN NEWS ***

Source: YTN NEWS Korean/Japanese: J*J*
Japan Japanese/English: LetSayEden @

[08.02.19][fan recap] Wolf M Concert - 16/17 Feb

*some excerpts from fan recaps i found over all the forums....i wish i was there!!! just reading the recaps makes me want to laugh...then cry**

for me, jealous of the ladies who were able to watch his performance, i also wish i got the chance to watch.

16th Feb Recap

The atmosphere was great! He combined elements from both the August Explore M concert and the December X'mas concert, and added the 3 new songs from the mini-album. The live version of Believe In Love is just too nice... (I can't think of any other adjective)

The stage design was superb, and I can tell that he put a lot of effort into it. When he sang L.O.V.E, he sang while standing behind a veil, then there were little hearts that started to appear on the veil - very romantic!

After that they showed some behind-the-scenes footage of the mini-album cover shoot - he did put eyedrops after all == It's a really nice video, I wonder if they'll release it

And his mother and sister came, and Soo Jin from Sugar. There were no Shinhwa members, only 2 new singers. Then he said that he was going to attend the gathering to celebrate eric's birthday, if the fans didn't let him go off he won't be able to make it...

And when he came out during the encore, he stood on stage and said that he forgot to zip up, and zipped up in front of everyone!

17th Feb recap

The 2 shows today were just too perfect, this guy is really good at hyping up the atmosphere. The stage and repertoire were basically the same as the 16th, but there were little changes to the details.

Today Jin and Andy came, at first Jin was seated at the VIP area on level 2, then when Minwoo sang Love Is A Beautiful Word, he shouted out to Jin, then we realised that Jin was here and everyone started screaming ==

Then Jin and Andy came on stage when Minwoo was singing I Pray 4 U... Minwoo kissed the both of them, then Jin kissed Minwoo twice, and the 2nd time Minwoo turned his head so they ended up kissing on the lips! Andy kissed Minwoo too... After this Jin sang two songs

For both days, Minwoo performed two versions of Punch, with different choreography. He even played the guitar for the first version, so cool! For the encore he did a cute dance ==

For this concert he actually improvised on all the arrangement and choreography for all the songs, he really really put in a lot of work in it. Especially for the intro to A Beautiful Night and Jazz Cafe, there was even a storyline, we were all laughing out loud...

The x-rated component of this concert was even more than the one in December...he went as far as he could...licking the microphone stand, a sexy dance on the chair, tearing his shirt....I'm speechless...

For the two shows today he talked about going to the army, telling everyone not to forget and leave him when he goes to the army, and to remember him when he comes back 2 years later. Then he told everyone to support Andy's album and Shinhwa's album

As always Last First Kiss always made everyone cry, and at the final show, he cried too...

Source: leyoyo@谁宇争锋 / 谁宇争锋(
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Another version....

Minwoo's really close to his family, his sister came for every show and she sang and danced along to all his songs.... He often shouted "Nuna, nuna" to his sister too. For the last show, his whole family came, his dad, his mom, his sister and his brother, and during the show he proudly proclaimed that "I'm uri omma's son"

Brian (FTTS) came for the 3rd show, and Minwoo kept on mentioning his name, and the fans also shouted for Brian to get on stage. Minwoo then pretended to get jealous and said, "Who did you call to come down? I'm very sad", and the fans started to chant Minwoo's name instead...that was so funny

Then there was another scene where a female dancer was supposed to seduce him and undo his buttons, then he jokingly hit the poor girl and refused to let her do it ^^ There was another part during the 2nd show where he ran to the front of the stage and asked one of the fans to button up for him, but she was so nervous that she couldn't do it even after a long time, and he jokingly smacked her hand

When Minwoo said to the fans, "I'm your boyfriend, so what does that make you?" The fans were probably confused and shouted "Boyfriend", then he went, "No no no, you're my girlfriend..." Everyone must have been way too high...~

Then the fans shouted out to him "You're the best!" He went on to say yes, but only for his height.... He's still concerned about his height I suppose...but the fans were all shouting "Kwaenchana!" It really doesn't matter to us, coz he IS the best...

Then Minwoo talked about the army, saying that he's heading off to the army soon, and hopes that everyone won't forget him while he's away, and told them to bring their boyfriends to visit him...the fans became all sad and said they don't have boyfriends, then changed their minds and said they do, and it's Minwoo Oppa...

Even his fans all looked really good, all the female fans were very pretty, and even the male fans were very stylish.... They all looked like they just walked out of Apgujeong! I guess it's true then, that the fans take after their idol!

Source: 终爱宇珉@LLM
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.02.19][Article] Reports on Andy Fan Meeting in China

Please take out only with proper credit !

Chinese media's reports on Andy Fan Meeting, which was held in Wuhan on the Valentine day 14th February: careful and passionate !

Interviewed on the 14th Valentine's Day to be held in Wuhan andy fanmeeting andy the Chinese media praised the passion and carefully.

Shinhwa's Andy FM in China, despite the traffic paralysis due to the bad weather, still attacted more than 1,000 fans across China, from Beijing to Heilongjiang, Hunan, Guangdong, Sichuan, and Dalian. According to Chinese internet media reports, "not only Chinese fans but also fans from Australia, very surprised at Andy's return, proved their enthusiasm".

China's Yangtze River Express reported as "It was Valentine day, but the South Korea's famous star Shinhwa's Andy and fans in Wuhan have spent the special day in an intimate way with extreme care. They made cake together and Andy also deliberately and cordially moved to the table in front of the stage to encourage the fans.

According to the representative of MG SHOW Beijing Branch, which is responsible for this FM, "Although we have so far hosted many Korean stars activities in China, we've never seen such a cordial contact and close dialogue as between Andy and the fans" - "Andy was very meticulous and kind to his Chinese fans, which has left a deep impression".

In addition, in this FM, the Chinese fans showed the music and lyrics personally written for Andy to record the songs, even with the MVs. Andy promised that in the next concert, he would sing Chinese songs as gifts to the fans.

Source: Newsen & Oceans-six
Korean/Chinese: jojoyu7 @ shinhwachina
Chinese/English: LetSayEden @

Male group SHINHWA got cheated by the Japan's production company for over 5 billion won.

Last year December Asia tour management by Openworld Entertainment representative JangSeokWoo express that "The Japan local production company called up and said that the concert was gaining loss so we will not receiving any income. All the concert were sold off, and there was no coupon/ free ticket given out, such successful concert is gaining loss? We already had contacted our Japan representative lawyer and is planning to take every posibility of rights to look into this matter."

Through the proccessing, Openworld had release that there were lots of sections where not being explained, or a clear info towards it. The most curious part is that the Japan production side requested a high amount of production fee. Because the contract were written there will be 1billion yen production fee, but under no communication or diccussion it ended up 1.6 billion. 0.6billion yen is about 5.2billion Korean won. Furthermore, openworld is supecting on the ticketing sales income there were a few section being reported lessen.

Representative Jang said, "According to the Japan performance law, after the performance all the entrance ticket sold will be kept as the proof for about 6 months. And the production side express that all the concert tickets were being disposed, then when we ask about the relevant laws, they stay they are still keeping part of it. We will be officially taking actions towards this matter and investigate with our representative accounting firms and law firms in Japan."

Because there is some problem with the Japan production side, thus the last concert which hold during April in Budokan will be affected. Openworld express "We will try to search for other company to hold the April SHINHWA concert. Because there's such sudden case happened thus had made the Japanese fans feeling nervous, we apologize towards it" "SHINHWA Japan concert will still be running. Next week we will announce the concert fate. It will be falls on either end of April or early of May."

Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

Singer KimDongWan fully support group D Bace.

SHINHWA KimDongWan appeard on 17th SBS Inkigayo to give support with 100 fans to D Bace on their comback after 4 years.

KimDongWan told the D Bace fans who were there, "Because this is D Bace comeback performance after for so long, so they really put lots of preparation onto it and working hardworkingly. Hope that the fans will keep support."

From D Bace, "During the preparation for this album, the person who gave us lots of encouragement and support was KimDongWan hyung. He taken care of us very well, and being as a senior artist too he had helped us alot, so in this comeback performance we had gain lots of confidence in it."

[omitted D Bace news]

Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Shinhwa Latest Schedule

03/29 SHINHWA - 10th Anniversary Concert (6:00pm - Olympic Park Gymnasium Stadium)
03/30 SHINHWA - 10th Anniversary Concert (5:00pm - Olympic Park Gymnasium Stadium)

04/18 SHINHWA - Live in Budokan Concert
04/19 SHINHWA - Live in Budokan Concert

I still dont know if this will push through although there are words that it may not at all.

credits:,, ND Entertainment,, K4Ice4Thu, DaCapo, hyesungstory, angelix, amane86 + loving_d @

Monday, February 18, 2008

[08.02.18][news] Shinhwa's Apr concert in Japan postponed due to high production fees

Shinhwa's last concert in Japan before their army enlistment, which was scheduled to be held in April, has hit a snag. This is apparently due to problems with the local concert organizer UDO Artists Inc.

Last December, Shinhwa met their Japanese fans in a concert that brought them to Nagoya and Tokyo. Due to the overwhelming support and requests for an encore concert, there were plans to hold their last concert before enlistment at Budokan in April this year. However, the local concert organizer UDO went on to quote excessively high production fees, bringing the project to a halt.

OpenWorld Entertainment, which is in charge of Shinhwa's overseas performances, expressed that during negotiations with UDO for last December's concerts, an agreement was already reached with regards to production fees. However after the concert, UDO went on to include additional costs and fees that exceeded the original amount that was agreed upon. Thus before these issues are resolved, the April concert will be postponed until further notice.

In addition, to resolve the problem, OpenWorld will be working with their local accounting firm and seeking legal advice.

A source from OpenWorld said, "Because of unforeseen circumstances, Shinhwa fans have unfortunately become the victims, we sincerely apologize for this. As this happened after the last concert and we need to resolve the outstanding issues, so we seek everyone's understanding in this matter."

Source: newsen&oceans
Chi trans: 打糕@shinhwahcina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.02.17][News] M, "Eric is preparing for his solo album"

Current running his solo activities, SHINHWA LeeMinWoo reveal the fact that member Eric too is preparing for his solo album.

On 17th afternoon 1:30pm LeeMinWoo in Seoul SeoKang University Mary Hall hold a press conference "Eric is recently had a greed towards solo activities, and he is currently deeply focusing in the production. Eric gave me a call telling me that he's preparing for his activities. And we gave each other some advices."

After KimDongWan & JunJin, Andy who is still running his solo activities, Eric too will be starting his own solo, most of the SHINHWA will be running their solo activities at the same time.

LeeMinWoo "I went to watch Andy's solo concert, and i felt satisfy. A great applause to Andy's hardwork. After today's concert i am thinking of going out with him for a drink, and talk about some matters during solo activities."

LeeMinWoo who put the shinhwa member's support as his motivation, "The member had told me since on my first album that 'MinWoo, we trust you', and it had given me a large bravery." the friendship bound between them really made people envy.

After the 16th feb concert in SeoKang mary hall, on the 17th 3pm/7pm will hold 2 concerts. LeeMinWoo "Concert will have a different charm than in tv program and activities. compare to the performance culture in japan, our country's performance culture is still not that up to satisfaction. So i hope fans who come to the concert will get to the the best performance, i will but my very best in it."

LeeMinWoo "Everytime i hold a concert i have this feeling that i'm in a war. The market sales recently are not that good, so i am taking this chance to let everybody see that music never die."

Addition, LeeMinWoo reveal during the press conference that SHINHWa will release their 10th anniversary album on March 24th.

Cn Trans:打糕@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

2/15 [Diary] Dongwan - Healthy Dongwan

5 years ago, in the midst of a stroll... With a younger brother in Daegu and a detestable big dog..

source: november21
chi trans:
eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

2/15 [News] Andy, claims that he is Bronwyn - Lee Minwoo's messenger

SHINHWA Andy appeared in 'Beauties' gabble' and meet the ladies in the program.

Andy recently participated in KBS 2TV program recording.

On the day's recording scene, after the ladies knowing Andy is one of the SHINHWA member, thus had made a little chaos. Bronwyn who had made her confession to Lee Minwoo when on his appearance in the program last year, she asked Andy "How is Lee Minwoo doing?" and made him feel lost on his reply.

There was an episode where Lee Minwoo was the special guest, Bronwyn siad "I like Lee Minwoo" as an official confession to him. Then, when there is a SHINHWA member appeared in the program questions on asking on Minwoo's progression could not be avoided.

Facing on the question about Lee Minwoo's situation, Andy nervously replied "I've often heard Minwoo mentioning about Bronwyn, I will pass the word on Bronwyn's situation (to minwoo)." and claims himself as Lee Minwoo & Bronwyn's messenger.

Source: newsen
Cn Trans: shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,,

[08.02.17][News] Junjin, 2nd single album release on March

SHINHWA member JunJin will release his 2nd solo album in March, as well as SHINHWA 9th album activities.

Junjin's management company related staff express on the 17th feb that "JunJin his 2nd solo album accumulate will release on March."

According to that staff, this coming solo album producted has completed 70%, and it is not in ballad but dance. JunJin's first solo activities last year was in ballad style, so this time for being giving the fans a different kind of image of him, he is producting a dance style album.

JunJin too will be with the SHINHWA member welcoming their 10th years anniversary together, on March 24th release the group's anniversary album, on March 28th, 29th will hold a 2 days concert for their 10 years anniversary debut.

So JunJin's solo activities will only start after SHINHWA 10th anniversary concert. Junjin's solo activities for the japanese fans he had done a camp.

Addition, current SHINHWA members who are running their solo activities are Andy & LeeMinWoo, the rest of the members are preparing for the SHINHWA 10th anniversary concert & album.

Cn Trans:打糕@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[08.02.16][trans] Actors' turning points - Eric & Kim Dongwan

(unrelated info omitted)

Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan has successfully transformed himself from a dance group member of the longest-running pop group to an actor. In his relatively short acting career, he had a turning point, which was his first movie "Spin Kick". Kim Dongwan said that this was a turning point for him because the movie bombed at the box office. Only 60,000 people watched the movie and was taken down shortly after its release. Kim Dongwan was very upset, and started to smoke again. During an interview, he said, "That was the lowest point of my acting career. The only thing I could do was to console myself. But I felt that as an actor, damaging my own body and mind would just plunge me even lower." Thus, he got back on his feet, and appeared in "Goodbye Sadness". The drama was a hit with ratings reaching more than 30%.

Dongwan's fellow Shinhwa member Eric has also stepped into the field of acting. He lists his first drama "Breathless" as his turning point. Eric said that's because prior to that he felt useless. As part of Shinhwa, he had been accustomed to the limelight and life as a group. For him to take up acting by himself, he was under severe pressure. He said that when he went to the set for the first time, he was pale, and he was so nervous and worried that his thumping heartbeat could be heard through the microphone. Although it was difficult, he managed to show his potential as an actor. Later his strong acting skills came as a pleasant surprise for many in "Phoenix". As the actor Mun Jung Hyuk, Eric is firmly in the spotlight once again.

Source: kbs entertainment &oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

2/15 [news] Andy on Manwon Haengbook,, "Money is the sweetest thing"

Debuted for 10 years and just recently had release a solo album, SHINHWA Andy said "Recently, I feel that money is the sweetest thing" had surprised everyone and turned to the pupil's topic and attention.

On 12th SBS Love FM "NamGongYeon's Go Real Radio' Andy went on a discussion with JeongHyun's hit song "Sweet' on air, When he was being question by the DJ on "What do you think is the sweetest thing is?" Andy replied "Without money, you cant taste/feel on anything at all. Money is the sweetest thing." thus had made an ocean of laughter in the studio.

Andy who is currently shooting on "ManWon Happiness" expresses his hunger. Then, Andy fans sent him fish rice ball, fruits, biscuit and so on like a buffet meal as a present. Andy in the program fill up his tummy and fully felt happiness.

Thanks to Andy fans, DJ NamGongYeon, guest KimJuHan, PakJeongHyun, PD PakSeongWon & the production team get to taste all the lovely food. NamGongYeon jokingly express "The fans sent so much tasty food to the studio we should also often invite the guest too."

Then Andy said that the sweeting matter is "When tired and lonely there will always be SHINHWA & parents by my side". Such direct and simple phrases had made everybody cheered.

Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,,

2/15 [News] Leeminwoo Japan Fans Overnight.. of "Love Attack"

Because artist Lee Minwoo Japanese fans had an unsleepable night. Lee Minwoo on the 12th, 13th feb hold his solo concert in Japan Tokyo. The fans chase Lee Minwoo til the concert, restaurant venue to wait for him, passionately expresses out their love for him.

In the morning the Japanese fans had already waited for Lee Minwoo in the Hotel Lobby. They even rented up cars to chase him on every venue. When Lee Minwoo was on his way to the restaurant venue he uses the normal roads & parking area so on thus had played a hide-and-seek game with the fans.

A related staff express "The fans don't even want to go home, doesn't sleep and made everybody worry about them. Their wish to see (Lee Minwoo) an eye had even turned to a wish to pass him their presents, but i couldn't help them on anything." After Lee Minwoo gone back to Korea the Japanese fans will sleep well.

Souce: Korea National Sport
Cn Trans:打糕@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[08.02.16][news] The Wonder Girls are Eric's favorite junior singers

Shinhwa's Eric said that his favourite junior singers are the group Wonder Girls.

Eric appeared on MBC's Section TV on Feb 15, and talked about what he has been doing lately, "Now I'm enjoying my break, and also watching the activities of the members on TV."

When asked "Recently there have been many junior singers who are very active, who is your favourite?" Eric answered without hesitation, "Wonder Girls. I really like "Tell Me", and So-Hee's very cute."

In this episode, Andy also made an appearance, saying that "Eric is only the older brother in terms of age. His actual mental age is only 18. Sometimes it seems like I'm the older brother."

Kim Dongwan's revelation of Eric being the reason why Shinhwa has stayed together for 10 years has become a hot topic of late.

Kim Dongwan revealed on a program, "Shinhwa started out as an idol group, and the reason we're where we are today is because of compromise and the understanding between each other. When we were renewing our contract, Eric was the most popular among us then, and he was offered a higher contract fee than the rest of the members. Although many companies offered him an opportunity to go solo and high contract fees, he turned them down, choosing instead to remain part of Shinhwa." From this, the strong bonds of friendship between the Shinhwa members can clearly be seen.

Eric said at the end of the interview, "I'll be working on Shinhwa's 10th anniversary concert soon", when asked about his upcoming plans. Shinhwa will be holding their《SHINHWA 10th Anniversary live in Seoul》concert at 6pm on 29 March and 5pm on 30 March at Seoul's Olympic Park Gymnasium.

Source: NEWSEN
Chi trans: 繁星满天@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.02.16][news] Lee Minwoo kicks off Valentine's Day concert

M Lee Minwoo will be holding three shows of his Valentine's Day concert on 16/17 Feb at Sogang University's Mary Hall, and he will be performing the new songs that he just released on 14th Feb.

Last weekend, Lee Minwoo ended his 3rd jib promo activities with his Tokyo concert. Having displayed his passionate side during the concert last week, he'll be bringing to the audience a gentler and a more romantic side of him for the Valentine's Day concert this weekend through new songs like "Love Is A Beautiful Word" and the jazz track "Believe In Love" written by Go Hyun Ok.

In order to present a a more mature and sophisticated image for the album and the concert stage, Lee Minwoo not only prepared a powerful stage, but also a whole new sound, with the songs presented in a live format.

At the same time, a special video prepared for the fans will be unveiled, and new singer Kang Hyun Joon will be a special guest at the concert.

M Lee Minwoo's Valentine's Day concert will be held at 6pm on 16 Feb and 3pm & 7pm on 17th Feb.

Source: oceans
Chi trans: 紫水晶@热病81℃
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz
Tags: minwoo, concert

[08.02.16][diary] Dongwan - happy birthday ERIC~!

Today is Eric's birthday.
Eric's very sad because he's another year older.
Lately he's obsessed with nds' 'Animal Crossing'..
'Animal Crossing' is a real-time game, it can't be played in the wee hours of the morning
You need to wake up very early to water the trees, plant the seeds.. -___-;;
Ah! He bought an instrument called the 8800 recently, and is starting to get interested in composing music..
Looks like he's going to start working and stop playing... Hmm...

Let's all wish the handsome Eric a happy birthday!!

p.s. Once at a performance in New York, Eric went into the refrigerator to smoke because I hated the smell of cigarette smoke! Or maybe he wanted to go in anyway...-_^*

source: NOVEMBER21
chi trans: 东升西落@BestShinhwa
eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Shinhwa - 10th Anniversary Concert Spot (en)

Friday, February 15, 2008

JunJin's Drama

Junjin's Chinese Drama - [EP1] - [EP2] - [EP3]

thanks to robotic of for the link

Chronicles of an Everlasting Friendship

The Shinhwa Story

Chronicles of an Everlasting Friendship

click on the link to read summary of the guys everlasting friendship. I love these guys too much and it makes me realize that real Friendship still exist, it will just depend on how much those so-called friends really love each other. For me Shinhwa is a Legend.

For the clip, see vid below

credits to robotic for the youtube link for members celebrating Wansyung's b'days and for the article thanks to incarnadine for giving the site address.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 [Diary]DW, On this week's Inkigayo

I think i will go support D Bace~
He is the person who will become a volunteery soldier together with me!!! hehehe^_-;;
The reason why i'm shy is because this is my dance performance supporters' first live broadcast, so i just cant pretend that i know nothing right..!
I will send out my hottest support and lets have a cup of coffee together after that.. ^0^/~

p.s I'm currently hardworkingly doing recording..
Eng Trans:amane86@myshinhwa,

[08.02.13][diary] Dongwan: Throw me a ball please~~!

Today I'm going to buy the lens~~ Yoohoo~~

[oops, sorry that the pic is scaled down. That's because I uploaded it onto my own photobucket account instead.]

Source: November21
Chi trans: 紫水晶@热病81
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.02.12] [Diary] Andy: The day after tomorrow is Valentine's Day~

Have you received many New Year greetings?

In a moment I'll have to rush off for a radio programme...

The day after tomorrow is Valentine's Day~ Open up your eyes and see if there are any guys around you that you can confess your love to ^^

I'll be going to China tomorrow...
This Valentine's Day I'll be together with the Chinese fans, sharing some time with them...
Please wait for my safe return!!!

To the fans in China~~ Please just wait a while more~ I'll be right there~~

The weather has turned cold lately.. I heard that the weather in China isn't too good too...
Please take care of your health, and take care not to catch a cold, have a Valentine's Day filled with love!!!!!!!!!

Source: NDEnter
Chi trans: pax_lee@ATW (
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

[08.02.12][news] Shinhwa's last concert in Apr at Budokan before army enlistment

Korean pop group Shinhwa who has generated a new Hallyu wave in Japan will be holding their last concert before enlistment at Japan's Budokan, the Holy Grail of concert venues.

OpenWorld Entertainment, which manages Shinhwa's overseas concerts, said that Shinhwa will be holding a concert over 2 days on 18/19 April at Japan's Budokan. This will be part of the 10th anniversary activities, and at the same time act as the encore concert to the concert held last December. 《2007 JAPAN TOUR — SHINHWA FOREVER》 was held at Nagoya and Saitama in December 2007.

A source from OpenWorld said that "Shinhwa will be releasing their 10th anniversary commemorative album next month, and they will be having a series of activities in conjunction with the release of the album. We hope to present the theme of Shinhwa Forever during the concert in Japan."

Lee Minwoo, who just held his concert on 10/11 Feb at Tokyo International Forum, said during his concert "Though I can't say when, but Shinhwa will be back".

Shinhwa members are expected to enlist into the army after the concert, thus it is very unlikely for another concert to happen within the near future. Except for Shin Hyesung, all other members are expected to serve their military duties.

In addition, having performed to over 10,000 fans over 2 days in Japan, Lee Minwoo will be holding a concert to commemorate the release of his new mini album 《Sentimental Reason》at Seoul's Sogang University on 16/17 Feb.

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[08.02.12][news] Lee Minwoo's wild performance drives Japanese fans crazy

Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo held a 2-day solo concert on 10/11 Feb at Tokyo International Forum, and this is his 2nd solo concert in Japan after March 2007. Approximately 10,000 fans attended the concert over the two days, with 4,500 fans turning up on the 1st day and 5,500 fans on the 2nd day.

Moreover, the match-off between Lee Minwoo and Sung Shi Kyung's Japan performances was of much interest. While Lee Minwoo's concert was happening on 11 Feb, Sung Shi Kyung's performance at the NHK TV station was also going on at the same time.

The ticket price of Minwoo's concert was set at 8,800yen (which is Japan's average ticket price for a first class performance), and the total earnings for the concert is expected to hit approximately 88 million yen.

During the concert, Minwoo interacted in fluent Japanese with the audience, showing the hard work he had put into learning the language. On top of that, the female fans screamed loudly whenever Minwoo showed off his buff body. After performing "I Pray 4 U", the screen displayed a video of Minwoo changing backstage, and even changed onstage as well, much to the wild cheers of the audience.

Minwoo's stage costumes revolved around the colors of black, white and red, and he was extremely eye-catching in a red suit while performing "Just One Night" and "Let Me Love U".

The sexy dance moves between him and his female dancer also raised temperatures a notch higher, and his gesture of licking the microphone stand simply drove the audience into a frenzy.

FR:Ocean's 6
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[08.02.11][News] SHINHWA LeeMinWoo, composing Jewerly's new album Hit Song.

New member KimEunJeong, HaJuYeong who will start working on the new activities of female group Jewerly, once again the group collaborating with SHINHWA LeeMinWoo.

M LeeMinWoo after year 2005 written the lyrics for Jewerly 4th album hit song "Super Star", this time in their new album he will be writting for their new hit song "One More Time".

Jewerly had decided to use LeeMinWoo's lyric compose "One More Time" as their new hit song.

"One More Time" is a reproduce song originally by an Italian artist In-grid, it's is a song filled with strong tempo and imaginary electronic sound, europe dance style.

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[08.02.11][news] Minwoo: "I can't give an exact date, but Shinhwa will be back"

"Shinhwa will be back."

Lee Minwoo made the statement above at his concert , on 11 Feb at 3pm, at the Tokyo International Forum.

He said, "Lee Minwoo wants to hold a concert no matter what. I love the stage and I love performing, and I love the fans too. I want to be a present to everyone. Shinhwa will love everyone forever too. Shinhwa's Minwoo loves Shinhwa, loves everyone, loves music, and loves the moment when we're altogether", clearly showing the love between Shinhwa and their fans. "I don't know until when, but Shinhwa and Lee Minwoo will continue to work hard in Japan, please give us your love and support. Shinhwa will be back. I will be back. That's a promise."

He added, "Everyone is the best, you're all true fans. It has nothing to do with whether you're Korean or Japanese, nationality doesn't matter. We're all friends."

More than 10,000 people attended the concert over 10 and 11 Feb.

Source: ocean's six
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[08.02.11][news] Lee Minwoo conquers Japanese fans with cute and sexy image

After the guest performance of new singer Kang Hyun Joo, the audience all stood up and started to chant "Lee Minwoo". Soon after, a man dressed in black with metal accessories slowly appeared on the stage, bringing the mostly female audience into a screaming frenzy, and the venue lit up with orange light sticks.

With the powerful accompaniment of the live band and three back-up singers, and together with 8 dancers, M Lee Minwoo captured the hearts of the audience by alternating between a cute image and a sexy guy image.

Through a powerful performance, the charismatic look in his eyes, his sexy estures and of course the occasional baring of his toned body, he earned the applause and wild cheers of the audience. And through his indescribable stage performance and dance, his cute movements and powerful glare, he seduced more than 10,000 Japanese fans over 2 days.

Lee Minwoo held his 2nd solo concert in Japan titled "EXPLORE M — M STYLE LIVE IN JAPAN 2008" on 10/11 Feb at the Tokyo International Forum. The 2-day concert saw an attendance of more than 10,000 fans.

Starting off his performance with a track from his 3rd album "Showdown", he performed a total of 24 songs, and charmed the audience for more than 2 hours.

After livening up the atmosphere with "Showdown", Lee Minwoo kept the buzz going with "Punch", "The M Style" and "Mirage". And to celebrate the approaching Valentine's Day, he drove the female fans wild with romantic tracks such as "L.O.V.E", "Boy Friend", "Pretty Woman" and "My Child".

As he sang one of Shinhwa's hits "I Pray 4 U", he called out to "Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo, and the Shinhwa fans in Japan", and the audience clapped and sang along.

For a moment, he even showed the audience the situation backstage with a handheld camera. When he came back on stage, he performed "Just One Night", "Let Me Love U", "AM07:05", and raised temperatures even higher with his sexy dances with a female dancer. Particularly when he performed Shin Hae Chul's "Jazz Cafe", he danced close to a female dancer, and even licked the microphone stand as he did a sexy wave, prompting wild screams from the audience.

After performing "Like A Star" the concert hit a climax with his solo debut song "Bump". The audience continued to chant his name along with his splendid performance and powerful vocals.
As Lee Minwoo performed his last song for the concert "Last First Kiss", he left the audience with a message, "Shinhwa and Lee Minwoo will always want to be a present to everyone. Although I can't say when, but Shinhwa and Lee Minwoo will be back. It doesn't matter whether you're Korean or Japanese. We're all friends."

As the audience repeatedly shouted for an encore, Lee Minwoo graced the stage one last time to perform "Battle" and a remixed version of "Punch", and ended his 2.5hr long performance with a rendition of Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back".

As a conclusion to his 3rd jib activities, Lee Minwoo unveiled some of the behind-the-scene videos and videos of his past activities at the concert.

Lee Minwoo will be releasing his brand new mini album on Valentine's Day, and will also be holding a commemorative concert on 16/17 Feb at Mary Hall at Seoul's Sogang University.

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[08.02.11] [Info] Lee Minwoo (M) Mini Album - The Sentimental Reason

The Sentimental Reason
Mnet Media
2008. 2. 14. Release

Lee Minwoo (M) new discovery & challenge will start on Valentine's Day..

In this album recorded with the 6 songs with the title hit song "The beautiful word which called Love".

This album is LeeMinWoo's first mini album who is going to enter his 30s, it is a album filled with Jazz & Soul, Funky romance & passion.

In this album, Jang Hyuk, Seo Yong Do, Gil EunKyeong, Kim Dongha and so on local Jazz & Funky style performancer together collaborating in the production on this album, and it will be release to everybody on coming Valentine's Day.

Addition, Lee Minwoo will hold 2 concert in Seoul on Feb16 & 17th as a memorial for this mini album. In the concert, Lee Minwoo will perform all the songs recorded in the album and also a new changes style in some of the old songs.

1.Just One More Night
2.Believe in love
3.The beautiful words which called love
4.Back to the Funk \x{2014} M’s Life
5.Believein Love (M’s Sentimental Ver.)
6.Just One More Night(M’s Romanticize Ver.)

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[08.02.11] [News] Lee Minwoo gets showered with chocolates in Japan

"Happy Valentine's Day!" - Lee Minwoo gets showered with chocolates in Japan

Shinhwa's M Lee Minwoo (28) was showered with gifts of chocolates in Tokyo. Lee Minwoo is holding his concert named 《M LIVE IN TOKYO 2008》at Hall A at the Tokyo International Forum over Feb 10th and Feb 11th. As Valentine's Day is approaching, many fans who attended the concert specially prepared chocolates as presents for Lee Minwoo. A spokesman from Lee Minwoo's management company Open World chuckled, "The concert venue was filled with countless boxes of chocolates. Even moving them out of the venue was a huge task. In the end we had to get the help of the company and the concert crew to bring them back by batches."

Additionally, ending his《EXPLORE M》activities with this concert, Minwoo will also be releasing his mini album《The Sentimental Reason》on Valentine's Day, and the support of the fans is the best Valentine present he can get. The mini album features Jang Hyuk, Seo Young Do, Gil Eun Kyung, Kim Dong Hwa and other top Korean jazz and funk artists, and is a highly extensive album. This album contains jazz, soul and funk, creating a romantic atmosphere, and this is the first mini album where Minwoo challenges the more traditional forms of music. He is also preparing for a series of 3 concert performances at Seoul's Sogang University's Mary Hall on 16/17 Feb.

Lee Minwoo seems set to be spending a very meaningful Valentine's Day, with the early Valentine presents from fans to the release of his new mini album and Valentine's Day concert on 16/17 Feb.

Source: OCEANS
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[08.02.11] [News] Andy: "When we're 40, we are still Shinhwa"

24 March 2008 is the 10th anniversary of Shinhwa, who made their debut in the late 1990s together with H.O.T, S.E.S and Fin.K.L . However, Shinhwa is the only group to have continued with their group activities. Though there are many cases of ex-group members such as Lee Hyori being very successful with her solo career, it is very rare to see a group like Shinhwa still very much active as a group.

As the longest-running group in Korea, Shinhwa has their own problems too. Due to the increase of the members' own solo activities, there have been many rumors that Shinhwa will be disbanding. Moreover last year, Eric, Andy, Dongwan, Minwoo and Junjin have either set up their own company or joined a new company for their solo careers, further aggravating the rumors about disbanding.

The 6 members of Shinhwa as a group are still managed by Good Entertainment, and have all stepped out to dismiss the rumors. This year, though several members will be enlisting into the army, Shinhwa as a group will continue after the temporary break.

Shinhwa's youngest member Andy recently commented at a press conference, "We are now preparing for our 9th album in conjunction with our 10th anniversary, and although we belong to different companies now, there is no difference from the time when we were staying together and sharing the same bowl of rice."

He added, "When we hear people saying that we're just like before, it makes us really happy and motivates us. Some of the members have reached 30 but we're just like how we were back then. It'll be best if we can continue like this."

Looking at Japan, such a wish won't be hard to realise. Japanese pop group SMAP has been in the entertainment industry for 20 years and though the members are all round 35 years old, they continue to sing and dance like before, and stay firmly at the top of the music world.

Andy hopes that Shinhwa can be just like SMAP, "The SMAP members are not only active as a group, but they have all proven themselves as actors, solo singers and other roles. We'd like to be Korea's version of SMAP."

As Shinhwa looks to SMAP for inspiration, the new groups look up to Shinhwa as role models. Big Bang who enjoyed immense popularity last year commented, "We want to be a group like Shinhwa in 10 years' time."

Andy has some mixed feelings when he sees the younger groups. He said, "As part of an idol group from the 90s, it's very gratifying to see the new groups making their debut. They have more ideas about music and at the same time they fulfill the current demand for multi-entertainers. The dynamics of group and solo activities are evolving very quickly. We need to learn from them too."

Andy who set up his own ND Entertainment last year, released his first solo album in January this year and kickstarted his solo career. The album features 10 tracks, including his main single "Love Song", which even incorporates his trademark heart dance. The lively atmosphere of the album seems to be consistent with the image that he has presented as part of Shinhwa. As the youngest in the group, Andy commented on his cute image, "When I was a kid I had many friends, but as I grew up there are still many people who think that I look cute. I can only say thank you. (Looks in the mirror) I guess I do look rather cute. (laughs)"

In actual fact it was quite a tough emotional ride for Andy during the preparation of the album. Andy said, "During that time, I heard a lot of discouraging things like 'what can Andy do by himself'. As a result I'd correct the smallest imperfection so that I could present the most perfect solo performance to everyone."

He knows better than anyone that the general audience would find it strange to see him singing. "I've never taken on a solo singing part in Shinhwa before. And because I've been doing only rap, it was the musical 'Music In My Heart' that gave me courage to release my solo album."

"There was no room for NGs in the musical. The musical actually took away a lot of my stage fright and gave me a lot of confidence. I started to really think about singing during the musical's singing practice sessions."

Having realized his dream of releasing an album, Andy continues to demand a lot from himself. He continues to make comments like, "Monitoring this part is still very difficult", "I need to pay more attention to my pronunciation here". To Andy who works hard at improving and correcting even the slightest imperfection, it won't be difficult to succeed.

Source: Kukmin Daily News, Ocean's Six
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Saturday, February 09, 2008

[08.02.09] [News] Andy: "Feeling puzzled when using my manager's credit card with mom"

SHINHWA's Andy because of his mom he had overcome a puzzled moment, and he talked about his unlaughable moment.

On the 8th broadcast in KBS2 TV "Unspeakable Talk Box", Andy said "Because of wanting to get a present for my mom and i was force to use my manager's credit card and went to the shopping mall with my mom." But, "Because my manager said 'There's enough limit in it, use it as you want' with the opposite situation that the credit card was overlimit, thus had made me panic." he recall.

Seeing such situation, Andy's mom said "Over Limit" Don't you know him (Andy)? Andy ya Andy, SHINHWA Andy' thus had even made Andy & people surrounding feeling lost. Andy's unspeakable looks made the audience laugh.

Although the situation was embarrassing but he continued. "My mom said wait till there's a staff who recognizes me and we will try it again, but we know that if we keep continue doing this it won't be done, so we proceeded elsewhere."

That day with mother's unlaugh-able experience was like a short drama, with Andy's communication skills explaining his embarrassing moment, Andy in the end got the first place in 'Family' talk.

Andy had release his first solo album last month with title 'ANDY the first NEW DREAM', started off with concerts, then he sang his hit song 'Love Song' with the special heart dance to gain success of popularity.

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[08.02.08] [News] Eric’s loyalty saved Shinhwa

During OBS’s Watch Show and Watch movie, Kim Dong Wan stated Shinhwa was able to stay together for a decade while other idol groups have disbanded and moved on, because the six gents tried so hard to save the group. Specifically, when Eric was offered a huge contract after he rose to fame, he did not sign it because he wanted to keep the group together.

Kim Dong Wan also expressed his appreciation for SM training days during the interview. He said that as a SM trainee, he learned not only the necessary star skills, but also the persistence and the attitude needed to succeed. I doubt that’s what current SM trainees are thinking that now.

This episode of Watch Show and Watch Movie airs today, February 9th at 9pm on OBS.


[08.02.09] [News] Dongwan: "Care & concession is SHINHWA's motivation

Group SHINHWA member Kim Dongwan towards his dream of being and idol artist he had given a few tips to the trainees, "With skills, through something which had made you become an artist, it is the biggest support/energy of all."

Kim Dongwan recently appeared in OBS TV "watch SHOW, watch movie" program, in the 'Korean Idol' entertainment section. "When I was still a trainee, I always met people who are even better than me a lot in skills, but due to their attitude in practices many of them was being dropped half way."

Kim Dongwan who debut from a popular group express, "During trainees period, because there was a large number of challenge, and i had also learn lots from the process". and he strongly pointed out "Recent there is some idol groups who are under training besides than taking dancing and IQ class, they even accept moral classes."

The motive which made the group survived for 10 years, is the "Sacrifices" that was made within the members. "SHINHWA being as an idol group, from the starting to the current we can keep putting on our best smile, but due to the care and sacrifices we had made which keeps the group going on."

Kim Dongwan express "When we was signing the contract, and ERIC who receive the most popularity within the group his contract pricing was naturally even higher than the rest of the member, and they say that they will plan him a solo activities and it will even make his income goes wildly. But, Eric had rejected it."

"At that moment, Although we know that Eric will still receive such project planning later on, but non of us had force him. At last, Eric in the banquet said that being as a group member he would not want to stay back alone in the company. So the rest of the members agreed."

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[08.02.09] [News] Eric, rejects high offered contract... 'SHINHWA' continues

"The member's sacrifices had stopped the group from being disband." SHINHWA KimDongWan express the motivation which keep the group from moving on for 10years is the 'sacrifices' which was being made within the members.

On 9th evening 6pm broadcast on OBS Kyeong In TV 'Watch SHOWA Watch Movie' one of the section, Kim Dongwan had express the secret which made the group still moving on together until today.

Kim Dongwan "When we was on a new contract and became the pupil's topic, there were some parts where had mentioned where they will pay Eric a certain amount higher than the rest of the members, and also he will debut as solo earlier than the rest, but he had rejected it, and decided to stay back for SHINHWA."

"Although at that moment we know that Eric's condition was kinda attractive, but we don't force him from staying back in the group. But at the banquet Eric express that he had the thought of staying back as a SHINHWA member, everybody agreed."

Addition, Kim Dongwan said that the members could grow up wider, the biggest reason is because of the activities when they are still under SM entertainment. Kim Dongwan "Such big companies like SM entertainment had gathered a group of trainees and starting off with the challenge. Under such battle situation we had all grown up. Wanting to debut as a actor, producer and so on system also can be done too."

As he himself is debut as an idol artist, he said "I work real hard during my trainee period, and through the process i had learn a lot of things. But recently the companies who are on planning of some idol groups were not as same as what we had in our times, besides than skills, they even have to undergo some moral classes." and Kim Dongwan felt confident while mentioning it.

Kim Dongwan "When i was still a trainee i had met other trainee who are even better & outstanding than me. Comparing it with skills, being as an artist the biggest motivation we must have is the urge of wanting to make your certain dream from coming true."

In this program they will also be broadcasting interviews with Super Junior, Wonder Girls member, Black Beat ex member who use to debut from SM and current artist who is running their activities, such as BY Jinsung, D Bace, etc.

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Junjin (27) of ShinHwa has been dating his fashion model girlfriend for over one year.

According to sources, Jun Jin met his current girlfriend, acknowledged for her tall graceful figure and beautiful face, at a health club that the two attend. Now they are in love mode.

"This year, Jun Jin announced confidently that he has a girlfriend....Not only are the two creating a beautiful love story but they are very much involved in each other's career and giving their full support to the envy of many," the source said.

Jun Jin, known for his straight-forward honesty, told his ShinHwa members, whom he spent ten years with since his debut in 1998, of his girlfriend.

Jun Jin was a guest on a December airing of the MBC show, "Word Race." When asked if he had a girlfriend, his hesitance gave him away.

Jun Jin recently released "ShinHwa Winter Story 2007" single with his group members this past winter and to commemorate it, the group went on tour to Nagoya, Japan on December 6, for the "ShinHwa Asia Tour Concert."

They went to Tokyo on the 8th and 9th and Shanghai, China on the 15th, concluding their Asia tour concert.

Jun Jin recently launched his own internet shopping mall, joining the ranks of other entertainer/CEO.

Credit: Hallyu - Hawaii Entertainment Magazine, Issue #13 + (kpop4u) ShinHwa Changjo Forum

[08.02.08][News] LeeMinWoo, 3rdjib last promo ends in Japan

SHINHWA LeeMinWoo (M) will ends his 3rd album promo 'Explore M' in Japan.

LeeMinWoo will be on the 11th ~12th in Japan Tokyo International Forum A Hall hold 'M Live in Tokyo' concert, this is after last year March in Tokyo & Osaka 'M Live Works in Tokyo', the 2nd concert sales in Japan.

PD Kim who is incharge of 3rd album release showcase & Concert, once again will be picking up his job as a PD for this concert.

On the 14th Valentine's Day, LeeMinWoo will be release his special gift to the fans, a new mini album. Then on the 16th ~ 17th in Seoul SeoKang University's Marry Hall holding 3 memorial concert.

Source:Yonhap News
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[08.02.08][News] Joo "Felt surprise on first meeting with idol ANDY."

Pak JinYoung's (JYP) popular artist JOO saw her favourite idol SHINHWA ANDY for the first time in person and she smiled brightly.

JOO recent interview with NEWSEN mentioned "Andy was my idol during my primary times. I had been dreaming and wishing to see him in person one day. After seeing him for real i felt unbelievable happy. Although as a fan i feel that he's really handsome, but now placing him as a senior artist the feeling just not the same as usual anymore. At the very beginning it felt so miracle. Not one ANDY, being able to stand on the same stage with other senior artist too i felt grateful. I will work hard to be a worthy artist to the seniors."

[omitted unrelated topic]

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[08.02.08][News] Andy, a good son who take cares of his ill parents.

SHINHWA group youngest member had made his success debut as a solo, who is also currently still running his solo artist, ANDY taking care of his ill parents from the past were now only being acknowledge.

Andy's related person said "His dad broke down last year and underwent a brain surgery, his mom's waist is not in a good condition." Andy doesnt even have the time during the festive holiday to accompany his mom to travel in Japan.

Andy who has kept a clean and warm smiling image in the fans' heart, recent had also release his first solo album with the title hit song 'Love Song', he is the last member in the group to debut as solo.

Recent appearance in OBS KyeongIn TV, Andy express "Everytime when i'm feeling tired the members who are like my brother will give me strength and support. Being as the youngest member in the group i always have been making the people around worried, but because the members and fans's help i had gain much confident in my solo activities. " and he hope that everybody will look forward on more of his unseen side of him in heart.

Andy's after the Festive Season he will hold a solo fanmeeting in China on the coming Valentine's Day Feb 14th.

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[08.02.08][diary] Dongwan: Happy New Year~

Came back from my grandmother's grave today.
As the weather was very good, I had a good time driving too~
Has everyone had lots of rice cake soup?
I had too much kalbi stew so I had some Boo Chae digestion drink and now I'm back, rolling around...
I was really bored yesterday so I went to do some sightseeing at Seorae Village~

10 years is such a long time.
The village is all different now... it really surprised me..!

So, everyone please stay cheerful...I'm going to sleep after watching Heroes...

Source: November21
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Thursday, February 07, 2008

[08.02.07] [News] Andy: "Shinhwa members have helped me a lot for my solo debut"

Shinhwa's Andy has expressed his gratitude towards his fellow Shinhwa members for helping him out on his solo album.

In a programme on OBS Kyung In TV to be aired on 9th Feb, Andy talked about the work that went behind the album and his upcoming plans.

Andy said, "Solo activities have always made me nervous and scared, but the members and the fans have all helped me to gain confidence. As the youngest, the other members are always worried about me. But while I was involved in the musical, my solo activities, my album release and programme appearances, everytime I was tired the members were my source of strength. I'll show everyone the best side of me no matter as a part of Shinhwa or in my solo activities."

Director Park Min Hyung also added, "Shinhwa is not only the longest-running idol group in Korea, but is an important group in Asia as well. While I was shooting their videos, I caught how they are in real-life, beneath that glamorous exterior."

Source: oceans
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