Friday, May 25, 2007

9th jib release date postponed from sept to dec, 'Shinhwa is not disbanding'

'Shinhwa is not disbanding'

Rumors has been circulating among fans of disbandment due to the recent news of all the members of popular group Shinhwa going solo and also the postponing of the release of their 9th jib album, prompting their official managing company to make such a statement.

One of Shinhwa's members received edaily's call on the 21st and said 'although the album has been postponed, plans for release remains unchanged.'

Shinhwa had originally planned to release their 9th jib in autumn this year but pushed it back to December, rumors of disbandment then started to spread. To make things worse, this news was after the tirade of news about how the members are all going solo with different labels, making the rumors even more convincing.

Shinhwa's Andy, Eric and Minwoo has recently opened their own entertainment companies while Kim Dongwan has signed on with H2 ENTER.

To refute rumors, the members firmly replied that 'because we're all working so hard for our solo acts, there's definitely no disbanding to talk about. We are very serious with our respective acts and simply encouraging and motivating each other to do better'.

They added, "Although individually we're all going in different directions but we have always and will continue to be friends who rely on each other no matter what","Even when some of us go off into army, shinhwa activities will not cease."

Shinhwa's management has also denied the rumors. GOODemg officials says that "anu discussions about the release of the album is only between them and the shinhwa members","and that it will be a wonderful present for all the fans wo have waited patiently for more than a year for it."

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Sunday, May 20, 2007


"Eric Zero Party", held on the 12th at night in Seoul club M2 was also Eric Fanmeeting.

During the fanmeeting, Eric expressed that "plans are in the process for the production of Shinhwa's 9th jib this yr fall. But it is still difficult to release an official date for it.

I had also mentioned a solo album in an interview held while i was filming this commercial, and after the release of the official album i will not be having any activities.

This album production is a joint collaboration between minwoo and I and it's been interesting."

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Minwoo, Hyesung, Dongwan Join Show

"Korean Wave 2007 Romantic Festival" will be commenced in Japan, and at that time, there will be 6 actors attending the festival and also gasoos such as Shinhwa's Lee Minwoo, Shin Hyesung, Junjin, and also SS501 and Kim Jung Hoon. About 300 workers will also help in the preparation.

"Korean Wave 2007 Romantic Festival" is a dream event, broadcasting Korean dramas and movie, also utilizing images and music. Being Fuji TV's series of special shows, it is very popular with the audience.

The main organizer SBS and HQ said, "Through Korean Wave's big stars being together and holding a huge Korean Wave Festival, it can be another way of introducing the Korean Wave to Japan."

Also, "Korean Wave 2007 Romantic Festival" forms together with the now quiet dramas, movies and music in Japan, and through the cultural festival gives Korean stars a chance to become huge stars in Japan. They hope that this time can be a huge opportunity for Korean culture to grow in Japan.

This time organized by SBS and HQ together, SBS and Fuji TV together organizing "Korean Wave 2007 Romatic Festival" will be held on 23rd June at Goodwill Dome, and will appromixmately about 30000 fans will attend.

Date: 2007/6/23 (Saturday)
Time: 4:30 show starts (2:30 entry)
Place: Goodwill Dome
Selling of Tickets: 24th May start sales
Price of tickets: SS - 15000 Yen, S - 10000 Yen, A - 7000 Yen, VIP - 25000 Yen

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Kim Dongwan's single to be released in early June

Shinhwa's Kim Dong Wan is about to complete his metamorphosis into a ballad singer.

Managing company H2 ENTER commented that "Kim Dongwan is in the process of collborating with [xxxname] and other composers. If there are no more hitches we will be able to release his first title single in early June"

The management also said "[Dongwan is] a singer who possesses real singing abilities and that's why we chose a ballad as our debut title single.", "Through this track, we can expect to fully experience Kim Dongwan's charisma."

Kim Dongwan, together with Kan Mi Yeon , signed a 3 yr contract with H2 ENTER in April.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shinhwa's 8th Jib Official Activities Has Come To An End

For the very first time, members of Shinhwa together as a group will attend a planned massive organized 'Shinhwa Sneakers' party that will be held at Kyonggi-Do, Ilsan on afternoon the 13th, at 7.00 PM.

However, as the upcoming event that will be carried out in July, it also marks the official end of Shinhwa's 8th album activities.

Shinhwa's 'Temple Code Sneakers' are of good quality which are similar to a cordlike rib on the surface of cloth that is highly compatible a brand in line. Shinhwa is being chosen as the public model of the sneaker's design as this is in line with Shinhwa's great popularity and how the member's individuality is being reflected naturally. The 'Temple Code Sneakers' party is held as a premium to those who purchase the sneakers of which currently has attracted both local and foreign fans attention and has received lots of love.

Currently the members of Shinhwa are busy with each respective responsibilities towards acting in new dramas and solo record preparation of new albums. Moreover, Shinhwa are now busy recording for 9th album that will be release at the second half of this year.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Kim Dongwan, First Customer of M Rising

Due to the opening of music company "M Rising", Lee Minwoo has become a music producer and will act as a composer in Kim Dongwan's first album making.

In Lee Minwoo's My Daily telephone interview on 7th, he said, "Now I'm composing one of the songs which Kim Dongwan will record in his solo album."

A representative of M Rising said, "After the establishment of M Rising, the first song producing request is from Kim Dongwan." In other words, "Kim Dongwan is the first customer of M Rising."

Now, Lee Minwoo who is working hard on his 3rd jib with is scheduled to be released on 28th June, is composing one of the songs in Kim Dongwan's solo album. Kim Dongwan hopes to have a song which has the same name as "Bump" from M's 2nd jib.

Lee Minwoo said, "After Dongwan signed his contract with a new entertainment company, he is preparing to release his solo album, and hope that I will write a song for him." Also he said, "Because I myself is also preparing for my solo album, so except from writing one song for him, I can't do anything else. Because I myself is more familiar with Dongwan's unique tone quality and feeling, therefore I should be able to write a song which suits him more than anyone else, so everyone please anticipate."

But this first customer of M Rising seems not to be affiliated with the company's profits. Lee Minwoo plans to compose the song for Kim Dongwan free of charge.

Lee Minwoo said, "I've written a lot of songs for the members already, do they need to pay?" And he also said, "I can only hope that Dongwan will bring some alcohol here from now on (laughs)." This shows the deep friendship between the members.

Lee Minwoo joined the M Rising opening ceremony on 7th. He and CJ Music signed an album contract, and M's 3rd jib will be scheduled to be released in June, and he will formally enter the American market.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Junjin brings homemade bento to his father on drama set

Shinhwa member Junjin in an expression of affection and support towards Singer Charlie Park's debut as an actor, delivered 'bento'.

On the 10th, Junjin arrived at the KBS set "It's ok because of love" in Suwon. His reason for being there was to support his father Charlie Park.

Junjin had spent the previous night making the sushi bento for Charlie Park and the rest of the work crew.

One of the 'beneficiaries' said that "Junjin is a person who is very filial and because this is Charlie Park's debut drama, he came all the way down to root for his dad", "and he made sushi bento for everyone so that his father can really be comfortable enough to express his acting abilities."

Later, Junjin added "My hands are all swollen now cos' i was making sushi all night!"

Junjin will be starting on his promotional activities in China, and he will also be returning to drama in the later half of the year.

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Dongwan's Title Track, A Ballad

Shinhwa's Kim Dongwan will release his solo album in June.

Recently, Kim Dongwan signed a contract with H2 Entertainment, and with the target of releasing his album in June, he is working hard in producing his album.

A representative of the company said on 8th, "Even though the whole concept has not been decided, the title track is already decided to be a ballad song", and "This is his first solo album, and will appear in front of the fans with pop, ballad, R&B, and dance songs."

The special thing is, this album also has a song which is composed by Lee Minwoo, who has just set up his music company M Rising, and everybody has high anticipation for this song.

After acting in SBS "Lovers" in March, Kim Dongwan has started preparations as a gasoo. Through his company, he said, "I want to show everyone my unique music and style which I couldn't show when I am in Shinhwa".

Kim Dongwan, who will focus on Shinhwa's 9th album an acting activities in the second half of this year, said, "All the members think that the group Shinhwa will walk on forever. Shinhwa exists and survives because of the fans' support. Thank you fans, and we believe in the fans as well." This shows his love for Shinhwa and that he will never let go of the group Shinhwa.

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Shinhwa Lee Minwoo's Music Company ‘M Rising’ Hold Opening Ceremony

This upcoming 7th May, Shinhwa Lee Minwoo will attend his music label ‘M Rising Entertainment’ opening ceremony.

GoodEMG’s representative Park Kwon Yeong stated that singer & producer Lee Minwoo recently has transferred and signed a contract and established his own company. With the establishment of ‘M Rising Entertainment’, all Lee Minwoo's solo activities will be managed under his company.

During that day, Lee Minwoo will hold his company's opening ceremony at Seoul's Yok Sam Dong at 1 pm. There will be a number of producers and other companies' representatives attending the opening ceremony.

On April 30th, 'Open World Entertainment', a management company has recently moved their office to Non Hyun Dong, which manages artists such as Hye Ryung, LUG and other popular singers. They are also in charge with Shinhwa's overseas album copyrights and conducts international concerts successfully.

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Junjin postpones military enlistment

Shinhwa member Junjin received his military enlistment warrant last April 22 but he decided to postpone his military training.

“I am deferring my military enlistment because of the promotions I will be holding in China and Shinhwa's album recording. I will have no problems even if I postpone my military training until 2009. I will surely enlist as a man of the Republic of Korea”, Junjin expressed.

Junjin is currently studying Chinese.

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