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7/13 Telzone Star Inteview - Dongwan's 50 Q&A

Telzone Star Interview No. 20
Kim Dongwan's Direct Answers to "50 Q&A"

"I often use the internet to communicate with fans and netizens alike
I really enjoyed answering netizen's questions in such a direct manner, it was a meaningful experience
Hopefully there will be more opportunities to communicate with everyone in the future."

Q1、Some fans call you "ahjussi (uncle)", what are your thoughts on this? It's because of your warm image, and your concern for your fans that earned you such a nickname
=I'll treat those who call me uncle as my nieces, and I'll treat those who call me oppa or Dongwan sshi as women~ ^^

Q2、It seems that a lot has happened during preparations for your solo, there were stories such as Andy not supporting your debut, please share some of these stories! Also, share some stories about happy times with your "3 Musketeers" collaborators MC Mong and Ho In Chang
=Andy was just joking when he said that, they all gave me a lot of support. Mong and Ho In Chang were the first friends I went to a night club with, and although we didn't drink, we still had a lot of fun.

Q3、Oppa, out of the Shinhwa members, in what areas do you feel you're the best in?
=Shinhwa members have always been excellent...I've never had thoughts of me being the best

Q4、Oppa started as a child actor, have you watched clips of yourself from back then? What were your thoughts on it?
=Although it's very embarrassing, but since it's from my youth, I feel very satisfied and happy.

Q5、One of your good friends Kyung Lim unnie is getting married soon. There's been rumors of you two in the past, have you ever had thoughts of regret about her getting married? ...Do you have anything to say to the soon to be married Kyung Lim unnie?
=Since I didn't know until very late, there's a little regret, but I would probably do the same in her situation (i.e. not tell anyone), have lots of kids!

Q6、Actor Kim Dongwan and singer Kim Dongwan, which do you like better?
=I'm now singer Kim Dongwan, in comparison to actors, singers are more attractive!

Q7、I hear that there's often fighting between the members, who gets into the most fights? You probably still fight even though you say you won't ever disband right? Ha ha
=We don't really fight. The first time was because someone refused to clean. If someone used my stuff or something similar, we'd also get into fights~

Q8、If Dongwan oppa was a girl, if doing chores which Shinhwa member would you go out with? And for what reason?
=None...they're all punks, I wouldn't go out with any of them!

Q9、You've already displayed to everyone your humorous side, what has been your biggest worry recently?
=None. Due to my busy schedule I don't have time to worry

Q10、You debuted with the movie "Spin Kick", which unfortunately was a flop. Were you frustrated due to this? I'm curious as to whether you plan on making any movies in the future. Please continue performing in the future~ Don't know if you plan on making a movie~
=If there's frustration then nothing would get done, I was just a little bummed out
about it. After the movie ended I started going out more, drinking beer, smoking...I won't start another film project casually...I don't have the opportunity

Q11、This is an often asked question, what's your deepest impression of a fan or a fan related story?
=It's still the cute middle school fans from the 1st album...everyone's grown up now, but I still can't forget those images of them shyly handing over their fan letters

Q12、What do you admire about the other members?
=Eric's body, Junjin's athleticism, Minwoo's charisma, Andy's cuteness, Hyesung's voice and personality

Q13、What will you be doing in 20 years? Or what would you like to have accomplished by then?
=Maybe I'll still be singing and acting. Perhaps I'll have a wife and kids.

Q14、When do you most feel that your fanclub "Shinhwa Changjo" is precious?
=When I'm singing on stage...

Q15、I'm very curious which TV shows you must watch no matter how busy you are! And why you like those programs!
=EBS“Space”~I feel it's a very well produced music program..also MBC“W”,KBS 2TV“Yoon Do Hyun's Love Letter”,SBS“Inki Gayo",MBC“Show! Music Core”..I tape it every week to watch

Q16、You've already debuted for 9, 10 years. What do you think when you see the hoobae (junior) singers now? Who are your favorite juniors?
=They look very cool. Out of the juniors the coolest have to be Dong Bang Shin Ki, they really prepare fully for their stage performances...

Q17、Your solo album title is "Kim Dongwan is", what would your label yourself as?
=Kim Dongwan is strange, I'm very strange. They all say that they don't understand me, which I thought meant I'm very cool...actually they were calling me strange~

Q18、I watched you live on TV yesterday! How does it feel being by yourself on stage? Although you've stood alone on "Yoon Do Hyun's Love Letter" stage before, it's your first time officially for solo activities
=Very nervous, I had no idea I'd be so nervous...

Q19、Who are you most thankful for this instant?

Q20、Up to now, out of all your activities as an entertainer, what decision do you regret the most and what was your best decision?
=The decision I regret the ending dorm life with the other members...there was an ahjumma who made meals for us, and we didn't have to pay for living expenses...hahaha. My best decision was becoming an actor! I came across the right project at the right time, and a good director...

Q21、Shinhwa members have all split into their own respective companies, so many fans are worried about Shinhwa's group activities this coming fall. Please say a few words to these anxious fans
=Those who are worried aren't true fans, they merely know about us. Although I feel bad for saying it, but those kinds of people won't become a source of motivation for Shinhwa

Q21、Some of the negative news about oppa surfaced from Dongwan's diary, oppa's diary entries have become so sensationalist, what are oppa's thoughts on this? Should star's MiniHomy or web journals be private or public spaces?
=It's an open space. A source for attack. Entertainers most commonly have their rights as citizens violated. Since realizing this, I haven't written any articles that would cause a controversy.

Q22、Shinhwa's secrets not known to the public! Please reveal some through "Telzone Star interview"~
=Wouldn't it be a little selfish of me to reveal Shinhwa members' secrets? ^^

Q23、Since I got hooked to radio in sixth grade, I've always listened to 1010Club, which I really like. I'm now a senior in high school. Oppa is really suitable to be a DJ, have you had any thoughts of starting again?
=I also began listening to the radio in sixth grade, I will take up the challenge again...I gave up DJing because I ran out of everything I could say...I don't like being forced into doing I have many stories to tell, if I ever get the chance I will start again~~^^

Q24、I liked Shinhwa oppa when I was a student, I'm now already a mother, I've entered into society. There are many 20, 30 year old fans with an income...what are the advantages of having these types of fans? (Chosen by Dongwan as the question that left the deepest impression on him)
=Probably because we are being appraised from an adult's point of view...since we are also adults...haha..receiving such kinds of praise is a good feeling

Q25、Ah, I've been curious about this for a while now, haha, back when Andy went to America and there were only 5 people, were there any fights? Haha
=Would we do that?^^Andy went back to America temporarily due to problems with school and his citizenship

Q26、An old "Shinhwa Changjo" is proud of Shinhwa oppa. When is Dongwan oppa most proud to be Shinhwa? Especially if you have any small stories to share~^^
=When we received the Golden Disk Awards. The members were all sincerely emotional with each other, I felt proud to be a part of that.

Q27、I'm really curious! Do you like the title solo Kim Dongwan, or Shinhwa Kim Dongwan better?
=Of course it's Shinhwa Kim Dongwan, I feel that it's because of Shinhwa that I'm enjoying my current popularity

Q28、There's nothing that oppa can't do, acting, singing, MC, dancing, etc...but have you ever done something to such an extreme that you felt frustrated? When was this?
=I wouldn't do something that would frustrate me, that's my character...also if something caused me frustration I would face it with even more resolution! Not only acting, when things are said to be "really hard" "impossible", I would work hard to complete them

Q29、Up to now, what's your favorite stage performance?
=Wild Eyes, Perfect Man

Q30、If you had to come out with an album with another Shinhwa member, who would it be?
=Eric or Minwoo

Q31、What would you most like to hear from fans?
=Congratulations on receiving first place~

Q32、In the album's final Thanks to portion, you wrote the members' names in order of personality, is that true? Then why was Minwoo first, while Eric was in last place?
=Only because compared to Eric, I like the other members better, because Eric always messes around with me.

Q33、Do you come often to Telzone?Also do you often read what the fans write?
= I often come~often read

Q34、You're well-known for your self-management of your body. When do you ever lose self-control and show hesitation? Also how do you overcome that? Due to your total self-control, would you cause those around you to be uneasy?
=I never waver. Due to my level of self-control my friends start to hate me...I won't drink even at the they all understand...if I'm being forced to drink I would escape...

Q35、In your daily life how does "Shinhwa" affect you? If you could use only one word to describe it
=Source of confidence

Q36、During your promotions or in other places, when do you feel like your popularity has not vanished?
=When I see orange balloons during public performances

Q37、Do Shinhwa members go to KTV rooms together? Would you sing songs from your own albums there?
=We sing karaoke, drinking alcohol while singing~

Q38、How satisfied are you with your solo album? Any areas of regret?
=65%. I most regret not having invested more time into it

Q39、Have you ever been frighted by a fan? When and for what reason? What fan gesture has surprised you the most?
=I've actually never been frightened before..^_^Although fans' surprise events always play through my mind~^^

Q40、I hear you also read fanfiction written by the fans, which story left the biggest impression on you?
=I haven't read any recently

Q41、I really like the song “Love is Pitiful”! Any plans of choosing that as your follow-up song?
=My follow-up track is “Scream”, I will if I have the time

Q42、I'm really curious, haha, did you really burn porn CDs? Hahaha, or burn any music CDs?
=Although I've watched porn CDs, I've never burned any^^Sometimes I would burn music CDs, to listen to in the car

Q43、What websites do you visit often? Sometimes on the internet the weak become the mighty, the strong become the weak. When Dongwan sshi wants to let out stress that he is usually unable to release (through complaints, etc) what websites would you go to? Haha
=Ocean’s six,yeonin,Name,skirtwind,Bestiz

Q44、Ever have thoughts of living in dorm life with the Shinhwa members again?

Q45、Any actors you would like to act with?
=Lee Jung Jae

Q46、Have you ever been hurt due to vicious comments? What comment did you feel was the worst?
=Recently all the comments on fan websites have been very complacent, there have been no vicious replies

Q47、What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses
=Strength: honest/Weakness: too honest

Q48、Have you cried recently? Reason for shedding tears?

Q49、You've already been active as "Shinhwa" for 10 years, and you've been through a lot together. Your age and experience continue to increase, you're now in your second phase! What will you be doing in 10 years?
=I hope that Shinhwa will still exist in 10 years

Q50、Please say something to your members who are still together to this day and will still be together in the future
=I love you guys..

Credit: Telzone + Ocean's Six
Chinese Translations: 东升西落@BestShinhwa
Chinese to English Translations: angeldreams

[07.11.29][Diary] DW, Across North Road Riverside

Listening to kobukuro's sakura
Then.. i thought of to film in Seongsu Bridge... muhaha~
It looks beautiful..
Do you know Kobukuro?
With the target of street performance and singing group as major and they had sold more than 100million copies of recrod..
It's amazing...
Ah! the song "Reffered your wings" too is good!!!

Honest speaking.. i think that comparing with those artist.
To be able to understand their spirit and soul, people who love them are even amazing!
How to feel it? If you dont enjoy it you will never be touch by the lyrics...

Who say so.. Japanese.. dont have such attitute?
With the ab style.. the dance compliance..
A letter which must be replied.. have stay humble always, even though you have to pretend you are..
True words that you kept in heart are not always being spoken out, you have to send the message out through eye contact..

But.. all these things.. thinking about it carefully.. we were like these when we were very young..
When we was young.. all the thing were look as if difficult so we were like a coward.. always nervous.. and careful.
Before we truely understand we wont go near to anyone..
Placing a competitor in our mind.. and purposely not understanding it..

Ah~ Is this morning?... Wish to turn back to my primary time..ㅜㅜ

Cn Trans:东升西落@BestShinhwa
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[notice] ND Entertainment: Note to Overseas Fans

*Andy's digital single will be released on 30 Nov 2007....
A Note to Overseas Fans

Firstly,we thank all the overseas fans for their support.

Right now, Andy is a bag of nerves, preparing for this first solo album. He will be giving his last performance of the musical on this Sunday (2 Dec).

Before that, his digital single will be released on this Friday (30 Nov).
We hope everyone will look forward to his new song.

In addition, we will also be preparing a section named "Andy's Friends" on the official website.

If you belong to any Andy websites, domains or online fanclubs, please let us know your website address. If you could email us the following details - domain address, when the site was started, how many members you have and other relevant details - we will verify the information and provide a link to your site.

Please send your email to the following address before 4 December -

Your support, however little it may be, will be our source of encouragement.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.

Chi trans: 玩偶精灵(悟空)@情投E赫 (
Eng trans: midnightgirl13

[07.11.28][Diary] Junjin, from cn cyworld

Please bring out with full credits only. Thanks.

It's getting colder day by day lately
It's really winter ya..~~ i can feel it now
Currently preparing for the year end concert
Spending everyday hardworkingly
Everybody must take care of your body
And spending everyday happily..

After the last NamJing's activity had ended, i was in the rush going back
So i couldnt stop by and spend with you all..
^^* lets spending warmly during winter season.. ^^*

Cn Trans:ijinmin@bestshinhwa
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

Shinhwa to collect a monthly copyright fee of 50won from SJ & Boom?

The reason why Shinhwa wants to collect a monthly copyright fee of 50won from Super Junior and Boom?

MBC's aired its 200th episode on the 24th, and after Round 1 aired on the 17th with ex-announcer Kang Soo Kyung and gagman Seo Kyung Hee, the second part on the 24th will see Boom and Shinhwa's M Lee Minwoo face off against each other in Round 2.

To complete his mission, Lee Minwoo went to his fellow member Shin Hyesung. When Shin Hyesung asked who his competitor was, Lee Minwoo told him it was Boom. Shin Hyesung immediately imitated Boom's greeting "Boom-ieyo!", and said that "we are the ones who started this (form of greeting)".

Upon hearing this, Lee Minwoo added on, "Super Junior too", and both of them then jokingly said that "Super Junior and Boom should pay us copyright fees. 50won every month".

After Lee Minwoo and Boom, singer Crown J and actress Seo Yoo Jin will take each other on in Round 3, followed by MCs Lee Hyuk Jae and Lee Hyun Ji in Round 4.

Source: oceans
Chi trans: 打糕@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13

"Reunited" Shinhwa recently spending almost every night together

Male group Shinhwa, whose 6 members have been busy with their solo albums, musical and other activities, have been spending every night together recently to start their preparations for the December Asian tour.

According a source close to Shinhwa, Shinhwa's 6 members - Eric, Shin Hyesung, Kim Dongwan, Junjin and Andy - have been rehearsing their singing and dance routines since the middle of November in a studio situated in Seoul's Gangnam area. As everyone had been busy with their solo activities and had not spent time together in a long time, the rehearsals were filled with jokes and laughter, and every night has been a happy night for them.

Among the members, Shin Hyesung, Kim Dongwan and Lee Minwoo have been focusing on their activities as solo singers; Junjin had a busy schedule in China; Andy is still acting in the musical "Music In My Heart; and Eric has been taking a break. Until not long ago, all 6 members were busy with solo projects.

The Shinhwa members have been spending their rehearsals for the Asian tour amidst laughter, and this also means that all the members are finally gathered together after a long time apart.

Shinhwa's rep said, "The 27th happens to be Shin Hyesung's birthday. Today (27th Nov) the members are all rehearsing in the studio, practicing and celebrating Hyesung's birthday at the same time."

In addition, Shinhwa, who will be celebrating their 10th anniversary next spring, will be releasing their "Winter Story 2007" in early December. Their Asian tour will bring them to Nagoya on 6th Dec, then Tokyo on 8-9 Dec and Shanghai on 15th Dec.

Source: oceans
Chi trans: 打�$(D??@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13

Andy Delights Hallyu Fans

Andy of boy group Shinhwa currently appears in the musical "Music in My Heart."
Korea Times By Kwon Mee-yoo
Korea Times Intern

Idol stars are expanding their horizons and Andy of boy band Shinhwa is one of them. But fans, even fans from abroad, remain loyal. About 250 fans from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong gathered at Ja-U Theater, Daehangno in Seoul on Sunday afternoon to see the musical ``Music in My Heart'' starring Lee.

Chiang Pei-hsin, 21, from Taiwan came to Korea on a seven-day trip to see the musical. She highly praised the show saying, ``I came to see Andy, but I got much more than just Andy. The show was very interesting and humorous. The songs were beautiful and all the actors were so good.'' Having first seen Lee in the Korean variety show ``X-Man,'' Chiang is a big fan of Korean television shows.

Sponsored by Seoul Tourism Marketing Division of Seoul Business Agency, ``Music in My Heart'' invited Chinese fans to the show and special fan meeting with Lee. Chinese subtitles were provided to help understanding the storyline of the musical. Lee's new single was also first aired to the public at the fan meeting.

The musical is a romantic comedy about a dumb playwright Min-a who writes scripts with her four imaginary friends. Then she meets handsome, perfect actor-director Jae-hyeok, played by Lee. Premiering in 2005, ``Music in My Heart'' is a hit Korean original musical.

PMC Production, the producers said that in addition to Chinese, many Japanese have seen the performance and Japanese musical companies want to perform ``Music in My Heart'' in Japan. ``This universally understandable love story combined with Lee's ticket power, we think ``Music in My Heart'' could be successful in Japan, too.''

The musical is currently playing at the Ja-U Theater in Daehangno, northern Seoul. Lee will act only until Dec. 2, but the show has an open run.

Visit or call (02) 738-8288 for more information.

After leaving the musical, Lee will release his first solo album and debut as a DJ at Benny Benassi's Party on Dec. 29 at Coex InterContinental Hotel. As well as their personal activities, Shinhwa will reunite in December for concerts in Japan and China and to prepare their ninth album, which is planned for release next March.

creds: korea times +

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[07.11.25][Info] Andy Calender release "The Happiness Image Show"

May bring out with full credits. Do not hotlink. Thanks.

First Section
The first snow had fallen! Rapper Andy?
Andy's singing?
Finally on year 2008
Very First~
Andy's album is going to release.

By using his improvement skills for the musical
Singing in Andy's style.
And also keeping his 10 years position
Position as a Rapper

Singing & Rapping at the same time???

He only wants to produce a happy song
To let the adults and children to be happy
to be lighten up
Even while singing a sad song, he will touched everyone's tears to fall
With the sweet intimate lyrics that would lead goose bump

Listening to the recorded song
It's like a happy dream
The first snow of the year had fallen.

As a memorial for the first snow~
What kind of surprise activity will there be?

Wait til the last day of November!

Be ready for it
for the only hidden song
Do you think we should release it now? (dont you want it?)
Please do look forward onto it!~~

2nd Section DJ ANDY
This is a must task that would do
Along with all the precious friend in the best Party~ Party~~
Bringing out my best dish, listening to my music selection

Thanks for everybody who has been with me
Please do bringing out the same support in year 2008 too!
(although my words are straight forward but it's sweet and i want to send this message out using eye contact actually,

That day
With Andy's

Please do listen it
The music

December 29th! there's already rumours passing around~
This year's last Party.
With the famous & lovable DJ Benny Benassi
Andy will be doing the opening stage performance for the party.
During the recording he was also preparing for the DJ section
Because it's his first time, so he is feeling x100 stress
But Benny Benassi's performance too are x100 anticipates
Andy have to chose a happy song for it

Come~ Let us imaging Andy's DJ appearance~~

Source:ND ENT
Cn Trans:julias@bestshinhwa
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[07.11.26] [Diary] Dongwan,Guma (Sweet Potato)

He always poo on that carpet of mine.
While i'm sleeping.. hhmmpp.. should i lock him up?
When i'm scolding him.. he always look at other place
this guy!..

Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[07.11.27] [Diary] Dongwan - Vocal cords

Another problem cropped up.. ㅜㅜ Acute laryngitis.

Though I'm happy that I met Seon Mi of the Wonder Girls at the ENT department...
Boohoo... -_- Eric scolded me for not attending practice.

But I really can't practice in a place where the carpark is in Basement 2 and the rehearsal studio is in Basement 3...

The sheltered areas don't count...-_-
I'm just like a 쉬리*, I'm a fish that can only survive in first grade water ah..!!
Give me fresh air and Samdasoo* water... Please.. don't give me stale water.. ㅜㅜ
Ah ah~~ my voice sounds really strange... ㅜㅜ
And I still have to do recording... Waaaa...
The photo is a 납량특집* ah ah ah ah ah~~~!

*쉬리 (shiri/swiri) - a freshwater fish found in Korea
*Samdasoo - a brand of mineral water in Korea, originating from Jejudo
*납량특집 (nap ryang teuk jib) - a scary picture

[07.11.27] [Diary] Dongwan - Hyesung-ah,Happy Birthday~!

In the wee hours on the 22nd..

As follows..
We stayed until 6am after the wine party ended on the 21st... Drank soju with Hyesung, Eric, Ahn Young Min..

A very drunk Hyesung walked towards me

Syung - Are you lonely?
Wan - Yeah..why? Introducing someone to me?
Syung - I'm very lonely too....

And he suddenly flagged down a taxi and went home..
Dude.. Why did you ask me that?
Hyesung-ah! Get married quickly!

Source: November21
Chi trans: \x{4e1c}升西落@BestShinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@

[07.11.26] [News] Fans goes to Korea to watch musical, Andy teaches fans sign language

Organized by MG Show & TOP, Shinhwa’s member, Andy meets his Chinese fans for the very 1st time at Seoul University Avenue’s Freedom Theater.

Before the meeting began, Andy presented his fans from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong his latest musical performance《Music in my heart》. Even though the content was being sung in Korean, but the organizers had prepared translations in Mandarin, letting the Chinese fans understood the entire content of the Musical. The performance ended successfully, receiving huge applause from all the fans.

After the musical performance had ended, because there is a small part where Andy did some sign language in the musical, the organizers specially let Andy to invite 3 of his fans to come on stage to learn this sign language from him. The fan who did the best will receive a personal signature picture from Andy. After the fan meet up had ended, Andy took group photos with his fans as remembrance. The event organizers gave the Chinese fans to have close interaction with their beloved singer, letting them experience a special trip that they will remember forever.

source: MY DAILY
Chi Trans: 狐狸雨
Eng trans: blank.autumn

Friday, November 23, 2007

December 29, Andy's DJ debut performance

Holding December 29th, 9pm in Coex Intercontinental Hotel Harmony Volume.

Tickets will start selling at the end of November 2007

Price 55,000won. December ticket selling price will be 65,000won.

Source:Logo & oceans
Cn Trans: shinhwachina

GoodEMG: After reading MKMF-related news...

Hi everyone, this is GoodEMG.

Firstly, many people and fans of Shin Hyesung have expressed their agreement and encouragement towards our standpoint towards MKMF, which was released in a public notice on the 19th. We sincerely thank everyone for their support.

Ever since we released the notice, some of our comments have been misreported in the news, and we would like to take this opportunity to make some clarifications.

Just as mentioned in the notice, MKMF did not send out an invitation to us, thus reports that say that we cancelled just 2 hours before the show seem to imply that we were sabotaging the event on purpose. This is upsetting us greatly. "To truly become a celebration for all musicians, all winners and non-winners alike should attend the event, isn't it?" Towards cruel comments such as these, we will humbly accept them as advice.

But, is this awards ceremony truly a "celebration for all musicians"?

On the afternoon of the 19th, we saw an SG Wannabe-related article with comments such as "making music not to receive awards", and that "awards are for show and are not important". This left us feeling very unhappy.

During the MKMF awards ceremony, MC Shin Dong Yup said that "MKMF is more than an awards ceremony, it's a celebration for all musicians." To the artistes who have put in their best to sing and dance for the audience and fans for the past year, we are sure they will agree and feel very happy to do so.

Thus awards ceremonies are happy occasions where artistes can obtain recognition for the work they have done for the past year, and where they are greeted with applause and well wishes. For the organizers and winners of these award ceremonies, as well as those nominees who give their best wishes and applause, to allow everyone's efforts to be recognized, the system has to be fair and transparent.

If the eventual winners are chosen based on criteria that everyone finds acceptable, all artistes would definitely be willing to join in the celebration.

A certain report pointed out that the moments before the winners were announced were not exciting enough, and scenes of all the nominees being nervous were non-existent. These would be sights that we expect to see at award ceremonies. This only goes to show that only the winners were present, and some nominees weren't even invited. How then can one call this a "celebration for all musicians that is more than just an awards ceremony"?

If this is really a "celebration for musicians", surely all artistes who have released albums and carried out promotional activities should be invited then? And the event would be a lively occasion where everyone is happy since all the artistes are present, shouldn't it be that way?

However, in this case, for nominees who didn't have to perform and didn't win, who actually went? Did the other nominees get official invitations? We feel that this is a case where the nominees who weren't performing and who didn't win were not invited.

This completely destroys the original intention of the "celebration for musicians".

In the news article, SG Wannabe commented that "we should work hard at making music for people to enjoy, and not to make music in order to win awards."

Is the whole point of the discussion about winning awards at all? Right from the beginning, it has been about the unacceptable judging criteria and standards. Just like what SG Wannabe has said, it's about giving a fair judgement to whether or not the standards are accepted by everyone.

The singers caught in the MKMF controversy are from our company, and when they didn't attend the event as they couldn't agree with the judging criteria, they are being accused of absenting themselves as they didn't win. Such accusations make us feel extremely upset. We really hope that these twisted versions of the truth do not become the focus of the whole problem. Just as we hope, for the sake of giving everyone an awards ceremony that everyone can agree with and respect, we request this of everyone once again.

For Shin Hyesung and the fans who love and support his music, they have been hurt by this whole incident. Although our voices of protest may not be very loud, but GoodEMG will carry on and persist in order to rectify the mistakes.

Once again, to everyone, including the fans, who have shown us concern and encouragement, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and we hope that you will continue to support us.

Thank you.

Chi trans: 打糕@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13

Junjin, in beanpole 2008 Summerspring fashion show

May bring out with full credits only. Do not hotlink. Thanks.

On 22nd evening in Shilla hotel 2nd floor hold Cheil Industries Beanpole year 2008 SummerSpring Fashionshow in 'Show Like With Bike' artist JunJin showed his pose.

In this fashionshow, there's beanpole men's、beanpole JEANS、beanpole golf, beanpole kids, beanpole accessories and so on 6 branding in "English Style Preppy" as main concept to release 60 outfit/clothes to reflect a light & seducing feeling. These clothes are mainly in white and gold, with different style of trips and pattten as focus.

Source:Logo above &oceans
Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa, shinhwa,biz

M, DW "to attend year-end events not clashing with Shinhwa concerts

A certain music awards ceremony has been affected rather badly by the absence of some singers. Will the remaining year-end awards ceremonies proceed smoothly?

Stations like KBS, MBC, SBS are likely to preserve the format of last year's awards, but SBS and KBS are considering not to have an awards ceremony, and hold a year-end concert instead.

(non-related content omitted)

M Lee Minwoo and Kim Dongwan who didn't attend the MKMF both have said that it shouldn't be a problem to attend the other events if they don't clash with Shinhwa's overseas concert in mid-December. M Lee Minwoo's management company Open World said,"Technically he should be able to take part in the event and the activities, but due to Shinhwa's overseas concert in mind-December, there may be a clash of schedules of some events.

Kim Dongwan's rep also said that "he will attend all events that don't clash with Shinhwa's concerts."

Source: newsen&dacapo
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwa. biz

The Person Left Behind, Chinese Version

For those who want to listen to Wannie's to the Chinese version of the song

Andy Musical receives support from Korea Tourism

Group SHINHWA member Andy's musical acting in "Music In My Heart" receives support from the Korean Tourism.

Because the overseas fan among the audience crowd to watch Andy's musical had been increasing, the Korean Tourism had spotted the importance as one of the promo of Korea to the foreigners, thus had given in their support over the musical.

Ever since 'Music In My Heart' first performance had started, Fans from Japan Taiwan China and other Asia country came to korea to watch it. Especially on the 25th November there is a group of chinese fans will be coming over to Korea just to watch the performance. For them, the management had prepared a chinese translation to help the chinese fans to understand the musical content and lyrics.

After the day's musical performance had ended, they will even prepared a fanmeeting between them and Andy to thank the fans visiting Korea and to watch him act. Addition, at the end of November Andy will be releasing his first digital single solo track and mv as a surprise planning to everybody.

Andy's last musical performance is on December 2nd 2007.

Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

Shinhwa rapper Andy will release his first digital single at the end

Shinhwa rapper Andy will release his first digital single at the end of this month.

Andy's management agency T.O.P Media said today that, "Andy, who has been known as Shinhwa's rapper since his 1998 debut, will be releasing his first solo digital single as Andy and not as part of Shinhwa."

The agency said, Andy has recently transformed into Jang Jae Hyuk, the male lead of the musical 'Music In My Heart', and is deemed to have great potential as a musical actor. He has been taking vocal lessons and his vocal skills have improved greatly, thus resulting in the release of the solo single.

T.O.P Media also said that "the title of Andy's first single has not been decided yet, but it will be a song that is very suitable for the winter season, and shows off Andy's cheerful and adorable image.

When asked about his feelings about this, Andy said "This is my first time releasing a solo single since my debut 10 years ago, so I'm feeling very emotional and nervous, even more than the time when I made my debut with Shinhwa. After challenging myself in the musical, I hope to challenge myself again with the preparations for the solo album, and I want to show the fans a different side of me."

According to T.O.P Media, after releasing the digital single at the end of this month, there are plans to release his first full album in January next year.

On the other hand, after wrapping up the last performance of his musical on 2 December, Andy will be taking part in Shinhwa's Asian tour as a Shinhwa member, and will be actively involved in Shinhwa's group activities.

Source: joynews24
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13

[07.11.21][news] Kim Dongwan, holding a wine party for the last birthday of his 20s

Singer Kim Dongwan will be holding a wine party to celebrate the last birthday of his 20s with his close friends.

For his birthday on the 21st, Kim Dongwan will be holding a party with his close friends and other celebrity friends in a restaurant in Seoul's Gangnam-gu.

This party will be a gathering from him and his friends to catch with each other. Earlier on the 18th, he had already held a birthday party-cum-fanmeeting with more than 1,200 fans in Seoul.

Kim Dongwan's rep said, "On Dongwan's birthday, he'll be inviting his close friends for a wine party. Although it will be a small party, but he has prepared this so that he can spend his birthday meaningfully with his good friends."

During the fanmeeting, Kim Dongwan also said that he will be concentrating wholeheartedly on his singing activities before enlisting into the army.

Source: starnews&dacapo
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Eng trans: midnightgirl13

[07.11.20] [Diary] Dongwan - It's Dongwan...

Posted on 2007/11/20 2:49:33
By Dongwan

We just had the first snowfall~~~

I took a picture of myself's a mess..-_-
I'm getting more mucus too...

We're going to Japan soon!!
Shinhwa's concert!
I'm really looking forward to it.
And looking forward to my first fanmeeting
Working very hard to prepare for the concert and the fanmeeting~~

Going to Japan reminds me of many things.
Delicious food, 'many people', and beer..^_^
Must have all these

The latest news on x-japan have been released too.

Whether it's a working trip to Japan or as part of Shinhwa's activities, I love travelling.
I'm really very happy ~!

Oh! And sorry to all the fans who came to Korea on the 18th.
Wasn't it cold? Even I'm down with a cold now.
I hope no one caught a cold?
To make it up to you,
Shinhwa's concert will be full of enthusiasm and passion
It will be the same for the first solo fanmeeting

Then, I'll see you in December then~~^0^

PS. I'm working hard on my Japanese now
So that I can sing the songs well.. hahaha..
Hope you understand..!

Source: GOODJP
Chi trans: fairylee@shinhwachina
Eng trans:

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

After Kim Dongwan, announcer Mun Ji Ae grabs Lee Minwoo's attention

*it's probably scripted for laughs...but i can't help feeling terribly jealous of her! first dongwan now minwoo?? enough girl! *

MBC announcer Mun Ji Ae, after being chosen by Kim Dongwan in the Chuseok special , has managed to catch Lee Minwoo's eye as well, thus earning the envy of everyone.

Recently during the recording of MBC's , M Lee Minwoo paid a great deal of attention to Mun Ji Ae. At the same time, Crown J also hinted of his interest in her, and the two men began an interesting battle of wits.

Lee Minwoo first pointed out that 'M' is the first initial of Mun Ji Ae's name, after which Crown J replied, "The 'J' in my name is the first letter of 'Ji Ae'", and continued to ask questions such as "Have you had your meal yet?", showering overwhelming concern on her.

Moreover, whenever Kim Hong Kook was going to hit Mun Ji Ae, Crown J would intervene and ask "Why do you do that for?". After that he even passed her his handphone and got her contact number.

While Crown J was getting Mun Ji Ae's contact number, Lee Minwoo remained unexpectedly calm. It turns out that the number that Crown J got was Minwoo's number.

Mun Ji Ae was extremely shy while dealing with the two guys, and the whole recording studio was filled with romantic vibes.

This episode will be broadcast on Friday afternoon, 23 Nov, featuring guests Lee Minwoo, Crown J and Bae Seul Ki.

Source: osen & oceans
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Eng trans: midnightgirl13
To Kim Dongwan-shi

myspace comments

My wish for you
More eComments

myspace comments

My Birthday greet for you
More eComments

myspace comments

Though I want to go there to send you the cake i baked for you
More eComments

myspace comments
I will just be sending you this Virtual hug
More eComments

myspace comments
You have always been special not just to me but to everyone else

myspace comments

Again Happy Birthday To you!
More eComments

[07.11.20] [Diary] Dongwan, First Snow

Hu~ First snow had fall..
Although compare it to the snow this one looks more like a rain snow... but then it still can be step onto...
Uses tripod to take it.. Hahaha~~ Footprints Photos Catcha!

Ah! Because due to the over limit problem i was cleaning up the picture, and i deleted them all off...
Just like there's time that you would want to throw something out of the house..
This example looks weird.. no matter how..
That is. When i see what i had written in the past, i just felt that i'm weird..
So i deleted them off.

There wont be any limit problem in the future, will be using the TAG system~
Good night!

Cn Trans:打糕@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa, shinhwa

[07.11.20] [Diary] Dongwan, Test..


Cn Trans:打糕@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[07.11.19] [Diary] Dongwan, fanmeeting.... Nov 19, '07 7:56 AM

Translator's Note: Dongwan deleted his previous diary entry and written this.

Had a late meeting with the staff.
For the fan meeting activity, it's not right to greed.
And i think i had a little greediness towards it.

Firstly, thanks to the fans who filled up the hall watching the unperfect performance.
No matter how, because i'm SHINHWA, because it's your favourite Shinhwa member activity,
all the Staff who given up your precious time for today, really really thank you all..

And the sound system was bad but the fans on the 2nd floor persisting it till the end of the fan meeting, thank you!

Although the activities today was not smooth, but looking it back again~~ㅎㅎ This is the attraction & charm of a fan meeting!

p.s no matter how don't upload the piano performance clip..!! -_-*
I wont repeat what i said...

Source:november & oceans
Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[07.11.19] [News] Dongwan, "Enlisting as a public welfare service member"

Kim Dongwan expressed before his enlistment he will focus on his singer activities.

On 19th Nov aftenoon 4pm in Dongwan's birthday party cum solo fanmeeting, he talked about his planning before the enlistment.

Kim Dongwan at the end of the party expressed, "I will enlist as a public welfare service staff. Before my enlistment i would only want to focus on my singing career." Although there is no certain of his enlistment date, but hinting the fans that he will soon be enlisting.

2007 May, Dongwan had received information and notice of enlistment letter, he will be enlisting at the end of summer or during the autumn period.

Jang Woo Hyuk, Kim Jongmin, Kim Taewoo and so on artist/actor had enlisted, Gong Yu, Eric, Minwoo too will be facing the enlisting fact.

Cn Trans:打糕@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[07.11.19] [News] Dongwan, "Thanks to fans who love 'Handkerchief'"

On afternoon 4pm of November 18th in Kwangyun University hold Kim Dongwan's 29th birthday party cum first solo fan meeting. Kim Dongwan expresses his repay to his fans of the gratefulness through this day.

Kim Dongwan buddy PHRYME was the MC of the fanmeeting, there were lots of activities going on thus had made the fans went back filled with happiness. Although within the SHINHWA member only Junjin appeard in the fanmeeting, Junjin performed 2 songs to congratulate Dongwan's birthday and to cover over for the members who didn't came.

Kim Dongwan's birthday party gotten the Hanryu related press and China, Japanese fans to participate. Kim Dongwan in the fanmeeting even present out his self spokesman of product DEATS to the fans, made the fans felt warm and cozy in heart.

Addition, Dongwan even perform his solo debut song title "Handkerchief" to the fans to repay everything they had done for him.

Source: Seoul Sports &oceans
Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[07.11.19] [News] Dongwan, last 20s birthday, "Glad to have solo fanmeeting"

Kim Dongwan hold his last 20s birthday party cum first solo fanmeeting, he felt happy.

On afternoon 4pm on November 18th in KwangYun University hold Kim Dongwan's 29th birthday party cum first solo fan meeting, SHINHWA member Junjin, MC Mong & 1200 fans came and the activity last about 3 hours 30minutes in total.

Kim Dongwan went to the stage under the fan's screaming/cheering and he express "Because it's not SHINHWA fanmeeting, it's KIM DONGWAN solo fanmeeting, so i thought there wont be much people coming, thank you everybody for giving me such support, i'm feeling very happy, thank you." showing his gratefulness through speech, then he uses japanese, chinese and so on language to thank the fan, an extra surprise to the fans towards his talent.

On the day's activity because due to it's birthday party cum fanmeeting, so there were lots of performance and so on programme going on in the hall. Cakes, presents opening, guest performance, fan's Q&A, and there's also memorial of Kim Dongwan during his period from SHINHWA debut to SOLO debut, reading out loud the fan's congratulate letters, and fan's performance 'to make Dongwan smile', Camp story from fans who went to Jeju island with him and so on program.

Within the conversation with the fans, he express that his opponents in the showbiz are "Artist will be Shin Hyesung, Music falls on the Big Bang, Outlook will be Lee Seungki, the most important is i have to exceed Shin Hyesung with my 2nd album" and burst into laughters. "I'm serious, at least i want to have a relationship with people i know more than 6 months." speaking it out frankly.

Then, during the presents opening session, Kim Dongwan had show his Wine Maria's wine fridge. Junjin who came to the party 5 minutes later present him a metronome to strengthen dongwan's turning from singer to pianist musical piece later on.

Addition, Guest MC Mong & Heo In Chang sang "Sam Chong Sa" with Dongwan which recorded in his first album. Junjin also brought his solo performance and dance. Addition, Kim Dongwan repay the fan's wishes with playing a piano piece and sang a pop song "If I Ain't Got You".

Cn Trans:打糕@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

Open World: MKMF results show difference in #1 and award winner

Translator's Note: *alright the chinese translated article looked a little messy, i can barely understand what they're trying to there may be discrepancies here and there*

"Winning the award or not, that is not the problem."

With regards to Lee Minwoo's absence and other related issues from the 2007 Mnet Km Music Festival, his management company has made their stand clear via a press release.

A representative from Lee Minwoo's management company Open World Entertainment, Jang Hee Woo made these comments in an interview at Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul's Nonhyun-dong.

Open World expressed that the crux of the problem lies within the questionable judging standards when selecting the award winner. This is especially so, after Open World received the relevant data for the award winner selection from MKMF officials.

Today, Open World Entertainment said, "Today we received the data from MKMF and after analyzing the results of the data, the #1 rank holder and the eventual winner for the Dance category are different."

According to the data, "After the consolidation of the objective elements such as internet downloads and album sales, Lee Minwoo was ranked #1, Super Junior at #2, Ivy at #3 and CSJH The Grace at #4. However, after taking into account MNet's broadcast frequency, surveys of music interests and other subjective elements, the ranking was reversed."

And looking at the data, CSJH The Grace, the winner of the Dance Award, wasn't ranked at #1.

Representative Jang said, "Today we received the details of the winners, and we asked for the reason why he didn't appear on the list of winners even though he ranked #1 on all the objective criteria. We were told that this was a management decision."

After this, Rep Jang expressed his regrets, "If Lee Minwoo was hung up over the award, he wouldn't have gone on with the preparations for the performance. He went ahead with the rehearsal and specially made arrangements to borrow a car for the red carpet event, but he didn't expect the winners list to be changed thus it was hard for him to hide his displeasure. If we were to proceed as planned, even if he didn't win the award he should have been standing on stage anyway. They didn't stick to this plan."

Originally slated for a performance at the MKMF awards on 17th Nov, Lee Minwoo completed all the rehearsals but did not participate in the end.

Source: OCEAN
Chi trans: 东升西落@BestShinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@

[07.11.19] [notice] GoodEMG's standpoint towards MKMF

Translator's Note: *this is one long press release they have... i wish they were more to the point like m rising LOL*

Hello everyone, this is GoodEMG.

Firstly, with regards to Shin Hyesung's absence at the MNet/KM Music Festival held at Jamshil Indoor Stadium on the 17th, many people have expressed concern as well as consolation. We truly thank everyone for this.

Also, to all the fans who showed their support via the online voting and who were expecting Hyesung's performance, we once again express our deepest apologies. And to all the questions that fans had asked, we were very late with our replies, we apologise for this as well.

We sincerely congratulate all the winners of the MKMF Awards, and also to all the fans whose favourite singers and groups. Our standpoint is not to slander these winners, but we would like to get the correct understanding of the awards system. We hope for everyone's kind understanding on this matter.

An awards ceremony should be a celebration for artistes who have worked hard on stage for the whole year and for the fans who support them; it should be a happy occasion for artistes, who have put in all their efforts, where their work is recognized through applause and well wishes. This is our opinion.

Thus, this is not because of any personal issues between our company and the relevant personnel, but it's becuase we want to reach an understanding with the organizers with regards to the results and avoid hurting any innocent victims. We feel that we have the responsibility and duty to ensure that fair judging standards are in place so that the people who have worked hard for the whole year are fairly rewarded.

However, with regards to the MKMF awards this year, the judging methods and criteria, and the final results seem to be very confusing. With regards to these doubts, we sincerely hope that the organizers can step up and make a responsible clarification, and give all the artistes an awards ceremony that they can concur on and justify.

We are worried that everyone will misunderstand that we are only questioning the standards because we didn't win the awards.

Nevertheless, we have gone ahead to reflect our views towards the judging criteria and standards of the MKMF awards in many discussions and reports. This is because this has greatly hurt Shin Hyesung, who has put in his all for the past year. We can understand his frustration and grievances, therefore we have picked up courage to say all these.

A certain media report has pointed out that, for the Netizen Popularity Awards which is purely decided by the online votes, the final results showed that Shin Hyesung won the online poll with 28.1% of the votes, but he was not given the award.

If the MKMF organizers are saying that absentees will not be given awards, how do they then explain Shinhwa's Overseas Viewers Award and Ivy's Best Solo Female Singer Award? Because the MKMF organizers had earlier expressed that if Ivy was chosen as the winner, she would still be given the award even if she wasn't present.

In addition, what happened to the Auction Style Award that Lee Minwoo was very likely to win? As everyone knows, that award was not given out at all. Could it be that the organizers cancelled the award on the day itself? If so, how are you going to account to all the netizens who voted in this poll?

In particular for the other awards, Shin Hyesung was also nominated for five other awards such as Best Male Singer and Best Ballad. We can easily see the results of the online voting on the MKMF official website that he was ranked #1.

With regards to this, MKMF organizers said that the the judging criteria is as follows: public voting (20%), professional panel of judges (20%), professional research institutes (20%), album sales (10%), integrated digital chart (20%), and a panel made up of MNet and KM producers (10%). From here, we can see that the objective criteria would be album sales and public voting. We are confident to say that Shin Hyesung definitely does not lag behind the other winnders on the integrated digital chart, thus we find it very difficult to agree with MKMF's judging criteria. We believe that MKMF organizers need to disclose the relevant data on this.

Before this, the statistics of the integrated digital chart was also questioned in a certain report. Are the figures are calculated according to's own standards or did they take into account the sales from major online music retailers such as Bugs, Soribada, Melon? This leaves us all with many doubts.

Perhaps, has calculated the figures based on their own guidelines, if so, isn't that the cause of all the doubts surrounding the fairness of the system?

Moreover, we are unable to objectively ascertain the decisions of the professional research institutes, the professional panel of judges and the producers panel. We also can't ascertain how the final winners were finally selected. If these are indeed the standards which MKMF organizers used to decide the winners, they will need to disclose the relevant information.

If MKMF organizers can prove that the results are based on standards that we find acceptable, and give a reasonable clarification that the results are indeed what we and the fans find fair and correct, we will acknowledge those results and make an apology. However, if everyone finds the criteria questionable, we urge the MKMF organizers to make an apology and give out the awards more fairly.

Lastly, some news reports have reported "sudden cancellations just before MKMF awards ceremony",we have to let everyone know that this is absolutely untrue.

Initially, though we were nominated for five awards including Best Male Singer and Best Ballad, MKMF organizers did not send out official invitations to us, thus we couldn't announce any notice of participation in the MKMF awards ceremony. The reports, which said that Shin Hyesung wanted to sabotage the event by only announcing his non-participation one hour before the event, are totally untrue. This we need to let everyone know.

We have stood up to the television stations with our little voices of protests, and in order not to let the situation worsen, we hope that everyone who loves Shin Hyesung, loves music can give us all your attention and support. If we don't resolve the issues this time round, the awards ceremony next year will still suffer from credibility issues, resulting in some artistes becoming innocent victims. There will still be artistes who are upset with these unacceptable standards, thus we are saying this to everyone from the bottom of our hearts.

Also, although there may be some difficult situations arising from this incident, GoodEMG and Shin Hyesung will push forward with the 2nd album and Shinhwa's activities. We will show everyone how hard we work. Most importantly, we want to express our deepest apologies to the confused fans and affected parties. In order to present a even better image to everyone, we promise to work even harder.

Chi trans: 打糕@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13

[07.11.18] [News] Problems abound at 1st awards show of the year MKMF

The 2007 Mnet KM Music Festival awards ceremony, which rounds up the most popular music and artists of the year, is once again being criticized for the fairness of their awards system, and the absence of artistes.

The 9th MKMF awards was broadcast live from Seoul's Jamshil Indoor Stadium, with the broadcast lasting 4 hours.

However, before the ceremony commenced, singers Shin Hyesung and Lee Minwoo announced that they would not be attending, causing problems to the programme schedule and lineup. Shin Hyesung and Lee Minwoo questioned the fairness of the awards system via their respective management companies, and announced their non-participation approximately 1 hour before the show. Lee Minwoo had even completed all the rehearsals but chose to cancel the performance and leave the venue, as a result this caused some problems to Park Jin Young's comeback stage.

Initially Lee Minwoo planned to join in Park Jin Young's comeback stage "JYP Is Back" to perform "She's Pretty" together, however he cancelled this segment eventually. Thus, Fly To The Sky who planned to perform "Don't Leave Me" couldn't perform as well. The original plan was to have Lee Minwoo and Fly To The Sky perform on each side of Park Jin Young, but to have only one group to perform on one side would make the entire performance look strange.

Due to the sudden cancellations, the awards presenters themselves got confused too.

The Auction Netizen Popularity Award, which is based on 100% of online voting, was awarded to Super Junior instead of Shin Hyesung who ranked #1 in the poll. When the poll closed at 5pm on 16 Nov, Shin Hyesung was leading at #1.

The same thing happened for Lee Minwoo. He had initially ranked #1 for the Auction Style Award but the award wasn't presented at all during the ceremony.

Source: oceans
Chi trans: 打糕@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13 @

Sunday, November 18, 2007

‘HAPPY 2008 WITH ANDY’ Calender release

‘HAPPY 2008 WITH ANDY’ Calender release

May bring out with full credits only. Thanks

365 Everyday, ANDY makes you “HAPPY”

Hi everyone, this is from ND Entertainment
There's only a month left for year 2007, how is everybody doing?
For the happiness of year 2008, we had release an Andy calender with different of his image
"Happy 2008 With Andy", will be release on Nov 23rd.

Andy had set up a fairytale like of December Happiness, & to suit with the season's atmosphere.
The speciality is, besides than his good looking image
There is too pictures of Andy's gaming/playing pose & extraordinary expression
And this calender will be bigger than the normal size calender
Too had highlighted the Public holidays, Andy's birthday, Shinhwa's 10 years anniversary date too.

On November 23rd the product will be release through net evenif(,
And you could also purchase it on November 23rd to December 2nd in Andy's Music In My Heart musical theater (according to the musical schedule days, 11/23, 11/25, 11/27, 11/30, 12/2, Total of 5 days purchase)

Wait! As for the celebration of "Happy 2008 With Andy" calender release
On November 20th til December 29th, every tuesday and friday on the main site (NDentertainment official web)
We will be revealing Andy 2008's 12 months of designs, 12 type of "Happiness of imaginary Show."

Thank you.

ANDY’s New Photo Desk Calendar

Cn Trans:打糕@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[07.11.17] [Diary] Dongwan, back to recording once more

May bring out with full credits only. Do not hotlink. Thanks.

From last Wednesday we had started the recording...
Although recording session is a happy work, but if it's a rush due it will be tough.

No matter it's singing or acting, if that person does not experience such then it wont be touching enough for people.

Seeing the kids singing well could only feel it's a miracle, maybe due to this reason...
I came over to American Idol singing "Paul Potts" song... although it's not as good as Luciano Pavarotti.

But when i was googling over Paul Potts video clip i felt move when i listen to his songs once more...

And with his poor/painful background and he had by chance to make his dream come true and with all those progression that he had to deal with... it was double being moved (touching)...

Composer and Performance could not possibly create a 100% fiction production. They put in all the broken pieces of memory together into text and through acting and songs to express it out...

Maybe. This album i had totally dig out all my memories to work...
Maybe.. there's nothing...

After next year's activity had ended. I will share lots of stories to people. Listen a little more, watch a little more, because at least i am a person who is something to you all. So i must gather up all the broken memory pieces and shot it all out and share it with all of the people..

This album production is making me feeling unsecure.. Tired DONGWANNIE..

Source: november21
Cn Trans: 米饭小团子 & chouszesze @ Bestshinhwa
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

SHINHWA solo activities members wont be attending

Do not hotlink. May bring out with full credits only. Thanks.

Lee Minwoo, Shin Hyesung had announced they won't be attending MKMF, Dongwan too will not be there.

This year being as solo artist activities, SHINHWA member Lee Minwoo, Shin Hyesung on 17th November an hour before MKMF award starts, suddenly they announced they wont be attending.

Addition, through "Handkerchief" receives solo success, and with Hyesung being nominated in the male artist awards, Kim Dongwan too will not be attending MKMF.

But his situation were different than Minwoo & Hyesung. A month ago, Dongwan did not receive any invitation from the organizer of MKMF and he was busy preparing for his Nov 18 Birthday Party, he rejected on the invitation.

On the 17th news stated, "Did not receive any invitation from MKMF" & "Birthday gathering preparation and so on schedule i had to work on, so i could attend as i wanted to."

At the other hand, SHINHWA member Lee Minwoo on today's 5:35pm had announced of his misappearance in MKMF, Shin Hyesung too announced he won't be attending the award ceremony too.

Through this year's solo artist activity within SHINHWA there are only 3 members, they receive good responses on the voting and took the no.1 spot honourly.

MKMF will be broadcast live on November 17th 7pm.

Cn Trans:emmaxu1985@bestshinhwa
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

Eric, Dongwan, next year March their last concert in Seoul

May bring out with full credits only. Do not hotlink. Thanks

Korean local most longevity group SHINHWA member Kim Dongwan & Eric will be entering the army enlistment next year.

One of the related staff of Shinhwa express, "Kim Dongwan & Eric must enter the army next year. After them, the rest of the members too will be enlisting." According to what had been told, next year March concert in Seoul will be Shinhwa's last schedule and all the activities will stop.

From Dongwan & Eric as the first 2 members to serve the military service, there will be a difficulty for the members to gather again and be active.

Before next year march Seoul Concert, SHINHWA will be holding an Asia Tour concert on December. Because of the army enlistment, there will be a gap of 4 years for the members not being together. So this Asia Tour Concert might be their last performance.

After they had release their 8jib last year and hold an Asia Tour concert, SHINHWA will be releasing their 'Winter Story 2007' on coming December 16th. And on this day they will hold a concert in Japan Nagoya as a starting stop of their Asia Tour. Then on the 8th & 9th December in Tokyo Saitama, On the 15th in Shanghai, China.

They will also be releasing their 9th jib as their 10 years anniversary memorial album.

SHINHWA management company GOODEMG Mr. Park express, "Next year some of the member will be enlisting to their army, so this will become an unforgettable year for the fans and so as to the members."

Addition, on the coming December 6th, SHINHWA overseas concert are being manage by GOODEMG & OPEN WORLD ENTERTAINMENT.

Source: oceans
Cn Trans: 打糕@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

Lee Minwoo OpenWorldEnt. Notice, Detailed Explanation/Reason behind MKMF

11/17 Open World Entertainment's Explanation

Date: 2007-11-17 PM9:11:00
Title: We Apologise to the Fans for the Cancellation of MKMF.

Hello. This is Open World Entertainment.

We are very apologetic to have given disappointment to all the fans in regards to the 2007 Mnet KM Music Festival. We ask for as much understanding as your support for M Lee Minwoo.

As released into the press by Open World Entertainment - the managers of Lee Minwoo's management - due to many aspects of the awards that we could not consent to, performance and appearances for the MKMF were cancelled.

The biggest reason behind the cancelled appearances at the 2007 MKMF was problems with fairness. Furthermore, we realised that we were being treated as simply supporting acts.

As all you fans would know, has Lee Minwoo ever worked in music for the purpose of winning awards? Lee Minwoo is not one that puts life or death on a single trophy but an artist that truly loves music.

If it was you, if the person you loved had their heart ache and hurt, what would you do?

Just as all you fans care for and love Lee Minwoo, so too does Open World Entertainment and our hearts cherish and want to protect him.

Going beyond the awards selection for this years MKMF, we felt there were no criteria or standards. Album sales, online & mobile voting, online recognition, online sales - we were lacking in none of these areas. It is not even known what music sites or standards make up a 'combined digital chart' ranking.

The largest site with the most online members and users, Soribada, had Lee Minwoo's 3rd album title song and follow-up single both stay on the top of Soribada charts for 3 months. Furthermore, Lee Minwoo was the first ever artist to have 2 songs from one album reach the top 10 at the same time.

On the other hand, Melon and have complete monopolies on the promotion of SK, Seoul Records and CJ Entertainment artists only. This factor we are sure you all will know well through the media and the internet. As a result, it is impossible to see any fairness in a chart that gives its own managed artists priority.

So which chart looks most accurate to you?

We do not deem who receives the awards important. However it was impossible not to question the criteria of judging, and till rehearsal day, MKMF failed to give an explanation to the nature of the judging process and so, even with Park Jin Youngs comeback stage imminent, we had no choice but to walk away.

After releasing his 3rd album, for almost 4 months, seeing Lee Minwoo staying up all night to create better stages, performances and music and working harder than ever before, it got to the stage where we were watching in pity.

We are not trying to be satisfied with a result. It is more that our pride has been hurt in the process of Lee Minwoo's neverending effort and challenges.

We feel very apologetic that we could not participate in a place to celebrate the hard work of a singer together with the fans.

Open World Entertainment will continue to work harder in order to help Lee Minwoo greet the fans with a greater self.

This decision to cancel the performance and appearance was more Open World Entertainments decision rather than Lee Minwoo's in order to protect and take responsibility over our artist, so please take this into consideration.

Once again we sincerely extend our apologies to the fans for this matter.

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Shinhwa, unite and reject the award

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LeeMinWoo & ShinHyeSung announce on their cancellation towards the MKMF ceremony, SHINHWA was being awarded as the Overseas Viewer Award but no come came forward to receive the award, because all of the members didnt not attend, so the award giving too was not presented.

On this day's award, non of the solo members win but except SHINHWA.

Although within the SHINHWA members, Shinhyesung, Leeminwoo, Kimdongwan were being nominated but no one came for the ceremony. Thus had made the audience sight.

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Lee Minwoo & Shin Hyesung, Cancel MKMF Appearances

The reason behind singer Lee Minwoo's last minute cancellation of the '2007 MNET KM Music Video Festival (MKMF) is creating much shockwaves and controversy.

Lee Minwoo and Shin Hyesung who were originally slated to appear at the MKMF on the 17th from 7pm, both cancelled their appearances a mere one hour before the event began.

Lee Minwoo in particular, who had even completed all rehearsals and preparation, suddenly pulled out around 5pm.

A source from Lee Minwoo's management announced, "There were certain aspects of the MKMF awards that were difficult to comprehend and inevitably, appearances were cancelled. The situation was that we had completed all rehearsals but to suddenly cancel, we feel apologetic. We sincerely apologise to all the fans that had looked forward to a good performance."

Furthermore, on the reason behind the cancelled appearances, management showed their disappointment and explained, "The decision was made due to the selection criteria for the award recipents not meeting credible standards."

Similiarly, Shin Hyesung's management announced, "Unfortunately we came to the decision to leave at around 5pm. We apologise to the fans who looked forward to great performances. We will endeavour to reveal the reasons behind the cancellations at a later date."

As a result, it is expected that the MKMF will be subject to much scrutiny with two artists pulling out before the event even began.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

HeJie: "Dongwan prepared bibimbap for me and it touches my heart"

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Hejie with Shinhwa member Kimdongwan's MV Shooting

Towards there's rumours being reported that HeJie & KimDongWan due to the shooting of her new song [Love Side] they had develope an inner relationship, yesterday (13th) a report contact HeJie who is currently is shooting for an adverstisement in HongKon and she express that they went out for a meal together once and KimDongWan help her to mix up her bowl of bibimbap and at that very moment his serious manner and careness had touches her heart.

And when the reporter mention that shinhwa will be holding a concert in shanghai on the coming month, HeJie on the phone ask for the concert date and express that if she does not have any schedule on that day she will attend the concert as a fans.

During her album release period there were already rumours spreading around, due to it is 'worthful' to be a rumour, HeJie only laugh on the phone and express that after her 'Superwoman' performance til now she has been having lots of rumours spreading nonstop, "When the reporters ask me how do i feel working with KimDongWan, i just told them how i feel that's all." HeJie express, when she meet dongwan for the first time, besides than thinking of him is better looking in real person than on tv, she also realise that he's an easy going man, "He's very gentlemen. The most touching part is he even purposely went to learn some chinese, even the song [Love Side] lyrics he went to find someone to help him translate it into Korean, he said that after knowing what it is about in the lyric then he could only know how to fit into the shooting atmosphere."

HeJie express that personally behind the scene, DongWan is like a big brother to her, "When we went to have some korean meals together, he even help me on my bibimbap, it just feels very caring." reporter ask whether will there be another step of progression within their relationship, HeJie exclaim "He is just like a brother to me, a Senior. When he dance he could still be so good looking, and i have alot of things more to learn too!" HeJie express that he likes a reponsible, filial, humour, skillful and good body building guy, and the report suspeciously thinking over her ideal man which just fits on KimDongWan! HeJie laugh and said "Just let come naturally."

Source: 东方早报 , 163 & shinhwachina
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[07.11.14][diary] Kim Dongwan: Thank You (November21)

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Kim Dongwan will have his first solo birthday party in 9 years

Currently in the midst of his solo activities for "Because It's My Fault", Shinhwa's Kim Dongwan will be holding his solo birthday party with fans for the first time in 9 years since his debut.

At 4pm on 18th Nov, Kim Dongwan will be holding his birthday party titled "DW's Special Day" at Seoul's Kwang Yoon University. This is Kim Dongwan's last birthday party for his 20s, thus it's especially meaningful for Dongwan himself and his fans.

Besides the Korean fans, more than 1200 fans from countries such as Japan and China have registered for the party. This makes it one of the birthday parties with the highest attendance amoung all the Shinhwa members all these years.

The first 1000 tickets were up for grabs on 29th October via Gmarket, and were all snapped up within the first 10 minutes, clearly displaying the fans' support and passion. Due to the fans' "protests" for more seats to be added, the planning team decided to increase the number of places, which are available right now.

On the day of the party itself, Dongwan will recap, with the fans, all the activities and footage of Dongwan for the past 9 years. In addition, the segment "Kim Dongwan Wants To Know" will also showcase all the sides of Dongwan that everyone has and hasn't seen. There also also be surprise guests and surprise programmes.

Currently busy with his follow-up single "Because It's My Fault", Kim Dongwan is also busy preparing for the Shinhwa concerts to be held in Japan and China.

Source: starnews & oceans
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Shinhwa will hold their last concert in March 08 before enlistment

The longest-running Korean pop group Shinhwa will begin their Asian tour in December. Shinhwa, who released their 8th album and completed their Asian tour last year, will be releasing their single album "Winter Story 2007" on 6th December. In addition they will also be kicking off yet another Asian tour in Nagoya, after which they'll be having concerts in Saitama from 8th and 9th December and in Shanghai on 15th December.

Shinhwa's management agency GoodEMG ended Shinhwa's 8th album Asian tour in September 2006 with "Shinhwa, 2006 Japan Tour Inspiration #1 In Osaka". This will be the next tour activity for Shinhwa after a 15 month hiatus. At the concert they will also be showcasing all the songs on the Winter Story album.

After this, Shinhwa will be releasing their 9th album to commemorate their 10th anniversary, and will also be holding a concert in Seoul. GoodEMG's Park Kwon Young said, "Shinhwa is the only group to not have any member changed and with all members having their own successful solo careers. The 10th anniversary is especially meaningful for them, thus Shinhwa will be holding an event for all the Asian fans who have supported and loved them since their debut."

He also said, "Next year, some of the members will be enlisting for the army, and thus whether it's to the members themselves or the fans, 2008 will be an unforgettable year.

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[Notice] Shin HyeSung Encore concert successfully ended!

Hi everybody,
This is from goodemg

On November 11th, receiving the fans' passionate support
ShinHyeSung ssi's Encor Concert "The Beginning, New Days... verse 2" successfully ended.

About 2 hours and 30mins of performance, the fans who had been giving big support to Shin Hye Sung Ssi, we sincerely would like to thank you all, And also guest who participated/attend to the concert M, SunMin and too Wonder girls, Rimind... thank you.

In the future, ShinHyeSung Ssi will bring his song title "Evin if forget, throw away, forget... " and "Shinhwa Winter Story 2007" & "Shinhwa 2007 Shanghai/Japan Concert" and so on activities to everybody, hope the fans will keep giving lots/nonstop of support and love.

Lastly, please do give an applause to Shin HyeSung Ssi who has been working hard and doing well handsomely on the stage.

Thank you.

Source: goodemg
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Shin Hyesung's duet with the Wonder Girls

Currently the most popular female idol group Wonder Girls and a member from the most popular male idol group have met.

At Shin Hyesung's solo concert held on 11th Nov, the Wonder Girls were invited as special guests. As the "special guests" were made known before the concert, this became the most anticipated highlight of the evening - which was Shin Hyesung learning the "Tell Me" dance and performing on the same stage as the Wonder Girls.

Fans from Japan, China, Taiwan and other Asian countries were there together with the Korean fans to participate in this encore to the summer concert. All of them were looking forward to the many highlights during the concert.

In the first concert, Hyesung formed a temporary duo, "The Birds", with fellow Shinhwa member Junjin, sparking off a great response. This time round, he formed "Minsung" with Lee Minwoo, performing a duet.

In addition acapella group Remind and the powerful new singer Seon Min also performed during the concert.

However, it was Hyesung's performance with the Wonder Girls that garnered the most passionate support. As the intro to "Tell Me" (the biggest song for the 2nd half of 2007) played, the 5 members of the Wonder Girls started their performance. Once they finished, Hyesung who was wearing a ruffled shirt made his entrance, joining them for the "Tell Me" dance.

Apparently it wasn't only the fans who gathered in front of the stage, even the staff members also congregated near the stage, clearly showing the popularity of the Wonder Girls.

After the show, Hyesung said, "Eric came to see the Wonder Girls, and Minwoo hung around even after his performance."

Although the Wonder Girls were a little nervous, making a few mistakes during their performance and dance (as this was their first performance at a concert), it also brought laughter to the fans.

In addition, after the performance with the Wonder Girls, Hyesung also performed the trot song "Goodbye Bridge" from the film "Highway Star".

After two successful solo concerts, the next projects for Shin Hyesung will be Shinhwa's single album to be released on 6th Dec and the two Shinhwa concerts in Japan.

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Minwoo, "Shinhwa hostel became independant due to DongWan"

Shinhwa LeeMinWoo through the broadcast he reveal the reason why shinhwa hostel become independent.

During the SBS YSMM recording, Minwoo express "We become independent out from the shinhwa hostel is because of KimDongWan."

Minwoo talk about the topic 'Without lovers & Family, the true reason of being alone is?' and he express, "Last time due to the shinhwa activities all of the member stay in a hostel together, and dongwan was the first person to be independent out from the hostel."

Then minwoo said that is due to DongWan's sensitiveness.

He explain during the shinhwa activities, they could only work in composing at the night time, "No matter how soft is the voice in the headphone you are wearing, dongwan who is just staying at the next room is so sensitive that he could still hear the noise, and he will said "go sleep", then in the end he had made his decision to move out."

Minwoo said "Although we had thought of moving out and it had became true, but we still miss the time of living under the same roof together."

Addion, minwoo even reveal some funny stories happen in the shinhwa hostel.
Please do stay tune on the november 12th broadcast of YSMM.

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Minwoo "Hyesung's leg is like a pepero"

On November 11th evening, Shin Hyesung hold his 2nd concert "First Beginning, New Days... Verse 2". Invited guest Minwoo joked that Hyesung's leg is like a 'peppero stick'.

Fans who attend the concert are in total of nearly 5000 people, besides the korean press, press from China, Japan, Thailand and so on country came to the concert.

Source:sports donga & oceans
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Minwoo is trying to say that Hyesung's leg is too a pepero stick that slim..

Hyesung's 2nd solo concert, Asia fans sent bouquet of flowers

Shinhwa member Shin Hyesung 2nd solo concert, Asia forum fans donate to help the unfortunate and send bouquet of flowers to congratulate.

November 11th 6pm evening, to repay the success of his first solo concert which was hold in Korea & Japan during august, he specially hold "Shin Hyesung First Tour The Beginning, New Days Version 2" concert, and appeard many bouquet of congratulate flowers from the asia fans. Just like what the fans did for the august concert too, they donate grains to Dreame to help the unfortunate people.

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Shinhyesung management company GOODEMG express "Shinhwachina, S.C.IC in china, Korea SyungIn, Shinhwa Indonesia, Hyesung world in Taiwan, My Hero in Japan and so on fanclub help the unfortunate child on by sending food to them."

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