Thursday, November 30, 2006

Eric received a proposal to play a leading role in Movie "Iron Man"

Hollywood gave a "love call" to Eric.
Recently CAA(Creative Artists AGency) gave a proposal Eric to play a leading role in Hollywood blockbuster movie "Iron Man".

A Korean agent of CAA informed that CAA gave the proposal to Eric for his fluent English and strong charisma.

"Iron Man" should be a action blockbuster movie which will be produced by Marvel Studio, the producer of "Super Man" and "Spider Man"
in 2007 at cost of 100 Million U$. The shooting would start in Feb., 2007.
Staff of Eric informed that negotiations are under way with care.

CAA , the management company of Hollywood Top star like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, has been known to Korea as a management company of Kim Yunjin who made successful debut in Hollywood through ABC TV series "Lost".

credits: erimania of soompi

Andy Becomes Ambassador for High Blood Pressure Week

Shinhwa member Andy has been chosen as ambassador for the '6th Annual High Blood Pressure Week’, which is sponsored by Korea’s High Blood Pressure Academic Society, changing to become a guardian for national health.

Andy at 2pm on December the 1st will attend the commemoration ceremony held in Seoul and be given the ambassador's plaque.

To this, Andy expressed his thought by saying, “Being an ambassador for the High Blood Pressure Week and to raise awareness in high blood pressure treatment is something that requires a long period of time and not just one week, it also comes from maintaining and caring for your health. For this, I will do all that I can. Hope everyone can take care and support this."

Currently as SBS's MC for 'Inkigayo', Andy has also been attending variety shows like SBS's 'Good Sunday', obtaining a favourable response from viewers.

Credits: (eng translation),
jojoyu7@shinhwachina (cn translation), (source).

11/29[news]Eric will star in "Winter Story"Music Drama

Eric would starr in a music drama called Winter Story.

The shooting has been made in Nov. 27 -- 29, 2006 in Seoul for this 20 minutes running drama.

This music drama will be aired through Cable TV like KBS drama, On-style and M TV, and the sketch picture and brief VOD would be seen through Cable TV, on-line sitd and CGV theater.

Song of lead vocal of MC the Max will be added to ERic's new music video. including duet song of Shin Hyesung and Lyn Beside will have ballad of Lee Suyoung and etc.
For actress this Music Drama not deceide.
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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More PICs during FanMeeting in Japan

28/11 Dongwan's Japanese Diary Entry

2006-11-28 (23:29)
It's DongWan!

This diary entry is late.
It's because I drank a lot of beer on our last day.. [in Japan]
Like always, you can't stop [eating and drinking] Japanese beer and Ramen. ^^

Yesterday was HyeSung's birthday.
HyeSung had a birthday party with his family members.
I also wanted to go there very much, but I did not receive a letter of invitation. -_-; ^0^/!
But seeing this, on the night of the 23rd inside the good japan office,
there were still happy memories because HyeSung and I opened our presents together!
haha ...

Today it rained a lot in Seoul.
From tomorrow onwards, Seoul will be extremely cold.
Is it already cold in Tokyo?
Autumn is a little lonely, so Winter is a season to look foward to~!

And although this is late,
thank you to the many people who came to our fanmeeting..
People who happily viewed my performance even though I didn't prepare anything special.
As usual, exile's song is difficult.. -___-;

But JunJin's performance was really refreshing! Right?
But, can I use this word [refreshing] on people?

Today there was a meeting with many actors and it's tiring..
This kind of feeling is good! ^_^

Well then good night~

p.s What is the meaning of the story "Cat which lived for a million times" ?
p.s 2 Photos of my cute goguma~ ^__^

Note: goguma is sweet potato in korean

Source: o-six
Translated: ||sOpHiA@s-shinhwasarang

[Tran] Fan Experience on JunJin's Recording (JinSyung Cellphone Messages)

Today, it was the recording of MTV TRL Seoul.. with JunJin on it. (The programme will air on the 1st of Dec)
Only 25 Jin fans were allowed admission into the studio.
Out of these 25 people, 2 were chosen and they were allowed to ask JunJin a question each.

One fan asked him, "What did you do on HyeSung oppa's birthday?"
JunJin replied that he was busy with recording and he could not celebrate HyeSung's birthday together with him and the other Shinhwa members..
His recording only ended the next morning T_T

After his recording ended, he immediately sent a cellphone message to HyeSung..
He wrote, "Mummy bird, I miss you very much."

Afterwhich Hyesung replied..
"I miss you very much too baby bird ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡"

NOTE: HyeSung adorably typed a whopping number of 7 hearts to JunJin

Translated by: ||sOpHiA*@s-shinhwasarang

Good EMG "Happy Birthday to Shin Hyesung"

hello, this is GOOD EMG.

27 November is Shin Hyesung's birthday, congrats!

Although everyone cant be together but lets hope that Hyesung will be happy everyday

and wait for him to emerge before us with a new style, and once again sincerely wish him a happy birthday.

thank you.

credits// good emg, allyssa@bestshinhwa, xpris@shinhwasarang

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sungie Says Thank You

To "SyoungIn"

Every year on my birthday, I smile.
Thank you very very much for all the things all of you gave me~~
Nowadays, because I have been living a little quietly,
it seems that there are many people who are missing me.
In order to show a better side of myself, I need time to think on my own and so, please wait for a little while more.
Sooner or later, I will greet all of you with my excellent appearance.
It's winter now, be careful of cold and always be happy~!!


Credit: ||sOpHiA*@s-shinhwasarang

It's Sungie's Turn, Let's Party

November 27 is a red letter day for fans of Shinhwa lead vocal Shin Hyesung. And distance is not an excuse to party so that's what we did (or at least my friends did) last night.

A specially made birthday cake
And what's a party without balloons.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Andy, "I had thoughts of quitting Shinhwa."

Shinhwa member Andy confessed that he had considerations to quit the entertainment circle.

Andy's confession came out on SBS Good Sunday X-Man when they were unfolding an investigation.
He said, "There was a time when I had thoughts of quitting the entertainment industry."

Andy said, "During Shinhwa's 4th album activities, I alone had a year of free time with no activities." He opened his heart and spoke frankly that the one year when he left Shinhwa was a toilsome period for him, as the other 5 members of Shinhwa continue to do activities.

He also said, "It was difficult to contact the members then because they were naturally busy.. and when my agony ended, I decided to be totally devoted to Shinhwa."
He related the tearful experience then, "I considered for the last time and after seeing the members crying while I was there at the Shinhwa's fanmeeting, I decided not to leave."

At the end, Shinhwa continued to be a popular group which is enjoying longevity, and this could not have been possible if the members did not have the faith of unity.

Similarly, "Long-Legged Beauty" Singer Kim Hyun Jung also confessed that she had thoughts of quitting the entertainment industry too.

Source: Ocean's Six
Translation: ||sOpHiA*@s-shinhwasarang

Happy Birthday Dongwan!!!

We had a belated birthday party for Dongwan last Friday evening all thanks to Flor. We celebrated it at Buddy's along Kalayaan in Makati City where food is delicious and the prices are affordable.

We have molo soup, pork barbeque and pansit habhab.

And what's a birthday without a cake

Happy birthday Kim Dongwan. Thank you for being the silent force that keeps Shinhwa together. May you have more success and good health always.

ERIC 2006 U.G.I.Z Winter Series

Filial Boy JunJin, wants to be like his father.

JunJin is a filial boy after all. Halfway through the interview, upon bringing up the topic of his father, JunJin's eyes would open widely and start talking enthusiatically about all the things that his father and him would like to do together.

JunJin's planning to hold a combined concert next year. In fact, after the release of his solo album, this is the plan that JunJin would like to attempt first. JunJin said, "The concert I want to organise is not to exhibit the JunJin liked by teenagers and youngsters, but rather, a concert which has the atmosphere that families and "father-and-son" can feel and enjoy together." His concept was to have his father blow the saxophone, his mother play the piano and with him singing along. He also wants to dance "Tap Dance" with his father. His father Charlie Park even went to the extent of researching the "Popping" step with him, showing his zeal and enthusiasm. There are many areas which JunJin would like to attempt to challenge. Hence, JunJin came up with a Concert Menu with his father at home.

20 years later, JunJin want to be like his father. His father is someone who is engrossed in family matters, and even the house that they are staying in was built by himself. The pipes that connect to the stove, and even the walls constructed required the help of JunJin's nine friends. JunJin's father even renovated his own toilet. He was skillful in construction, and he's the kind of man who believes that "construction of the house cannot be totally dependent on just spending money". When JunJin's car often breaks down, it was his father who spent 2 days repairing it on his own.

"Daddy-fication" has begun for JunJin. JunJin laughed and said, "In the past, I felt that tidying up, repairing and constructing are very troublesome work. But gradually I realised that they could be pretty interesting." After which he said, "If I marry, I promised I will live together with my parents like a big family, in the house that my father built with his own hands."

Credits: o-six for original article + shinhwachina + ||sOpHiA*@s-shinhwasarang

JunJin, "The real side of JunJin nowadays."

Shinhwa Member JunJin has debuted as a singer and released his solo single "Love Won't Come". Although there were already solo singers who debuted from groups, such as Lee HyoRi, Son HoYoung, Park Jung Ah, Shin HyeSung and Lee MinWoo from Shinhwa, JunJin's solo transformation still embodies an entirely different significance. This is because of his transformation from a rapper in the group to becoming a singer.

#1. After watching Se7en and Rain, he was agitated.

JunJin's determination to do his solo activities originated 3 years ago. The reason was simple. After watching other artistes appearing as solo singers, he also developed the thinking of "I want to do this too." This feeling intensified after he saw other junior singers. "When I see Se7en or Rain, I would have the mentality to compare. I would sometimes think 'If I was also like that at that age...' But after thinking again, I felt that this mentality was wrong. I can still be successful now, and I can still develop my progress. Even if it's a little, but if I could learn when I am still young, I will be able to enhance my abilities in future." Although he had always wanted to learn singing, in fact, he has only started for a few months. Even when he just started learning, JunJin went into the recording studio like a "shivering" rapper.
"Until one year ago, I was still very nervous. But I still sang a ballad verse while Shinhwa was doing "Once in a lifetime" activities this year. During the Asia Tour, I also performed a full song. Gradually, I felt that the effect was quite good."

#2. Would like to display my usual self

The response obtained from the public was better than expectations. Recently during his solo performances on stage, even male students were cheering very loudly for him. Hence, JunJin felt like he was filming "Dream Team" again. JunJin was thankful that he was able to bring such a surprise to the audience.

But there is still a question. If JunJin wanted to become a singer, wouldn't it be easier to become the "Justin Timberlake" or "Usher" of Korea? His song title which used a polite form of speech also gave the impression that it was too formal and unfamiliar.

"When it comes to my portrayed image, wouldn't it be more suitable if I used "Love Won't Come!" or "Why didn't the love come!" instead? (laughs) Everyone else says this, but I am actually not like that."

**note: "Sarangie Oji Anayo" is the polite form of saying "Love Won't Come" in Korean.
"Love Won't Come!" and "Why didn't the love come!" is a more aggressive way of saying it, which kind of suited JunJin's portrayed image all these while. Hence, people were curious when he didn't do so.

JunJin's co-workers often says, "The Shinhwa member who is most different on and off the camera is JunJin." About the release of his single, JunJin felt that it was a "God-given opportunity." In order to inject more of his true self into this album, he works his hardest.

"I didn't set a standard, and I didn't undergo vocal training. I kept asking WheeSung and Fany to coach me alone, because I wanted to find a voice that truly belong to myself."

All his practice of singing different genres of music such as rock and R&B has became "JunJin's Repertory". JunJin, who treat this as his "capital", is currently planning the blueprint of his official 1st album.

#3 A thorough professional

JunJin who usually don't apply make-up and skin lotion has became a true professional due to his solo activities. Because he had to go on TV shows, he went to search for TV programmes that he participated 2~3 years ago and re-watched them so as to familiarise himself with that "feeling". His health had been affected due to his busy schedule, but he still felt that it was interesting to go on TV shows.

"Today my work only ended at 5:30am this morning. Although I know that I can sleep immediately when my manager drives me home, but I would insist on going online the Internet for 2~3 hours everyday when I am alone." When he sees negative replies, he tries to look for useful solutions because he wants to find a way to alleviate the tremendous stress that he's facing. "There was once when (Kang) Ho-Dong Hyung also faced this. He said 'Why look at those negative replies, get yourself affected, and spoil your plans in the end?' I felt that this sentence was quite true, so after that I only watch stuff that would really help me, and I improved."

However, he gradually realised that it was necessary to also "hide" his sadness towards some things. Although I thought "I don't want to live like that", but because of the environment he is in, JunJin also needed "packaging". Even so, he said, "I still want to find my own style of music different from Rain, Se7en and Min-Woo Hyung." "I really did not know how to sing in the past." "There was much improvement in my acting" JunJin who spilled out these thoughts was still truthful and straightforward like he has always been.

Coming year 2007, JunJin will be planning his own career, such as TV dramas, his official 1st album, and even his solo concert. To JunJin who has debuted for 9 years, his clear awareness of himself, his honesty like a normal person, and his thorough professionalism, all these will become his endless driving force.

Credits: o-six for original article + bestshinhwa + ||sOpHiA* @ s-shinhwasarang

MKMF 2006 Final Result

Shinhwa got two awards last Saturday night with member Minwoo accepting the award in behalf of the group.

Overseas Viewer Award
Yepp Netizen Popularity Award

Way to go!!!

Shinhwa's Fanmeeting in Japan News

Their first album in japanese have exceeded a hundred thousand copies, the highly popular boyband Shinhwa has successfully held their first fanmeeting in tokyo by the official fanclub

To thank the japanese fans for their support, 12000 fans turned up for this event. Leader Eric expressed that "I did'nt expect that there would be this many fans in japan, it feels so good to see them."

Main Vocal Shin Hyesung spoke to them in japanese "Today's first Japan fan meeting is one to be fondly remembered, hope that anytime, anywhere, this will leave you many beautiful memories."

Starting with the songs "Sun In Our Hearts", "Your Man" and "Brand New", there was also a Q&A session, and the members picking their presents from ballots. Solo performances, games, and drawing of portraits and many other activities. in the games part there was also an embarrassing game of asking the members to kiss one another, making their faces red. also, fans had also prepared birthday cakes for dongwan and hyesung, as well as other surprises.

The happy members told the japanese fans "please care more about as in the future, anytime, we'll show you our hardworking side. Please dont forget that no matter its in Seoul or Tokyo, your love is my greatest motivation." hyesung smiled and said "Hope to meet you guys more next year, although there isnt much time left this year, but please support us."


Friday, November 24, 2006

Fans Donate Money to Help Deaf Children as a Birthday Gift for SH!

Nov. 27, 2006 is the 28th birthday of Shin HyeSung -- the lead vocalist of Korean POP group “Shinhwa”. Shin HyeSung’s Chinese Fan website (Only星) celebrates his birthday with a very meaningful gift --- to participate in a donation activity named “Let them hear sounds of the world”. The donation money collected from this event is donated to Chinese Lions’ club in Beijing on the behalf of Shin HyeSung. This money will be used to help deaf children to hear sounds of the world. The purpose of this event is to help people in need as well as to give the certificate from this donation as a special birthday gift for Shin HyeSung.

The Chinese Lions’ Club in Beijing has received ten thousand Chinese Yuan from “Only星” on the behalf of Shin HyeSung. In return, three honor certificates are presented to show the appreciation from the deaf children.

Shin HyeSung was born in Nov. 27, 1979 in Korea. He has a heavenly voice that charms all of fans. As the lead vocalist of Shinhwa or as a solo singer, Shin HyeSung performs powerful POP dance songs or sweet ballads with the same perfection. Chinese Shinhwa fans wish deaf children can recover their hearings and can enjoy the music that expresses all the emotions and feelings together with them and with HyeSung. Chinese Shinhwa fans said, they wish to help deaf children in need to hear the world as well as to let Shin HyeSung’s name known in China.

According the statistics, there are roughly 20 million people in China have hearing disability. Among those, 0.8 million is children under 7 years old and increasing 30 thousands more each year. After starting this special donation event for the deaf children, it was widely supported by Chinese Shinhwa Fans. In only 24 days, 11270 Chinese Yuan (around 1.3 Million Koran Won) were collected from 107 fans who are from China, United States and Russian. These money will be donated to the “知乐” (Hear the Music) mission launched by Chinese Lions’ Club in Beijing which helps deaf children in need. Honor certificates with the name of “Shin HyeSung” will be handed to Shin HyeSung as a very meaningful and special gift.

On July 8, 2006, Shinhwa arrived in Shanghai to began their Asian tour. This tour includes concerts in China, Thailand, Singapore and Japan. Shanghai is the first stop of the tour, which brought so much excitement to Chinese Shinhwa Fans. Chinese Shinhwa Fans also created a beautiful “Orange Storm” which attracted a lot of attentions. With the awesome success of the Shanghai concert, China can be the next market for Shinhwa

“On the behalf of HyeSung, we help our people in need. We wish everyone in the world can live happily and well!” Chinese Shinhwa fans also have few words for Shin HyeSung and for Shinhwa--- We are forever with you! Love☆Sung

Source: Sina Ent.
Credit: ocicat@only4steve + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Kim Dongwan, Park Eun Hye, Han Eun Jung and Jo Dong Hyuk will co-star together in SBS 2007 Drama "I'll Not Love" which will air after Snowflowers ends. Kim Dongwan will be playing a producer who abandons his wife, Sang Hee (Han Eun Jung) to attain success. Jo Dong Hyuk will be an owner of a film company and a new film director who will be his rival in work and love for Sang Hee. Park Eun Hye will be playing the third in five siblings who has lost their dad at a young age who went through hardships and to become a successful architect.

credit koreanwind+yeohweping of soompi

HyeSung during Japanese Fanmeeting! (+JunJin)

Hello ^^
I returned from the fanmeeting.

Not long ago we saw HyeSung's appearance during Kang Ho Dong's wedding and he seems to be in bad shape and we were only worried.
But I saw him today and I felt relieved.

HyeSung has straight hair today.
During the 1st fanmeeting (at 1pm), he wore a silver connected pair of glasses.
During the 2nd fanmeeting (at 5pm), he wore a black pair of glasses.

During both the 1st and 2nd fanmeeting, HyeSung was in a really good mood and so he only did happy things.
But he was only really relaxed during the 2nd fanmeeting. I knew he was in a good mood.

색이 희어 매우 예뻤습니다. -> I do not know the meaning of 희어 :/ can't translate.

And for his solo performance,
he sang [Hirai Ken]'s "Hitomi Wo ToJiTe"

Every time I was touched, tears would flow out of my eyes.

And during the 2nd fanmeeting, HyeSung did the initial rap for JunJin's dance track performance. (He did not sing the rap lol)

HyeSung rapped. After the fanmeeting, I told my friend about it and she was very surprised.
He was really like a rapper and he danced with charm. (very cool)

I am excited and I didn't want to come back. And I am sorry I could not write a vivid article on what happened.
I am really happy to hear the song "Hitomi Wo ToJiTe"

Original Article: Rika (only4steve)
Translation: ||sOpHiA* @ s-shinhwasarang

Thursday, November 23, 2006

"Daddy Eric" In Training

A photo of Eric and his niece taken at "Love Fashion" last November 19th in L.A.

Shinhwa's Special Meeting with the Japanese fans

Shinhwa prepared a special fanmeeting for the Japanese fans whom they have not met for a long time.

Shinhwa's company GOOD stated that on the 23rd Nov, 1pm and 5pm in Tokyo, Shinhwa will be celebrating the establishment of Shinhwa's Official Fanclub "The Legend" and will be holding their 1st Japanese fanmeeting.

Shinhwa's Official Japanese Website ( was created this April, and the fans had been requesting for a fanmeeting cum celebration since June. After Shinhwa's concert in September, about 15,000 fans will be attending this fanmeeting, and this continues to prove Shinhwa's popularity in Japan.

Shinhwa will be meeting their Japanese fans through "The Legend" and to repay the love from the Japanese fans, they not only prepared their solo performances but they also prepared special gifts. Firstly JunJin, who had gathered much support since releasing his solo album on the 16th, will be performing his dance track "Come back" and title song "Love Won't Come". Lee MinWoo will be presenting 2 songs from his 2nd album "ShinGiRu" and "Last, First Kiss". Kim Dong Wan will be performing "Only want to meet you" originally sang by Japan's Popular Group "Exile", and Shin HyeSung will be performing a song by Japanese singer Hirai Ken, named "Close your Eyes".

Eric and Andy will revealing a Music Video they have filmed for the song "Jump" which Shinhwa had performed in their concerts in Korea. Shinhwa will also be performing "Your Man" from the 8th album, Japanese Single "Sun In Our Hearts" and "How Do I Say".

Regarding the fanmeeting in Japan, Shinhwa said, "We made a lot of preparations in order to present a meaningful fanmeeting to the fans. We feel that we have Shinhwa Changjo in Korea, and having "The Legend" as Shinhwa's pillar of support and family in Japan, we hope that everyone will continue to give us a lot of support and we will show our hard work to repay all of you."

Credits: o-six + bestshinhwa +

Dongwan & Hyesung at Kimpo Airport

The pictures were taken yesterday on their way to Japan for their fan meeting.

Credits: Oceans-6 & Hikki @ Shinhwa Sarang

Eric considering next project during his vacation in US

After "Invincible Parachuting Agent" finished airing on 2nd Nov, Eric went to US to take a vacation.

Of course, this was just announced.

Eric's colleague said on 21st Nov "After the show ended, Eric went to the US on 6th Nov for a break."

"He will be in Japan on the 22nd, and there will be a fanmeeting with the rest of Shinhwa on the 23rd."

According to that colleague, while vacationing in America, Eric seriously considered his next project. After agreeing that he will appear in another tv serial next year, He has received many tv proposals.

Browsing through, Eric is considering to appear in a high-budget, movie-like tv serial. Also, that colleague said "There's 2-3 projects where he's keen on. But if there's an even many project, there might be a slight change." "The project will be finalised latest by Dec."

Source from Ocean6
Chinese translation by 心里有鬼@bestshinhwa
English translation by Hikki @ Shinhwa Sarang

JunJin, "I wanted to be famous in order to find my birth mother."

JunJin, "I wanted to be famous in order to find my birth mother."

He has 3 mothers... "Hurt" from an unfortunate childhood
Shinhwa member who debuted as a solo singer "will work his hardest"

When "Billie Jean" was played, he came out with Michael Jackson's moonwalk. JunJin (Park Choong Jae, 26) who does this dance everyday could mimick Jackson's body movements almost perfectly. While he was looking at the "Step by Step" MV, he said, "Whenever I see this I get goosebumps.."

[The reporter] Met up with JunJin at a Bar filled with hundreds of LP records and old pop dvds in Seoul, AbGuJung, on one Autumn night. The songs [the reporter] requested wrote a story for "Dancing Machine" JunJin about a dancer's dream.

"When I was in Primary School, instead of wanting to be a singer or star, I had a dream of becoming a dance choreographer. At that time, I danced the same Brake dance just like Jackson. The 'line' is the life of a dance, and whenever I hear music while at a hotel with my family, I would get up and dance immediately upon getting permission from my father (Singer Charlie Park)."

After JunJin attained some popularity back in his high school days and through H.O.T. member KangTa's recommendation, he managed to enter SM Company and became a trainee. JunJin who had been involved in Shinhwa activities for the past 9 years since 1998, has finally debuted as a solo singer, and recently released his first single. "When I see the various idols, it seems like I had returned to the those times. When I see good songs, all the sadness and memories would surface." Unknowingly, JunJin's eyes filled up with tears.

◇My adoptive mother searched for my birth mother for me
JunJin has 3 mothers. His birth mother divorced his father after giving birth to him, and JunJin was brought up by his grandmother. His father met a 2nd mother when he was in Primary 4, but the family broke up once more. The hurt that scarred him then has not fully healed even up till today. Since Secondary 2, he managed to live happily with his current mother.

"I don't remember how many years before it was when I met up with my birth mother. One day my current mother came to me saying 'Let me give you an unforgettable present.' and then I realised it was the arrangement for me to meet up with my birth mother. She's still on this world."

4 years ago at the neighbourhood coffee shop in Seoul SaTang Area. Every time the entrance door was opened, JunJin would stare anxiously at it. That moment, a very tall and beautiful middle-age woman walked in. "The first time I saw her, I knew she was my mother. In my heart I kept saying 'She's here. She's here.'. She was totally unaware that her son had became a singer.. My mother asked me 'You are Choong Jae, right?' "

JunJin sat there for an hour with his mother and could not stop tearing. Although I wanted to ask "Why did you just leave that day?", but I could not stop crying. Even since then he never met up with his birth mother anymore. Later, he heard that his birth mother had remarry and had a son, and she did not want to inflict the same hurt onto his brother.

"No matter when I was a trainee at SM, or during Shinhwa activities, I didn't feel tired no matter how difficult it was. It was because all along I only had one thing in my mind and that is I could find my birth mother once I become a singer and get famous."

◇Depended on God during his teenhood
During his troubled adolescent stage, JunJin went through his primary and secondary school times with his 2nd mother relying on the strength of God. Whenever he said, "Mom, give me rice", he had to put up with her distasteful attitude and expression. This kind of life brought him a lot of unrest and he felt very lost. The Christian society in existence of God reached out a helping hand to JunJin.

"The people at the church cared a lot for me. When I was hungry, they gave me food. When I disliked going home, they prepared a place for me to sleep. All along until I was secondary 2, I could only go to a small shop to eat cuttlefish rice everyday. I felt embarrassed doing this, and I would flip the newspaper seriously while eating. When I could not study anymore, I dyed my hair using acidified water dye before going out. Upon returning to the church, my pastor made me dye my hair back to black, and he told me 'Fair skin matches black hair, it's beautiful ya~'. When I heard this, my tears started falling."

JunJin often prays. "Let me find my birth mother." Till now he still learns the guitar in the church chorale team. Everyday, he prays in his heart tens of times for both his birth mother and for his current mother.

◇Not a juvenile delinquent but a teen who thinks quite deeply
The public has a misconception of JunJin, like 'Juvenile delinquent' 'Playboy' 'Troublemaker'. But from the mouth of the Shinhwa members, their remarks were "Deep thoughts, sentimental, happy-go-lucky character and a person with great ambitions." Although he's a famous alcoholic in the entertainment circle, he still transformed into a ballad singer for his current 1st single album. He rejected all temptations around him and worked hard in his job. He always says, "I will work hard."

After the broadcast, JunJin accepted an interview and he said, "Lee Seung-Chul Hyung heard me singing my hit song 'Love Won't Come' when he was outside the recording studio. He praised me by saying, 'Isn't it AR now? (All Recorded) Jin-ah, I always knew you were capable of displaying your own singing abilities.' Everytime I hear praises for my efforts from around me, I would feel new courage surging through."

Recently, whenever he goes home he would watch his performance for tens of times. Every time he rewatches he would find flaws in himself.

"This is the period of my life when I feel most comfortable. I feel at ease going home."

He finally attained an inner peace of mind. 오빠 축하해.

Credits: o-six for original article + bestshinhwa for chinese translation +

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

[Trans] It's the best to receive recognition for hard work.

17th Nov 2pm at KBS Hall. Singers preparing for the recording of MusicBank are rehearsing. JunJin, who is standing with the audience, was anxious about his first performance after debuting as a solo singer. He kept shifting positions while looking at singers such as Kim Tae Woo (G.O.D) and Sung Shi Kyung doing their rehearsals. After SS501 started performing their dance track, JunJin shockingly stood up and shouted to his manager, "Ah~ I want to go on stage soon. How many singers are there left before it's my turn?"

▶"I only released my solo album after these 2 years of practising, because I really want to sing."
Nowadays, JunJin is especially cheerful. "The feeling I am experiencing now is like when Shinhwa was making our first debut. Although it's tiring, I can't help but desire to stand on stage whenever I see it."

On the 16th, JunJin released his first solo single. The single consist of a ballad track "Love Won't Come" and middle-tempo "Even after 1000 times" and vintage dance track "Comeback". JunJin infused a different kind of feeling into this album. He brings his CD along with him wherever he goes, and when he meets fellow singers, he would write messages on the cd, give it to them as a present, and request politely for them to listen to it.

JunJin had a few opportunities to debut as a solo singer. "If I were to debut in the form of dance or rap, I could have released a solo album 3~4 years ago. But I was very ambitious to display something which I have not done so in Shinhwa. Because I wanted to sing, these 2 years I had been practising conscientiously.
▶"Messages like 'I witnessed your efforts' make me happiest"

Everyday he goes to the practise room to sing, and he would record the singing and listen to it day and night to find out which parts require improvement. In this way, JunJin spent 2 years practising singing. Solo single hit song "Love Won't Come" affirm his hard work and dilligence. The charm displayed by his "nose voice" was better than expected. Singer Lee Seung-Chul who listened to JunJin's live performance was very surprised and he asked, "It's not rap?"

"I think it's still early to talk about my singing skills. But to compare my recording with my practice, to compare yesterday's performance with my recording, and to compare today's performance with yesterday's performance, I sense myself maturing gradually and I am very satisfied. Compared to this single, I believe I can do even better for the next album."

JunJin is a singer who believes that hard work is more meaningful than anything else.
"Unlike the past when only the Shinhwa fans leave messages of encouragement, this time the anti-fans also split into 2 groups. Even those people who are not Shinhwa fans left behind messages such as 'I witnessed your efforts', so I am very happy."
▶During Shinhwa's 5th-7th album activities, he suffered from a psychological disorder of being scared to mingle with people due to the hurtful messages left by the anti-fans

On the outside JunJin seems cheerful and strong, but he's actually very easily hurt. His manager who had spent all these years with him said, "The album cover which featured JunJin lowering his head and sinking into his thoughts is most similar to JunJin that I usually know."

"When Shinhwa just started, the entertainment circle is very similar to now, and there were many hysterical anti-fans. I am a person who trust people easily and I am never one to pretend or act, and I even wondered "Can't an artiste have a girlfriend?" and "Can't an artiste drink [wine/beer]?" After all the news were published in the press, what were considered as daily normal activities to others suddenly made it seems like I am the only one who was leading an undisciplined life."

JunJin who has experienced many different issues had a period of time in his life when he was afraid of facing people. "During Shinhwa's 5th to 7th album, it feels hateful to even see a camera, needless to mention meeting people. It was to the extent where I just disliked everything. It was unbelievable. Even the more mature fellow singers in the waiting room who saw me, asked others, "Why is his eye expression so uneasy?"

JunJin was able to overcome all these because of his father Charlie Park and his family members.
It was because he thought, "I must do well" "I must not disappoint people"
▶"Even though it's tiring, because it's my dream, I still feel happy"

JunJin recovered his confidence through Shinhwa's 8th album activities and the Asia Tour, and he found the feeling to be back on stage again. "During the tour, I specially stood on a solo stage because I wanted to get use to not having the Shinhwa members by my side. Doing this in front of a large audience has helped me a lot."

JunJin who always "tried his best to dance and sing on stage", while walking towards the stage, will joked with other singers, "Wait for your death", showing his good mood nowadays.

"From Shinhwa's 1st album till 8th album, I always wanted to work as a "singer" instead of a rapper or dancer.. Now this dream has came true. Because I tried too hard to dance, now my joints are hurting as if they had been poked by needles." He joked, "But this is what I wanted to do really, and my dream has finally came true, no?" With the sunny smile on his face, he completed this interview.

Credits: o-six for original article + bestshinhwa for chinese translations + ||sOpHiA*@s-shinhwasarang

21/11 Dongwan's Diary Entry

author: It's Oppa! (2006-11-21 21:54:44)
Title: [DongWan] Woaah!

Occasionally I am..
scared of you guys! keke~

Thank you


He's referring to the Naver Search event organised by the fans.
His name was on the 1st place on the search engine today!
Now it's the fourth though.
I think he got a nice surprise ^^
He's scared of how powerful the fans are. haha.

Credits: ||sOpHiA* @

GoodEmg - Happy Birthday, Kim Dongwan

This is GoodEmg

21st Nov is Kim Dongwan's 28th Birthday. Congrats~!

Hopefully with this happy occasion, Dongwan will receive lots of good wishes from his fans.
Singing, acting, Dongwan's an excellent all-rounded performer.
Hope that his future activites will get more love & supports from fans.
Hope that his fans will support and like Dongwan, who will have an all-new image with his new drama next year.

Also, Dongwan & Hyesung (also born in Nov) will upload their congratory videos, so hope their fans will understand.

Again, sincere wishes to Dongwan, Happy Birthday!!!

Thank You

Credits: GoodEmg
Chinese Translation: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
English Translation: Hikki @ Shinhwa Sarang

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

JunJin, "I received a lot of help from Shin HyeSung."

JunJin who debuted as a solo singer expressed his heartfelt thanks towards Shin Hye Sung.

On the 15th while recording for MBC "Come to Play", JunJin was asked, "During the preparation of your solo album, which member in Shinhwa gave you help?" JunJin replied, "Shin HyeSung".

JunJin said, "Shin HyeSung often visited the recording studio, and he would not be stingy in giving me advice on parts of the songs which are not up to standard," displaying their strong friendship.

Other than this, JunJin also revealed an episode at the airport during Shinhwa's activities and blurted out a secret talk about Eric, hence creating a very warm atmosphere in the recording studio. In order to become the "Talk Home-Run King", he disclosed these Shinhwa episodes.

The story is as follows. When Shinhwa was having their nationwide tour, there was once when the members were driven to the airport in a rush due to their packed schedule. They arrived in a hurry and scampered at full speed towards the plane because they were late. While they were rushing there, the management in charge of boarding (the plane) started to call out their names.

When their real names such as Jung PilGyo (HyeSung) and Moon Jung Hyuk (Eric) were announced one by one, the members started laughing already. Lastly JunJin's real name was called out, and the members could not jump anymore and started laughing even harder (like mad) because a "Mr. Park Chung Ja" was announced. (the person pronounced park choong jae wrongly)

You will know whether JunJin was crowned the "Talk Home-Run King" on the coming 24th, 10:40pm.

Credits: o-six for original article + ||sOpHiA*@s-shinhwasarang

JunJin's girlfriend is "Crystal"?

JunJin mentioned a Crystal in the "Thanks to" segment in his single, and the truth finally came to light.

On the 20th, JunJin accepted an interview from MyDaily, saying, "Crystal is actually "Cri" and "Stal", the names of 2 cats I just started taking care of."

On the 16th he mentioned a Crystal in his "Thanks to" message and people thought that JunJin has a girlfriend named Crystal after seeing the ring he wore. Some fans thought that Crystal was his foreign girlfriend, others thought that Crystal was the pretty member in 2-member group "As One".

GoodEnter said that everyday there are fans calling up the company to ask who Crystal is and whether Jin's girlfriend is Crystal. The problem arose because the company in-charge of designing Jin's album accidentally removed the spaces between the 2 names. As for the ring, JunJin explained that, "I wore the ring only because I wanted to be able to put more emotions into singing."

The cats that JunJin have are persian cats that are about 2 months old. His handphone wallpaper is a picture of the cats, and he even saved pictures of them in his handphone. Everytime he sees someone, he would show the pictures to them, revealing his love for the 2 cats.

JunJin said, "The cats are only the size of a palm. It's really wonderful to play with them in the room and watching them scratch the walls."
"Fans who know that I have cats would send me pet supplies and clothings as presents, I really want to thank them."

Credits: o-six for original article + ||sOpHiA*@s-shinhwasarang

JunJin, "Playing a bright and cheerful role beginning of next year"

JunJin, "Playing a bright and cheerful role beginning of next year"

At the beginning of next year, Shinhwa member JunJin will return to the TV screen through a drama and he will be playing a bright and cheerful role. He revealed this on KangSooJung's Radio Show.

He explained his past drama roles, "All the silent and solemn roles that I have played in the past were not my true character. A bright and cheerful role is more suitable for my character."
"Please look forward to my drama, it should be good."

He also said, "In the past I played too many fixed roles, and if I were to play a solemn character again, I would be able to relate to my past experiences and act better."

JunJin revealed on the 31st last month during the filming of his m/v that he would be filming a TV drama in December or early January.

Credits: star news + shinhwaの懒(chinese translations) + sOpHiA*@s-shinhwasarang

JunJin, "Shinhwa disbanding? We will be together even if we marries and have children."

Solo singer JunJin made his stand towards the rumours that "Shinhwa is disbanding".

On the 20th, JunJin was on KangSooJung's KBS Music Show, and he expressed his feelings regarding the rumours surrounding Kim DongWan and the disbanding of Shinhwa recently. He said, "Please don't worry about Shinhwa disbanding." "Shinhwa will release a 10th album, maybe even more than that."

JunJin firmly remarked, "Even among the members, we have promised that even until the day we marries and have children, we will still be together. Hence, we never once mentioned about disbanding."

He even said, "We also said that our children will form a group named "Shinhwa Junior" in future. It should be really adorable," revealing the strong friendship between the Shinhwa members.

JunJin also talked about his drama role which will begin filming beginning of next year,"The role I am playing is a cheerful and optimistic person, different from the quiet and dark roles that I played in the past." "If you look forward to this drama, I don't think you will be disappointed," revealing his confidence in the drama.

Credits: o-six + sOpHiA*@s-shinhwasarang

Monday, November 20, 2006

JunJin's Solo Perf at MusicBank Recording

Credits: jineyes + s-shinhwasarang

Close-Up of JunJin at his 2nd Autograph Session

Credits: koreanstorm + nana@o-six + s-shinhwasarang

JunJin spends a day with children who have terminal illnesses

Solo singer JunJin reached out a helping hand to children suffering from terminal illnesses.

In accordance to the UN Universal Children's Day on 20th November, JunJin participated in 'Happy Blue Day' which is a segment of the 'Blue Campaign', organised by the Seoul University Children Hospital. He spent a day with those children suffering from terminal illnesses.

Those children who spent a day with JunJin are his fans. To fulfil the wishes of these children, JunJin agreed enthusiatically to the request made by the Children Hospital.

'Blue Campaign' is a donation drive set to raise money for the treatment of rare terminal illnesses. It started from September 2005. "Happy Blue Day" allows the people involved to spend a day participating in activities and playing with the children who are suffering from terminal illnesses.

The Children Hospital expressed, "Fulfilling the wish of these children to meet JunJin will greatly aid their recovery. Besides, JunJin who has a healthy and cheerful image will bring hope to these children.

JunJin also expressed, "I am happy to be able to participate in such a meaningful activity. In order to bring more hope to these children, I will continue to work hard."

JunJin who released his single on the 16th and is currently doing solo activities, received a very good response since the pre-order for his album. His popularity on the internet is also increasing.

Credits: daum news + ||sOpHiA* @ s-shinhwasarang

Fans to Sing "Sunflower~Happy Birthday" to Wansung!

ust gonna to translate the event highlight

due Fans who will be attending the fanmeeting request
there will be a fan gift session for Shinhwa (meaning fans give gifts to shinhwa)
also in november is Dongwan and Hyesung's birthday
the legends fans, lets sing "sun flower~happy birthday" to them
the moment the cake is roll in, "Sun Flower ~Happy Birthday~" will be played and please sing along the following lyrics

"Before you blow the candles, make a wish!
Happy Birthday to you
today you are the main lead on special day"

as fans, let shinhwa have an unforgettable mermory!
we ask for the support of everyone

also fans who brings gifts for Shinhwa
on the day itself, at the enterance, there will be a box
please put your gifts there
our staffs will pass the all of the gifts to shinhwa

fanmeeting details

DATe : 2006 11 23
Venue: Tokyo MVP
Time: 1st event 13:00 (12:00 admission)
2nd event 17:00 (16:00admission)

Credit: thelegend + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

JunJin's "Thanks to" Message in his single

Finally it's my first single album.
It was really very tiring during the period of preparation.
I did not know that it would be this tiring to conquer myself.
But after singing..
I naturally changed a lot and I felt myself maturing.

I am going to sing and...
even in my dream, I did not know that this could be happening until this album.
I will not forget my original intention and I will work really hard.

To my loved ones, my parents, my grandmother, family members and friends...
Thank you for always being by my side.

To all the people who helped me in this album, thank you!
To JiWon, YoonJae, HoJoong and SangWon-Hyung who wrote good lyrics and songs for me...
Thank you always to the dance choreography team "Standby" and JinSuk-Hyung and my stylist friends..

Thank you to the Good EMG Director and all the members in the company.
And to all the Shinhwa ChangJo fans who supported and loved Shinhwa throughout the 9 years, I love you.

To the one and only Shinhwa (members)..
and Crystal...

I will work hard to death.

Credits: ||sOpHiA* @ s-shinhwasarang

GOOD EMG MSG on Junjin Solo album!

This si GOOD EMG

16th November, the long wait of Junjin solo album is finally release

hope fans will support Junjin who will begin his solo activites with the song "Love wont come"

on the other hand, Junjin will be appearing on the 17th on KBS "Music Bank", 18th MBC Music Core
and on the 19th SBS Inkigayo, we hope lots of fans will come and support him

also, on KBS Music bank aqnd MBC Music core
Junjin and new group Battle member Lio will perform together, we hope fans will show their support

Thank you very much!

Credit; OCEAN6 + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Friday, November 17, 2006

Schedules for JunJin

1. 20061117 KBS Music Bank at Yoeido KBS Hall
2. 20061118 MBC Music Core 3.40pm at Yoeido MBC Hall
3. 20061119 SBS Inkigayo 3.50pm DengChonDong SBS Hall

Autograph Sessions

1. 20061118 YongSan Cynara Records 6pm
2. 20061119 Jamsil Hottracks 6pm

Source: Goodemg
credits: x_sadendings of soompi

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dongwan's Old Diary Entry

Dongwan-My Beloved Diary

Always had this feeling that among Shinhwa's 6 members, Kim Dongwan has the least distance from fans. He loves to write his diaries on the official website, recording one's joy and telling his pains..With wrinkles slowly climbing to the corners of "Uncle Wan's" eyes, he hate that he appears strong on the outside but is sullen inside him, he hates that he puts is a smiling mask......But in our eyes, Dongwan is already not an idol who's far beyond reach but a perfect lover who can accompany us by our sides and spend a lifetime together. Everyone of us is willing to give him our greatest pamper/love.

I don't have the exact pic in the article..n didnt scan the mag coz it's not for loan so I only have a black/white photocopy

Chapter 1: To Mother

My father passed away due to illness when I was still a young child. Although I did not live wealthily, being together with the whole family is ordinary yet very joyful. Since young, I've grown up in an environment full of family members so, like in the past, I have many bad habits in ettiquette. Thus, everyone says I've been spoilt by many people.

There was once when I fought with a neighbour older brother and after my mum found out, she asked me very angrily why I acted that way. Being very ignorant then I told her, "He teased me saying I am a kid with no father." Thinking about it, I was really sensitive to that type of jokes then. Thankfully, after my mum knew the truth, not only did she not scold me, instead she pat me on the pat saying softly, " Dongwan, you did well!"

I often like bringing my mum out to eat. In front of her, I will not pretend to be very happy like when I'm with others. Instead, I'll be grumbling and chattering about who I went drinking with, who I argued with, which friends I just made...Mum always said I'm like Dad when taking care of her so I have already felt that I’m an adult since a long time ago!

Chapter 2: To Destiny

Towards destiny, I have always totally believed in it without any basis. It is because bad things will always happen, just like one's life will always have complications. It's arranged by fate that I joined the entertainment industry. During school times, I formed a band for the first time and wanted to become a singer. Then, I wanted to also become an actor so I went to study at an acting institution. With a friend who also wants to be a singer, I went for auditions and failed 8 times.

Thinking that I'm not fated to be an entertainer,I met a man who claimed to be a director from SM company on my way to University one day. My first thought was that he must be a swindler because he did not look like a decent man yet very fierce-looking so I did not pay attention to his offer. However, after failing subsequent auditions as well, I suddenly thought of that person and decided to give him a call. Never did it cross my mind that he really was a director and is in fact H.O.T.'s Planning Director. Completing the last audition, I was selected to become a member of Shinhwa. I remember something Director said, " If you are in Shinhwa, it definitely will succeed!"

Chapter 3: To Her

Very strangely, I only like those women who dislike me. When I was with my girlfriend last time, we will quarrel occasionally but I merely just follow whatever she says/thinks even if I do not like it myself and be troubled silently. Eventually, after repressing for too long, we broke up. I am always waiting for a person who can say affectionate words that will send goosebumps throughout me and make me act lovey/whiny (really don't know how to translate ??: whining in the cute way?) My dream for the future is simple, that is, to have a normal family. That is good enough. Now I want very much to get married and have a kid and in the future be a family-type artiste.

Chapter 4: To Myself

When doing activities together with the group members, people would always notice those with outstanding behaviour/performance so I am the one in charge of livening up the atmosphere..I like laughing and pretending to be an old man because when I do this, the people around me will feel happy. Being blood-type O, my character is very frank, kind to everything/everyone and can engage well with strangers in a very short time. But there are other times when I'm only pretending to be open yet it is actually not easy to be close and interact with people.

If I did not become an artiste, I could have become a mechanic. Previously, I seriously thought of studying in a Mechanics school so if I did go, now I would have become a professional mechanic repairing cars, cameras and machines. Back in school, I won 3 to 4 awards for my inventions, awards for Recorder Team and ScienceBox Team and even represented the school for competitions. I remember when I first got an award, Mum was so happy that she celebrated for me and from then on I secretly set my determination to get more awards to make her happy.

Source:惟炜杰 (Wei Wei Jie)@ a taiwanese mag
Credits of trans:

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

JunJin Received Explosive Comments + Debut Plans

Shinhwa member JunJin’s first single had attracted many attentions even before it was released.

His hit, ‘Love Won’t Come’ had received explosive comments from netizen after the track was released on music websites like SKT ‘Melon’ and KTF ‘Dosrik’ on the 13th.

Junjin replied happily, “I am very happy after the good response from the music websites. I would like to thank all of the fans, and I am working very hard for the upcoming promotion activities. Please continue to shower me with love and support!”

JunJin will be holding autograph sessions on the 18th and the 19th at YongSan’s Synnara Record and Hottracks respectively. This is a part of his promotion activities.

Additionally, he will be appearing on MBC MusicCore on the 18th, bringing hits like ‘Love Won’t Come’ and ‘Come Back’. He will also debut as a solo singer on KBS MusicBank and SBS InkiGayo.

Credits: (translation), jojoyu7@shinhwachina, myth6 (source).

Shinhwa's 8th FanMeeting

Shinhwa’s official fanclub, Shinhwa ChangJo had released information on Shinhwa’s 8th fanmeeting yesterday.

Shinhwa ChangJo fanmeeting will be held on January 2007, and details are still in the middle of discussing among GoodEMG and producers. All details will be finalized on December.

The fanclub had vowed to make the event as meaningful as possible, since it will be the last fanmeeting with the members before their enlistment.

More news will be announced at later date.

Credits: (translation), jojoyu7@shinhwachina, myth6 (source).

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

DongWan in New Drama 'Turtle' + Enlistment Update

Shinhwa member Kim DongWan is currently on a ‘secret mission’ for the movie ‘Movie’s Love Call’.

He had been choosing his final drama carefully before enlisting to the army, and was stuck between more than 10 scripts. Decisions can’t be make lightly as he still has to enlist no matter how much he likes the scripts. The actor expressed in regret, “I had received a fantastic movie script and would very much like to be in it, but I had to give up because the drama shooting schedule had been delayed and crash with the enlistment day.”

DongWan, who was born on the 1979, will be entitled to enlist for the army next year if no special occasions occurred.

He had not act in a movie ever since ‘Spin Kick’ in 2004, but after taking part in the 11th Busan Movie Festival on October and watching some movies, he had gained much more interest in movie than before. Companies had also hoped to cast DongWan in respect of his passion in movies.

DongWan will return with a new melodrama after a year. The drama is scheduled to be air on next year at Monday and Tuesday on SBS. The temporary title is ‘Turtle’.

GoodEMG had revealed that, “He had signed the contract recently. DongWan decided to take the role after gaining positive feedbacks on his acting in ‘Goodbye Sadness’. He is showing a lot of passion in this role.”

Another representative said, “DongWan will try for a breakthrough in his acting skills in ‘Turtle’. The ideas he had for the role is incredible.”

‘Turtles’ will start shooting on December and is scheduled to be air on January 2007.

Credits: (eng translation), jojoyu7@shinhwachina, myth6 (source).

8/11 Dongwan's Diary Entry

2006-11-8 02:04:47
It's oppa~!

I was bored today so I went to Tony Hyung house to play...

like normal, I park my car in the carpark and walk to the elevator
for a moment , a tennage boy caught my eye
he look around 11 years old
and his padded coat seems to be his brother's
he look like he just got back from school

without knowing how, we press the level button at the same time
I got nervous all of the sudden
also don't know why..

he press 10th floor,,i press 2* floor

out of the blue and still feeling nervous
he talked to me.!

for a moment, that 0.3 seconds, my brain was running all sorts of thoughts
"AH! What if he wants autograph?,,,if i dont have a pen..and ask me to sign in pencil, how? if i use pencil, i cant sign well" etc

in the meantime, he talk very comfortalbe to me
as if he was in high school,,

He - 'you stay on the 2*floor? which unit?"

in order to protect, tony hyung's privacy, i told a lie

me "Eung? Eung? oh! 2*b6 floor! haha"

he -"ah ah~~..."

and it got slient for a moment

He -"Great, because you stay opposite a celebrity..mother said Tony stay there, you get to see him everyday..."

because you stay opposite a celebrity..
because you stay opposite a celebrity......
because you stay opposite a celebrity.............

straight away in my heart i was screaming loudly

together with the feeling that the members were there

looking towards to the not yet shut elevator door , i look at the back of his head

"we are Shinhwa" ㅜㅜ

ps: fark! starting tomorrow, i will put on make up before i go out! to show i am a celebrity.....ㅠㅜ;

Credit: GOOD + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Junjin "Minwoo is stingy and doesnt give the members any present"

On the 7th, while filming MBC Goldfish, Junjin revealed that fellow member Lee Minwoo is very stingy and doesnt give anyone presents.

Junjin, who was on the Show with fellow member Andy "Shinhwa member, no matter who, as long as it is someone's else birthday, we will prepare presents only Minwoo will not give."

He added on "although Kim Dongwan also doesnt like to give presents, but if you bug and beg him for two days, he will buy one. but not in Minwoo case, his heart is very hard, no matter how you beg or ask, he will not give you. It is different for Andy, in Shinhwa he is the one who will choose the best for the member birthday, he is really a caring man."

Credit: jenny@hyesungangel + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Andy will MBC Golden Fishery new MC

Andy will take over as MC for Kim Sungjoo Announcer on MBC's 'Golden Fishery' and will start on this coming 8th

due to busy schedules, Kim Sungjoo will be on 4 more espiodes and then leave 'Golden Fishery'
Until then, Andy and Kim Sungjoo will be mcing together

The show time will move to Tuesday at 11pm instaed of friday.

Credit: newsens + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Monday, November 13, 2006

Junjin Cried Sharing His Parents Sad, Experiences on YaShimManMan Show

Shinhwa member Junjin expose saying met up with his birthmom 4 years ago.

On the 8th evening while recording SBS 'YeSinManMan', Junjin talks about his parent's divorce and he was brought up by his grandmother, and 4 years ago his step mom found his birthmom and finally they met.

Junjin says "my current step mom found my birth mom 4 years ago""That afternoon i was sitting in a coffee shop looking at older people walking in and out. Then suddenly my mom walks in and weirdly i could recognise her although i have never seen her before."

In a chilhood memory of without his birth mom, he was being raised by his grandmother. Junjin says again,"During my milk feeding period, i felt curious why my grandmother still producing milk, and i grow up by drinking her milk""I 'm feel grateful to her for bringing me into this world, but my parenting period is too very important, i feel very precious about it."

Then he continue "When i was young my grandmother will pick me up from school instead of my mother, i hate it. One day when my grandmother came to the school, i shouted 'why other people's mother will come but not mine'" "I didnt know why i did that at that time. But i feel sorry to my grandmother." and junjin drop his tears.

He was innocent and didnt meant to hurt his grandmother and til now he still feel regret about it, while Junjin is still crying he mention that he's grateful and thankful to his grandmother who is currently staying with his dad now. To have to worry about Junjin who misses his birth mom so much, his step mom personally found his birth mom and made them meet up.

Junjin express "My birthmom could not forgive herself ever since we was seperated. Because of missing me, she even went to do lots of charity work, just not to let me feel ashame about her. And when she knows i got into the University, she move to a place where it is just 15 mins of distance from our house."

He continue again "After that she only remarry and gave birth to another son, Mayb she does not want my brother to have the same suffering experiece, i have not meet him before" "Before i join the military service i will pay him a visit."

As "Parent's sad experices" as topic in this episode of 'YaShinManMan', junjin and guest talks about their sad experience and made the audiences watered their eyes.

Credits to:
Chinese Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane@mySHINHWA

Friday, November 10, 2006

Notice from Good EMG 10/11

This is Good EMG.

This is a notice to the fans about certain news reported earlier today.

First of all we would like to explain that the request for the termination of contract by Kim Dongwan to the management was not a termination but a request for a confirmation on the time period given for solo activities and was simply a procedural action made by the always meticulous and careful Dongwan in order to make sure all procedures were going as planned, and we are very perturbed and regrettable that, against our intentions, such news were reported.

Furthermore the statement, "Shinhwa will only keep their exclusive contract and the other members will sign contracts with seperate management companies" made by the S** press is false and Shinhwa will continue their activities with the current management and moreso the disbanding of Shinhwa will not occur.

Also, on this Kim Dongwan expressed his lament asking us to convey that "I have never once thought about Shinhwa disbanding. I would like it if fans did not waver at all by certain reports. I am so sorry to have caused worry all throughout the day to the fans."

We think that many fans would have worried today.

We ask for lots of warm support and cheer for the Shinhwa members and Good EMG from the fans in the future, and ask for lots of interest in the Shinhwa members and their individual activities in solo albums, drama's and much more.

Also, we hope you will send lots of love for Kim Dongwan's return to the small screen in the new SBS Mon-Tues drama '(untitled)Turtle' slated for broadcasting early next year.

Thank You.

source. Good EMG
credits. + orenji728 (translation)

[06/11/10][Dongwan's Diary]

and dongwan's diary reply

[06/11/10][Dongwan's Diary]


Although we live in a world filled with speculation...
Many people got hurt...Words that hurt people always are spoken..
This is not the bias of reporter for some interesting culture (i'm not sure about this sentence)

This is about my personal matter
In the name of Kim Dong Wan..

To voice out my ideas that I am no longer Shinhwa's Kim Dongwan, that is impossible
Shinhwa to me, is not a choice, but fate(or life)
If Shinhwa does not exist anymore....then my showbiz career will also not exist anymore ..

This unhappy incident that everyone is worried about will not happen
My apologies for all the unhappy news this afternoon..

Credit: GOOD and chinese translation-万捧在掌心的宝 + Bresis @soompi's shinhwa thread

My comment:

Just happy that the rumor is not true.

'Shinhwa' Kim Dongwan, Leaving Management Company?

A warning light has been turned on for popular group 'Shinhwa'.

On the 8th, Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan was said to have requested the termination of his contract with management Good Entertainment.

A source close to Kim Dongwan revealed, "Kim Dongwan is planning to continue his activities seperately from his current management".

Following this, Kim Dongwan will be persuing his acting, music and other various careers not as a Shinhwa member but under his own name.

However it has been also revealed that aside from the conflict with Kim Dongwan and the management company, the strong friendship between the Shinhwa members is unchanged.

When asked on Shinhwa's future Good Entertainment avoided any substantial reply and commented, "it is unknown".

Kim Dongwan is known to be planning on various movie or television activities aside from his group activities.

source. YTN News
credits. + orenji728 (translation)

Note from + orenji728 Note: Please read all the information given carefully before you make any assumptions or say any comments. To minimise any rumours that may occur, all news on this topic has been translated into one thread.
Please follow the rules in taking these news out and refrain from any hasty opinions.

Kim Dongwan, Eric, Lee Minwoo - Solo Activites Seperately

"Shinhwa is not breaking up"

It has been revealed that popular male group Shinhwa members are to persue their solo careers seperately with their current management Good EMG, gathering much interest from many on the future of the group.

According to a source close to Shinhwa, on the 8th Kim Dongwan requested the details of his solo contract with Good EMG and has revealed his will to continue his solo activities with a different management company.

This source continued, "When Shinhwa made their contract with Good EMG, it was a contract on the activites of the 6 members together and information on contracts on their individual solo careers have not been sorted out. Amidst this, Kim Dongwan requested specific information on his solo contract and showed his will to continue his solo career alone."

Furthermore this source revealed, "Kim Dongwan will continue Shinhwa activities with Good EMG but his solo activities such as acting and solo album will be a seperate issue," and the source emphasised, "This does not mean Shinhwa is breaking up."

"For example, Eric has just not signed a contract with another company, but in reality he is already working alone. During his current acting activities, he is personally giving the salary to the manager he is working with."

"Lee Minwoo too will conclude discussions on his solo contract with Good EMG early next week. Lee Minwoo has also expressed his want to make his own company for his solo activities."

According to this source, Shin Hyesung, Andy and Jun Jin have not yet revealed their thoughts on the issue.

source. Money Today
credits. + orenji728 (translation)

Shinhwa Management "Kim Dongwan Termination of Contract is False"

Popular group Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan's management Good EMG has stated that the news of Kim Dongwan requesting the termination of contract is false.

Shinhwa's management stated, "It is totally untrue. Kim Dongwan has not requested the termination of his contract nor even expressed such thoughts on the issue."

One member of the press reported that, "Kim Dongwan will continue his solo career seperate from his current management". Furthermore it reported that Kim Dongwan will no longer be under the name of Shinhwa but instead continue his acting and music career under his own name.

Kim Dongwan is currently on break with the temporary conclusion of Shinhwa's group activites. He is expected to return as an actor in upcoming drama (untitled)'Turtle'.

source. Newsen
credits. + orenji728 (translation)

These three news are the first of many articles and they have been posted in chronological order. When the YTN News came up, Good EMG "did not know" about the news until they were contacted by the fans, and then they submitted their own news through Newsen. If you read carefully, some of the statements from YTN News are their own assumptions. However this is not to say that Good EMG has not ever reported "incorrectly" in their news.

The news are all started to flooding in now, and with the media ever hungry for scandal, speculative news articles titled "9 Year Group Shinhwa, Disappearing?" and "Shinhwa Following the Footsteps of Previous Broken Up Groups?" are everywhere now, so, as always, I would advise to take the stance of not believing anything except what the members say for themselves.

Who would be able to block the solo pathways of the members from Shinhwa?

The popularity of Shinhwa members Mun JungHyuk and Shin HyeSung continues to rise.

As Daesang November MVPs as voted by netizens, Mun JungHyuk and Hyesung snagged the number one spot for best male actor and best male singer respectively, showing their steadfast popularity. The band, Shinhwa, stays at second for best group act, closing in on DBSK who are currently first.

The voting process for best male actor, which ended on the 4th at 3 p.m., consists of 4823 participants and Mun JungHyuk had the support of 2622 voters, making up 54.4% of the total votes, which made him the winner. Although the viewing percentage of his drama serial ‘Invincible Parachuting Employee’ was less than ‘Hwang JiNi’ and ‘What’s Up, Fox?’ , but his overwhelming popularity made up for it.

Behind Mun JungHyuk will be Chun Jung Myung, the star of ‘What’s Up, Fox?’, who had the votes of 595 individuals (12.3%). The male lead of ‘Jumong’, Song IlKook , was supported by 511 voters (10.6%) and that made him third. Following behind are 张今石 from ‘Hwang JiNi’ and Oh Man Seok from 'Hyena’.

Shin HyeSung attracted 7900 votes out of the 17 660 votes for best male singer, which is 44.7%, and continues to stay at number one.

At second place is ‘smiling angel’, Son HoYoung , who had been vigorously carrying out many activities ever since his solo comeback. His support of 1724 voters (26.7%) brings back memories of his popularity during the GOD period. Kim JongKook, who recently singing at his senior’s wedding and rarely showed his face, claimed the third spot with 1178 votes (6.7%).

Following closely behind are Lee SeungKi (964 voters, 5.5%), Rain (846 voters, 4.8%), and Eru (517 voters, 2.9%).

Other than that, the fight for the best group act, which had 24 766 people voting, sees DBSK as the winner with the support of 10 002 voters (40.4%), Shinhwa as second with 9 179 votes (37.1%), SS501 as third with 3 283 votes (13.3%) Super Junior (1,469 votes 5.9%) and Big Bang (395 votes, 1.6%), all showing astonishing popularity.

Credits: akemi <>

Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan, challenges to orthodox melodrama

Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan comes back with a melodrama after one year.

Kim Dongwan is cast as male lead actor in a SBS TV Monday-Tuesday drama “Turtle” (temporary name. It is also titled "Crazy About Love" in other news articles) which is expected to broadcast early next year (in other news article, in January or February next year).

It is a comeback a year after his last KBS 2TV weekend drama ‘Goodbye Sadness’ in Jan this year.

Dongwan’s agency, Good EMG “The agreement of drama performing has been made verbally and the official contract will be made in a short time. As he received good commends on his performance in Goodbye Sadness, he becomes the lead in melodrama. Dongwan is excited because it is his first challenge to orthodox melodrama.”

news source: Ocean's Six
translated by fishc@ShinhwaJJ

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Shinhwa's Channel News Asia Interview


Credit: INTERPARK + Hikki @ Shinhwa Sarang

Junjin reveal his school life and his first crush on Happy friend!

Shinhwa member Junjin is troubled by his height during his school days was recently reveal on KBS "Happy Friend Together" when his old schoolmates are invited to the showyounger

That time, Junjin was really short and very hot temper. There was once a female classmate told him "He is even shorter then me" which left a deep impression on him

As there wasn't any interesting story, it just ended. As time goes by, he enter high school and one of the night, he rang up the girl. The girl was wondering who was that calling in the middle of the night and after she asked the call, she heard a scary guy voice "I am already 182 cm!" and hang up, after that she was thinking how come the voice sounds so much like Junjin.

Because of that one sentence during high school, Junjin took it to heart and drank 1000ml of milk everyday to grow taller

Beside this, he also reveal how he cried and got his heart broken when his first crush rejected him

Junjin "During my school days, i got hurt by a girl badly"

That time, Junjin found a girl he fancy and went to her house to confess to her but the girl told him that it is better if they were friends and because of that sentence, Junjin straight away broke down and tears began rolling down his cheeks and he can only turn around and walk away

This recording let Junjin and the girl who make him cried in a surprising meeting and his friends also let on Junjin in order to become handsome, he doesnt care about his life

His friends "Done day before the talent competition, Junjin gave a call to his firned in charge and beg him to call Junjin first but when really called him, Junjin act nerverous "Aigoo, why call me? I am not ready yet" in the end, his friend confirm with him that once he step onto the stage front, he will start performing

Junjin recall that in order to showcase his talent, he and his friends start prasticing Seo taji and boys "You in my dreams" but in the end, he didnt perform it on stage and was out of the contest

KBS2 TV "Happy Together-friend" will be shown on the 9th, 11.05pm

Credit: ocean6 + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Junjin's solo pic out + more info on GOOD Site!

From Dancing king to Gentle Prince
Junjin's 1st "Love Won't Come"

Eric's Fan Signing Event for UGIZ

Credits: + Shinhwadaily @ LJ + Hikki @ Shinhwa Sarang

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

On the 18th,Junjin will appear on MusicCore as the start of his solo

On this coming 18th November, Junjin will appear on Show Music core as the start of his solo album promotion in Korea

Before this, Junjin had performed in China, Shanghai for the first time.

On the 4th November, 730pm, Junjin performed at the "2006 Korea Showcase Feel The Kpop Live in Shanghai" with two performances. On this day, he performed as solo artist Junjin and not as a Shinhwa member Junjin to meet the fans. Thus this leave a deep impression on him

With the China fans cheering, Junjin kicked off his stage with the dancincg stage "Come back Ruff". His powerful dancing blew the fans away, from the top seating to the fans standing in front of the stage who were all waving their orange balloons cheering for him.

After that, he sang his solo album hit track "Love Won't Come Back" much to the fans good response.

After his peroformance, Junjin express his thoughts "My first overseas performance was in China and to be able to sing in front of them, I feel very happy. And to complete the stage smoothly, I am feel satisfied but I wont give myself 100%, only 70-80%, for the remaining 20-30%, I will do my best to improve"

He added on "As this is my first solo debute, I feel nervous but on the other hand, it is completing soon. The happy look on the chinese fans let me feel touched and excited. In the future, if I have the chance, I want to do my activities in China."

Junjin also express his thanks to the fans who followed him around since his arrival on the 2nd "I really thank the fans for the warm welcome"

Credit: OCEAN6 +dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Junjin's single is out for preorder!!

Junjin 'Love wont come' single [Autograph + poster]
Price: 5900
click here to order online

Junjin 'Love wont come' single [Autograph + postercase]
click here to order online

release date: 2006/11/16
record label: Good Entertaiment
Catergory: POP
distribution: 타이푼아이오MUSIC

Credit: ocean6 + OIMUSIC + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang