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[08.08.31][info] GOODEMG notice: Direction to purchase Shin Hyesung's album


Hi everyone,
This is Good Entertainment.

Firstly, we want to express our gladfulness to all the diverse fans who likes Shin Hyesung's official 3rd jib, "SIDE 1 'LIVE AND LET LIVE'" and at the same time seeking the understanding from all of you.

Due to the insufficient supply problem, during the release of the 3rd jib on the 26th, it is difficult to pruchase the 3rd jib from the Off-Line market. Therefore, we received many fans' enquires regarding this and to this, we published this notice.

At the moment, due the pre ordering quantity that exceed far beyond our pre estimation, therefore it results in the shortage on the prints on the actual date of release. From 1st of September (Monday) onwards, everyone should be able to purchase their copy. In regards tof this, we sincerely seek for the fans' understandings.

Once again, we apologise for the late explanation.
Right now, Shin Hyesung will be busying with his 3rd jib activities, all the fans please give your support and love to him.

Thank you.

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[08.08.30][trans] Hyesung's Thank You Message in 3rd Jib


The unfamiliar pace… another different me
Has already shown to everyone…

Running towards the end that is out of sight…

However, I do not feel exhausted or lonely
Because no matter what I have all of you…

Credits: (English translation) +孩子气,REAL@申彗星中国首站S.C.I.C (Chinese translation) + FOREVER HS (source)

[08.08.30][trans] Hyesung's Thank You Message in 3rd Jib


The unfamiliar pace… another different me
Has already shown to everyone…

Running towards the end that is out of sight…

However, I do not feel exhausted or lonely
Because no matter what I have all of you…

Credits: (English translation) +孩子气,REAL@申彗星中国首站S.C.I.C (Chinese translation) + FOREVER HS (source)

[08.08.30][News] JunJin 29th Birthday Party with IC members

MBC "Infinity Challenge" Beijing episode aired just some hours ago (August 30) included JunJin's surprise birthday party prepared by IC members in early morning 19th August.

Yoo Jae Suk, Jung Joon Ha, Park Myung Soo, and Jung Hyung Don cooked the rice, seaweed soup, and kimchi together. Countless of mistakes were taken , such as they forgot to press the cook button of the rice cooker, Joon Ha put too much water in the soup and then had to pour more salt. However, they did everything with bright smile hoping to give their JanJin an impressive birthday party.

When they finished, they came to JunJin room and woke him up. The half asleep , half awake JunJin had to sing and dance to thank his members.

The grateful youngest member took all the food without any word of complaint although the soup was extremely salty. But that was not the only thing Joon Ha prepared. Specially for JunJin, he had secretly prepared a birthday cake !

Although No Hong Chyul couldn't join the party since he had to return Seoul in advance, JunJin's birthday prepared by IC members gave the singer endless emotions. This will be something he will never forget for his life.

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[08.08.30][News] JunJin - Failed 12 times before getting the Driver License

Singer JunJin revealed his humiliating story about the driver's license exams to the public in SBS "YSMM 2", which will be aired tomorrow September 1.

"I failed the driver's license exam 12 times", he confessed, "obviously a lot away from the written test."

The reason for the 12 times failures: "It was too self-confident of me the reason. I just loved driving casually. On the test, I just put one hand on the steering wheel and enjoyed the speed like in a real race."

Eventually, in the 13th road driving test, accompanied by police officers, JunJin passed the exam and got his driver's license. .

Credit: MyDaily - Oceans Six
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[08.08.30][News] JunJin - "DongWan used to suffer from Hair Loss"

SBS "YSMM 2" episode aired tomorrow September 1 had Super Junior members Kang In and Hee Chul as guests.

During talk session, Kang In revealed that when Suju debut in 2005, all members were working under a lot of pressure, and at one point, he even got hair loss for a long period.

MC JunJin then showed his sympathy and understanding with Suju since the senior band Shinhwa also experienced that frustrating time. JunJin revealed: "There was a time we had to worry about a lot of things, and DongWan also suffered from regular Hair Loss. I totally understand your situation."

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[08.08.30][news] Jun Jin has Really Become IC's Youngest Member

Singer Jun Jin on the MBC's show "Infinity Challenge" is surely part of the family now.

The show broadcasted on the 30th, those who are on the "Infinity Challenge" show, Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo, Jung Joon Ha, Noh Ho Chul and Jung Hyung Don gathered to celebrate Jun Jin's 29th birthday together.

Besides Jung Joon Ha, the other members prepared seaweed soup and cake to congratulate Jun Jin on his birthday.

On the previous day, Jun Jin along with the members walked all over Beijing meeting people representing Korea. His fatigue was evident as he kept rubbing his sleepy eyes. However, the members couldn't hold back their sincere desire to congratulate him on his birthday.

Jun Jin's heart was full as he felt the bright atmosphere the members created for him. The words that came out during this time, "Now Jun Jin has really become Infinity Challenge's youngest and his presence on the show is secure."

After Ha Ha left the show, 2 months later, Jun Jin appeared on the show. With the concept of being "a person that keeps coming back". No matter what the situation, he keeps coming back. This helped him to become the 7th member of the show.

Jun Jin was often teased by the other members for his incredible stamina and noted for his affection towards them on the show.

On the 26th broadcasted show, "I feel so good to be part of the show as the 7th member. Thank you to all the fans. I am moved knowing that in Ha Ha's absence that you feel that you believe in me to fill in his spot. I will work hard on the show."

source: mydaily &

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[08.08.29][News] Shinhwa, SuJu, Jewelry, WG, etc come together for Lee Bul’s MV

It was announced today that one member each from popular groups like SuperJunior, Jewelry, Wonder Girls, SNSD, Brown Eyed Girls and Shinhwa will come together for new singer, Lee Bul in a series of promotional clips plus the actual music video which caught the attention of many which is expected.

Mnet Media revealed today that Park Jung Ah (Jewelry), Sun Ye (Wonder Girls), Tae Yeon (SNSD), Ga-in (Brown Eyed Girls), Kim Dong Wan (Shinhwa) and Shin Dong (SuperJunior) had done a good job for the crying scenes.

Mnet Media expressed, “The MV concept for this was set as Park Jung Ah (Missing), Kim Dong Wan (Hurt), Ga-in (Remembrance), Tae Yeon (Sadness), Sun Ye (Promise), etc with different feelings for each scene setting. They all did a marvellous job for the crying scenes and the four girls were so emotional that they couldn’t stop crying even after the cameras had stopped rolling.”

The teaser will be released on 1st September online, television and movie theatres while the official music video will be released on 10th September.


[08.08.29][news] Shin Hye Sung's "Because of You" MV Will have Actress Lee Chung Ah

Singer Shin Hye Sung's MV for the title song "Because of You" will feature the actress Lee Chung Ah.

The 3rd jib (Live and Let Live Side 1) was released on the 26th. For the title song "Because of You" MV, Shin Hye Sung will appear in it and the female lead will be Lee Chung Ah. They will portray a couple's heart breaking love.

Especially, Lee Chung Ah will shoot scenes showing the happiness she shared with Shin Hye Sung. There is a scene of them having preparing tea and cake to have with each other. To set up the atmosphere for this scene, smoke was added.

"There is a scene where Shin Hye Sung and I take a polariod picture together. That one I recall vividly. Both of us were very awkward shooting it. However, thanks to the those on set, they set up a family-like atmosphere thus we were able to shoot the scene fine. I'm anticipating a great MV coming out, " expressing her wishes.

Shin Hye Sung said, "I was happy to work with Lee Chung Ah after seeing her in movies and drama. I heard that she listened to 'Because of You' more than 100 times before the shooting started. It was clear to see all the preparations she did for the MV shooting. Thank you and sorry for all that you endured since the MV was shot during hot weather."

Only after 2 days, Shin Hye Sung's 3rd jib, topped hanteo's search showing the high interest and popularity among music fans. The MV for the title song will be released early September through Shin Hye Sung's official website.


[08.08.29][News] JunJin Solo Concert - Shinhwa and Choong Chul Dong as guests

JunJin's solo concert in September 5 and 6 will have Shinhwa members and Choong Chul Dong as guests.

Except Andy, who cannot manage to come due to ovelapping schedule, Shinhwa's Lee MinWoo, Eric, Shin HyeSung, and Kim DongWan will participate in JunJin's concert, proving their strong friendship.

After Shinhwa's 10th Anniversary Concert, all members have concentrated on their personal activites. However, this time, depsite the busy schedule, they decided to gather again, which will make the concert more meaningful. The fans are anticipating to see them together on one stage.

JunJin's first solo concert held in Japan in April was very successful and impressive. This time as the first ever in Korea as a solo singer, JunJin 's new era is beginning.

Credit: NewsEn - Oceans Six
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[08.08.29][News] JunJin in Lee Hyun Ji MV "Kiss me Kiss me"

Yesterday 28th August, Lee Hyun Ji's new MV teaser came out and got a lot of public's attention due to JunJin's appearance.

According to Lee Hyun Ji representative, the MV will show her cute female image, and specially at the end of the song, her one way kiss to JunJin. The shooting was done last week at Gyung Gi in 26 hours.

Lee Hyun Ji mini album will be released on September 2 with title song "Kiss me Kiss me" and she has set plans for a stage comeback soon.

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[08.08.29][News] JunJin - Charismatic Singer on Concert's Stage

Broadcasting industry's rising star JunJin (28) will show his charisma as a solo singer on the concert stage.

His first solo concert in Korea, titled "Together 4ever", will be held on September 5 (8:00 PM) and 6 (7:00 PM) at Jamsil Seoul, Melon AX Hall.

After the fist solo Single "Love won't come" in 2006, JunJin once again proved his passion with singing with full album "New Decade" released in May this year, followed by a course of promoting activities.

His distinctive, witty, but full of sincerity personality shown in various variety shows has been loved by the public. This time, in a large-sized open venue, his solo concert is in high anticipation of everyone.

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[08.08.29][trans] Part 3: Love... "Lonely Bachelor" Andy "envies his married friends"

Having already spent 10 years in showbiz, and establishing himself as a solo singer, Andy enjoys much popularity among the female fans. After his solo concert, he intends to take a break for a week before deciding between acting in a movie, a musical or starting on his 2nd solo album.

Q: Andy seems more cautious about his plans than ever before.

A: I've been protected for the past 10 years as the youngest in the group and as the youngest in the family. But being the only guy in the family there are times I feel like the oldest too, and I like to nag too. The rest always tell me to do things and I'll do it, so I'll nag when I tell them to do things and they don't do it. (laughs) Like, "you should do it this way" and things like that. There isn't much of my 20s left, but for men life starts at 30 anyway. That's something that the hyungs often say, actually one hyung in particular. (laughs)

Q: Do you sometimes think "when I reach that age I'll be like that too"?

A: Growing older isn't anything serious, don't we all get older? (laughs) But I do think that way sometimes. New artistes are sprouting up really quickly and that gets quite scary, haha. Sometimes I unknowingly get very conscious of the way they look at me. (laughs) That's why I rarely chat with the younger artistes, because I'm afraid they might know my secrets.

Q: Who do you hang out with these days?

A: I have some old friends, and I tend to compare myself to them these days. Looking at them making money, having children, I would think that it's really tough. But sometimes I imagine how it would be like to exchange lives with my friends. I'm enjoying popularity and love from the fans now, but my friends have love from their wives and children too. He's their idol and they're his fans too, and that will never change.

Why do I envy my married friends? I'm enjoying popularity, and I'm making quite a bit of money, but there's always this unnerving thought at the back of my mind, that it will all be over if I make just one mistake. It will be tough to start all over again. I think it's like this for everyone in showbiz.

Q: You seem to really want to get married, but you can't. 你好像想结婚啊结婚好

A: I want to have a relationship but that's no easy feat. Didn't Hyesung say he was lonely shortly after he went solo? My loneliness is twice of his. There are times when I'm happy just looking at girls. (laughs) You know how it is when girls sit at the table next to yours at cafes? I'll just appreciate them by looking at them. Does it sound perverted? (laughs) I'm like this because I haven't had any girlfriend in a long time, I'm becoming useless. (sighs)

Q: This is not the Andy we know!

A: The perfect image, it's not like that at all. Even if I'm not feeling well I seldom head to the doctor.

When I was young, if I caught a cold my dad would bring me on a ride on the bicycle, and I'd be fine after a while. That's what I did when I fell ill, I went riding on a bicycle. When the weather turned cold we slept at home covered by paper boxes. Times were really difficult when we were younger.

Q: What are your upcoming plans?

A: I'm going fishing this weekend, I think it's great to be eating fish during this time. I always go fishing with my friends and family. After that I'll be busy with the concert preparations. After the concert I'm going to take a break for a week, then think about my next steps.

Source: asiaeconomic
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Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.08.29][trans] Part 2: Life... Andy is "actually very dull in real life"

Through MBC's We Got Married, Andy has established an image of an adorable, thoughtful An-sobang who puts on an apron to do the cooking and chores. In reality, Andy is a much more serious and reticent individual.

Q: Would you take up a role that requires you to be the adorable perfect man in a big budget drama or movie?

A: It depends, I might take up the challenge! (laughs)

Q: You do seem rather suited to play kind, gentle characters.

A: I'm human and there are times I get angry too. It's hard to believe 10 years has passed. Really, as artistes we are subject to the selection of producers and writers, and when I get mad I learn how to control my emotions, so after all this time I'm really good at it now, though I know it's not too good for health, that's why I fall sick often! (laughs)

I used to feel really trapped, but nowadays on programmes I don't try to hide my true self so much anymore. For some reason people are able to accept that. I guess gradually I'll get angry occasionally and make unexpected comments too.

Q: The show is really popular, but there are some worries that some have voiced out too. Is the Andy-Solbi factor one of the reasons behind the show's popularity?

A: Someone did say something like, Andy became popular because of Solbi. I just laughed til my tummy hurt. But I guess there's some truth to it, and I suppose she did help me in some ways. (laughs) But some of the older viewers really thought that we got married and asked me, "When do you intend to have children?" I got a shock! But they always give me kimchi, now there's a lot of kimchi in my refrigerator. (laughs)

Q: You're having a concert soon, aren't you? Which side of Andy are we going to see? The theme for your last concert was "The Miracles of June", is it because it's a miracle that Andy wants to sing? (laughs)

A: No, why do you say that! A lot of people seem to think that way, really, I'm the biggest victim here. (laughs) The theme for this concert is "Shall We Love?", I don't have many ballads or singalong songs in my repertoire so I might sing some songs from other singers.

Even if I can't compete with M's stage presence, I'll have a good time with everyone too. Everything is possible with M Style! (laughs) I can't compete with him, but I have a segment that's similar to his style, it's a secret! It could be a really embarrassing performance!

Q: Haven't you ever thought of taking on the "charisma" image?

A: Me! When I started on my solo album, I prepared the songs in 3 styles: ballad, live performance and singing along to the guitar. (laughs) If it was up to me I would have chosen the 3rd option, haha. I can't pull off performances like that. That's why I also hide in one corner!

Q: What would you say your actual character is like?

A: I'm not very humourous, I'm not really romantic, I'm just really ordinary. With my friends, I'm actually more dull and boring, I don't say much and I just go along with them.

Source: asiaeconomic
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Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.08.28][trans] Part 1: Career... 28-year-old Andy has ambitious career plans

When we mention Andy these days, one would think about the solo singer with his adorable heart dance, the cute and mischievous baby of Shinhwa, and the romantic An-sobang.

If that's all you see, perhaps you need to get to know Andy a little more. Coming from an idol group that has lasted for 10 years, it seems that it is only now that he has started to move away from that "mould". He sits opposite me at the cafe, he orders a cup of coffee and starts to chat earnestly while laughing heartily from time to time. When he gets stuck with difficult questions, his eyes shyly dart to the left and right. His career, his life and his love, we'll share these with everyone in 3 parts.

Q: The musical Polaroid just ended on the 24th right? I suppose you can take a break now.

A: Because I was thinking too much about what to do next, now I'm trying to find something that is different from my usual image.

Q: It is said that a musical combines all the performing art forms in one, isn't it difficult to do?

A: Of course it was, initially it was awkward too, and coordination with the rest of the cast is also an issue. I felt really bad as I was often late due to my own schedules, but after a while everything got better.

Q: Recently Andy's star has been on the rise, you do know that right? (laughs)

A: Because there isn't much time before I enlist for military service, haha, so I have to be as active as I can within this period of time. Actually things shouldn't be done so haphazardly, and instead needs to be carried out with thought. Just like the role in Polaroid is fairly minor, but it's very meaningful.

I've learnt quite a bit from Kim Do Hyun, and the Best Newcomer of last year's Musicals Awards also acted alongside me, so it was a great learning opportunity for me. I guess this is what you call a role model. Just like how it is when I need to do an assignment but I have no idea how to do it, and as long as there's someone to guide me everything becomes clear. That's exactly how I feel.

Q: It's a sensitive question, but when you first appeared in musicals, there were some derogatory comments made about your box office draw as an idol star.

A: How shall I put it? Though I've been in showbiz for 10 years I'm not exactly a big star, and I don't have a hit drama to my name either. People would naturally be surprised and perhaps question, "Why would Andy act in a musical? Could it be because they wanted some star power? Is he trying musicals since he can't do dramas?"

When I first read the synopsis for the musical I knew nothing about musicals at all, and I was still considering some movie scripts. Before I knew it the reports about me starring in the musical came out. After that I spent 3 days in the jijimbang alone, not contacting anyone because I was so troubled.

Q: 3 days in the jijimbang?

A: Don't they have one of those penguin rooms? (laughs) The change in temperature helps to give your skin more elasticity. Anyway I stayed there by myself, having seaweed soup and thinking about things, so my conclusion is: as long as I work hard I should get results.

Q: How did you go about practising?

A: I started about one month before, and on the first day of rehearsals the director said, "It'll be better if we all familiarize ourselves with each other", so we all went for drinks, and then we went to cafes to chat. We spent 3 weeks doing that, in the end with one week to go I nearly went crazy! But somehow this seemed to work because my enunciation and vocals somehow improved!

Q: What's different for you now that you've been doing your solo work for quite some time now?

A: I think I've grown more ambitious towards my career. Until Shinhwa's activities commence again, there will be about 3-4 years in between where I can realise my own dreams.

I want to show people my achievements. Even if it's hard to reach the peak, at least I want to reach a certain level. That's my ambition.

Source: OCEAN
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Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Jun Jin to Hold First Solo Concert

The singer Jun Jin of Shinhwa, whose popularity is soaring through his appearances on popular TV entertainment shows, will hold his first solo concert since his debut.

Jun Jin's concert, entitled "Together 4ever", will be held at the Melon-AX Hall in Gwangjang-dong, Seoul on September 5 at 8:00 p.m. and the following evening on September 6 at 7:00 p.m.

The singer, who recently released his first solo album entitled "New Decade", plans to bid farewell to the past decade he spent as a member of Shinhwa and welcome the new decade as solo artist Jun Jin. Fellow Shinhwa members Lee Min-woo, Andy and Kim Dong-wan are also preparing to hold their own solo concerts.

source: Source : + HanCinema e-news

Lee Min-woo Returns to K-pop Scene

Lee Min-woo, a member of Shinwha, has returned to the K-pop music scene this month with his fourth studio album. Lee's latest album features songs that he personally wrote and composed.

To mark the release of his much-anticipated new album, Lee held an exclusive concert on the August 23. The singer also plans to begin a concert tour in Asia starting in Thailand in October. Lee will go on to perform in Singapore in November and in Japan in December.

source: HanCinema e-news +

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[08.08.28][News] Who will be this year's Best TV Show Newcomer ?

JunJin, Seo In Young, Daesung, and Lee Chun Hee are the four major candidates of this year's Best TV Show Newcomer. The audience turns the TV on to come out saying everyday "That he/she again?". New faces of Variety Shows are making Korean burst out of happy laughter.

Above all, the new fresh wind that has raised the most attention in broadcasting industry is singer JunJin. With fixed position in MBC "Infinity Challenge" and SBS "YSMM 2", he is now standing in the national leading MCs team. In addition, MNet new real show "JunJin and Highschool girls 4" has created various opinions and attention.

Public's reaction is literally beyond his expectation. No more a Shinhwa's member, JunJin has grown his own huge status in broadcasting industry since mid 2008.

In a recent meeting with the reporters, JunJin said: "10 years being a singer, I didn't show myself much" , "In 2008, with a "new" mind, I would like to come closer to the public and present myself, my real sides." - added "Public's reaction is coming a lot sooner than I expected. I'm really happy and grateful."

"Of course, it's still a long way to go from now on. Everything is just beginning. Let's hope for a better future."

Besides JunJin, 2008's TV shows also welcomed many rising singer - performer stars. Seo In Young, with "We got married" and "YSMM 2", is a good example. Moreover, she was recently picked to be KBS 2TV "Music Bank" MC.

Idol group Big Bang's vocal Daesung also has a great sense in SBS "Family Outing" with his cute and witty image. Daesung expressed: "The first time appearing was a big burden. But thanks to Yoo Jae Suk hyung, Yoon Jong Sin hyung, and other members help, I can now feel more comfortable to bring laugh to the audience."

Daesung's co-member in "Family Outing" with nickname "Chunderella" is also a new spotlight of performing arts this year. Lee Chun Hee was gifted a warm and sincere smile that can make the audience smile altogether.

Credit: StarNews
Korean/English: LetSayEden @

[08.08.28][news] Jun Jin Participating in Happy Sunday's New Segment "Schoolympic"

**unrelated parts omitted**

Olympic stars Lee Bae Young (29) and Nahm Hyun Hee (27) will make an appearence on KBS 2TV's Happy Sunday.

Lee Bae Young and Nahm Hyun Hee will be appearing on Happy Sunday's segment "This is the Reason for Living" and they have been invited to appear first broadcast of "Schoolympic" as guests.

"Schoolympic" will follow the heart warming Beijing Olympics. Happy Sunday's other popular "1 Night 2 Days" will still remain. Combining the words "School" and "Olympic" it is named "Schoolympic" and it will take place at one school. At that school, different sports games will be held to offer fun and be sort of an "olympics" to the students.

"Schoolympic" will comprise of competition with the use of things such as blackboard erasers, rubberbands, mops, pews and other school supplies in various games.

Kang Byung Kyu, Hyun Young, Lee Jong Soo, Jun Jin and Kim Gun Mo will be appearing on the show. Happy Sunday Schoolympic is a special segment following Beijing's Olympic recalling Lee Bae Young's fencing event.


[08.08.28] [info] New Wolf M Japan Goods

creds: + dvdheaven

[08.08.27][Trans] JunJin - One of the 3 most popular and in demand TV show artists

The variety show artist who receives the most attention nowadays is in no doubt JunJin. The athletic champion in the past is in the highest demand than ever before. So to speak, he is one of the three most popular and wanted Korean TV artists, along with Yoo Jae Suk and Kang Ho Dong, if not to say the top one.

Beginning with the vacancy in MBC "Infinity Challenge" due to Haha's absence, JunJin quickly adapted to the team and eventually became their 7th member. KBS "YSMM - Celebrities Village" is where JunJin's distinctive personality and talent grooms among many other MCs. The audience would never forget the SBS "Family Outing" in which JunJin won against Kim So Ro in the back riding match and his lines that cracked everyone up - "He's just standing and smile like that. How the hell can I ride forward (?) That possible ?"

No matter how good the system goes, the long hour repeated exposure of variety show has grown tiring for the recent years. The creation of "Infinity Challenge" was the buoy that saved Korean Real Situation Shows boat from sinking. Instead of re-establishing, IC chose a new approach to the character and the personality was granted.

But it didn't change the natural concept in a fundamental way. The real problem will only be solved when one character can entirely change to a new one when it's needed. But that seemed to be impossible.

Haha's vacancy would not be for one or two days. Who can replace him and become the 7th member of IC? All artists were given a seat, but that position was yet to be filled.

Variety shows must be grateful of his existence and his strong enthusiasm. JunJin was found on the spot. Guests were asked to build their own characters, and he has had various. "IC" JanJin - the witty fellow, "Family Outing" - the young dude tension breaker King, "YSMM 2" - with MC Mong as Up & Down brothers, but having a great power to emerge his own character.

Most of the time, a guest plays the main role with fixed members as the MCs. However, it may not work in any situation, and the old concept is becoming really old and unfavourable. So why is JunJin the only guest that could take advantage of "Family Outing"? This is actually a dilemma for the show's production team. Previous guest characters were formed in a fixed relationship with other MCs. G-Dragon for example, who appeared as the second guest, was limited to his relationship with Daesung and his love affair with Yejin.

But as soon as JunJin joined the family, he made the difference. He totally adapted himself, he made everyone comfortable, became friend with every member, involved in a strange competitive relation with Kim So Ro, a hilarious triangle with Hyori and Daesung, an unimaginable suppposed-to-be-romantic segment with Yejin. All were not scripted, and they could not be scripted. Simply because that was his real self, in other words, he didn't create any character, he was just being himself.

So to answer the question about JunJin's success, he's commited to the program first, before working on his image. He's not trying to get all the attention, in the opposite, he's aware and he respects team members abilities. That's the unique character that the public love these days and on which we can hope for the new future of real variety show.

"JunJin" is only the stage name of this particular person, the one who has a straightforward characteristic. He is always sincere, and despite all the misunderstandings, he will never blame anyone. Full of passion, absolute trust and respect, JunJin is almost the only one who can maintain the pure character, and yes, in its purest meaning, down to the breaking point. A new fresh set for variety show has been drawn.

Credit: Osen - Oceans Six
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[08.08.27][news] Shin Hyesung: Thoughts about recording with Honey Lee

Shin Hyesung's collaboration with Honey Lee on his 3rd album has become a hot discussion topic.

A: I wanted to work with someone with a more special background, so I was really looking out for someone like that. Incidentally, I saw Honey Lee singing on the programme Chocolate, and I was impressed by her. It was the same during the recording, I was floored by her potential.

He didn't harbour thoughts about Honey Lee even though he was recording with a beautiful girl.

A: Why didn't I have thoughts about her? I heard that she seemed to be already seeing someone, so I didn't think any more. Haha. I've been feeling lonely lately, if I do have someone I love, maybe I might get married immediately. I'm going to be moving to the apartment below Eric's, probably it might help to ease the loneliness a little.

Source: Metro
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Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

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[08.08.27][trans] Hwang Bo's Cyworld entry (Jin's birthday)

Hehe, Choongjae's birthday is on the 19th, mine is on the 16th, but since Choongjae is going to China on the 17th he had to hold his party on the 16th. Since the 16th is my birthday, everyone who came to Choongjae's party wished me happy birthday too.
So is the party for me, or for Choongjae?
Let's do it together next year too

Source: Hwang Bo's Cyworld
Chi trans: 翻译维他命J@Jun临天下
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[08.08.27][news] Shin Hyesung to kick off Asian tour in Oct

Singer Shin Hyesung will kick off his Asian tour in autumn and work towards his goal of success as a Hallyu star.

Having just released his 3rd album Live And Let Live, he will start his solo tour in Seoul in October, and proceed to other Asian countries including China and Japan. He will be visiting the cities of Shanghai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Taiwan. Other than the Japanese cities, this will be his first solo concert in China and Taiwan.

Shin Hyesung's management company said, "We're currently scouting for suitable overseas venues. Although we could be performing in more cities, but the tour will begin and end in Korea."

The focus of the tour will be placed on Japan this time round, and though the venues for the Japan shows are slightly smaller, there will be more shows staged to allow for more fans to be able to attend the concert. Last year Shin Hyesung held a total of 4 shows in 4 cities, but he is expected to hold more shows in the 3 cities.

His management company added, "We will also hold a solo fanmeeting for him in Japan at the end of September before he kicks off the tour and his overseas activities."

Shin Hyesung's 3rd album will be sold in two parts: Side 1 - Live And Let Live, just released on 26 Aug; and Side 2, scheduled for release in December.

Source: edaily SPN+oceans six
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[08.08.27][news] Inauguration of Lee Minwoo's and Junjin's Jap fanclubs!

To commemorate the inauguration of Shinhwa members Lee Minwoo's and Junjin's Japanese fanclubs, both of them headed to Tokyo on 26 August for a fan event, where more than 1,700 fans gathered at the C.C. Lemon Hall. Both of them said, "It's really great to have our fanclubs set up, and it's great to be here with everyone too. We really wanted to meet everyone, and we hope to be more active in Japan."

The two belong to the same management company and share a close-knit relationship, and it was apparent that both of them really enjoyed themselves at the event. Besides performing Shinhwa hits I Pray 4 You and Eusha Eusha, they were having fun playing around with each other. They also performed their respective solo hits, such as Wa and The M Style. Both of them are due to stage their solo concerts in September in Seoul, and even invited the Japanese fans to attend the concerts.

Junjin will be holding his concert on 5/6 September in Seoul's Melon-AX Hall, while Minwoo's concert, originally slated for 23 August, will be held at Club Answer in Cheongdam-dong on 28 September instead. Explaining the reason for the postponement, Minwoo said "I wanted to ensure that the 4th album is of the best quality, thus I had to delay the release date."

Lee Minwoo further mentioned his plans to hold a concert in Tokyo's JCB Hall on 17/18 December, "As I have to fulfill my responsibilities as a male Korean citizen, that should be the last time I'll be coming to Japan before I enlist for military service, I hope everyone will turn up!" Junjin also talked about his intention of stepping into the field of movies and further expanding his range as an artiste.

Source: Chosun Daily
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[08.08.27][News] FT.Island Lee HongKi "I admire JunJin and want to follow his path"

Recently, F.T.Island vocalist Lee HongKi has started his new journey in variety shows with SBS "Family Outing".

The young singer said: "I really admire JunJin hyung and his appearances in variety shows, especially in "Family Outing". That's why I decided to guest in. I want to follow his path and challenge myself in variety shows."

Lee HongKi episode was recorded in 25th and 26th, and will be broadcast in September 14th and 21th.

Credit: StarNews
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[08.08.27][News] Family Outing PD: "JunJin has set a whole new standard for the show"

SBS new show "Family Outing" officially made its hit as the current most popular variety show with episodes aired on 17th and 24th.

In the interview with us, "FO" producer expressed: "We have invited several guests from the beginning, all of them are popular artists. However, since this show has a high level of interaction and the guests are challenged their ability to adapt to new lifestyle with different kinds of people and situations, not any guest can take the chance. The concept sounds simple, but living altogether is not as easy."

"The reason why JunJin's episodes got the higest view ratings and got the audience back to "FO" was because he didn't guest in the show, he truely lived together with all other members in that 2 day 1 night trip. His frankness, his sincere caring attitude, his sense of humor, and above all, his being the real himself without trying to make a fuss in front of the camera, brought him close to every single team member, encouraging them showing their own sides and abilities."

"The show has been set to a whole new level now. Although many fans ask for the permanent appearance of JunJin, our production team still welcomes other artists to join in and challenge themselves. We believe that after his starting point, FO will continue to receive love and support from the audience."

Credit: StarNews
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[08.08.26][notice] GOOD Ent: Shin Hyesung, 3rd album on sale now!

Hi everyone,

Shin Hyesung's 3rd album, Side 1 'Live And Let Live' is finally on sale.

As this album comes 1 year after his 2nd album,
the fans have naturally been anticipating this album.

Especially after the first comeback performance on SBS Inkigayo on 24 August, fans have been continuously enquiring about when the MV for the title track Because It's You is going to be released, thus we are informing everyone of the status through this notice.

We originally intended for the MV to be released on the day of the album release,
but as we wanted to present to you an MV of the best standards, we have reshot some scenes, and thus delaying the release date to early September instead.

The MV will be released via Shin Hyesung's website, we hope that the fans will look out for it.
In addition to the title track Because It's You, we hope you will also show your support for the other songs on the album.

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[08.08.26][news] Shin Hyesung, video on Comeback reaches 40,000 hits online.


[08.08.26][news] Shin Hyesung, video on Comeback reaches 40,000 hits online.

Shin Hyesung released his 3rd album on the 26th and the videos on his comeback reaches 40,000 hits online.

Shinhwa member, Shin Hyesung’s official 3rd album, SIDE 1 ‘LIVE AND LET LIVE’ are out on shelves on the 26th.

The teaser videos and song previews released during this period has trigger the curiosity of the public. 2 days before the release of the album, he performed for the first time on his title track, “Because of You’ and also “Awaken” in SBS Inkigayo comeback stage on the 24th.

His grand collaboration with the Rock Group, ‘N.E.X.T’ that lead to hot topics of discussion before the actual comeback, together they presented an intense powerful stage performance which attracted the attentions from both the fans and the public.

Especially on the day of comeback, since noon, there’re already over 700 fans waiting in front of the SBS open hall which shows the strong concerns and passion over the comeback stage performance. Now, login into artists’ performance website, ‘BESTIZ’, the search for the comeback performance has reaches over 40,000 hits. And after the performance ended, it leads to explosive supports and cheers from the fans.

The title song, “Because of You” and “Awaken” and other songs that are recorded under the 3rd album, SIDE 1 ‘LIVE AND LET LIVE’ will be published for sales at the same time on MELON, MNET.COM, BUGS, DOSIRAK, SORIBADA and other big music online stores.

Shin Hyesung expressed, “3rd album is one that will be well enjoy by many because of the various kind of styles that are recorded in it. Precisely because of the breaking from the image as a ballad singer and taking a big attempt to change in the style of the album therefore I am anxious and anticipating the responses and evaluations of the fans and public”, “In order to present a even more prefect stage performance, therefore I invested a lot of time and efforts, therefore I hope everyone will give more attention to it and will love the title song, “Because of You”.

Credits: (English translation) +虫虫猪猪@bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + Ocean’s Six (Source)

[08.08.26][news] Shed off his identity as Shinhwa, positioned himself as Shin Hyesung


[08.08.26][news] Shin Hyesung “shed off” his identity as Shinhwa and positioned himself as Shin Hyesung.

Shinhwa member, Shin Hyesung abandon his dance and challenge Rock ballad, leading a strong topic of intense Rock Performance.

Shinhwa member, Shin Hyesung begins his challenge against Rock Ballad.

Shin Hyesung presented a comeback stage on the 24th with a LIVE performance in SBS Inkigayo after a year. During this day, Shin Hyesung discard his usual beautiful image and familiarized identity as a ballad singer, using strong Rock Sound to demonstrate his Rock ballad which attracts the attention of the fans.

This day the title song, “Because of You” is revealed, it is the song composed by the Rock band, “N.E.X.T” and “Wittgenstein” former singer cum composer, Vink, a collaboration after the song, “Island” from his official 2nd album. A song that is full of the elements from British Rock, “Because of You”, together with the popish melody and intense guitar in the background, added the emo-sexiness to the voice of Shin Hyesung which engrossed the listeners’ ears. In additional, he will also be performing the song, “Awaken”, which will impress the audiences due to its strong acoustic guitar sounds.

Shin Hyesung recently met up with the reporters and expressed, “There’s no intention to change myself to a ROCKER”, “I only want to challenge diverse music styles, therefore I sing Rock ballad.”

And, Shin Hyesung will be releasing his official 3rd album, SIDE 1 ‘LIVE AND LET LIVE’ on the 26th, which is a comeback after a year from his release of his 2nd album, ‘The Beginning, New Days’ on August 2007.

This official 3rd album which is categorized as ‘SIDE 1’ with Shin Hyesung’s diversify appearance and his music challenges as well ‘SIDE 2’ as a sentimental ballad singer, Shin Hyesung that the fans are familiar with, will be released separately.

Shin Hyesung expressed, “The 3rd album is titled, ‘LIVE AND LET LIVE’. Just like its name, from erasing the impression of many on my ballad image to challenging against the style that solely belongs only to Shin Hyesung to produce a diversified album, therefore I seems to be even more nervous than any other time.”, “And this album is produced without any regrets, therefore I hope to bring the fans and public the best album so that everyone will remember.”

Credits: (English translation) +虫虫猪猪@bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + Ocean’s Six (Source)

[08.08.26][news] Multi-entertainer Andy participates in children's charity event

Singer, musical actor and variety entertainer Andy has recently ended his second musical project and has moved on to the preparation for his solo concert.

Through the musicals Music In My Heart and Polaroid, Andy has developed a special fondness for musicals. For his concert, he will rearrange his songs in the musicals and perform a mini musical. His fellow cast members from the musicals will also be performing in this interesting segment.

Andy has also recently participated in the Dream Maker competition organized by the Global Children Foundation in conjunction with the Child Welfare Society, and he will also help to raise funds for impoverished children through this concert.

Source: newsen
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[08.08.26][News] JunJin - His heart's full of sincerity. Do you know the Real JunJin?

These days, it is just simply impossible to put yourself off the "JanJin", "Justin Jinberlake", and "Wonderful Dad" trends raised by singer JunJin.

12 times successful with wooden chopsticks weightlifting using his butt muscles and 3 "Abnormal" Olympics gold medals, the singer impressed his IC members and the audience with his perfect body and strength.

Don't say you don't know "Wa"! The beats and dance routines "Raise your hand from the front, back and fro" - "Dagawa, dagawacheo Baby! Negawa negawa my Lady!". After 10 years with Shinhwa, now it's the beginning of JunJin's era as a solo singer with new sucess and popularity.

The charming and charismatic JunJin in the old variety shows confessed his real sides with aspects of family-oriented and mental problems when he came back with MBC "Golden Fishery". Due to the absence of his mother, he passed the childhood in loneliness and panic disorders after joining Shinhwa. Once being forced to live up to the image of victory, what he has always hoped for is to be the real him without any constraints. Before being a "Perfect man", he is a human being.

Challenging himself to fill the space left by Haha in MBC IC, JunJin didn't expect the goodness of his fit in a very orgininal and unimaginable way to their concept of "Selfishness challenges". Everytime in IC, he brings laughs to the audience without loosing his glorious style of an idol. The best of the best!

SBS "Family Outing" - JunJin followed a group of artists (fixed MCs members) to the countryside and enjoyed a great time full of joy and laugh. Every member of FO was happy and comfortable with him around and they created a unique harmonious atmostphere that can only be seen in his eps. No surprise when JunJin's FO episodes hit the highest rates and beat all other variety shows.

KBS "YSMM - Celebrities Village" - always staying relatively quiet to compare with other MCs, but whenever he starts saying something, even with the most serious and emotionless face, he can easily crack up everyone. In the episode aired ast night 25th August, JunJin made the whole team and the guests burst out of laughter when he told the story of him being surprised by the police's appearance several times before.

Due to the lack of family's warmth in the past, JunJin wants to give it to the 4 highschool girls in Mnet real situation program, those who need guide and protection from parents. In China's Sohu poll, JunJin was voted to be the "Korean best father". Although the new program received many controversial opinions, its producers still have strong belief: "Please look forward to the coming episodes, it may be vague sometimes, but that's how we look straight to this real life and not only JunJin but also us the parents need to move forward and do something."

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

[08.08.26][News] JunJin - "Sometimes I wondered what role I would fit in IC"


The most loveable darling of variety shows nowadays JunJin expressed how he felt about being the 7th member of Infinity Challange.

2 months ago, after the withdawal of Haha, MBC tried to find the appropriate artist to become the 7th member, and among thousands of candidates, singer JunJin was finally confirmed to be their best choice. IC existing members exercised their superb "selfish" skills on all the guests, but JunJin's unique personality surprisingly fueled a new crash to the program and brought the audience back.

In MBC show of Lee Jae Yong and Jung Su Hee "Glorious Day" aired this morning 26th August, JunJin answered the question how it feels to be loved by IC members and their fans: "It is such a great pleasure to be part of a team like IC. Every member has his own power as a laugh maker."

"However since the existing members have clear roles in the program, as a seventh member, sometimes I wondered how I would fit in, what role I would play."

"The first time in IC caused me a lot of worries and pressure, but as the shooting continued, IC members helped me to adapt very fast and they also accepted me, which always makes me feel very grateful. For me, towards IC members, that's trust and gratitude."

Credit: NewsEn
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[08.08.26][news] Idol groups embarrassed by debut videos on Norowa

The first generation of Korean idol groups made their appearance on the 25 August broadcast of MBC's Norowa, and memories from their early years in showbiz flooded back.

Son Ho Young of G.O.D, Eun Jiwon of Sechskies, Moon Hee Jun of H.O.T, Eugene of S.E.S, Kim Dongwan of Shinhwa and Ok Ju Hyun of Fin.K.L all came together for an unprecedented reunion on the show. As the top 6 idol groups in the music industry, they all shared funny incidents and their relationships with the other groups.

Moon Hee Jun and Kim Dongwan, by virtue of being in the same company, were rather close to begin with, but as the media and the public often pitted the two groups against each other, they too started to become conscious of their rival status.

On a lighter note, Kim Dongwan spoke of how he and fellow Shinhwa member Junjin had to stop themselves from laughing at the jokes that G.O.D members Yoon Kye Sang and Son Ho Young cracked, as they felt that they were fellow gag rivals.

All the guests took an embarrassed trip down memory lane as their debut moments were played once again. Although their fashion styles back then seem rather outdated now, their enthusiasm was still apparent. The guests were understandably rather embarrassed and all broke out in laughter.

Kim Dongwan said after their debut videos were played, "I once had very thick gothic makeup put on me to create a charismatic image, I'm glad you didn't play that", but he probably heaved a sigh of relief too early as that video was played right after he said that.

Eun Jiwon, who was similarly embarrassed by his image back then, said, "I was really hurt when fans asked me 'Don't you feel embarrassed about the way you looked back then?'. I didn't feel ashamed, but I was shy about it."

The other guests added salt to his wounds by saying, "Don't feel bad about it, you looked better then actually."

However Kim Dongwan sympathized with him, "Our fans told us that they felt embarrassed by the way we looked too."

Viewers were thrilled by the reunion of the 6 legendary idol groups, as they flooded the messageboard with posts: "It was really happy to bask in the memories"; "It was great to reminisce about those days, I really miss those times back them"; "It was amazing to see all these top idol groups all gathered on one show".

The guests also performed dances from their hit songs, such as Shinhwa's Wild Eyes dance, which earned the applause from the guests. Kim Dongwan then shared an interesting incident that took place during their first performance of T.O.P, "I was counting down to the start of our dance routine, and I thought I couldn't be seen. But I was wrong because the cameras caught me mouthing 1, 2, 3 very clearly.

Part 2 of the Norowa idol group special will be aired next Monday

Source: consolidated articles from ocean's 6
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[08.08.26][news] Hyesung: I'm proud of Andy

Shin Hyesung, who has taken on new genres of music for his 3rd album Live And Let Live, had special words of praise for his fellow Shinhwa member Andy.

In an interview held on 21 August, Shin Hyesung was asked if he had any plans to participate in a musical just like Andy did, to which he replied "I still want to focus on singing right now, but I do hope to try my hand at musicals in future. I was really surprised by the change in Andy. When we were active as a group, Andy was always rather quiet, shy and stayed out of the limelight; now he has not only been active in musicals, but he's now a true blue solo singer too. I'm really proud of seeing Andy like this."

Shin Hyesung made his comeback stage on 24 August on SBS Inkigayo with his Britrock-style title track Because It's You, and has ended the shooting of the MV for the track on 25 August.

Chi trans: 淼儿@bestshinhwa
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[08.08.26][news] Hyesung, “Try on Rock, take up challenge 2 become a matured singer"


8/24 [news] Shin Hyesung, “Trying on Rock, taking up the challenge to become a more matured singer.”

Shin Hyesung (29), a singer who owns a beautiful vocal that is capable to break women’s hearts, has surprisingly changed. After a year since the release of “The Beginning, New Days” last year in 8th of August, his 3rd official album “SIDE 1: ‘LIVE AND LET LIVE’” is released. N.E.X.T member, Kim Jae Suk, Choi Shin Won, Vink and others will participate in the production of this album.

While everyone is curious what kind of Rock style will Shin Hyesung be presenting, he revealed during an interview on the 21st about the title song, “Because of You”, “Awaken” as well as his duet with Honey Lee, “A Good Day to Love”.

This album titled “Live and Let Live” embarks with the intention of “diversification” and “coexistence”. “Live and Let Live” has the meaning of “all forms of people coexists” and “You live your life while I live mine”. This reflected his idea for concept of changes and he have also having himself filmed saying, “Do not mind me. I do as I please”.

# What give you the courage to undergo such changes?
In the beginning, Shin Hyesung who appeared to be very nervous because this is a public company function, said, “This doesn’t means that I will simply change my music style to Rock. Although I will still focusing on ballads but this time round, I will like to try on different genres of music.” He even reminds everyone not to lower their expectation on him because he is “changing to Rock”.

In order to produce a more mature music, he challenges himself against different music genres to improvise himself. Therefore he has to take the risk to undergo such change. The method to illustrate a rock song vs. a ballad is very different. He believed that after training on how to sing Rock, it will be giving a big help on the development of his singing skill. In his 1st and 2nd album, it included 80% of ballads. As compared to singing ballads, while recording other genres of songs, he may excavate his other own merits.

In regards to his after thoughts when the recording came to an end, Shin Hyesung said, “I didn’t felt that there’s any big difference when illustrating a rock vs a ballad song” however, he felt that most of the time, the method on singing Rock is more difficult. In general, the recording process is more tedious. However, upon finish recording all the different genres of songs, he felt himself amazing therefore very self satisfying.”

# Also felt that my vocal is buried within the sound of the guitar!

Many people commented that after hearing the title song, they felt that the beautiful vocal of Shin Hyesung was buried within the guitar sound. Regarding such criticism, he accepted it modestly saying, “This is a correct criticism”.

Shin Hyesung expressed, “There are many sound axles in the title song and it appear to be very difficult to control them. This really troubled everyone. At the first half of the song, the voice is distinctive/ clear and the discrimination is very high. However, towards the later half of the song, when the band goes loud, you will feel that my vocal is buried. Those who listened to my songs earlier will have this kind of feelings after hearing this song. Nevertheless, we felt that the title song that is included in this album is considered the best production. No matter what, I am still pleased with the outcome. If the vocal sounds too prominent/ outstanding in this kind of song, won’t it be too unnatural?”

# Chemistry working with N.E.X.T?

Kim Jae Suk, Choi Shin Won and Vink participate in this album production. We are curious to know if there’s any good team work between Shin Hyesung, a ballad singer and the Rock representative group, N.E.X.T. And how Shin Hyesung, such a ballad singer to guide the tough Rocker image, N.E.X.T to start on the album production? It seems interesting merely thinking about this.

Shin Hyesung claimed that he has received many helps from the 3 of the Rocker. He said that in order not to be criticized by others about him being ‘unnatural to challenge rock, should only focus on ballad or even why he is singing other styles’, during this period he has worked really very hard. Therefore, he has also given his greatest degree of acceptance to the guidance from professional Rock singer and N.E.X.T has because an outstanding collaborator.
This gives birth to the song, “Because of You” which comprises of Britain style of tune together with melody containing Korean colors and the lyrics is really easily to fill up. “Felt that even if I am trying out on other kind of styles, there’re parts which I shouldn’t invade”, he gave his explanation on this production.

All the composers are present, even though they keep silence yet they worried a lot, especially on this beautiful vocal. In conclusion this cooperation ended up well.

# Anticipating the responses from the fans!

Anticipating what kind of responses the fans will give, at the same time, being anxious about it.

Shin Hyesung smiled and said, “Is a little worry, but I believed that those fans who like me will also like this album. I am more interested to know the appraisal from average people who are unsure who I am or only knows a little about me, therefore I am nervous. Even if the criticism is negative, but I still hope that everyone will regard this as ‘I have done my best and this will be the best progress to becoming a great singer.”

# Will present more diversify songs during concert!

Shin Hyesung’s 2nd album obtained the overseas distribution License as well as the rights to distribute them in Japan. The album this round will also stagger the time to release it both Japan and other Southeast Asia. Starting from 18th October, he will launch his Asia tour in Taiwan, Japan and China.

On the release of this album, to be able to present the performance of a variety of songs to show a new appearance of himself, Shin Hyesung expressed that to finish a 2 hours concert with merely ballads isn’t an easy job.

He said, “I am impressed with those singers who sing 80% ballads in their concerts. ‘If only I am able to sing this in the concert won’t it be marvelous!’ When I am devising the concept of the concert, I will also try to produce an album that will helps on stage performances so that those who came for my concerts should be able to see more diversify stuffs” as he express his interest in this album.

# After watching ‘Chocolate’, he has a liking on Honey’s singing!

It attracted many’s attention by including the duet with Honey Lee. In regards to why Ms Korean was selected for the duet, Shin Hyesung will reply in order “to find a special lady to collaborate”.

The person he wants to search for isn’t a singer, or a female artist who can sing. Watching SBS ‘Chocolate’ together with the composers, Honey Lee attracted their attention. They found that she has good vocals and can sing well. Honey Lee accepted Shin Hyesung’s invitation to collaborate. During the mixing of the song, because of Honey Lee’s vocal, everything is completed neatly.

Honey lee accepted her first recording job warmly and on her first time at the recording studio for her first recording, after recording for four hours, she requested additional time to do her training. After that she undergoes singing training alone, which displayed her enthusiasm side. When Shin Hyesung sends his regards to Honey Lee, he expressed his apologies as well as his appreciation.

# Singers thought that musical drama isn’t a bad idea of challenges.

Other than Shinhwa Andy, recently there’re many singer who take up the challenge in musical drama. Does Shin Hyesung have such thoughts? In regards to singers who challenge in musical drama, what’re your other opinions?

Shin Hyesung claimed, “It’s good to leave your original comfort zone and challenge a new domain.” He gave a positive response however most importantly during the challenge; one must give his/her utmost efforts and preparation. He said, “Recently people acted in musical drama regardless if they had put in sufficient efforts to prepare for it, therefore, its better not to challenge.”

Shin Hyesung has no intention to challenge musical drama at this moment; however he felt the need to make some preparations for it. He said, “Has established the desire to challenge on musical drama but still need more preparations ahead. Recently many people give me such proposition and because I’m busy with the album therefore it won’t be now, it’s still under discussion.”

After this he was questioned on “why didn’t he act”, he will answer that he is not well-prepared. “If I am really to challenge on acting, as compared to those traditional acting, musical drama will suit me better. If musical drama plays an influential role to contribute the maturity of my music progress, I will take up the challenge just like this album” he exclaimed with sparkles in his pair of eyes.

Shin Hyesung emphasize that the album this round is “a challenge to produce more mature music”. In the programs, there won’t be any typical rock dress up but instead a clean cut image will be display. From a ballad singer to Shin Hyesung who challenge on a new Rock image, is very much anticipated to display a different image to others.

Bringing back the comeback stage on the 24th at Inkigayo

Credits: (English translation) + evmist@bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + Osen (source)

[08.08.26][diary] GOOD Ent. Director Lee's Cyworld entry

Today...the 3rd album is finally released.
As the mixing and mastering process took longer than expected, we just about made it for the release date.
That's why just like everyone else, I still don't have my copy of the album.
When our artistes release albums, I'd usually head down to the stores to get my copy.
I'll go to the stores tomorrow, look at everyone's expression while holding the 3rd album, then I'll get a few copies for myself.

Whether it's the CD...or online through the music sites....
I'd like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has listened to the album which we had put in so much effort into producing.
The response from everyone was already so overwhelming prior to the release of the album, that I'm still feeling light-headed.
Although we still don't know the reviews for the album since the album is technically not released yet, but everyone seems to have recognised our efforts, so I'm still really happy.

Before the 2nd album was released last year, I talked about some funny stories during recording and ways to appreciate the songs better, didn't I?
Looks like this time round, many people have been anticipating too... ^^
If that's the case I'll share those with everyone soon.
I hope you can firstly enjoy HS's songs without any preconceptions and bias...
A few days later when you read the things I write, you can appreciate the songs in a whole new light again...

HS's 3rd album, please listen to it from the first song all the way until the last song.
When we were doing the mastering for the album, the last step was to finetune the time lapse between each song...
Each time lapse between the songs is slightly different.
I think if you were to listen to it once through, you might be able to understand what I'm saying.
Even if the human brain is unable to detect it, our human emotions are still able to catch even the smallest detail.
A tear could fall because of a difference of 0.1 second, or it might not, it's our ability to control our emotions...

Now HS is shocked by everyone's response towards his comeback, and he is also a little nervous about the new challenge, although he has to exude confidence even more confidence on stage as time approaches, the love and support from everyone will be more important than anything else.
Please stay by HS' side just like now...
He will repay you with great music and a great stage.

In another 12 hours, I will be holding HS' new album with his new challenges.

I'm trembling again. ^^

- Though I can't reply everyone's emails and messages, but I've read all of them. Really, thank you very much.

Source: GOOD Ent
Chi trans: 韩小国 @ BESTSHINHWA
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.08.26][diary] Andy: Creating Memories

The heart warming Olympics...on the hot summer day the theatre was filled for the's all over now~~ Today I have bittersweet something is I long for it. However, as it has ended, for all those who have been there and supporting the Polariod musical. I can not forget you all~~~ All the actors and actresses who were part of the show as well as you who were with me throughout it made many precious memories for me^^ Do you remember? This's a memory, tooㅋㅋ Now, I will concentrate on getting ready for the concerts to make new memories~~I will work hard to prepare (for them)~~!!!

source: ND Entertainment &

[08.08.25][News] Unstoppable JunJin, 1800 Japanese fans are waiting for you!

"Busy, just too busy."

Asian entertainment busy event list will miss its major hit without JunJin's FanMeeting in Japan this month.

Tokyo's Shibuya, JunJin's large FM will be held on 26th at Lemon CC Hall with more than 1800 fans attending. The singer just flew to Japan this afternoon and will stay there for a 2 night 3 day trip before returning home on 27th.

JunJin just finished his trip to China with IC members for Beijing Olympics last week, where he was greeted by thousands of people, proving his huge popularity in China.

Despite the fixed schedule with MBC IC and SBS Ysmm 2, JunJin will hold a concert in Seoul in September 5 and 6, also Shanghai China in October, and November in Singapore.

Credit: StarNews - Oceans Six
Korean/English: LetSayEden @

[08.08.25][News] JunJin Got "Family Outing" Move Forward !

The appearance of new idol JunJin in "Family Outing" latest episodes 9 and 10 has helped the show to officially beat "MBC We got Married" and "KBS2 Happy Sunday" in view rating.

"Family Outing" started with the first 8 episodes at around 5-7% to compare with "We got married" at 13-18%.

However, the 9th episode (broadcast on 17th August) view rating suddenly climbed to the highest ever 21.7 % Nationwide and 21.5% Seoul. The 10th ep broadcast yesterday demonstrated the new power of "FO" among Korean variety shows.

24th August episode got 18.3 % and only lost to the ending ceremony of Beijing Olympics. Meanwhile, "KBS Happy Sunday" got 15.6 % and "MBC We got married" got 13.9%.

< All data was reported from TNS Media Korea >

Credit: SportKorea
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[08.08.25][News] JunJin and IC in Mexico TV for Beijing Olympics

A lot of netizens have been interested in the appearance of IC members in the Beijing Olympics Special broadcast in Mexico.

"MC YOO, Park Myung Soo! and JunJin on TV AZTECA in BEIJING!" is the title of the YouTube file featuring an interview with IC member by Azteca reporter and the scenes behind it.

Both IC and Mexico reporters came to cheer their teams and since they were in high spirit they didn't notice the netizens recording the whole situation.

The Mexican reporter asked for a competition between Korea and Mexico in running and the champion was JunJin.

Credit: NewsEn
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[08.08.24][news] Shin Hyesung: “Get nervous because of new challenge”


[08.08.24][news] Shin Hyesung: “Get nervous because of new challenge”

“Really nervous. You won’t write as ‘Shin Hyesung sudden change to Rock image’?” Whenever we mentioned about Shin Hyesung, we will associate him with ballad genres. However, such him has change.

Releasing his 3rd solo album “Side 1 – Live and Let Live” on the 26th, Shin Hyesung will be promoting the title song, “Because of You” and Awaken”, which is his first time challenge on Rock genres. Shin Hyesung processes the idol image as a ballad singer, although many people are resistance to the news upon hearing that he will be changing his style to Rock, however when meeting up with him on one of the bar in Seoul on the 21st, he said with a frank smile, “Surprisingly, my voice is suitable for Rock ballad as well.”

“Firstly, it didn’t mean that I will only produce Rock music (laughs). Up till now, adding up all of Shin Hyesung’s albums, 80% of them are ballads, therefore when I express that I want to produce Rock music, it gives everyone a shock. So far, I am focusing too much on only one genre, therefore now I want to challenge a new style. This is all for the sake of maturing in my music career. Through the release of this album, my music domain has probably broadened, therefore I am feeling very satisfied.”

“I have no deep attainments in Rock, with an idol image background and singing only ballads for solo, many composers didn’t reveal before me however I knew how worried they are behind my back. I feel laborious because of the first broadcast, although I have give thoughts of it beforehand however, I never expect it was so different from what I thought.”

Shin Hyesung ignored the tension surrounding him and selected British Rock, “Because of You” as the title song with risk. Fortunately, he will be using a clean image and not putting on a chain and leather jacket on stage to symbolized his rock image,

“Because I mentioned I want to sing Rock, many people around me warned me ‘Not to wear those chain kinds of stuffs in the programs’. Even if the title song isn’t Hardcore Rock, we are still able to wear those kinds of headwear (laughs).”

Other than Rock, this album of Shin Hyesung also included, Swing, Big Bang kind of music genres that he always wants to try. It seems liked he is concerned about the responses of the public. Therefore at the opening of the MV, “Because of You”, there’s a monologue saying, “Do not mind me. I do as I please” as he transmitted a different consciousness in regards to this album.

“It’s not easy for a ballad singer to sing non stop for 2 hours on his own songs. Because I want to use my own songs to fill up the whole concert, with the desire as a singer, depending merely with only my own records is impossible. During the concert, I will always sing the songs of other singers or Shinhwa songs, however thanks to this album, my concert next round will be more diversified and these content me.”

Shin Hyesung promised everyone that after “Side 1”, he will release “Side 2” during fall with sentimental ballads as a comeback because he wants to continue to protect the formula, “Shin Hyesung = ballad songs”.

“When preparing the 3rd solo, I have decided upon the kind of styles and ballad genres to promote. ‘Side 1’ is the kind of album that I want to do. ‘Side 2’ belongs to my domain in ballads. Having both albums combined together, there are a total of 16 tracks. As compared to a normal edition album, able to use music to present as a gift, I am really satisfied.”

Of course, Shin Hyesung is more anxious than anytime. Although he has debuted for 10 years, he said, “I didn’t know that a human can be so nervous upon taking up new challenge.”

“I am more anxious as compared to the 1st and 2nd album. Although the fans gave me many supports however I am more concerned about the appraisal from an average person. If everyone thinks that Shin Hyesung had done his best, this will prove my enhancement as a better singer, and this will be the Best (laughs).”

Credits: (English translation) + evmist@bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + Donga (source)

[08.08.24][news] Shin Hyesung: Musicals should be OK for me

Singer Shin Hyesung has expressed that he's open to the ideas of participating in musicals.

At a press conference for his 3rd album held at Apgujung on August 21, when asked if he is intending to try his hand at musicals now that many singers have already jumped on the bandwagon, he said "I'm currently considering about it."

He said, "When one decides to go on a new and different path, he needs to work even harder. Since standards are getting increasingly high, if we don't work hard, we're going to have problems. You can't afford not to work hard."

"I do want to try musicals, but I do need to work harder first. Acting is really not for me, but musicals have their own charms, and I'm thinking, if I work harder at this, I might be able to pull it off."

As for his choice of attempting rock for his new album, he had this to say "This was to expand my range of styles. Musicals will add to my experience in music too, so that is something I will try once I've thought things through."

Having made his comeback on 24 August on SBS Inkigayo, Shin Hyesung will be releasing his 3rd album Live And Let Live on 26 August. He has plans for an Asian concert tour starting from October in Korea, and 5 other cities including Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo and Shanghai.

Source: oasis79
Chi trans: 孩子气@S.C.I.C
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.08.24][news] Shin Hyesung: Honey Lee? She's very cute

Shin Hyesung, whose 3rd album Live and Let Live will be released on 26 August, shared a little behind-the-scenes story during his recording.

Prior to the release of the album, Shin Hyesung has already performed his comeback stage on 24 August on SBS Inkigayo, and he also held a press conference on 21 August in a restaurant in Apgujung, as he talked about this first experience with the rock genre and his upcoming activities.

He also revealed a little story about his duet with former Miss Korea Honey Lee, A Good Day To Love. "I always collaborated with singers on my duets, but since this album is a little different from my other projects, so I wanted to work with someone special."

Honey Lee had already worked with Hyesung's fellow Shinhwa member Andy in a musical, and when asked if they had already knew each other via Andy, Hyesung said that they didn't know each other, and that he had only occasionally met her on TV shows.

"Yes, I met Honey Lee during SBS Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate. She sings very well and she has a lovely voice. I felt that our voices would work really well together, so I asked her about doing a duet together, and she kindly agreed."

For the song, Shin Hyesung finished recording his part before they added Honey Lee's vocals into the song. Honey Lee said that the recording went on for about 4 hours, but it was only after recording was over that she could manage to smile. Shin Hyesung smiled and said, "She's very cute the way she was focusing and concentrating during the recording."

Honey Lee went for vocal training just to prepare for the song, and Shin Hyesung expressed his gratitude to her for her efforts.

Source: OASIS79
Chi trans: 豆,孩子气@S.C.I.C
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.08.24][News] Shin HyeSung Comeback Special - "Jin ah ~ I'm very grateful!"

Popular singer JunJin suddenly appeared in his Shinhwa's member Shin HyeSung COMEBACK to stage special performance, proving their strong friendship.

JunJin was in SBS Office for the recording of "YSMM 2 Celebrities Village" when he heard Shin HyeSung's Comeback news. Despite other agenda after that, JunJin came to the standby room and played a role of ice breaker to help Shin HyeSung feel less nervous before the CB stage. The live performance then was reported to be in a very harmonious atmosphere.

Shin HyeSung's company representative said: "Before the CB, Shin HyeSung was a bit nervous, but because JunJin came and eased the tension, he then felt more sense for the performance. He also wants to tell JunJin that "Jin ah ~ Thank you!" "

Shin HyeSung, after more than one year from his 2nd album "The Beginning, New Days", released his 3rd solo work Side 1 "Live And Let Live" and started promotion for the title song "Because of you" with this official Comeback Performance.

Credit: StarNews
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[08.08.24][news] Eric, "After the Drama Started I Praying Everyday Out of Fear"

Eric, no Moon Jung Hyuk, who starred in KBS2 TV's "The Mighty Chil Woo" has wrapped up the drama quietly. Although, not surpassing the average rating of 10% of viewers, he is satisfied with the drama as it is his last project before entering the army. Eric clasping his hands said, "Everything is done."

I met Eric on the set of the drama and asked him if he had any regrets. He replied, "I didn't want to have regrets so I wanted to do all that I can. When I started (the drama), I put aside all the expectations."

When Eric was approached with starring in "The Mighty Chil Woo", he considered it twice. With the impending entry into the army, his back was a big consideration. With thoughts about the demands that the back will have to take for the drama, he thought, "I absolutely can not do it."
However, with much consideration and thought, he got the courage to do the drama. After deciding to take part in it, the work became easy to do. "I thought if I had negative thought that it would hinder me. Thinking that I can do it helped me. People have referred me to places where I can get effective treatment for my back and I have received good results from them."

Even in the drama, "Que Sera Sera", there was a scene where he needed to lift the actress Jung Yoo Mi. However, due to his back, he wasn't able to do that scene. He talked to the director explaining the his inability to do that scene. During Shinhwa's 10th anniversary concert, it was very difficult for him. Initially, he thought, "The Mighty Chil Woo" would be fun to do but knowing the physical demands of the drama made him steer away from doing it.
However, with much consideration and thought, he got the courage to do the drama. After deciding to take part in it, the work became easy to do. "I thought if I had negative thought that it would hinder me. Thinking that I can do it helped me. People have referred me to places where I can get effective treatment for my back and I have received good results from them."

Eric, "As I will be serving as a public service duty officer, however, I was a bit worried about the training part. As he shot "The Mighty Chil Woo", his health improved. He did the action scenes and he felt like he will be just fine receiving training as he starts his service.

In the beginning, 15% viewer rating was expected as this is his last project before entering the army. This is his first drama for KBS thus he has done dramas for the 3 major networks. He said, "Whenever you do a drama, it's natural to want as many people to see it. Not because I am the lead actor but I do feel a bit of a burden seeing all the people involved with the drama."

Not only fear but laziness can limit a person. Eric said, "For first drama "I'm Running", as I started filming I prayed everyday. Fearing that I would not do well. In the beginning, I worked hard and gave it my all but laziness set him thinking just how much more can I do as an actor." Given this chance to this drama, he wanted to once again give it his all.

Even on this day, we can't go without talking about Shinhwa. "Until the day comes when people want Shinhwa to disband, we will stay together. Unlike when we started, we are just pursuing our individual work at this time." As actors and singers, we will be working to the end for sure.

source: oceans-six
translator: [email]

[08.08.23][diary] DW: Lee Eon (alternate translation)

Lee Eon.

The thoughts you had..
The music you listened to..
The things you left behind..
They make your death even a greater loss.

I would like to see your death remembered for a bit longer..


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dongwan - A Man's Love (Eng Subs + Karaoke)

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[08.08.23][News] JunJin Won "Hot Character" Award M.Net 20's Choice

Rising variety show star JunJin received "Hot Character" award of M.Net 20's Choice just some minutes ago at Seoul Jang Chung Gymnasium.

"Junstin Jinberlake" won over other candidates Eun Ji Won of "Happy Sunday 1N2D", Seo In Young of "We got married", and Kim Byung Man of "KBS 2TV Comedy" to become the hottest character of this year.

JunJin expressed: "This is the first time I receive this award. Thank you so much for your love and support. The stage show today looks really good. Thank you!"

Credit: StarNews
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[08.08.23][News] JunJin and Wonder Girls - "Sexy Back" Fantastic Performance

Highlight of Mnet 20s Choice Awards Show tonight was the joint performance of "Junstin Jinberlake" JunJin and Wonder Girls.

The fantastic performance began with JunJin singing to "Sexy Back" of Justin Timberlake, and Wonder Girls one by one walking around him. Next was "So Hot", the hottest dance music of 2008 with JunJin rapping together with YooBin.

Credit: NewsEn - StarNews
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[08.08.23][Info] Vote For Hyesung, Junjin & Andy On M!Countdown


Songs to vote
그대라서 - 신혜성 (Shin Hyesung - Because Of You; #7)
Together 4ever - 전진 (Junjin - Together Forever; #12)
사랑하면 보내야 하는건데 - 앤디 (Andy - If You Love Her, Then Let Her Go; #13)

Credits : M.Net +