Saturday, July 31, 2010

[10.07.31] Liveworks notice: The Summer Holidays with S.H.S. in Korea

{The Summer Holidays with S.H.S. in KOREA}

Always watching Hyesung on stage from afar! A special opportunity to interact up close!
Gathering at the same place for Shin Hyesung!
We have made preparations for a final summer vacation at the end of August for Korean and Japanese fans to happily enjoy with Shin Hyesung.

A exciting and special trip with a one-night only ‘Acoustic Mini Concert’ with Shin Hyesung and other activities
Are you ready? Let’s create and share unforgettable and precious memories.

● At the Konjiam Resort together with Shin Hyesung! {With S.H.S.}
40 minutes away from Seoul, with a top hotel, the Konjiam Resort!
Have a vacation with fresh air and Shin Hyesung!
Information about Konjiam Resort (

● Inviting you to take part in {S.H.S. Acoustic Mini Concert}!
A special stage that you won’t be able to feel anywhere and anytime else!
Enjoy Shin Hyesung’s romantic Acoustic Mini Concert up close

● Have a {S.H.S. Mini Picnic} together with Shin Hyesung
A small picnic in woods of Konjiam~
Play games with Shin Hyesung and enjoy other recreational activities and gifts

● {Happy Together} with Korean and Japanese fans
The hearts and minds that love Shin Hyesung are the same, transcending nationalities! Same thought!
Let’s share this special bond that brings us together because of Shin Hyesung!
The project that transcends nationalities! Happy Together
(Shin Hyesung will not participate in this event.)

● A {Welcome Party} with Shin Hyesung
A group photo and handshake session
Let’s have a precious photo with Shin Hyesung to keep.

● Souvenir
All participants of the tour will receive souvenirs prepared by Shin Hyesung!

★ This tour will be open to Japanese and Korean fans.

Time/Date: 28 August (Sat) – 29 August (Sun) (2D1N)
Venue: Konjiam Resort.:

Organized by: TOUR TAINMENT
In conjunction with: LIVEWORKS COMPANY

More details about the tour will be released next week via the official website.
Please wait for a little while more.
Thank you.


Credits: Liveworks + Absolut Shinhwa

[10.07.30] Dongwan’s blog: 2010 (main page and profile pic updated)

But why do people go to such great lengths to seek love…
It’s because love is the source of happiness, and the proof that you’re alive.
When in love with someone, people meet another side of themselves.
Discover the meaning of the lives that they live only once.
Why were they born. Why are they alive.
The only answer to these questions is love.
When embracing the ones they love
In that moment people gain eternal life.

Foolish us, we live for love.

Dousoukai: Love Again Shoukougun

(Class Reunion: Love Again Syndrome)

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

Friday, July 30, 2010

Newspics: 2010 Shin Hyesung Live Music Show in Taiwan

Credits: TOM.COM + Absolut Shinhwa

Taken off the Cyworld page of the guy who’s also in the pic… His friend, I assume… CUTE! Credits: Cyworld + Junjin Baidu Bar

Taken off the Cyworld page of the guy who’s also in the pic… His friend, I assume… :)


Credits: Cyworld + Junjin Baidu Bar + Absolut Shinhwa

[10.07.28] Dongwan’s blog: 2010/7/28

Happy birthday Minu.
Throwing in Andy as a bonus. ㅋ

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

Fancams: Dongwan performing for the Seodaemun Hongjaecheon Concert

Study hard~
The weather’s really hot these days
Have more patbingsu (a Korean red bean shaved ice dessert)
Hope everyone will spend this summer well
Soon Eric and myself will be coming back
Shinhwa’s comeback will probably be in 2012
Until then, please continue to give us your love and support

2 vids for Handkerchief

I really love it when he does English songs… Even though the pronunciation is… kinda cute LOL


For the encore, a cover of MC The Max’s Sending Myself

credits: Absolut Shinhwa

[10.07.26] Shin Hyesung doesn’t mind marrying someone older

Korean star Shin Hyesung told his Taiwanese fans that he doesn’t mind marrying someone older, and hopes to get married before 35. He also said that he prefers daughters to sons, but hopes that his children will not enter showbiz because life in showbiz is too tough.

Kicking off in Shanghai on 18th July, the “2010 Shin Hyesung Live Music Show” reached Taipei on 25 July. Visiting Taiwan one year after his last trip, he performed his hits and interacted with close to 4,000 fans.

Shin Hyesung opened the show with “Because Of You”, and apologized to his Taiwanese fans for meeting them only now as he was busy with his Japanese album and concert, only to be greeted with rapturous applause from the fans. He then asked, “Is it OK if I come in a year’s time?”, and continued to receive generous applause and cheers from the fans.

In the “Yes Or No” segment, Shin Hyesung answered questions from the fans. With regards to questions about his love life and his take on relationships, he said that he doesn’t mind dating girls up to 5 years older than him, adding that “everyone here looks very young”.

Watching his friends and juniors getting married one by one, Shin Hyesung hopes to be able to get married before 35, and hopes that his other half can cook well. He also promised that he will change diapers for his kids in future.

Compared to sons, he’d rather have daughters; but as he finds life in showbiz really tough, he hopes that his kids will not follow in his footsteps. Although he has lots of ideas about married life, he said pensively, “Wanting to get married and being able to get married are two different things.”

Even though he stands at 179cm, Shin Hyesung thinks that he doesn’t have a good build, and believes that his charm lies in his voice rather than his appearance. He also thinks that his side profile is better looking that his front profile. Facing the camera, he turned his head left and right to give the fans a clear look at his handsome profile.

Among the fans who were present, there were a 78-year-old Japanese fan who has been following Shin Hyesung on his Asia tour. There was also a couple who has been married for 2 years, and after following his wife to the fanmeeting last year, the husband became a fan of Shin Hyesung as well.

There were also two 60-year-old fans who said that they didn’t dare to welcome him at the airport as they were afraid that they would attract stares, but they eventually had their dreams realized as they managed to get a picture taken with Shin Hyesung.

Shin Hyesung also spilled some little details about himself in the “Yes Or No” segment e.g. he doesn’t drink coffee, he doesn’t like to watch horror movies.

Credits: Central News Agency (Taiwan) + Star News (pic) + Absolut Shinhwa

Fanpics: Dongwan performing at Seodaemun Hongjaecheon Concert (22 July)

Credits: Brand New Dongwan + D.Forest + Feel K + Absolut Shinhwa

Large fanpics! 2010 Shin Hyesung Live Music Show in Shanghai

Credits: Book2700

Newspics: Andy performing at “2010 Culture and Arts in Seoul Plaza” event (24 July)