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[08.12.31][trans] Dongwan blog: 31st Dec 2008 12:46 noon "Lunch time"


[08.12.31][trans] Dongwan blog: 31st Dec 2008 12:46 noon "Lunch time"

Those who came to my working place to assist me, simply isn't supporting me at all.

If anyone came running to my working place, I will need to speak to 26 people because of your appearance.
If you came here, it will mean that even a little free time is not spare to me......

This is the first time for me in these 10 years, to have such a different time period.
If you have a little care and concern for me, although I will not repeat again. Absolutely. Never come again.

P.S. Blog exists for the sake of distant friends who sincerely supports me.
It isn't for those ill-mannered people who came running to my working place and do not understand me.. -_-;

Credits: (English translation) + 韩小国 @ Bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + Kim DongWan's Blog | Listen to me~(source)

[08.12.30][News]Amy stops all programme appearances;decision has nothing to do with M

Amy, the girlfriend of Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo has stopped all programme appearances

According to sources close to Amy, her parents oppose her showbiz activties, and as such, she’s unable to participate in programmes for the time being.

Viewers had gotten to know Amy through her cable programme, after whichc she began to participate in more variety shows, particularly in Kkokko Tour, where she appeared with Lee Minwoo, and eventually developed a romantic relationship with him.

Amy is reportedly only suspending her showbiz appearances, and is still currently romantically involved with Lee Minwoo.

Source: edaily
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans:

[08.12.30] M Rizing: Step 3 Final Band Practice

I’m playing by myself now

I’m trying very hard to play the saxophone… It’s a pathetic sound…
Keke, I think this seems too difficult

Come, let’s gradually get into the practice!!

Bye. See you on 31st Dec

Source: M Rizing

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

[08.12.30][News] MBC Music Award Dance Specials "JunJin - Son DamBi" & "WonderBang"

MBC "Music Award" will begin at 9:55pm December 31st 2008 and celebrate New Year at 1am January 1st. Two hot couples: JunJin - Son DamBi and Big Bang - Wonder Girls are preparing for stunning live performances.

This time on stage, new sexy icon Son Dam Bi will throw her unique chair dance, which has helped accelerate her popularity recently. One more time adopting the steps of US legend Michael Jackson, renown dancing king of Shinhwa - singer JunJin has generated expectations of a crazy and breathtaking dance show.

In addtion, Republic of Korea's best men and women: Big Bang and Wonder Girls will meet again. G Dragon - So Hee, TOP - Sun Mi, Tae Yang - Sun Yue, Dae Sung - Ye Eun, and Seung Ri - Yoo Bin, 5 couples on stage will demand more than just attention.

MBC "Music Award" with the appearance of this year most successful singers: MC Mong, Epik High, Shinee, 2PM, Lee Hyori, JunJin, Kim Jong Kook, Rain, SG Wannabe, Big Bang, Park Hyun Bin, Son Dam Bi, Jewelry, Wonder Girls, SNSD, SS501, Brown Eyed Girl, Park Jin young, will be held at Dream Center, Gyeonggi Ilsan.
Credit: NewsEn - Korean/Eng: Kim Nguyen @

[08.12.30][News] JunJin won 2008 MBC Special Prize "Best Star Award"

In MBC Broadcasting and entertainment award ceremony, JunJin won Special Prize "2008 Best Star".

On 29th at 9PM, with Lee Hyuk Jae as live MC, the Award Ceremony was held in Seoul headquarter.

Tears streaming, JunJin expressed "This award is the first in 10 years. Joining broadcasting circuit for the first time in 10 years of my career life, I have a lot to learn about. Going through a rough time, I know that Shinhwa gave me the power to come this far", JunJin wiped a tear.

Credit: NewsEn - Korean/Eng: Kim Nguyen @

[08.12.29][trans] Dongwan Diary: "Therefore"


Isn't it the reason why you like him...

The kind that cannot be tame.. its seems like it is forever unable to be tamed..
Only he has such vital charm...

"Therefore" this is why we like him since the beginning.!

No matter who says what, or whether rationality is bothering you.
You should feel him who is again on the stage with whole body soaked in sweat~~

31st! Minwoo is waiting!! ^_^

Credits: (English translation) + 韩小国 @ Bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + Kim Dongwan's Blog | Listen to it~ (source)

[08.12.29][trans] Dongwan Diary: The Charismatic Me


The charismatic me... photo by j.l.choi (a friend of mine who lives in Western Hills)

Credits: (English translation) + 虫虫猪猪 @ (Chinese translation) + Kim Dongwan's Blog Listen to it~ (source)

[08.12.29][trans] Dongwan Diary: To my Girlfriend


I'm not the type of person who will forgive such kind of matters.

Because it's very bothersome.


Do not make mistake.

Hehe will you be afraid if I do this?

Credits: (English translation) + 韩小国 @ Bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + Kim Dongwan's Blog | Listen to it~ (source)

[08.12.29][trans] Dongwan Diary: Like this...


I have saved one of your text message.
"I will delete your number"
I ask you the reason why, and received this reply.
Deleting off the number, and sliently spent the 27 days..
just waiting for your message..
ah.. like this.. -_-

p.s. this is about 8 months ago.. Hohoho~

Credits: (English translation) + 韩小国 @ Bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + Kim Dongwan's Blog | Listen to it~ (source)...

Monday, December 29, 2008

[08.12.29] Minwoo’s Cyworld: New pics

Mandoo (dumpling) lose weight!

My dancers who go on stage with me
Let’s die one more time!

In the midst of signing

I really signed on all kinds of things.
A fan said I threw that bottle down during my concert at Sogang’s University’s Mary Hall. Hehe

Winning the lottery

A fan gave this to me as a gift!
The prize money was 200 yen. Hehe

Be good!

The team that came 1st
The prize was for us to look into each other’s eyes for 2 seconds

I played a little joke on the fans who closed their eyes. Hehe
The joke got a little too big, sorry~~

When my manager was helping me to stand in, I wanted to cry..


Dinner on the first day of the fancamp.

I only want to eat kimchi

Soft ice-cream

The soft ice-cream in Japan is really tasty~~
But I’d get sick of it if I had one more. Hehe

Buying a hat!

I’ll show it to you all during the concert.
My newly bought hat.

(It’s duty-free, I’m so happy. Keke)

Source: Minwoo’s Cyworld
Chi trans: 韩小国 @ Bestshinhwa
Eng trans:

[08.12.28][Trans] Dongwan’s blog: Oh oh! Thanks for the reminder~^^

I suddenly realised this!
Fortunately I don’t have a computer where I work.
If there is I might be using it secretly…Hehe ㅜㅜ
No matter what I must remember, entries and photos can only be posted and uploaded outside of working hours!

Of course during working hours there’s no way I can do that too.. ㅜㅜ

Although initially I felt that office life is restrictive, tedious.
Fortunately there are kind people and colleagues around me, so that’s alright~

I hope you all won’t come to where I work anymore….


Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog
Chi trans: 虫虫猪猪 @
Eng trans:

[08.12.28][Trans] Dongwan’s blog: Abnormal love emotions syndrome

Worn out and weakened… Though the heart that is left has mellowed a lot.

Because of you, much of the fiery passion has disappeared.

Unknowingly the fear has grown.

Slowly approaching.

Because it’s so tiring, there are no regrets about leaving.

Although I become lonely once again..

It has been this way for a long time.

Perhaps it’s easier being alone.

Meeting you, missing you, sometimes becoming suspicious.

To me that’s the biggest issue of all.


Obviously…it’s not too…..normal.. ㅜㅜ

P.S This is something I wrote in my Cyworld last year.. Hehe did you read it carefully? ^_^

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog
Chi trans: 虫虫猪猪 @
Eng trans:

[08.12.28][Trans] Dongwan’s blog: Travel photos

Out to Gayasan

Early in the morning..
I went to Chungcheong-do~ Hehehe


Struck a post at the beach..
How did my legs grow longer..^0^/

Looking at the ahjusshi making molded candy on Kanwoldo

Ahjusshi, you put too much baking soda into the candy…ㅜㅜ

The peak

There is a communication center here.. Hanja… Don’t understand…Don’t want to know!!

The cliff

Took a photo at the cliff too.
At that time I was stepping very hard on the toes of my right foot.. Haha..

The Kkotchi Beach & Namunjae Gallery

The foam in the waves were a little distracting..
Must keep the ocean pollution-free…!!

The quiet sea in front of the Namunjae Gallery.

In front of the Namunjae Gallery

This cute kitten is an ashtray…ㅜㅜ


I saw the pine tree ahjusshi.

Pine tree ah~

A snail?

A pretty snail..
Only the shell is left now..-_-
Who ate it? ㅜㅜ

Namunjae Gallery

Three birds on the left~

The Gayasan watchpost

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog

[08.12.28][News] MBC "He's coming" breaking record - A New "Unstoppable High Kick"

MBC Sitcom "He's coming" got a major rating record, demonstrating its own highest and sharpest popularity increase.

Ratings company AGB released on December 26's run showing that "He's coming" created a national benchmark of 10%. TNS also recorded the same 10% crossing ratings.

Early on October 6th, the show began at around 5.1 %, then a long period with 5-7%, until recently, the holiday season has witnessed the rise in ratings.

"He's coming" starred DJ DOC, Kang Sung Jin, Seo Young Hee, and recently singer star JunJin forming a Love Line, which makes the story more interesting.

"He's coming"'s popularity can be compared to explosive fame of syndrome MBC sitcom "Unstoppable High Kick" in the past, which, in its hottest day, reached 20%, an ultra-high rating.
Credit: NewsEn - Korean/Eng: Kim Nguyen @

[08.12.28][News] "2008 Luckiest Stars" - JunJin ranked No.2

Aired on 26th December, MBC "Entertainment Communication TV Section" detailed the results of "BEST 10 LUCKY STARS" poll. Seo In Young, JunJin, and Son Tae Young occupied the first 3 spots respectively.

1. Seo In Young

2. JunJin

Shinhwa's member who's moving fast to the light after being hired as new member of MBC "Infinity Challenge".

3. Son Tae Young

4. Kim Yun Sik

5. Lee Hyori

6. Yoon Jong Shin

7. Jang Mi Hui

8. Yun Hyung Bin

9. Jang Mi Ran

10. Daesung

Credit: JinEyes - Korean/Eng: Kim Nguyen @

Sunday, December 28, 2008

[08.12.27][News] Overseas plans for Lee Minwoo, Junjin are unlikely

Translator's Note:
Ok this seems to be a recurring thing in most news articles when it comes to Minwoo’s age - some articles report his Korean age as 29 (i.e. born in 1980), but from what I remember reading, it’s because though he was born in 1979, his birth was only registered a year later… Anyone care to shed more light on this?

If they can’t come to us…we might just have to go to them… Besides, overseas plans for them seem to only include Japan and China anyway….. *bitter*

Shinhwa members and solo singers Lee Minwoo and Junjin are unlikely to be able to have any overseas activities in 2009.

Born in 1980, the two singers are due to enlist for military service next year, and due to this, overseas travel will be a problem.

According to military service laws, for all Korean males aged 25 and above who have yet to perform military service, they have to obtain permission from the Military Manpower Administration department. If they are aged 27 and above, other than emigration or other special reasons, they are not allowed to travel overseas.

For entertainers, although they can still travel overseas at 28 with the permission from the Military Manpower Administration department, it will be difficult for them to do so once they reach 29 years of age.

Firstly, for Junjin, he has the upcoming Japan filming for MBC’s Infinite Challenge early next year, and also a concert in Shanghai planned in February. Once he completes these, all overseas activities will come to a halt.

For Lee Minwoo, his overseas schedule has not been confirmed. His management company has said, “Although we have plans for overseas activities next year, but it seems to be hard to pull off. The Japan concerts held on 17/18 Dec might have been possibly the last of his overseas activities.”

Source: nocutnews + dacapo
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans:

[08.12.27][News] Hyesung to guest at Lyn’s 2008 LoveLyn Romantic Party

Lyn will be holding her “2008 LoveLyn Romantic” concert at 7pm on 31st Dec, where Shin Hyesung will be appearing as a special guest.

The pair will be performing “It’s You” from their mini-album, “His and Her Story”.

Since Lyn performed “Love…After” with Shin Hyesung at his first solo concert in Seoul in August 2007, they have not performed together for the past 18 months. Lyn said, “Although we did not manage to perform together after the release of the mini-album, but I’m glad to have the chance to sing together this time.”

(non-related info omitted)

Source: mydaily
Chi trans: iris@hyesungworld
Eng trans:

[08.12.27][News] Andy's love story on Love Generation

On the 25th Dec episode of Love Generation, Andy re-enacted his own love story that happened in Shinhwa’s early days.

On the programme, Andy said that he didn’t intend to hurt the other party, but his budding showbiz career and busy work schedules left him with no choice. He added, “She’s older than me, and she’s already married now.”

Upon hearing Andy recount his story, Solbi said, “I thought of all the little events that Andy oppa did for me during the time we were on WGM, I wonder how many of those memories can Andy oppa himself remember?”

The popular AnSol couple met for the first time since they left WGM, and shared a warm embrace.

Source: newsen
Chi trans: susan427@Bestshinhwa
Eng trans:

[08.12.27][News] Andy to introduce new male duo in Feb 09

Singer Andy will take on the role of producer for the first time, introducing a new male duo in Feb 09, who he will helping to produce for.

This piece of news had earlier been released at the press conference held before the inauguration of Andy’s official fanclub in Japan (

When asked about his plans for next year, Andy said, “I’ve already started recording for my 2nd solo album, and it’s scheduled for release in March 2009. Before that, I’ll be introducing a male duo for whom I’ve helped to produce for.”

Although Andy did not disclose the duo’s name or its members, he said confidently, “They will be a duo with the potential to dominate the music scene in 2009.”

Andy held a fanmeeting each in Tokyo and Osaka over 22nd and 23rd Dec, to celebrate the inauguration of his fanclub Smile With Andy. He returned to Korea on 24th Dec, and will be busy with his musical Singles until 31st Dec. After that he will be focusing on the preparation for the debut of the new duo and his 2nd solo album

Source: heraldbiz
Chi trans: susan427@bestshinhwa
Eng trans:

[08.12.26][trans] ND Entertainment Notice: Opening of CYWORLD official home page


Hi everyone,

This is ND Entertainment.

We are going to open CYWORLD official home page.
CYWORLD TOWN home page url is
Hope everyone will visit it regularly~

In the future, we will make use of town mainpage to bring us closer together with the fans.
Will expect to carry out more EVENT in the future, so please anticipate.

Thank you everyone!

Credits: (English translation) + susan427@Bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + ND Entertainment (source)

[08.12.26][trans] Dongwan diary: EDIS ya


No matter what, comparing to indulging into alcohol and cigarettes drugs, it's better to indulge into us~~ ^_^
But why your results deteriorate... because of you, we are blamed by your mothers.. -_-*
Go to study!! Other FANS will bring their result slip along during the fan signing because their results have improved..!

Although happiness is not dependent on result performance, however it is a fact that men pay special attention on women who study in good University.
Of course, this included job opportunities, those who studies in good schoolds have better opportunities is also a fact..
Therefore! Go and Study~~*

Credits: (English translation) + 虫虫猪猪 @ (Chinese translation) + Dongwan's blog (source)

Korean Broadcast Unions To Strike Against Media Legislation Bills

Korean Broadcast Unions To Strike Against Media Legislation Bills

December 26, 2008 by coolsmurf

The National Union of Media Workers (NUMW) in Korea will hold a general strike beginning today, 26th December to protest the ruling Grand National Party’s (GNP) proposed revisions to seven media-related bills which they believed is an attempt by the Lee Myung Bak administration to seize control of the media.

The labour unions of MBC, KBS, SBS, YTN, EBS and CBS have announced their decision to join the strike one after another yesterday with the impact far greater than imagined. The MBC labor union has announced that all of its union members will be actively participating in the strike meaning that regular programming could be affected. It remains unclear whether the year-end MBC Drama Awards and Gayo Daejun will be able to go on as scheduled.

We Got Married, Infinity Challenge, Golden Fishery plus other variety shows are all affected by this as the production workers are set to go on strike. Other than daily dramas which are produced solely by MBC, other dramas currently being aired are unlikely to be affected by this strike. This is because most of the dramas are outsourced to a third party production company and does not belong to MBC. One prime example is the East of Eden drama production which will be filming as normal. The news department will also be affected as announcers Park Hye Jin and Kim Joo Ha will also be participating in the strike.

MBC has expressed that it would be mobilizing all available resources to recruit temporary staff to ensure that the year-end MBC Drama Awards (29th December) and Gayo Daejun (30th December) will go on as scheduled and run smoothly. With the Gayo Daejun requiring more manpower than the Drama Awards, it will be an ardous task for MBC to find the required manpower to complete the stage setting and broadcast in a few days time.

The above is only MBC. The same goes for SBS, KBS and other broadcasters whose labor union members will be actively participating in the strike. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that everything will go on as scheduled.

creds: coolsmurf blog

[08.12.25][trans] Hyesung X'mas Message in Mnet


In the approaching Christmas,
To friends who have lovers, really a bit envious, hoping that you will have a happy Christmas,
To friends who do not have any lover like me, please spend a heartwarming Christmas with your friends and family.
Sincerely wishing everyone to have beautiful memories in this approaching Christmas season and have an enjoyable Christmas day.

Credits: (English translation) + 佑熙@申彗星中国首站-SCIC (Chinese translation) + ForeverHS + Mnet (source)

[08.12.25][trans] Dongwan diary: Opening of Blog


Blog opens.

Credits: (English translation) + 韩小国 @ Bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + GOODEMG (source)

[08.12.25][trans] Dongwan diary: Christmas Party


Christmas Eve,
The six fellows who gather together the heart and soul on the wine glasses,
With them around, is really lucky

Credits: (English translation) + 韩小国 @ Bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + Dongwan's blog (source)

[08.12.25][trans] Dongwan diary: 2008/12/25 10.58PM entry saved


Although I have decided to put in efforts to do my own stuffs within these 2 years~
However, I feel that it's too cruel to cut off these little connections, therefore, I reopen!!
Because too many people are using Cyworld, therefore I returned back to Naver~ Is it call something like mature BLOG? Puff haha~

Credits: (English translation) + 韩小国 @ Bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + Dongwan's blog (source)

Everyone in Always HyeSung!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Hope that everyone spend a happy time this X'mas season,
Must stay
happy in the New Year as well..
Please anticipate side 2 album,
In year
2009, I will be coming over to Japan more often to meet everyone..
careful of cold, must be happy yo!!

Hyesung leaving his
messsage on X'mas eve...

Credits: (English translation) + 豆@申彗星中国首站-SCIC (Chinese translation) + FOREVER HS + Always HyeSung (source)

[08.12.24][trans] Hye Sung's Christmas Message from Good Ent

Yes, everyone, at last the happy time of Christmas is almost upon us. I had intended to bring out the side 2 of my 3rd album to you as Christmas gift. Instead, the album will presented as a gift for the New Year. Nevertheless, everyone, please have a good Christmas this year and spend it joyfully. Everyone, to all of you, Merry Christmas!

source: Good Ent

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

[08.12.23] Andy’s Happy Christmas in Tokyo

Shinhwa member and now solo singer Andy held a Christmas fanmeeting in Tokyo on 22nd Dec and in Osaka on 23rd Dec. The fanmeeting was held in celebration of the setting up of his official Japan fanclub. Andy had previously held a successful solo concert in June this year.

At the pre-event press conference held at the Tokyo fanmeeting on 22 Dec, Andy announced that the official Japan fanclub will be named “Smile With Andy”, and he also said that he would like to have more activities in Japan.

Andy added, “After I wrap up the performances for Singles, in February I will be helping with the debut of a newcomer that I have helped to groom.” He will also be releasing his 2nd solo album, where he hopes to show the audience different styles and performances.

Source: Yonhap News
Chi trans: susan427@Bestshinhwa
Eng trans:

[08.12.23][News] Junjin voted as the #1 YSMM MC that viewers want to spend Christmas

Singer “Junstin” Junjin has come out tops in a poll for the YSMM MC that viewers most want to spend Christmas together with.

The voting started on 24th Nov and ended on 15th Dec, lasting for a period of 2 weeks, and Junjin won the poll with 51.1% of the votes.

Viewers commented that “he’s very good-looking and a very warm person, it will be the best day ever to spend Christmas with him.”

In the marriage research survey done on the 22nd Dec episode of YSMM, results showed that though he fared excellently on the appearance factor, his lack of appearance in CFs set him back on the overall ratings.

Rapper MC Mong was in 2nd place with 34.4% of the votes.

Junjin is currently active as a variety star, appearing on YSMM as well as Infinite Challenge, and is now experiencing the second peak of his career.

Source: Newsen
Chi trans:维他命J@junjin0819
Eng trans: