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[12.02.24] Shinhwa is “sweating it out every night in the rehearsal studio” with 1 month before comeback concert

“The word ‘reunion’ isn’t right.”

There is exactly one month left to go before their comeback concert. Shinhwa has been sweating it out late into the night in the studio every single day. Shinhwa leader Eric told Edaily, “The Shinhwa members have been devoting themselves to practising at the studio for the concert for almost 1 month now.”

He added, “Not to mention ‘disbandment’, even the word ‘reunion’ isn’t right. Shinhwa has never split up before and we’ve spent the last 14 years together as one unit.”

Shinhwa is very worried about their comeback performance. Because they’re worrying if they can live up to the honor of being dubbed the longest-running idol group. Fortunately the 20,000 tickets to their 2-day concert were sold out within 40 minutes of the start of sales. Eric said, “Frankly speaking, I was very worried about what to do if the seats were empty.”

“I truly feel the unwavering support of the fans who have grown up with Shinhwa.”

Shinhwa will be holding their comeback concert titled “2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour – The Return” at the Olympic Park Gymnastic Arena on the 24th and 25th of March. 4 years ago they held their 10th anniversary concert at the same venue, where they promised that they “will be coming back soon”. The reason for the concert being held on 24 March is because Shinhwa made their debut on 24 March 1998.

Shinhwa will officially kick off their activities once Lee Minwoo is discharged from military service on 2 March.

Credits: Edaily Star-In + Absolut Shinhwa

[12.02.24] ShinCom Twitter update: Mnet livestream of Shinhwa’s 5 March press conference

[news] A special live broadcast of Shinhwa’s 14th anniversary comeback press conference! Via Mnet’s special Shinhwa page~

Note: The English/Chinese version is up on Mnet Global ->

Credits: @ShinhwaCompany + Absolut Shinhwa

[12.02.24] Shinhwa’s comeback press conference to be streamed live to 200 countries

Shinhwa will be making their first official appearance at their “14th Anniversary Comeback Commemorative Press Conference” to be held on 5 March at CGV Cheongdam. This event will be streamed live to 200 countries, proving their strong international status.

A rep for Shinhwa explained, “It’s Shinhwa’s first official appearance after 4 years, and they’d like to share it with the fans who have been with them for the past 14 years.” In accordance with Shinhwa’s wishes, the event will be streamed live while allowing them to have real-time interaction with the fans.

The online live streaming of the event – the first time to be attempted in Korea – is much anticipated as it will give the members the opportunity to share the meaningful moment with fans from all over the world. The online broadcast is supported by CJ&M, which is also overseeing Shinhwa’s comeback album and concert.

The online broadcast will not only provide the opportunity for fans to witness Shinhwa’s first official activity, it also provides a platform for fans and Shinhwa to interact in real-time via SNS and message posts.

Fans from 200 countries including those in Europe, North America, South America and Asia will be able to view Shinhwa’s press conference ‘live’ on Mnet’s global site. (

Fans in Korea will not only get to view the press conference on the Mnet website, they will also be able to access Shinhwa-related news and listen to Shinhwa’s albums. TVing is also opening up a new temporary channel just for this live broadcast. This way, fans can view the broadcast via the TVing app on PC, smartphone or tablet no matter where they are.

Shinhwa Company CEO Eric said, “Being able to share our first official activity as Shinhwa after 4 years together with the fans, we’re already very excited. We’ll be very glad if more fans are able to witness our comeback.”

Meanwhile, Shinhwa’s official fanclub Shinhwa Changjo currently has 170,000 members, and all 20,000 tickets to Shinhwa’s comeback concert on 24-25 March were sold out within 40 minutes from the start of sales.

Credits: TV Report + Absolut Shinhwa

Shinhwa's Comeback Concert Sold Out, Agency Taking Measures to Stop Illegal Ticket Sales

-Date / Time : March 24, 2012 6PM ~ March 25, 2012 5PM
-Venue : Olympic Park Gymnastics Gymnasium (First Gymnasium)
-Cast : SHINHWA (神話)
The iconic K-pop group Shinhwa’s highly anticipated comeback concert, “The Return,” has been sold out.

The concert, which commemorates both Shinhwa’s return to the music scene in 4 years and their 14 year anniversary, has sold out its 20,000 seat for the two days it is taking place on March 24 and the 25.

In response to such love by fans, member Eric stated, “Thank you to the fans who have made our comeback so fantastic. We will repay your patience and love with more spectacular performances.”

The rapid closure of the ticket availability has induced illegal sales online that takes advantage of desperate fans. Shinhwa’s agency has revealed that it will be taking measure to stop the illegal sales.


Shinhwa to Live Stream Comeback Event in 200 Countries

Shinhwa’s comeback event in four years will be broadcast live in 200 different countries. The comeback event scheduled for March 5 at the Chungdam CGV is to commemorate the group’s return in four years and to celebrate their 14th anniversary which makes Shinhwa the longest-running idol group in K-Pop.

“Since it’s our first appearance in four years, we wanted to share the moment with our fans who stood by us for over 14 years,” Shinhwa said as they announced their plans to provide live online streaming of their press conference.

The comeback event will be live streamed through Mnet’s official website, their global site, and their online live broadcasting service, tving.

“We’re excited to be able to share our first comeback in four years with our fans from around the world. We’d love to share the moment with more people,” Eric said.

We’re unsure how the event will be run or what’s on their agenda at this point. Stay tuned for more updates!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Andy’s Weibo photo update

Changed my hairstyle for the fanmeeting.. Do I look younger? How old do you think I am....

Credits: Andy’s Weibo + Absolut Shinhwa

Via Interpark: Ticketing info for 2012 SHINHWA GRAND TOUR IN SEOUL “THE RETURN”

Info extracted from Interpark

- Date / Time : March 24, 2012 6PM ~ March 25, 2012 5PM
- Venue : Olympic Park Gymnastics Gymnasium (First Gymnasium)
- Cast : SHINHWA (神話)
- Ticket Price
- Reserved Seat : VIP 143,000 KRW / SR 132,000 KRW / R 110,000 KRW
- Reserved Seat : S 88,000 KRW / A 66,000 KRW
- Standing : SR 132,000 KRW
- Host : CJ E&M Corp.
- Ticket Open : Feb 13, 2012 8PM

" Maximum number of tickets available for one person is limited to 4 per person."

"Remember the promise to comeback when we all gather together again? Now, the time has come to keep our word for the fans!"

SHINHWA is coming back after 4 years since their 10th anniversary concert at Seoul Olympic Gymnastic Stadium in March 29th, 2008.

To keep the valuable promise and return the love and emotion we received from the fans – ERIC, MIN WOO, DONG WAN, HYE SUNG, JUN JIN, ANDY – all 6 members are ready to meet the fans in the name of SHINHWA in March 24th, 2012 which is also the 14th anniversary of their debut.

Thank you so much for waiting.
My lovely all, we are soon going to meet you as SHINHWA.

"Over 10 years, 20 years, for more "SHINHWA FOREVER!"

credit Absolut Shinhwa

[12.02.08] Info: Shinhwa Grand Tour in Seoul concert seating plan

- Date / Time : March 24, 2012 6PM ~ March 25, 2012 5PM
- Venue : Olympic Park Gymnastics Gymnasium (First Gymnasium)
- Cast : SHINHWA (神話)
- Ticket Price
- Reserved Seat : VIP (purple) 143,000 KRW / SR (red) 132,000 KRW / R (yellow) 110,000 KRW
- Reserved Seat : S (green) 88,000 KRW / A (blue) 66,000 KRW
- Standing : SR (STD red) 132,000 KRW
- Host : CJ E&M Corp.
- Ticket Open : Feb 13, 2012 8PM
※ Maximum number of tickets available for one person is limited to 4 per person.

credits: Absolut Shinhwa

[12.02.10] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2012 (main page updated)

Let’s not get sucked into success stories.
We can’t go the exact same way as that person.
Let’s give applause accordingly, and let’s create our own success story!

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

Shinhwa Opens Up Official Homepage and Starts Comeback Engine

Shinhwa opened up their official "Shinhwa Company" website on February 1. ( The main page shows a teaser where ice breaks showing the words Shinhwa.

Another teaser shows a concert teaser that is mixed up of different teasers. During that clip the words that are shown are "Just like we have for 10 years we will keep our promise to the fans. Whether 10 years pass by or 20 we will not breakup."

The president of the Shinhwa Company Eric stated, "We hope that the Shinhwa Company homepage will be a place Shinhwa fans and people who don't know Shinhwa, to find information and news."

Shinhwa's new album will be released in March. Then on March 24-25 a comeback concert will be held.

credits: jbarky@soompi

Teen Top's Music Show Wins Made Shinhwa's Andy Shed Tears

Idol group Teen Top has made Shinhwa's Andy cry.

Andy, who is the creator and producer of Teen Top, has shed tears of joy when Teen Top won the #1 spot for "Going Crazy" at KBS "Music Bank" as well as SBS "Inkigayo."

In a recent OSEN interview, Teen Top stated, "We have reached the number one spot after a year and a half since our debut. During our company dinner, Andy hyung told us, 'This is only the beginning.' We heard later that he cried while watching the broadcasts."

Niel said, "Just as much as we had hardships during our practices, we felt really good when we were named number one. We felt blank at the very moment we received the prize but in all honesty, ever since we first received our track, 'Going Crazy,' it was such a good song, we predicted that someday we would be named number one."

"Going Crazy" was produced by the Brave Brothers and is continuously becoming a hot topic due to Teen Top's powerful and masculine transformation.

Check out the video from their first win on Music Bank.

credits: jkm@soompi

Shinhwa's Jun Jin Appears in MV for Eric's Girl Group Stellar

Jun Jin is making an appearance in the music video of Stellar. Jun Jin has been paying close attention to Stellar as they are produced by fellow Shinhwa member, Eric. When he heard that Stellar needed an actor for their upcoming music video, Jun Jin volunteered to take the part, even in the middle of his hectic preparations and practices for Shinhwa's grand comeback.

Jun Jin is taking care of Stellar and trying to support them whenever he gets a chance. Currently, Jun Jin and Stellar are sharing a dance studio and he watches Stellar's training very attentively whenever their practice times overlap, giving advices as their senior and a fellow singer. Moreover, he stayed after he was done filming his part for Stellar's music video to monitor the whole process.

Stellar's music video featuring Jun Jin is to be released sometime in the February. Jun Jin will reunite with Shinhwa and his fans in March through Shinhwa's 14th anniversary concert.

credits: lee23j@soompi

Shinhwa Members Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

The members of Shinhwa have been together for 14 years. As they prepare for their March comeback, they showed off their close friendships. On February 9, Shinhwa Company posted a question to its Twitter page; "It's been 14 years with Shinhwa and our fans. Let's share some of the interesting stories that have happened over this time."

The first to post a response was Shinhwa's leader Eric. Eric wrote, "I remember back in 1997 when we were living together, there were three female fans that always followed us around. The three of them were always in their school uniforms. I wonder what they look like now."

Eric told fans about how Shin Hye Sung fell between the stairs at their Dream Concert and other humorous stories about the members during their early days. Other members Dong Wan, Jun Jin, Hye Sung and Andy joined in, giving their thoughts about the past 14 years. Ending the post by telling Hye Sung to "Take care of yourself," a jab at him falling down the stairs.

In response, thousands of fans have left their own comments and thoughts about Shinhwa over the past 14 years on various fan cafes.

One fan wrote, "I first saw you on TV when I was in the fifth grade, now I'm in my late 20s," another wrote, "I remember when I didn't have enough money to buy your seventh album...My cram school teacher said that if I don't miss class, she would buy me the CD. So, I went to class."

Shinhwa Company wrote, "To the fans who have stayed with us for the past 14 years, we are making preparations for our comeback, concerts and regular activities. We hope to see you again."

Take a look at their music video for "T.O.P.", yes, it's old, but the song is great.

credits: littlemixedgirl@soompli