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[08.11.30][trans] Park Chan Hong's Cyworld: Forever

Before Ric hyung left for the training center... keke

Source: Park Chan Hong's Cyworld
Chi trans: 韩小国 @ Bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.11.30][trans] Letters from my brother's campmate Kim Dongwan oppa...

This comes from the blog of the elder sister of Dongwan's fellow campmate

Background info

It seems that sweet and thoughtful Dongwan wrote her two letters, one on 20th Nov and one on 23rd Nov. Her brother (i.e. Dongwan's campmate) fell sick and his worried sister wrote him a letter.

Dongwan signed his name and added a line at the end of her brother's reply on 20th Nov to say that he will take care of her brother.

She was very surprised, and finally found out that Dongwan stays in the same bunk as her brother.

Three days later, Dongwan wrote her another letter. She took pictures of the letters and posted them on her Cyworld. The letters essentially talked about her brother's life in camp, and as the pictures only showed the letters partially (and Dongwan's handwriting....), I can't make out much either. But please if someone can translate the letters (what can be seen of them) in their entirety....PLEASE DO....

But I can vaguely see two interesting lines that he wrote:

Hyun Sangie~ I'll take good care of him! Nunas~ Parents please don't worry~ Fighting! -Dongwan-

Hyun Sangie has fallen asleep beside me -Dongwan-


Here's the actual text from the sister's blog entry

동생이랑 같이 입대한 신화의 김동완오빠
같은 날 입대한것도 신기했는데, 같은 소대에, 전우조라는 짝꿍까지 됐다고한다ㅋㅋ
동생이 보낸 편지 밑에 싸인이 있어서 그때도 놀랬는데..
이번엔 이렇게 나한테 편지까지 써주셨다... 'ㅇ'
내가 동생한테 보낸 편지를 보고 너무 걱정하는거 같아서
잘지낸다는걸 알려주고싶어 편지를 썼다는 말에.. 감동이 주륵주륵..ㅠㅠ
어쩜 저렇게 자상하고 착하실수가있지...
동생이 입대하던날 많은 팬들이 모여서 응원하는 이유를 알았다..
정말 인간적이고, 자상함에 반해버렸다.. 연예인이 이렇게 착해도 되는거야?? ㅠㅠ
동생이 병원에 입원했다는 말을 듣고 엄청 걱정했었는데.. 이 편지를 보고나서 마음이 놓였다.
나.. 오늘부로 김동완오빠의 영원한 팬이 되야지 ^___^
현상이랑 매일 옆에서 잠자는 동완이가 ... ☜ 이말 너무 귀여워 ㅋㅋ
오빠 사랑합니다..그리고 감사합니다♡ㅋㅋ


Shinhwa's Kim Dongwan oppa who enlisted together with my younger brother

It's amazing enough that they enlisted on the same day, and they're even in the same platoon, the last I heard they're partners too

When I saw the signature at the end of my brother's letter, I got a shock

And this time he even specially wrote me a letter...

When he read my letter to my brother and saw that I was very worried

He wanted to tell me that they're doing well, so he wrote this letter.. I'm moved...

How is it possible that he's so thoughtful and kind...

On the day my brother enlisted, there were many fans who came to send him off, and I finally understand the reason why..

He's really caring, and I've fallen deep into his thoughtfulness... Celebrities can be this kind?? ㅠㅠ

When I heard that my brother was hospitalized, I was really very worried... After reading his letter, I feel much better now

I.. From today onwards, I'll have to be Kim Dongwan oppa's fan forever ^___^

"Dongwannie who sleeps together with Hyun Sangie everyday..." This line is too cute keke

Oppa, I love you.. And thank you ♡ keke


Chi trans: ~异次元~@ dongwan's baidubar
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Nov08 Cool Magazine – Concert exclusive interview – Part 1


A regret of not to met early, retrieving the feeling of the beating heart.

The sense of loss from the separation with China for an entire 8 months, in the twinkling of an eye, I was thrown beyond ‘Cloud Nine’ after hearing my own name loudly shouted by my fans. Quietly putting aside the title of “Shinhwa” temporarily in my heart, and with the identity of a ballad singer appearing in this country in which was once resisted but also welcomed, my mood has been exceptionally complex and excited? After the 3rd album is released, Hyesung’s health condition has always not been good, on the 7th other than having the meal on the plane, he has not eaten anything. Even after seeing so many of his faithful fans in the airport Hyesung is still worried and when he reached in Shanghai he started to get nervous unexpectedly and in addition, the “delicious” airplane meal isn’t very nice, so during the evening, symptoms of indigestion appears. Helplessly, the rehearsals are postponed to the next day afternoon.

On the second day, Hyesung started to prepare for rehearsal very early in the morning. Because he is still feeling unwell, therefore on the 8th that day, he didn’t eat anything until the celebration dinner. In between, there are staffs who advised for him to visit the doctor however Hyesung insists that the concert is more important. The rehearsal on the 8th is so far the most serious and tensed rehearsal we even experienced, still remembering the previous time when Cool came to the backstage of the big stage, seeing the relaxing scene of the five guys SS501 however, this time it changes completely upon seeing Hyesung. The coordination of the sound effect, lightings, sequences, and the band… Hyesung’s demanding attitude indeed “torture” each of the staffs in presence. After the rehearsal ended, Hyesung secretly told us, “Actually there’re many worries on the stage performance this time because we know that the box office isn’t ideal and during the rehearsal we realized that the stage is then so~~ big, and I started to become even more nervous so during the rehearsal, we must re-do even for a small error!” We can see how they strive for excellence for the rehearsal on that day.

Press conference isn’t that pleasant for everyone.

The afternoon rehearsal lasts for 4 hours so the scheduled press conference is delayed further. Although Hyesung who is both weak and tired and was covered with sweat, he uses his fastest speed to get change and styled, however on the other side, those reporters on spot do not know the inside story therefore there’s little misunderstandings in between. The media uses their greatest patience and courtesy to wait for an hour and finally the press conference is officially started. When Hyesung who is dressed in a simple black suit got seated, the emcee started to invite the Media to ask questions however the reporters’ area remains in silence and the atmosphere turns cold which causes one to shiver. In fact the reason is very simple and that is everyone is waiting for a sentence, the 3 words. But Hyesung who is always an introvert has a shy expression and although he feel sorry over a hundred times for the incident of being late, but he didn’t say a single word. Helplessly, we almost made this press conference become an exclusive Cool interview, which should be a sort of a relief to Hyesung.

Q In your Korea concert, you have invited many guests to help out, so did Hyesung prepare anything special for the China fans?

Hyesung: This is my first solo concert in China and as compared to the guests, I felt that the China fans are more interested to see me (laughs) therefore even though there isn’t any but everyone watch enjoyably, after all I’m the main cast.

Q: Do other Shinhwa members aware of your China concert? Before you came did they give you any suggestions?

Hyesung: They knew that I am holding concerts in Shanghai, Minwoo and Andy even called and told me, “You only need to be yourself will do, there isn’t a need to do those non- superfluous. As long as ale to show everyone the perfect Hyesung, it will sure to be interesting!”

Q: The concert this round is held in the arena, in your mind, what kind of stage do you wish to see the most?

Hyesung: In the past I have come over to China for several performances in the identity as member of Shinhwa, however this round, I held my solo concert in Shanghai for the first time. I saw that the venue for today performance is very big, and is a little worry if many fans will come after all this is my first time so now I am engaging in self comforting (laughs). Rather than saying what kind of stage I want, isn’t it more appropriate to say “what kind of stage the China fans will want to see, we will prepare the kind of stage”.

Q: In this Asia tour other than Shanghai, is there any plan for other cities of China?

Hyesung: Personally, I wish to but I can only go if everyone wants me to go (laughs). The concert in Shanghai this time is only a start, I also wants to hold the concerts in other parts of China. Although unsure where to held, but from beginning of next year, when the schedules are planned, I will try to go to more cities in China to perform.

Q: Hyesung always holds concert and fanmeeting in Japan but there’s no such event in China, however the China fans are still supporting you as usual, is there anything you want to tell them?

Hyesung: Actually the fanmeeting that is held in Japan not long ago is my first time having such event. But it’s true that I often held concerts in Japan therefore I’m petty sorry to the China fans in this area. Definitely, it isn’t that I do not want to come, in fact I really want to come but there’s no appropriate opportunity, therefore I always feel sorry to the China fans. Although I’m in Korea, I’m also clearly aware on how actively the China tans are supporting me and so I always felt very grateful. Although I only came to perform in China now, I felt bad but still happy to meet everyone. I will try to work hard to come over to China more often in the future.

Q: In Korea concert, Hyesung displayed a lot of his comedian talent. So in your future activities, will you continue to challenge against things that you have not done before?

Hyesung: Actually I heard of this questions many times, but to me, the importance in my current career is focus on music, but occasionally I will display my talents in other areas and actually to me, singing is the best. Of course, if there’s chance, I hope everyone will be able to see my other talents, I will do preparation and when the time is ripe, I will inform everyone. In conclusion, no matter what I do, I will use my best efforts to do it seriously.

Q: You challenge against rock style in your 3rd album, and everyone has different opinions on your big challenge, so how do you look at this issue? Will you produce this similar music again in the future?

Hyesung: In fact, the genre for 3rd album isn’t rock and the theme song has a little taste of classical music. Although I kept saying that it’s rock, but actually when producing the album, our goal is to produce an album that other than ballad, it will included other different types of music genres and styles therefore in this album, we included, rock, jazz, dance etc and I might not continue to do such kind of music since I am still a ballad singer. In December, I will release the other version of my 3rd album and at that time, I will continue to have activities that match with the identity as a ballad singer with more winter images. Although I’m a ballad singer, but I also wants to try other types of songs, because ballad singers is not necessarily only sing ballads. This album is a challenge to expand my influence in music and I hope that in the future I’m able to sing songs with richer feelings.

Q: Eric has already enlisted into the army, what’s your feeling on personally seeing him enlisting to the army base?

Hyesung: Because he is a very charismatic man, therefore I believe he will sure to do well. Before I came, he just completed his basic training and contacted me, telling me “Now I am training with the new person state of mind which I don’t usually see to do my training, and within the troop I even received prize money and life is petty good.” After the training ended, we can still meet up as usual therefore I’m not very worried about him because I believe he definitely can do very well (laughs).

Q: During the preparation of this Asia tour, are there any interesting things that happen in between? When you are experiencing difficulties, how do you distress?

Hyesung: This is already my 2nd solo concert that I am preparing. At the first concert, I feel tired and nervous, always worrying if I have done well and when preparing for the second, I feel more relax as compared to the first. As for stress, it’s not 100% stress free, when I’m tired I will go for rest (laughs).

Q: Many fans ask, “Do Hyesung has any plan to produce an album or participate in the production of an album together with Junjin?”

Hyesung: Why must it be Junjin?

Q: Perhaps because fans love the collaborations from both of you.

Hyesung: Ah, really? Hahaha… now we still do not have any plan to release album together but if the China fans like it, why not I get Junjin to fly her immediately today, how’s it!!(laughs) If the fans really hope for this, I will recommend this to the producer to prepare an album together with Junnie especially for China fans.

Credits: (English) + ET的紫兔 + 申彗星中国首站S.C.I.C (source)

[08.11.29][trans] 081128 Hyesung concert in Nagoya (Fan Encounter)


Using a sentence to conclude Hyesung’s today concert, and that’s THE BEST!!!

Although every times he brought to us the best performances, however today I really wish to say out all the entire world praises to him to listen.
His songs really have the kind of demagogic strength.

I am deeply moved by Hyesung and now I am super excited not knowing what I am writing about.
Firstly, I felt that today the sound system is much better than the Osaka.

Last year he has also held concert in Nagoya and similar 3 floors, it is a very elegant place and the 1st floor it’s usually packed with no vacant while the 2nd and 3rd floors have many vacant. And the concert began.

Hyesung started the concert with the song “Everything” and today he sung the song, “A good day to Love” together with Sun Min. Their duet is much better today than the Osaka, their collobration is really good. Hyesung is still unable to look into Sun Min’s face, and when he looked directly to her eyes face to face, he will try to control his laughter. With difficulties he finally managed to finish this song.

In the Osaka I have this feeling and that is Hyesung seems to like Sun Min which really makes me jealous… ;; Oppa~~ you like Sun Min~~ (childish…ㅋㅋ)

Not only has he sung this song with Sun Min, when he is singing “Center” he missed a section when he suddenly burst out laughing, really curious why he suddenly laughs.

And also didn’t he always remove his cap (or the hood) when he sing “Hidden Camera” and “Urban Fever” in the past~ but today he forgot to remove his cap, he continue to sing till the end wearing the cap. And towards the end, he started to feel embarrassed.

Yes, today on the clothes changes, the opening is still the same, it’s only during the “Peter Pan’s Serenade” has some changes.

Today is green checkered shirt, and replacing the red suspenders with white, all the fans commented today clothes are more beautiful. ^^

Hyesung said that he has many memories in Nagoya (The last concert and surprise party last year…) and also said that today the atmosphere is good and that today there are many fans, 1, 2, 3 as he counts in sequences…/ (Aww~ upset ㅠㅜ) he even boost that today there’s are millions of fans…

Hyesung can feel the valuable of the fans that can come to the spot, therefore from the beginning of the performance he has already devoted all his heart and soul singing.
Today in the concert, due to his vocal, I tear unknowingly, I really crying a lot, today is the BEST.

Today the most meaningful event is to organize Hyesung’s Party.
Before singing the ending song “Because of You” the band members gradually started to play the prelude of the birthday song and all the fans said “Happy birthday~ To our beloved Shin Hyesung, Happy Birthday~” and sing the birthday song in Korean. After finishing singing, the manager, TaeHak pushes the cake out and Hyesung is very happy.

After the song ended, he thanks everyone for celebrating his 22nd birthday. Such an amazing greeting…ㅋ ㅋ and once again he said that he had many memories in Nagoya.
He even said that yesterday when he pushed open the hotel door, the staffs had also gave him a surprise birthday party and feel proud as he saidㅎㅎduring his stay in Japan these days is Hyesung’s birthday. It’s no choice to be slightly lonely but because there are many nice people around Hyesung, he seems to enjoy a great time.
It’s the first time I saw him wearing this clothes, inside is a white tee shirt and out side is a dark yellow tee shirt, it is very good looking~

Before the concert started, the Japanese fans have prepared small purple balloons that is distributed to the fans and it is because of their kind intention, it makes me wanted to leave a deeper impression of memories of Hyesung in Nagoya concerts.

Credits: (Englih translation) +狐狸素包子@申彗星中国首站S.C.I.C (Chinese translation) + 제시카님 @ FLASHBACK (source)

Friday, November 28, 2008

[08.11.28][news] Infinity Challenge to impersonate Big Bang for concert

"Big Bang challenge!"

The team of popular MBC variety show Infinity Challenge has announced that they will be doing a Big Bang impersonation for their year-end concert.

Scheduled to be held on 18th Dec at Ilsan's Dream Center, the concert will be titled You & Me. Last year's concert saw the team perform Stevie Wonder's Isn't She Lovely, among other songs, but for this year, they are slated to perform the Big Bang hit, Lies. The roles have also been allocated. Yoo Jaesuk will play the role of Suk-TOP, Park Myung Soo as Soo-Dragon and Jung Joonha will play Daesung. Jung Hyung Don will be the only one who appears as himself.

Filming of their rehearsal was done on 27th November at a studio in Seoul's Mapo-dong, and the production team has expressed that the members' efforts are remarkable, and that the performance this year is likely to be an improvement from last year's Thank You concert.

On the other hand, the production team is also asking viewers to submit interesting stories of their own via the official site. 1,000 entries will be selected and will win free concert tickets. The concert episode will be aired over two weeks, on 20th and 27th Dec.

Source: nocutnews
Chi trans: 桐桐@bigbangfamily
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.11.28][news] Andy's 1st Visit to Qingdao Put to Use the Airport's Emergency Plan

Singer Andy's first visit to Qingdao made the Qingdao International Airport's put their emergency plan into effect.

On the 28th, Andy will be having his concert entitled "Andy in Qingdao 2008 for my sweeties". Through this concert, he is able to visit Qingdao for the first time.

Celebrating Andy's first visit to Qingdao, 4 fan clubs gathered at the airport numbering 1,000 prepared to meet him. The airport security personnel as well as a large police force were mobilized to ensure safety.

Qingdao has hosted many hallyu stars. Especially, as this is Andy's first visit to the city, much effort went into his visit. A week prior to his visit, worked closely with the airport authorities to ensure safety (for his arrival).

The 2,000 seats for the concert have already sold out. Showing the immense popularity of Andy as a hallyu star in China.

Andy at this fanmeeting with perform "Propose" and "Let's Get Married" as well as other songs from his album. He will also perform songs from musicals he has been part of. Along with performances, he will play games making it a sweet date with the fans.

Andy left on the 28th to have the fan meeting on the 29th in Qingdao. He will have more fan meeting on December 22nd and 23rd which entitled "Andy 2008 Christmas Special" in Japan with the intent to meet fans abroad.

source: star news

[08.11.28][info] Minwoo's Nov/Dec schedule

28th Nov
- 2008 Hope Concert for High School Students, 4pm
- SBS Power FM Cultwo Show
- MBC Let's Sleep Here Tonight (broadcast)

30th Nov
- SBS Inkigayo - follow-up single Motjin Insaeng (Cool Life)
- HG Color Special in Seoul at W Hotel

17th-18th Dec
- Japan concert

19th Dec
- M's video conference in Tokyo (TBC)

20th-21st Dec
- Japan fanmeeting

31st Dec
M RIZING TOUR - Step.3, Adieu 2008

Source: mrizing
Trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.11.28][Info] Junjin-December 2008 Schedule update

sources: Jineyes + Junjin fansite

1 December [recording] MBC He's Coming
4 December [recording] MBC Infinity Challenge
5 December [recording] MBC He's Coming
7 December [recording] SBS Yashimmanman 2
8 December [recording] MBC He's Coming
11 December [recording] MBC Infinity Challenge
12 December [recording] MBC He's Coming
14 December [recording] SBS Yashimmanman 2
15 December [recording] MBC He's Coming
18 December [recording] MBC Infinity Challenge Year-end Concert\
19 December [recording] MBC He's Coming
21 December [recording] SBS Yashimmanman 2
22 December [recording] MBC He's Coming
25 December [recording] MBC Infinity Challenge
26 December [recording] MBC He's Coming
27 December ADIOS 2008 Japan Fanmeeting

29 December
[live broadcast] MBC Broadcast Entertainment Daesang
[live broadcast] SBS Music Award Ceremony

30 December [live broadcast] SBS Broadcast Entertainment Daesang
31 December [live broadcast] MBC Music Award Ceremony

[08.11.27][notice] GOOD EMG: Happy Birthday to Shin Hyesung!

Hi everyone
This is GOOD EMG.

Today, on 27th November, it's the 30th birthday for Shin Hyesung!

On the 25th, Shin Hyesung went to Japan to hold his concert in 3 cities,
And he's currently in Japan.
We hope everyone will wish him a happy birthday
So that today will be a happy and blessed day for him.

Yesterday, (on the 26th), the Osaka concert ended perfectly,
And there are still the Nagoya and Tokyo concerts to go.
In order for him to give everyone a great show like he did last year,
We hope the fans will give their fullest support and love.

Once again, we sincerely wish Shin Hyesung a happy birthday.

Thank you.

Source: GOOD EMG
Trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.11.27][News]Junjin's upcoming love triangle on 'He's Coming'

Taken directly from
November 27, 2008 by coolsmurf

Remember the sitcom cameo that So Hee did earlier for MBC That Person Is Coming? Guess what, Yoo Bin will also have a cameo role where she will form a triangle relationship with JunJin and Seo Young Hee in the sitcom.

Fans are anticipating for Yoo Bin’s cameo role especially since So Hee had a successful cameo the last time round. Yoo Bin’s character will come in between JunJin’s PD character and Lee Young Hee (Seo Young Hee). And just like what Yoo Bin did to T.O.P. in last year’s SBS Gayo Daejun drama skit, stealing him from Sun Ye, she will do the same thing to JunJin, creating lots of funny moments as she launches love attacks on JunJin to get his attention.

Yoo Bin already being typecast as a 3rd party?

In the sitcom thus far, JunJin has been playing a fiery television producer who is at loggerheads with the primma donna star Lee Young Hee (Seo Young Hee) but of course they have an affection for each other. Exactly how will Yoo Bin’s cameo appearance affect their relationship remains to be seen.

Yoo Bin will film her scenes on 1st December and this will be shown towards the end of December.

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[08.11.27][news] Variety success: Not "who you are", but "who you're grouped with"

The MCs of variety shows such as Infinity Challenge, Family Outing, 1 Night 2 Days, Yashimmanmman, Golden Fishery and Happy Together have been enjoying great popularity for 2008. The PDs and writers of the variety shows have commented, "Although it's important who these people are, but it's more crucial who these people are grouped with."

Since Haha left Infinity Challenge to enlist for military service, the production team had been troubled by the problem of searching for the 7th member. One staff member said, "At that time before we decided on Junjin, we spent a lot of effort on the selection process. We wanted to have a rotation of the guest members, such as other Shinhwa members and comedians like Kim Hyun Chul, Kim Shin Young, in order to find the best combination."

After several rounds of trial and error, Junjin (later known as Junstin) became the new member. But it wasn't easy to keep Junstin as a fixed member. With a reputation for having poor athletic skills and being the below-average representatives of Korea, the other IC members lagged far behind Junjin, who hailed from the idol group Shinhwa, in terms of appearance and physical prowess. Junstin seemed to stand out too much, and there were many negative comments from netizens.

Though Junstin was picked out for not being as funny as the other members on the show, soon it was apparent that by comparing the other members to the handsome and fit Junjin, that's another kind of comedic effect by itself. Eventually, this Infinity Challenge grouping worked.

Infinity Challenge = 98% inferior man + 2% perfect man

The ratings for Infinity Challenge have stayed within the top few for last year and this year, but the fans' support is also critical for the show to establish its foothold.

With the inclusion of Junjin, the new IC group has now been classified into the low-performing class and the top-performing class and this has created an interesting rivalry. Even the perfect Junjin has times of failure too, demonstrating that inferior guys are capable of defeating the perfect man too.

(non-related info omitted)

Source: jineyes
Chi trans: narryjin@DoubleJ
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.11.27][news] Lee Minwoo talks about his financially-strapped childhood days

After gatecrashing singer/actor Lee Jihoon's home for the first episode of MBC's new variety show Let's Sleep Here Tonight, the 4-person Ajumma gang picked singer Lee Minwoo's home to gatecrash this time round.

On the show, the Shinhwa member revealed his difficult childhood days when his father's business ran into financial difficulties and even had mortgage stickers pasted all over the house.

Showing his deep love for his mother, he said, "At that time, my mother was holding me in her arms quietly, and I decided that I had to work hard on my dancing."

The new MBC reality show aims to turn the homes of celebrities into the typical neighbours' homes of the viewers, by raiding their homes, and then having an after-dinner chat that will last through the night.

Lee Minwoo's home is so neat that the 4 MCs (Lee Gyung Shil, Kim Ji Seon, Kang Su Jung and Yoo Chae Young) found it hard to believe that it belongs to a man.

On the day of the recording, Lee Minwoo's parents also turned up in a surprise visit, and were full of praise for their son, and Lee Minwoo's mother even showed off a few dance moves of her own to liven up the atmosphere even more.

From the romantic bedroom to his state-of-the-art home studio, Lee Minwoo will introduce every part of his home. Let's Sleep Here Tonight will be broadcast on 28th Nov at 11.40pm.

Source: inews24
Chi trans: susan427@Bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.11.27][news] Junjin-Yoobin-Seo Young Eun "So Hot!" love triangle on He's Coming

Fans have been anticipating the appearance of Yoobin of the Wonder Girls on the MBC sitcom He's Coming, especially after fellow member So Hee also made her appearance in an earlier episode.

Yoobin will be involved in a love triangle with charismatic Junjin and Seo Young Eun, and her romantic advances towards Junjin will be something to watch out for.

In the sitcom, Junjin is a PD who is in charge of an exercise program, and viewers are curious to see how the cool Wonder Girls rapper Yoobin will appear on the show. The filming will take place on 1st Dec, and the episode is expected to be aired at the end of the year.

Source: Digital News
Chi trans: 维他命J@junjin0819
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.11.27][news] Infinity Challenge year-end concert to be held on 18th Dec

MBC's Infinity Challenge has decided on 18th Dec as the date for its year-end concert.

According to the production team for IC, due to the overwhelming support from the viewers this year, the team has decided to hold the Infinity Challenge at the end of the year.

The members have apparently started practising for the 18th Dec concert since November, and tickets will be allocated via the official homepage. "Like last year, this is a concert featuring the IC cast, and no surprise guest artists have been confirmed yet."

At the concert last year, the IC members played instruments like drums, guitars, harmonicas, keyboards as well as taking care of the background vocals, performing the Stevie Wonder evergreen hit, Isn't She Lovely.

The proceeds from the concert will all go to charity.

Source: 6 Senses
Chi trans: susan427@Bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.11.27][news] Andy: The more I take part in musicals, the more I want to excel

Andy has taken to the musical stage for the 3rd time with Singles.

"At first I was just thinking of how to go about doing musicals, but the more musicals I take part in, the more I want to excel at it."

Andy added, "During my first performance, my heart was beating especially fast, but after repeated interactions with the world of musicals, I've overcome that fear."

"Back then, I was too busy having to act and sing at the same time, but now I can see the expressions of the audience and what they're saying."

The musical version of Singles made its stage debut last year with singers Lee Hyun Woo and Son Ho Young taking on the role of Soo Hyun prior to Andy. Andy said, "The earlier performances of Singles were really great. I'm feeling the pressure now, and I'm worried about whether I can pull off the role. That's why I've done research in many areas, and I've also asked for advice from the other cast members. I hope to let everyone see my own style."

Source: NAVER
Chi trans: 淼儿@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.11.27][news] Andy as the event ambassador at the Cultural Train event

High school students with Shinhwa member Andy, who is the event ambassador for the "Let's Go, Life Cultural Train" event, held on 25th Nov at Daehangno's Dongsoong Art Hall.

Source: yonhap news + naver + newsis
Chi trans: wendyid@ShinhwaZzang
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Thursday, November 27, 2008

[08.11.26][trans] HyeSung's U Cafe Notice: How's it? Happy?


Hi everyone,

I'm Chun Sam, in 'HyeSung's U Cafe' co-joint by PilGyo and HyeSung, I'm the spiritual support of everyone.

It's some time ago, our opening ceremony, I am looking foward to the arrival of that day but never expect time passes by so quickly and now it has become a past tense.

How's it? Happy?

Yesterday.. I received ceo HS's call.
He promised about implemention of five days per week working system, have you fallen for his sweet talk. ㅠ _ ㅠ
He totally forgotten to be together with Chun Sam, looking at our manager in the Cafe with shortage of manpower, I can only give a sigh of "Ho!"

The cheeks, as compared to a fox like me, it is even rounder staying put there, so?

Approaching cautiously, asking him why he's like this, and just as I expected,
He seems like unable to answer me or express to me, his mood seems a little amazing??

And then he touched Miss 'Muri' who recently make me full of jealousy.
Another person laughing here.

As if has eaten wrong thing, he looked around,
Holding onto Miss 'Muri''s ears and casually took out a skirt and ask me if I seen someone wearing a flower on the head that day, a fan with nails painted beautifully came to see him, saying that they are cute and then continued murmurring.

When to see the beautiful nails again, it won't never come back again, whether or not the opening ceremony is feeling good or bad, are questions that even someone like Chun Sam, me who is so smart cannot understand. Great! With the feeling of wanting to answer him but yet I am unsure, why not simply offer the roster and on site photo album on that day.

Without missing any word, I started reading,
Looking at the fan's photos, I laughed for a long time,
In the photos of the birthday party, the snowy world is created by using pollen, I smiled quietly.

The sun is setting down, I'm still unwilling to put the album down.

I'm not ceo HS, although I'm not able to look through his mind, but because I am born from his hands, I'm still able to read a little from his heart. ceo HS's heart is like the setting down sun, therefore I stay quietly by his side and then left the Cafe.

Rather than returning, it's always receiving, although wants to give this time but still seems like receiving even more. Have said this before, and I thought of the precious memories of that day again and smiling by myself.

Prehaps our ceo HS felt that the day is getting dark, and cannot continue reading so he walks towards the practicing room.
Because he know that singing is the best return and so he filled himself with his heart and sing.

Ah, like what Mr manager said, 'HyeSung's U Cafe' is not closing down, is only temporary shut down from the business.

Will take into account on those pros and cons everyone says,
so that the Cafe will improve for the better for re opening.
Although unsure when to re open, but hopefully that day will be like now, to meet happily with me, Chun Sam.

Very very happy during this period, very fun and also thank you everyone > _ <

During the days when I'm not around, ceo HS will be at everyone's care!!
Good bye till we reunite~!!!

Credits: (English translation) + evmist@bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + GOODEMG (source)

[08.11.25][trans]Small (but very welcome) updates about Dongwan from training camp

Captain Kim Kyung Bok has been leaving updates about the trainees on Gongju Training Camp's internet cafe ( ). This is where the cafe also uploads pics and where people can leave messages for the trainees, which many fans have been doing for Dongwan. My computer fritzes out whenever it goes here, so I'm relying on and thanking fan sites for the updates. So far, there have been two regarding our favorite recruit (there was a lot of unfamiliar military terms, but I think this is the jist of it)...

[08.11.21] During the period of mental training, the battalion commander himself read out a letter that a Kim Dong Wan fan had left [on the café site]. The cheering sounds of “Wow!” from the fellow soldiers showed how much they liked it…(Lieutenant)

Keke...can you imagine oppa's cute, embarrassed expression?

[08.11.25] In everything, Kim Dong Wan trainee is doing it as a good example. Disregarding his celebrity, he is personally a trainee that one can learn a lot from.
*feels like a proud parent* All I can say is of course! It's because he's KIM DONG WAN!

Despite the inevitable hardships and cold, it seems it's a good environment and he's doing not just well, but excelling. 1 week down, only 3 more to go. Aja aja fighting, oppa!

If taking out, please credit:
Source: yoenin
Original source:
Translation: alwaysforever@shinbiz

[08.11.25][news] M and Younha to Hold a Performance for Students Who Took the SAT

M (Lee Min Woo) and Younha will hold a stage to congratulate students upon taking the SAT.

The metropolitan area's largest cable company CNM will broadcast the event called "2008 Hope Concert for Students" which will take place on the 28th at 4 p.m. in the Sungbookku University Auditorium.

"Dream, youth and passion" is the theme for this concert and 1,200 students were invited for this event. Announcer for this year will be Kang Ji Yeon along with singers M (Lee Min Woo), Younha, Independent T.S., and B Boy GYT crew will all be in attendence.

"2008 Hope Concert for Students" will be recorded and broadcasted on CNM channel 4 on 12/6 and 12/7 at 11:50 in the morning and 8:50 in the evening.


[08.11.25][Info] Minwoo's Concert, Ticket bookings for Overseas fans

Hi, this is Concert planning/promotion company ‘In Next Trend Inc.’ managing ‘2008 Minwoo’s “M Rizing Tour" in SEOUL for December 31st.

Year End Concert for ‘M’, Lee Minwoo

Having 4th album released, Minwoo has been going on a relay concert tour with various concepts he has made to pleasure his fans. And Now, he’s is planning on his 3rd concert in Seoul!

First concert he had was when his album was just been released, so he planned to meet his fans at a place where he could come close-by, which turned out to be a Club concert. The next came in Japan, to pay back the love he received from fans of Japan.

This 3rd concert in Seoul is as meaningful as Minwoo and his fans are to spend the last day of Yr 2008 being so special. Furthermore, this concert would be the very first concert for Minwoo to perform at All-Seats Theater/concert hall, and there will be professional technical bands to make the concert more special. You’ll be satisfied with sweet and powerful performances Minwoo will bring to you on the day of the concert.

Concert which starts at 7pm would be mainly based on all sorts of Minwoo’s performances, while the 2nd round of concert at 11pm will be time when fans can enjoy celebrating the New Year with Minwoo. Therefore you may taste two same but different flavors of Minwoo’s concert this time in Seoul.

Just imagine,, spending the last special night of Year 2008 with Minwoo…

Tickets will be opened from Nov 28th 2008.

-Title: M RIZING Tour - Step. 3, Adieu 2008
-Date: December 31st, 7pm / 11pm 2008
-Place: Yonsei University – Grand Lecture Hall
-Ticket price: All R-seats $70.00 USD (VAT included)
-Hosted & managed by: In Next Trend Inc.
-Supported by: M Rizing Entertainment
-Sponsored by: Seoul Tourism Marketing Inc.
-Ticket Enquiries: +82-02-3446-3226
(Working Hours: Mon-Fri 10am~6pm, Unavailable during12pm~1pm, Sat/Sun Closed
>> Children aged over 7 are permitted for admission
>> No reissue of tickets nor allowed for entrance once tickets lost.

Ticket Booking Date: From November 28 (Fri)

Here is the Ticket booking information for overseas fans (excluding Japanese fans).
1. Ticket booking period: Nov 28 ~Dec 12 (5pm) (Korean Local Time)
2. Payment period: Nov 28 ~Dec 12 (5pm) (Korean Local Time)
3. Limitation on number of ticket bookings: Up to 20 tickets/person
4. Seat location: All Seats will be reserved for in the order of payments received.
5. Ticket Booking Methods
** You need to visit to download the file (application form) and complete its form then send it to to purchase your tickets.
6. Notes
1) Duplicated ticket bookings will cause failure in reserving your tickets and/or will be disadvantaged in location of your seats.
2) Please read all sections in the ‘Application form’ carefully and fill out all required fields.
3) You must attach the ‘Application form’ file when applying through an Email.
4) Make sure to make bookings within the ‘Booking Period’.
5) Please make sure you make Ticket bookings through an official Ticket-Line ONLY as there seem to be an illegal movement in selling concert tickets in improper way.

※ There are LIMITED number of seats for Overseas fans. Therefore the Tickets will be sold out as in the order of application & payments received.
※ Ticket Price is informed in the . The Seat Numbers will be informed
via Email only for those who have made bookings.
※For overseas fans, when you make payments for your Concert Tickets through the bank, you MUST add Bank Service Charges to the amount of your payments.
In other words, you are responsible to pay for the Service charges, and the amount we need to receive from you MUST EQUAL to the amount written in your invoice.
(You will not receive your tickets unless you have made full payments including the Service fee charges.)
※ Those who have reserved over 20 tickets, please contact the concert management company ‘INT’ Inc. for assistance.
Tel: +82- 02-3446-3226 (English & Japanese assistance available / Chinese unavailable.)
※ Please note that inquiries other than ‘Group tickets’ will not be assisted.

Thank you.

Source: M Rizing + In Next Trend Inc

[08.11.24][news] Lee Minwoo & Amy paired up again on last episode of Kkokko Tour

Kkokko Tour, the dating variety show part of KBS2's Happy Sunday, has made its final curtain call when the last episode of the Jejudo series was aired on 23 November.

The ratings for Kkokko Tour were dismally not up to expectations, and with fierce competition from SBS' Family Outing, the show had been axed from the programme lineup.

(non-related info omitted)

Recently rumoured to be romantically involved offscreen as well, M Lee Minwoo and Amy were once again paired up as a couple after the Saipan series. The two even asked, "will there be more trips like these?"

Kkokko Tour will be temporarily replaced by special episodes of Immortal Classics. The year-end special will feature Korean singing legend Patti Kim.

Source: NEWSEN
Chi trans: susan427@Bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.11.24][news] Jun Jin, "Received physical training from my father during jr. high"

Jun Jin an emcee for SBS TV "YSMM - Artist Village" disclosed the unique physical training he received from his father.


"Starting from elementary school, everyday I woke up at the crack of dawn to run when I was barely awake. Similar to atheletes who would be in training," said Jun Jin. "In junior high school, my father asked me to train with a thick metal wire," revealed Jun Jin suprising many on the show.

"During that time, I wondered why I had to live such a difficult life," said Jun Jin. Charlie Park revealed the real reason for having his son focus more on physical training ever since he was young than studies displaying deep paternal love for him.

This interesting episode of "YSMM" will be broadcasted on the 24th at 11:15 in the evening.


[08.11.24][news] How do stars handle life in the army? Disciplined vs laidback?

Even stars aren't exempted from serving their duties to the country. Once they hit the age that will require them to fulfil their responsibilities, they will have to enlist to the army after the medical check. Many stars have enlisted this year, leaving their fans who can't bear to let them go. Including Gong Yoo and Chun Jung Myung who enlisted in January, and Sung Shi Kyung who enlisted in August, there are approximately 20 stars currently serving in the army now.

Fans always break down in tears every time their idols leave, and photos of them at the training camp seem to be the best way to console these fans. Recently out of all the photos that have been released, there seems to be mainly two expressions: the disciplined and rigid look as opposed to a more laidback and cheerful look.

The Disciplined Type: Completely dedicated and loyal!

Some of the photos show the stars with rigid and stern expressions, and visibly more tanned from the time spent under the sun. Even so, these pictures still bring comfort to the fans. Examples would be Shinhwa member Eric, balladeer Sung Shi Kyung and actor Gong Yoo. The first to enlist out of all the Shinhwa members, the photo shows Eric at his most disciplined, shouting together with his platoon mates, albeit looking a little pale. Vastly differnt from the smiling face that fans often see on TV, fans are saddened and say, "Army life seems to be really difficult."

(non-related info omitted)

Source: sportsseoul
Chi trans: susan427@Bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Saturday, November 22, 2008

[08.11.22][trans] Hyesung's Japan Moblie Diary - Staff Diary - 081119


081119 - [STAFF] PARK - 08/11/2008

Hyesung appearing in the press conference.

Hyesung who is wearing suit appears~
After greeting to the reporters, he get himself seated in front of the very big photo at the press conference.
Following this, the local China magazine and TV station reporters started to ask question.
Hyesung listened carefully and prepared his answers.

Hyesung who answers questions in the press conference.

Hyesung who answers all the questions seriously~

Hyesung who do a V posed.

After the press conference ended, he even took pictures with the staffs.
And doing a victory 'V' pose, Hyesung is in high-spirited~^^
Like this, Hyesung ended the press conference and returned back to his resting room.

Credits: (English translation) + 3129不是妹妹@申彗星中国首站S.C.I.C (Chinese translation) + FLASHBACK + FORVER HS + ALWAYS HYESUNG (source)

[08.11.22][trans] Hyesung's Japan Moblie Diary - Staff Diary - 081118


081118 - [STAFF] PARK - 08/11/2008

Hyesung is noticing all of you~

Walking around the surrounding
The concert have many merchandises~~
A very cute Hyesung's image doll~
Hyesung seems like looking at here~

Here has Hyesung as well~

The Hyesung wearing the cat earred hoodie~
The big-eyes Hyesung~ cute Hyesung~

Everywhere is Hyesung~

The long legged Hyesung~
Hyesung who is acting like a spoiled brat~ Posed Hyesung~~
The China fans' enthusiasm and sincerity is extraordinary! BROVA!!!

The Press conference venue

He is in the resting room at the opposite first level and is already preparing to appear in the press conference~
Hyesung haven't arrived

Credits: (English translation) + 3129不是妹妹@申彗星中国首站S.C.I.C (Chinese translation) + FLASHBACK + FORVER HS + ALWAYS HYESUNG (source)

[08.11.22][trans] Hyesung's Japan Moblie Diary - Staff Diary - 081117

081117 - [STAFF] PARK - 08/11/2008

The crowd at the concert venue? ^^

During the break when Hyesung is preparing for the press conference
I went around the concert venue to look around~
At the oppsite on the right~
There's a loveable balloon that is surrounded by many people.

Looking at it nearer~
It's a cute Hyesung's balloon~
It seems to be greeting, "Hi everyonee!"

Credits: (English translation) + 3129不是妹妹@申彗星中国首站S.C.I.C *(Chinese translation) FLASHBACK + FORVER HS + ALWAYS HYESUNG (source)

[08.11.22][trans] Hyesung's Japan Moblie Diary - Staff Diary - 0811120


081120 - [STAFF] PARK - 08/11/2008

The China concert staff pass

China's tight security system ^ ^
Under ordinary circumstances of the performance venue, the staff oonly has a pass
However, this time, the pass permit is separated to morning and afternoon passes.
Other staffs are really eye-catching ah ~
Others are pink colored pass
But mine is a red colored pass
It seems as if hoping that I would use my enthusiasm liked fiery red color to work hard ~ya ~ ho! ^^;;;

The flowerstands in front of the resting room.

The front and back of Hyesung's resting room have many flowerstands~
These flowerstands are concerning about Hyesung, blessing Hyesung~
Not only China fans,
There are different colors flowerstands from Malaysia, Thailand etc~
Thank you~Thank you

Putting at Hyesung's resting room..
The cake that is printed like "Because of You" music score shaped.
China fans are really good ^^
But it will be a pity to eat it.
So no one eat it
It is a really beautiful cake

The cake look like a towel

Some fan who give this cake that looks like a towel~ very nice right?

The HS worded flower that appears in the press conference ^^

Among all the flowerstands in the press conference
This HS wordings flowerstand stands out the most~

Credits: (English translation) + 3129不是妹妹@申彗星中国首站S.C.I.C (Chinese translation) + FLASHBACK + FORVER HS + ALWAYS HYESUNG (source)

[08.11.21][trans] Chun Sam conveys the dresscode


Zang zang~!!
Everybody U! I'm Chun~Sam!

Finally, left with a couple of days
For the final preparation, today is still doing sweeping and cleaning.

Our CEO? Aiyo~ don't mention
That person, in order to present something that day, he cast me aside saying that he's going to practise together with his band members brothers~ Hu~and left~
It's even better he left, if he's by my side, he will ask me to clean here and tidy there.
으으으, naggy...
But he never move a single finger~Wuwuwu~~ㅠ_ㅠ

Having to say this, but in order to create a girlfriend for me, he's brainstorming, he asid it's absolutely unwise to disturb him, this seems like an excuse, I!!! hate CEO to create a girlfriend for me~!! The fox he created the other time has 3 eyes, why can't he remember that~~크흐흑...

Ah... the topic has go out of point~~흠흠

The thing I actually want to say is, is what CEO told me before he left
The mission on 22nd~~!!
Need to do Dresscode?
The Dresscode for that day is "FLOWER"!!!!!
Even putting flower on the hair is fine, or even wearing a flower-shaped hairpin will do, or even to bring a bouquet of flowers is okay
Wearing flower printed clothes to attend is good too, no matter what, it's flower! Only those who bring it can enter!!!

If you have my this kind of look, you can straight come in!! The look of a flower.
으흐흐.. (As a fox's smile, it's a little... is it like this?)

Those who came that day, we will have your pictures, making it as an album for CEO to collect.
Inside, those who follow the Dresscode, will receive a gift at the end, what should we give...

"Ah! I am secretive!!" That that...
Therefore, regardless if it's the background or the side profile will do, in order to be included in the memorable album for CEO, do not escape from the exclusive photographer who is wandering about in the venue.

And, as expected by us, CEO wants to hold a birhtday party that day
(Talking about beautiful!!! ㅠ_ㅠ Even if so, it still need me to do the tidying, Oh, the character of this man...)

I need everyone's help!!!
We will distribute to everyone who is seated in the first level a triangular hat and paper firecrackers to the second level (not gunpowder)
After receiving this, at that day of opening ceremony, following the segments we agreed upon, with the accompaniment of the music, we will give our blessings by singing birthday song.
The details will be released on 20th, because it's a song that everyone is aware, therefore it's should be easy to memorize it.

Hu~ the time is already..
The time that CEO is returning
So talk about the remaining portion tomorrow~

Credits: (English translation) + 宝宝爱王子@申彗星中国首站S.C.I.C (Chinese translation) + GOODEMG Hyesung's U Cafe

[08.11.21][news] Kim Dongwan spends 30th birthday in training camp (pic with platoon)

A photo taken of Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan with his platoon mates has been released.

On 21st Nov, the official homepage of the army training center featured a picture on Kim Dongwan with his platoon at 32nd Division Recruit Training Center in Gongju, Chungnam, much to the delight of the fans. In the picture, Kim Dongwan is all smiles as his fellow platoon mates draped their arms over his shoulders.

After 4 weeks of basic military training, Kim Dongwan will serve at Seodaemun-gu as a public service officer. Incidentally, 21st November is also the day Kim Dongwan celebrates his 30th birthday.

Eric, tthe first Shinhwa member to enlist, has already completed the 4-week training course and is currently serving as a public service officer at Seoul Metro's Sports Complex Station on Line 2.

Source: edaily
Chi trans: susan427@Bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.11.21][info] M Lee Minwoo's Year-end Concert

After holding a splendid concert after the release of his 4th album
Minwoo is now preparing for the Phase 3 concert

The first concert after the release of the album was a club concert to allow him to have the closest interaction possible with his fans.

Phase 2 was the Japan concert for the Japanese fans who have never stopped showing their support and love for him this whole time.

This time, it's the Phase 3 concert
We've chosen to spend the last day of 2008 with the fans to make it a most meaningful concert
Until now, Minwoo's solo concerts have never been held in an all-seating venue.

During our discussions, we did consider that the layout will diminish the power of Minwoo's performances
But as this is a really great venue we decided to hold the concert here

At the same time
The 7pm show will focus on presenting a variety of stage performances
The 11pm show will see him celebrating the occasion together with the fans

The feeling will be very different for this New Year's Eve concert as compared to other concerts.

Imagine spending the last night of 2008 with M

Presales of tickets start at 7pm (Seoul time) on 27th November

Concert title: M RIZING Tour - Step. 3, Adieu 2008
Venue: Yonsei University Lecture Theatre
Date/Time: 31st Dec, 7pm/11pm
Organizer: MRIZING
Event Management: INNEXTTREND(
Enquiry hotline: 02-3446-3226
(Mon-Fri 10am til 6pm / excluding 12pm-1pm lunch break)

Detailed information in relation to the concert will be announced very shortly.

Trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Friday, November 21, 2008

[Real pic] 081120 Dongwan with his army platoon!

Thank you to a member at yoenin for posting this from

[08.11.20][News] UKnow Yunho "JunJin was the first celebrity who talked to me"

In SBS YSMM episode aired on 10th November, Uknow Yunho of DBSK revealed that JunJin was the first celebrity to talk to him when he entered the showbiz.

Thinking of the past, Yunho said "When I was Dana's rapper, JunJin hyung was the first one who talked to me. He held my hand and said that he believed in me and that I would have no problems. He also told me "I was just like you before when dancing was the only thing I could do. But God gave me a chance to become celebrity and I just want to let someone else get the same chance as me."

Credit: NewsEn - Korean/Eng: Kim Nguyen @

[08.11.20][news] The last 4 digits of Sun Mi's phone number were Junjin's birthdate

During the recording for the 22nd Nov episode of KBS2's Star Golden Bell, the Wonder Girls revealed that they were huge fans of idol groups before their debut.

Leader Sunye said, "When I was in elementary school I really liked S.E.S and Fin.K.L, and I even set up a dance group with my friends. We would practice at my friend's home and then perform during school trips or school events."

The youngest member So Hee said, "I was a big fan of Rain, and after my debut when I met Rain in person, he was even more handsome than I'd thought. I thought to myself, "This is Rain oppa indeed~". "

Sun Mi* also confessed, "I was a Shinhwa fan, I liked Junjin the best. I liked him so much that the last 4 digits of my cellphone number was his birthdate."

Next, Yoobin said, "I used to be crazy about Sechskies' Eun Jiwon. At that time not only did I know his schedule really well, I even watched his movie Seventeen many times." Incidentally, Eun Jiwon was also present as a guest, and he expressed his gratitude to Yoobin, "Thank you, really, now I'm your fan instead."

Source: Newsen
Trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.11.20][news] Shin Hyesung'S first local fanmeeting "Please come and play at U Cafe" on the 22nd


Singer Shin Hyesung hold his first local fanmeeting to meet up with 1,500 local fans.

On the 22nd afternoon at 6pm in Seoul Gwangjang dong Melon AX Hall, Hyesung will transform himself into a-day-CEO to meet up his local fans for the first time at "Hyesung's U Cafe".

This time the fanmeeting is carry out by decorating the stage as Hyesung's Mini Cafe with the concept of inviting the fans, making use of Acoustic Band to play those songs that are apply by the fans as well as carrying out a party celebration for his upcoming 30th birthday which is on the 27th.

Particularly, Hyesung together with fanmeeting MC, KBS 2TV GagConcert "No Margin" Jang Dong Hyuk will be challenging against each other on a cocktail show, with plans to personally mix the cocktails for the fans.

Shin Hyesung expressed, "After the fanmeeting in Japan on September, I have made a promise to create an opportunity to meet up with the local fans. Being able to realize it makes me happy and looking forward to it and to create special memories with the space only for the fans at "Hyesung's U Cafe"!

The person in charge in Shin Hyesung's management company GOOD Entertainment said, "Fanmeeting Ticket Open presale day (13th), the sales went up at 1st position in ranking at InterPark. During the end of the year, there're many performances, it's surprising that the sales for the fanmeeting can rose to the 1st position, therefore we can feel the extend of care and concern from the fans. In additional, using the concept of "U Cafe Open" for the fanmeeting gives an illusion that a real cafe is open which resulted in many overseas fans keep calling to ask about the location and the way of contact which makes the fanmeeting staffs full of anticipation!"

On the other hand, after Hyesung's performance in China Shanghai on the 8th, he will also be performing big scale concerts in the 3 cities in Japan Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo on the 26th, 28th and 30th and is scheduled to leave to Japan on the 25th this month.

Credits: (English translation) + Baby Love @ Prince Shanghai China (Chinese ) + 박세연 + Forever HS

[08.11.20][news] Shin Hye Sung Sets Up a Cafe for a Performance

Singer Shin Hye Sung (29) will be having a fanmeeting.

He will meet 1,500 fans on the 22nd at 6 p.m. at Melon Ax in Kwangjangdong through "Hye Sung's U Cafe". Invitations to fans for this mini-cafe has already been sent out.

This will be Shin Hye Sung's first cafe. A gathering with the fans with an acoustic band as well as his birthday party since his birthday is on the 27th. The emcee for this event will be gag man Jang Dong Hyuk(29). He along with the emcee will make cocktails for the fans.

Shin Hye Sung has had a concert on the 8th in Shangahi and will be holding concerts on 26, 28. 30 in Japan at 3 cities Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo.

source: newsis

[08.11.20][News] Pre-enlistment KDW’s witty display of words to a young female fan

Thanks Tiff for the clip:

Singer Kim Dong wan displayed his witty speaking skills to a fan who was shedding tears over his enlistment.

On the 19th, SBS’s “TV Entertainment in the Middle of the Night” broadcasted Kim Dongwan’s handshake meeting at Samsung-dong that was held on the 10th, one week before his enlistment. Kim Dong Wan said, “There isn’t a lot of face-time with fans during fan signings, but during a handshake meeting, there can be physical contact (‘skinship’) and eye-contact,” stating the reason for holding this event. (Note: I used eye contact, which is what it means, but the literal translation is something like ‘stamp with an eye seal.' In Korea, when you sign a contract or make an agreement, instead of signing with your signature, you sign with a stamp that is unique to you and your personal information. So I guess "stamping with an eye seal" can mean that with their eye contact, they're making an agreement - in this case, between DW and his fans to not forget each other. I might be reading too much into it, but I thought that was kind of cool)

While sharing greetings and hand shakes with fans, to a young female fan who started shedding tears upon seeing him, Kim Dong wan said, “Don’t cry! If someone sees, they’re going to think I’m going for active duty,” displaying his overflowing wit while trying to offer consolation.

Kim Dong Wan said to his fans, “After four weeks, you can see me on the streets, so I hope you will not be too sad” and with a bright expression, gave his final greeting.

(Omitted information that’s already been translated about his enlistment and where he will be working afterwards)

Source: Newsen
Translation: G (alwaysforever) @ shinbiz

[08.11.20][News] Lee Minwoo and Amy "deeply in love"

Lee Minwoo of the idol pop group Shinhwa, is said to be dating actress Amy.

The two have met through a corner of the KBS 2TV entertainment program ‘Happy Sunday’ currently aired, and their relationship has developed into a more serious one ever since. The program corner called ‘Kkokko Tourism Single Single’ sets up dates for stars by sending them overseas.

An close aide of Lee Minwoo says, “Lee Minwoo is deeply in love with Amy. I haven’t talked with him recently, but the two have publicly boasted their love as a couple since last month.”

Meanwhile, Lee Minwoo has recently released his fourth solo album with the title song ‘Don’t Trust Men’, and is planning to hold a concert in Japan in December. Amy has been on the program ‘Bad Girl Diary 3’ of the cable channel Olive last summer.

[08.11.20][News] Lee Min Woo "JunJin's initial stage name was "Winning"

Lee Min Woo, on tvN talk show, talked about the debut stories of Shinhwa as they have reached 10th year of longevity.

He revealed that JunJin's initial stage name was "Winning" and Kim DongWan's was "Kim Ah Too - Kim Ah Tom" due to his "blue" and "sun". He believed that with JunJin's name as "Winning", Shinhwa would always go on and win in whatever they do.

Lee Min Woo, who's doing promotion for his 4th solo album, said "I couldn't wait for coming back with my album. On the stage, performing my songs, I feel the genuineness. Luckily, it was successfully completed."

Credit: - JinEyes - Korean/Eng: Kim Nguyen @

[08.11.20][news] During the economy recession, the benefit and loss in the entertainment world (Hyesung mentioned)


(Omitted portion that are unrelated. )

There are also “Korean Star” singers who have benefited from the foreign exchange fluctuation. Shinhwa member, Shin Hyesung who releases his 3rd solo album “Because of You” has recently has become one of the main contributors in earning foreign currencies. He completed his solo concert in China Shanghai on the 8th and will be holding his solo concert in Osaka on the 26th November, Nagoya on the 28th and Tokyo on the 30th.

His management company, GOOD expressed, “Although the fees on the China concert is paid in Korean won however, the fees for his Japan concert is settled with Japanese yen. The exchange rate is 800 in his previous performance however, now the exchange rate has jumped up to 1,400 and based on this exchange rate, the earnings is significantly increased.”

Omitted portion that are unrelated.

Similar news:

Although the entertainment industry is facing a downturn, however there’re exceptions, Shin Hyesung’s China concert noted the differences in his China concert. And his concert performances in Osaka on the 26th, Nagoya on the 26th and Tokyo on the 30th are already confirmed, expecting an increase in the amount by 20-30%.

Credits: (English translation) + 彗星吧@shinhwaの爱星 + IS’PLUS + 亚洲经济(source)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

[08.11.20][News] UKnow Yunho "JunJin was the first celebrity who talked to me"

In SBS YSMM episode aired on 10th November, Uknow Yunho of DBSK revealed that JunJin was the first celebrity to talk to him when he entered the showbiz.

Thinking of the past, Yunho said "When I was Dana's rapper, JunJin hyung was the first one who talked to me. He held my hand and said that he believed in me and that I would have no problems. He also told me "I was just like you before when dancing was the only thing I could do. But God gave me a chance to become celebrity and I just want to let someone else get the same chance as me."
Credit: NewsEn - Korean/Eng: Kim Nguyen @

[08.11.19][news] Lee Minwoo: Eric once gave up his own earnings to the other members

Currently promoting his 4th solo album M RIZING, Lee Minwoo revealed on a TV show that Shinhwa leader Eric once gave up his own earnings to split among the other members.

On the 20th Nov episode of cable channel tvN's Taxi, Lee Minwoo will share some interesting behind-the-scene stories of the Shinhwa members, as well as their recent activities.

Lee Minwoo said, "Eric split his earnings among the other 5 members, and the amount didn't really matter to us, it was his good intentions. When there are conflicts between the members, Eric always lives up to his role as the leader to unite everyone so that Shinhwa could continue on."

Making his comeback after 1 year and 3 months, Lee Minwoo said, "The album was made with my passion, and I produced the songs according to the ideas I had for the stage performances. I put in a lot of effort to make it even more polished."

He also shared an interesting pre-debut anecdote, he said, "Junjin's real name is Park Choong Jae, and before he came up with Junjin, he was actually called Yigigo (winner), and Kim Dongwan preferred something more foreign-sounding and artistic names like Kim Ato or Kim Atom. I shortlisted names like Parang (wave or blue) and Taeyang (sun)."

He also shared for the first time about how he was approached to go solo before Shinhwa's debut. "Just before our debut, Mr Lee Soo Man asked me if I preferred to go with a group or to go solo. By then I had already become accustomed to life with the other members, and there was just too much pressure to be a solo act instead, so I rejected the idea."

This episode will be aired on tvN on 20th Nov at 12pm.

Source: asiatoday
Chi trans: yujin@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.11.18][news] Lee Minwoo: We won't falter because of the trust between the members

Idol group Shinhwa, who made their debut in 1998, is different from other groups of that era. It's the only group that is still active now. While other idol groups have all disbanded, Shinhwa hasn't changed despite the change of management company and the changing environment. They have come this far because of the strong bonds of friendship that exists between the members.

Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo has achieved success as part of Shinhwa and also as a solo act, being involved in music, producing, songwriting, and even as an entrepreneur.

We revisit Shinhwa's 10-year history through an interview with him.

- Made their debut in 1998 as an idol group.

"At that time we were more commonly called dance groups than idol groups, but somehow fans started calling us an idol group. To me, it doesn't sound bad at all, and in fact it feels that the personalities of the members are even more preserved this way."

- Does the term 'idol' bring about any prejudice or predefined notions?

"There is the view that music from idols are all the same. This actually came about as a result of systems created by management companies. But on the other hand, it also created pop music for the masses. Idols can successfully break that mould, if they can create their own stage styles, or achieve success in another field through their own efforts."

- Did you work hard so that you could break free of the idol group mould and get rid of the 'idol' label?

"Since 1999 I knew that I had a passion for music, so I wanted to try my hand at making my own music. So with the 300,000 won I got from our first album, I used 100,000 won to buy music samples and equipment, and while the members were sleeping I spent that time trying to write music and work with the equipment. I got complaints from the neighbours too."

"Since I started making music, I've always wanted to design the stage myself, and I also gave it a try."

- When you released your solo albums, it seemed that it was tough to break free from the 'idol' label.

"It was, and I wanted to change that even more. It only made me want to write more songs and work harder. I once put my equipment on sale on a secondhand goods website, and the buyer asked if Lee Minwoo really wrote his own music with it. I was quite surprised."

- What is the secret behind Shinhwa being able to stay together even after such a long time?

"When we first made our debut, Shinhwa was competing with the likes of H.O.T, Sechskies and G.O.D. When we saw these groups disband one by one, we were very nervous too, so we told each other over and over again, "Don't falter". Because of the friendship and trust between us that we have accumulated over the years, we are able to come this far. Before our debut, I received an offer to go solo, but I rejected it because I didn't want to lose the members. At that time our manager always said to us, "When the coordinator brings your clothes, don't pick out your own, always help to make recommendations to each other." We often chat for a good 2 hours before going to bed too."

- How do you feel about the idol groups of today?

"I think that they have more talent than we did back then. But the most important thing is your original intentions and passion that you started out with. The advice that I want to give them is, it's crucial for the members to encourage each other, and they have to be constantly thinking of how to change in order to stay ahead of the game."

Source: munhwa ilbo & dacapo
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.11.18][news] Enlistment does not mean the end of the road for Shinhwa

"This is not the end, it's just a temporary pause. Shinhwa forever."

For 10-year-old idol group Shinhwa, Kim Dongwan has enlisted for military service on 17th Nov, about a month after Eric. After 4 weeks of basic military training, Kim Dongwan will serve as a public officer at Seodaemun-gu's administrative office.

According to a spokesperson from Eric's management company, "Shinhwa is definitely not disbanding. They will be releasing another group album in 4-5 years' time, and start on their group activities."

However, it's true that it has been increasingly rare to see all 6 members standing on the same stage. An insider familiar with Shinhwa said, "In the near future it would be hard to see all 6 members together on stage. Although it will not be an easy task to release a Shinhwa album, but it's definitely possible. But honestly it will be difficult for the Shinhwa members to release embark on group activities after 4-5 years."

He added, "After 4-5 years, the members will all be nearing their mid-30s, and even they reunite as a dance group, it will be symbolic but the scale of their activities won't be as big as before."

Currently all 6 members belong to different management companies, and just the usage of the name Shinhwa presents all kinds of problems.

After 4-5 years, if Shinhwa does make a comeback, they will first face their first problem with releasing an album. With the members enlisting for military service one after another, they will require some time to regroup, at the very least 4 years.

Shinhwa members have promised their fans that "Shinhwa will never disband. We will continue as Shinhwa forever, and the 6 of us will be together forever." They also promised that they will release a new album.

One of the members' management companies expressed, "Due to enlistment and other issues, it is in fact very difficult to see Shinhwa active as a group. When the last member finishes his military duty in 2012, although there is a possibility that the group will still be intact with all the members, there is also a chance of change. We can't say it's impossible, but regrouping does pose many problems."

Eric is currently serving as a public service officer at Seoul Metro, and with Kim Dongwan enlisting early this week, Lee Minwoo and Junjin will follow along next year.

Andy (born in 1981) will serve his duty either next year or in 2010. Shin Hyesung is exempted from military duty due to a knee injury.

From their debut in 1998 to celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, Shinhwa will go on hiatus. The members themselves have no doubt that they will regroup in 5 years' time. Being active as solo acts in music, acting and variety, the members still enjoy a high level of popularity. In an industry where stars rise and fall quickly, Shinhwa has always been viewed as the role model for idol groups.

In contract, pioneer idol group H.O.T had disbanded many years ago. While Moon Hee Jun has completed his military duty, Kangta and Tony are still in the midst of military service. There has been no talk of a group reunion since they disbanded.

With the reality of military service setting in, all eyes will be on Shinhwa and its members, who ruled an entire K-pop era, to see how they will return to their fans.

Source: newsen&dacapo
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.11.19][news] Lee Minwoo admits he is dating Amy (added some info on Amy)

Shinhwa member Lee Min Woo has admitted that he is dating Amy and expressed, “We are now at the phase of getting to know each other.”

Speaking through his manager, Min Woo expressed, “It’s a bit early to say we are lovers now. But it’s real that we have an affection for each other and have met up quite often. We are now carefully getting to know each other better and hope that everyone can be patient for the good news to come.”

Min Woo and Amy got to know each other through KBS2TV Happy Sunday program Kko Kko Single where they were paired up as a couple on the show. But clearly, they have taken that relationship from tv into reality.

The pair had shared an underwater kiss almost immediately on their first date on the Saipan episode, with strong chemistry exhibited. Recently, the both of them were spotted dating at coffee joints in Apgujong and eating from roadside stalls. The sightings from fans led to rumors being spread fiercely online since yesterday, prompting talks of them becoming a real couple off-screen.

Amy meanwhile clarified her stand in an interview yesterday, “The rumors about me and Min Woo oppa dating, I am not sure what’s the situation right now. I will only speak once this is cleared up with oppa’s management agency.”

Min Woo is now promoting his 4th album M Rizing and will be enlisted next year in the army. Amy who was pretty much unknown until her appearance on Kko Kko Single debuted on the cable channel O’live’s Witch’s Diary 3.

The original article can be found here:

credits to
*edit* did a little background check on Amy (just in case ) she apparently comes from quite a wealthy family...

Real name: Lee Yoonji
Height: 162cm
Weight: 46kg
Education: Degree in Hotel Adminstration and Tourism from University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Cyworld add:

[08.11.18][news] Lee Minwoo & Amy: Rumoured to be romantically involved

Singer Lee Minwoo and Amy were paired up as an onscreen couple in KBS2's Kkokko Tour, but it's rumoured that they are also romantically involved offscreen as well.

The rumours started when Lee Minwoo's fans started to say that they witnessed the two of them going on dates. According to an industry insider, Lee Minwoo and Amy got closer during the recording of Kkokko Tour, and often went on dates in areas like Apgujung.

On the show hosted by Tak Jae Hoon and Shin Jung Hwan, Lee Minwoo and Amy were first paired off during the trip to Saipan.

A spokesperson for Lee Minwoo said, "The two of them are on very good terms, but it would not be right to say that they're in a relationship. From what we know they're slowing getting to know each other better."

A spokesperson from Lee Minwoo's management company added, "After the show, they developed a close oppa-dongsaeng (brother-sister) relationship. There is a level of attraction between them, but they're not in a romantic relationship."

On the other hand, during an interview, Amy had declared, "It's true that I'm seeing Minwoo oppa now. I did think of making our relationship public, but we still won't be able to clear the air. We'll issue a public statement after discussing this further with oppa's management company."

After the rumours broke out, some of Lee Minwoo's fans had expressed their jealousy on Amy's minihompy, but there are also fans who wished them all the best.

Source: maxmovie & artsnews & hankook ilbo
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.11.18][news] Amy's manager: Lee Minwoo and Amy are not dating

Entertainer Amy's manager has trashed recent rumours of Lee Minwoo and Amy being romantically involved, saying that "there is no truth to these rumours."

At 11am on 18th Nov, Amy's manager Choi Jung Yoon said, "Amy is not dating Lee Minwoo. They did share some pleasant moments in Kkokko Tour, but they are not in a romantic relationship."

He added that he is very clear about her personal life given that he is with her everyday.

A source close to Lee Minwoo said on the phone, "He can't come to the phone now, but we've never heard about him dating Amy."

Amy had been paired up with Lee Minwoo on KBS2's Happy Sunday segment, Kkokko Tour, and had created the image of being a couple in love.

Lee Minwoo is in the midst of promotion his 4th solo album M RIZING, while Amy has officially stepped into the entertainment world after appearing in the Mnet reality show Diary of A Bad Girl 3.

Source: asiaeconomy
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.11.18] [news]MinWoo “Before Shinhwa’s Debut, Lee Soo Man Offered Me to Be Solo”

Lee Min Woo, “Before Shinhwa’s Debut, Lee Soo Man Offered Me to Be Solo”
November 18, 2008

Singer Lee Min Woo (M) of Shinhwa revealed on cable TV tvN talk show “Taxi” that Lee Soo Man offered him to be a solo artist before Shinhwa debuted.

Lee Min Woo said, “At the time that Shinhwa members were forming, Lee Soo Man told me, ‘You are really hardworking. Would you like to be in a group? Would you like to be a solo?’ he asked.” But Lee Min Woo was already familiar with being in a group and he felt pressure so he turned down Lee Soo Man’s proposal.

The episode will broadcast on November 20 at midnight.

Source: Newsen

Monday, November 17, 2008

[08.11.16][Diary]Dongwan: Dinner

The Dinner

Having a meal together with the members....
The realization that for awhile that we will be apart is sinking in.!
To all goodbye~~

P.S. Jin is at the YSMM recording...ㅜㅜ (A picture) of my hands is not included~ I am very bashful~ho ho ho

Source: November21

[08.11.15][trans] Opening of Hyesung's U Cafe homepage


About HyeSung’s U Café

Company Name: HyeSung’s U Café Pte. Ltd
Representative: Shin HyeSung CEO (Ceo HS)
Opening date: 22nd November 2008 6:00PM – 7:30PM
Basic Funds Requirement: 1,979billion won… (It will be good if there’s any)
Sales Results: 1,127billion won… (If possible, Café will continue in operation…)
Total Assets: 20081122billion won (If possible, will buy fried rice cake everyday to eat)
Staffs count: 1 pax Chun Sam (recruiting part time student)
(One fox illustrated by HyeSung)
Nature of Business: Café/ Party/ Event/ Talk/ Music
Address: Melon AX Hall
Parent Company: Good Entertainment Pte. Ltd
Home page:

Introduction of U Café

Always… everyone who gives HS love, care and concern anytime and anywhere
To those who gives all these care and concern to Ceo HS, to express his gratitude and feelings of appreciation~
Wants to be together everyday, Mini Café HyeSung’s U Café has open,

For the only U Café~~
To meet up with Ceo HS through this, hope that it will have the meaning of memories and romance,
And also music and talk, all these moments of forever memories.
Thank you

Name: Chun Sam
Fake name: U
Age: The youth age of a fox, one month old ㅋ ㅋ
Occupation: Personnel on reassignment/ or call for any work or task (concurrently also known as the manager who do the wrapping up of job)

Interest: Drinking a cup of coffee while star gazing to discuss about memories and romance
Strength: Investigation on the manager
Future aspirations: To become (hyesung's)2nd shop manager
To meet up with a beautiful fox and have a try in falling in love (but totally rejected the fox drawn by manager!!!)

Hi everyone,

I am Chun Sam, born with CEO HS to be call for any work/ task for this café.
Chun Sam…
Jung Chun Sam…

In fact, even for a fox, naming it as Chun Sam is going too far? ? ?
A café that connected PilKyo and Chun Sam…

In such a difficult time during the financial crisis, only those with ambition will survive.
Therefore I felt that naming Chun Sam or writing so much is not enough, so after a great pain of considering based on the Café name, I give myself a fake name, “U”
So everyone, please call me now, "U ~ U ah"
However, even so, the manger still continue to call me Chun Sam..

Ha ha~ ~ back to the topic
Okay~ to get ready for those who can have fun and joy to play in our café?
I will be asking some questions.
Let’s try to play Ripple game.
Ripple game, Ha ha! Please give another question and a phrase of hint ^^

Q1 Wanting to understand about CEO HS?
Please upload the photos of HyeSung’s privacy and matters.
I am born in October 2008 and in fact I am born into this world from the depth of CEO HS Sketch Book.
Therefore I have no understanding of the past of CEO HS.
Not sure if this is the case but to me, Shin HyeSung is a singer, there’re matters in which you may not believe.
In particular those singers which you see them appear in the television, talking actively, always talking about their own grand events and lively debate of their popularity.
Now I have to say, like this, my dress up of shorts accompany with hoodie top, where am I!!!
It’s Shin HyeSung ah
The one, who occasionally prepare for the café, the look of him humming the songs or preparing the cocktail, although to me as a fox I also, “KA AH~ Handsome”
Even so, I~~~ still unable to believe!

Searching for CEO HS photos that are related to the past.
Walking through the past, the look of him waiting for his performance’s turn, the look of him waiting at the airport and the look of him shopping and the look of him giving autograph to others and etc.
Any looks are good so please upload some looks of CEO HS that we are unaware of.

Q2: (1122and1127)
Accepting suggestions for HS birthday EVENT
27th of November is CEO HS’s birthday! PAPAPA! Congratulations ~ ~
Unfortunately, although the birthday is on the 27th of November, but as previously agreed, the opening of the Café is on the 22nd ~ ~
We do not want CEO HS to know about it, we decide to prepare a birthday party surprise for him!

Everyone! Please help!
Please give some suggestions for the birthday EVENT or birthday songs.

Q3 (dj-u)
The matter or the reason for applying the music.
Please upload the song that is suitable for 'HyeSung's U cafe or songs that you want to hear.
We will prepare those songs. ^_______^

Q4 (who's)
What’s your name, who is coming to the Café?
Those who are coming to the OPENING that day, please leave your name and seat number.
We need to understand the members who are coming in order to welcome the guests.
To allow CEO HS to feel that 1,000,000 people has appeared in the venue please be louder…
Hu Hu~~ when can you become sensible?

Q5 (to)
Leave the message you would like to say to CEO HS.
EX) saying to HS ~ Oh ~ ~ ㅎ ㅎ

Q6 (to)
Please leave the message you would like to say to me, Chun Sam ^ ^
Let’s try to play the Ripple game
Eh ~ Are you ready? 고고씽 ~ ~

Credits: (English translation) + 宝宝爱王子@申彗星中国首站S.C.I.C (Chinese translation) + Hyesung's U cafe/GOODEMG (source)

[08.11.15][trans] M's Cyworld: Had a meeting today too

There are many things to do^^

I think I have been attacked by a Cyworld hacker ㅠ.ㅠ
Changed my password..
(If I see you I'll get you for this!)

Tomorrow onwards I'm heading to Daejeon, Daegu, Busan!
I'll be back after meeting the fans in the other cities~~

Source: M Rizing Cyworld
Chi trans: 韩小国 @ Bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.11.14][trans] Don't Trust Men MV filming #4 (Street Dance & Drive)

The street dance scene & the drive scene#

We had to drive very far to a street from the location of the previous scene "Her Home"
In the wee hours of the morning before people start their day, everyone was shivering in the very cold night..
Compared to the actual filming time, more time was spent waiting
And filming started again amidst everyone's fatigue

M is M...But the dancer unnies who carried on dancing wearing very thin clothes...
They work very hard, to present the best stage performances together with M.

The drive scene was the last to be shot. The so-called rig car shot is done by rigging the moving car that the lead is driving to the camera
The wind was gusting away, and the weather was really cold, and doing several takes on the street was very difficult. M and Big Tone may be men, but they still would feel cold...

Before dawn came the filming crew kept running, and running
The space on the rig car was very narrow but many people still had to squeeze into the space
So it was very dangerous. While people were sleeping...the 17-hour long MV filming
Finally came close to the end
Ah... now it's finally over

p.s: This has been the MV filming for Don't Trust Men Bye~Bye~^^
Thank you everyone for your support for the album cover photoshoot and the MV filming
M is now preparing for his follow-up single, and will be seeing everyone very soon.
Please cheer M on! Please give M a round of applause. The staff diary will continue to come for everyone.

Source: Mrizing
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz