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[11.05.15] Fancam: Encore segment from Wandwig’s first performance (WARNING: NOSEBLEED AHEAD)

Fancams are not allowed but somehow someone was able to video one part the performance of Dongwan. To watch video, click this link but just a warning, please not to upload it anywhere else... thanks ^^

Credits: oops22@YT + lucky동완@Six Senses

[11.05.14] Liveworks official Twitter update: Hyesung’s flowers for Dongwan

오늘!동완 뮤지컬<헤드윅>♥혜성은 K-pop super live 일본으로! ♥선민 뮤지컬 <지킬앤하이드>~쫌! 화이팅 입니다!(사진-동완 대기실의 혜성 꽃바구니)

Today! Dongwan’s musical “Hedwig” ♥ Hyesung’s K-pop Super Live in Japan ♥ Sun Min’s musical “Jekyll and Hyde”~ Fighting!

오늘은 동완이의 첫공연날^^ 혜성이가 동완이한테 예쁜 꽃바구니를 보냈네요 센스있는 메세지와 함께 ㅋ

It’s Dongwannie’s first performance today^^ Looks like Hyesungie sent Dongwannie pretty flowers. Together with a fun message ㅋ

Message on card reads:

Dongwan ah, would you please!……

- Shin Hyesung -

Credits: @liveworks + @LIVEWORKSCP + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.05.13] Twitpic update from Hedwig director Lee Jina (OMG SO PRETTY LOL)

@ 이친구는 동완~~~신화의 그 섹시가이 ~~~

This is Dongwan~~~ That sexy guy in Shinhwa~

Credits: @ginasam + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.05.13] Liveworks notice: Shin Hyesung 2011 Tour in SEOUL – The Road Not Taken

Hope I can buy this album... I know it will be worth every single won I will spend....

Hello, this is Liveworks Company.

The curtain rises brilliantly for Shin Hyesung’s “2011 Tour in SEOUL – THE ROAD NOT TAKEN” concert, with 3 performances across 24-26 June at Chungmu Art Hall.

This solo concert comes 2 years after 2009′s “Keep Leaves” Seoul concert.
It will be a concert filled with well-loved songs from Hyesung’s past albums and of course, new songs from the 4th album.


Please look forward to it.


The long wait.. The moment it turns into a wildly beating and passionate heart…
A concert filled with Hyesung’s voice….
There’s no need for any more descriptive words.. No need for any more flowery words.

Just be there to listen.. And let it get engraved on your warm hearts.
Even deeper.. That voice.. That music..
For the road that we are taking together, and for another beginning…
Let’s take another step.

The precious place that will become yet another memory.. Let’s do it together.

—————————- CONCERT INFO —————————-


◎ Concert dates:
1st show: 2011. 6.24 (FRI) 8:00pm
2nd show: 2011. 6.25 (SAT) 7:00pm
3rd show: 2011. 6.26 (SUN) 6:00pm

◎ Venue: Chungmu Art Hall, Grand Theatre

◎ Ticket prices (all seating)
Area R 99,000KRW / Area S 88,000KRW / Area A 66,000KRW

◎ Ticket sales (different operators will have different seats on sale)
- Interpark Ticket ( 1544-1555
- Chungmu Art Hall ( 02-2230-6601
*Please check details from their official websites.

◎ Ticket sales open: 2011.5.19 (THU) 7:00pm
For all 3 performances

◎ Produced by: Shownote, CJ E&M

◎ Supported by: Liveworks Company

◎ Enquiry hotline: Shownote 02-3485-8700

* Overseas fans can purchase tickets via Interpark’s English Booking menu. (verification via email, name and contacy number)

Credits: Liveworks + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.05.12] Shin Hyesung releases new digital single today; 4th album to be released in June (+translation of lyrics)

Its all worth the wait... I love the song

Singer Shin Hyesung has released his latest digital single, “A Little Closer” today, on 12th May, on major music portals.

“A Little Closer” is a soul ballad written and produced by the producer team of “JAY&JUN” (Go Young Jun, Jun Hong Jun), which describes the painful emotions when lovers part.

Shin Hyesung said, “I’m really grateful to Young Jun for participating in the song despite his busy schedule. And to the fans who have been waiting for a really long time, I’d like to express my gratitude. I hope you will love ‘A Little Closer’ , and I’ll be able to get closer to the fans with my upcoming 4th album and concert performances.”

Shin Hyesung will be releasing his 4th album “THE ROAD NOT TAKEN” in June, after a hiatus of 2 years and 3 months, and he will also be holding a 3-day concert at Chungmu Art Hall from 24-26 June.

A Little Closer

나란히 걷던 길 이제는 혼자서 걸어
Naranhi geotdeon gil ijeneun honjaseo georo
지나친 모든 게 내 맘을 흔들어 깨워
Jinachin modeunge nae mameul heundeuro kkaewo

I’m now walking by myself on the road that we walked side by side
Everything that I passed is shaking my heart awake

바람 불면 내 맘은 시간을 거슬러서
Param bulmyeon nae mameun shiganeul geoseulleoseo
너에게로 그때로 사랑할 수 있을 것 같아서
Neo-egero keuttaero saranghal su isseul keot kataseo

When the wind blows my heart goes against time
And I can still love you like back then

떠나버린 그대 내게 와요
Ddeonabeorin keudae naege wayo
나 이렇게 이 자리에 있을게요
Na ireoke i-jari-e isseulkeyo
더 천천히 내게 더 조금씩 내게 다가와요
Deo cheoncheonhi naege deo chogeumsshik naege tagawayo

You who left, come to me
I will be here like this
Slowly come a little closer to me

무너지는 내게 다시 와요
Muneojineun naege tashi wayo
그때처럼 내게 다시 안겨줘요
Keuttae cheorom naege dashi angyeo-chjwoyo
더 따스히 내게로 조금 더 가까이
Deo ttaseuhi naegero chogeum deo kakka-i

Come to my shattered self once again
Hold me once again like back then
With more warmth, come a little closer to me

차가운 비 내리면 그대는 흘러내려
Chaga-un bi naerimyeon keudaeneun heulleonaeryeo
지워보려 애써도 내 눈가에 가득히 담겨서
Jiwoboryeo ae-sseodo nae nunga-e kadeukhi damgyeoseo

When the cold rain falls, (tears of missing) you trickle down
No matter how I wipe them away, my eyes are still filled with you

떠나버린 그대 내게 와요
Ddeonabeorin keudae naege wayo
나 이렇게 이 자리에 있을게요
Na ireoke i-jari-e isseulkeyo
더 천천히 내게 더 조금씩 내게 다가와요
Deo cheoncheonhi naege deo chogeumsshik naege tagawayo

You who left, come to me
I will be here like this
Slowly come a little closer to me

무너지는 내게 다시 와요
Muneojineun naege tashi wayo
그때처럼 내게 다시 안겨줘요
Keuttae cheorom naege dashi angyeo-chjwoyo
더 따스히 내게로 조금 더 가까이
Deo ttaseuhi naegero chogeum deo kakka-i

Come to my shattered self once again
Hold me once again like back then
With more warmth, come a little closer to me

두 눈을 감으면 생각이나 선명한
Du nuneul kameu-myeon saengakina seonmyeonghan
니 목소리 표정까지
Ni mogsori pyojeongkkaji
내 사랑의 기억들은 그대멀리
Nae sarang-ui ki-eokdeureun keudaemeolli
흩어져 다시 내게로 와
Heuteojyeo tashi naegero wa

When I close my eyes, thoughts (of you) become clear
Even your voice and expression
My memories of love that are scattered far away
Please come to me again

그대 다시 내게 머물러요
Keudae tashi naege meomulleoyo
내마음속 그 자리로 돌아와요
Nae maeum-sok keu jariro torawayo
더 천천히 내게 더 조금씩 내게 다가와요
Deo cheoncheonhi naege deo chogeumsshik naege tagawayo

Stay with me again
Come back to that place in my heart
Slowly come a little closer to me

무너지는 내게 다시 와요
Muneojineun naege tashi wayo
그때처럼 내게 다시 안겨줘요
Keuttae cheorom naege dashi angyeo-chjwoyo
더 따스히 내게로 조금 더 가까이
Deo ttaseuhi naegero chogeum deo kakka-i
더 따스히 내게로 조금 더 가까이
Deo ttaseuhi naegero chogeum deo kakka-i

Come to my shattered self once again
Hold me once again like back then
With more warmth, come a little closer to me
With more warmth, come a little closer to me

Credits: Osen + crystalis0324@YT + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.05.11] Dongwan’s new profile pic for his Japanese blog (Brace yourselves before looking!)


credit: Absolut Shinhwa

[11.05.11] Twitpic update from Hedwig production crew member

oh lupina
공연용 사진 촬영을위해 분장중인 동드윅!! 헤드윅분장 커밍순!!

Dong-dwig getting his makeup done for performance photos and filming!! Hedwig makeup coming soon!!

Credits: @veryverylupi + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.05.10] Kim Dongwan, “Shinhwa’s group activities always felt like play”

It was more surprising than anyone else. In the cast list of the musical which will have its first show on 14th May, next to Choi Jae Woong, Jo Jung Suk and Kim Jae Wook, the name “Kim Dongwan” is there too. A member of Korea’s longest-running idol group Shinhwa, nicknamed “Samchon” (Uncle), he was a pioneer when he was already sporting toned muscles, tanned skin and stubble way before “beastly idols” became popular. Picking the story of a transgender rocker as his comeback project after his return from military service last December, this isn’t an adventure, but a gamble.

But having made his debut at a young age, Kim Dongwan has been running through his 20s without taking a breather, and learnt that, “When making choices, be cool-headed and self-centered; and after making your choice, be humble and work hard”. No matter whether it’s his first time in a musical, or tackling the extraordinary character of Hedwig, he’s not afraid. He says, “Although it’s a production where I can learn many things, I’m not thinking of this as a learning opportunity”. Instead, he will bring his confidence and put in his best efforts in his preparations to meet Hedwig.

According to Kim Dongwan, the “man who lives uprightly” who nagged at fans to “think of the future”, when he sees the younger idol singers these days, the first thought that comes to his mind is that “they’re cool”. “Actually I didn’t work that hard back then. The 1st album didn’t do well, so we worked very hard for the 2nd album. From the 3rd album onwards, I just played. And then I played for 10 years. (laughs)” But through Kim Dongwan’s reply we can see the secret to the longevity of Shinhwa, who are recently preparing to set up ‘Shinhwa Company’, and who are making plans for the comeback album next year when all members complete their military service. “Shinhwa’s group activties often felt like play to me. I get very nervous during my solo activities, and I often find it very difficult. Even now I don’t get nervous during our group activities. When you’ve been in showbiz long enough, while even family members sometimes treat you nicely, Shinhwa members don’t do that. Besides that group of guys, who else will joke around with me and be so mean to me. (laughs). That’s great.” From being an idol group member to becoming a solo singer, actor, public service officer, and now a musical actor, “Oppa-yam” Kim Dongwan takes on yet another new challenge. His full interview will be published on 11 May.

Credits: 10asia + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.05.10] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2011 (main page updated)

Crossed over. Cold city. Wicked Little Town.

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

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[11.05.06] Hedwig guitarist Kio Choi’s Twitpic update: Angry Dongwan

Credits: @fuzzpuzz + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.05.06] Info: Shin Hyesung 4th Album “THE ROAD NOT TAKEN”

The road not taken…
Are you ready to take this road together?

All information about Shin Hyesung’s 4th album can all be found here!

Sharing with you 3 surprises for the month of May!

The 4th album has been confirmed for release in June

Shin Hyesung’s 4th official album ‘THE ROAD NOT TAKEN’
Is finally going to be released in June
*We’ll inform you again once the exact release date has been set
Please wait for a little while more.

The surprise release of a song featured in the 4th album! On 12th May
A collaboration that no one had thought of!
A duet between Shin Hyesung and Brown Eyed Soul’s Young Jun!
“A Little Closer”

The surprise release of a song from the 4th album
Shin Hyesung
“A Little Closer”
A duet with Young Jun (Brown Eyed Soul)
A warm May gift for the fans who have waited for a long time

To be released online on 12th May via
Mnet, Melon, Dosirak, Cyworld, Bugs, Soribada, Monkey3

Together with the news of the 4th album, here’s the long-awaited news of the concert!!

Chungmu Art Hall, Grand Theater
1 show per day, a total of 3 shows for the Seoul concert
Interpark ticket open 19 May 2011
May and June will be filled with Hyesung’s music!!
More details about the concert will be released via the website on 12 May!

Shin Hyesung’s 4th album + surprise release of the duet + Seoul concert
Are you ready to do all these with us?
We’ll be sharing more good news~

Credits: Liveworks + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.05.06] Liveworks Twitter update: 6th anniversary of release of “Love of May”

2005.5.6 혜성1집★五.月.之.戀 발매.
같은 생각으로 함께 걸어온지 6년..
계속해서 좋은 추억들 간직하며 함께 같이 걸어가요.

2005.5.6 The release of Hyesung’s 1st album ★Love Of May. We’ve walked together with the Same Thought for 6 years.. Moving on, let’s treasure the good memories and continue to walk together.

Credits: @LIVEWORKSCP + Absolut Shinhwa

still love this song of Sungie from his 1st album

Video message from Eric for Bangkok fanmeeting

HT to Phi

Credits: ONaround@YT

[11.05.05] Hedwig director Lee Jina’s 4th May Twitpic updates

동완… 모피입고 .. 땀 뻘뻘…

Dongwan… Wearing fur.. Dripping with sweat…


동완헤드윅 때문에 웃음을 참지 못하는 음악감독 대역 정서기… ㅋㅋ

Stand-in music director Jung Seo Ki who couldn’t hold back his laughter because of Dongwan-Hedwig… ㅋㅋ

Credits: @ginasam + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.05.04] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2011 (main page updated)

What Leader Mun needs is…


Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.05.04] The birth of “Shinhwa Company”, headed by Eric and Lee Minwoo

There are a couple of articles out there, for those who just want the gist of it:

Earlier today, Sports Chosun reported that there are plans for Shinhwa to set up “Shinhwa Company”, headed by Eric and Minwoo, while the other members will be shareholders. The “Shinhwa” brand name/trademark is owned by Open World Entertainment, so Eric & Minwoo had a 6-hour marathon discussion with Open World reps on 30th April and agreed to set up “Shinhwa Company”, with Top Class Entertainment managing all activities in Korea and Open World managing the rights for all overseas activities and promotions. The Shinhwa members will then work based on a subcontract system, with the members’ individual management companies receiving a share of the earnings from group activities.

However, yet another article emerged in SPN Edaily with Open World CEO Jang Seok Woo saying that while there was indeed a 6-hour discussion with Eric on this issue, no concrete decisions have been made yet.

Subsequently, Star News also reported that a rep from Top Class confirmed that there are plans to set up a company named after the group, but the plans have not been finalized as yet.


“Shinhwa Company” has been born.

Korea’s longest-running group Shinhwa, has set up a company bearing their group’s name. It’s the first time that any Korean idol group has set up a company to manage their own group activities, and it seems that their every move will be receiving much attention from now onwards.

Shinhwa Company will be headed by members Eric and Lee Minwoo, while remaining members Shin Hyesung, Kim Dongwan, Junjin and Andy will be key shareholders.

The decision was reached after a 6-hour marathon meeting on 30 April between Eric, Lee Minwoo and Open World Entertainment, who holds the rights to the Shinhwa trademark.

They reached an agreement to establish Shinhwa Company, with Eric’s current management company Top Class Entertainment managing all of Shinhwa’s activities in Korea, and Open World managing the rights to all of Shinhwa’s overseas activities and promotions.

It was said that after the meeting, Eric and Lee Minwoo sent celebratory text messages to the other members, informing them that the issue of setting up Shinhwa Company has been resolved.

With the establishment of Shinhwa Company, Shinhwa will continue their activities under the title of the longest-running group in Korea. During this period of time, there have been obstacles to their group activities as all the members belong to different management agencies. But after Shinhwa Company is set up, each management agency will sign sub-contracts for the members’ group activities, and receive a share of the earnings from these activities. This secures the Shinhwa members’ time for group activities.

A source familiar with Shinhwa expressed, “The establishment of Shinhwa Company is possible only with the active participation of Open World. With the members directly managing the company, Shinhwa will be able to stay active for a longer period of time. In addition they can now make plans for longer-term activities and produce better songs for fans.”

This also implies that the members can now proceed full steam ahead towards the goal of releasing Shinhwa’s new album next March. Currently Lee Minwoo, Junjin and Andy are all still serving their military duties. Junjin and Andy will be discharged this year while Lee Minwoo is scheduled to be discharged next March.

For the new album, Eric, Kim Dongwan and Shin Hyesung, who’s now preparing for his own solo album, are all working on the concept of the album. The remaining members will join in the production of the album upon their discharge from military service.

Having made their debut in 1998, Shinhwa has never changed their lineup for the past 13 years. Their representative hits include ‘Brand New’, ‘Eusha Eusha’, ‘Haegyulsa’ and ‘T.O.P’.


Amidst reports of Shinhwa setting up “Shinhwa Company” and making their comeback, CEO Jang Seok Woo of Open World Entertainment – who holds the rights to the Shinhwa trademark – has cautiously stated that “no concrete decisions have been made yet”.

CEO Jang Seok Woo told SPN Edaily on 4 May, “We were surprised to see the article about the Shinhwa members setting up Shinhwa Company. Though we said that we won’t restrict their activities, that does not mean that we have agreed to them using the name of Shinhwa.”

“We met up with Eric on 30th April, not having met him for 4 years, and we had a 6-hour discussion. At that time we agreed to letting the members reuniting for their group activities as they wish. But there hasn’t been any kind of concrete decision made yet.”

However, CEO Jang has expressed a positive attitude towards the wishes of the Shinhwa members and their big plans of setting up a company, and opened up the possibility of them resuming their group activities.”

He said, “We’re not thinking of taking up the management rights for Shinhwa’s domestic activities, and we’ll be holding the rights to their overseas activities and promotions. If the members set up another legal entity, which will sign subcontracts with each member’s respective management company and distribute the earnings from their group activities accordingly, we don’t see any huge problem with a format like that.”

He added, “I’ve requested for the members, led by Eric, to make a concrete proposal before 10th May. We will then proceed with discussions based on this proposal and make a reasonable decision.”


In an interview with Star News on 4th May, a rep from Eric’s management company said, “There are indeed plans for the Shinhwa members to set up their own company, headed by Eric and Lee Minwoo. However, as the members all belong to different agencies, we still have to discuss further with each agency. There are still no concrete decisions made as of now.”

“If Shinhwa Company does get set up, long-term plans can then be made for group activities. Shinhwa’s comeback is scheduled for the first half of next year.”

Credits: Sports Chosun + SPN Edaily + Star News + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.05.03] “Poseidon” heads into 5th month of production halt – is it still possible to resume?

Filming for the drama “Poseidon” has not been able to resume since it came to a halt 4 months ago.

Hailed as Eric’s comeback drama, the production of “Poseidon” was put on hold after the Yeonpyeong-do incident last December, and has not been able to resume as it heads into May and nearly 5 months of production standstill.

A rep for one of the cast members expressed, “We’ve been told that filming will resume in early June. We’ve not heard of any other updates from the production company. We’ll have to wait until early June to see if filming does resume.”

After the production company had stated last December, “Filming has to be put on hold due to weather conditions but it should resume in March”, it went on to postpone the filming schedule without giving prior notice to cast members.

Part of the cast then decided to drop the drama and are now involved in other projects. However, it’s not easy even for cast members who are seeing through their contracts. The constant postponement of the filming schedule means that they are just wasting their time away.

The biggest reason behind the production standstill is that the drama has not been picked up by any broadcasters. “Poseidon” was initially being considered for the Mon-Tue primetime slot after “Midas” on SBS, but talks eventually fell through.

The production company is now apparently considering to pre-produce the drama.

Credits: Star News + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.05.03] Andy raps to congratulate Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko on his wedding

Andy joins other celebrity soldiers such as Park Hyo Shin, Kim Ji Suk, Lee Wan, Yoo Seung Chan, Kim Ji Hoon, Jung Jae Il, Lee Dong Gun, Lee Joon Ki, Boom, Mithra, Yang Se Chan, Lee Dong Wook and Jung Bum Gyun in a song to congratulate Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko on his wedding on 14th May. Gaeko is currently serving his military duties at the Defense Media Agency (DEMA).

Andy’s rap runs from 1:42 to 1:52.

A translation of the lyrics can be found here.

Kinda cute hearing everyone rap (or speak, in Lee Dong Gun’s case. Heh.)

Credits: suetshin@YT + Park Hyoshin DC + JGfamily@Facebook

[11.05.01] Twitpic update from Hedwig director Lee Jina (DONGWAN ALL WIGGED UP!!)

Credits: @ginasam + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.04.30] Liveworks CEO Twitter update #2

한명은 가수로 한명은 배우로 둘다 다시한번 새로운 도전을 합니다.
그리고 그도전이 그동안 "가지 않은길" 이 될수도 있습니다.
그들이 선택해서 가는길에 많은 응원 부탁드립니다.^^

One as a singer, one as an actor, both of them will be taking on new challenges. And these challenges can meanwhile be considered as “The Road Not Taken” for them. I hope everyone can give them all your support, on the roads they have chosen to go on. ^^

Credits: @liveworks + Absolut Shinhwa


The Road Not Taken – Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

[11.04.30] Liveworks CEO’s Twitter update

올해도 벌써 삼분의 일이 지나갔다 진짜 갈수록 총알같은 시간… 오월은 우리 혜성이 동완이 프로젝트가 본격적으로 시작하는 달…다들 힘내자^^

One-third of the year has already passed, and really, time is becoming like a bullet… May is the month when the projects for our Hyesungie and Dongwannie will kick off… Let’s all keep it up ^^

Credits: @liveworks + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.04.29] Hedwig director Lee Jina’s Twitter update

상상보다 더 식스팩… 동완 헤드윅…..

More six-pack than I thought… Dongwan-Hedwig…..

Credits: @ginasam + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.04.28] Hedwig band guitarist’s Twitpic update

kio choi
신화택배 입니다. 산만하면서 예민해……

This is Shinhwa Delivery Service. Distracted yet meticulous……

Credits: @fuzzpuzz + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.04.28] Liveworks CEO 24th April Twitter update

오랜만에 혜성이와 일박이일 일본출장…많이 다르지만 비슷한면도 있는 일본아티스트의 공연을 보러왔다. 공연끝나고 만날 예정인데 앵콜이 무지무지 길다

Out on a 2-day, 1-night business trip to Japan with Hyesung after a long time… Here to watch a concert by a Japanese artiste who’s very different and yet similar. We are supposed to meet after the concert ends, but the encore is really very very long

Credits: @liveworks + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.04.27] Interview with Hedwig’s Kim Dongwan: I’m not what you imagine me to be (2/2)


How did you spend your life as a public service officer?

I spent almost all my weekends travelling. Like going around the country to take photographs. I wasn’t late for work and I worked hard so time just passed like that. As for my days off, while people usually spend their days off getting drunk and sleeping in, I didn’t. I don’t think this is being diligent, I think that should naturally be the case because I’ll be able to rest then. I visited Spain, went to Japan twice, and traveled within Korea, to Jeju, Jeongeup, Muju, Sokcho, Seosan… Gangwon-do, Jeolla-do, Chungcheong-do, Jeju-do.. I went around with a junior from work who enjoys photography, we ate and took photos. It was really interesting.

Just like what we heard, you spent your time as a public service officer very earnestly.

I think being a public service officer is really not too bad. I seem to prefer a routine life. Because I haven’t been able to live a routine life before, so I like it even more. I realised that I have insomnia because I sleep too much. Since I would get tired, my insomnia disappeared. That’s why I’m trying very hard to lead a more regulated life even now. I only drink on weekends, and I get up before 10am every morning.

For the human being Kim Dongwan, was military service a big momentum?

I think so. I started to like living regular hours. All my worries about trivial matters disappeared. Aren’t there thoughts like “why am I in this state”? Something like a hidden jinx behind one’s self-confidence. This is a worry that everyone lives with, but I used to think that it only happened to me and I suffered a great deal because of this. There were times when I felt these things.

Moreover, I realise that although the life of an artiste is very stressful, on the other hand there are many advantages and benefits too, and I’m appreciative and grateful for that. We can rest on weekdays and if we want to we can play without being stressed. I can make plans according to my wishes too. I didn’t know it but these are really great benefits.

I can really feely that you’re different from the Kim Dongwan before enlistment. Can we say that you take things easier now?

Back then I really wanted to enlist as soon as possible. Because everything was stressful. And I was having doubts about being an artiste. There’s a line from Gong Jiyoung’s essay collection “I Was Alone Like A Raindrop” that reads, “There are cowardly heroes and loyal hypocrites”. There are many cases where things that we anticipate are wrong, not everything that we work hard for turn out well, and not everything that we gloss over don’t turn out well. Well I don’t exactly live in moderation, but I think I don’t get obsessed over things anymore.

So you mean you were very obsessed with things in life before?

I was obsessed with everything. And by obsessed, I don’t mean just following things. Life can’t be calculated, but I always wanted to calculate it. If there’s anything I don’t know I’d put down everything else to find out about it, and as a result it was really difficult for me. But if I were to live diligently, ignore things that I don’t know and forget about things that I’ve lost, somehow I’ll find them again, isn’t it?


Lately, when I watch television variety shows, I get the feeling that Kim Dongwan and the other Shinhwa members are all “free souls” (laughs). At the same time you have an extremely honest and clean-cut image.

That’s because when compared to the others I look like I don’t play that much and I look like a good man. If I really do any nice things, it’s because I do it on purpose to show people, that’s why (laughs). I play a lot too. When I meet drama writers, they say to me, “Dongwan ah, you should go on dates, drink a little and play a little, then you’ll develop more charm.” When I hear that, I think to myself, “No way, you want me to play even more than I am doing now? Why are you saying that to me?” (laughs)

I’m not really a good boy. If I was, I wouldn’t have been able to decide to take up this role. To be able to play this role, there are many things to know. Coquettish gestures, and scenes where you need to be able to tell the story of switching sexes in a witty and touching way. I didn’t think about whether these things were particularly difficult, when I showed other people the script they said, “How are you going to do this”? When I get reactions like that, I’m glad that I played hard.

Although compared to other groups Shinhwa already seems friendlier, but this could be the turning point in changing Shinhwa’s image as “idols”.

Ah, it does seem that way. There are exposure scenes too. I’ve heard stories about Kim Da Hyun (who was cast in the 2007 run of Hedwig) and it scares me. After he announced his marriage, all pre-booked tickets were cancelled. Of course those things don’t matter now and he’s getting on fine. But I want to leave behind that kind of popularity. I’m not who you imagine me to be, and I want to leave behind the kind of image I’ve been showing. Although I’m grateful for everyone’s love, but I often think about whether they get disappointed because I’m not what they expect me to be, thinking to myself, “this is who I really am, then what do you want me to do”?

There must be a lot of concerned attention given towards a singer’s performance in musicals.

We’ve always been receiving lots of love, haven’t we? Of course, Shinhwa fans are most known for reprimanding their idols, but they do so because they like us to begin with. Right now because there is this kind of discouraging concern, it seems like an opportunity that will push me to develop and improve further. Regardless of whether I succeed or fail. Now I’m practising with (Kim) Jae Wook, and Jae Wook is really masculine. Although he has injected feminine elements, he is still completely masculine. He’s off the wall and special. He’s truly going to portray a Hedwig with a completely different feel. He’s someone who people will see as a transgender, and I’m someone who is already sticking to that opinion (laughs).

I hear that Shinhwa will be regrouping next year.

Come 24th March next year, we’ll be celebrating our 14th anniversary, and we’re all discussing about reuniting for a concert or album then. Before that I’m just thinking of concentrating on acting for now. But since I’m prone to adapting to my environment and the things around me, I may take other paths too.

At this moment, what’s the one line from the script that comes to mind?

“If you really love me, then love this thing of mine too.” This works for me even as Kim Dongwan.

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[11.04.27] Minwoo’s Cyworld minihompy: Diary update

The wedding ceremony of a hyung, who’s like a long-time friend to me, was held at Renaissance Hotel.
It seemed like only yesterday when he was still my first manager hyung..
Before I knew it he’s already getting married..^^ Congratulations to you, hyung!!
I met people who used to work with Shinhwa, after a very long time, so I’m really happy~ And
I met our Dongwannie there..
He called out to me in a really loud voice and made me want to run away. ㅎㅎ
Even so he’s still a lovable dude^^
Lately I’ve been down with the flu so I’ve had to go to the hospital for medication and shots ㅜㅠ
After I saw all the faces that I was happy to see, I feel a little better now~
Hyung~ You must have suffered happily (?) while preparing for the wedding… You’ve done well~
I’ll be there with the members at your housewarming party~
Quickly have a nephew for me~^^ (Don’t I love it to death when I see kids ㅎㅎ)
I hope you’ll always be happy and that every day is filled with love!!

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[11.04.26] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2011 (2 entries regarding articles on Shinhwa’s comeback)

Some background to these two updates on his blog today:

Today a news article (original Korean article can be found here) came out in Sports Chosun, in summary saying that an insider source said that Shinhwa is now preparing for their comeback album which is targeted to be released in March 2012.

This was then refuted by the agencies of the individual members through an article in Star News – you’ve probably already read about this entire chain of events via allkpop.

And then Dongwan posted this entry:

The date for Shinhwa’s next album
Is only my personal deduction based on the conversation among the members on 24th March 2011.
It’s neither something discussed and agreed among the various management companies, nor is it a concrete date.
As much as trouble can come from the mouth, I will try not to say anything related to Shinhwa anymore.
I apologize to all relevant parties for making dangerous statements in front of reporters
And as of today, I will not create any more publicity (for the comeback).

Later, he posted yet another entry:

The article was actually written by a reporter
Who has never spoken to us, or met us before.
I guess we’ll just have to think that… It’s just because there are many people waiting…

I personally don’t think there’s much cause for worry – they are going to make their comeback when all the members are back from military service no matter what… So let’s just hang in there while the guys prepare!! ^^

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[11.04.25] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2011 (main page updated)

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[11.04.25] More BTS pics for Hedwig

Recording for the OST and drafts for the upcoming feature article in the magazine

“The Musical”…

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