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[Pics] Shinhwa Ipod! (Special Edition)

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26/1 [diary] Dongwan: actually not broadcasting is a good thing

Its Oppa!
Subject: [Dongwan] actually not broadcasting is a good thing

watched the 4th episode
and waited for one week again
very tiring indeed.

after finishing the 4th episode, i was also curious at how the 5th episode went
no matter what.. not broadcasting it is a good thing. just like that..

p.s. i have the same setiments as a senior, JP
i myself have not been a good senior, i get really shy when i greet the juniors.

note: because of U-NEE's death, JP (singer) said on the 25th "ive always been hurt on purpose", showing that U-NEE's death is linked to purposeful hurting of her.

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Who is Hyesung's Lover?

Everyone is very interested in the topic "Shin Hyesung's lover", which gathered many clues.

from the 29th onwards, "Shin Hyesung's lover" this wordsearch has become the hot talk online, arousing curiosity.
ung's lover, that has attracted so much attention? after confiming the results, "Shin Hyesung's lover" said that returning will be hyesung singing "lover."

the ALL STAR album that s released on the 2/1 has Shin Hyesung's song "lover" recorded in it. being on close terms with the composer, it is natural and kind that his song is recorded in it.

from the start till the end, the case "Shin Hyesung's love" could be used to gauge the fans' care and concern for hyesung.

ever since going solo since 2005, Shin Hyesung was not known of having a comeback, fans were also concerned about this. maybe it was because of this, no matter which single he released, be it Winter Story's duet with Lyn "Love.. after" or other duets, they all sold well.

also, goodemg expressed that Shin Hyesung will release his 2nd album in march, and starts his activities prior to that.

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Eric Creates Own New Management Company

Shinhwa's Eric is establishing a personal corporate management company.

It has been revealed recently that Eric is planning to establish his own management and related business company under the name of 'Top Class Entertainment'.

Shinhwa's current management company, Good EMG will be also participating in this new corporation. It has been explained that this new sole enterprise was established in order to enlarge Good EMG as a collaborated entertainment company and expand the management sector into a more organised and formulaic system.

Good EMG's CEO Park Kwon Young revealed, "As Shinhwa is persuing individual activities as well as group activites, each individual member's additional value in entertainment contents is large. We aim to check on even the minute sections of their individual activities more closely and enlarge their individual capacity in order to maximise gains."

Park Kwon Young continued, "Through this professionalised management, we will create a more well-directed system for Eric as a singer and Mun Jung Hyuk as an actor and we look forward to seeing better results in these areas."

Top Class Entertainment's leading director will be Eric's current acting manager Choi Byung Min.

In the meantime, Eric will begin filming in February for MBC's new weekend drama 'Que Sera Sera' slated to begin broadcast in mid-March.

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[trans] Winter Story 2006-2007 Members' Messages

Hello everyone! call me Eric. I'm so happy to see everyone. It's the year 2007 already. Reaching 2007 feels like reaching the future, robots have appeared, cars can also fly around too.. it seems like those in the movies. If in year 2010, the feeling would be very weird because that is totally "future". so, I want to say.. everyone must be healthy. be hardworking like ants. Be like ants or bees! understand? Wish joy to everyone!!
P.S. used respect words, sorry!

- Eric Mun -

Speaking of Shinhwa, almost everyone would think of Shinhwa Changjo....
Wrapped in the web of love, wish to get out but cant seem to get out?
Why? because we are shinhwa.. haha
Especially, everytime I make music I'll think of my dearest shinhwa changjo!!
I've said it before? you'll never regret loving me!
I love all of you~

Everyone should be healthy, I have engaged in drama activities which I have not thought of for a long time, so I cant say I'm healthy. But everyone must be healthy.
just like the old times when you walked with us,
lets walk together again~ ♡!

Dearest shinhwa changjo~!!
This is my first time greeting everyone in 2007.
I'm sure you have set your resolutions for 2007. Hope that you'll fufill it all.
Lately I have been busy with my second album. I will bring my best works to you!
Lately I've been playing hide and seek with everyone, I will only come out when you shout for me.
Wish health to everyone, happy new year!

Really... dearest everyone of shinhwa changjo
It's getting cold these days, how are you all?
Thank you for loving us unconditionally.
This time I have gone solo, I worked harder and learnt a lot.
I will work harder~! i love you all.~

Is everyone in good shape?
Because I havent been recording for a long time, so I did not feel natural.. ha
Everyone must be healthy and blessed!
And must shower each of us with love!
Just like the how you walked with us from the first till now, lets walk together once more
I love you all~ ♡! Andy, Shinhwa changjo fighting!

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Kim Dongwan and Hwang Jung eum, who are both currently working together in SBS drama "Person I Love", has been hot talk because of their kiss scene.

Kim Dongwan and Hwang Jung eum's kissing scene was filmed on 17/1, from 12mn, lasted for one hour.

Especially for Dongwan who had filmed a scene of being worried about his family and work, and downing five bottles of strong beer and had a huge crying session, his emotions were easily protrayed throughout the scene.

After brushing their teeth, the director told Dongwan and Hwang jung eum that this scene was important, and that if they din't get it right they'll have to work through the night.

Having encouragements, the two actor and actress kissed just like real lovers.

In the end the scene was only done after 4 NGs, the kiss scene will be shown in 29/1.

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SBS drama "Person I Love" OST (Release Date:2007/1/30)

Album title: Person I Love <OST>
Genre: Drama O.S.T CD
Quatity: 1
Publisher: Seoul Record
Release Date: 2007/01/30

Track List
1、ost- Unforgotten
2、melon breeze- Person i love
3、take- Even if we meet again
4、ost- Nobody knows
5、bandi- Be my love
6、ost- Just like the running water
7、ost- Missing those time
8、ost- When... When...
9、ost- Abandon although abandon
10、ost- If you call me
11、ost- Infinite Road
12、ost- After tears
13、ost- Let it Flow
14、ost- We again
15、ost- In the end of a distant memory
16、ost- Even if we meet again (Acoustic Ver.)

Hidden in the voice of Faure Paven's in the love and betray of drama "Person i love" OST "Love and betrayal report" is talking about a story, a non dynamic tempo melody, a shaken love which shatters around
In this trust worthy generation, in today's "A true portrayal of love" community.
A total influence of true feeling of drama "Person i love" OST
With the leading role's love, happiness, sad, and towards the changes of betray are all being melted in the melodies.

Melon Link:

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"Super Rookie" couple, Eric and Han Ga In May competition

in the 2005 drama "super rookie", both main characters Eric and Han Ga In both has new drama plans in march 2007.

eric will appear in MBC show "let nature take its course" as the main lead. the drama brings across the message of thoughts on modern love.

han ga in will appear in SBS drama "female devil game" in march as a potential career woman.

eric and han ga in worked well together in "super rookie", and had been hailed as the best screen couple.

also, both has been busy in their dramas "invincible parachuting employee" and "gangster doctor" in 2006, their experience in acting grows.

named as the sequel to "super rookie", when "invincible parachuting employee" was being filmed fans have expressed their wish to have eric and han ga in work together.

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Kim Dongwan uses "deep kiss" to prove his drama role

in the 10 years that Kim Dongwan has been with the entertainment industry, it is the first time that he uses a passionate kiss to prove his special drama role.

on the monday and tuesday on SBS that drama "person i love" broadcasted, Kim Dongwan, on the 29th, to successfully dump his old lover, starts to get into an opposite character role.

leaving his wife for a lover, easily tempted, Kim Dongwan had a passionate kiss with a fellow actress, this is one of the best love scenes in his acting history.

Kim Dongwan hopes to prove his special and opposite bad character in the drama, this is also the first time he acts in a drama that features tragic betrayal and love, and he suceeds in showing his "bad" character.

Dongwan expects that from the 29th onwards, he will come to the audience in a brand new image, and he hopes that the audience will look forward to this.

till now, the viewership rating is still at 5%, but there are hundreds of people logging into the official site.

especially that fact that kind husband Kim Dongwan turned into an evil husband, and having good acting skills, this is worthy to wait for.

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Kim Dongwan FAN CLUB 'lover' touches hearts

Shinhwa's Kim Dongwan is very happy by his fans' sincere support.

Kim Dongwan's FAN CLUB 'lovers' has touched the hearts of around 1000 SBS drama "person i love" workers.

according to one of the person in charge, the workers ate the sandwiches that Kim Dongwan's FAN CLUB made for them. the salad was thick, a total of 100 sets.

normally famous by the love his fans shower him, Kim Dongwan has not let his fans down, but rose in confidence. the atmosphere at the shooting site rose drastically when the fans asked questions and blended well together.

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Osaka concert features Korean Wave stars

Korea Herald correspondent

OSAKA, Japan - It took about 50 minutes for the first performer to appear on stage at this charity concert titled "Hallyu Festival in Osaka", but Japanese fans of Korean pop culture never got bored while waiting.

More than 20,000 devoted fans of Korean pop and film stars packed the Osaka Dome, home to the Orix Buffaloes baseball team, on Tuesday night to see the fund-raising concert hosted by the International Vaccine Institute to help children suffering from infectious diseases. The institute is a Seoul-based organization dedicated to improving human health through research on preventive medicine.

The concert, which was preceded by a program to promote the institute and its activities, turned out to be a huge success thanks to the amazing popularity of the all-star lineup of Hallyu stars.

Jun Jin, a member of the popular six-man group Shinhwa, broke the ice with songs from his first solo album released in November, including "Love Never Comes Easy (Sarangi Ojianayo)". "It's so pleasant to come back to Osaka a year after my last visit", Jun said.

Almost every time the Shinhwa man said something on the stage, he ended it by whispering "aishiteru ("I love you" in Japanese)", which made his already loyal Japanese fans love him more.

After Jun's performance, Kangta, a former member of the now-defunct boyband, H.O.T., was onstage to present his trademark voice through a rendition of Richard Marx's "Now and Forever" as well as his past hits. He was followed by the showcase of Meilin, a young Korean female singer who dreams of being the "next Boa" in Japan, with her debut album, "Save My Soul" scheduled to come out next month.

Top R&B Trio SG Wanna Be stole the show with their loud-yet-sensitive vocal delivery, while Lee Min-woo (also known as M), another Shinhwa member, fascinated the audience with his energetic dance movements and charismatic stage presence. The biggest star of the concert, however, was not a singer.

By simply waving his right hand and smiling on the stage, actor Song Seung-heon made his Japanese fans go wild. It seemed like the whole concert was his, although he did nothing but stand still and say a few very formal, polite remarks for his fans and the IVI, the host of the event.

"Every time I think about my fans in Japan, I feel grateful for the steadfast love you have showed me even when I served my military duty for more than two years", said the star best known for his nice guy roles in such hit soap operas as "Summer Scent" and "Law Firm".

What the concert confirmed was the continuing popularity of the Korean entertainers in Japan. It proved again that fielding "Hallyu stars" is the surest way to guarantee success of charity and other promotional events in Asia.

But perhaps a more efficient way of conducting "Hallyu star promotion" is that the stars do what they can do best and are not asked to play too much of promotional role during such events.

"I thought I could see more of Song Seung-heon", said Yoshida Yukari, a 35-year-old Japanese woman. Her Korean friend, who wanted to remain anonymous, said it would have been better to hear something more personal from Song.

By Lee Yong-sung

Source : ( English Korean ) + HanCinema e-News

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Shinhwa's Kim Dong Wan will release his solo album this coming May, the fourth Shinhwa member to do so.

Shinhwa's management company GOOD EMG representative said " In May, Kim Dong Wan will change into a solo singer. His album will be release as a single."

After Shinhwa's member, Lee Minwoo turned into a solo singer with his first album "Untouchable", Shin Hye Sung and Junjin embarked on their solo careers in 2005 and 2006 respectively. Although Kim Dong Wan is one of the better vocals in Shinhwa but he has not released his solo. Therefore, his solo release is getting even more attention.

At this time, there is no news regards to his album style or concept definition, but after Dong Wan completes his SBS series, he will begin preparing for his solo in April, album is scheduled to be released in May, as he turns into a solo singer.

Source: Ocean6
Korean to chinese:
Chinese to english:

Singer Junjin, passionate stage performance

Junjin, who has recently stopped activites in china temporarily, meets up with his fans in japan.

On the 23rd in japan, osaka, at event "international vaccine investigation (IVI) kpop charity event", junjin was once again on stage to deliver a stunning performance.

Junjin first performed dance track "come back", followed by emotive song "love wont come", and a fast beat song "even if its a thousand times", winning the hearts of his fans.

Junjin expressed "i thank the fans who love kpop, and because of their love i am able to come to japan frequently. hope that everyone will continue to support me."

After Junjin, Kangta, SGWannabe and Lee Minwoo held their performances, pushing the atmosphere to the max.

the singers expressed that "being the gasoo whom everyone loves, we have the job to care for the sick and poor."

and saying in unison " everyone please care more for the sick and poor kids."

the income for that day were all used for charity (Junjin's Pilipino wife, hehehe)

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Handphone game "Shinhwa Maker" released

Unex Mobile expressed on the 24th that, through SK Telecom, a handphone game featuring the top group Shinhwa will be released on the 25th. the game is called "Shinhwa maker".

Game "Shinihwa maker" is a game for high school girls who become shinhwa's managers in the game, and they do a day of activity, split into nine parts.

Handphone game "Shinhwa Maker" releasedcredits: daum+ 东升西落@BESTSHINHWA + prizzyy@

President's CNY speech shook "Person i love" viewership rating

But an unexpected change has occured, on this day that the broadcast of show "person i love" was cancelled, about 100 suggestions and unhappy comments showed up on the official site. this drama produced a low viewership rating of 4-5%, the reason why the show was cancelled and the cause of many unhappy comments. the japanese audience who watched the drama through the internet, although they dont understand english, but still they watched the president's new year speech.

the person in charge for the official site of "person i love", HUJI-san wrote these "like the rest, i sat before the PC a long time ago to listen to the president speaking. i wont even listen to the japanese prime minister.."
"until i realised that the drama wasnt showing, i felt very sorry."

credits: ocean6+chouszesze@Bestshinhwa + prizzyy@
sitelink: see below


related news

SBS Notice: Sorry!!

hello everyone! i am the sbs "person i love" person in charge.

regarding the cancellation of the broadcasting of the drama, many of you came to the offical site.

how do i answer these different opinions and suggestions?

i also hoped that "person i love" would be shown at 10.40 pm.

but it was cancelled because the president's cny speech ended late.

with such difficult decision

we are very disappointed.

so we tried to salvage the situation

many of the unpositive opinions made us sad

"person i love" ep 4, i was also eagerly waiting for it TT_TT

i also understand everyone's frustration

writing this removed the fire in my heart TT_TT

really sorry.

in the future we will adjust early

we will work harder

again, sorry.

credits: "person i love" official site + chouszesze@Bestshinhwa + prizzyy@
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"Person i love" viewership rating not outstanding.

"Meaningful indeed."

SBS drama "person i love", starred by kim dongwan and other actors and actresses have not been receiving high viewership ratings lately, but have gotten many encouragments and recognitions by many.

the audience think that it is very meaningful and there is this strong sense of curiosity to know the outcome. the plot revolves around a broken family, not very nice, but it focusses on how the family breaks apart everyday. "watching the drama everyday, the audience watch kim dongwan's work and is constantly feeling nervous and worried." "starting to watch with an open heart, but gets unwittingly sucked into the plot."

***unrelated parts removed***

22nd, SBS "person i love" drama viewership rating, as measured by company "TNS MEDIA KOREA", is 4.3%.

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ECOLE Interview, Minwoo

Before embarking as a singer, when he was still schooling, he was already in the center attraction of girls! nevertheless the real lee minwoo, he is shy and confused about the confessions from the girls.

Hates picking up calls, illusion

He doesnt use emoticons while sending out text messages. if he receives chain messages like "happy new year", he says "write my own name too, then send it out" he hates chain sending. on the 31st of dec while skiing, for the sake of "sending a special and unique message to every shinhwa member", he spent 30 mins on it. of course, sometimes he hides away from phone calls.

Snapping pics for people and booasting

Not only real cameras, toy cameras are also his toys. he doesnt ask where the camera came from, or what kind of camera it is, he just takes it over and clicks away. not only he shoots himself, he also shoots other people. a long time ago, he was curious at how the camera worked. he thinks about that he should wear when he bathes in the morning, he is also a regular customer of japanese brands "sibuya and "harajuku". minwoo who loves shopping he good at bargaining prices! many smart japanese fall under his spell and sell it off to him at low prices! this should be one of his life weapons.

Sprays perfume?

Minwoo is the sort who gets happy if you give him something, he will play with it for the entire day. he plays with perfumes by imagining it was a mouth spray and acts as if he's going to spray it into his mouth. he also takes off his shoes and pretends to spray into his shoe. no matter where he is, the main thing and only thing on his mind is FANS. minwoo hopes to communicate better with his fans by learning chinese, japanese and english.

Radio, toy car, breaks and fixes it

The breaking apart toys syndrome can be traced back to five years old. from young he loves to tear apart toys and stuffs, and then fix them back again. while kids his age loves lego, he loved gundam. when he was in primary one, while dining with his father, he took out a toy model that he made to show is father proudly. but he got scolded harshly by his father, and he couldnt forget it until now.

Emergency vacation only prepare 2 comic books and cologne

From young he loves to read all sorts of comics like slam dunk. after being a singer, he started reading pure love comics to get inspiration for his songs. at that time there was a slight thought of being a comic author. he says he dislikes women who cry before guys, and when tired, a man who eases his tiredness by excercisng than drinking is much more of a real man.

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23/1 [diary] Dongwan: Happy Birthday Andy!

the one writing is oppa! (2007-01-23 17:20:36)
title: [Dongwan] HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY!

if he knows that i posted this series of pictures up, he's bound to come after me...
because i sent a late message to him too.~

p.s yesterday "person i love" most funny lines
"if you're like me, [even if you]dont eat rice, [you will]also [be] able to grow tall, [even if you]dont study, [you will] also [be] able to be clever"

[even if you]dont eat rice, also can grow taller.. [even if you]dont eat rice, also can grow taller..
[even if you]dont eat rice, also can grow taller..
[even if you]dont eat rice, also can grow taller..

i ate rice well but didnt grow taller, i... -___-;

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Shinhwa, Winter Story 07 album pricing

Album Title: Shinhwa - Winter Story 2006-2007
Publisher: Good EMG / Vitamin
Release Date: January 24, 2007

2CD + 1 DVD album cover

2CD album cover

2 CD version = 17000won (RM68)
2 CD + 1 DVD = 2300won (RM92)

[CD 1 - Single]
01 Girls Exclusive (Korea Lyric ver.)
02 Isnt it beautiful
03 The Days
04 The Days (Inst.)

[CD 2 - Inspiration #1]
01 Girls Exlusive
02 Throw My Fist -Japanese version-
03 Midnight Girl-Japanese version-
04 Paradise
05 Suns in our heart
06 Highway Star [Featuring Vocal Emyli]
07 Time Machine-Japanese version-
08 The Street
09 Sun Flower ~ Happy Birthday~
10 Weak~ Weak Man
11 You're My Everything
12 Once In A Lifetime-English version-
13 Shooting Star- Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix -

[DVD - shinhwa story 2006]
Inspiration #1 Making

(didnt translate the part on the composer)

on the other hand, "girl exclusive" korean version, 2003 Winter story "the days" which was sang by Hyeusng and Minwoo will be recompose as a group song which will give out a different feeling

Shinhwa" it has been a long time since we release our winter album. For everyone to feel warm and spent the rest of winter happily, we have prpeare light and fast songs. japan original and dvd are worth waiting. we hope everyone will support winter story"
fans can log on to GOOD emg main web ( on the 22nd for a preview on the songs

Credit:DAUM + dreamhyeusng@shinhwasarang
Mic summary:
basically, there are 2 types for this album as stated above
the 2nd packing comes with 2cd + 2 DVD while the first is just cd, i think

for cd1
- " the days" which was sang by hyeung and minwoo, now they make it to a group song, meaning there might be raps or others.
- new song call "very beautiful" and "girl exclusive" in korean version

- songs from their japanese album

the first dvd will consist footages on their japanese album activites and making of the album
2nd dvd consist thier 8th jib activite, asia concert starting from seoul, 2006 -2007 activites and etc


YesAsia Link:

Information gotten from;main_cate_no=37&display_group=1
(thanks to michelle);main_cate_no=26&display_group=1
(thanks to wenny)

Credits to:
Source: man1ak
By: michelle, wenny &
sitelink: (soompi) + (shinhwa sarang)

Junjin ends his 1st single album promotion

JunJin's solo activities in korea will be ending.

In year 2006 November 16th releases his solo single album "Love wont come", receives many people's attention. Being starting his activities as a solo artist, JunJin will be releasing his official album on the coming february. And he's preparing his "special edition" and starting his oversea's activities. Last december because of pheunomia he was admited to the hospital, right after he recovered from his sick, he start his album promo activities again.

Junjin choses SangSang plus show on Jan16 and "Solomon's choice" on the 19th broadcast as his solo activities ending in korea. Then he will take a break for a period.

In this special edition, junjin and a taiwan female artist linda co-operate and work in the title song MV, when korea is releasing it, taiwan will be releasing it at the same time too. So JunJin will be going to Taiwan to start his solo activities there on the Feb.

Addition, JunJin & Minwoo will be participating together in Japan Osaka Charity Concert, both of them will be having their solo performance. After that shinhwa will be appearing in Japan "Super Valentines Day Concert 2007", and then reopening their overseas schedule activities.

JunJin towards his new album, express "Thanks to everybody for giving your love and support to my album, after my break i will return with a better image, hope everybody will look forward to my special edition."

JunJin & Taiwan female artist Linda appearance in "the name", continuos story "Just like Love" MV after it releases it gotten very good responses. The MV is Linda's 3rd album MV, and JunJin will be focus more on his acitivities in Taiwan.

Credits to:
CN Trans:lovejin819@shinhwachina
Eng Trans:

Bcuz of Jumong, Sorry to DongWan & PakGohnHyeong

According to the ratings acumulated research company TNSmediakorea, on the 15th broadcast of PakGohnHyeong KBS tuesday drama "WarmSpring blossom" episod 1 and 2 receives 5.3% rating record. KimDongWan SBS tuesday drama "Person i love" were 5.8%, 5.2%.

Current drama broadcasting 'Jumong' recieves nearly of 50% viewer rating. Because of jumong, many people were worrying on PakGohnHyeong & Dongwan's new drama's rating.

[obmited unrelated dongwan news]

Before this artist who watched jumong and cried where not only 1 or 2drama. But if drama artist's acting skills were being acknowledge just like their tears, are very little.

If want to take over Jumong will be a difficult to PakGohnHyeong & KimDongWan, but this could not be known as a "failure". the period to walk towards to failure, thier total viewer rating and everything is still unknown.

PakGohnHyeong & KimGongWan's viewer ratings receives difficulties, but if thier current ratings can keep it up til the end will be good enough for an applause, a painful of proudness.

Cn Trans:落花飘零@shinhwachina&amp;amp;D久天长
Eng Trans:

Hyesung's Diary


To me, Japan dont give me the feeling that it is a foregin country. 1st time, i thought it was a country nearby, 2nd time feel it's no difference from korea and for the 3rd and 4th time, now i feel it is the best country in my heart.

AS a shinhwa member, we first came to japan was way back but this year, it i s a litle bit special
now, Shinhwa are newcomer in Japan Stage, the memembers all had different feelings, to do concerts and albums.

i myself is doing my best to study japanese and i wont release an album till i am fluent
This time, Shinhwa came to japan because of our album release.

always stay in this hotel and it seems that Akasaka is a place i am familiar with, automatic taxi, japanese language and the familiar XX(name not give) cafe we will always go and meet people whom i know.

in japan, my name is Heson。(laugh)

혀성“ㅓ”(e)is prounce as “ㅗ”(o)

japan fans way of calling Heson loudly, i like it too
Shinhwa name: エリック(Ericcku 에릭)
ドンワン(Donwan the same)
ミヲ(minu 민우)
チョンジン(chonjin 전진)
アンディー (andi 앤디)

Credit: on the pic + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Friday, January 19, 2007

Interesting facts of artist in airplane(Shinhwa's part)

Last year Shinhwa successfuly ended their Asia Tour Concert and they were often traveling in plane.

Shinhwa member seatings in the airplane there will always be a member's seating area's lighting is always on. During sleeping time everybody's light will be off but there will always be one still turning on, going something serious, that person is KimDongWan.

After the plane had taken off, DongWan will turn on his notebook, and he will record down all his expenses he had used in the country, and then he will note down he calculation amount of money that he must earn, and all the fix expenses will be written all in his account book.

"The sleeping time period in the airplane is very important/valuable" KimDonWan will open up his japanese launguage book or any book to read after he finish his expenses record. The light above his head will always be on in the plane, hardly it will be turning off.

LeeHyoRi - hates to ear rice.
[omited unrelated shinhwa stuff]

Besides than Shinhwa KimDongWan, most of the time they will be sleeping. To be able to sleep well they purposely will drink a big glass of beer, a low alcohol beer.

This guy's popularity, HyeSung & DongBangShinKi

As you know seating's in the plane are by luck, if you're lucky you will get to sit next to an artist and will get to glimpse on him/her during the long hour travel. But, if the artist are not willing to, he/she might change places with the staff.

Lately ShinHyeSung got an trival shock on his return from japan, he was seeking for the airhostes's help. He remember the lady who's siting beside him in the plane, he couldnt get a peaceful time at all.

Doesnt know how she get to know about his seating area, HyeSung request the airhostes to change his seat before the plane take off.

As most of the airhostes are in their age 20s, they will naturally be very care on the artists traveller. DongBangShinKi last year who gotten the daesang award, just as they travel in plane everytime, there will be a bunch of airhostes request them for their signature.

Credits to:
Source: OCEANS
Cn Trans:打糕@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane@mySHINHWA;

New Year Wishes of 12 stars

It is the beginning of 2007. Wonder what do the top stars in entertainment programs, music and movie industries wish for in the new year?

Hello, I am Eric.
Due to filming of commercials, I will begin 2007 with a busy schedule. I wish to have good work at the soonest during this new year to present to all of you. Hopefully I will be able to meet with everybody through more activities this year relative to last year.

In the new year, I hope you will pay much attention and will love our Shinhwa individual activities. Wish for health for Shinhwa members and fans. Besides, "Joy News 24" please do report lots on our good news this year!

Happy New Year!

(others omitted)

Translation from Korean-Chinese@BESTSHINHWA
Translation from Chinese-English:
site link:

[DW's Diary] I always sleep in the plane...

havent up to the level where i will record all my expenses in the plane... ;
that is a total of conjecture with no proof...
HyeSung just want to change his place because he want to sit with the rest of the members...

No matter how it turns out!!

Thank you everybody for your nonstop support and care.~

닥본사! (DakBunSa!)

Credits to:
Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane@mySHINHWA
upload: dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Shinhwa -- 5 brothers enter army?

one of GOD's members have already entered the army, this year's artists who are entering the army, thier activites are taken note.

eric, kim dongwan, lee minwoo and other shinhwa members although will enter the army this year, but they still seem to be extremely busy with their activities.

except for shin hyesung who doesnt need to enter the army, the other members have to enter. the fans might be upset because of the years ahead when shinhwa will be inactive.

eric has given up his citizenship for living in america for entering the army, and has also recieved awards in last year's SBS music appreciation. having his talents recognised, eric's works are highly awaited.

credits// 暖藏弼教 + 打糕@shinhwachina + prizzyy@shinhwasarang
site link:

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

6.7% Rating

SBS new drama <Person that i love> origin broadcast rating 6.7%

According to the AGB Nielsen Media Research's reseach team, on the 15th debut SBS new drama <The Person that i love> whole country watching rating was 6.7%.

The drama is about a 5 siblings growing up in different type of atmosphere, their love and hate story. The origin broadcast receive good comment from the viewer, but the ratings is not that high.

<Lovers> & MBC <JuMong> viewer will have what type of reaction towards this drama? Please do stay tune for the 2nd episod which will be broadcast on the 16th 9:55pm.

<Person i love> ratings 5.8%

On the 15th origin broadcast of <The person i love>, TNS Media calculated the ratings was 5.8%, although it's a far behind ratings than Snow Flower which receives 7.2%, but at least it's higher than KBS 'Blossom Flower in Spring"

[Obmited repeating information]

Credits to:
Source: OCEAN6
Cn Trans: 东升西落@BESTSHINHWA
Eng Trans: amane@mySHINHWA

[01/16]Junjin, reason why he stop swimming since young

Shinhwa JunJin frankly said that because the urge of wanting to try to swim and he nearly had lost his life.

JunJin as special guest appearance in KBS 2TV Sang Sang Plus which will be broadcast on the 16th, he said "When i was still in primary school i nearly was drown, because of that matter i had been very careful when i overcome to places which consist with water, even water sports i doesnt dare to give a try."

JunJin said "there was once i was travelling with my friends, and i saw my friends they look so cool in the pool" "Then suddenly a feeling that i want to win that over that image, and i used the wrong way to swim and the 2nd day i was suffering from pain in my whole body muscles." JunJin openly telling out his experiece of him couldnt stop his winning will.

This show will be broadcast on January 16th 11:05pm.

Credits to:
Source: Ocean6
Cn Trans: 米饭小团子@bestshinhwa
Eng Trans: amane@mySHINHWA

Shinhwa JunJin told the truth that he doesnt know how to swim but he still went, because of his wild ambitions.

JunJin on the 16th participated KBS 2TV SangSangPlus, he said "When i was still a primary student, i nearly was drown to death."

JunJin said: "Everytime i go travelling with my friends, i will only see them swim, that feeling doest feels good." and "When i was in primary school, my friends were swimming so well, but when i was in the water, i just couldnt breath, but i dont want to give up/lose because of that."

In the show he had comments towards the topic of urging to win.

Cn Trans:lovejin819@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane@mySHINHWA
Andy, feeling lonely lately. I'll accept whoever she is.

"Feeling lonely lately, i will accept whoever!"
Shinhwa member Andy was being asked about his ideal girl, his answers caught many people's care and attention.
On the 17th MBC golden fishery programme show, was being asked about his ideal girlfriend, "Because lately i feel so lonely, who ever it is it will be okay to me". Lee Ji Hoon, "I like purity girl."

[obmited unrelated news]

Credits to:
Cn Trans:打糕@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane@mySHINWHA
Eric, LeeSooYong digital single return

LeeSooYoung's come back digital single "Shedding tears" as 'music drama winter story' title song, with a combination story of a warm and sweet love story, this song had becaome 2nd hit song for the winter story.

'Winter Story' first hit song was 'Love...After' sang by ShinHyeSung & Lyn, when the song was publicize it hit no.1 in all sort of local music chart.

"Shedding Tears", the song and MV will be broadcast on the 15th through SKT Melon, KTF dosirak, Cyworld, Naver, Public TV and online TV.

The story for this "Shedding Tears" will be a continuous ending story after HyeSung & Lyn's "Love...After."

Eric and the main actress true love will have a more specific performance.

Credits to:
Cn Trans: 打糕@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane@mySHINHWA

To readmore lastest news/clips, please do visit

Shinhwa poses for a new transport card

The photographs of Shinhwa will appear on transport cards. This card is a USB key and used to pay public transport fees.

What differentiates this from other transport cards is that users do not need to run to subway stations or bus stops to reload them. They can quietly do it with the use of the Internet. One should connect it to a computer and go to a special Internet site. This new card can be used to travel around Seoul.

According to Good Entertainment, Shinhwa's label, the manufacturer of the transport card decided to put the photographs of the 6 members on the new product because Shinhwa is one of the most famous male group in the country.

Source: KBS World Radio +
Credits: Kpopper

Friday, January 12, 2007

[01/11][DW's Diary] Childish story, **1/12 updated...answer^^**

Title : [Dongwan] Childish Story


user posted image

Credits to: michelle^L
Source : goodemg
Chinese trans : cherry@bestshinhwa
english trans : myshinhwa
sitelink: +
Credit: GOODEMG + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

[01/11][DW's Diary] Jinnie + Minwoo's friend

Title: Jinnie on the computer...

is oppa..

When there's a camera he can sense it.. What an incredible guy!!

Title: His friend~YUNG

is oppa!!

Minwoo and his friend,YUNG~do u know the group"Mayonaise"? He was one of the member! Dont tell anybody...

Credits to:michelle^L
Source : goodemg
Chinese trans : chouszesze@bestshinhwa
english trans : myshinhwa +

[01/11][DW's Diary] My pic + Sung~~

It's Oppa! (2007-01-11 00:47:18)
Title:[DongWan]Shamefully me of my pictures...K

user posted image

Goodbye,age 28~~ ㅠㅜ

credits to:
source : goodemg
chinese trans : yujin@bestshinhwa


Title : Sung~~~

user posted image

This, is a display picture.. kekeke

Reply: There's no Andy's picture, this guy always run away... ...

credits to:
source : goodemg
chinese trans : 心里有鬼@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: amane@mySHINHWA
Credit: GOODEMG + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

[01/12][SBS Entry- DongWan][Hwaiting]I'm YunSeokJu, 운석줍니다

제목 [응원] 운석줍니다. 등록일 2007.01.11 23:19:12
글쓴이 김동완(1010kdw)

이제 첫방일도 사일이나 남았네요~
많은 기대 해주셔서 감사합니다~
항상하는 말이지만,
정말, 다시한번 사랑하고 감사합니다!~^^

There's 3 more days to go for the first episod broadcasting~
Thank you everybody for looking forward onto this so much~
Although this phrases i always repeating it,
but, for real, i would like to say it once more that i love & thank you you all!~^^

Credits to:
Cn Trans:yujin@bestshinhwa
Eng Trans: amane@mySHINHWA
- soompi, s-shinhwasarang, shcj

01/12[DW's Diary]Big Problem Had Occured..

글쓴이 : 오빠얌! (2007-01-12 02:35:53 Hit: 3)

제 목 : [동완]큰일났네...

메일이나 확인하고 자려고 했는데..

이메일과 나의 엠넷아이디와, 각종포탈에 있는 나의 모든 아이디가 전부 해킹당했다..
미치고 팔짝 뛰겠네.. 모냐...? ;

어느 계정이 안전해요? ㅜㅜ

Was thinking to check my email and go to bed..

email & my mnet id, some website registered id all was being hacked!

It's driving me crazy til i jump which shock.. What's happening...? ;

Which nickname is safe? ㅜㅜ

Credits to:
Cn trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: amane@mySHINHWA
- soompi, s-shinhwasarang, shcj

SBS Entry- DongWan That.. incharge person!, ^_^

May take out with full credits only. TQ.

제목 저기.. 관리자님!^^ 등록일 2007.01.12 02:22:50
글쓴이 김동완(1010kdw) 조회수 15 추천수 0

저 글 내가 남긴거 아닌데..

제아이디가 해킹당한것 같기도 한데.. 다시 만들어야하나...;


두번째 글은 제가 남긴게 아니랍니다.

That entry was not written by me..

I think my ID was being hacked...Do i need to register a new one..;

Please pass on..

The 2nd entry was not written by me^_^

Credits to:
Cn Trans:yujin@bestshinhwa
Eng Trans: amane@mySHINHWA
- soompi, s-shinhwasarang, shcj
site link:

DongWan, "compare with the anti, more worrying that people doesnt care"

p align="center">

"Comparing it with the anti, i am more worry that the commitee doenst voice up (means those who doesnt care about the drama and leave kinds of topic convo in the official site.)"
Easy going lad, KimDongWan express his thoughts towards the anti fans.

KimDongWan acting as YunSeokJu in SBS new drama <Lovers> which has started to broadcast on the 15th.

Being a top actor among the Shinhwa members, KimDongwan had been leaving a good personality image in people's heart. Thought 'Heaven's Child" "Beating Heart" & "Goodbye Sadness" etc, his acting skills was being acknowlege by others.

But may because he was being known as "An Actor who debut as an artist". His first production appearance as an actor towards the audience he said "Thanks to the popularity of an artist i had become an actor smoothly", but personally he had put lots of hardwork behind.

KimDongWan calmly comment "Because i was being debut as an artist, So there will be things that i had not done well, and there is sure be critizism. Being debut as an artist was just like the same as a new actor, but people will put lots more of expectation than a new actor on me" Specially in <Lovers> where he is acting with other 3 actor which were debuted as an artist before. There will be some people be shaken/figuring on the ability of this drama.

And his words are right although the anti were like a pain, but comparing those who doesnt care about this drama are even more painful. At the same time he gave his another thoughts: because is an artist, so people will be having the thought of "Lets skip an episod (because it's being act by a famous artist)". Thus this made him more nervous.

KimDongWan once again express his thoughts "If i can talk over the antifans about the problem, it will be a more matured level for an actor."

But this drama his acting position is a person who is in late 30s. Because he is acting as a man given up his woman who is pregnant, his image must be like person who is over than age 30 above.

Towards that, he said "As mostly people being debut as a idol, hardwork is really important" "There are many actor doesnt work hard for their acting skill, comparing with those people, our drama actors are really paying much real attention acting the best skills we had. I will act with all my effort."

Credits to:
Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane@mySHINHWA

To read more lastest news, please do visit

Korean celebrities to join charity concert in Osaka, Japan

Korean actors, singers and other celebrities are expected to gather in Osaka, Japan, for a charity concert to help sick children.

Actors like Song Seung-heon, Jeong Joon-ho and singers like SG Wannabee, Kangta and Shinhwa will show up for the giant concert in the Osaka Dome January 23 to raise funds for the International Vaccine Institute (IVI). Jeong Joon-ho especially, was designated a promotional ambassador for IVI last month on Dec. 19.

IVI is a an international organization established by the United Nations Development Program in 1997 and based in Seoul, Korea. It researches, trains and provides technical assistance for professionals working on vaccines needed in 20 different nations in Asia, Africa and Latin America. So far it has 38 nations and the World Health Organization as members.

John D. Clemens, the IVI director-general, and other Korean IVI officials based in Japan are expected to attend the event along with an estimated 30,000 Hallyu (Korean wave) fans.

The concert will also forward invitations to Akie Abe, wife of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and other prominent Japanese from both the public and business sectors along with some 200 children and the disabled living in poor conditions.

An awards ceremony will take place for IVI activities and other promotional events to highlight Korea's image as a host country.

Last year singer Lee Hyo-lee, Jang Nara, Shinhwa, Park Eun-hye and others went out to help children in the third world.

Korea's CTC Entertainment and Japan's SJ Entertainment will be in charge of the latest concert, sponsored by Mindan Osaka (a South Korean residents' association based in Osaka) and Asiana Airlines.

Osaka is home to Japan's largest concentration of ethnic Koreans. About 300,000 Korean-Japanese reside there.

Source : ( English Korean ) + HanCinema

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Shinhwa WINTER STORY scheduled for release!

The long awaited Shinhwa WINTER STORY series

2006, after M (leeminwoo) and hyesung, junjin has also gone solo. shinhwa's invididual talents are being recognised.

on the KPOP SUPER LIVE concert on the 6th, shinhwa sang one of their new songs, "sun in our hearts" before 12 000 fans and five other songs, and brought up the atmosphere to the max.

they're going to release a WINTER STORY series, from 2005. but the release stopped and wasnt stable, but now finally there's news of it.
janaury 2007, an emergency news was sent out regarding the making of WINTER STORY 2007.
first bomb of 2007, the long awaited shinhwa is going to release another album, please look forward to it!


after the long awaited solo was released, junjin's repackage album is also going to be released!

in this repackaged version of "love wont come", taiwan singer Linda's duet with junjin "forever" will also be included in it. because he is starting activites in taiwan. the style of the packaging will be further updated.


Lee Minwoo single, February release!

the news came out from end 2006, M (leeminwoo)'s single song hit is not confirmed yet.
scheduled to be confirmed on the 20th, but the release date is postponed to february.

minwoo wrote the lyrics himself, and composed two new songs. adding his old songs and two new remixes, and also having the "girlfriend concert" audio held in jan 2006. but the official songlist and appearance of the single is not confirmed yet.

Recorded SHINHWA, Hyesung & Lyn compilation CD

This is another cd worth looking forward to. songs and tv dramas compiled together, producing a "music tv" new style SPECIAL COMPILATION CD "music drama winter story", shinhwa.

Shinhwa, Hyesung & Lyn's duet "love.. afterwards" is the song hit, while the song "white winter" sung by mr.2 is also highly sought after. Shinhwa's song is also recorded in it, as well as other artists.

credits// hmv + 堡堡@shinhwachina + prizzyy@
Taken from this thread ---> + site link:

Andy participated in S.E.S "Im Your Girl"

Andy, being a rapper, participates in S.E.S "I'm Your Girl" 10 years ago

Shinhwa's Andy, before stepping into the entertainment world, participated in S.E.S "I Am Your Girl", which is shown 10 years later

Showing on SBS on the 14 and 21 XMAN, Andy will join group battle in performing the song before he became part of the entertainment industry.

Before joining Shinhwa in 1998, Andy was a rapper and worked with S.E.S in the same company.

This day, Andy came on the show as a guest, and joined group battle in Xman's "star battle", and had the highest points.
Andy "Standing on the stage with the juniors I chose, I felt very special"

Andy is currently the mc for SBS music appreciation, MBC golden fishery and SBS's X-Man show guest.

credits// andythebest + jojoyu7@shinhwachina + prizzyy@
Taken from this thread --> + angelix

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fw: Kim Dongwan to choose Public welfare service for his army

Group shinhwa member Kim Dongwan (28) has express his army plans

On the 9th, SBS new drama <The person i love> press meeting, Kim Dongwan express his though on his plans for army when asked "The date for enlistment is not confirm yet, but most probably i will go in as a public welfare service solider"

Credit: daum + dreamhyeusng@shinhwasarang

10/1 [Diary] 100107 Dongwan "Wang"

2007-1-10 12:34:04

It is oppa~



Credit: Good + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang
OWWWWWWWWW such a cutie!!!!!! (my comment on the pic)

JunJin to enter China's Entertainment Circle

With the start of a New Year, Shinhwa member JunJin will enter China's Entertainment World with his identity of 'solo artiste'.

JunJin on December the 30th at a Cafe in Seoul expressed during his interview, "Upon entering the New Year, around the end of January, the new album will be released in Taiwan, and I will commence activities within China's entertainment circle."

JunJin on the day filmed a MV with Taiwanese Singer, Linda. The MV is for the title song of Linda's 2007 album, which is due to be released in January, and will also be the follow-up MV for Korean artiste 'The Name’.

The MV narrates a sad love story where JunJin plays the role of a photographer who sacrifices himself for the girl he loves.

JunJin unable to hide his anticipation expressed, "The duet with Linda, titled 'Forever' will also be included in Linda's new album. The MV filmed today is my first official step in entering China's entertainment circle. Shinhwa has much popularity in China's entertainment circle and has been given much support. Shinhwa members have always been encouraging me and exclaiming, "You belong in China's entertainment circle." After thinking hard about it for a long time, it was finally decided that I would commence activities as a solo artiste there. To be able to let Chinese fans hear my song, I am truly delighted."

In addition, JunJin's domestic promotional activities for the song 'Love Doesn't Come' will end mid-January. He is due to visit Mainland China, Taiwan and other countries around the end of January to create a new storm of popularity.

Credits: (eng translation), 打糕@shinhwachina (cn translation), Newsen (source).

Monday, January 08, 2007

Fw: Shinhwa – Mnet Japan & KNTV Guide – The Legend 2006

credits on the pics + shinhwachangjo

Fw: BATTLE, "Shinhwa had gave us lots of help"

(obmited unrelated news)

BATTLE & Shinhwa's relationship.

BATTLE members are being specially picked by their senior SHINHWA.

BATTLE and Shinhwa are under the same management company, they are being trained and practice with Shinhwa's song. These 6 member boy group, there are 4 having the same age and the other 2 are just 1 or 2 years younger than them. Everybody knows them as "Shinhwa 2nd".

Shinhwa too gave BATTLE some influents.

"Senior Shinhwa are very busy, we dont usually meet. But everytime we saw each other they help us alot. Senior's hug, compliment & advice gave us lots of strength."

Especially Andy, he thought them how to pose infront of the camera, shinhwa gave them lots of advice about the entertainment, performance and showbiz stuff.

KimDongWan let them know that chosing the road to be a singer needs to be very hardworking.

"At the first month you gotta practice like death, then the days later on you will get use to it." this is how their senior encourages them.

Looking at BATTLE TaeHwa, Lee Min Woo feels very satisfy with him, "Just look the same when i was firstly debut." "Must become a person who can accept a 90 degree bow's greeting, and must be a person who can bow 120 degree to the seniors." This is what LeeMinWoo gave them as an advice.
(means be humble always.)

During Junjin Solo performance on stage, Lio was doing rap performance for him.
"I have learnt lots of things during Senior JunJin's stage performance, the recording too he helped me alot, i really feel grateful and thankful to him. Senior Eric too gave me lots of help."

But, BATTLE was being recognise as "Shinhwa 2nd" at the very beggining. This name title was a big burden to them. BATTLE humblely replay,"Please do call us "Shinhwa 2nd' after we had become the best group in the future."

Credits to:
Source: DAUM
Eng trans: amane@mySHINHWA
site link to news:

Shinhwa Lee Min Woo (M) will be holding his solo concert in japan.

On the 6th Afternoon around 6:30pm in Super Arena, Saitama Japan, was holding the 2nd K-pop superlive concert, LeeMinWoo releases this very good news to the japanese fans.

It has a long time that LeeMinWoo had been on stage with other shinhwa members, he brought a perfect solo live performance on stage that day during his solo part with the song "Bump!!!", his performance lead people to think of the connection of a POP STAR Justin Randall Timberlake, and he success stolen the whole audience's heart and soul.

Lee Min Woo told his vision plans to the japanese fans, "In year 2007 i will be holding my solo concert in Tokyo and Japan (i dont un this, arent' tokyo in japan?), i will let everybody see how it feels and how it is like in my solo stage performance."

Apparently he is still planning on the first half year of 2007 to hold his solo concert, Lee Min Woo said "In the future we will also be presenting shinhwa best activities in japan, to show more of our good looking side, and towards the member's solo schedule, hope everybody will look forward and supporting us."

Lee Min Woo's management company GOOD EMG representative express "Although (M concert) date and venue is still under planning, but we are planning to hold concerts in Japan, China, and a few other country."

On that day, after Lee Min Woo and Jun Jin had done with their solo performance, Shinhwa sang their first japanese song "Suns in our heart" "Your man" "Once in a lifetime " a total of 3 songs in the K-pop superlive concert.

Lee Min Woo will be leaving Japan on the 7th back to Korea, his next working schedule will be prepareing his M new album which approximate will be releasing on March 2007.

This 2nd K-pop super live concert will be broadcast on tv by Japan on February 11th.

Credits to:
Source: Newsen & MYTH
Cn trans: 打糕@shinhwachina
Eng trans: amane@mySHINHWA
Upload onto:, s-shinhwasarang,, soompi +

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Shinhwa -- 5 brothers enter army?

One of GOD's members have already entered the army, this year's artists who are entering the army, thier activites are taken note.

Eric, Kim Dongwan, Lee Minwoo and other shinhwa members although will enter the army this year, but they still seem to be extremely busy with their activities.

Except for Shin Hyesung who doesnt need to enter the army, the other members have to enter. the fans might be upset because of the years ahead when shinhwa will be inactive.

Eric has given up his citizenship for living in america for entering the army, and has also recieved awards in last year's SBS music appreciation. having his talents recognised, eric's works are highly awaited.

credits// 暖藏弼教 + 打糕@shinhwachina + prizzyy@
Taken from this thread --> +

Fw: Dongwan's drama "person i love" profile

taken from web

尹锡柱 (Yoo Suk Joo) / kim dongwan, 30 years old, tv station company producer.
"i betrayed her unknowingly.." a guy who did not even sense his inner side.

second child out of 4 other siblings
father passed away in first year of high school, stayed with aunt (young widow)
high and clear expectations for everything, loves to reason.
went out with "尚熙" (a name of a girl but i dont know how to translate that name) in high school, has a daughter of one week old, has a happy family.
being seduced by a rich man's daughter, he starts to backslide.
in the end he inflicts wounds on his wife that cannot be healed, and marries the rich man's daughter.
still loving his wife, but he appeared very cold and unfeeling when he betrayed his wife.

a family love that stirs others

although all are siblings of the same race, but the things they learn are different. the places they grew up from was also different. thus their attitude and views are different. living together once more, they live through days of quarrels and love. giving love and tears, excitement and laughters, they all sense the greatness of life.
the conflicts between the five siblings and their understanding

the five siblings normally start quarrels and fights by the first and second child, (second being dongwan), with the first child having a kind heart, and the second child having a "must-win" heart.

the meaning of real happiness

in this world where expensive things is the currency to buy love, people are easily tempted, and lose certain important things in the way. seeing this allows us to think about what happiness really is.

credits// SBS + MYTH + 打糕@shinhwachina + prizzyy@
Taken from this thread ---> +