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[08.06.29][diary] Dongwan - Kappa Coo's prayer

Kappa No Coo To Natsuyasumi (Summer Days with Coo) is an award-winning Japanese animated movie based on a book of the same name, about a young boy who finds a Kappa (river imp). More details about the movie here*

"To the gods of this land.
Please allow me and my father to temporarily live here on this land
Please allow me to be able to fish in this river while I'm alive"

From the movie "Summer Days With Coo"

p.s. I hope people will pay more attention to the voices of the gods and nature
What we eat, drink and burn has inflicted so much damage on nature...

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[08.06.29][diary] Dongwan - Echidnas

*courtesy of wikipedia - Echidnas, also known as spiny anteaters, are four extant mammal species belonging to the Tachyglossidae family of the monotremes. Together with the Platypus, they are the only surviving members of that order. Although their diet consists largely of ants and termites, they are not actually related to the anteater species. They live in New Guinea and Australia.

Even if echidnas
Want to give each other some of their own warmth
But as the distance between them decreases, the sharp spikes on their bodies are more likely to hurt each other
As a result
There's a fear of that pain in their hearts,
And they eventually become cowards.

It's the same for children

Sooner or later they would know
When they grow up...
Alternating between getting closer and distancing themselves
Trying to find the right distance where they will not hurt each other...

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[08.06.27][News]'Strongest Chil Woo' Eric-Jun No Min forms a team

KBS 2TV drama 'Strongest Chil Woo' Eric and Jun No Min formed a team to scout for delicious food.

With Eric and Jun No Min leading the team, the cast of 'Strongest Chil Woo' will be on a trip to find delicacies during their 1 day break every week.

Jun No Mon said in a phone interview on 26 June, 'I share the same taste in food with Eric and the rest of the cast. During our 1 day break, we will definitely be out for a feast. We just had a barbeque on 24 June at my house when there was no filming'.

Eric plays a low grade official in the day but when night comes, he turns into an assasin and Jun No Mon plays a yangban who also engages in assassinations when night falls. This is their first attempt in a period drama.

Jun No Min says, 'Our team includes me and Eric, as well as other cast like Shin Seung Hwan, Jung Jin, Park Joon Seo etc. Last week, we went to a curry shop to have all kinds of curry near a University. Of course we had a few drinks but as we had filming the next day, we had to watch ourselves. All of us love tasty food, especially Eric.'

'Strongest Chil Woo' achieved over 10% ratings, closely behind SBS TV 'Gourmet'.

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[08.06.27][news] New track on White Edition - Destiny of Love

Shinhwa's repackaged 9th album, the White Edition, will include a cover made up of previously unreleased pictures as well as a new song Heun Cheok (Destiny of Love). This limited edition repackaged album will be released on 3 July.

The photos were shot by photographer Jo Seon Hee and they make up a montage on the cover.

With the color white as the theme, the cover will show the most natural side of the members. There will also be a preview of the photos on Shinhwa's official website from June 27 to July 2, where a different photo will be posted each day.

On top of this, the album will also feature a serialized hologram from 1 to 20,000.

The new song, Destiny of Love, is done in R&B style, and is written by Shin Hyesung and Lee Minwoo. Eric's narration and rap, together with the powerful voices of the members will show fans a whole new sound.

The MV for the song will feature clips and footage from the 10th anniversary concert, as well as fanmeetings and other activities. The video will be unveiled to the public on July 2nd on Shinhwa's official website.

A spokesperson for Shinhwa said, "The White Edition is essentially an upgrade of the original black edition, thus more effort was put into the production of this edition. We're all very happy that we can feature the new song, which is something we are really proud of and love. A lot of time and effort was put into the production of the song and we hope all the fans will like it."

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[08.06.27][news] Lee Minwoo guests as 7th member of Infinity Challenge after Junjin

After Junjin comes Lee Minwoo.

There has been much interest lately in who will become the 7th member of MBC's Infinity Challenge, and after fellow Shinhwa member Junjin, Lee Minwoo will also take up the challenge of becoming the 7th member

A staff member from Infinity Challenge said in a phone interview that, "Lee Minwoo's episode will be shown on 5 July after Junjin's episode." According to him, Lee Minwoo has decided to guest on Infinity Challenge as he has always been interested in the show, thus even though he's in the midst of his break he has still decided to make an appearance.

On the other hand, Junjin's Infinity Challenge episode on 22 June has gone down very well with viewers.

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[08.06.27][news] Junjin: Once I got drunk and slept in the car for 18 hours

Making an appearance on the June 28 episode of MBC variety show Park Kyung Rim's Wonderful Outing, Junjin shared some interesting stories about his reputation as a 'drunkard' and his drinking 'adventures'.

Reputed to have a drinking capacity of 15 bottles of soju, Junjin said "I used to be able to drink 15 bottles, but not anymore. Rather than to say that I like to drink, it's more like I like the atmosphere of drinking with friends", thus explaining the origins of his 'drunkard' reputation.

He added, "But there was once when I got drunk, and slept in the car for 18 hours."

He also talked about drunk-dialling a girl that he liked, "I wasn't thinking at asking her to be my girlfriend, but I did like her a lot. I called her once after I drank but I ended up falling asleep during the call because I was so tired. All she could hear was my snores and breathing, and I was so embarrassed that I didn't dare to contact her for a week."

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[08.06.27][news] Andy trapped in a tram for 30 mins during filming in France

Shinhwa member-turned-solo singer Andy was trapped in a tram in Tignes, France during a summer ski session.

Andy was in Tignes for the filming of Cable Channel Olive TV's "Rediscovering France" - due for broadcast at the end of August - and was preparing to head for a summer ski challenge when he got trapped in the electric tram due to a power outage.

He was travelling up the mountain in the tram towards the summer ski which is 3,500m above sea level when the tram suddenly stopped moving just after 5 minutes. After 30 minutes of waiting, Andy and the crew had to manually get out of the tram in the cold.

Andy, who will be in Paris from 19 June to 1 July, will visit various attractions and meet with famous people from the culinary, literary and sports fields in his 12-day trip to fully experience French culture.

In his latest diary entry to his fans, Andy mentioned that he was even busier in Paris than in Seoul. "I started to miss Korea since the first day I arrived here, now I'm just waiting for the day I go home~~ But I've not only seen a lot, but I've felt a lot too, so even after I go back I will still remember lots of things. I'm now going through a very good experience."

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[08.06.27][diary] Andy - Paris^^

Filming has been ending late every night, so I could only update everyone today~ Is everyone fine?^^

Initially I thought I would have some free time, but I'm even busier here than in Seoul^^

I still have to do photoshoots in between filming....

I started to miss Korea since the first day I arrived here, now I'm just waiting for the day I go home~~

But I've not only seen a lot, but I've felt a lot too, so even after I go back I will still remember lots of things

I'm now going through a very good experience

So soon.. It's already 2am~ I now need to zzz for tomorrow's filming

*The photo was secretly taken by our staff member while I was listening to music... It's not too bad so I posted it ㅋㅋ

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[08.06.26][Notice] Cancellation of Junjin's Okinawa Travel Tour

"Together with JunJin" Okinawa Travel Tour was scheduled on the 4th to 6th July and has been canceled because there are not enough guests registered for the event.

For the event to end in this manner, we are sorry about the trouble for the registered guests. In the near future, we will plan better events for everyone.

Sincerely, we hope everyone will continue to support Junjin.

Spring Creative

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[08.06.26][news] Consolidated articles - Junjin on Golden Fishery


Shinhwa member Junjin appeared on Golden Fishery, and recapped his 10-year career on the show.

As a Perfect Man, as Shinhwa members are often called, Junjin said that the image that he has presented for the last 10 years isn't his true self. "Even if I was hurting inside I had to put up a strong front." He also said that he isn't a player, "I've never ever dated more than one girl at a time."

He also shared other interesting stories about himself, such as eating squid rice at the same restaurant for 3 years; how he was selected among 4,000 people at a dance audition but the company ended up going bust in the end; and how he went home to practice more because he didn't want to lose out to the other members. He also talked about his panic disorder.

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Shinhwa's Junjin appeared on the 25 June episode of MBC's Golden Fishery, sharing many candid revelations.

With tears in his eyes, he talked about his childhood, how he grew up with his grandmother, and the heartache that he experienced being separated from his birth mother. When he attended a charity event at an orphanage, he could understand the loneliness that the children felt living without their parents.

He also disclosed, "When some people said that I was intentionally talking about the hardship and the heartache that I experienced, I was so hurt that I thought about leaving Shinhwa. However when Kim Dongwan said that 'Shinhwa without Junjin isn't Shinhwa anymore', it gave me strength to continue. I'm very grateful to him for that."

As Park Choong Jae, and not Junjin, his wish is to be able to "show the best of me and being able to smile happily, whether it's on a programme or at a concert."

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Revealing his painful childhood, Junjin sheds tears on Golden Fishery

Junjin didn't meet his biological mother until he was 23. His mother had left the family soon after Junjin was born, and he was brought up by his grandmother. As his father had to work, he could only send living expenses. When his father remarried when he was in high school, Junjin found it hard to get accustomed to his new family having been brought up by his grandmother.

There was no one to prepare lunchboxes for him, and he often had to share lunch with his schoolmates. This made him appreciate homecooked meals and parental love earlier than most other people did. As he talked about how he is still unable to say "Mother" naturally, his tears flowed.

He finally got to meet his biological mother, after an arrangement made by his stepmother. But when he heard that his mother now had a son, he didn't want to cause any unhappiness to his half-brother, and he had never met his biological mother ever since.

"When my grandmother passed away, I couldn't forgive myself for the insensible things I had done to upset her. I found it difficult to go to orphanages, because I couldnt control my emotions when I saw the children who were going through the same experience as me. But because I had to present a tough image, I couldn't cry even if I wanted to."

I thought about leaving Shinhwa because I had to be someone that I wasn't. But Kim Dongwan said that 'Shinhwa without Junjin isn't Shinhwa anymore', and it gave me strength to continue. It's the greatest thing that Shinhwa members were able to meet and be part on one another's lives."

Although the journey was tough, but having overcome the difficulties, Junjin said that he would try his best to earn applause from his fans and in future, be a good father.

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[08.06.26][info] 20,000 limited edition copies of Shinhwa's 9th album released

Topping the sales chart for the first half of 2008 with 100,000 copies of their 9th album, Shinhwa will soon be releasing 20,000 copies of the limited edition repackaged 9th album.

The special limited edition and regular edition of their 9th jib, released on 3 April and 10 April respectively, Shinhwa has successfully topped the sales chart with sales of 100,000. In the repackaged album, previously unreleased photos will be included, together with a new song 흔적 Heun Cheok(Destiny of Love). The repackaged album will be released on 3 July.

Like the Special Limited Edition, this White Edition will also feature a serialised hologram from 1 to 20,000, making it yet another collectible.

The new song, 흔적 Heun Cheok(Destiny of Love), was originally slated to appear on the original 9th album, but the members decided that they wanted the song to be done in an R&B style, thus the song had to be redone. This is another collaboration by the lyricist and composer of Oh (from Shinhwa's Brand New album), Shin Hyesung and Lee Minwoo.

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[08.06.25][Notice] Andy's encore concert

Hello, this is INTERPARK.
Here is information on Andy's Seoul concert.

ANDY's Seoul Encore Concert

Having released his solo album, together with 'Love Song' and its cute dance steps, Andy has held concerts in China and Japan. Now he will hold his Seoul Encore Concert on 6 and 7 Sept.
Autumn Andy! He will be presenting his beautiful songs with great weather...
If you want to enjoy this blissful moment with someone you like....go towards him.
Quietly close your eyes and reminisce about the times you had with your first love...

A new dream!! A dream-like concert that belongs to Andy!!

This time, the concert will take place just like a drama.

Concert details

-Date:6 Sept 2008 7.30pm/ 7 Sept 6pm
-Venue: Domart Hall(어린이대공원내 돔아트홀)
-Support: Rich auction
-Phone: 02-831-1461~2

※ ticket open:later date

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[08.06.25][news] Eric Moon, the Great ChilWoo... what's with the fake horses?

Viewers complained about the fake horses in the drama 'The Great ChilWoo' used for closup scenes of Eric Moon from ShinHwa taking the lead role as ChilWoo chasing JaJa, Lee Eon previously from 'Coffee Prince'. It seemed as if KBS2's drama, 'The Great Chilwoo' went back 10 years in time for using old fashioned action techniques. Way to lower the drama quality.

Korean ㅠlockbuster movie such as 'D-War' and an MBC drama 'The Legend' have set the bars high enough that such techniques would definitely bring out criticism and dissatisfaction against such products. The viewers can't watch a drama solely because the storyline is fun. Not anymore. They ask for higher quality and some investment into these kind of scenes!

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[08.06.25][news] Andy's new musical - POLAROID

After starring in Music In My Heart, Andy will feature in another Sung Jae Joon/Won Mi Sol production - Polaroid. Polaroid is a story about a young man Joon Hyuk (played by Kim Do Hyun) who takes pictures of people's expressions for his graduation photo exhibition, and through this Joon Hyuk falls for Se Yeon (played by former Miss Korea Honey Lee). The story chronicles Joon Hyuk's daily life, Seon Young who holds on to her love and Jung Ho (played by Andy) who protects Seon Young and stays by her side. The musical will also feature former Miss Korea Honey Lee.

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Musical 'Polaroid' Takes to Stage Next Month

A homegrown new musical, ``Polaroid'' starring singer-turned-actor Andy, former member of all male group Shinhwa and former Miss Korea Lee Honey, will go on stage from July 1 to Aug. 24.

The musical will tell a romantic, once-in-a-life-time love story through Polaroid photos.

The musical draws attention as hit maker director Sung Jae-jun and music director Won Mi-sol who teamed up for ``Music In My Heart'' will work together again for this new musical. ``Music In My Heart'' is renowned as a must-see musical for couples for its catchy numbers and well-written story by Sung and Won.

The former Miss Korea will make her debut in the musical, taking the role of Se-yeon, a graduate student who falls in love with Jun-hyuk played by actor Kim Do-hyun. Lee said that she will show her musical talents on stage for the first time.

This is Andy's second musical, his first being ``Music In My Heart.'' He will play the role of Jung-ho, an innocent guy who stands by the female lead Seon-young, waiting for her to return to him.

Andy is currently enjoying huge popularity on MBC's ``We've Got Married.''

The musical will be staged at PMC Theater in Daehangno, central Seoul, July 1-Aug. 24. The show will start at 8 p.m. on weekdays except for Mondays, 4 and 7 p.m. on Saturdays, and 3 and 6 p.m. on Sundays. Hyehwa Station, line No. 4, exit 1.

Tickets cost 40,000 won. For more information, call (02) 738-8289.


[08.06.25][Interview]Andy's T map (T magazine)

Andy: Idol group’s youngest member, cross-dress, nerdy student, cute boy, heart dance. These are what we think of Andy through the ten years. And now, in his own company, releasing his solo album, he has just begun his own show, displaying who he really is.

(Kang Ho Dong: We always meet; Hyun Bin: Still remember the nerdy student? ; Solbi: Do we really want to date?; Kim Min Joon: Challenges and failures; Shinhwa: Shinhwa’s youngest)

Shinhwa: For the past ten years, there were no disband or change in members, Korea’s longest running idol group Shinhwa. They have not only produced the most albums, but each member has also had their own solo activities. However, their path has not always been this smooth.

When they first debut with ‘Hae Gyul Sah’, the response was lackluster. They tried to use the dance song, ‘Eusha Eusha’ to gain support but during this time, there were stiff competition from other groups. Because of this, Shinhwa members have decided if they do not get anywhere with their 2nd album, they will go their separate ways. With such a decision, they tried all ways to cut their expenses. They would go hungry, and to save on make-up expenses they will go to sleep without removing their make-up and go straight for filming after that.

Andy nearly became part of HOT when he was 15, but because his family opposed the idea as they felt that he was too young, he joined Shinhwa 2 years later. And later on, he left for America for personal reasons, leaving only 5 people during the forth album, ‘Wild Eyes’. At that time, Andy feared he could not return to the group and at 17, when he felt so alone in this entertainment industry, he started drinking. At one look, Andy seems to be the innocent and cute boy but in actual fact, he had to deal with a continuous mental struggle.

Hyun Bin: Actor. Appeared in MBC with Andy. When Shinhwa ended their contract with SM, they did not carry out any solo activities. It was Andy and Junjin who took the lead with . Andy was know for his long line earlier in the show, ‘In such times when the economy is not doing well and where 50000 young people are unemployed, if you do not make thorough preparations for examinations how are you going to live on?’

Later on in the show, he was involved in a love triangle with Han Ye Seul and Hyun Bin, taking on a greater role in the show. Andy and Hyun Bin built a strong friendship through the show. Audiences of instead of the ‘An-Seul’ of ‘Hyun-Seul’ combination actually preferred ‘An-Hyun’. In series, singers were seen to be able to act just as well as actors, and indeed, this was a stepping stone for Andy. Andy and Han Ye Seul were classmates back in primary school, and Hyun Bin was in ‘Spin Kick’ together with Kim Dongwan.

Kim Min Joon: Actor. In SBS , he was Andy’s brother but they had different mothers. Having starred in and SBS’s banjun dramas, what was left for Andy was actual dramas where he chose . At that time, Andy took the advice from Jang Geun Suk who played Jeon Do Yeon’s brother, ‘not give people the impression of a small boy’ and thus took up a serious character. ‘It is untrue that there is no burden being the youngest. I dislike to hear things like, ‘Why don’t you just return to Shinhwa’’.

For a scene where Andy calls Kim Min Joon ‘Hyung’ where the latter got into an accident, it took 18 hours and this shows Andy’s passion for acting. has enjoyed high ratings but this has little to do with Andy’s efforts. For Andy, the show did not leave him happy. With regards to his acting skills, even he felt it was not good at all. And so until now, Andy has not taken another drama.

Kang Ho Dong: MC. He has appeared with Andy on ‘X Man’, MBC’s ‘Golden Fishery’. When Andy first debut, KHD was his favourite sportsman and on ‘Golden Fishery’ they kissed in the segment ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’. Also, Andy first revealed his parents were divorced on KHD’s show, ‘Ya Shim Man Man’.

After Shinhwa’s 7th album, their main focus was on solo activities and for Andy who discovered he was lacking in acting decided not to take on anymore dramas, and was not active as a solo singer as well. But he was constantly on variety shows. In ‘X man’, Andy was always the one to create the atmosphere with his dances and in , he went all out for the show, putting away his idol image. He also hosted SBS , doing his heart dance on stage, and singing Propose. And on MBC’s ‘We’re Married’, we see another side of Andy, and his heart dance.

Andy took part in the musical and has showed us what he is capable of, other than being Shinhwa’s youngest member.

Solbi: She appears on ‘We’re Married’ with Andy. They have come a long way together in the show, and recently Solbi has said she is worried that her feelings in the show for Andy might become real unknowingly. They are often bombarded with the question if they are a real couple but this is not important in the show. What matters is that both of them have gained a lot from the show.

Compared to being active as a group, a variety show helps to show who Andy really is. Solbi has changed her unpopular image to a girl who has her cute side through the show. Andy on the other hand, became ‘good man’ from the ‘cute boy’ that he was always known as in Shinhwa. Andy has shown everyone that he is someone who values family, thinks for his family, and he looks forward to having a partner in the show. This is something that cannot be easily seen through Shinhwa activities, but it is all evident on ‘We’re Married’.

Not only are fans interested in this, but the mass audience is now putting more attention on Andy. But again, he is feeling uncomfortable. Because right now, he hasn’t been able to be involved in what he wants to do, acting. As a solo singer, he has not entirely succeeded but at least for now, he is not only Shinhwa’s Andy, but we can see him for who he really is.

The fear of being eliminated in the group, the fear of unable to be an actor, the fear of not being able to be a solo singer on his own, the fear of not protecting his family well, these were on his mind for the past ten years. But in the next ten years, he should have a lot less fears.

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[08.06.25][Interview]'Andy can't make it' on his own

Last year, this is something that was heard so often on the musical stage. For 10 years, he has succeeded as Shinhwa. Indeed, there were tough times then, but what is important now is for Andy to present his best in his first musical. And so, those hurting comments did affect him.

During rehearsals, there were times he felt wronged. After the musical ended, he took a break for close to 5 months and he was troubled. 'Where is the problem', 'Why does everyone say I can't do it', 'If this is the case, where did it go wrong?', and even 'If I am not a celebrity, can I live as a normal person'.

Practice, makes perfect. Andy started his journey, alone, from this minute. He tried all he could to turn the 'impossible' possible, and he was thankful that he had the time to do so.

And so, not long ago Andy has been selected to be part of the musical, 'Polaroid' from 1 July. Although he is busy with his new songs and variety shows, he still made time for the musical.

The same went for his solo album. He released his solo album earlier this year, but the sales did not meet expectations. And so at the same time, he held a 6-day concert in Korea, a solo concert in China, and a concert on 14 June in Japan. This has helped him to strengthen his position as a solo singer.

Additionally, Andy is on MBC's variety show 'We're Married' where he as gained a lot of support from female audiences, and was even voted as the 'Best Groom'. Once content with being Shinhwa's youngest, Andy now is working hard to be as popular as the rest of the members.

'In the past, I'll wait quietly. Whoever brings me clothes, I'll just wear it. But now, I have to depend on myself for the design of clothes, and what I'll wear. There are a lot to be done. Sometimes, I'll get so busy that I can't sleep, and the stress level increases. But what is amazing is that these stress actually makes me feel good. I'll be doing things in a daze when I'm hungry, and I never knew it felt like this'. (Laughs)

Although for the past ten years, the achievement wasn't his own, those ten years were valuable to him. It made Andy realise that he is lacking in many areas.

'Until now, I have received a lot of help from other people, but from now on, I have to go on alone. When I heard things like, 'Andy can't make it' I was hurt, but I could only perservere and continue. No matter what I was wearing, if the clothes do not fit, I need someone to tell me 'No'. During that time, it was troubling but through work, I managed to know myself better. That is the path to growing up'.

Chi translation:汶汶@ANDY THE WORLD
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[08.06.25][info] Ratings for Mon/Tue dramas for 24 June

TNS Media Korea

SBS - Gourmet (Kim Rae Won, Nam Sang Mi, Kim So Yeon, Kwon Oh Joong, Won Ki Joon) - 16%

KBS2 - Strongest Chil Woo (Eric, Yoo Ah In, Gu Hyesun, Jeon Noh Min) - 11.3%

MBC - When Night Comes (Lee Dong Gun, Kim Sun Ah, Kim Jung Hwa, Lee Joo Hyun - 9.9%


SBS - Gourmet (Kim Rae Won, Nam Sang Mi, Kim So Yeon, Kwon Oh Joong, Won Ki Joon) - 15.1%

KBS2 - Strongest Chil Woo (Eric, Yoo Ah In, Gu Hyesun, Jeon Noh Min) - 11.2%

MBC - When Night Comes (Lee Dong Gun, Kim Sun Ah, Kim Jung Hwa, Lee Joo Hyun - 10.5%

Chi trans: lostall@love-ric
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[08.06.25] [info] Launching of Shin Hyesung Japan Official Fanclub [Always HYESUNG]


6/25 [info] Launching of Shin Hyesung Japan Official Fanclub [Always HYESUNG]

The registration for membership starts on 1st of July 12 noon!!
Thanks for always supporting Shin Hyesung.

The fan club name [Always HYESUNG] is selected by Hyesung personally after the receipt of many applications (suggestions) from the members of SHINHWA JAPAN OFFICIAL FANCLUB [THE LEGEND]. The fanclub name is decided with the concept of the desire to always be together with Hyesung even if you are in South Korea or Japan.

[Always HYESUNG] aims to support Hyesung’s activity and provide the necessary information for the members and at the same time to deepen the communication channel between Hyesung and the members. We will sincerely wait for the participation of everyone. Let’s support [Always HYESUNG] together.

Privilege of membership (There’s a lot of privileges for members who join)

1. Issue of a membership card (upon registration for joining)
2. Admission gift (very ‘Hyesung’ lovely leather strap key ring)
3. Issue of bulletin magazine (Twice a year)
4. Privileges for early reservation for concert and application to participate in fan club event
5. Purchase right for limited edition fan club merchandise (limitation set on purchase)
6. Access to the member restriction home page in [Always HYESUNG] (please anticipate on the unreleased photos and videos on Hyesung)

Annual membership fee at 5,000yen.

SHIN HYESUNG JAPAN OFFICIAL FANCLUB [Always HYESUNG] URL will be open to public on 1st July 2008 at 12noon.
It will be link directly from the image on the TOP with [Always HYESUNG] on 1st July 2008 at 12noon.

For your enjoyment.

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[08.06.24][News]GOOD Dir Lee's 24 June entry

2008.06.24 04:53

This is a place for diary entries, but as I've said in my last entry that I will use this space to provide information for everyone, I will occasionally use respectful form of address.

Recording for today has ended. We all went to Vink's house after that, the one who makes great music. His place is one where you can get a beautiful night scenary, and this is where he works as well. It's like an office hotel. We were just chatting, talking about music and I found an interesting book.

It's called, 'I'm now an action hero too'.
These are the things on the content page
Ways to ruin a wedding
How to attract someone in a party
How to get hit by a falling chair
Ways to get someone off your back
How to escape from a sinking ship

And it goes on..There are other interesting things in the book...
Things that seems like it will come out on Infinite Challenge^^
As there was not much time today, I could only look at the content page. If there is time, I will want to buy one home
Somewhere in everyone's heart, we all have a desire to be an action hero
Do take a look at the book. Tell me more about the book here if you read it before me.

By now, I suppose everyone has seen that line and noticed that recording has ended?
Hye Sung has recorded Vink's song today. We're all in a good mood.
Needless to say, I'm sure we all know Vink has written a few songs for Hye Sung's second album as well as Shinhwa's ninth album.
I have mentioned it before, Vink and I, we go a long, long way back, when we were both good-looking guys^^We knew each other back then...
There were songs in Hye Sung's second album that signifies a new beginning, and the pain of waiting
Shinhwa's ninth album presented memories, and their journeys ahead alone.
Vink thinks about the feeling the album is supposed to bring, and he really does it well.
He will analyze and do various experiments to let himself immerse in the music, he really is a very great friend.

The topic today at the recording was 'Waltz'
There was no such atmosphere, as to why we came up with this name, I'm not too sure really
Just that when we got the song, how should i say this....
It feels really romantic
As if your lover was just at your ear, whispering sweet nothings? I'm reminded of an actor called Grant...^^
Aren't you all curious...You can hear it soon...
At that time, listen to the song bearing in mind what I've said...

Although it hasn't been settled, we will try various things on this album
And in future we will as well, will slowly let you all in on this.

It's coming to 5...
Time to sleep
Rest for a short while, and it'll be morning soon...^^

Source:GOOD 李理事(Director Lee) personal CY
Chi translation:汶汶@申彗星中国首站S.C.I.C
Eng translation:

[08.06.24][news] Overwhelming response causes temporary downtime on SCW messageboard

On 24 June, the Strongest Chil Woo messageboard experienced temporary downtime due to overwhelming responses from local and overseas viewers.

As a member of Shinhwa, and also active as an actor, Mun Jung Hyuk is hugely popular in Korea and also overseas territories such as Japan, Thailand, China, Taiwan and other Asian countries. The immense amount of support shown to Mun Jung Hyuk and to Strongest Chil Woo was the cause of the temporary downtime.

A staff member said, "The downtime was caused by fans from Taiwan, China, Japan and other countries logging on at the same time."

Episode 3 of the drama was aired on 23 June, and the messageboard was filled with praises and good reviews of his performance in the episode.

The ratings battle is raging on for Mon/Tue dramas on all 3 stations. According to TNS Media Korea, ratings for 23 June were 16.4% for SBS drama Gourmet, 11.6% for MBC drama When Night Comes and 10.5% for Strongest Chil Woo.

Source: star news
Chi trans: fish@情投E赫
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.06.24][news] Great acting from Eric dispels all criticisms

Shinhwa's Eric (Mun Jung Hyuk) has dispelled all criticisms about his acting skills with his excellent performance in KBS2 drama Strongest Chil Woo.

On Episode 3 of the drama aired on 23 June, Mun Jung Hyuk delivered an even better performance than last week. In the first 2 episodes aired last week, there was some truth to the criticisms that he was having some difficulty with his enunciation and emotional delivery in his first sageuk drama. However in Episode 3, he was able to deliver his scenes very well even though he was acting one-on-one opposite veteran actor Jeon Noh Min.

Chil Woo (Mun Jung Hyuk) and Min Seung Kook (Jeon Noh Min) finally meet, both hoping to silence the other party in order to conceal their secret identities. Upon meeting, Min Seung Kook asks Chil Woo why he killed Heo Won Do, to which Chil Woo replied, "Only because as an assassin, I received orders from my sister Woo Young", and Min Seung Kook replies, "So it's only because of revenge". Chil Woo's grief and anger slowly shows behind his seemingly nonchalant words. This powerful scene alone has more than proved the critics wrong.

The anger that he showed in response to the wrongful murder of a young girl, the traces of awkwardness he shows in front of So Yoon, and his playfulness when arguing with his foster father - the multiple facets were all played out very naturally, leading some viewers to question whether the Chil Woo in this episode is the same character as the one in the first 2 episodes.

After the episode was aired, contrary to last week viewers left very encouraging messages on the messageboard such as, "Today's scenes were great, his performance is comparable to veteran actor Jeon Noh Min", "It's great that he has managed to fully display the repressed emotions within Chil Woo", "His acting is more natural, and his enunciation is better now. The showdown with Jeon Noh Min was very engaging", "As an assassin he fully emits masculine charm".

Only in the third episode, Mun Jung Hyuk has already displayed an impressive performance. The audience is now looking forward to his future performances more than ever.

Source: NEWSEN
Chi trans: yujin@bestshinwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.06.23][news] Strongest Chil Woo will feature a different case in every episode

KBS2 drama Strongest Chil Woo, which started its run on 17 June, will feature a different case in every episode.

Episode 1 saw the process of Chil Woo becoming an assassin, while Episode 2 featured a case revolving around the Yeolnyeomun. Some viewers have expressed that this concept is rather refreshing, increasing their anticipation for Episodes 3 and 4 to see what other cases will be featured.

While the main storyline is still about Chil Woo, his assassin friends and his first love So Yoon, there will still be new cases to solve every episode. Episodes 3 and 4 will shed more light on the sacho (historical document) that discloses the truth behind the murder of Prince Sohyeon, which inadvertently led to the death of Chil Woo's sister Woo Young.

A spokesperson from the production company Olive9 commented, "The truth will be revealed about the death of Prince Sohyeon on Episodes 3 and 4. Other customs and traditions such as the initiation rites and Yeolnyeomun in Episodes 1 and 2 will also be seen in upcoming cases."

The drama is aired every Monday and Tuesday on KBS2 at 9.55pm (Seoul time)

Source: osen
Chi trans: 丢丢@情投E赫
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.06.23][news] Solbi: I can't differentiate my feelings for Andy on and off-air

Singer Solbi's confession towards her reel-life husband Andy has sparked off a hot topic of discussion among viewers.

On the 22 June episode of MBC's We Got Married, Solbi said "I know I shouldn't be saying this, but I'm feeling increasingly umcomfortable with the show."

"I'd feel lonely when I get home after filming, and there are times I think about calling Andy. But I know I shouldn't be doing that, getting confused between reel and real life. It used to be a case of living with someone I didn't have feelings for, but now I can't help but worry about my feelings for Andy."

Andy said, "Solbi is really very attractive. The more I see her, the more I think so."

On this episode, Solbi confessed to Andy about losing the ring, and her heartfelt tears became the topic of the day for many viewers.

Chi trans:
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.06.23][news] Oh Man Suk: Eric is really very goodlooking

Actor Oh Man Suk talked about his impression of Eric in a recent interview on 21 June with KBS2's Yunyega.

Oh Man Suk recently guest-starred in the new KBS2 drama Strongest Chil Woo as Chil Woo's father. He said, "When I met Eric at the set, I thought he was really very goodlooking."

(non-relevant info omitted)

Oh Man Suk earned the nickname of "Countryside Eric" after starring in The Vineyard Man.

Source: newsen
Chi trans: 士士@情投E赫
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.06.23][news] Junjin: So embarrassed of Park Chan Hong that I can't go out anymore

What's the reason for Junjin being so embarrassed of his friend?

After Park Chan Hong appeared with Junjin on MBC's Star Blind Date, he has received numerous applications on his Cyworld page. The two, who share a common passion for dance, have been friends for 12 years since high school. However, after the programme, their friendship is undergoing a severe "crisis".

Capturing the attention of the ladies on the show with his wacky lines and actions, yet failing to capture their hearts, he earned the "wrath" of Junjin who said "I'm so embarrassed of you that I don't dare to step out of my house now." Even so, Park Chan Hong is now very popular on the Internet, even increasing the sales on his online shopping mall. "After the show aired, the number of customers have increased by 2-3 times."

As someone who meets up with Junjin thrice a week, Park Chan Hong also divulged Junjin's drinking habits on the show. "When Junjin drinks, even though his eyes become glazed and his body feels weak, he still doesn't want to hear anyone say that he's drunk. If I told him that, he would insist that he isn't and give me a horrifying stare."

He will be sharing more interesting snippets and stories with Junjin on MBC Everyone's Magazine 1 on 25 June.

Source: newsen&dacapo
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.06.23][news] A msg from Strongest Chil Woo writer Baek Yoon Chul to Mun Jung Hyuk

Jung Hyuk-sshi,

Your performance in Episodes 1 and 2 are the best and the strongest I've seen.

Please do not let the negative comments get to you.
If no one bothers with the drama that would be an even bigger problem. So whether it's good or bad...whether they like it or not...the buzz surrounding this now is a good thing

We've only taken a few steps of a very long marathon
If we put in our best efforts til the end, I believe that we will be able to produce a moving Strongest Chil Woo for the audience.

Gu Hyesun-sshi has done a great job too, Im Haryong sonsaengnim...Kim Young Wook sonsaengnim (who plays Chil Woo's foster grandmother) and Choi Ran nuna (who plays Chil Woo's foster mother) have all given great and interesting performances
Jeon Noh Min-sshi is really great too..
The child stars, Oh Man Suk-sshi who guest-starred, have all put in their best efforts, thank you

The actors, the staff, everyone please continue to work hard...Please stand united with PD Park Man Young to produce an even more interesting drama

Me too, as the writer, I will give it my all even if I can't sleep.

Fighting! Aza! The nasty critics out there, stop!!

Source: Strongest Chil Woo staff Daum Cafe
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.06.22][News]Junjin shows great potential as 7th member of Infinite Challenge

Shinhwa's Junjin shows his potential as an 'Infinite Challenge' member, and this has attracted much attention.

'Infinite Challenge' was broadcasted on 21 June, and Junjin's participation was crucial to the show as he made the show a lot more interesting.

After the broadcast, fans left messages, 'Is he(Junjin) going to be the 7th member of 'Infinite Challenge'? Today's programme was hilarious. He is really putting in hard work, and I am looking forward to see him. I never thought he was going to be suitable for the show', '7th member is Junjin? Watched the broadcast today, it is good'.

Apparently, Infinite Challenge has invited special guests each week to decide if they fit the role as the 7th member to replace Haha.

Chi translation:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng translation:

[08.06.22][Diary]GOOD Rep's entry on Hye Sung's 3rd album

This is Shinhwa’s 10th anniversary concert when they sang T.O.P… and this is Hye Sung’s solo part…

It seems like we are lying really low until the album is released…
And that we sneakily took part in an OST just to surprise everyone…
Thus I would like to use this space to let everyone in on HS 2008 projects, a little at a time.
Also… to see what people who love HS’s music has to say…

First of all, the most pressing issue is the release of his 3rd album…
We aim to release it at the end of summer, and so we are in serious preparations everyday.
Although we have not decided whether to release a digital single or a PROJECT album before the 3rd album… there are 2 meaningful projects that we can participate in…

This is troubling.
We do have an idea for the 3rd album, but we have yet to decide on the direction of the promotion title…
To go with the recent trend of music… or to have songs that appear several times in variety shows, and that top the charts that suit the mass market… do we have to set a fixed direction…
But what is pretty clear is that we do not want to follow the trend.
It seems like we can set a new trend, leading others to follow HS and his music style.
For this, we are even more troubled. ^^

Source: GOOD李理事个人主页
Chi translation: 韩小国 @ BESTSHINHWA
Eng translation:

[08.06.20][News]Solbi, 'To me, I can only see Andy'

Singer solo Solbi has released a new song to express her love.

Solbi will be releasing her solo album in July, and for this song, Cute Love, she has personally penned the lyrics. She has included in the song what she wants to tell her 'husband', Andy. This song is made up of simple rhythm and melody and this song also shows her perception of love. At the same time, we can see her innocence when she falls in love.

This will be the theme song for 'We're Married' for Solbi's segment. As for audiences who have been showing their care and concern for this couple, this song might strike a chord with them.

Below are the lyrics to the song

감추려 외면하고 감추려 노력을 해봐도
Hide the hard work
왜 이렇게 안 되지 사랑이 내게 오나봐
How did I fall in an impossible love
그냥 웃음이 나고 그냥 모든 게 좋아 보여
Your smile is my everything
아이처럼 마냥 즐겁고 행복해
Like a child who only wants to enjoy happiness and bliss
너를 사랑하나봐 이런 내 맘을 너도 느끼죠
Can you feel it the love that I have for you
너와 함께 있으면 나도 모르게 너를 닮아가
When I'm with you I behave like you unknowingly
눈을 감아도 내 눈 앞에는 너만 서있어
Each time I close my eyes you'll be standing in front of me
나도 신기해 널 사랑하나봐
Even I am surprised by the love I have for you
매일 거울만 보고 매일 너에게 보이려고
Everyday I wish to see you just like a mirror
인형처럼 마냥 예쁜 척 하게 돼
I doll up myself for you
너를 사랑하나봐 이런 내 맘을 너도 느끼죠
Can you feel the love that I have for you
너와 함께 있으면 나도 모르게 너를 닮아가
When I'm with you I behave like you unknowingly
눈을 감아도 내 눈 앞에는 너만 서있어
Each time I close my eyes you'll be standing in front of me

나도 신기해 널 사랑하나봐
Even I am surprised by the love I have for you
내가 느끼는 행복 혼자만의 느낌은 아니죠
Hope it's not only me feeling the bliss
이 행복 우리 둘이 우리 같이 만들어가요
This is what we created together
너를 사랑하나봐 이런 내 맘을 너도 느끼죠
Can you feel it the love I have for you
너와 함께 있으면 나도 모르게 미소 짓게 돼
I will smile unknowingly whenever I am with you
잠이 들어도 내 꿈에서는 너만 가득해
You are the only one in my dreams when I sleep

you & I Fall in love 사랑해
you & I Fall in love I love you
영원토록 사랑해
I will love you until the end of time

Chi translation:落花飘零@D久天长,谢谢!
Eng translation:

[08.06.18][News]Shinhwa members call Solbi sister-in-law?

Andy reveals, ‘Shinhwa members call Solbi sister-in-law’.

On MBC’s ‘Come to Play We’re Married Special 2’ broadcasted on 16 June, Andy appeared on the show with Solbi. What surprised Andy, was that Junjin made a sudden appearance on the show as well.

Junjin introduced himself as ‘Gyeonggi-do Anyang Affairs citizen speaker Park Choong Jae’, ‘I do ask Solbi ‘Where is Andy now?’ just to confirm his whereabouts’, Andy was flustered hearing all these.

‘Yes. He calls me that’ replies Solbi. Andy also reveals, ‘I do get messages like ‘treat sister-in-law better’ from other 3 Shinhwa members’.

On the other hand, when asked, ‘Do you look forward to skin contact?’ to which Andy answers, ‘Yes’, expressing his feelings for his imaginary partner Solbi.

Andy explains, ‘Since young, I sleep very late’, ‘And at those times if my grandma rubs my ears gently, I’ll fall asleep very quickly. Until now I still have that habit’.
Chi translation:草木番茄@D久天长
Eng translation:

[08.06.18][News]'An-sobang' Andy's first trip to Paris ever

Shinhwa's youngest member Andy will be visiting Paris as a solo singer.

Andy will leave for Paris on 19 June, and will be there until 1 July. During this interview period, Andy will be visiting several places of interest and meeting up with the famous celebrities. Also, there will be photoshoots.

Andy's representatives express on 18 June, 'This is Andy's first trip to Paris', 'After this trip, Andy would have completed filming a television programme, as well as photoshoots for magazines'.

Andy's Paris interview will be broadcasted in autumn through Cable channel Olive TV.

Andy has held his solo concert in Japan on 14 June and is currently on MBC's 'We're Married', his passionate side has attracted fans' attention.

Andy will be in the musical, 'Polaroid' that stages in August, and will hold his encore concert in Korea in September.

Chi translation:yujin@bestshinhwa
Eng translation:

[08.06.18][news] Strongest Chil Woo Eps 1/2 - Consolidated news Part 2 (3 articles)


A war of words has begun on the nature of the sageuk drama Strongest Chil Woo on messageboards.

Although the production company mentioned at the press conference that it's a traditional sageuk, but viewers have commented that it's closer to a fusion sageuk drama. The premiere episode of the drama on 17 June saw the journey of Chil Woo from his childhood to how he became an assassin.

The costumes, setting, elements and explanatory notes are essentials to a traditional sageuk. However the speech of the characters, their mannerisms, the CG effects tend to be slightly more humorous and manhwa (comic)-like.

Compared to the traditional honorific speech used in traditional sageuk dramas, the characters in Strongest Chil Woo use more modern terms. The mannerisms and actions also come across as a little frivolous.

Particularly for the CG effects for certain scenes, especially during the duel between Min Seung Guk and Chil Woo, these are more commonly seen in fusion sageuk dramas.

The scene where Chil Woo's transformation into an assassin is complete, with him holding a whip while riding the horse, by the edge of a cliff against the backdrop of a huge moon reminiscent of the one in ET - this scene wouldn't have appeared in a traditional sageuk drama. Many viewers have also posted comments that Chil Woo's assassin image resembles that of Zorro.

Viewers have reacted with mixed responses, with one camp saying "It was a disappointing to see a fusion sageuk when I've been expecting a traditional sageuk". The other camp says, "Although it's closer to a fusion sageuk, but this is better since it gets me watching a sageuk which I normally wouldn't."

Source: joynews
Chi trans: lostall@情投E赫
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz


Mun Jung Hyuk's ending monologue for the new KBS2 sageuk drama Strongest Chil Woo, "The world doesn't change, only people change." His character Chil Woo brings to mind an image of the swashbuckling Zorro.

Firstly, as a najang by day and righteous assassin by night, Chil Woo is very much similar to Zorro - given that they're both commoners by day and heroes who punish wrongdoers by night.

At the end of the 2nd episode, we also see Chil Woo in a get-up similar to Zorro, wearing a mask and a cape while riding on the horse. Other similarities include the masculine charm and captivating glare that both Mun Jung Hyuk and Antonio Banderas (2005's Zorro) emit.

Many viewers posted messages on the messageboards expressing their opinions about Mun Jung Hyuk's performance. Though some viewers felt that "his acting is unnatural", there were still positive comments for his masculine image in the drama.

Source: moneytoday
Chi trans: lostall@情投E赫
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz


PD Park Man Young has expressed his regrets at the criticisms towards Eric's performance in Strongest Chil Woo - "I'm sad to hear about people doubting Mun Jung Hyuk's acting abilities."

PD Park said, "I couldn't bear to edit any of the footage that Mun Jung Hyuk shot. After looking at the edited footage, I was even more satisfied with his scenes. I have no doubt about his acting."

He added, "He's done better than what I expected. I'm thankful for that, and I'm very proud of him. He has played the role of Chil Woo perfectly."

"Strongest Chil Woo is about how a hero rises from a corrupt society. The world is like this no matter what era it is, good and bad people co-exist. Chil Woo is a hero who exists in such a world."

Source: moneytoday
Chi trans: lostall@情投E赫
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.06.18][news] Strongest Chil Woo Eps 1/2 - Consolidated news Part 1 (4 articles)


The new KBS2 sageuk drama Strongest Chil Woo premiered on 17 June with a fast paced episode. The drama tells of a najang Chil Woo, played by Mun Jung Hyuk, who becomes a righteous assassin by night.

The first episode opened with Chil Woo's father (played by Oh Man Suk) pounding away on the Shinmungo (Petitioner's Drum) to fight for equal rights for lowly-born citizens in order to build an equal society, but he eventually was killed by soldiers in a surprise attack.

This was followed by the next scene where the adult Chil Woo is now a najang guarding the Shinmungo, preventing citizens from making petitions.

The scenes that took place for the rest of the 2 episodes prompted viewers to comment that the pace was too fast.

Chil Woo was implicated in a case where his sister Woo Young's foster father was murdered in a conspiracy, and as a result Woo Young was also killed, leading Chil Woo on the path to becoming an assassin.

Viewers felt that the 2 episodes, which included having Chil Woo's father, sister and her foster father die one after another, were too convoluted and made the plot difficult to understand. On the other hand, there are also viewers who felt that the twists and turns made it interesting to watch.

Some viewers left posts on messageboards, saying that "The drama should have been more detailed in portraying the reason behind Chil Woo's transformation into the masked hero and it feels too sketchy. For any part of the story, the viewers should be allowed to get involved in the plot, but everything is done too haphazardly. His father and sister dying like that, we can't tell what's going on."

However there were positive comments as well: "It's very focused right from the start. It's a unique theme, so it's quite interesting."

Source: mydaily
Chi trans: lostall@情投E赫
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz


Mun Jung Hyuk's first ever sageuk drama, KBS2's Strongest Chil Woo, premiered on 17 June, where he plays a najang by day who becomes a righteous assassin by night, a character similar to Superman and Zorro.

However, there have been mixed reviews to his performance after the premiere. Some viewers commented that "Mun Jung Hyuk's acting is very unnatural", "He doesn't seem to be suitable for sageuk dramas", "The drama doesn't seem very focused".

Postive comments were posted too, "It's only been 2 episodes, it's a little quick to pass judgement now", "He's doing better than I expected. Especially his crying scenes, those were the best".

Based on research agency TNS' statistics, Strongest Chil Woo garnered 11.5% and 9.1% for its 1st and 2nd episodes respectively, while rival SBS drama Gourmet had ratings of 13.2% and 16.1% for its 1st and 2nd episode.

Source: Go NewsChi trans: lostall@情投E赫
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz


In the first round of competition of SBS drama Gourmet and KBS2's Strongest Chil Woo, Kim Rae Won has taken the lead.

Based on research agency TNS' statistics, Strongest Chil Woo garnered 11.5% and 9.1% for its 1st and 2nd episodes respectively, while rival SBS drama Gourmet had ratings of 13.2% and 16.1% for its 1st and 2nd episode.

Source: donga
Chi trans: lostall@情投E赫
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

(I don't know who wrote this, but this reporter seems to have something against Eric )

After watching Eric's performance in the first 2 episodes of Strongest Chil Woo, it leads one to recall the article "Who said Eric's acting is good?", written after the first 2 episodes of 2005's Super Rookie.

When that article was first published, many of Eric's fans jumped to his defence. 3 years later, viewers are once again criticising Eric for his first attempt at a sageuk drama, saying that "Eric can only act with his mouth", "Eric can't act in sageuk dramas", "He has shown the limits of his acting skills".

Criticisms about Eric's acting started way before Strongest Chil Woo, in all his dramas and movies. Eric rose up the ranks as an actor with his performance in Phoenix. To be honest, it was more of the role itself plus Shinhwa's popularity that propelled him to the status of a star. Since then, his acting has been much commented on.

However, after his success in Phoenix, Eric hasn't proved himself in his other projects. In Super Rookie and KSA, he had to portray lively and creative characters with natural delivery of lines and good coordination with the camera crew and his co-stars. For him, much improvement was needed.

Despite the flaws in his acting, the production companies only consider Eric's popularity, and fans also show their support for him. In any case, Eric hasn't been able to expand his range in his projects.

This time round, his performance in Strongest Chil Woo has not only been questioned by industry experts, but viewers as well. Eric is no longer a rookie like he was during Phoenix, and he can't be exempt from harsh criticism anymore.

Viewers now are very rational, and they watch dramas not based on the popularity of the cast, but based on the acting abilities of the cast instead.

If the actors are competent they can overcome flaws in the script. On the other hand, a good script can be marred by bad acting as well.

Having humbly accepted the criticisms for the first 2 episodes, Eric now needs to work hard to rectify the problems.

Souce: mydaily
Chi trans: lostall@情投E赫
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Friday, June 20, 2008

Shinhwa member Jun Jin has greeted fans in Okinawa for summer fun.

Jun Jin is currently in the middle of promotions for "Wa", the title track to his first solo album. From July 4th to the 6th, he will be traveling through the tourist spots of Okinawa with 150 of his Japanese fans. At night, he will be eating dinner with them and hold hand-shaking events.

Jun Jin recently signed a 3-year contract worth 500 billion won with Open World Entertainment stating his commitment to work in Korea, as well as Southeast Asia.

Jun Jin held his first solo concert "2008 Jun Jin First Live in Tokyo" this past April at the CC Lemon Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Source : ( English )+ HanCinema e-news

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

[08.06.17][info] The Greatest Artist SHINHWA in 1998-2007 - DVD

10 years since their debut, the representative group of Korea, Shinhwa's 10 year history!
The greatest moments of Shinhwa members from the last 10 years!

The long journey of 10 years since they made their debut with Hae Gyul Sah in 1998!
The 6 men who are part of the longest-running idol group have transcended the category of idols
Their greatest moments from the last 10 years are all captured on 3 DVDs!

A different perspective from the usual TV programmes!
Specially selected moments that the Shinhwa members are most proud of!
Scenes from their bungee jumps and other variety shows!
From their debut until their most recent solo activities!
Shinhwa Changjo's 10 year history!

The perfect bonus!
The stylish Shinhwa photobox (8 laminated 4x6 sheets and stand)
and a limited edition poster!


Greatest Artist SHINHWA IN 1998-2007
1. Scene - ERIC, ANDY
2. History - 1998~2000
3. Interview - Section TV Entertainment News Part I
4. New Style -A Different Look of Shinhwa Part I
5. Hot Issue - Sunday Sunday Night's ‘Only, You’
6. With SHINHWA - 1998~2000
7. Alone ? JUN JIN, HYE SUNG

Special Feature: Best Collection
1. Manwon Happiness - Dongwan special highlights
2. Infinity Challenge - Shinhwa special highlights
3. Incredible Challenge - Shinhwa special highlights
4. Cheonpa Kyeonmunrok - Shinhwa special highlights


Greatest Artist SHINHWA IN 1998-2007
1. Scene - MIN WOO, DONG WAN
2. History - 2001~2004
3. Interview - Section TV Entertainment News Part II
4. New Style- A Different Look of Shinhwa Part II
5. Hot Issue - Sunday Sunday Night's Incredible Challenge
6. With SHINHWA - 2001~2004
7. Alone - ANDY, ERIC

Special Feature: Once Upon a Time in SHINHWA
1. It Was Like That Then Part 1
2. It Was Like That Then Part 2
3. Dongwan & Eric drama pictures


Greatest Artist SHINHWA IN 1998-2007
1. Scene - JUN JIN, HYE SUNG
2. History - 2005~2007
3. Interview - Section TV Entertainment News Part III
4. New Style - A Different Look of Shinhwa Part III
5. Hot Issue - Infinity Challenge
6. With SHINHWA - 2005~2007
7. Alone - DONG WAN, MIN WOO

Special Feature: GREATEST SONGS
1. Hae Gyul Sah
2. T.O.P. (Twinkling of Paradise)
3. Only One
4. All Your Dreams
5. Hey, Come On! (Concert Clip)
6. Perfect Man
7. Wedding
8. Brand New
9. Oh!
10. Once in a Lifetime (M/V)
11. Run (M/V)
12. The M Style (Lee Minwoo solo)
13. Love Won't Come (JunJin solo)
14. Even If I Erase, Throw Away, Forget... (Shin Hyesung solo)

Release date: 27 June

Price: 34,400KRW

Source: O6
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[08.06.17][info] Preview of Gourmet OST now on major music sites (new link added)

EDIT: for those who having problems with downloading the players and all, you can try this streaming link to listen to the 1 minute preview of the song


It should play on your Windows Media Player

[MELON] ... mp;p_musicCd=CL0300

[DOSIRAK] ... p?album_id=60344055





Source: Ocean's 6

[08.06.17][Info] Eric&Yozoh with Browin classic digital single music web

[Mnet Music]

[SBS Muzic]




[Naver Music]

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Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[08.06.17][Info] "Strongest Chilwoo" official web cafe opens

Hi, today (17th June) will be broadcasting Strongest Chilwoo
The official web cafe has just recent opens.
Please do stop by/pay a visit to it.
Ep1 & 2 will be broadcasting tonite..
Please do give lots of your support^^

Source: 7woo官网
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Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[08.06.16][news] Andy: I thought about holding on to Solbi

On Part 2 of MBC's Come To Play - We Got Married special, Andy talked about his feelings about Solbi. He said that "If Solbi meets a better guy along the way, I will let her go."

After which MC Kim Won Hee asked, "But haven't you ever thought about holding on to her at all?" - to which Andy replied "Yes".

"In the past when my girlfriend was leaving for a better guy, I wanted to hold on to her and not let go too."

Part 2 of MBC's Come To Play - We Got Married special will be aired on 16 June.

Source: newsen
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Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.06.16][info] Andy the First... Propose in Tokyo broadcast details

The "Andy The First... Propose in Tokyo" concert, which was held on 14 June at the Shinagawa Aqua Stadium Stellar Ball, will be exclusively broadcast on MNet.

First broadcast: 2 August (Friday) 11pm-1am
Repeat broadcasts: 5 August (Tuesday) 1am-3am / 6 August (Wed) 3am-5am

Source: A.I.M.H&mnetjapan
Chi trans: 樱桃小狐狸@Andy The World
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.06.15] [News] Let's put a stop to female domination in the gayo world (Kim Dongwan)

Stop female domination! Last year the gayo (music/singing) world was dominated by Wonder Girls, SNSD, Jewelry and other female girl bands. One of the male solo singers who are able to stop the trend has returned to gather with his fans. And he is Shinhwa's Kim Dongwan.

'Not worried about enlistment!'

For men, the burden of enlisting into the army is more than what we imagine. But for Kim Dongwan, he does not feel this way. Instead, he wishes to be able to spend his time before enlistment with his fans, participate in various gayo programmes and to present his best side to fans.

Kim Dongwan mentions, 'This year is my tenth year in the industry as well. As part of Shinhwa and as a solo singer and also as an actor, there really is no time to take a break, all I could do was to look ahead and go forward', 'enlistment will mean a temporary break from the entertainment industry, and making use of this time that belongs only to me to recharge. Instead of fearing fans will forget about me, I prefer to present only my best to fans and this carries more hope', showing his confidence.

No matter what, now is the time to make use of what I have learnt so far. Thus, I am making preparations for my first solo concert. I am not doing it because I feel obliged to, but because I do want to hold a concert and present what I have on stage, and I am working hard for it. It will probably be held in September.

He has been rather active after he released his second solo album. The title track 'Secret' is a electronic song and Kim Dongwan has attracted much attention with his change in music style. The choreographed dance is a trend-setter with its taekwondo influenced moves and it fits in well with the song.

For fans who loved his first solo album song, 'Handkerchief' and 'It's my fault' might have been disappointed with the second album, but nevertheless, the second album has contained his charms.

The first song, 'Man's love' is a rearrangement of Bon Jovi's 'Always'. Its strong beat, its bass, guitar and the moving lyrics has made the song more beautiful. Also, 'Person I like' was written by his composer friend, Ahn Hyung Min as a gift and in this song, the violin has adequately brought out the sadness and pain.

The duet with Jade Valerie 'You Don't Know Me' is an fast-tempo electronic song that leaves a deep impression on people.

There are many songs in his second album that stands out, like 'Honey' where Shinhwa member Eric rapped in, 'Why' which features Heritage, and also in 'Secret', SNSD's Tiffany has a part in the narration.

(irrelevant info omitted)

Source:Ocean's Six
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[08.06.15][News] "The start to wining" the challenge between 3 drama

Last year sept MBC monday tuesday drama "Lee San: will be saying goodbye to the viewer on coming 16th. After LeeSan ended at the same time there will be 3 brand new drama of different channel will be broadcasting. 3 MonTues drama, with different story, plot and content will be fighting over the wining line after LeeSan.

The TV Station has been promoting their upcoming drama and even uses the 'beauty seducing plan' up to the stage. SBS "Gourmet" KBS "Strongest ChilWoo" will be broadcasting on 17th, and MBC will be broadcasting their new drama "Every day and night" on 23rd.

To be able to gain the outstanding point from all the dramas, the staff and producers has been worried til they can feel their sweating palm. But to the viewers, they can chooses according to their favourite/choices and watch, under there's so many choices drama series for the viewers, it's also a matter of pain to the tv station staff.

So, will it be KimRaeWon's "Gourmet", or Eric's "Strongest ChilWoo", or KimSeonA "Every day and night"?

Source: Oceans6
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Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

Sunday, June 15, 2008

[08.06.14][News] We Got Married 100th Day Anniversary Special Event

MBC Sunday Sunday Night popular segment “We Got Married” will soon showcase their three original make-believe couples, Andy and Solbi, Crown J and Seo In Young, Alex and Shin Ae celebrating their “100th day” (from 16 March to 23rd June) together on the show in a special event.

In a phone interview with PD Kim

*** The three couples will have a special event to commemorate their 100th day together. Crown J and Seo In Young have done their wedding photoshoot on 9th June, bringing their own stuff for the photoshoot and matching it with outfits belonging to their style.

*** Alex and Shin Ae did their photoshoot yesterday at a wedding studio in Chungdam-dong, Seoul. Alex prepared two suits while Shin Ae wore an elegant wedding gown showing her femininity.

Meanwhile, for highest popularity couple, Andy and Solbi, the PD had decided to keep their special event a secret (ohh, the suspense!!). But it was revealed in another news that Andy and Solbi will have their wedding photoshoot outdoors unlike the other two couples who did it indoors.

Park Myung Soo, soon to become a father, also officially took over the MC role vacated by outgoing female MC, Kim Won Hee who left to film a drama.

There were complaints from viewers that the expansion from 4 to five couples has severely shortened the time that each couple has on the show. But PD Kim expressed, “The viewers might find that the time has become shorter, but frankly the length of the show is longer by 10 mins compared to the beginning.” (yah, great job of not answering the question!)

This wedding photoshoot special event will be shown on 29th June, showing the entire process of the three couples from picking their outfits to the actual photoshoot. No mention was made of the other two couples, Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo, Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong of their missions.

One more thing to share is Crown J and Seo In Young will meet Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo at the same water park. What fireworks will happen between the two funniest couples? Can’t wait for this Sunday!!!

Coolsmurf's Wordpress Blog + + Shinhwa Philippines

[08.06.14][News] Mun Jung Hyuk Interacts with Beauties and Elephants

Were there elephants in the marketplace during the Joseon Dynasty? Yes, in KBS 2TV‘Strongest Chil Woo’.

The elephant made its way to Gyeong Buk Munkyeong on 13 June from Seoul Grand Park. The fees a day for the filming is 1000 won, a high price to pay for the special appearance.

This is to film episode 6, where the elephant is presented to the Qing dynasty to improve diplomatic ties. As the main lead in this scene, this big actress was able to carry out the scenes as required under supervision, displaying its ‘acting skills’ and this has impressed all the fans present.

In order to get better shots, the director sat on the elephant and the elephant stretched its legs, giving the audience a feeling it was hanging on due to the weight on its back. The filming with the elephant was enjoyable as it was tame and gentle by nature, leaving a memorable experience for the actors.

The elephant’s appearance caused uproar at the film set for the whole day. Whenever Mun Jung Hyuk was free, he would attempt to touch the elephant or to feed her with carrots. It was either the elephant knew he was the lead actor, or she really liked him, she actually likes to follow him around, and this made actual filming easy, displaying the chemistry between the two.

A related party from the production company olive9 expresses, ‘On such a warm day filming here, nobody could rest with the elephant here. But the elephant was able to adapt and was not nervous. To film more smoothly with the elephant, the actors took the initiative to interact with the elephant at the park earlier on. This made the filming safer and easier.’

‘To prevent any accidents, everyone was on their toes. However the elephant was tame and gentle, and so the filming could go on smoothly.’

Mun Jung Hyuk, Gu Hye Sun stars in ‘Strongest Chil Woo’ that premieres on 17June.

Chi translation:lostall@情投E赫
Eng translation:

[08.06.13][News]The girl who unsettles 'Strongest Chil Woo' Mun Jung Hyuk?

This is one of Chil Woo’s lines in the recent trailer of ‘Strongest Chil Woo’ that premieres on 17 June.

A charismatic assassin, Chil Woo (Mun Jung Hyuk) gives his heart to one girl, who understands his love but asking him to forget her, So Yoon (Gu Hye Sun). The love story between the two is what eager fans are more concerned about.

So Yoon is Chil Woo’s first love, and she was chosen to be given to the Qing dynasty emperor as a palace maid. Chil Woo was prepared to give up everything to escape with her, but she eventually left him to go to China. After a period of time, she appeared in front of Chil Woo, but as a slave to someone beside Chil Woo.

So Yoon who is played by Gu Hye Sun says when introducing her character, ‘So Yoon is a girl with her hidden stories. You will know it when you watch the show, and you will understand that behind her smiles are sadness and frustrations’. ‘Although there are reasons as to why So Yoon is pushing Chil Woo away, she actually does love him deep inside’.

To Gu Hye Sun, ‘Chil Woo in the daytime is a straightforward, charming and lovable person’, but to So Yoon, ‘thinks Chil Woo who fights for justice is one whom she is proud of’, expressing the two different irresistible sides of Chil Woo.

Additionally, they share a intricate relationship, ‘Although Chil Woo has forgiven So Yoon for all that she has done, when they meet up Chil Woo feels awkward inevitably. Maybe the day will come when Chil Woo really opens up to So Yoon.

The warm-hearted assassin Chil Woo is quiet, but when he is with the strong So Yoon, he can be cute at times. This love story will unveil in KBS 2TV ‘Strongest Chil Woo’ on 17 June.

Chi translation:蘑菇&丢丢@情投E赫
Eng translation:

[08.06.13][News]Junjin to takeover Eun Ji Won for a one day MC

Singer Junjin will replace Eun Ji Won on SBS Inkigayo for one day.

As Eun Ji Won is scheduled to be on KBS ‘1 Night 2 Days’ programme, which starts filming on 13 June at Baekdu-san for 5 days 4 nights, he is unable to host Inkigayo which broadcasts on 15 June.

Inkigayo’s PD Park Sang Hyun has confirmed on 12 June that Eun Ji Won will not be able to host the show on 15 June and that Junjin will takeover for that dayas the MC.

Earlier on, Eun Ji Won has missed Inkigayo because of the filming of’ 1 Night 2 Days’ and Kim Dongwan has hosted in place of him.

Chi translation:糯糯@DoubleJ中文网
Eng translation:

[08.06.13][News]Eric-Gu Hye Sun unravels their love in trailer 'Strongest Chil Woo'

Eric (Mun Jung Hyuk) and Gu Hye Sun shares an undying love.

KBS 2TV new drama ‘Strongest Chil Woo’ ( Script Baek Yun Che/ PD: Park Wan Hyung) premieres 13 June and in the trailer, it exhibits the love between the two.

In this trailer, Mun Jung Hyuk’s gaze and his acting skills were extraordinary. It has not only expressed his longing for his love, it has also shown his inner emotions as well.

A related party expressed, ‘In the first trailer we emphasize on the fact that this is an action drama, the second one shows Chil Woo and his fellow assassins and displays their compassionate side’, ‘Now through the third trailer, the romance adds another element to ‘Strongest Chil Woo’.

On the other hand he mentions, ‘A beauty with her own story So Yoon and Chil Woo who accommodates and pardons his love, this love story will be one that men and women of all ages will enjoy’.

‘Strongest Chil Woo’ premieres on 17 June.

Source:Ocean's Six
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Eng translation:

[08.06.13][news] Eric, Yozoh team up with Kim Do Hyun to release digital single

(note form the translator)*'ve featured on enough songs to make a 2-CD album already! it's about time you release one of your own! but yes i know...time is not on our side

Nostalgia is really quite nice can check out a snippet of the MV at Ocean's Six or here*

Shinhwa's Eric and Yozoh, who has made her name featuring on CF jingles and OSTs, will be releasing a digital single, written by composer Kim Do Hyun, who has previously worked with singers like Shinhwa, Lee Hyori, Lee Minwoo, Shin Hyesung, and also a member of the project group M.A.R.S together with Eric, Lee Minwoo and C-Luv.

"Brown Classic" is a pop culture brand launched by Kim Do Hyun and music video director CoolK (Kim Do Kyung).

The brand will launch with a bang, starting with the digital single Nostalgia, featuring Eric and Yozoh, and this alone has already attracted much interest.

Written by Kim Do Hyun, Nostalgia is a mid-tempo track, with a simple acoustic guitar arrangement, accented by Eric's rap and Yozoh's refreshing vocals. On the other hand, the music video produced by CoolK even features a passionate kissing scene between himself and Baek Ji Young.

Kim Do Hyun says, "This digital single is the first project of Brown Classic, a brand put together by musicians, designers, photographers and directors. Brown Classic aims to be a brand that bridges alternative culture and mainstream culture, and we'll move in the direction where our music remains true to our beliefs and yet accepted by the masses at the same time."

Currently acting in the KBS drama "Strongest Chil Woo", Eric features as a rapper on Nostalgia. After hearing about the objective of the project, he agreed immediately to participate. However due to his filming schedule he won't be able to appear at the performance of the song, but his voice will still be heard through the recording.

Scenes from the video has been released to the public via major websites on June 13. The Brown Classic launch party, featuring a performance from M Lee Minwoo, will be held on June 28 at a club in Gangnam.

Source: Donga
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[08.06.12][News] ‘Strongest Chil Woo’ Mun Jung Hyuk-Gu Hye Sun tired out

KBS 2TV’s new drama ‘Strongest Chil Woo’ has been filming through the night continuously.

At 1pm on 10th June, Gu Hyesun - who plays the role of So Yoon - reached the venue of the ceremony with a very weary demeanor, the result of an overnight filming session.

Jung Jin who plays Sa Na Jang describes Gu Hye Sun saying, ‘She has been looking weary and today, she looks exhausted’. Since official filming has started, Gu Hye Sun has hardly slept in a week. Everyone has only been taking short naps during the journeys between Tae-an, Mun Kyeong and Pyeongtaek.

The leading actor Chil Woo (Mun Jung Hyuk) has not slept in a week either, and has only taken a wink this afternoon.

Mun Jun Hyuk says, ‘I haven’t slept because of the overnight filming, and it is tough. But the strange thing is, once it’s morning, I feel energetic and awake.’

And so, Mun Jung Hyuk will be joking and playing around with Gu Hye Sun, and other people at the filmset.

After this scene was completed, they had to rush to Tae-An to film the horse-riding scenes. And after that, they had to go to Mun Kyeong to continue their filming.

On 13 June, there will be an elephant scene and this will be the first in Korean drama.

Mun Junk Hyuk says, ‘Everyone is working hard for this. I hope we do achieve good results’.

‘Strongest Chil Woo’ premieres 17 June on KBS 2TV.

Source :joynews→oceans-six
Eng translation:

[08.06.12][news] Junjin on CHANGE: Can he fool Kim Dongwan?

*COCKROACH?! what are you thinking?! we can't expect anything less than a riot when these 2 get together can we.... LOL*

Last seen on Change as the victim of Lee Jihoon's prank, Junjin appears on Change again with a vengeance, this time his intended victim is fellow Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan.

Junjin will disguise himself as a dance choreographer named Chris, at the same time showing off his real dancing skills. He will attempt to impart these dancing skills to Kim Dongwan by teaching him an upgraded version of Dongwan's own boxing dance - the cockroach dance.

Will Kim Dongwan be able to perform the cockroach dance and will he be able to see through Junjin's disguise?

Junjin also appears on a fake special programme where he pits his dancing skills against other dancers. His performance was rated highly by Kang Won Rae (Clon), one of the judges on a 50-strong panel.

But Junjin's real Change challenge starts here, as his father Charlie Park appears as the last contestant who performs a difficult breakdance routine. Will Junjin be able to recognise his own father standing on the same stage?

This episode will be aired on June 15 at 5.20pm.

Source: newsen
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Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.06.12][News] Junjin mistaken for a parking valet

Shinhwa member Junjin reveals he was mistaken for a parking valet when he was active with Shinhwa.

In the recent recording of KBS 2TV ‘Cider’, Junjin’s case of mistaken identity tickled everyone.

Junjin elaborates at that time, he was busy with Shinhwa’s activities and he wore sports attire with a cap to the game room with his friends to play cards. And when they were done, Junjin was waiting at the car park for his friends who were in the washroom. Just then, an ajjuhma (refers a middle age woman) came up to Junjin and gave her car keys to him and left.

Junjin was flustered and ‘it was too late to get hold of the ajjuhma’, ‘there were no parking valets at that time, and I didn’t know what to do with the key, and before I knew, another person gave me his car plate number and parking fees’.

Curious to know what happened after that the MC asked, ‘so how did you resolve the issue then?’ Junjin replies, ‘the parking valet came later, and so I naturally passed him the things’ and the audiences burst into laughter.

KBS 2TV ‘Cider’ broadcasts on 15 June at 10.45pm.

Source :DAUM
Chi translation:yujin@bestshinhwa
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[08.06.12][News] Andy thanks Solbi for her enthusiasm

‘Because Solbi has been so enthusiastic, I am grateful to her.’

Andy’s image in MBC’s ‘Sunday Sunday Night’ ‘We’re Married’ has gained much popularity and this is due to Solbi’s character that tends to be more outspoken. Andy’s company is thankful to Solbi for this.

A related person from Andy’s company says, ‘Andy is not the kind to take initiatives and if Solbi is just like Andy, they might not have appealed to the audiences. Solbi’s enthusiasm has helped Andy a great deal.’ Also, Andy has appeared in last year’s musical, ‘Music in my heart Season 3’ and has gained much success. Recently, Andy has gotten another role in the musical ‘Polaroid’ that will start in August.

Chi translation:yujin@bestshinhwa
Eng translation:

[08.06.11][news] Shin Hyesung to feature on Gourmet OST

(note from the translator) *This is an excerpt off an interview with Lee Eung Min about the Gourmet OST - yep that show is competing with Strongest Chil Woo too. YAH HYESUNGIE, WRONG OST! lol....but rumour has it that Minbong will be on the Strongest Chil Woo OST

Lee Eung Min is the man behind the Korean indie music label Pastel Music, which IMO has some of the best indie acts in Korea, like Tearliner, Instant Romantic Floor and Oldfish....The label also produced the seriously fabulous Coffee Prince OST.*

T: How will the Gourmet OST be produced? Last year's Coffee Prince OST seemed to be more like a project, but it looks like it will be different for Gourmet. Tell us more about the concept behind it.

Lee Eung Min: Tearliner was the music director for the Coffee Prince OST, but we also contributed other tracks. Director Lee Yoon Jung (Coffee Prince) is a fan of our music too. Although we've contributed music for other OSTs before, Coffee Prince was the first drama OST where we were directly involved in the production. After that we did the New Heart OST.

We hope to let everyone know that Pastel Music is also capable of producing mainstream music. Our strategy for the Gourmet OST will be much closer to this idea. We have mainstream artistes such as Lee Sora, Tei, Malo, Shin Hyesung, and musicians such as Taru, Han Hee Jung, Sweet Pea, Fanny Fink and Casker will also be participating.

(non-relevant info omitted)

Source: Ocean six & Magazine T
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Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.06.11][news] Andy takes to the musical stage once again

Shinhwa's Andy will take to the musical stage once again, as he has been casted for the role of 'Kang Jung Ho' in the musical 'Polaroid'. The musical will start its run on 1 August at the PMC Freedom Theater in Seoul's Daehangno. He made his musical debut in last year's 'Music In My Heart', and this will be his sophomore musical project.

After his first musical last year, Andy showed a great deal of enthusiasm towards musicals, saying that "Acting in a musical has helped me a lot for my singing activities". Skills and techniques such as volume control, enunciation were what he picked up from the musical experience.

In 'Polaroid', Andy plays an innocent guy who stands by the female lead 'Seon Young', waiting for her to return to him. 'Polaroid' tells of love that can only happen once, just like a Polaroid picture, and is directed by Seung Jae Joon and composed by Won Mi Sol, both of 'Music In My Heart'.

Andy is currently experiencing a great deal of popularity as one half of the AnBi couple on MBC's We Got Married.

Source: my daily
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