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[08.05.25][trans] Hyesung at Yeong-il Jung Clan's Po Eun Cultural Festival

*in response to Hyesung Addicts' question, i can only try my best to explain this to the best of my abilities...and what i understand about this bit of Korean history...

Yeong-il Jung clan - as you know Hyesung's real name is Jung Pil Gyo, and Jung is a fairly common surname in Korea, but this doesn't mean that all Jungs share the same ancestors. so the Yeong-il part of the clan name simply specifies lineage...being in the same clan just means that you're direct descendants of the same ancestors

Po Eun - this is the pen name of Jung Mong Ju, a celebrated Korean scholar and poet from the Koryo dynasty, of whom Hyesung is a direct descendant. more about him here

this is an annual festival held from 23-26 May in Yong-In City where Jung Mong Ju's tomb lies, to mark his death anniversary...*

Went to the Po Eun Cultural Festival today.
Know who Shinhwa's Shin Hyesung is? (If you don't just do a NAVER search)
Shin Hyesung's real name is Jung Pil Gyo.
Then I found out that Shin Hyesung is actually part of the Yeong-il Jung clan too.
So that's why he was there too, and he even walked right past me.
He's tall, and he looked really good with his shades,

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[08.05.24][news] Junjin's guest appearance on Utchatsa garners cheers from audience

unsubbed clip here

Singer Junjin's surprise appearance in Utchatsa was received with thunderous applause from the audience.

Junjin appeared on the May 23rd episode of SBS's Utchatsa, in the "Young Sook ah" segment.

As Young Sook's suitor, Junjin joined the other guests in "body gags" as they fought for her attention. Junjin ran on stage halfway through the segment and grabbed Young Sook into an embrace as he declared her his woman. His appearance was greeted with thunderous applause and cheers.

When Young Sook said that she liked to see Junjin take off his shirt, he immediately tried to remove his jacket, much to the amusement of the audience. He even performed a dance to win her heart, but during the final couple selection, he was doused with flour after a prank from the other comedians.

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[08.05.24][news] Eric's 2 types of charm in Strongest Chil Woo

Starring in KBS2's new drama Strongest Chil Woo, Eric will show his masculine charisma and his cheeky, adorable charm all at the same time.

Eric's spokesperson said, "Since this drama is his first acting project after a year, and his last before he enlists for military service, he is giving his all for the drama, and he has high hopes for it as well."

Playing the title role in Strongest Chil Woo, a drama set in the Joseon era, Eric's Kang Chil Woo is a lowly court official who becomes a righteous assassin by night.

Lee Jong Hyun from Top Class Entertainment said, "In the drama, as the court official Eric displays a cheeky and adorable image similar to his image in Super Rookie. As the assassin, he shows off a masculine charisma reminiscent of his role in Bittersweet Life. He's really good, and it is really worth looking forward to."

He added, "Despite the continuous overnight shoots, he is tirelessly carrying on with filming."

Eric is now busy filming in Gyeongsangbuk-do.

Source: MT Star News
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[08.05.24][Dongwan diary] Jibaek Jihwang Soup

*it's the name of some herbal medicine, and a question about this came up on the episode of Star Golden Bell he was on

and as for the search results....i'm guessing that he might have chanced upon more negative responses about the Eric/Ga-In (Brown Eyed Girls) comment he made on Star Golden Bell*

It's a medicine that my mom took when she got sick because of stress.....
It's also used as a stimulant. It's a name I remember when I said 'Oh ho! It's an interesting ingredient~'....
It's the name of the medicine that I shouted out loud as a joke on today's episode of Golden Bell....

But why are today's search results like this? -____-;
It's been really miserable today..

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[08.05.24][diary] Dongwan: Reporters! Reports about Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In..

*Here's the background to this: (see story below regarding this incident)

the almighty netizens are now attacking Eric for his comment, though that comment was really a harmless joke in a conversation between friends - that also probably wasn't meant for anyone else's ears besides their own...

i can only say...don't feel too bad dongwannie, it's not like eric cares about trivial things like silly comments from netizens....but now you know how reporters can blow things out of proportion...just be more careful in future...*

If I were to start off with the conclusion,
I shouldn't have but I came up with it just to make things more interesting.

If I were to try to explain this, that's because I thought that repeating the same things over and over again would be tedious so I came up with something on the spot.

I've already seen more than 10 reports about this published, and a comment that was really meant as a joke just grows bigger and bigger. So I'm writing this message now.

More than anyone else I'm really sorry to the fans of Brown Eyed Girls and Miss Ga In herself, and I hope this will not hurt Eric-gun, whose drama is about to air, in any way.

Lastly, I apologize to the reporters who wrote reports based on things I've said that are not true.

Please forgive me... ㅜ__________ㅜ;

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[08.05.24][news] Dongwan: Eric says Ga-In (Brown Eyed Girls) looks like Ryu Seung Bom
*it would have been a funny incident to share...but this comment is causing such a mess right now

i think the fuss could be due to the fact that ryu seung bum isn't exactly the bestlooking dude out there, and maybe fans felt a little insulted by the comparison

as just love to blow things out of proportion*

Kim Dongwan disclosed a shocking comment from fellow member Eric at the recording of KBS2's Star Golden Bell.

Ga-In of the Brown Eyed Girls, who also appeared on the show, stated that she's a big fan of Shinhwa, especially Eric. Kim Dongwan then commented "Ga-In seems to be really popular these days. Even Eric said that she's cute." But he then added, "Actually Eric couldn't quite recall Ga-In's name at first and we had to ask him who he was referring to. Then he said, 'The one that looks like Ryu Seung Bum's child' ", much to the amusement of the guests.

Kim Dongwan also shared another embarassing incident. "We went to (H.O.T) Tony An's home one day, and there was a kid who was looking at me in the elevator. I was already prepared to give him an autograph. But he didn't know that I was a Shinhwa member, and he said he really envied me for being Tony An's neighbour."

On the other hand female MC Yoon Soo Young picked out Kim Dongwan among all the guests as the one that she would like to climb a mountain with. Kim Dongwan said with a smile, "When my mother sees Yoon Soo Young on TV, she smiles really widely and tells me that she's really like me." When asked if he would like Yoon Soo Young as a wife, he replied "My mom would really like that."

This episode of Star Golden Bell will be broadcast on May 24 at 5.20pm.

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[08.05.23][Notice] Apologies from SNSD members to JunJin

Hi everyone, this is from OPEN WORLD ENTERTAINMENT.

Firstly, towards our late handling on last wednesday (May 14th) appearance in Melon DMB Radio FM when SNSD members was comparing the true fact their senior SHINHWA JunJin's reaction/action & speech, we are now making apologies to all the fans who love Junjin towards this matter.

OPEN WORLD ENTERTAINMENT who is JunJin's current management company had confirm that DMB Radio Station's recording and comment board on the web, OPEN WORLD ENTERTAINMENT representator JangSikWoo had approach SM ENTERTAINMENT'S SNSD representator KimYoungMin expresses out our displeasure and request for an apology. Towards this, SM ENTERTAINMENT KimYoungMin & SNSD express that they were just following what the radio station script had written, they did not had the intention to make the comparison towards their Senior artist JunJin. At the same day on May 22nd SNSD members appearance in M.Net Countdown, they approach JunJin in the resting room and made an official apology to him.

Because due to trying to approach to DMB Radio programme related team and we did not able to bring this notice forward up to inform everybody, once again we apologize.

Cn Trans: 韩小国 @ BESTSHINHWA

[08.05.23][news] Mun Jung Hyuk, Gu Hye Sun romance each other in Strongest Chil Woo

Mun Jung Hyuk and Gu Hyesun portrayed the image of a couple in love at the poster shoot for the upcoming KBS2 drama Strongest Chil Woo, held on 18 May, much to everyone's envy.

Mun Jung Hyuk's natural ease in a period costume and Gu Hyesun's elegance in a hanbok made them a really goodlooking couple. At the shoot, the two leads did an excellent job of portraying the image of two people in love but are unable to be together.

From cheeky grins to charismatic looks, every shot managed to capture a different expression - from the way Eric and Gu Hyesun performed for the shoot, we can expect a great performance for the drama.

Gu Hyesun said, "I asked Eric for pointers even though it's his first role in a sageuk drama. Although this is my 3rd sageuk drama, I feel that there's still a lot more to learn. I think I should learn from him since he has more acting experience from him."

"Though it's tough acting in sageuk dramas, but the hanbok is very convenient to wear, and it helps to hide my figure too."

Mun Jung Hyuk's last drama before army enlistment is set to air in early June.

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[08.05.23][news] Junjin: I worked really hard at my I'm a 'live' singer

10 years as Shinhwa, now as a solo singer..."It feels like the time when I was still a trainee"

10 years after he made his debut at 19 with Shinhwa, he has finally made his solo debut at the age of 29. Junjin, who has worked hard together for the past 10 years with the other members to make Shinhwa a household name, now stands in front of everyone as an individual. He has just released his 1st solo album in April 2008 after the release of his single album in Nov 2006, and is now working hard at promoting his title track 'Wa'.

Junjin has been sporting a different image of late, his eyes emit more maturity and his speech and actions have also become more serious. But this has however invite unpleasant comments such as "he has become more arrogant now". To people who make such comments, Junjin shows me the wallpaper on his cellphone, which write "Speak when you have to, keep silent if you don't have to." He tells me, "The 29-year-old Junjin wants to live his life like this."

Change of image for his comeback stage
I had the change done deliberately. Spending the last 10 years as a Shinhwa member, if I didn't change my image at all, people would find it hard to imagine me as the solo singer Junjin. The same goes for the album, I wanted to make it more accessible to the masses, and I wanted to make music that is easy to listen to and yet energetic at the same time.

Your title track Wa is a very energetic dance track, but your album seems to feature more tracks that are more melody-focused
I worked hard to include different genres in the album, such as rock, punk and electronica. I treasure each and every song a great deal, so if I could, I'd want to promote these songs for the next 10 years. (laughs)

You seem to really love this album
The choreography for the title track was revised nearly 30 times. It felt like I was back to the days when I was still a trainee working hard to prepare for Shinhwa's 1st album. I think whether it's then or now, for a singer the hardest thing is probably preparation and practice.

Confidence in becoming the solo singer Junjin
I've always been doing rap and choreography in Shinhwa, so I never thought much about singing. Singers are human beings too, and mistakes are inevitable. Although I've thought through this before, I still couldn't help but feel a little negative about it. As I grew older my confidence increased, now I have full faith in myself.f

Your vocal skills, once criticised by some, have improved.“
I was almost tone-deaf in the past, and I couldn't finish one song by myself as I was worried that I would go out of tune. I asked for help from friends lik Park Seon Ju nuna, Fany, Bubble Sisters and Lyn, and they told me that I had to understand my own voice before I could think about vocal techniques. They were totally right. And because I really wanted to sing, I really worked very hard at practising.

Were your vocal cords affected in any way?
Most people may develop cysts on their vocal cords after singing for 10 years. As for me, I'm doing 10 years' worth of singing all at once, and it's more stressful on the voice. I hope this won't affect my singing.

Who was your greatest source of strength on your journey of discovering self-confidence as a solo singer?
My family... I've been quite lonely since young, and I've always felt the burden of having to take care of the family. But now, my family is my source of strength. I've been thinking about my grandma who worked so hard to raise me, I'd like to visit her.

Shinhwa members have given me criticism before.
Although they are harsh on me with their comments, but because we're as close as real brothers, there is a bond between us that makes us trust each other completely even without having to say anything. After they watched my performance they were rather surprised and asked me, "You mean you were singing live, not lip-syncing?" That made me feel very good.

What does it mean to you to be part of an idol group?
The name 'idol group' is just a label that people use. Shinhwa is just Shinhwa, we hope we won't get pigeonholed into any specific category. The members all harbour great dreams. When our 1st album didn't do well, we were shattered to hear that we'd be disbanded if the 2nd album didn't do well too. And our 2 biggest obstacles at that time were H.O.T and Sechs Kies. We are the Shinhwa we are today, simply because we persevered and worked hard.

Andy has been very popular on variety shows lately, but Junjin has also been a prominent figure on variety shows too.
Before appearing on Dream Team I was a newbie too, and to increase Shinhwa's popularity, we all had to give our all. For me I was thinking "If I won this, everyone would know Shinhwa then", so I really pushed myself. I was sent to hospital once because I overexerted myslef, but when I heard that I couldn't be on the show, I got up immediately and told them that I was fine.

What do you hope to learn from Andy?
Of course, I'm proud of Andy's achievements. I won't ever feel upset if the other members receive more attention than me. That just proves that Andy is now being recognised by the public. For me I put in my best for this album, and that to me is more than enough.

Has the 29-year-old Junjin changed at all?
Starting out at 19, I wasn't able to give perfect performances. But I worked hard and I started to become more prominent. Whenever I appeared on variety shows, the members would always look forward to my part. Lately I've become a little quieter and more serious, so sometimes people would ask, "What happened to Junjin?"

What is your goal?
My goal is to hold an Asian concert tour, and receive recognition as a singer. I've spent 10 years with Shinhwa, and I hope to eventually hold our 20th, 30th anniversary concert.

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[08.05.23][info] Preview of May 25 ep of We Got Married - Andy

Today's story~ A must-have for all newlywed couples - the housewarming party!

The 4 "couples" get busy with the preparation for the party~and the party guests unveiled~

Andy♡Solbi : Acknowledged as the mushiest couple, they prepare for the party
Andy who gives a ring filled with love to his happy wife Solbi
Will the self-proclaimed #1 chef Solbi be able to prepare a presentable meal?
The guests make their entrance! Who are the guests who will be turning their home upside down??

Source: MBC+Ocean's six
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[08.05.23][fan recap] Jinsyung's fansigning session in Daegu

I've been to many of Oppa's live performances and appearances but I haven't had the change to go for any of such fansigning sessions where I could see them up close, urgh~~frustrating! The last time was when I was in my 3rd year of high school...which was 7-8 years ago, now that I'm at Hyesung oppa's fansigning session, it feels different from 7 years ago.....

Although the session was supposed to start at 7pm, but oppa was late for nearly 40 minutes. He arrived wearing jeans and a black top, and headed for the washroom upon reaching the venue. Really, he was so handsome! After he came back from the washroom he headed backstage~the event only started at 8pm in the end. He was wearing shades when he arrived...I don't know when he took it off!

When it was my turn I got Baby Bird's autograph then it was Hyesung oppa. I didn't say anything when Baby Bird was signing, except for "thank you", then I moved on to Hyesung oppa. The following is a recap of our conversation:

HS: Your name is?
Me: Saekom
(While oppa was signing away...I was thinking of what to say!)
Me: (when oppa was about to finish...) Oppa you've become a little more handsome!
HS: (laughs) Only a little?
Me: Ah~~~anyway you've become a little more handsome~
(Then Baby Bird interrupts...)
Jin: You didn't say that to me just now.....
Me: .... (at a loss) Erm~~ oppa you're a little more handsome now too....
(Then I shook Hyesung oppa's hand and was about to leave....)
Jin: Then...You're a little pretty too~~
(Hyesung oppa laughed when Baby Bird said that...)

It's my habit to say "a little", and even if he's very very handsome now I'd still end up saying "a little" at that moment the staff and managers around the two oppas all laughed out loud~~ that was so embarrassing.....

Just like this the session ended at about 9pm, and I saw oppa taking pictures near the back of the stage.

I was so happy to see oppa after the March concert, but I was shocked too, because he lost so much weight..... And I'm happy to get oppa's autograph after 7 years~ It's been a special day.....

Source: Syoungin
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[08.05.22][trans] Moving forward towards the next 10 years - Junjin

Junjin and his first solo album New Decade.

"This is my first official solo album." After releasing his single album "Love Doesn't Come" in November 2006, Junjin has just released his new album "Junjin New Decade" after 1 year and 5 months.

For 10 years, Junjin has been active as a Shinhwa member. "With Shinhwa activities, appearances on variety shows, acting and our own overseas activities on my schedule, it wasn't easy to release my own solo album." The title of the new album New Decade, as Junjin says, signifies that he will present a new image as a solo artiste in the next 10 years.

Varied Genres
Junjin's new album features tracks of different genres, including house, ballads, mid-tempo. Through the one year of preparing for the album, more than 250 songs were collated, out of which 11 were chosen for the album. "The composers all worked very hard. Every song on the album would do just fine as the title track, but because all the songs are great, I'm feeling the pressure although it's just the first album."

But the track that's attracting the most attention would be WA, which is Junjin's first attempt at an electronic dance track. The repetitive chorus is as highly addictive as it is powerful, and he tops it off with a sexy dance choreography, which displays both strong and adorable images all at once. It's a song that fans would be able to sing along to easily.

"When I was promoting Love Doesn't Come, I wanted to show that I could sing thus the choice of a ballad. But fans also like to see me dance the way I do as part of Shinhwa, so I chose this song. The feel just hit me the moment I heard the song.

As we carried on talking, I realised that Junjin's voice sounded rougher than I thought. It's not because he deliberately made it that way, but it's a result of performing the dance song live on stage. "I practised a lot for this album. If the place wasn't appropriate for me to practise I would take the car to somewhere quiet and sing out loud. Now I'm confident about singing a dance track live. I guess I have the practise to thank for the slight roughness in my voice now. I like it very much."

Album Activities All In
Junjin was balancing his variety show appearances and his overseas activities at the same time, and he received negative comments that his promotional activities were not well planned.

"I had my first solo concert in Japan when the album was released. At that time I felt that I'm really meant for the stage. It's the same for the other Shinhwa members too, and we really enjoy hearing the fans cheering us on, it's a feeling I treasure very much. When I was promoting Love Doesn't Come, I had pneumonia for a month and I wasn't able to give my best performance. That's why I hope to work hard and do well fo this album."

Junjin will not shy away from variety shows either. If it will help the album, he would make time for it, no matter how much time is required. Compared to a period of time in the past when he avoided variety shows because he hated having to force himself to smile, it's a big change on his part.

On another note, he is also preparing for a concert for the Korean fans, which is likely to happen in August after he returns from his promotions in China, Thailand, Hongkong and Malaysia.

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[08.05.22][trans] Anan Jun 08 - Fly, Andy, Fly - part 2

Growing Pains

Since making his debut with Shinhwa with Hae Gyul Sah, Andy hasn't had any year of rest at all. There was even a year where they released 2 albums. They worked as hard as office workers working towards the "Model Employee of the Year" award, appearing on countless programmes. He was still part of Shinhwa despite his troubled teenage years and 20s. "I used to drink when I was troubled...but troubles became a common thing. After a while I just got used to them."

He is alway seen as the little brother of Shinhwa. He had a rough autumn last year, when the almighty netizens left nasty messages like "What have you been doing for the past 10 years? What are you capable of?" on public forums. He was hurt but he hid his pain. However he started to have the desire to prove them wrong. "I thought about whether I really didn't prove my worth at all." Out of every 5 messages he read, 70% were negative. And he spent more time than expected preparing for the 1st album due to stress, but he made it in the end.

Andy, 1/6th

His first album takes a sweet romanti approach. Love and marriage, happy lyrics that are loved by all and cheerful melodies to top it all off. "There are some conflicts between my own unique qualities and the Andy that fans want to see. I haven't had consistent practice in singing for the past 10 years, and it was only after the musical that I decided to work on a solo album. It was the same with the concert. But as I sang along with the fans for the 7 days, I gained more confidence. The friends who used to joke about this now sing my songs in front of me at the noraebang. (laughs) The feeling is really nice, and I'm really happy." He has already gotten closer to the fans through his songs and concerts without realising it. We'd imagine him to propose in a most romantic manner, just like those in the movies, but reality presents a different situation. "My dad's a traditional and conservative Korean man, I guess I would be influenced by him somehow. It's the same when it comes to relationship. I would find it hard to say 'Let's get together in a relationship' to anyone."

Cute Guy and Realist

Andy's Westernized name creates some kind of confusion sometimes. He's a guy whose favorite dish is beanpaste soup. "I eat spaghetti too, but I'd get hungry after a while..." This cute guy finishes up his soup in one shot - this is the kind of idol star that he is. If he could travel through the galaxy, he'd want to live among the stars. He wants to show his entrepeneurial skills and business sense in a peaceful universe.

"Don't regret your decisions even if you fail. This failure can lead you to successes elsewhere. And people must fail in order to mature. Aren't all adults like that? For a man, his life starts at 30, so if you have anything you want to try, just give it a shot, don't think about whether you'll fail or not."

Restaurants, cafes, online malls are among the options he is considering. Although he doesn't intend to reach the stage where he can own a building, but he'd like to try his hand at architecture and technology.But is Andy this ambitious?

And he sparkles...

"I think in 10 years time everyone should be married and busy with their families, and also living an ordinary life after finding a new career path. It's hard to imagine being active as a group all the way." That's why he's experiencing married life on a reality show now. Shinhwa is a unique case in the Korean music industry. The 6 of them have been functioning as a group from their teens through their 20s. No one knows what will happen as they embark on their solo careers in their 30s, or how it will be when they're no longer Shinhwa. There has been no example to refer to.

Never forgetting to thank the fans for their love and care no matter what problems he faces, I asked Andy if he's tired of staying in the public eye. He says that the nature of the work is such that he won't be tired. "I've been living for the past 10 years like this, so I'm probably a fool to not be able to express my feelings in front of other people. But I've changed my perspective a lot since back then. I now try to understand things and answer my own questions. To be able to understand something completely takes a long time....although I'm still not very sensible now either (laughs)."

The star high up in the sky has shone for 10 years, and is practising while it inches nearer to earth. In the next 10 years, I hope they will become like SMAP. A star continue to shine even as time passes, that's its destiny. Twinkling, twinkling, the endearing star that lives next to us is glowing right now.

Source: The Six senses & Andy namu / Anan magazine
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[08.05.22][notice] Shinhwa Soulmate concert guidelines of ticket booking: Int'l fans

Announcement for ticketing Soulmate Concert for international audiences (except Japanese)

1. Guideline of booking tickets (except Korean and Japanese)
1) Ticket Agency: InNextTrend Corporation
2) Booking period: May 27th (Mon) ~ June 5th (Thu)
- We will inform you 3 days after ticketing
3) Payment period: May 30th (Fri) ~ June 13th (Fri)
4) Assigning seats
- We will send you e-mail within 3days after we confirm the payment
- We will assign seats by order of payment
5) How to book
- Download the “ticketing form” and fill it out (download the form here:
- Send the e-mail attaching the “ticketing form” file
- Please all writings are in English
and we only receive the form we send you not any other form.
- Booking e-mail :
6) Ticket price : 1 ticket for SR level seat US$150

1. Please download the form and fill this form out, not others..
2. 1 person can request for 10 tickets (10 people).
3. No refund or cancellation after you pay for tickets.
4. When a person book for many people, please write the name of person(leader) of the group. The leader can only receive the tickets. (Do not hand over to others)
5. Please book only once

1. only receipt to bank (No Card payment)
2. We will inform you the Account Number by sending you e-mail

1. Only the leader can receive the tickets.
2. We will give you tickets on the day of concert at the booth in front of the concert hall after we confirm the ticketing number and passport number.
3. The booth will open 4hours before starting the concert. (14:00 21st / 13:00 22nd)
4. The leader has to bring the passport and ticketing number

Thank you.

Source: In Next Trend


[08.05.22][news] Shinhwa members stand on same stage once more for charity

Shinhwa members Shin Hyesung, Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan, Junjin and Eric will gather for a special concert after hearing the sad story of 8-year-old Ga In, who suffers from a facial deformity.

They will be holding the "Shinhwa's Search For A Beautiful Face - Soulmate" concert on 21 and 22 June, at 6pm and 5pm respectively at Seoul's Olympic Park Gymnasium.

Hyesung, who released his 2nd album last year and held his first solo concert to great success; Minwoo, who just held a successful concert in China; Dongwan, who has just released his 2nd album The Secret; and Junjin, who just held a succesful concert in Japan, will specially prepare solo performances which they did not manage to have during the 10th anniversary concert.

Eric, who has been very busy with the filming of his new drama series, KBS2's Strongest Chil Woo, is also scheduled to attend this special Shinhwa event and meet the fans as well.

All profits from the concert will help subsidize the medical costs for little Ga In, who has been unable to receive treatment for her cleft lip and a congenital heart abnormality.

Shin Hyesung says, "We heard about many cases where many children who suffer from facial deformities are unable to receive treatment as their families are unable to afford the medical fees, and our hearts go out to them. Shinhwa hope to take the lead in this, and give back to these children their beautiful faces."

Chi trans: 韩小国 @ BESTSHINHWA
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[08.05.22][news] More than 1,000 fans attend JinSyung fansigning session in Daegu

Shinhwa's Junjin and Shin Hyesung lit up the night skies of Daegu on 21 May, when they attended a fansigning session to celebrate the opening of the new entertainment theme park Co&Star in Daegu.

Besides the 1,000 Korean fans who turned up for the event, female fans from China and Japan were also present, a clear show of the huge popularity of the Shinhwa members. The Co&Star website server even crashed several times the day before as fans thronged to the website for information about the event.

Co&Star also happened to where the last scene for the SBS drama On Air was filmed at, and at 7pm on May 28, Cherry Filter of hits like "Romantic Cat" and "Flying Duck" will also be present for a fansigning session.

Co&Star will also be holding fansigning sessions featuring the following artistes: Min Kyung Hoon of Buzz (4 June) / Brown Eyed Girls (11 June) / Shinhwa's Lee Minwoo (18 June) / Tei (25 June).

Source: ocean's six
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[08.05.22][news] Kim Dongwan, Junjin prepare for a 2-member Shinhwa performance

Kim Dongwan and Junjin, 2 of the members from 6-member group Shinhwa, will be taking to the stage in KBS1's Open Concert, held at Uijeongbu Stadium in Gyeonggi-do.

Kim Dongwan has been busy promoting Bi Mil, the title track from his 2nd album, and Junjin is currently promoting WA from his 1st solo album. And although both of them have appeared on the same show but they have yet to perform together.

Junjin is looking forward to it as he says, "We've been rehearsing together since a week ago, and we're been preparing Park Nam Jung senior's "Longing For You". You'll be able to see a very different Shinhwa performance."

This was a suggestion from the production team, which was gladly accepted by both members. Their performance is scheduled to be broadcast on 1 June at 6pm.

Source: No Cut News
Chi trans: 韩小国 @ BESTSHINHWA
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.05.22][news] Andy's Sang Sang Plus - Conslidated news

Andy’s sweet charisma: Making hangover remedies for his girlfriend

Shinhwa’s Andy, who recently has been touted as the number 1 choice for a husband, revealed his simple secret for his popularity with the ladies on the 20th May episode of KBS2’s Sang Sang Plus Season 2 – simply by being gentle and endearing. He says when he would make a soup to cure his girlfriend’s hangover. The responses from the male and female guests were very different: while female guests nodded in approval, male guests made jealous comments such as “Why don’t you just open a restaurant selling soup then?”

Did nasty comments help to motivate Andy?

Shinhwa member Andy shared the story behind his journey of becoming a solo singer on the 20th May episode of KBS2’s Sang Sang Plus Season 2.

During the Balloon Talk segment, he spoke of being very tired of feeling that he hasn’t had any achievements for the 10 years he spent in the industry. The 3-month break before his spate of promotional activities was “a time to reflect on the negative comments.”

While the other 5 members often received positive attention, comments for Andy were often like “What have you done for the past 10 years?” – this hurt him a great deal. Andy disclosed that during the 3-month break he really felt that he hasn’t done a good job at all; as a result he approached several seniors to help him with his singing and acting.

This episode had ratings of 11.7%, beating out other shows broadcast during the same timebelt.

Lee Hyori’s sneak attack on Andy’s butt

On the 20th May episode of Sang Sang Plus Season 2, Andy shared an interesting pre-recording incident where Lee Hyori touched his butt. “Before the recording began my stylist was helping me with my clothes and suddenly I felt someone touch my butt. I turned around and saw that it was Lee Hyori.”

Andy was left speechless when Lee Hyori then commented, “It’s definitely worth a touch”

Lee Hyori explained, “I often see Solbi touching Andy’s butt and I wanted to experience that too.”

Andy: In the beginning my mother was worried that Solbi didn’t seem to have good manners

On the 20th May episode of Sang Sang Plus Season 2, when MC Lee Hyori asked Andy what his happiest moment was, Andy said “I was happiest during the times my mom smiled despite being very ill, she was watching me on all the variety shows I was on.”

When asked what his mother thought of Solbi, Andy replied “At first she was quite worried that Solbi didn’t seem to have good manners, but she found her very lovable as she continued watching the show.”

In response to the question, “What if Solbi really wanted to date you?”, he said with a smile, “We could, if Solbi really did make the first move I would really consider it. Although we get along on the show but I don’t really understand Solbi’s heart completely. I’d have to get to know her better.”

Andy: The most unpopular member in Shinhwa is Kim Dongwan

On the 20th May episode of Sang Sang Plus Season 2, Andy shared some funny stories about his fellow Shinhwa members.

“When we get together we would have little popularity polls among ourselves. I would usually top the poll if it was related to culinary skills, and basically the members would all fare well in one poll or another. But Kim Dongwan has never managed to come out tops in any of those polls before.”

Source: TV news, Hankyung, Star News, Go News, Newsen
Chi trans: ★sun之爱★@Andy The World, 汶汶@Andy The World, 韩小国 @ BESTSHINHWA
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.05.22][info] 24 May MBC Music Core - WanJinDy

The center of music in Korea! Music Core!
We'll be spending the day together with special MC Andy.
Do look out for the fantasy couple MCs Andy and Solbi.

(non-related info omitted)

Shinhwa Changjo Stage
That man is sending out a message...I need you come back baby my love
(Kim Dongwan - Bi Mil)
A powerful and electrifying dance... Thirsting for you
(Junjin - Wa)
The cute boy's proposal song
(Andy - Propose)

(non-related info omitted)

Chi trans: juyan@junjinchina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.05.22][Article] JunJin - "It seems unfair for me ... all those misunderstandings"

1. Flirty?

"I'm just an ordinary guy. My love life is also very normal. And all those rumors about me hurting my girlfriends ... all made me so tired and worried. Rumors were not around when I was young. But they have been spread out more complex and serious. Telling the truth may be sometimes difficult and painful ...

2. Heavy drinker?

"Good capacity indeed. But I prefer drinking in occasions. Drinking while chatting with friends, and not to the extent that involving in a crash or not waking up the next morning. Therefore, being more and more exaggerated. "

3. He has changed?

"Since the early days, I've been gotten all kinds of injuries, so many wounds ... Some have gone away, but none would be the last ... Surrounding people say "You have changed" . But on the opposite, I've become a more sincere and frank JunJin. I just hope that everyone can accept how I am"

No more a Shinhwa's rapper and dancer, nowadays, standing alone as a solo artist, despite all the crisis, he's been strong and entrusted. JunJin ... you must be happy !

Credit: Hong Jea Hyun @ Donga - Korean/Eng: LetSayEden @

[08.05.21][trans] Anan Jun 08 - Fly, Andy, Fly - part 1

There's a sparkling star who lives just next door. A nice young man who is great at making kimchi and cold dishes. He smiles like the little brother, but he has already become the 28 year old star who hails from Shinhwa.

There is a young man who became part of a legend since he was 18. He lives in a world that is bright for 365 days of the year. Even throughout his confused teenage years, his unhappy twenties, the sparkling star continues living in this world of bright days.

Andy Lee Seon Ho. He could have become part of H.O.T. He passed the auditions at 14 and was supposed to join H.O.T, but despite his hard work, he had to return to the US due to parental objection. In 1996, he became part of Shinhwa after another round of auditions. Shinhwa has spent the last 10 years together as a group, and the group has truly become a legend now.

The youngest of the group, the 28-year-old says to us every Sunday "We Got Married!". We can see that he does want to get married. The viewers who tune in to the programme every week all acknowledge with a smile, "Our Andy has grown into such a fine young man." Making kimchi, and applying beauty masks, it is strange to see him do things like that, but it is endearing. A goodlooking guy who can cook well, and mature at the same time. Although she's only his reel life wife, but he ran out in the rain to get coffee for her when she wanted some, making us exclaim in awe of the sweet romantic guy.

On a warm summer day, we meet as per arranged. The young man who sings and dances the heart dance on television is wearing shades right now. All his answers are truthfully honest. He greets me politely and though he has an endearing smile, he's a star. And though he's drinking iced coffee with me, he's Shinhwa. It has been this way for him for the past 10 years, for most of his twenties. I can only temporarily forget that he's a star who lives next door.

We Are Shinhwa

"There was a festival when I was in high school, where students from each country had to perform songs from their native lands. I took part because I heard that it was quite a large scale event , and I was curious about what students from the other countries were going to perform. The great response that I received when I stood on the stage made me think, that it would be really great to be a singer."

That was the first time he was approached to be an entertainer. Andy's performance was spotted by the organizer of the event, and just like that, 14-year-old Andy was selected to be a H.O.T member, and subsequently became part of Shinhwa instead. Of course his parents objected, as very few idol groups attained success. "It was the IMF crisis at that point in time, and they were even more against it. We weren't that well off, so I could see why they were against it. They were worried about me entering the entertainment industry at such a young age, whether I would still be able to find a stable job when I leave the industry. In the end they told me to go ahead and do it if I was confident that I wouldn't regret my decision."

Then in 1998, Shinhwa was born. Their first performance was on a KMTV show. "There were a lot of people present, but only 9 were Shinhwa fans and they were holding black colored signs. I still remember them because I was so happy. Then 9 became 90, 90 became 900, and eventually there were 9000. Singers always find it very meaningful to be able to perform their own songs. Just a few months ago at Shinhwa's 10th anniversary concert, Andy introduced himself the way he did in the past, "Cute Guy Andy imnida", followed by the whole group shouting "Urineun Shinhwa imnida!"

(to be continued)

Source: The Six senses & Andy namu / Anan magazine
Chi trans: xing1986111 & 紫夜87 & mao@Andy The World
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.05.21][notice] ND Ent: Soulmate concert

This is ND Entertainment.

With regards to the Soulmate concert to be held on 21/22 June, we have received many enquiries.

Andy has been invited to take part in the event, but as he already has other confirmed commitments on his schedule on 21/22 June, he will be unable to participate in the concert. The organizer has already been informed.

We had many enquiries asking why Andy's name was not included on the performers' namelist, and why Andy was not participating in a Shinhwa concert. We hope that this will clear up the misunderstanding.

Please show your support for Andy's upcoming activities.

Thank you.

Source: ND ENTER
Chi trans: sun之爱★@Andy The World
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.05.21][info] Concert Ticketing Details on Interpark

*do note that advance sales start only on 26 May*

[Shinhwa's Search For A Beautiful Face - Soulmate Concert]

Genre: Live Concert

Saturday, June 21, 2008 18:00
Sunday, June 22, 2008 17:00

Venue: Olympic Park Gymnasium

Duration: 120 minutes

SR area (VAT included) - 99,000 won
R area (VAT included) - 77,000 won
S area (VAT included) - 55,000 won
A area (VAT included) - 33,000 won

Source: Interpark & O6
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.05.20][trans] Junjin's past 10 years and his next 10 years

Even mountains can move within 10 years. Having made his debut with Shinhwa 10 years ago, Junjin has now embarked on his own extraordinary journey - he has just released his 1st solo album New Decade to mark his path for the next 10 years.

A wide variety of genres.... all performances are live

New Decade is an album that was produced through Junjin's blood, sweat and tears. He personally picked out the songs and was actively involved in the planning of the concert performance. There are dance tracks, ballads and other tracks of different genres. Junjin is now appearing in front of us not as Shinhwa's rapper, but as Junjin the singer. He tells us that "the other songs on the album were prepared with as much efforts as the title track."

The title track WA is a smoothtrack that combines the techno sound with a catchy melody. The chorus is powerful and addictive at the same time. Junjin says that he tried to make it as appealing to the masses as possible. As for the dance choreography, though he is confident, but he is not arrogant about his skills. The dance was revised 20 times in order to show the final product - a combination of straightfoward moves with power.

Since Shinhwa's early days, the members gained popularity through each member's unique appeal and their catchy songs. That kind of feeling helped Junjin to decide on WA as the title track. He practised a great deal for the song, and he also obtained suggestions from FTTS' Fany, Bubble Sisters, as well as Wheesung for the song. When he doesn't get the desired effect during practice, he would quietly sit in his car all alone and sing.

With his tireless efforts Junjin has little difficulty performing the songs live during performances. When fellow Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan saw his first performance, he gave two thumbs up, "It's live! I thought it was a music recording!" To this Junjin grins," It feels great to be a real singer where I can dance and sing live!"

"Performances, shows, fanmeetings are all good if I can promote my songs"

Junjin has been busying himself with appearances and activities. He held his first solo concert in Japan right after he released his album, and then proceeded to appear on all music programs to meet the fans. Fansigning sessions, variety shows and radio shows are also lined up on his schedule. Whatever he can do to promote his songs, he has done it.

"Everything that the comapny has arranged for me - radio shows, appearances, fanmeetings - as long as there's a chance for me to promote my songs I'll be there." In actual fact, it's not easy even for Junjin, who has been in the business for 10 years, to be appearing on variety shows. When appearing on such shows with Shinhwa, he's often the comic gem. Although it's tiring but he goes on, in order earn laughter from the audience.

When he's not cracking jokes, he'd have to dance, so it's rather stressful having to appear on variety shows. However for his album, he has enthusiatically taken on the appearances.

Junjin's also expected to start his solo promotion in countries like China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia. After that he will hold a concert back in Korea for the Korean fans. "I want the fans to see my charisma and appeal as a solo singer, and lately it has been very happy and relaxing for me to be on stage, so I will work even harder."

Owing to his passion, he has also managed to recover from his panic disorder which has dogged him for a long time. Among the Shinhwa members, Junjin has been the one implicated in the most rumors and scandals. Being hounded by these groundless rumors Junjin fell into depression and subsequently suffered from a panic disorder.

"People seemed to be looking at me and talking behind my back all the time, and I felt really tired of being afraid of strangers. If I worked hard on my activities I'd stop thinking like that."

"I want to be an actor like Cha Seung Won"

Although Junjin has started on his music activities, but he will have his chance to make his comeback to acting. After 2005's Let's Go To The Beach, Junjin hasn't taken part in any other acting projects. "I hope to show a brand new image through a drama, and even if it fails I will still push on."

"I'd like to be an actor like Cha Seung Won. He's got a great physical appearance but his acting skills are more than that. I'd like to show different sides of me through acting."

Throughout the interview, Junjin repeatedly says "I must do well for this album", and holds his hands firmly together. He switches on the computer and analyzes his own performances. Every word he says shows his love and passion for the album and his solo activities.

"Through this album I've come to understand myself better, where I stand, and other than working hard I'm not thinking about anything else."

Overseas activities, and an acting project has filled up the rest of Junjin's 2008 schedule. And he has also stopped seeing his model girlfriend since early this year. He only wants to move forward in his career.

"The way I'm busy right now is just right."

Junjin's face lights up with the passion for his next 10 years.

Source: CBS & O6
Chi trans: 维他命J@JUN临天下
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.05.20][trans] 10th anniv site Production Note 32: 10Q & 10A - Q10

Q10: Lastly, to you who have been protecting and looking out for us...

Our families, the members, our friends, the staff, the fans
And you, who are reading these words now
I will pray for you every night before I sleep.
The precious destiny that we have shared for such a long time
Holding the title and record for the longest running group and group of fans in Korea!
As you wake up to a new day everyday, don't waver because of trivial matters and instead look at the big picture,
Even though we can't bear to part,
You still have to become someone useful,
And then using 10 years worth of experience and virtues
Let's be role models for the others!

These are words that I usually find too precious to say to other people...
I love you

Even if I don't say it you would know, won't you?
Thank you to everyone who has stood behind us for the past 10 years..
For the past 10 years it hasn't simply been days and nights that flashed by,
When you look back, it will be good enough if you find yourself smiling, just like me~~~~~~~~~
As we will still be creating beautiful memories together in the future, look forward to it!
Let's fill the album with memories that only we share!!!

You kids who deserved to be praised after working so hard for 10 years...
Let's celebrate among ourselves 10 years later too
And fully experience the fantastic feelings...
Thank you to all the fans...
Although I can't really express myself well but I mean it with all my heart, you have to believe me~
In future let's always~ be together!!!

To my really beloved
Eric hyung, Dongwan hyung, Hyesung hyung, Minwoo hyung, and Andy...
Since we all understand even without saying anything
So even if I don't say I love you, you would still know it right?? ^__^*
To Shinhwa Changjo who has stayed with Shinhwa through the 10 years
As well as local and overseas fans, wanjon saranghamnida (I completely love you).
For the next 15 years, 20 years
Please stay with us and support us too..
So that Shinhwa will be strong because of you
I want to sing for everyone forever..

Thank you to the members who have been together with me for the past 10 years
I really hope we can stay together for 20 years, 30 years.
And thank you to the colleagues who have given us strength to come this far
And I'm eternally grateful to the fans.
Without the fans Shinhwa wouldn't have come this far~~
In future Shinhwa will go on
And we'll continue to work hard.
I love you all.

Chi trans: 韩小国@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl@shinhwabiz

[08.05.20][notice] Shinhwa's "The Search for A Beautiful Face - Soulmate" concert

*andy is unlikely to attend since he has a concert in japan at about the same time...*
Original article

This is Good Entertainment.

Shinhwa members, Shin Hyesung, Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan, Junjin and Eric will be holding the "Shinhwa - The Seach For A Beautiful Face" concert on 21 and 22 Jun, at 6pm and 5pm respectively. The concert will be held at Seoul's Olympic Park Gymnasium 1.

This performance, held in the midst of the members' solo activities, comes 3 months after Shinhwa's 10th anniversary concert held on 29/30 March. This special show is held especially for an 8-year-old girl named Ga In who unfortunately suffers from a facial deformity condition.

Hyesung, who released his 2nd album last year and held his first solo concert to great success; Minwoo, who just held a successful concert in China; Dongwan, who has just released his 2nd album The Secret; and Junjin, who just held a succesful concert in Japan, will specially prepare solo performances which they did not manage to have during the 10th anniversary concert. We will be planning this special performance to let everyone see the unique charisma and stage performances of the members.

Eric, who has been very busy with the filming of his new drama series, has also made some time for this special Shinhwa performance, and he also hopes to leave a special memory in everyone's minds with a special performance.

Shin Hyesung, Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan, Junjin and Eric will be preparing a special heartwarming performance for little Ga In who continues to smile on despite her unfortunate plight. It will be a great opportunity to see Shinhwa members and their spectacular performances, we hope everyone will show their support and look forward to this concert.

Advance tickets sales will start on 26 May through Interpark.

1. Concert title: Shinhwa's The Search for A Beautiful Face concert
2. Date/time: 21 June 2008 6pm / 22 June 2008 5pm
3. Venue: Olympic Park Gymnasium No.1
4. Tickets: Interpark (advance sales on 26 May)
5. Organiser: KBC Media
6. Supervised by: ㈜더스타컴퍼니
7. Planning: In Next Trend
8. Supported by: Seoul University Children's Hospital Support Committee
9. Contact: In Next Trend (02-3446-3225)

Chi trans: shinhwadream@shinhwazzang
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.05.20][News] SHINHWA 9th, No.1 on April Sales

The group had showed their charm. SHINHWA in Korea Album sale chart of April, with the record of 96320 album sold, successfully taken the no.1 spot.

SHINHWA 9th album is their 10th anniversary memorial album, because part of the members will be enlisting, so this will be their last album before their comeback from their long break. Without any promo or group activities, a record of nearly 10,000 sold, once again a significant of the longevity group's priceless charm and attraction.

[Omitted unrelated news]

Source: oceans
Cn Trans:紫水晶@热病81℃

[08.05.20] [news] Kim Dong Wan, "I found my color as a singer..."

Kim Dong Wan, "I found my color as a singer by singing to the point of bursting my vocal chords."

For this last album prior to entering army service, he sacrificed his body.

Kim Dong Wan is indeed youthful. This youthfulness sustains him in the idol group Shinhwa and allowed him to relase two solo albums.

He built himself on positive thinking and had confidence to pursue both acting and singing. Kim Dong Wan will enter army service this fall. On the 8th, his last album before entering service "The Secret" was released. Smiling brightly, he shared that, "has no regrets."

He pours another drink. He no longer has regrets now and likes how things are now. This kind of positive thinking is one of the charms of Kim Dong Wan.

"This year marks the 10 years since his debut," said Kim Dong Wan. In 1998, with the first album "Hye Guhl Sa" Shinhwa started. They ended up releasing 9 albums. Their songs became hits in China, Japan and other Asian countries. Having numerious performances in these countries seem to prove their popularity.

Without the strong friendship and cohesiveness among the members, they couldn't have come this far. However, Shinhwa were juniors to the other esteemed group Choi Jang Soo's idol group until they set the milestone this year (as the longest running idol group). Reaching this point, Kim Dong Wan along with the rest the members were on an emtional high.

While still doing activities with Shinhwa, he debuted as an actor. He was in KBS' 2TV "Goodbye to Sadness" and SBS's "The Person I love". In 2005, he won the KBS' best actor award which showed his ability as an actor. Receiving recognition as an actor, now he sought to prove himself as a (solo) singer.

On the 8th, on Parent's Day, released his second solo album. On June 1st last year, he released "Handkerchief" only 11 months ago.

"During the promotions for "Handkerchief", I presented myself in adequately so I had a lot of regrets. However, at that time, I wanted show everyone what I wanted to do and tried everything to make that possible. I usually rest my vocal chords. However, I kept singing and recording without letting my vocal chords voice started to come out. I realized that the hidden voice within had come out that I had found my color as a singer."

With the first album being his debut, he felt uneasiness. However, this time around there was a different struggle. Holding steady to his confidence that he had, he sought to find what would be color as a solo artist. (What would be known as Kim Dong Wan's music?) A lot of band music went into the second album as well as a masculine feel which is associated with Kim Dong Wan. Featuring light electronic melody in the title song "Secret" along with "The Person I Love" and "Good Person". They all have band music feel to them.

"I put a lot of effort into illicit an acoustic feel to the songs. Even though it's masculine, I tried to keep a soft feel to the music. Thus, in the second album, I would think you will get a good feel of what Kim Dong Wan's style is. Many hours went into making the album. I didn't rush to put together the album. Until the satisfactory music came out, I kept recording giving it much thought and was in agony."

With many dreams, young Kim Dong Wan the future is clear. After serving in the army, the thing that he wants to do the most is to continue to do activities with Shinhwa but also dreams of pursuing acting. Also, he would like to release a book of his photos and essays that he personally puts together.

"In my 20's, I lived only as an artist. Due to that, my acting was on hold at times. The army life will serve as a good opportunity for me. I do wonder after I complete my army service if I can continue to pursue acting."

Kim Dong Wan likes the pictures he has taken more than those taken by others. Always carrying around a camera, the puts the landscape and people into the lense. Even during the interview, saying that it's a gift that he received from fans, he kept pushing down on the camera's shutter.

"After I return from serving in the army, I will be in my 30's. I would like to publish a photo essay book. Looking back at life. You know, a light, informative and pratical one. I want to go to Japan to learn Japanese. There will be so much to do in the future."

Source: My Daily
Englishg Translation: HappyHeart7@shinhwabiz

[08.05.19][trans] 10th anniv site Production Note 31: 10Q & 10A - Q9

Q9: If the members were to go on a 2-days/1-night trip together, what will be the plan???

To Hyesung's place.
I'm very curious about his daily life, and if he eats well.

We'll sail to a deserted island on a raft.
At night we will hug each other to sleep on the beach....

We'll all ride our motorcyvles to Cheonggyecheon Stream, soak our feet in the water, eating dried squid as we drink beer, and chat through the night.
I'll be in charge of taking photographs!!!

2 days & 1 night is a little short, so we can't go anywhere too far. To somewhere like Jeju Island, eat some fish, drink some soju and chat....
....I really want to go....

Go on a bicycle road trip across the whole country~
And we'll sleep in a tent for 6...!

We'll take a plane to the US.
We'll just fly there and fly back. Kekeke

Chi trans: 狐狸家的art @
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.05.19][notice] Lee Minwoo to all victims of Sichuan earthquake

Hi everyone, this is Open World Entertainment.

Many people have become victims of the recent earthquake in Sichuan, China.
Though M Lee Minwoo is currently in the US for an SBS program, he has expressed his concern and worry for the earthquake victims through Open World. He hopes that there will no further damage and casualties, and that the situation will improve as soon as possible.

As such, Open World writes this message on behalf of M Lee Minwoo.

To all the unfortunate casualties of the earthquake in Sichuan, China, I send my deepest condolences.

I pray that the injured victims will recover as soon as possible.

I hope for no more disasters and I pray for the situation to improve as soon as possible.

Chi trans: 韩小国 @ BESTSHINHWA
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.05.19][news] Mun Jung Hyuk, Gu Hye Sun - Strongest Chil Woo studio shots unveiled

On May 18, cast members of KBS2's Strongest Chil Woo swept into a photo studio in Gangnam, Seoul, as they prepared for the cast photo shoot.

Lee Ji Ho was the photographer for this session, and the entire shoot took place in a lively atmosphere, from the beginning until the end. Lead actor Mun Jung Hyuk's solo shots showed him with mischievous smirks and cool poses with his spear, while lead actress Gu Hyesun showed her gentle and shy side in her shots.

Instead of being a majestic traditional sageuk, Strongest Chil Woo is a fusion sageuk which will tell the story of the lives of the commonfolk, the chivalry of men and a sweet romance. We can expect to see impressive action scenes and comedic dialogue in the drama as well. Strongest Chil Woo is slated to start its broadcast in early June.

Source: mk
Chi trans: lostall@情投E赫
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.05.19][news] Andy on Dongwan's paranormal experience

Andy shared a hair-raising experience of fellow Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan on the May 18 episode of KBS2's Cider. He said, "There was once when Dongwan was in the shower, and there was an apparition that came to him and talked to him".

"This happened when we were all still staying in the dormitory. At that time all the members were in the living room, and Dongwan went into the bathroom. But we heard him talking. After that we asked him about it then we found out that someone walked to him and asked him if he wanted to leave together."

Andy continued, "Although we still don't know how that happened, but we were all spooked by the fact that the apparition tried to hurry him by asking him 'Are you going or not?' "

Other guests also shared their own spooky experiences, Jinni of Rumble Fish said, "During the recording of the 2nd jib, I heard strange noises when I was singing, and the sounds even got captured in the recording. After that the staff told me that they saw something hovering above me but they didn't tell me until after the recording was over as they didn't want to freak me out there and then."

Source: Newsen
Chi trans: evmist@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.05.19][Info] Shin Hye Sung & Jun Jin Co&Star Fansign Meet

JinSyung event woooot!

From: Shin Hye Sung's Manager & Openworld Ent
What: Co&Star Fansign Meet
When: 21 May 2008, 7:00PM
Where: Daegu Co&Star

*Ticket registration and claiming to be announced.

source: oceans six +

[08.05.19] [news] Jun Jin and Kim Jang Hoon are Artists Suffering from Panic Disorder

(irrevelent sections ommitted)

The number of artists who admit that they are suffering from panic disorders are growing.

Panic disorder is a self preserving reaction when a person encounters a struggle similar to a fleeting response when a person is faced with a life threatening emergency. Fear surfaces when you feel that death or insanity near. Recently, in the SBS' drama "Golden Bride", the lead male actor Kang Joon Woo (Song Chang Yi) depicted a character suffering from panic disorder.

Shinhwa member Jun Jin through a recent interview said, "I received treatment for severe depression for a year and a half. After the treatment, I also found out that I suffer from panic disorder." He wanted to bring out into the open that he had panic disorder. "Due to the fear that someone was trying to kill me, I carried bamboo swords and baseball bats in my car," revealed Jun Jin. The panic disorder almost led him to leave Shinhwa.

Experts say, "Panic disorder is mainly caused by excessive amounts of stress, artists are constantly under a lot of stress due to competition, irregular lifestyle and being in the public's eye. These are a few of the factors that contribute to the high level of stress."

Source: My Daily
English Translation: HappyHeart7@shinhwabiz

[08.05.19] [Info] April Total Album Sales (9th Album)

Shinhwa has did it again!

They have hit #1 in April's Recording Industries Album Sales Chart.
Without any promotion whatsoever, they have hit #1 again!
Amazing support by SHCJ all over the world.
After May, the sales will probably hit 100,000.
Only if they have done promotion like their 7th album, they would hit 500,000 mark!

Source: MIAK & ShinhwaBiz

Sunday, May 18, 2008

[08.05.18][trans] Junjin on the phone with Hwang Bo on May 16's Infinity Girls

*check out the vid here


(Hwang Bo dials out to Junjin, his ringing tone is Appeun Sarang)

JJ: Orh~
HB: Can you talk now?
JJ: Mm~
HB: I have something to ask you
JJ: Orh~
HB: Lately aren't there many female artistes who do nude pictorials?
JJ: Female? They do!
HB: I signed a contract yesterday.
JJ: Oh~
HB: But the money's not too much
JJ: Mm~
HB: Only 1 hundred million won
JJ: But 1 hundred million is a lot, isn't it?
HB: Ya, but I have to take it all off
JJ: Ah really?
HB: If I need to take everything off, is 1 hundred million won a lot?
JJ: Ah! You can't do that!
HB: I've already signed the contract for a nude pictorial
JJ: What do we do now? Did you really sign it?
HB: I thought I'd try it, and I'm not signed to any management company now anyway
JJ: Aish.. You should have asked me before you signed the contract
HB: Then is it ok if I do it?
JJ: can't!
HB: Why? Is the price too low?
JJ: Did you say you have to take everything off?
HB: All off, everything off, really
JJ: Ai, you can't! If it's like this
HB: Why not? Would you look at the pictorial?
JJ: ...I can't, how could I look?
HB: You can't look, or you don't want to look?
JJ: I don't want to look!
HB: YAH! Why won't you look?! You'll get to look at it for free!

(MC Sung Eun Young takes over the call)
SEY: Junjin ah, we're recording Infinity Girls now, I'm Eun Young
JJ: ... I must be crazy
SEY: Hang on, there are a few of the younger sisters who are dying to talk to you, just say a few words that will do, or you can hang up if you don't want to
JJ: Ok, ok
(Shin Bong Seon takes over call)
SBS: Hello
JJ: Ah hello
SBS: I'm Shin Bong Seon
JJ: Aren't you the same age as me and Hwang Bo?
SBS: Ah yes, let's be friends then?
JJ: Do help me out when we're on the same show
SBS: Hehehe, I know

(Kim Shin Young takes over the call)
KSY: Hello, glad to speak to you on the phone
JJ: Ah, is your voice really like that?
KSY: No... I heard you just released a new album
JJ: Yes, my first album
KSY: I'm hosting a radio show now... (the girls start to complain)
JJ: Ah yes
KSY: Do get on our show if you can
JJ: Yes I will. Didn't we go on a show together before?
KSY: Ah, really?
JJ: You don't remember?
JJ: You've worked hard!

Chi trans: 韩小国@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.05.18][info] Co&Star Fansigning Sessions

Grand Opening May 18 Guests:
Kim Dongwan, Tei, Son Dambi

May 21: Shin Hyesung
May 28: Cherry Filter
June 4: Min Kyung Hoon
June 11: Brown Eyed Girls
June 18: Lee Minwoo
June 25: Tei

NOTE: The poster doesn't have Junjin's name but this event is listed on Jin's schedule on his website

Chi trans: shinhwadream@shinhwazzang
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.05.18][diary] Dongwan - ^__^;

*this should be in reference to the earthquake in Sichuan, China...Dongwannie was on a show called Love Request to rally for donations for the earthquake victims...

EDIT: thanks for the info alwaysforever Wannie's fanclub Yoenin made a donation of approx 1.2 million KRW to the victims - he's congratulating them*

Wa~ Made a donation~!
Congratulations! Isn't it great to be able to help someone?

Sleep is the best thing when your mind is confused..
I should turn off the computer soon~Zzzzz..

Source: November21
Chi trans: 韩小国 @ BESTSHINHWA
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.05.17][trans] Kim Dongwan: It's Andy's era now

We often see "thanks to" messages in albums, where singers express their gratitude to the people who've helped them in the production of the album. These people would usually be staff members from the management agency, recording crew, fellow artistes who feature on the album etc.

However on Kim Dongwan's album, the messages are dedicated to everyone who has ever helped him along the way throughout his career, right from SM Entertainment's Lee Soo Man and all the producers and managers that he has worked with through the years. Even now, he still sends his greetings to Lee Soo Man on festive occasions. No matter what the circumstances were when he left the company, he makes it a point to express his gratitude to everyone that has helped him before. We meet with happy guy Kim Dongwan, who has just returned with his 2nd solo album, The Secret. Although he selected a ballad as the title track for his 1st album, this time round he has gone for an electronica track. He tells us that he is still looking for his own unique features as a singer.

Rivalry between the Shinhwa members? It's Andy's era now

Q: Last year you competed with Lee Minwoo and Shin Hyesung, and this year it's against Junjin and Andy.

DW: Andy's really popular now, it's not going to be an easy battle (laughs). When I started work on the 2nd album I was still rather confident, but looking at Andy's popularity now, it's really no laughing matter. It's Andy's era now.

Q: The other members are all very active overseas.

DW: Regarding overseas activities, I'll think more aout it when I'm done with military service. I'm considering Japan for now.

Q: It's Shinhwa's 10th anniversary this year, but there haven't been any activities other than the concert. Don't you feel it's a pity?

DW: It is, but the members all have their work schedules lined up, so it's very difficult to coordinate all our schedules.

Q: Would you say that's why you're concentrating more on your 2nd solo album instead of Shinhwa's 9th album?

DW: In a way, yes. But rather than to say that there was no effort for Shinhwa's 9th album, it might be more appropriate to say that since there was no way for us to have group activities even though we released our album, the only choice was for me to concentrate on my album.

Q: Before Shinhwa made their debut, I heard that you once thought of forming a group called BOB with MC Mong and Seo In Chang.

DW: I did, but I was thinking if we would disappear into anonymity after releasing 1 or 2 albums. That's because our concept was to be a comic group, so I don't suppose we would have lasted long. At that point in time, UP and DJ DOC were really popular and comic songs were pretty popular.

Q: Would a solo debut have been better?

DW: Probably not. Shinhwa was really the right choice.

Money? I've earned enough to get married, but I'd like to use it for investment.

Q: You're enlisting for military service this year?

DW: I can't be thinking of starting any acting projects now. During the army stint, I don't want to do anything and I just want time for myself. I'd like to spend that period of time doing things unrelated to the entertainment world.

Q: It hasn't been easy to get through the past 10 years, have you thought of taking a break?

DW: Not exactly retirement, but I've thought of going on a hiatus for 4-5 years. I've given my all, and there isn't anything much I can offer to everyone.

Q: Have you earned a lot of money?

DW: It's enough for me to get married, but I'm thinking of investing it. I'm thinking of using the money to study overseas or just for the things that I want to do.

Q: When you return from military service, would you rather focus on singing or acting?

DW: Probably acting.

Q: What kind of actor do you hope to become?

DW: I hope to be able to make viewers feel that no one else but me could portray those roles.

Q: Don't you have a girlfriend?

DW: No, but if I did, I'd want to get married now. I'm thinking a lot about getting married, cooking and doing chores these days. If I'm married, I wouldn't be staying out so often.

Q: The type of girls that you like would be those who would make a good wife and mother?

DW: In a way. I like chubbier girls, not the sexy and slim ones. Though I used to like sexy and slim girls when I was younger, but not anymore.

Practising until I hurt my voice, that's when I feel that I found my unique vocal feature.

Q: No one expected you to release a dance track instead of a ballad for your title track.

DW: I'm more confident about ballads, but since I'm a pop singer I have to consider the preferences of the mass audience.

Q: You seem to have a different composer for each song. Is there a set of criteria you have when you collect songs for your album?

DW: Nothing in particular, but I'm more skewed towards songs that can be played together with a band set-up. I had many composers of different genres participating in the album.

Q: Did you have a lot of vocal practice?

DW: I was very concerned with protecting my voice for the 1st album, so I sang within my limits. But this time round I wanted to practise until I hurt my voice. In the end I didn't hurt it but I find that I have found my unique vocal feature. And now I have a wider vocal range.

Q: You do want to continue singing right?

DW: I'm a little more confident about it now. During the 1st album I thought "what if this doesn't succeed", but I don't worry about that anymore.

Q: I heard that you were very emotional during the release of your 1st album. How about your 2nd album?

DW: I was really an emotional wreck during the 1st album. But I'm not like that anymore, I'm more nervous about if I can do it well.

Q: What were you most troubled with during the production of the album?

DW: During the production there wasn't much to be stressed about, but I was quite troubled when it came down to selecting the title track.

Q: There must be some pressure to succeed since it's your last album before you head for military service.

DW: I didn't want to panic about anything, I felt that the more I panicked the worse it would be.

Q: Your thoughts and hopes for the 2nd album and your activities?

DW: I hope to be able to have more performances. I was too nervous and emotional during the 1st album and I couldn't perform much. In future I'd like to be able to meet the fans through more performances.

Source: donga&oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.05.16][trans] 10th anniv site Production Note 30: 10Q & 10A - Q8

Q8: Lately what have you been immersing yourself in?

Midi equipment and virtual instruments

Music, and my instruments

My camera. Photography.
And the things that appear in my photographs.


My 1st official album,
My heart and my desire to prove myself, all contained in the album

Watching movies by myself...Quietly..

Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.05.16][news] Andy: A 90% intention of dating Solbi

On the 17 May broadcast of KBS2's Star Golden Bell, Andy made a surprising confession, "I have a 90% intention of dating Solbi."

Andy and Solbi are currently playing a newlywed couple on MBC's We Got Married, and are enjoying a great deal of popularity among viewers. In response to Solbi's recent confession on Sang Sang Plus that she'd like to date Andy if possible, Andy also made his feelings clear.

Andy said, "Solbi mentioned on the show that she would agree if I were to initiate a relationship. I do have a 90% intention of dating Solbi."

When asked by the MC if he really meant what he said, Andy replied "I'm still very busy now and I don't have much free time. But after I'm done with the activities for the album, the musical and the movie, and if I have time to get to know Solbi better, we can talk about a relationship."

Appearing on the same episode, Saori was asked if she preferred her own We Got Married partner Jung Hyung Don or Andy. She replied with "I hate Don Don", and chose Andy instead.

Chi trans: yujin@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.05.16][news] Andy confesses, "I went on a blind date 3 years ago"

Shinhwa's Andy confessed that he went on a blind date 3 years ago.

During the recording for KBS2's Cider, when asked if he's ever attended any blind dates before, he said "3 years ago, when my mom suggested that we go out for dinner, and I ended up on a blind date."

"My mom said that she was going to have dinner with her friend and she brought me along to this posh restaurant. It turned out that my mom's friend brought along a young lady too. After we exchanged greetings, my mom and her friend told us to go home after we were done with dinner then they just left."

"The young lady was actually younger than she looked, and I was simply at a loss. After dinner I offered to send her home but then she said she wanted to go for some drinks."

The MC then asked if they went for drinks in the end, to which Andy replied "We didn't, but we said we'd go the next time round. We exchanged numbers too, but we didn't keep in touch after that."

Cider will be shown on 18 May.

Source: NEWSEN
Chi trans:yujin@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.05.16][Info] Jun Jin NEW DECADE Album Sign Meet

17 May 2008
What: Sign meet of New Decade album
Where: Synnara Records Daejeon
Time: 10am - distribution of tickets, 4pm - sign session

18 May 2008
What: Sign meet of New Decade album
Where: Synnara Records Busan
Time: 10am - distribution of tickets, 4pm - sign session

**the sign meets shall be limited to 200 ppl each


[08.05.15][trans] 10th anniv site Production Note 29: 10Q & 10A - Q7

Q7: If you could all live together in a dormitory again, who would you want to share your room with?

This... what...
Hyesungie's opinion is also very important.. Ahem.

I want to be by myself even if you kill me ㅋㅋ Because I'm very precious...
Hmm... With Hyesung?

I want to sleep holding Andy.

I'll have fun with Professor Kim~~ Dooroorara~~

Shin Hyesung
I want to train him up.

I want to be by myself! In the living room!!

Chi trans: 虫虫猪猪@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.05.15][News] LeeJiHoon "Change" revenge, JunJin as a gorilla!

Lee Ji Hoon in SBS "Good Sunday - Change" made a sudden revenge.

In "Change" Kangta Episode, due to the hidden candid camera LeeJiHoon was being pranked and now he is trying to make his revenge in the new coming episode of "Change". The person he is going to prank is SHINHWA member JunJin who had just made his solo comeback. LeeJiHoon changed into a fat uncle and JunJin who thought he was the main "Change" selected artist came to accept the invitation to appeard in the show, and too experiencing on appearance Changing.

Given JunJin a Gorilla's mask, LeeJiHoon & Change staff was scribbling on the skin silicon, and simply stick the gorilla's fur onto junjin's face. Towards JunJin who was innocent and not knowing of anything, with his sincerity heart, like a man he showed his Dance performance in the show with his new hit track.

[obmited unrelated news]

Cn Trans:fang3799@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[08.05.15][News] KimDongWan 2nd album sale no.1

Recently KimDongWan who had released his 2nd album "Secret" had gotten no.1 spot on the album sales.

KimDongWan on the 14th May released his solo 2nd album "Secret", Recently in Hanteo & Hottacks sales chart gotten a hit popularity, successfully taken down Epik High & McMong, rising up to the no.1 spot in the sales chart.

Towards this, the management company express "In this hit track "Secret" is not KimDongWan's style, towards this we were all struggling on the decision on it, but it had given us much more than what we had expected towards on the response. Thank you very much. Beside than the hit track, the other songs too contained a matured side of dongwan. At the same time there's a new voicing with band arranger, thus the songs were being producted in selective style, hope the audience will love it lots."

Cn Trans:jojoyu7@Shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[08.05.15][diary] Dongwan: Ilsan Lake Park

That's a very pretty flower bed..!

You can see a church behind~

As I walked on I saw a pavilion... Was this already there? Or did they restore it when they built the park? It looks very ancient..^^

I took all kinds of photographs. The sun is already setting..

The time to eat is already over, so I had galbi dumplings in the evening~~ㅎㅎ
Today has been another tiring day..

Source: november21
Chi trans: 虫虫猪猪@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.05.14][trans] Kim Dongwan: My way of life is in my music

Stumbling through his teens. Becoming an entertainer to make a living. Gaining popularity in his 20s. This is how Kim Dongwan has spent his last 10 years as a member of Korean's longest-running idol group. He has grown from a naive trainee to an accomplished singer/actor in these 10 years, and having just released his 2nd solo album, he is due to enlist for the army this year. Kim Dongwa talks to us about his 20s and Shinhwa's 10 years.

t: You just had your first performance for your 2nd solo album, how did you feel?

DW: I was more nervous than I was for the 1st album. I feel more pressure. The title track this time is a dance track, and I'm not much of a dancer to start with. Even at the moment before I stepped up on stage, I was still asking myself if this was right for me. At that point Jinnie, who was also on the same show, encouraged me and cheered me on, that's how I managed to get through with the performance.

t: But Shinhwa has always been known for their impressive stage performances, and here you are saying that you can't dance (laughs). The choreography for your title track Bi Mil (Secret) looks less complicated than Shinhwa's dances.

DW: Me and Hyesungie are always fighting to be the worst dancer in Shinhwa. Singing Bi Mil and dancing at the same time, it's really difficult. For Shinhwa, we're always practicing and the 6 of us are dancing together so it's not too bad, but to be honest, it's been very tough for me for 9 years.

"Actually I'm a little chauvinistic. I show it through music."

t: People's opinions of Kim Dongwan seem to differ from what you think of yourself. For the song 사이키스 (Psy Kiss), some people said the melody sounded similar to trot. Even some of your fans asked, "What happened to Kim Dongwan?" (laughs)

DW: That was actually one of the songs shortlisted to be the title track. (laughs) I wanted to do something completely different. But people who don't like this would probably say something like "What's up with this?", so I decided against it. Althought this song doesn't quite fit in with the other songs on the album, but I like it. Maybe I'm getting older. (laughs)"

t: So you're saying that you'd like to do what you want.

DW: Yes, I want to try working on music that I like. Honestly speaking, in my 1st solo album, I wasn't really sure of what I wanted and what I wanted people to hear, so I tried out everything. But this time round I did what I wanted to, so in the 2nd album you can hear more of a live band arrangement for most of the songs.

t: Especially on your vocal style. You had more of a polished style for the 1st album, but for the 2nd album there's a feeling of raw power.

DW: During the 1st album I'd stop singing if my voice was hoarse, this time round I'd still sing even if that's the case. Actually I ended up liking this style more. Especially on A Man's Love, I specially sang it with a hoarse voice.

t: We're all curious as to how you're really like. In A Man's Love, there's a line that goes something like "No one really knows a man's heart/He dies holding someone/That day he smiled", is that the way it is now? (laughs)

DW: I'd only be that way to the woman I love. I'm a little of a male chauvinist, but I don't mean it in the sense of belittling women. That's something only bad guys do. It's more of a way of life. Although it might be the same for women, but men tend to hide their emotions and try to get on with life. That shows in my music, because that's how I live.

"I seem to become an ahjosshi when I'm doing my solo activities"

t: What is it that you have to hide? You once talked about your thoughts on the movie "If I Was Superman", you said Jeon Ji Hyun "played the character of a female PD who tries her best in all her programmes in order to survive very well."

DW: Male PDs seem to have a knife hidden in their hearts (meaning that they are aggressive but they would put on a front) But they would put on a smile and try to get along with everyone. Female PDs tend to be more serious and they don't really show their humorous side. I think they are trying to show their strength because they believe that's their key to survival. That's my opinion.

t: Do you carrry a knife in your heart too?
DW: Of course, I can be an angel in front of people I really dislike, but sometimes I wonder to myself when I'd be able to stab him with the knife. In the entertainment world, I've suffered many insults, especially during the time I was filming the drama. I thought of giving up acting then. But I gritted my teeth and persisted anyway. My motto since high school has been "If you can't even tolerate this as a man, you might as well be dead." I think one's tolerance level is directly related to the level of success he achieves.

t: But don't you feel worse as you try to tolerate more?

DW: I rationalize too much. Because I'm an entertainer, I can't act this way. Because I'm kind, I can't act this way. I'd be asked not to make mistakes. But to be frank, one would make mistakes even during a break. Even so, the members will help me out. I would feel that I have to put up with something, but then Eric would tell me to let it all out. Having people like him around helps me a lot.

t: Shinhwa's Kim Dongwan is a very fun-loving guy, is the solo Kim Dongwan like that too?

DW: As part of Shinhwa, I'd go about the activities without worrying much, but it's the opposite for the solo Kim Dongwan. As part of Shinhwa, it feels like i'm having fun with my friends, but I seem to become an ahjosshi during my solo activities because I can truly feel the reality of it all.

"I'd like to lead an ordinary life during military service."

t: Reality of it all?

DW: The fact that I'm getting older, and my status as an entertainer.

t: Was it the same for you when you made your acting debut? I heard that you were under a lot of pressure when Spin Kick didn't do well at the box office. It must have been very different from your experience with Shinhwa.

DW: There was really a lot of pressure. I picked up drinking and smoking after quitting it for 5 years. I hoped that everyone could see a different side of me, but that didn't happen. I didn't act in any more dramas after The Person I Love, because I want to be able to show a completely different side of me when I do return to acting. And not just in terms of appearance, but in terms of being able to let the audience identify with me.

t: What stresses you out most about performing?

DW: As a teenager, I had the opportunity to experience everything earlier than most people, and that helped me a great deal in terms of performing in my 20s. However I haven't been able to live a normal life since I hit my 20s. So I hope that I can lead an ordinary life during my military service. I'd like to see what I've become after experiencing so much.

t: Maybe that's why you seem to be enjoying a break after 10 years. I've seen your diary entries, you no longer seem to expressing your opinions so strongly anymore. You sound more relaxed and at peace.

DW: That's true. When I write, I'm as peaceful as when I'm fishing. 3 to 4 years ago, I would be writing about social problems, but I don't do that anymore. My focus is more on my own life now.

t: Have you also changed your opinion about Shinhwa too? Your perspective seems to be different when you were active as Shinhwa.

DW: On the whole, Shinhwa completely belongs to us now. During the SM days, Shinhwa was a 100% manufactured group, but now at least 90% come from ourselves. To me now Shinhwa is... I used to say that it's everything, now it's not anymore. Shinhwa's still family to me, but there is also more than that to life.

t: Now that you're all having your own solo careers, do you feel that it's a pity that Shinhwa isn't as active as before? The fans are still waiting eagerly to see Shinhwa's performances. The title track for the 9th jib is a dance track, won't you be performing that on programmes?

DW: It's not just because of our solo activities that we're not going on programmes. In fact, I'm also worried that it's so difficult to be as active as before as a group. We will need a lot of time to be able to have that many activities, but each of us can't afford that much time, and we have to consider things from a commercial perspecitve. We'd rather perform for the fans during concerts. There are many restrictions on TV programmes, and if we wanted to make a group appearance we'd have to turn up on many programmes, not just a few. So we chose to concentrate on our concert rehearsals instead.

t: Does Shinhwa also signify something different now? I've always felt that Shinhwa is a group that works hard for the fans, and not to gain popularity.

DW: Some people say that idols are just making money off the fans. But it's really something to be able to survive because of the fans. If we're purely using the fans to make money then we'd be really bad guys, but we work hard for them. They're the ones who give us their undivided attention when we're on stage, and they're the ones who shower us with love. We want to be on the same side with the fans, since we're an idol group after all. It might be boring to be a group that everyone likes, so we hope to be a group that people like from time to time, but they'd be happy each time they see us. We want to be able to like ourselves and for the fans to love us too.

t: What's the next step for you and Shinhwa then?
DW: It will be great if Shinhwa can stand on stage together and carry on holding concerts. We would be back together again latest by the time we're 35, and we should be able to carry on performing after that. For me, I've spent too much time worrying during my 20s. I didn't know what people expected out of me, so I tried my hand at everything. Now I have a clearer idea as to what's expected of me and what I'm good at. Although some people might laugh, but now that I'm stepping into my 30s, life has just begun.

t: What kind of relationship would you hope to have with the fans who have stayed with you for the past 10 years, and who are most likely to continue supporting you in future?

DW: A relationship of complete trust. I said something like that during my 1st volume. I've also said before that people who give me constructive criticism are better than people who like everything about me unconditionally, and that I hated it when I was obviously doing something wrong and yet people still cheer me on. But now I like people who support me all the way, that's because I understand myself now and I know what I should be doing. If you don't like me or the things I do, just don't attend my performances or visit my site (laughs). Now I like people who cheer me on.

Source: magzint&oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz