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[09.07.29] Hyesung’s JP Mobile Staff Diary: TOUR IN TAIWAN 12

Before the concert began, Hyesung was quietly holding a candle in the dressing room too
His eyes show how deeply moved he was!
2009.07. 10

In Taiwan too the purple candles lit up the whole stage
Just like sparkling stars in the night sky

The best!
2009.07. 10

Credits: Flashback + SCIC + Absolut Shinhwa

[09.07.29] Dongwan’s blog: 2009 (main page updated)

sungie is not in the pictures, still………. its good to see even old pics of the guys together :)


Eric’s wearing a t-shirt with the same design as the trash can.

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Su-mi@AbsolutShinhwa

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

[09.07.28] Hyesung’s JP Mobile Staff Diary: TOUR IN TAIWAN 11


The details of the event that the Taiwanese fans had prepared~
3 paragraphs of detailed instructions *_*
2009.07. 10


Since the Seoul concert, there’s always a special event for ‘Same Thought’!
The purple lightsticks created a dreamlike scene~
That magnificent scene really moved our hearts, over and over again~

Fans from every country always show their support in such a moving manner, just like one big family,
One can really feel the warmth of being together as one…
2009.07. 10

Credits: Flashback + SCIC + Su-mi@AbsolutShinhwa

[09.07.28] Notice: Junjin’s 30th birthday party fanmeeting

Hi, we’re from the official Junjin Supporters.

Junjin’s 30th birthday is approaching, and a birthday party/fanmeeting event will be held.
We hope the many Junjin fans out there will show more interest and participate actively.

Junjin 30th Birthday Party Fanmeeting “Let’s Have Fun With Junjin~♡”

★Date/Time: 23 August 2009 (Sunday) 5pm. The event will last approximately 2 hours.
★Venue: Kwangwoon University (approx 500 seats)
★Date of deposit collection: 3 August (Monday) at 1pm

Further details regarding deposit and seating will be released in another notice.
There will also be another notice regarding the events at the birthday party fanmeeting, please look out for new notices.

Credits: Junjin Naver Support Cafe + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

[09.07.28] Minwoo’s Cyworld minihompy diary update

MMy dearest Mom and Dad~!!

For giving birth to me on this day!!

Thank you~^^

I love you~~ Very very much~!!

Credits: M’s Cyworld minihompy + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

[09.07.27] Hyesung’s JP Mobile Staff Diary: TOUR IN TAIWAN 10


Taking some photos for Always HYESUNG FC
Hyesung going through the pictures.
An interesting expression on his face?
2009.07. 10


After looking through the photos, a visibly happy Hyesung~
2009.07. 10

Credits: Flashback + SCIC + Absolut Shinhwa

[09.07.27] Original plans for Junjin’s ‘Like A Fool’ MV cancelled due to MV leak

The revised music video for Junjin’s follow-up single ‘Like A Fool’ will be released on 27th July. The MV was previously leaked and copyright issues emerged, causing a delay in the release date.

Junjin’s management agency said, “The concept was based on a surprise prepared by Junjin for his fans in the MV, but due to an mistake made by the editor, the video was leaked to the public.”

His agency added that the MV circulated very quickly via websites such as YouTube, and as a result many copyright issues had to be resolved, which took up a lot of time. In addition, they expressed regret that the video event prepared for the fans was leaked, causing the original plans to be aborted.

“As we needed time to settle the copyright issues, much time was taken up and the release date of the MV was delayed. Junjin had planned a personal message for the fans, but this plan had to be called off, it’s really a pity.”

Credits: Mydaily + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

[09.07.27] Junjin hospitalized for fatigue; misses Infinite Challenge filming

“Gastroesophageal reflux caused deterioration of liver condition”

The poor health condition of singer Junjin set off alarm bells again when he was hospitalized for over-exhaustion on 22 July.

According to a statement released by his management company on 27th July, Junjin was admitted into the hospital on 22 July for over-exhaustion leading to an increase in his liver enzyme count, and he fainted at home. However he was discharged 2 days later on 24th July.

Due to this, Junjin was unable to be present for the recording of Infinite Challenge on 23rd July. A spokesman for Junjin said, “He’s now recuperating at home, and his health condition has improved a lot.” He added that this won’t affect his upcoming activities.

Junjin is now in the midst of promoting ‘Like A Fool’, which he recorded together with girlfriend Lee Shi Young. However, the MV was leaked to the public ahead of time, and his management agency will only release the final version on 27th July.

Credits: SPN + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

Monday, July 27, 2009

Seng-il Chooka Hamneeda Minwoo-shi

May your Special Day be filled with LOTS of LOVE and HAPPINESS.

May you be BLESSED a HUNdRED FOLD coz I know you deserve them all.




[09.07.26] Lee Minwoo: The pressure of being “the idols Shinhwa”

It’s impossible to talk about Lee Minwoo without bringing up the name of ‘Shinhwa’. When asked if he feels that the term ‘idol’ is a burden to him, Lee Minwoo said without any hesitation, “The name ‘Shinhwa’ makes me feel very proud, and grateful.”

As the last group standing among all the other pioneer idol groups, Shinhwa has remained intact and is known for the great relationships and teamwork among the members. As a group with members who take care and protect one another, what is the key to Shinhwa’s longevity?

“Many people ask if we fight. In the beginning, there were times when we fought, argued and refused to talk to each other. But it’s because of things like this that we become more united. Besides there are no major clashes between all our personalities, as well as our moral values, so we complement one another very well. We still often keep in touch too.”

“The members always support one another, and help to monitor one another’s activities. Although when Eric was in the drama ‘Bulsae’, I often switched channels because I was getting goosebumps haha. We often compliment and encourage one another. When we feel that the performances aren’t great, or if we feel that the title track isn’t right, we’d meet up and chat about it. But we’re the type that say good things to one another when we talk on the phone or send text messages.”

So how does he feel about currently active male idol groups such as DBSK, Super Junior, SS501, Big Bang and 2PM?

“I rate the groups highly for having their own distinct characteristics. DBSK seems to be the benchmark among the idol groups; Big Bang presents their own code of music and fashion; every member in Super Junior has his own refreshing personality; SS501 gives a feeling of being modern, yet traditional. 2PM shares many similarities with Shinhwa, so I tend to pay more attention to them.” It’s natural for a member of Shinhwa – the first idol group to portray a more masculine image – to pay more attention to the ‘wild and unrestrained idols’ 2PM.

If one were to pick out the best thing about Shinhwa, it would be their loyalty. “In 3-4 years’ time Shinhwa will get together again, and we’d like to put together a ‘Shinhwa Show’. We hope to present Shinhwa-style music, appropriate for our age then, to everyone in a distinctly Shinhwa way.”

Though he has already moved into his 30s since his debut in his late teens, age is only a number to Lee Minwoo. “Even so, I can’t say that there’s no pressure. Looking at my parents age I feel even more unsettled. I’m taking care of my parents now, but having been living independently for a long time since high school, there was a long period of time when I couldn’t be with them. I feel really sorry to them for that.”

Hoping to remain as the music-making and dancing M even in 10, 20 years’ time, Lee Minwoo said that he hopes to groom new talents in his 30s. Having been the focus of attention in his 20s, then in his 30s, he hopes to develop himself further.

“I hope everyone will continue to take interest in how M Lee Minwoo changes and evolves, and I’ll bring M-style music and Shinhwa-style music to everyone.”

Credits: bntnews + Su-mi-@absolutshinhwa

[09.07.26] Lee Minwoo: People – including Shinhwa – are assets

“After being in showbiz for 11 years, I realised that people, including the Shinhwa members, are assets.”

Currently in the midst of promoting his Vol 4.5 album ‘Minnovation’, Lee Minwoo was in the waiting room for a television show, and the younger idol groups such as 2NE1 all came by to greet him, prompting him to look back on his days with Shinhwa and his own solo activities.

“If I were to list out things I’ve gained over the years, there are really a lot of nice people around me who have helped me and thought of me along the way. Because of the things people do, at the end of the day they’re all assets. The most priceless thing was getting to know the beautiful Shinhwa members. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Shinhwa.”

Talking about his tough pre-debut days, he said, “I think I’m living very well now, I don’t envy anyone.”

10 years after his debut in 2007, he bought a house in Hwanghak-dong where he lives now with his family. He has also opened a wine bar in the Apgujung district with his sister recetnly.

A troublemaker in high school, he said, “When I said I wanted to dance, my parents didn’t object, so thanks to them, I embarked on my own dreams. I’ve always liked things related to dance and art anyway. I got praised for my dancing the most since that was why I did the best in, so I worked hard to succeed.”

The Shinhwa members all belong to different management companies now, and with Eric and Dongwan in the army, Shinhwa activities are on hold for the moment.

“We’re very strong when we’re together. Shinhwa’s charm is that while we’re onstage we shine with energy; but off the stage, we’re candid and very real people. I’m very aware that we’re all very weak separately, but everyone has his own dreams, and achieving them is another process altogether.”

Grooming newcomers is another dream of his, as he believes that it’s his duty as a senior to help young talents with dreams of becoming singers to move to the next level.

Credits: Yonhap News + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

[09.07.26] Powerful Energy! Performer Junjin, his music and his love story (interview)

Junjin is back, with an upgrade from his last album!
With a more powerful performance and a more sensual voice, he captures our visual and aural senses all at once
Having ended his China concert tour successfully, Junjin is now actively involved in his singing and variety activities. A guy who does everything seriously no matter how difficult it is… Just like a million-volt battery, Junjin is a man who’s always full of energy… Let us share the story of his music and his love.

Q: In Asia, you seem to be especially popular in China, how do you feel about your successful concert tour in China that you held recently?
A: First of all, I’m very happy. Before that I never had a chance to interact with the overseas fans because I was mostly active in Korea, and I feel bad about that. Through this rare chance of the Asia tour, I got to meet the overseas fans and completed the tour successfully, I’m really happy ^ㅡ^

Q: The title track of this mini-album, ‘Hey Ya’ features Son Dambi, and your collaboration is reminiscent of that of another pairing of two trend leaders, Ciara and Justin Timberlake. Share with us briefly your experience of working with Son Dambi~
A: Dambi ah, just as everyone knows, practices very hard, and she has been at the peak of her popularity these days, so everything is perfect. Besides, it’s not the first time we’re working together. We performed together at one of the year-end music shows last year, so we’re familiar with each other, erm… so I guess you can say that this collaboration was comfortable? Pretty good ^ㅡ^

Q: ‘Hey Ya’ feels stronger and more powerful than ‘Wa’, and the strong performance in the MV leaves a very deep impression… Did anything interesting happen during the filming?
A: Rather than to say ‘interesting’… I hurt my toes and wrist while preparing for the album. Although I received treatment for it, but at that time… I had an operation the previous day and I had to wear my cast to the filming of the MV the next day. That was near the end of the MV, the highlight! It was very tough when we were filming the dance in the rain, because on top of being an overnight shoot, we were filming a raining scene so it was really cold, and I had to dance with an injured foot. Even so, I overcame that pain, and thanks to everyone’s efforts, the MV turned out really great ^ㅡ^

Q: We heard that you had some trouble deciding between ‘Hey Ya’ featuring Son Dambi; and ‘Like A Fool’ featuring Lee Shi Young, for your title track. Which of the two songs do you personally prefer?
A: I like both of them. Firstly ‘Hey Ya’ can demonstrate the powerful performance style that’s uniquely Junjin, so I guess you can say it’s more of a ‘Junjin-style song’? And if that’s the case, ‘Like A Fool’ is a medium-tempo track that shows a brand new side of Junjin that has never been seen before, so I like this song too. Trying a new style of songs that doesn’t belong to the dance genre, I think that’s a way of showing everyone another kind of my charms? ^ㅡ^; So… Both! Both are great!!

Q: How was the coordination between you and Lee Shi Young during the filming of the MV? It seems that she can dance as well as yourself…
A: Her skills were really surprising. She said she learnt jazz dance before, really… she’s very fast at learning dance steps, and she dances very well too. All the staff on the set were just as surprised as me. Perhaps because of this, we coordinated very well during the dance scenes.

Q: From being a make-believe couple on We Got Married to being a real-life couple, assuming that there is a trigger behind why both of you decided to announce your relationship, what would it be?
A: Frankly speaking, in the beginning because she’s still a newcomer, we were worried if it would affect her activities in any way, so we hesitated about announcing it. Rather than to say there was a trigger, it would be better to say that we just decided at some random point we wanted to make it open. It’s the same for both of us, we feel that there isn’t a need for us to hide anything. The Infinite Challenge hyungs all came clean about their relationships, aren’t they all happily living in bliss now? Besides after our announcement, we received a lot of encouragement and blessings, so I’m feeling really happy ^ㅡ^

Q: Although it’s a personal question, this could be something that fans are interested to know too, where do you go on your dates? What do you address each other by?
A: As we’ve both been busy with our own activities, it’s been hard to meet often. So when we have time, we’ll just do things that we want to do together. We’ve been to the arcade, we’ve been to the spa to get facials done… It’s not very grand dates, but even so we’re very happy doing anything together because our hearts are in sync. Our affectionate terms for each other…although I’m sure everyone already knows… “Mine”, “Yours”?? ㅎㅎ

Q: If there’s a song that you’d like to dedicate to your loved one, what will it be? Please pick 3 songs. And what is your idea of love?
A: ‘Like A Fool’ – because it’s my song, so it’s more appropriate ㅎㅎ I’m kidding! Not because it’s my song, but because when people are in love, we all become fools, isn’t it? Anyone who loves like a fool would feel the same. Besides we sang the song together. Everyone please sing this with your girlfriends ^^
And every guy should sing Im Jae Bum’s ‘Go Hae’ (Confession).. There’s a reason why people like to sing that song so much. And also 2AM’s ‘This Song’… You get addicted to the song as you sing it. I think it conveys the feelings of people in love very well.

Q: You have a very packed schedule with your album activities and variety shows, how much time do you set aside for dance practice every day?
A: It’s not fixed, I’ll practise whenever I have time. Due to the other commitments I don’t have much time for practice. ‘Like A Fool’ is my next single, and I’ve been practicing for it. If there isn’t anything on the next day, I’d practice overnight…until I’m happy with it.

Q: In ‘Infinite Challenge’, your role is getting more significant. I’d like to know if there’s any sense of competition between yourself and Gil, who’s been brought in as an ‘intern’ member recently.
A: That’s something I’ve been asked quite often.. There’s absolutely no competition with Gil-hyung. In IC, we don’t get wary when a new member joins the team. It’s really as easygoing as a real family, everyone helps each other out and we’re comfortable with each other… I still have a lot of room for improvement. Even when I’m just looking from the side, I feel that the hyungs are all really funny, and they make the show fun. That’s why I am motivated to work harder.

Q: It’s the summer holidays now, how did you spend your summer holidays when you were a student?
A: When I was still in school, it was really just all about dance. It was always dance, vacation or not… That’s all I can recall when I think about my days as a student. It’s really great to be able to do something that you have a passion for, for such a long time. All the friends on Monkey3! Please spend your vacation fruitfully~ Don’t delay doing your holiday assignments~ ㅎㅎ

Q: Last words for all the friends on Monkey3~
A: Thank you everyone for your support and love everytime I release an album. In this hot summer, I hope everyone will have a cool vacation, listening to great music. I’ll work hard to show everyone my best. Please show your love for my follow-up single, ‘Like A Fool’! Happy summer holidays~ Take care of your health!

Credits: + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

Regarding the songs that Jinnie mentioned:

‘Go Hae’ (Confession) – Im Jae Bum

A very heartfelt ‘live’ rendition of “Go Hae” (Confession)

Seung Gi’s cover of the song
No I’m not biased… just that this is the only Eng-subbed version I could find… :p

This Song – 2AM

[09.07.26] Fancams: Minwoo’s birthday fanmeeting


Junjin performing ‘Hey Ya’

Junjin performing ‘Like A Fool’

Bet you’ve never seen Eusha Eusha performed this way…

MinJin playing charades


Credits: 고구마@Six Senses
Source: Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

[09.07.25] Junjin down with acute pneumonia

note: this is just the gist of the article, as translated by Su-mi

English Premier League football team Manchester United played a friendly match with FC Seoul on 24th July at 8pm, and many celebrities were invited to attend the match, such as Tiger JK, Dynamic Duo as well as Lee Shi Young.

Junjin was due to turn up but he was hospitalized for acute pneumonia on 15th July and has yet to recover.

Credits: SSTV+ + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

[09.07.25] Hyesung’s JP Mobile Staff Diary – TOUR IN TAIWAN 09

Hyesung is reading news about his arrival the previous day in the Taiwanese newspaper
Indeed! Hallyu star Hyesung!


His pose in the newspaper article~
Hyesung himself thought that his pose was somewhat, a little weird, and he felt embarrassed
Because of his hand gesture, he looked like he was giving a treat!


Credits: Flashback + SCIC + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

[09.07.23] Dongwan’s memolog: Haeundae success!

Wow~ A must-watch!!
I dare not do a review of this… You must watch it.
It’s the first time in 9 years that I’ve laughed and cried like this….!
When the tsunami hit. I was so engrossed that I lifted my ass off the seat, how embarrassing.. ㅋ
I thought it was 90 minutes longs.. In the end the movie lasted more than 2 hours…
In one sentence,
An omnibus romantic human drama disaster movie!

Park Jung Hoon, Lee Min Gi, Kim In Kwon success! Woohoo~

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

[09.07.24] ‘Pioneer idols’ dance battle: H.O.T Moon Hee Jun vs Shinhwa Lee Minwoo



"Pioneer idols," Mooh Hee Jun of H.O.T and Lee Minwoo of Shinhwa presented a joint stage performance during the recording for the upcoming 25th July episode of SBS music programme ‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’.

Not only did they perform the debut songs of the two groups, ‘Warrior’s Descendant’ and ‘Haegyulsa’ with a live band, they also added to the medley ‘Classroom Idea’ by Seo Taiji and Boys, fully demonstrating the passion and talents of the two who have evolved from idols to musicians.

During the chat segment with MC Kim Jung Eun, they also performed the much-loved ‘Wild Eyes’ chair dance and the powerful dance of ‘We Are The Future’.

The episode will be aired on 25th July at 12.20am

Credits: Newsen + Sumi@absolutshinhwa

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M Rizing address

M’s birthday is just round the corner!

I’ve had a few requests for the M Rizing address to send cards and birthday presents to, so here goes:

M Rizing Entertainment (엠라이징 엔터테인먼트)

ICA Building 4F
738-23, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu
Seoul 153-802

source: Su-mi@absoluthinhwa

Thursday, July 23, 2009

[09.07.23] M Rizing Staff Diary: SBS Inkigayo

Credits: M Rizing + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

[09.07.22] Dongwan’s memolog: Eclipse

It’s the first time I’ve seen this since I was born…
What in the world is this..
So it doesn’t turn dark like the night-time after all…-0-/!

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

Where’s M…?

Minwoo looks like a schoolboy, so cute!!!

He looks like a high school boy himself! Ok maybe not… but not any older than a college boy in any case! Does aging ever apply to him….?
And I see what he means when he said he’s getting more male fans these days…. XD

Credits: Minwoo Baidu Bar

[09.07.22] Open World notice regarding Junjin’s ‘Like A Fool’ MV

Hi, this is Open World Entertainment.

Right now the music video of Junjin’s ‘Like A Fool’ that’s posted on many websites and fanpages
Was illegally leaked and distributed.
The MV that’s being circulated right now is not the official version that will be released
The music video is still in post-production at the moment.

Junjin is preparing the MV as a gift to the fans
And it’s a shame that it has been leaked like this.
Fans who have uploaded the MV, please delete it.
After that please look forward to the finished MV.
Those who have not deleted it by then, will be subject to legal repercussions.

Thank you.

Credits: Open World + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

[09.07.22] Lee Minwoo wants a ‘Shinhwa talkshow’

Shinhwa’s role model is known to be Japanese pop group SMAP, who has the reputation of being the ‘national idol group’ in Japan.

Lee Minwoo, who has just returned to the music scene with his Vol 4.5 album, Minnvation, has hopes of ‘creating a talkshow in the name of Shinhwa’. According to a source close to him, “Shinhwa hopes to continue activities the way SMAP has, and have their own talkshow like SMAP does.”

Debuted in 1992, SMAP has released countless hits, and the members, besides having their own solo activities, also host a regular talkshow variety program together on Fuji TV ‘SMAP×SMAP’, and continue to enjoy the status of being among the most popular stars in Japan.

Shinhwa made their debut in 1998, and has since then gone on to become Korea’s longest-running group. As members Eric and Kim Dongwan are now serving their military duties, the group Shinhwa gone on a temporary hiatus. Once all the members have fulfilled their military obligations, they will be starting on group activities again, and meet their fans once again via concert tours in Korea and Asia.

Credits: Sports Seoul + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

[09.07.22] Shin Hyesung joins new management agency Live Works

Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung has signed a new 3-year contract with new management agency Live Works Company.

Shin Hyesung, as a solo singer, has been signed to Good Entertainment since 2003, and his contract expired on 31st May with the Busan concert. He had since then been sorting out his contractual issues, and decided to embark on a new beginning by joining Live Works.

The founder and CEO of Live Works, Lee Jang Eon, has known Shin Hyesung since the first Shinhwa concert, and is one of the closest to him.

Shin Hyesung said, “In order to focus on my album activities and concerts in Korea and overseas, I decided that I needed a partner who understands ‘Singer Shin Hyesung’ very well. I’ve known Director Lee Jang Eon for more than 10 years, and I trust him more than anyone else. I believe he will give it his best shot and work together towards future activities.”

Director Lee Jang Eon also expressed, “Before his contract with Good Entertainment expired, many companies had already approached him and made big contractual offers to him. I have to thank Shin Hyesung for his trust in Live Works. From now on, Live Works Company will do its utmost best to become a leading music label in the country.”

Shin Hyesung will be holding concerts in August in Shanghai, Osaka and Tokyo, and after that he will be releasing his first solo album in Japan, and officially embark on activities in Japan.

Credits: Sports Chosun + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

[09.07.21] Hyesung’s JP Mobile Staff Diary: PARK TOUR IN TAIWAN 5+6

“Oppa! Please bring me home!”
A little note with this message, a cute doll and a flower basket~
2009.07. 10

Beside Hyesung’s dressing room, a corner for the Taiwanese media to conduct interviews~
Right behind are the concert posters and congratulatory flower baskets~
009.07. 10

Not forgetting to check out his appearance in the mirror.

Hyesung is tying his shoelaces in the dressing room
Realising that the concert is about to begin.
2009.07. 10

Credits: Flashback + SCIC + Sumi@absolutshinhwa

[09.07.21] Dongwan’s memolog: My tone.

It seems to have become strange.
I read it again.
The tone of an Otaku. That’s my tone.. ㅜㅜ

Even so it’s alright!
Because I’m an otaku, a yukshiknam*, gaeryongnam**!
No matter who I am I’ll live my life the way I want it!

By the way
I want to watch ‘Hotaru no Hikari‘..
Ayase Haruka somehow just looks like the fellow from my class in high school.. (I’m from an all-boys’ high school)
No attraction…
Well. SP start~

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

Su-mi transcript:

*Yukshiknam – literally ‘carnivorous guy’, as opposed to ‘choshiknam’ (herbivorous guy). The terms originated from Japan – a ‘yukshiknam’ is essentially an alpha male, very masculine and tough; a ‘choshiknam’ is adorable, boyish. Think 2PM vs Shinee.

**Gaeryongnam – a self-made guy, who tends to be a little more chauvinistic, calculative/thrifty

[09.07.21] Open World notice: Junjin’s Seoul concert

Hi, this is Open World Entertainment.

Everyone has been waiting for a long time~
We’re now informing everyone of the confirmed concert schedule.

Date: 26th/27th September 2009 (Sat/Sun), 1 show per day
Venue: Yonsei University auditorium

We’ll be releasing more details about the timings in upcoming notices.
We’re counting on all the fans for your support and participation!

Thank you

Credits: Open World + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

[09.07.21] Dongwan’s blog: 2009 (main page updated)

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog
Source: Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

Chubby leader-nim!!

Taken during the video screening in Shanghai on 18th July…

Credits: rainnsun_r@Eric Baidu Bar + source: Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

[09.07.20] Dongwan’s memolog: Koi no Chikara (The Power Of Love)

Transcript from Su-mi:

Wannie (ahjumma LOL) talks about another Japanese drama in this post, Koi No Chikara (The Power Of Love), from 2002, also starring Tsutsumi Shinichi who was in the last drama Wannie wrote about, Yamato Nadeshiko. Nukui and Motomiya are surnames of the lead characters in the dramas, Yada Akiko is the actress who plays another character in the drama.

Alcohol. I should heed Wannie’s advice… I don’t want to look old…!! -_-*

He’s worse than the Korean men who can’t succeed because of their pride..
Are there really office workers in Japan with characters similar to those of Koreans?
I often hear that people don’t live their lives like this in Japan…
This person. It’s hard to resonate with he’s so terribly obstinate and always doing things his way…

By the way, was there a wine craze in Japan from 2000-2002?
The characters all finish up half a bottle of wine everyday..
Isn’t that alcoholism…!
Ah.. that’s serious.
No one should follow that.
Women become weak because of alcohol. If they drink like that everyday… It’s said that they’ll age faster…

Motomiya looks like Jang Nara.

Why did I watch this uneventful drama until the end..
Stories about women are really interesting..

Yada Akiko has such a pretty face, why does she always only like Tsutsumi Shinichi..
Ah. Sad.. ㅜㅜ

Clearly men can still date even if they don’t like the other party..
It seems that women don’t do that.
Most of them…

The more I watch Japanese dramas
The more I remember how harshly the Japanese are treated.
Painful. -_-;

The stress of being 30 years old is really great for a woman.

Keep your spirits up! The 30s! ㅋ

Credits: Dongwan’s memolog+ Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

[09.07.20] Lee Minwoo: I’m a short idol… but would being taller make me better?

M Lee Minwoo – who has just come back with his latest album ‘Minnovation’ – shared his own thoughts about being short on SBS variety show Yashimmanman Season 2.

In the ‘Napoleon Special’, celebrities known for their short stature appeared on the show, and talked candidly about their experiences. Lee Minwoo, self-proclaimed ’short idol’, said with confidence, “I’m not tall, but I have long limbs.”

“But I did think to myself before, would being taller make me better than what I am now?” He revealed that he was overlooked for his height, and he did feel very hurt about his height in the past.

This episode will be shown on 20th July on SBS.

Credits: MK + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

Monday, July 20, 2009

[09.07.19] Max Ticket notice: 2009 M Live in Seoul ticketing schedule

transcript from Su-mi:
It’s not a notice from M Rizing, this is from the ticket retailer – and yes you need to have a Korean ID to register

Not much help for overseas fans who plan on going, but at least we know the date and venue is confirmed, and the ticket prices too. Hopefully the M Rizing notice for overseas fans comes out within the next few days…

Hi, this is Max Ticket. This is a notice regarding the booking of tickets for M LIVE IN SEOUL.

Ticket sales open on 23th July (Thurs) at 8pm.

- Concert title: M LIVE IN SEOUL
- Date/time: 16th August 2009 (Sunday), 6.00pm
- Venue: Olympic Hall (Olympic Park)
- Organizers: Chocolate Production, M Rizing, 제이슨퍼시픽미디어
- Ticket prices: R section (77,000KRW) / S section (66,000KRW) / A section (55,000KRW)
- Retailer:

For this concert, besides performing songs from ‘Minnovation’, he will also be performing tracks from previous albums. At the same time, he will also be performing a special unreleased track for the fans at the concert. Please give your support and participation for ‘M LIVE IN SEOUL’.

Purchasing Method:
1) Visit and register (please note that you’ll be able to register only with a Korean ID or an alien registration number – for foreigners staying in Korea)
2) Purchase after selecting M’s concert
3) Choose your method of payment

Maxticket online purchase click here

For overseas fans who wants to watch, just wait for further notice from M Rizing. Will post it once details are available.

Credits: + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

090718 MBC Music Core – MINNOVATION

video credits: Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

Sunday, July 19, 2009

[09.07.19] Hyesung’s JP Mobile staff diary: TOUR IN TAIWAN -04

The simple backstage meeting room!
This is the place for quick meetings during the concert, to exchange views and argue ^^
A simple fan/full length mirror, icebox, fully equipped, mansae!

2009.07. 09

The day of the concert at last!
The view in front of Hyesung’s dressing room!
The flowers and heartfelt messages from the lovely fans~

2009.07. 10

Credits: Flashback + SCIC + Absolut Shinhwa

[09.07.19] Lee Minwoo, “We bumped into S.E.S at the colatheque”

Colatheque = Cola + Discotheque = Dance halls/clubs for teenagers where soft drinks instead of alcohol are sold

I’m not sure if there are still any of those places in Korea these days… From what I’ve read, colatheques seem to be a 90s/early 2000s phenomenon and many of them have been converted into dancing halls for senior citizens these days…

Currently promoting his latest album ‘Minnovation’, Lee Minwoo appeared on the 18th July episode on KBS2’s Star Golden Bell, and shared an interesting incident during Shinhwa’s early days, where they bumped into the S.E.S members at a colatheque.

Replying to the question of “Has Shinhwa ever broken rules set by the management company?”, Lee Minwoo said, “During the holidays, we told the company that we were going back to our hometowns, but instead the members arranged to meet at the Gangnam subway station. On the way there, we actually bumped into our dance choreography teacher. We were really shocked, but we lied and said that we gathered together to work on our teamwork.”

“In the end, we all went to the colatheque with our teacher, where we met some familiar faces, the S.E.S members. We all said to each other, let’s show off our skills, and we performed the dances that we had been practising.”

When asked, “Did the members compete to look better than one another?”, he answered, “There was once during a concert, Junjin took off his jacket halfway and the fans were all cheering really loudly for him. So I just ripped my tank top apart so that the fans would cheer for me too.”

Credits: Newsen + Osen + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

[09.07.18] Dongwan’s blog: 2009 (main page updated)

Learning to be the other person.
We are so focused on what we judge to be the best attitude that we forget something very important:
In order to attain our objectives, we need other people.
It is necessary, therefore, not only to observe the world, but to imagine ourselves into the skins of other people, and to learn how to follow their thoughts.

This applies to both love and war.

-不動智神妙錄 (The Mysterious Record of Immovable Wisdom)

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa


What he has posted didn’t come directly from ‘不動智神妙錄’ (The Mysterious Record of Immovable Wisdom). His post actually comes from Paulo Coelho’s ‘Like The Flowing River’, and it’s a paragraph taken from an essay titled ‘The Art Of The Sword’.

The full essay is as follows:

Many centuries ago, in the days of the Samurai, a book was written in Japan about the spiritual art of the sword: Impassive Understanding, also known as The Treatise of Tahlan, which was the name of its author (who was both a fencing master and a Zen monk). I have adapted a few sections below:

Keeping calm. Anyone who understands the meaning of life knows that things have neither a beginning nor an end, and that there is, therefore, no point in worrying. Fight for what you believe in without trying to prove anything to anyone; maintain the same silent calm of someone who has had the courage to choose his own destiny.

This applies to both love and war.

Allowing your heart to be present. Anyone who trusts in his powers of seduction, in his ability to say the right thing at the right time, in the correct use of the body, becomes deaf to the ‘voice of the heart’. This can only be heard when we are in complete harmony with the world around us, and never when we judge ourselves to be the centre of the universe.

This applies to both love and war.

Learning to be the other person. We are so focused on what we judge to be the best attitude that we forget something very important: in order to attain our objectives, we need other people. It is necessary, therefore, not only to observe the world, but to imagine ourselves into the skins of other people, and to learn how to follow their thoughts.

This applies to both love and war.

Finding the right master. Our path will always cross that of other people who, out of love or pride, want to teach us something. How can we distinguish the friend from the manipulator? The answer is simple: the true teacher is not the one who teaches us the ideal path, but the one shows us the many ways of reaching the road we need to travel if we are to find our destiny. Once we have found that road, the teacher cannot help us anymore because its challenges are unique.

This applies to neither love nor war, but unless we understand it, we will never get anywhere.

Escaping from threats.We often think that the ideal attitude is that of giving up one’s life for a dream. Nothing could be further from the truth. In order to achieve a dream, we need to preserve our life, and we must, therefore, know how to avoid those things that threaten us. The more we plan our steps, the more chance there is that we will go wrong, because we are failing to consider four things: other people, life’s teachings, passion and calm. The more we feel we are in control of things, the farther off we are from controlling anything. A threat does not issue any warning, and a swift reaction cannot be planned like a Sunday afternoon walk.

Therefore, if you want to be in harmony with your love or with your fight, learn to react rapidly. Through educated observation, do not allow you supposed experience of life to transform you into a machine. Use the experience to listen always to ‘the voice of the heart’. Even if you do not agree with what that voice is saying, respect it and follow its advice: it knows when to act and when to avoid action.

This applies to both love and war.

‘不動智神 妙錄’ (The Mysterious Record of Immovable Wisdom) was written in the 16th century by Japanese Zen monk Takuan Soho. It deals with the myriad practical, technical, psychological, and philosophical aspects of combat. It goes beyond them, however, to discuss how the swordsman can, by concentrating on his art, become an integrated human being. Should you be interested in reading an English translated version of the original book that Paulo Coelho based his essay on, you can read the entire 48 pages HERE =)

[09.07.17] OW notice: Results for Junjin’s album promotional events

Hello, this is Open World Entertainment.
Thank you to the many people who participated in the album promotional events for Junjin’s ‘Fascination’ mini-album.
We will now announce the winners.
Our representatives will notify the winners of more details regarding the dinner event schedule and the delivery of the caps.

Thank you.

Credits: Open World + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

[09.07.17] Lee Minwoo: Rain and I, we’re not rivals

Known for his outstanding performance abilities, Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo has lavished praise on ‘world star’ Rain.

Back with his Vol 4.5 album ‘Minnovation’ after 8 months, Lee Minwoo said in an interview with Joynews24, “Rain and myself, we have a good senior-junior relationship, and we recognise each other’s strengths and achievements. Rather than to say we’re rivals, we’re more of each other’s friendly monitoring agent.”

Lee Minwoo and Rain share many similarities, including their groove/hip-hop urban style of dance, their preferences for fashion as well, and with their breathtaking performances, they are thus often compared to each other.

Lee Minwoo said, “Ji Hoon has an enormous talent for dance, and he has worked hard to get to where he is. Sometimes when he feels the pressure of the title of ‘world star’ weighing down on him, I’d try to encourage him. We have a close relationship and we learn a lot from each other.”

“There are infinite possibilities for Ji Hoon. He once said to me, “Hyung when I see you, it’s like seeing (Yang) Hyun Suk-hyung or (Park) Jin Young-hyung. And he encourages me to become the best producer there is. Soon he will be trying his hand at being a producer too, and I hope we can both make use of our experience to become good producers.”

Introducing his new album he said, “This is an album made with things that I want to demonstrate the most. The feeling of monitoring myself during the days of Shinhwa activities is back, it’s a very meaningful album to me.”

“Becoming a part of Shinhwa, and becoming the solo singer M, I want to work with the thought that it’s all destiny. I want to be at ease and go about my activities with ease, that’s the Lee Minwoo I want to be.”

Credits Joynews24 + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

[09.07.17] Kim Young Joon: I was jealous over Hwang Jung Eum’s kissing scene with Kim Dongwan

Kim Young Joon (SG Wannabe) & Hwang Jung Eum (The Person I Love, East Of Eden) -> The real-life couple on WGM. Anyway I think guys can’t help but be jealous of Dongwannie.. Hehe. The wit, the humor, the voice, the looks, the body, the muscles, the biceps, the abs, the shoulders, the back muscles…. I digress.

Anyway I’ve refused to watch The Person I Love because I don’t think I can bear to watch Kim Atom be a jerk… Anyway I couldn’t find any clip of this scene in question…



SG Wannabe member Kim Young Joon has expressed his jealousy over actress-girlfriend Hwang Jung Eum’s kissing scenes.

In the 14th July episode of KBS2’s Sang Sang Plus, he said, “Although I can’t do anything about her kissing scenes, but I can’t bring myself to not say a word about it. After her kissing scenes I would ask her in detail how she did the scene, and then I’ll end up blaming her co-star.”

“There was once, a few days after she did a kissing scene with Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan, I met him on a music show. I wanted to say hello, but somehow my jealousy got the better of me and I chose to avoid him instead.”

(irrelevant info omitted)

Credits: Mydaily + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

[09.07.17] Doraemon vs Infinite Challenge – Wow, their images are the same!

Doraemon characters have different Korean names (names in parentheses are nicknames that they’re usually known by)

Nobita – Noh Jin Gu (Jin Gu)
Shizuka – Shin Yi Seul (Yiseuri)
Takeshi – Man Tungtung (Tungtungie)
Suneo – Wang Bi Shil (Bishiri)
Pisuke (the dinosaur)


A poll comparing characters of popular animation ‘Doraemon’ to members of MBC variety show Infinite Challenge has become a hot topic among netizens.

The poll, conducted by movie website Cine21, ran from 7-14 July, with the question: “Which Infinite Challenge member has a 100% resemblance to the main characters in ‘Doraemon: Nobita’s Dinosaur’?”

The members were interestingly matched up with the characters from the animation:

Nobita vs Yoo Jae Suk
Doraemon vs Jung Hyung Don
Pisuke vs Noh Hong Chuk
Takeshi vs Jung Joon Ha
Suneo vs Park Myung Soo
Shizuka vs Junjin

Nobita/Yoo Jae Suk took more than half of the votes, winning the poll with 53.3%, Doraemon/Jung Hyung Don was in 2nd place with 21.2% and Takeshi/Jung Joon Ja claimed 3rd place with 14.3% of the votes.

Rounding up the rest of the poll was the similarly pretty Shizuka/Junjin, yellow and big-eyed Pisuke/Noh Hong Chul and weak but arrogant Suneo/Park Myung Soo.

The movie ‘Doraemon: Nobita’s Dinosaur’ premiered in Korea on 15th July.

Credits: ibtimes + Absolut Shinhwa

[09.07.17] Dongwan’s blog: 2009 (main page updated)

Why do I keep getting asked ambiguous and leading questions that put me in such difficult situations……!!Really……why! why! why!!!!”
i dont want to answer that, i might say something ill and i dont want to add anymore injury let alone Dongwan is getting the brunt of her stupid action.


Now it’s a little..

Let’s stop it.

No matter who it is, it’s bad to get hurt..

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa


She wrote an entry on her Cyworld page too, I’ve translated it on an FYI basis, so…

I’ve lost my senses…
News article?….. Am I supposed to see it and then quietly put up with it all?….
I was supposed to do publicity for the drama, first that person asked me to talk about people I’ve dated before.
That person is going back and forth saying bad things about me.. That aside…
What am I supposed to say in reply???
Anyone can say anything now!!!!!!
That aside too, he called me a liar?……. I can’t even take a breath now
Really… What’s true and what’s a lie?…..
Why do I keep getting asked ambiguous and leading questions that put me in such difficult situations……!!
Really……why! why! why!!!!!!

Credits: Amy’s Cyworld minihompy + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

[09.07.17] Hyesung’s JP Mobile Staff Diary: TOUR IN TAIWAN 2 & 3


This is the hotel where Hyesung and the staff were staying at, the Westin Taipei Hotel~
The organizers arranged for the best room for Hyesung, and really gave him VIP treatment.
Waking up on the morning of the concert, Hyesung polished off the eggs for breakfast~
In a very good condition. Woke up refreshed.
2009.07. 09

Having a rehearsal at Taiwan University!
The venue is really very big *_*
2009.07. 09



The retractable roof, with the starlight it feels just like an outdoor venue~

Hyesung at the rehearsal, in a white T-shirt and a green cardigan
Added a new song for the Taiwan cocnert!
The rock version of Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’! Rearranged in Hyesung’s style!
And also a sweet rendition of Jessica (Simpson)’s Good-Bye~ How did it feel?
2009.07. 09

Credits: Flashback + SCIC + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

Friday, July 17, 2009

Yoon Pil Gyo…? Shin Ji Hoo…?

HT to 80sLN (Tiff) for the vid

This video has been shown at every concert of his Keep Leaves tour, from Seoul to Busan to Taiwan…

I can’t really understand everything he said, but I think the first thing he says to Geum Jandi is…

Yes I’m Shin Hyesung. You want my autograph?

All vid credits to PilGyoK
source: Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

[09.07.17] Reporter’s Handbook: Why did Amy lie on air?

honestly, i dont care. as i have said before, just wish she just shut her mouth and leave Minwoo alone. in the fuirst place, there wouldnt be any smoke without any fire. amy, you created your own ghost, now deal with it and again keep your F*&$ing mouth shut. Oh by the way, leave Dongwan out of your interview, you already know how he feels, araso!

Note from Su-mi:

And the saga continues – the reporter who wrote the article that spawned the entire controversy has basically written another article in defense of himself, after Amy implied that he made up stories about what she had said in the interview. Man…I’m starting to think Park Shi Yeon’s an angel.

As a media personality, she really should have known better than to piss off a reporter. But in any case it’s his word against hers – no one would really know what she actually said unless the tape recording of the interview is released. For all we know, this could be the reporter’s petty revenge towards her for insinuating that he made up things that she didn’t say… BUT NO, THIS TIME I’M NOT GIVING HER THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT. It’s too clear who the real victim of this entire ruckus is.

The more she talks, the worse it gets. It’s time you learnt how to STFU, biatch (couldnt said it any better).

Amy of ‘Bad Girls’ Diary 5′ appeared on tvN’s ENEWS on July 15th to explain her side of the story in the controversy over her comments that she made about Lee Minwoo in an interview.

On the show, Amy repeatedly said that she did not mention anything about Lee Minwoo in front of the media, that the contents of the article were untrue, and that she felt hurt and frustrated. She also mentioned that she wanted to resolve the misunderstanding with Kim Dongwan.

Amy had made a trip to the headquarters of IS at Chungrim-dong on 6th July. It was Amy’s management agency that requested for the interview as publicity for her upcoming drama. Amy expressed that she’s part of the ’snappy new generation’ (it means straightforward, candid – though I think it’s just a case of not thinking before speaking), and answered all the questions smoothly.

Since she was about to appear on a tvN drama called ‘Apgujung Diary’, though we talked about the drama itself, and of course the interview touched on the most recent topic of her break-up with Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo.

Perhaps Amy didn’t express her hurt as she gallantly answered the questions that I carefully posed.

“Although I do think about our memories from the past, I don’t feel hurt. We weren’t compatible in many ways, and I have tried my best, so I have no regrets. I don’t even remember Lee Minwoo’s face now.”

After that we continued to talk about things related to Lee Minwoo. Though we were meeting for the first time that day, Amy had spoken freely about a variety of things. She didn’t request for me to keep things ‘off the record’ when we touched on sensitive topics, and she didn’t express any unhappiness when I asked more sensitive questions.

Towards the end of the interview, I asked her, “Is it going to be inconvenient for you since we’ll be publishing the contents of today’s interview?” She replied, “No. That’s how I am, it feels great to be able to speak out candidly today.”

That day, Amy actually mentioned many things that were inappropriate for an interview. “He’s really a terrible XX”; “It started off well, then he started to lie about everything”; “I was deceived by his smiling eyes”; “He kept lying and giving me the slip”; “Now that I think about it, he’s really a horrible XX”, these were things that came straight out of Amy’s mouth.

The next day, IS published a short article of the interview on the Internet. The contents of what Amy had said were saved in the computer file, but sensitive contents that would have caused problems for both parties were edited out. The ’safe’ edited article was then published, with some parts cleaned up.

Amy’s manager also called me up in the afternoon, “The story looks good, I was really worried because of Amy’s frankness when she speaks, but I’m relieved to see the article. Please do us a favor with more interviews.”

However Amy then appeared at the tvN studio on 15th July to prove her innocence (?). In the 3rd part of a one-hour special on Amy, she proclaimed, “I absolutely never said anything like that to the reporter.”

“I’m really hurt and frustrated, and I really want to clear up the misunderstanding. I really didn’t say anything like that at all. I didn’t say that in the interview with the reporter. Honestly I’m very angry, I must resolve this today!” Her tone in the 6mm broadcast interview felt consistent with her interview with IS.

But to the viewers, they were suspicious of her words. “Please show only your true self. The article doesn’t seem like it’s made up, and so many issues have been made out of it.”

Forgetting everything that one she said and done, or remembering only the complete opposite of it, and then turning everything to your advantage as a weapon, that doesn’t match the concept that Amy’s fans know her for.

If she continues to act this way, it would be difficult for not just her lover, but anyone at all to be by her side.

Credits: IS JOINS + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

Thursday, July 16, 2009

[09.07.16] Lee Minwoo, “Ah oh, I’m gaining more male fans”

A guy that guys like. A member of idol group Shinhwa, Lee Minwoo – who has won the hearts of many female fans – has recently been called ‘Minwoo hyung-nim’ a lot. (NB: ‘Hyung-nim is a term of respect which younger guys use to address older guys). Among the fans who search for his music at various music websites, more than half are males, and the number of male fans joining his fan cafe has also been increasing.

“Since my first solo album, I’ve been making music that I want to make, and every year the number of male fans increase. Their level of mania seems like it will increase further.” Fans have expressed the general opinion that “it’s great that he tries things that most singers wouldn’t try”. Rather than to follow the trend, he looks confident as he takes current trends as references instead.

Having written the melody and lyrics for his title track ‘Minnovation’, as well as ‘Summer Time’, Lee Minwoo had imported sound sources from the UK. Besides changing the lyrics of ‘Summer Time’ 4 times, he only picked 6 songs out of tens of other songs. The title track ‘Minnovation’ fuses hiphop perfectly with an electronic beat, and despite its strong and catchy tune, it doesn’t feel like it’s following the trend. “It’s one of the albums that I’m most satisfied with,” Lee Minwoo said. The decision to produce a limited run of 20,000 copies also demonstrates this self-confidence of his.

“I wasn’t fully satisfied with my last album, there were too many styles and it lacked an identity. So this time round I picked only 6 songs so that the style of the album stays consistent. I think the character of the album can be better demonstrated if there are lesser songs.”

Although he rose to the peak as a member of idol group Shinhwa, he started on his solo career in 2003 in order to make his own music. As M, he has released more than 10 albums (including single albums and mini-albums). 3 years ago he set up his own management agency, M Rizing; for the past 10 years he has involved himself in dance choreography, songwriting and lyric-writing; and he has also shown much interest in non-music related businesses such as his series of Wolf M caps and his recent venture into the fashion industry. “If it wasn’t for dance I wouldn’t have started on music, and if I wasn’t interested in the arts I wouldn’t have started a fashion business. I like to follow my imagination, I like toys, and no matter what it is I will want to take up the challenge. I’m someone who dreams of becoming an artist.”

He has dreams of grooming outstanding newcomers as well. “The last 10 years have been spectacular, and now I’m hoping to groom a 2nd-generation Shinhwa. Yang Hyun Suk sonbae was the first to take that path, and I feel really glad to have an idol whose footsteps I can follow in.”

Credits: Herald Biz + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

[09.07.16] Always Hyesung Magazine Vol.1

Translation of Hyesung’s congratulatory note above

It’s Always Hyesung’s 1st birthday!
Congratulations… Thank you.~ Just like the name of the fan club, for always being by my side…
Thanks to everyone’s love and enthusiastic support, Always Hyesung has been able to grow freely ^-^
In this one year… Thinking back about the days I spent with the members of the Always Hyesung family, many things have happened indeed…
It was my first time setting up a solo fan club, so for some reason I felt really nervous…
And… With nervous and excited feelings, I prepared for my first fanmeeting in Japan..
In Osaka..Nagoya…and the concert in Tokyo…
Always, no matter when…giving your great love to the insignificant me…
The look in all of your eyes as you looked at me with your sparkling eyes…
Everything seems like it just happened yesterday, and the most happy moments…
I don’t have any other way of repaying you except with my music…
Being loved by all of you, my heart is filled with happiness, gratitude and guilt towards all of you…
Compared to what has already passed of this year…
From now onwards we’ll share even more happy days~ so let’s always spend our days with a smile!
In 2009, I’ll be seeing everyone more often, as much as everyone loves me, I’ll work just as hard to bring you even better albums, and to become the Hyesung who’s able to repay all of you~ Thank you.

2009.06 from HYESUNG


Translation of Hyesung’s full Q&A

Q1: What kind of music do you usually listen to when you’re driving?
If you can go on a road trip in Japan, where would you like to go?
A: I prefer to listen to songs from Side 1…
Since I like it here, so no matter where… I’ll recommend it!!!

Q2. What are the blood types of your parents?
A: My dad is Type A, and my mom is Type O.

Q3: What songs are in your iPod?
A: The latest hit songs in Korea, concert recordings, demo recordings, the Oricon chart

Q4.What’s the latest thing you’ve tried doing?
A. Fishing

Q5: Are there any Korean snacks that you’d like to introduce to the Japanese fans?
Any Japanese snacks that you find very delicious? If there’s any snack that Hyesung-san likes, I’d like to try them too.
A: Actually I’m not too fond of snacks..
Korean snacks, such as sweet potato pancakes, for Japanese snacks it’s Calbee potato snacks.

Q6: You wrote lyrics for some of the songs on your 1st album, but you haven’t been doing so lately.
Why is that so?
A: Though I really want to write some good lyrics, but it’s too difficult. I’ve been psyching myself though.

Q7: When you were staying in Japan, what was the thing that surprised you most about Japan?
A: The houses may be small, but they’re very high. I didn’t really go out during my stay in Japan~I mostly studied, did my homework, practised…
[You're saying that you didn't play computer games...? Don't lie... LOL]

Q8: What else do you do at home besides playing computer games?
A: I play games, watch movies, TV… Sometimes I cook…

Q9: What do you usually carry in the bag that you often bring around?
A: I haven’t been bringing a bag along with me when I travel these days.

Q10: Where is Muri now?
A: She’s in the home of a friend, and is growing healthily.

Q11: What’s the one thing you must do before you start your concert?
A: To get into the best condition, I don’t usually do anything special. But I do eat samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly meat) the night before a concert, because it’s good for the throat… ^-^
[SAY WHAT....??? You're turning into a Kang Ho Dong junior! LOL]

Q12: I really like Korean ramyeon. There is a wide variety, can Hyesung-san recommend a more delicious type of ramyeon?
A: Cook ramyeon in the rice cooker! Put the water, seasoning and noodles all into the cooker for 9 minutes and it’s ready!
The great thing is that it’s convenient, but the not-so-good thing is that it tends to be dry.
[Aigoo you bum... But I'll try it too...]

Q13: I really like Shinhwa very much, and I’m envious of the friendship among the members. So I believe that the members often get in touch with each other.
So who’s the number one member you’ve been in touch with lately? Please share with us what you talk about.
A: Eric! We go fishing together! (I caught 2 fishes)
[*sigh* Save a piece of Eric for us alien-lovers please....]

Q14: When I hear Hyesung-san’s song, or see your pictures, I would unconsciously smile and become really happy.
Then when is Hyesung-san the happiest? Would it be when you’re playing PC games?
A: When I lie on my bed after a bath~~ I would feel that everything in this world belongs to me~!!!


Q1: On the day of Shinhwa’s 11th anniversary, what did the members do at the gathering?
A: We had a party, got a cake, ate raw fish, drank.. We talked about a lot of funny things that day as we haven’t got together in a while.. I ran off early because I got drunk.

Q2: You seemed to have started wearing ear studs again, why is that so..?
A: The stylist discovered the piercings on my earlobes, and forced me to wear ear studs.

Q3.What food do you like to eat?
A. Jajangmyeon…

Q4. What do you think of male fans?
A: Very precious fans… I’m really very happy and proud to have them…

Credits: Always Hyesung + Su-mi@absolutshinhwa