Thursday, March 29, 2007


hi everyone, i am shinhwa's Eric

on the 24th of March Shinhwa finally celebrates our 9th anniversary from our debut on the 24th of march 1998, so much time passed us without us realizing it and now its our 9th anniversary, its really amazing.

this autumn we will release our next album, coincidentally its also our 9th jib, its number '9' again

Before this i have said that i Eric will be releasing a new solo album, it has finally been completed, and so i can release it for everyone to see this is eric's official 1st album, its titles 'Have it all', which means that there is everything in this album.

i have a total of 50 songs in this album which i produced or composed it myself the way i produced this album was by playing and producing simultanously, so some of the songs have no lyrics, and some have no accompaniment

but i still hope that everyone will love this, and next month you can expect to see it in the markets, the price of 1 cd is 5 billion.

thank you everyone.

credits: Goodemg + 米饭小团子&


hello everyone, to every fan who misses us, i am minwoo
It is Shinhwa's birthday, and we are 9 yrs old already

9th anniversary.

The 24th of March 1998 is unforgtteable.
all those time we spent with you, in this entire 9-yr period, its full of deep emotions and sentimentality, how do i express it...

Must say something cute[??], we have been had many beautiful and happy memories
in future may it be 10 yrs, 11 yrs, or even a 100 yrs, til' death, we will always be with everyone

Shinhwa members are REALLy thankful from the bottom of our hearts to all the fans, especially shinhwachangjo and we will never forget the support we've received from everyone of you,

and in future, we will use the most exciting stage, the best songs and most exciting solo performances as a way of saying thank you.

credits: Goodemg + 丰丰丰@shinhwachina +

Monday, March 26, 2007

Andy's 9th Anniversary Message

March 24th, that was the day we debuted.
It has been 9 years already now[the tone is rather that of a lil boy so cute^^]
Time really passes very fast! really!
When we were still newbies, I CAN still remember
it was at KM, during our haegyulsa times, and it was during the rehearsal
we tried our very best to prepare, and after the rehearsal when it was time for the official broadcast
we displayed our powerful dance moves, although there was a whole lot of room for improvement.
Its been 9 years, time just flew past us like that.
In this 9 yrs, to everyone who had been with us from the beginning, you must have aged alot too huh.
Although we all age alot, but at least we are from the 20th century
Please continue to love us everyone, and our future is in your hands
We will continue to love Shinhwachangjo

credits: Goodemg, jojoyu7@Shinhwachina + samshiku of soompi

Hyesung's 9th Anniversary Message

Hi everyone, I am Hyesung
The 24th of March, should know what day it is huh?
Shinhwa...9th anniversary
9 years old already
9 years ago, it does not seem that long ago when we stepped on stage for haegyulsa
Althought it happened a long time ago, but the 9 years seems to have gone by without us realizing it and now its been 9 years.
All in all, we would just like to thank all those who have walked with us untl now.
It IS our 9th anniversary, its a very long time.
It is really great that in this entire time we had lots of beautiful memories, and we were always together.
Although I do not know everyone personally, but to stay always with us shinhwa
Everyone, I think we can always trust you guys
in any way we shall celebrate together
all the way till our 10th yr, our 20th yr
I hope we can be together for the longest time.
Happy shinhwa's 9th anniversary!

credits: Goodemg, jojoyu7@Shinhwachina+samshiku of soompi

Sunday, March 25, 2007

3/24 [diary] Dongwan's Post "Bonus!"

You know its all thanks to all of you right?

p.s the guy in the middle, who have you come to see? haha

credits. (translation)+Good EMG (source)

3/24 [diary] Dongwan 'The time of 9 years'

Written: It'sOppa! [2007-03-24 00:00:29]
Title: [Dongwan] The time of 9 years
Because we stood on stage under the name of Shinhwa
we were able to have....
those truly amazing times..

Ain't we just so great!!
Long Live Shinhwa!!! ^ _ ^

Source: Good EMG +
Chinese translation: yujin@bestshinhwa
English trasnlation: leslieana@shinhwachangjo

The 24th is Shinhwa's 9th year since their debut.

Since March 24, 1998 when the group was first formed, amidst their hot popularity Shinhwa has received love from fans for nearly a decade.

According to fans, since the 23rd fans have been celebrating the occasion by searching 'Shinhwa 9 Year Anniversary' and pushing it to a "most searched keyword" on portal sites.

One netizen worked up the festive spirit by saying "Tomorrow is March 24, 2007. As much as its Shinhwa's 9th year anniversary lets work hard. We will begin from 11:50pm on the 23rd."

For nine years, Shinhwa has not once changed members and have steadily increased their individual success in areas such as film, television, CF's gaining recognition as actors, solo singers, hosts and DJ's as well as becoming one of Korea's representative artists.

credits. + orenji728 (translation) + DigitalNews (source)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Shinhwa 9th Happy Anniversary

Translation :
This March 24th is Shinhwa's 9th anniversary.
For the fans who have given them endless love during the 9 years, which is not a short time,
we give to you Shinhwa's special messages.
From the 24th to the 29th, every day for six days, there will be a relay message from each Shinhwa member.
They will be revealed on the 22nd in the GoodEMG official site, so do not forget to come and see.
We ask from you more and unchanging interest even in the future.

Credits : GoodEMG + angelix @ (english translation)
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Friday, March 23, 2007

Mun Jung Hyuk, Invited to be Singapore's Ambassador

Drama [Que Sera Sera] main actor Mun Jung Hyuk and fellow actors and actresses were invited to be Singapore's ambassadors.

Last Friday, 17/3 afternoon, Mun Jung Hyuk the main actor came to Singapore for part of their filming for the drama, also currently following their schedule and filming the drama now,
The Person In Charge who came along expressed that "on the 22/3 Thursday there will be a press conference about Mun Jung Hyuk and the main cast being invited as Singapore's ambassadors."

He also said "on this press conference there will be reporters from many South East Asian countries coming forward to pose questions, there will be emphasis and the spotlight will be on the main cast and the drama itself."

On the other hand, the main cast will end their Singapore shooting on 24/3 Saturday and will return to their own country during midnight, and will continue filming on Seoul itself.

After the drama aired, the viewership rating rose up to 9.9%, good comments are also recieved by the audience.

credits// OCEAN’S 6 + chouszesze @ Bestshinhwa +

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the 700th Message on Que Sera Sera official site (ERIC)

Reached Singapore already~ I'm typing on the laptop that the fans gave me on my birthday ^^ I'm leaving after this 700th message~ look forward to the first episode!!

ps: nearing the first broadcast~ this 700th message~ very happy~
i want to be the writer for the 777th message too! if i cant get message 777, i will reply~
i really have to go now, BYE!

From, Mun Jung Hyuk

credits// MBC Que Sera Sera official site + cherry@bestshinhwa +

Friday, March 16, 2007

Update on Shinhwa's Netizen Daesang MVP BATTLE award

The battle for the Netizen Daesang MVP Star Battle award is now between Shinhwa and DBSK.

On 4.45pm on the 15th of Feburary, there was a total of 5939 votes. Shinhwa is currently holding on to first place with 1888 votes(31.3%).

The popularity of Shinhwa doesn't stop here. Shin Hyesung from Shinhwa moved up a spot to the second place with 1741 votes(29.3%), pushing DBSK out of the second spot.

DBSK, who was fighting for the first spot in the first round of votings, is currently on third place with 1147 votes (19.3%). JunJin is in fourth place with 437 votes (7.4%) while Dongwan is in fifth place with 297 votes (5%).

Thus, except for the third position which was being held by DBSK, the top 5 positions are all being held by Shinhwa members.

The votings will end at 20th at 8pm.

Credits: oceans6&gonews
julias@bestshinhwa (Chinese Translation) (English Translation)

Kim Dongwan: Hopes to get married at 34 years old

SBS drama "Person I Love" main character Kim Dongwan had his wedding scene filming successfully.

On the 13th, around 40 people, inclluding actors, 30 people, including the managers, and about 80 other helpers helped in the filming.

In the drama, Kim Dongwan left his wife for another woman to satisfy his wild side.

When asked if he will do the same in reality, Kim Dongwan replied "I will not do this. Compared to rich ladies, I prefer to marry someone I love. I plan to get married at 34 years old."

When the female actress was asked the same question, she said "I hope that person can support me, if i can feel that he really loves me then I will marry him."

This day also filmed Dongwan's kissing scene; the screen couple changed many angles on the director's request. Because both of them were too nervous, there were about 20 NGs.

This scene will be shown on the 19th, "Person I Love", episode 17.

credits// BUNKAKOREA + nuriko126@bestshinhwa +

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hyesung's 2nd Jib in Recording

The framework of SG Wannabe's album is finished.
Before the release of the album, these are all secrets
We are recording happily
There aren't gasoos like Dong Ha, Yong Jun, and Jin Ho. Good work~!

Hope everybody can anticipate their 4th album ^^

Hyesung's recording work has started
He keeps going in and out of the country, so he looks a bit tired
Even though it's like this, he tried his best to sing and perform everything ^^
Hyesung asked me to write him another song, and I also wrote the lyrics for this song
This will be a great production experience

Credits: Ahn Yong Min's CY World (source),
Ocean's Six (source), jojoyu7@shinhwachina (cn translation), cognizantfire@angelicalharmony (eng translation), angelicalharmony, cognizantfire@shinhwachangjo, shinhwachangjo

Translation-Shinhwa's White Day Message

Really thankful for the love and care that everyone has always shown to SHinhwa. because of your love, Shinhwa will do our very best in whatever we do be it in japan or around the world. To return a gift to everyone on White day, we, shinhwa, will leave a personal message and our signatures

From left to right

to the legend
white day with love

from dongwan
everyone in legend
happy white day~
please accept my sweet
(Below is a drawing with the wording "this is a sweet")

the legend
3.14 white day

the legend
happy white day

to:the legend
I love you (Draw a sweet at the back)

to the legend
it has been a long time
3.14 is white day!
time pass so fast
really want to give the sweet personally
everyone, please always remember us, shinhwa
ho ho ^_^

Credit; ocean6 + dreamhyeusng@Shinhwasarang

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Exclusive interview with M: 9-yrs love for Shinhwa/ China activties

Q: We all know,Minwoo, you were picked out from a university music competition. What suggestion would you give to people who are in the university music competition in China right now? How to be a star like you?
Minwoo: actually, i wasnt born from a music competition, why did you say that? because before i went from high school to university, i was already picked by SM entertainment. in seoul, the university music competitions are just an event of celebration. when i heard about China having a competition like that, i was quite happy because this is a very good chance to showcase talents.

Q: We all know that Minwoo is a member of Shinhwa. If Shinhwa is said to be like a family, what kind of role would you be?

Minwoo: if shinhwa is a family, i'll be like the treasurer. because i am neat in terms of money --- meaning i handle money well!

Q: we all know, until this year's 24/3, shinhwa is already 9 years old. regarding shinhwa's 9th anniversary, what kind of activities are planned? what do you think of shinhwa's 9th anniversary?

Minwoo: 9 years is a very long time. but the members are currently too busy to plan activities. through the 9 years that we walked together, the reason why we stayed this long is because of the trust, bond, love, and brotherly concern for each other, just like a family. next year will be our 10th anniversary, to us, the significance of the 10th anniversary will be greater. we will plan a good PARTY, but this is my own opinion.

credits// 丰丰丰@shinhwachina +

Monday, March 12, 2007

Hyesung Singing on Yoon DaHoon Wedding

On 7th May, actor Yoon Da Hoon will be having a wedding with Nam Eun Jung, 11 years younger than him.

Jung Jun Ha and Kim Min Jong will be the MCs for the wedding, while Sung Si Kyung, Shin Sung Eun, Kangta and Shin Hyesung will be singing congratulatory songs, wishing the couple well.

Credits:Ocean'sSix(source),jojoyu@shinhwachina(cntranslation),cognizantfire@angelicalharmony(engtranslation), angelicalharmony, cognizantfire@shinhwachangjo, shinhwachangjo

Eric, "Shinhwa will never break up! Next album will be released in fall!"

Popular group shinhwa's eric had displayed the very strong bond between the members.

on the 9th at 3pm, during the press conference held for MBC upcoming special weekend drama'Que Sera Sera' in Seoul myeongdong shin sae gae plaza, eric was evidently feeling sentimental towards his group 'shinhwa'.

when asked 'how long will shinhwa stay together' by a reporter, eric had anti-climatically replied 'until our contracts expire.', which invited great laughter from the listening audience.

Eric continued, this time with a serious and persistent expression, 'although i say this, but in future, if there comes a time where no company wants us, we might just form our own company and carry on.'

Eric who is currently appearing in activities as 'eric the actor', when probed further about when will he be returning to the music industry answered "Shinhwa's 9th jib will be released in about fall.".

also, the drama 'que sera sera' starring eric, Jung Yoo mi, Lee Gyu Han and Yoon Ji Min will be airing on the 17th.

credits:Oceans' Six+ Bestshinhwa+ shinhwachangjo

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Moon Jung Hyuk (Eric) 'Will change the image of the conventional charming guy'

At the press conference for the upcoming MBC drama series 'Que Sera, Sera' the main actor Moon Jung Hyuk could not be found. During the first hour of interviews with the staff and other actors, Moon Jung Hyuk appeared.

"The character is a player, doesn't have a sense of responsibility, and is always late the first time. He seems quite similar to me as well. At first he does not know what true love is but starts to mature once he starts realizing the real meaning of love."

Moon Jung Hyuk, who said he was late as he mistook the press conference time, sat down with an apologetic expression. It was the direct opposite of the 'cool' guy he acted in the preview.

In the drama titled 'Que Sera, Sera' which comes from Latin meaning 'One can become anything in the world, and have anything,' Moon Jung Hyuk plays the role of Kang Tae Joo who is an employee in his third year that takes love lightly when dating rich girls. He hates complicated things but he also does not have the fantasy that a rich girl would marry an ordinary guy like him. If the viewer is someone who has never seen Moon Jung Hyuk on the TV screen in serious contemplation, they can expect the same this time.

"Rather than trying to distinguish myself, I acted as true to the character as possible. It seems there are some overlapping characteristics from previous roles. I like the script and am enjoying it."

There are also quite a few kiss scenes that Kang Tae Joo must show the viewer. There are even 4 in episode 10.

"It has the most kiss scenes of all the drama series I have acted in. Most are unexpected or come out in situations that are shocking. I think it is the way the young generation now loves. Free and open minded."

As the roles of Jung Yoo Mi, Lee Kyu Han, and Yoon Ji Hye are considered to have the same weight in the story, Moon Jung Hyuk is the lead actor. A lot is put on his shoulders to make the cliched story of a normal guy and girl, and a not so normal guy and girl, not be cliched and enjoyable.

"Conventional charming male characters fight the bad and dance at clubs. This time there is nothing predictable where one can say, 'He will fight in this scene,' or, 'He will dance here.' There are many scenes that will catch people by surprise. I will try my best," he says.

'Que Sera, Sera' which is being directed by Kim Yoon Chul, who also directed 'My Lovely Samsoon,' will start airing on the 17th.

Source: + ginnie and rubie

I'm blind to everything else when I fall in love'--Que Sera Sera Press Conference

"In reality, I am blind to everything else when i fall in love"

Popular group Shinhwa's Eric gave an honest view about his outlook on love.

on the 9th at 3pm in the afternoon at Seoul's Myeongdong New World Plaza's 10th floor culture center there was the Press Conference for the upcoming production 'Que Sera Sera', Eric had made a comparison between his own outlook on love and the character he plays in the show.

acting as a 'cool' playboy Kang TaeJoo, Eric when asked about what was his attitude towards love in real life said 'in reality, when i fall in love, I am blind to everything else, save for that person.', 'however, when a relationship is over, I will 'clear' my heart of the old relationship and it will not stay in my heart too long.'

At the same time, Eric also talks about 'Wolf', last year's production which ended halfway due to a major accident.

When he was asked about his new challenge as a casanova, he replied 'I wanted to complete what i could not complete, this is what made me decide on taking up this role'.

Eric also added, "this production is the one with the most number of love/kiss scenes that Ive done, for example, in 10 episodes there are already about 4 kiss scenes"

Source: Oceans
Tras jojoyu7@shinhwachina+samshiku[chi-eng]

'Eric Endures Pain from Waist Injury'

Singer Eric [Mun Jung Hyunk,28 yrs] reveals that he had to endure some physical pain while he was shooting 'Invincible Parachuting Employee'.

on the 9th, at the "Que Sera Sera Press Conference" held in New World Shopping Complex, Eric said "2 weeks before the wrapping of the show 'Invincible Parachuting Employee, my waist injury acted up on me again, i thought to myself then that i have to take an undisturbed holiday in March, but just at that time. through 'Que Sera Sera''s scriptwriter i met the director, and thereafter i decided to accept the challenge.

"At that time when my waist injury turned for the worse, i even had to be sent to the emergency room at one point. But in order to prevent another drama from being cancelled halfway, i grind my teeth and pulled through. so it was like this while i was filming the drama; i was either running in and out of the emergency room, or i was surviving on painkillers. im really worried that i would give my working partners trouble in future, and i even contemplated the idea of never taking up another acting role ever again, but this time after meeting the creaters of this production i decided that i will do this."

Eric, in last year's production 'Wolf' suffered an injury due to a traffic accident while on set, the entire show was canceled in the end.

Source: innolife
Trans: 小佳佳@bestshinhwa[chi trans]+samshiku[eng trans]

10/3/07 Dongwan's Diary Entry

It's Oppa! [2007-03-10 01:06:03]
Title: [Dongwan] that's correct!

'if i have never met you,
i would never have met this person.
just this point alone is already the symbol of how much
love[or care or help??] you have given to me.'

-from my friend's diary entry...

Source: Goodemg
Trans: yujin@bestshinhwa+samshiku for trans

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Good CY - Flower blossoms when spring comes

The DVD of Shinhwa's concert at Japan Budokan last year will be available on sale in Japan from 14th March through Ponycanyon. The pack includes 2 DVD featuring the live concert and a making DVD that is also in the Winter Story album.
More good news... The Budokan concert DVD will also be on sale in Korea by April. However, in place of the making DVD, there will be an extra live video.

The concert was based on Shinhwa's Seoul concert in May last year, but it also includes interesting contents like songs from their japanese album, members' individual solos, and their japanese language capabilities. Please look forward to it.

The M Live Works album that everyone has been waiting for will be on sale on the 22nd. Initially there was intention to include 2 new songs, but to ensure the quality of the live album, the first concert at 88 Stadium version and last December concert version will be combined.
Pictures of charming M live on stage will also be included...
Very soon, M's "Sexy back" that has been much talked about will be heard clearly.
Ah... M is currently preparing for the March concert held in Japan.

Although we looked forward to it, but the tickets had been sold out as soon as sales commenced, and fans are now requesting for another concert. Today it has been decided to add one more concert. M will go to Japan once again since last September ^^

Shin Hyesung's 2nd Jib that everyone has been waiting for is in preparation
Shin Hyesung's 2nd Jib will be available latest by April...
Of course... Of course... at a beautiful performing stage
Finally... Finally... Shin Hyesung's solo concert is also in preparation

Everything starts from beginning in spring... May everyone's spirits be full of live and happiness...
Adding in a little our GOOD artistes' music will be good.

From today please also do give us support and concern as you always have...
Then, see you next time... ^^

Credits: Good CY , 米饭小团子@bestshinhwa (cn translation), (eng translation)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Netizens Express Anger That Drama Ends Earlier

23/2[news] SBS , Netizens Express Anger That Drama Ends Earlier

'Why must you cut the drama short when its so interesting?'

When the news spread that SBS drama will be cutting its 24-episode lifespan to 20-episodes, angry protests were made by netizens.

On the 22nd, there were more than 200 replies on the television station-viewer's forum that cried 'pls do not let the drama end early', there seem to be no replies among the 200+ that said something else other than this.

Netizens expressed that 'the story was just about to get more and more interesting/exciting', and comments like 'after watching the first episode i have completely fallen in love with the drama' were found to show how much they like the drama.

had started its run competing with hit drama series , which caused its ratings to be a weak 5%, the drama production looks like its in trouble.

However, hallyu stars Park Eun Hye and Kim Dong Wan's performances has captured the overseas's market attention. although the ratings are low, it has become a 'mania', and has gotten very good response.

Source: Ocean's Six

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Eric, attached with wings

When idol singer Eric, appeared on the screens as an actor, people did not see him in a friendly light. Perhaps, (they) predicted that he did not have all that it takes to venture down his acting path successfully. Right now, when these people saw his second acting work in "Firebird", they are instead left with a short but deep exclamation.

[Eric likes to fish. No matter if it is deep in the night or early in the wee hours, he would still drive to the outskirts of the cities. After he lets his fishing rod into the misty river, what he waits for is not those fishes caught, but the moments of deep thoughts that he derives from mother nature. Emptying his emotions with no hesitation and filling in with new inspirations as rewards, he does not regret even if he was to return empty-handed.]

Just like what Eric thought, he is not the kind that would be good at creating a lively atmosphere or one who could preach at others. However, even like this, he still has the ability to attract attention.

Although he is not as perfect as the molded sculpture, but he has a trained body and clearly distinctive facial features. There are many artists with much more exceptional singing talent and brilliant dancing skills relative to him. Besides, just as Eric admitted, he has only just begun to sharpen his acting skills and it is still unnatural and inadequate. But, it is just these inperfections that had become the reasons for liking Eric. In Shinhwa, he is the most quiet and shy, at the same time he is also frank, warm, simple and honorable. Writing beautiful lyrics in the spur of the moment, not actively starting a conversation, he does not reject the idea of having some bodily contact. Touched by his shy smiles but when he sat alone in a corner, staring blankly as if completely immersed in his own thoughts, he managed to arouse others' curiosity. When he was concentrating on a certain matter, his intense gaze creates a burden on others and leaves a lasting impression. This was Eric whom we saw on the site of Firebird's filming.

The filming was ongoing at Cheil Industries Inc.'s apparel brand 9th exhibition room. Early morning at 10, Eric arrived at the filming site earlier than scheduled. He was early to observe colleagues/actors' performances and was playing around as well as chatting with Lee Seo Jin. He seemed at ease. In the afternoon, the film crew had some recess time. In the mix of the crowd, when three-four people adjoined at each table and were drinking coffee, we did not see Eric. A staff asked why Eric was not around. The manager replied that he was rehearsing his script in the car. --(He) does not have many lines why is he still reading his script-- just because of a certain person's joking comment, it created a roar of laughter that soothed the exhaustion in the production team who had been constantly working. "Right now, the most inadequate is myself. Eventhough I am not able to say that I will present the best acting skills, but I will work hard." This was Eric's message on the series' online bulletin board. He was quietly fulfilling his commitment to the viewers. When filming started again, Eric returned to the set. A prop-coordinator handed a mp3 player to Eric as his prop and explained to him how to work the player. Just when the director commanded to start rolling, Eric's one question "Nuna (this is what a younger person would call a lady who is senior in age in Korea), why didn't the music start playing?" tickled Director Wu JingHao immensely. "I like Eric's voice. Look at his innocent expression, he still is a youth, isn't he?" But, the person he was referring to, Eric,didn't seem to mind.

To complete production of the to be released Shinhwa's seventh album, Eric did not have leisure time after he returned home from work. The album contains his own work, and thus he was still battling with music at that time. One of the things that he anticipates the most this year is the release of Shinhwa's seventh album. Eric is currently on the crossroad of pursuing "singer" and "actor" paths. If he is already the younger generation's role model as a Shinhwa member, therefore, as the actor, he is returning to us as the Cassanova.

[During our initial meeting with Eric, (he) greeted us warmly, which was different from the cold first impression. Felt a sense of warmth from Eric. He mentioned that Kim Dong Wan, who is a Shinhwa member as well as his senior in acting, helped him a lot through careful monitoring; The "Firebird" production crew was becoming weak due to the hectic filming march. With the exception of Eric. To practice his performance, Eric demonstrated his passion by showing up two hours earlier at the film site..........]

Korean to Chinese translation:小冰
Chinese to English translation:

ParkYongRin,"I will kiss MinWoo next time~"

Nest Artist Park Young Rin (23) cast in HyeRyung's 3rd Album hit song MV , this is her first debut and challenge in acting.

Currently she's a VJ in KBS 2TV & so on CRIC activities, Park Young Rin went to Icheon OngJin army & KapPyoung South island for the music video shooting.

Being as new artist, to be able to work with Shinhwa LeeMinWoo, shows an unusual fate.

Last year summer, Shinhwa had their Asia Tour in thailand and other asia places, ParkYoungRin being as a VJ of interview them.
LeeMinWoo's management company GOOD EMG, one of the related staff express that they had paid attention to ParkYoungRin for quite sometime, so they invited her to cast in Singer HyeRyung's MV.

ParkYoungRin smile and said:"I'm taking over the role of a lady who only get to look at the man she loves from afar, and that man loves HyeRyung. The main effect is on the crying technic. Next time i would love to try on a tradition love story with LeeMinWoo as couple."

HyeRyung's 3rd jib & MV will be release on March 7th.

Credits to:
Source:OCEAN6 +
Cn Trans:东升西落@BestShinhwa
Eng Trans:amane@mySHINHWA

LeeKyuHan,"confrontation with Eric? I just want to do best in my role"

Actor LeeKyuHan being as an opponent role with Eric (MunJungHyuk), he expresses his thought towards it.

LeeKyuHan is acting in role who loves JungYuMi and confrontating with Eric in the drama Que Sera Sera with KimYunChul PD who's previous drama production was "My Name Is KimSamSoon (MNIKSS)".

In the drama she was set to be eric's opponent, LeeKyuHan was being question by the reporters whether he will feel such heavy burden towards it, and he answer: "Although i feel weird towards it, but if you comparing me with the other actors in the drama, i dont feel any burden at all. I just need to do well in my role, then everything will be fine."

"The top priority is to digest the role well, so i am currently putting my attention on analysis the role i am taking." he expresses out his responsibility of being an actor.

Then he continue with a joke, "If you count on looks, i think everybody will take such good looking person (eric) to compare with me right?"

Addition, LeeKyuHan is acting as SinJunHyuk in the drama, who owns a good looking face, extra-ordinary talent, and a role where everybody will envy onto, but he comes from an unfortunate family and he's being deeply hurt.

LeeKyuHan is changing from his previous production role where he was a happy go lucky guy, towards "HanEunSu" (act by JungYuMi), he controlled his love very well.

Eric, JungYuMi, LeeKyuHan's the main casting in drama "Que Sera Sera", the drama will be taking over "White Giant Tower" on March 17th onwards.

Credits to:
Source:NEWSEN +
Cn Trans:东升西落@BestShinhwa
Eng Trans:amane@mySHINHWA

GOODCY article: Junjin's autograph session

half a year after the fanmeeting, the next session that we get to see andy and junjin~!!

today is junjin's article!
next time will put andy's~

its always such pleasant and cooling weather~
what is the significance of this day being so cold.. TT_TT
a great chance to see that face up close~!
but the weather is so cruelly cold...
the passion of everyone for seeing andy and junjin!!!
im talking about the feeling from the scene itself... (touched!!)

junjin wearing black, feels pleasant and fresh~!
the long awaited autograph session starts..
held in an outdoors place called SKY LOUNGE
the weather is too cold, hands are freezing..

the handsome face has that unwavering smile..
we,and junjin and andy, are worried for each other if we are cold..
ah.. now it isnt the star and the fans, but just like a family..
a very pleasant day indeed..

its so icy cold, yet everyone came from afar
extremely thankful, its so weird being in such an enclosed space..
but everyone was orderly, really thanks

to the big shinhwachangjo family~!
dont fall sick ^^

credits// GOOD CY + 东升西落@BestShinhwa + prizzyy @
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Friday, March 02, 2007

5% audience, poisoned by 'bad guy' Kim Dongwan

The audience has fallen in love with the man who abandoned his wife and kids for success, who chose the CEO's daughter 'bad guy' Kim Dongwan.

SBS drama 'Person I Love', due to the major competition of MBC's 'Jumong', has averaged a 5% in ratings, and so the drama is now scheduled to end early. but becos of 'bad guy' Kim dongwan the loyal audiences of the drama has followed the ups-and-downs of the character, crying and laughing along with him.

Kim Dongwan who plays character Suk Ju, has portrayed the role of a man torn between his thirst for success and love very well. Suk Ju is an unfortunate person who was orphaned as a kid and led a difficult life, when he met seo young who loves him unconditionally, he became a very happy man. but no matter how hard he works its useless, a disillusioned Suk Ju thus, with tears in his eyes, decides to abandon Seo Young and marry the CEO's daughter.

Although the audience hate his decision, they understand his reluctance and stand, thus expressed their sympathy. they hope that Suk Ju will return to his wife but even they think its unlikely. Seeing Suk Ju smiling yet with bitter tears running down his cheeks broke our hearts.

the 11th episode tt was aired on the 26th, Suk Ju marries Jungmin with an absolutely blank expression, he looks like a man without an ounce of happiness. especially when he became very agitated when he sees Seo Young, it is obvious that he still loves her but is only trying to hide it. In order to get approval from Jungmin's parents, Suk Ju had to declare that he does not love seo young any longer.

the audience has not stopped crying for Suk Ju ever since he started to have an internal conflict over his love for Seoyoung and Jungmin despite the fact the he has nv made any promises, they are unable to hate him as they get sucked deeper into the plot. Also, though we know that Suk Ju cannot return to Seo Young, we still feel immense pity and sorrow for Seo Young.

even though we hate the 'bad guy' Suk Ju, on another level we feel very sad for this leading character in a most tragic story. we are also very much intrigued and mesmerized by the meticulous and great acting by Kim Dongwan of Suk Ju.

according to TNS Media Korea, the viewership rating for epi 11 was 5.4%.

Source: Newsen
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Hyesung - Take a break with SyungBler!

Very pretty coffee tumbler with Hyesung picture printed on it, on sale by syoungin fanclub

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Link to online shop:

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Invincible Parachuting Employee airing on Mnet Japan

Mnet Japan will be airing Eric – Invincible Parachuting Employee from 7th April onwards.
Time to be confirmed later.

Broadcasting time limit: 60 - 70minutes
Broadcasting time: Every Saturday & Sunday 8:45pm-10pm
Repeat time: Every Wednesday & Thursday 9pm-10:15pm, Saturday 11:15am-12:30pm

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Shinhwa Minwoo Solo Concert in Japan

LeeMinWoo will be holding his first solo concert in japan "LeeMinWoo Japan Tour M Live Works in Tokyo & Osaka" on March 18th & 31st in 'ZEPP Tokyo' & Osaka 'Grand Cube', the ticket preorder sales had once again showed his popularity in Japan.

Specially on Feb 23rd to 26th through Shinhwa Official Japanese Fansite ( the ticket preorder were all sold out, it was totally out of expectation.

Although there's no promo activites or advertisement going on in Japan, but on the first day sales 10minutes it had sold out more than 80% of entrance ticket, the response from the japanese fans had made the concert become like a big occasion.

Management company GOOD EMG, related staff express on the march 1st, "Besides than shinhwa fans in japan, during these period through solo album and a few times trip to japan for intervies, LeeMinWoo (M)'s popularity had increase alot. Fans who did not manage to purchase the concert ticket keep calling in their request to the office on the phone, because of this matter we are making a discussion whether to have an addition concert in Tokyo".

Being holding his solo concert for the first time in Japan, LeeMinWoo is currently busy preparing for the concert, as Japan the starting venue he will also be holding solo concerts in China, etc place in Asia.

Lee Min Woo express, "First time holding a solo concert in overseas, to be able to get so many people's care and attention, i am grately thankful. I will work hard on the preparation, with the best performances to repay everybody."

Addition, before leeminwoo's japan concert, he will be releasing his Life album "M Live works" during mid march.

This album will consist of 2CD which include 2005 jan 13th & 14th in Seoul 88Stadium which minwoo had his first solo concert 'M's GirlFriend' & 2006 Dec 2nd & 3rd in Melon Ax Hall 'M Live Works 2006-2007" and so on live audio scene.

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27/02/07 Dongwan's Diary Entry

Written: 2007-02-27 23:22:52 Hit:3
Title: [Dongwan]Hahaha

Be far away from fans~~

The point is depending on fans to survive ~~

It seem like you do not know at all!... ^_^;

Credit to GoodEMG + purplelove@shinhwachina +

A short explanation for his entry by beck

Brief summary on why Dongwan wrote this. On the 27th of Feb, an article by Star News stated that Seven & Dongwan should be “stay away” from fans. Stating that over the years, a lot of singers become actor too. Coz of them being popular as singer, even though they are not really good in acting, there is a group of fans that will support them due to love for the singer from before. So they should “stay away” from fans coz they did not get support from the overall audience but support from their fans only. This will have adverse effect on the singer coz they may feel that they are doing well in acting but in reality, they are not that good.