Sunday, November 04, 2012

[Update] Kim Dong Wan Will Focus Primarily on Family for 2 Years After Marriage

On November 1, Kim Dong Wan and the cast of KBS’ new daily drama, Cheer Up, Mr. Kim gathered together at the press conference held at the 63 City Juniper Hall in Yeouido. 

During the press conference, Kim Dong Wan was asked about his marriage plans. 

“Of course I want to get married quickly,” said Kim Dong Wan. “Three months ago, I finally moved out of my parents’ house, and after living by myself, I realized that I need to have a wife.”

“I began to think that no human being is programmed to live alone. If there’s a nice person and she agrees, I want to get married immediately,” continued the singer-turned-actor. "When I get married, I want to rest from work for two years. Not saying that I′ll take a break from everything, but other than Shinhwa activities and other important things, I want to focus on my family."

Then he talked about the jealousy he felt towards Jae Hee, who recently revealed that he has a wife and child. “I made my debut at the same time as Jae Hee. When I heard about his marriage and child, I wasn’t shocked, but more jealous. I kept thinking, ‘I need to get married quickly too…’”

He finally said, laughing “My original plan was to get married when I was 35, but that’s already next year.” 

Kim Dong Wan will be playing the character Kim Tae Pyung, who works odd jobs to provide for his four adopted children. 

The drama will begin on November 5. 

This article was edited on November 2, 10:15 a.m. KST, to reflect a translation error with Kim Dong Wan′s quote on activities after marriage. We apologize for the confusion.

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Friday, November 02, 2012

Dongwan's Cheer up Mr. Kim Preview

credit: khj528@YouTube

Kim Dongwan becomes a ‘bachelor mom’ on ‘Cheer Up Mister Kim’

Not to mention having kids, the flower bachelor in his early thirties is nowhere close to marriage, yet he has 4 kids who stick to him like gum. This atypical family is the centre of the upcoming KBS1 drama ‘Cheer Up Mister Kim’, which has just started principal filming, and Kim Dongwan has generated interest for his transformation into a ‘bachelor mom’ for the titular character.
KBS released photos from the first outdoor filming session of the upcoming daily drama on 9th October, and in the photos Kim Dongwan was all smiles as he tackled the role of ‘Mister Kim’ Kim Tae-pyeong – the passionate and chatty bachelor mom-cum-housekeeper extraordinaire.
The first filming session, which took place last weekend at Seongbuk-dong, featured protagonist Tae-pyeong with his two adopted daughters Hee-rae (played by Seo Ji-hee) and Song-ah (played by Noh Jung-ui).
Child actress Seo Ji-hee, who was the envy of many for playing Hyun Bin’s niece in ‘My Name Is Kim Sam Soon’, made an impression in last year’s “Moon That Embraces The Sun” and now takes on the role of Tae-pyeong’s niece whose family has just broken up.

Kim Dongwan clearly enjoyed interacting with his two cute onscreen daughters – maybe even more so than with any other actress – and kept smiling throughout the shoot. Thirty-something bachelor Kim Dongwan had the expression of a father, more so than an uncle, and to the producers, he has already made the grade for his successful transformation into the titular ‘Mister Kim’.
‘Cheer Up Mister Kim’ also stars ‘Protect The Boss’ and ‘Friends’ actress Wang Ji-hye in the role of physical education teacher Woo-kyung; veteran actress Kim Hye-seon in the role of Tae-pyung’s heartless birth mother Hong Hae-sook; and veteran actor Lee Jung-gil who plays her husband. Veteran actor Baek Il-seob plays the role of Jeon Kyung-sul, retired social worker and mentor to Tae-pyung. Rounding out the supporting cast are Choi Il-hwa, Sa Mi-ja and Jung Jae-soon.
Meanwhle, helming the production of ‘Cheer Up Mister Kim’ is director Hong Seok-gu, whose previous projects include ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night’, drama special ‘Red Candy’ and ‘Hometown Legends’, with scriptwriter Jo Jeong-joo who has penned ‘The Princess’ Man’. The first episode airs on 5th November.
Credits: Osen + Absolut Shinhwa

‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ to begin airing in Japan in December

jTBC‘s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘ is heading to Japan!
‘Shinhwa Broadcast’, the TV program created by the legendary idol group Shinhwa, will begin airing in Japan this December via cable channel Mnet Japan.
The program has been receiving much love and support from fans not only in Korea, but overseas in Japan and China as they tune into the program live every week.
The six members of Shinhwa reunited earlier this year and released their much anticipated 10th album titled ‘The Return‘. The group then created their own TV program ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’, which began airing in April.
Meanwhile, Shinhwa’s Minwoo will be holding a solo concert, ‘M Lee Min Woo Christmas Live Concert‘, at Seoul’s Yonsei Univesity on December 23rd and 24th.
source: allkpop

Shinhwa to release special DVD for 14th anniversary

Shinhwa will be releasing a special DVD in celebration of their 14th anniversary.
The ‘original idols’ came back after four years with their 10th album ‘The Return‘ this past March. ‘Shinhwa 14th Anniversary’ will include two discs and a special photo book as well as footage of their comeback preparations, “Venus” music video making-of, and comeback press conference. Fans will also be able to see exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from ‘2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour: The Return‘.
The DVD will release on October 30 KST. Check out the trailer below!
source: allkpop

Shinhwa’s Andy becomes the master of bargaining?

An old news but worth reading and knowing.... Andy is good at bargaining.... so handy Andy :)

Shinhwa‘s Andy has become the master of bargaining.
JTBC‘s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘ will air the second part of their ‘model Shinhwa’ special on the 13th, together with top models Han Hye JinKim Won KyungJi Hyun JeongLee Hyun YiYang Yoon Young, and Song Hae Na. The Shinhwa members were given a budget according to their rank in preparation for the final runway test. The members divided into two groups, and had to buy outfits for 4 people without enough money.
However, Andy stepped up and bargained with the owners of the shops, smiling and stealing their hearts with sweet words. He succeeded in bargaining for the clothes by typing in the price he wanted them for in their calculator, showing off his side as an entrepreneur.
Because of this, Andy’s team was able to shop freely without worrying about the prices of clothes.
Stay tuned for the episode on the 13th!
source: allkpop

Which Shinhwa members are the best and worst at Anipang?

Shinhwa will be showcasing their Anipang skills on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘.
The group decided to invite the ‘masters of Anipang’ to teach them how to get a high score on the popular mobile game. Before they started to learn anything, the members decided see who was the best originally.
The group’s maknae, Andy, received the highest score with over 520,000 points. Dongwan confessed that he had never played Anipang before. Even after he received tips from the ‘masters’, he was confused as to what they were trying to say, and couldn’t even get the score that Andy got when he played with his eyes closed.
Throughout the games, Dongwan complained, “I can’t see the animals!” and couldn’t even get the basics of the game down.
The episode will air 7:40 PM KST on the 28th.
What is your high score on “Anipang”?