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Before 2006 ends, I want to Thank all the good people who made the passing year beautiful for me...
I pray you'll all be Blessed always ...............
I thank you for the friendship .................
I thank you you for the LOVE ................
But most of all ...................
My special wish
May the coming year be a Blessed one for you and the rest of your Family as well!
Love, Peace, Hope and Happines to everybody!

"Shinhwa family" 2006 music/acting kings

the best has been chosen.

the 2006 music appreciation voting that has been well received has ended on 28/12 8pm.

the voting lasted between 30/11/2006 - 7/12/2006, with 15 categories.

about 846000 people partcipated in the voting, top group and top kpop influence SHINHWA are the best in the categories they're involved in.

shinhwa's shin hyesung overshone mate junjin, becoming the MVP for "best male singer". drama "invincible parachuting employee" 's popular actor mun jung hyuk has also won in his category "best actor". they are the best shinhwa members in their categories.

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at the top kpop influence category, shinhwa overshone kim jung hoon, becoming the MVP.

<unrelated parts removed>

ballads category:

MVP male singer: shin hyesung with 34257votes (31.4%)
second junjin with 20912votes (19.2%)
third lee minwoo with 15536votes (14.3%)

best group MVP: shinhwa with 40401votes (49.7%)

actors category:
mun jung hyuk first with 56247votes (32.6%)

best drama MVP:
invincible parachuting employee with 425507votes (38%)

top kpop influence:

MVP: SHINHWA with 41108 votes (37.2%)

credits// ocean6 + chouszesze @BESTSHINHWA + prizzyy@
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MC Mong thank you friend -- Kim Dongwan

The friends whom i want to thank

Shinhwa's kim dongwan has been my friend the high school times. i got to know him when i signed up for the newcomer selection. his personality, being lively and very easy to mingle with brought me alot of help.

I almost could work with dongwan on the same team, but because of numerous reasons we couldnt. at that time i was really tired and stressed out, but thanks for dongwan who always gave me encouragements like "you can do it" lightened me up. he started writing lyrics in high school, and hasnt changed his passion for compositions and songs. looking at this guy, i feel more comfortable.

credits// ocean6 + 打糕@shinhwachina + prizzyy@
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Friday, December 29, 2006

Beijing airport 27 Dec 06

Picture Credits: BestShinhwa /

Eric, as BASSO CF model

Shinhwa's Eric is going to be a fashion model for BASSO's CF. the contract lasts a year.

BASSO's person in charge of this event stated on the 29th "eric has always been fashionable, be it at work, at home relaxing, it all suits him very well." to further explain their choice.

After Eric appeared in "Invincible Parachuting employee", he also appeared in drama "winter story".

credits// daum + 米饭小团子@bestshinhwa + prizzyy@
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Interview "The Man named Myth" -- Lee Minwoo

M is a person who understands the hearts of the fans, he is named as someone who is good with fans' hearts. on the stage, he says things that causes goosebumps, and seems to enjoy the responses of the fans. when he's performing, he doesnt hide his real self and his heart from the fans. having been very accustomed to his performances, not only performances with shinhwa, he's also full of vigour and energy when he's solo-ing, like shouting "we're shinhwa!", standing on the solo stage singing M album's "intro" and "punch".

when the fans are saying they miss him alot and have been waiting for this day, he says "when we're singing together, we must dance; this way it wont be cold, for people who cant dance i'll help you to dance, okay?" of course following that would be the fans' screams and cheers. and then he continues to say, "those fans without lovers, all get married to myself!" is leeminwoo's style of winning those hearts.

bringing to the fans light hearted songs like "if you" and "one in a million" and when M sung "biya", clothes racks were put on the stage. M "took advantage of the situation" to show off his top body, showing M's sexiness and naughtiness. also singing "just one night" and "let me love you", M dances with sexy ladies whom the fans envy and M sits on the classy sofa on the stage. flashing romantic eyes and showing kiss scenes. after a few minutes of silence, a naughty voice speaks "nothing happened, really." this lets the fans breathe a sigh of relief.

today's performance (which is the end of november) although is a december solo concert M LIVE WORKS's pre-performance, but the stage's contents and designs are good enough. singing the songs live, and dancing well-polished moves open up one's eyes. M has prepared ne-yo's "so sick" for this concert, and has used guitar to recompose "lee so-na's" <im blessed>. the last song of the concert, "last first kiss", he bring back "bump" and "overdose", these two hot tracks. the song <memories of you> brought the concert atmosphere to the max.

credits// myth + jojoyu7@shinhwachina + prizzyy@
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Lee Minwoo, china music program (chinalove) ENDING stage

shinhwa's lee minwoo gave an ending performance to china's high popularity music progra, "chinalove" 's three year anniversary show.

28th afternoon 7pm it started, in china beijing's CCTV filming hall which had "chinalove's 3 yr anniversary" memory album, lee minwoo gave an ENDING STAGE with "battle", "bump" and "girlfriend".

the show that lee minwoo makes appearances in is CCTV-4's music program "chinalove", which is aired three times per week and is the must popular music program.

in the 60mins album, lee minwoo has 13.30 mins recorded in it, breaking the maximmun minutes a korean singer can perform, showing the popularity of korean singers in china.

lee minwoo's company "good emg" actually agreed on 8 minutes in the album, but in the end it was broken and extended to 15 mins, showing lee minwoo's strong stand in china, be it in shinhwa or as M, and the recognition is shown.

today's "chinalove" album is released, non-korean singers and well known producers for this album is also the talk other than minwoo.

the album is to be given away on CCTV-4 on 18/2/2007, during the new year holidays.

credits// MYTH&MYDAILY + 打糕@shinhwachina + prizzyy@
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Jun Jin to Sing Duet with Taiwanese Singer

Junjin, a member of the six-man group Shinhwa, will participate in Taiwanese singer Linda's latest album as part of efforts to begin his own activities in Taiwan.

Jeon will sing the song “Forever” in a duet with Linda for her third feature album scheduled to be released in 2007, and appear in a music video for the album’s title song to be shot in Korea on Dec. 30 and 31.

Having made her debut in 2003 with the album “No.7 LINDA,” the Taiwanese singer has been expanding her activities as an actress, show host, and commercial model based on her rising popularity.

The two singers will record “Forever,” which was composed by Korean composer Shin In-soo, in English, Chinese and Korean. Jeon will include the song in his special edition album to be released in late January. Some clips from the music video will also be used in the music video for the song “Even Though It Looks Like Love…” by Korean singer The Name.

Jeon (Jun) expressed hope that his duet with Linda would serve as a good opportunity to promote himself overseas. “I was loved so much by my fans in Korea this year with my first solo album. I hope I can receive as much love from overseas fans,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jeon (Jun) will attend SBS’ annual music award on Friday and, as a member of Shinhwa, participate in the K-Pop Super Live Concert to be held in Tokyo on Jan. 6.

Source : HanCinema e-news

Mun Jung Hyuk -- kim jung hoon, star of the stars

Shinhwa, lee hyori, lee junki -- 2006's acting appreciation voting is about to end.

Year 2006, choosing the best star, the online voting is about to end very soon, but strong competition is still raging. 15 categories of awards, every category's top 3 postions are in a super tight competition, one cannot deduce the winner until the very last minute.

On the afternoon of the 27th, 5pm, on the male singers category, shinhwa's three singers are not far apart from each other. shin hyesung 33732votes (31.6%) first, junjin 20690 votes (19.4%) number 2, minwoo 15148votes (14.2%) number three.

79060 people participated in the voting of the top group, shinhwa has 38345votes (49.6%), almost half, while the second place has 16219votes (20.5%) and the third, ss501, has 15157votes.

The male actors category has 160415 voters, extremely tight compeition.

Mun Jung Hyuk, with 51235votes (31.9%) is in first place, followed up by kim jung hoon with representative work "goong", has 50606votes (31.5%), very closely following the first.

On the last day of voting, mun jung hyuk and kim jung hoon has a difference of only 600votes. extremely tight competition is raging.

The Best Kpop influence has SHINHWA in First Place with 39915votes (37.4%), because "goong" is very popular in china, kim jung hoon gained 35641votes (33.4%) second place. third places, dbsk, has 12859votes (12.1%).

Year 2006's creme of the crop aka stars of the stars, "2006 online music appreciation" voting will end at the 28th, 8pm.

credits// ocean6 + 打糕@shinhwachina + prizzyy@
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interview "the man named myth" -- lee minwoo

M is a person who understands the hearts of the fans, he is named as someone who is good with fans' hearts. on the stage, he says things that causes goosebumps, and seems to enjoy the responses of the fans. when he's performing, he doesnt hide his real self and his heart from the fans. having been very accustomed to his performances, not only performances with shinhwa, he's also full of vigour and energy when he's solo-ing, like shouting "we're shinhwa!", standing on the solo stage singing M album's "intro" and "punch".

when the fans are saying they miss him alot and have been waiting for this day, he says "when we're singing together, we must dance; this way it wont be cold, for people who cant dance i'll help you to dance, okay?" of course following that would be the fans' screams and cheers. and then he continues to say, "those fans without lovers, all get married to myself!" is leeminwoo's style of winning those hearts.

bringing to the fans light hearted songs like "if you" and "one in a million" and when M sung "biya", clothes racks were put on the stage. M "took advantage of the situation" to show off his top body, showing M's sexiness and naughtiness. also singing "just one night" and "let me love you", M dances with sexy ladies whom the fans envy and M sits on the classy sofa on the stage. flashing romantic eyes and showing kiss scenes. after a few minutes of silence, a naughty voice speaks "nothing happened, really." this lets the fans breathe a sigh of relief.

today's performance (which is the end of november) although is a december solo concert M LIVE WORKS's pre-performance, but the stage's contents and designs are good enough. singing the songs live, and dancing well-polished moves open up one's eyes. M has prepared ne-yo's "so sick" for this concert, and has used guitar to recompose "lee so-na's" <im blessed>. the last song of the concert, "last first kiss", he bring back "bump" and "overdose", these two hot tracks. the song <memories of you> brought the concert atmosphere to the max.

credits// myth + jojoyu7@shinhwachina + prizzyy@
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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

GOOD'2006 Minwoo's X'mas Message

hello everyone, i am M.
X'mas is coming

today is xmas eve, hope that everyone can have a merry xmas!

also, hope that everyone will feel that this is a xmas which you're spending with shinhwa

because of you all who have always loved us, we shinhwa, dont know what to say..

hope everyone will be healthy,
hope that everyone was happy in december,
hope that everyone will receive 2007 happy and healthily!

if you're bored and nothing to do.. can call me

merry xmas!

credits : prizzy @
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Best korean music #51-#100

The most important music event of korea [2006 Korea music appreciation] (director: jo hui jin) will be broadcasted on the 31st dec 9.50pm.

This time, the backstage helpers used the theme "koreans' favourite music 100". after a month of surveying and gathering information, #75 was buzz's "coward", #63 is h.o.t's "light", #58 is shinhwa's brand new.

#1-#50 was a surprise as it wasnt in their expectations, creating a wave of surprise in the music industry. #1-#50 music will be shown on the 31st dec [2006 best 100 korean music].

the koreans most like music from #51 to #100.

credits// ocean6 + chouszesze @BESTSHINHWA + prizzyy@
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Shinhwa's Andy's "careful revenge"

Andy talked about himself during shooting GOLD FISHERY's "words that hit you hard", that is going to be released on the 27th. when andy was playing at the PC bar, a student beside him recognised andy and started saying "ah! its Andy! oppa, you sing well isnt it! sing, sing!"

andy who couldnt take it replied, "ya!! you all go and study! go study! go study!!"

Andy also talked about how he tolerates all these things that hit him so hard. that is, to drink beer with the person whom hurt you, and when that person gets really drunk, tell him "you cant be like that ah." in this way, the hurt is digested.

andy's "talking to the person but the person wont remember because he's drunk" careful revenge is going to be broadcasted officially. andy's shooting will be shown in the 27th.

credits// ocean6 + 东升西落@BESTSHINHWA + prizzyy@
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2007's best medicine products model? (Dongwan)

who is the best medicine products model next year?

Shinhwa member cum actor Kim Dongwan has his success recognised once again.

Dongwan is "dong-hua" medicine company's GAS live water's model. from october 2006 to march 2007, the salary for being the ambassodor is 1005000.

having been recognised through his popularity and sincere acting, he has finally been bestowed the name "citizen's medicine products" ambassodor. thus, the continuation of the contract is now under negotiation.

credits// 每日经济新闻 + 东升西落@BESTSHINHWA + prizzyy@
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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Shinhwa's New Year Messages

Happy Merry Christmas& Happy x 2 New Year!!

how was this year that shinhwa and you sent off?
and how do you want the coming year to be?
pls receive the sincere present that shinhwa gives to "The Legend" members..

Reduced: 91% of original size [ 697 x 507 ] - Click to view full image

to me, 2006 is a year in which many things happened, a year filled with hardships.
but after the concert tour and meeting alot of fans left pretty memories in me.
i think that every fan and friend have their own private matters, with family or with friends, and have pretty memories too.
hope that everyone will forget those unhappy memories, i wish that everyone will be blessed with good luck in the upcoming year!
to all fans and friends, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

to the japanese fans, do you have plans for the upcoming year?
my plan is to meet the fans through my new album! ^^ im looking forward to the upcoming year.
in 2007, please continue to love and care for us, Shinhwa!
hope that everyone is blessed with good luck and happy new year!

to the japanese fans and friends, 2006 has finally come to an end without us realising it.
the extremely gorgeous Shinhwa 2007 Calendar, has everyone gotten it? ^^
in the upcoming year, hope that everyone is able to finish up what they couldnt finish in 2006, and fulfil their wishes and dreams.
in 2007, please love us more! hope that everyone will be healthy and lucky.

Reduced: 92% of original size [ 691 x 522 ] - Click to view full image

to everyone in "The Legend", you must be busy this year supporting us?
hope that everyone will be happy in this year end and next year starting! hope that everyone will draw up their new year plans, and fulfill them.
then, i'll be busier next year.. ^^ please love us more.
everyone, happy new year!

looking back at 2006, my first solo album release, this is such a touching year because i had so much concern from the fans..
hope that 2006 is a year that is filled with pretty memories for everyone.
here, hope that everyone will be happy next year! and hope that everyone will continue to support and love us.
japanese fans and friends, happy new year!

hello japanese fans, 2006 is ending, a new year is coming.
2007 these digits sound very lucky!
in the upcoming year i will work harder to show the fans my active side.
hope that everyone will be healthy in the new year, much blessings.. hope that everyone will continue to love and support us in 2007!
merry christmas!

credits// + holaiker@bestshinhwa + prizzyy@
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Friday, December 22, 2006

Shinhwa , DBSK--- well sought after by online fans

This year, the battle of bands prove to be extremely competitive in Korea.

DBSK, who broke into the Japanese market within 2 years, sees their popularity rising rapidly.
They were even dubbed as "the band who could do better than other Japanese bands" by the Japanese critics.

DBSK, Shinhwa & SS501 sees overseas activites in Japan as a market not to be missed.
They all hoped that Korean bands will be the next leading stars of the Korean Wave ("Hallyu") in Japan.
Recently, acappella group TAKE took the China market by storm. Not just Japan, DBSK, Super Junior, Shinhwa and other bands starting promotions to other parts of Asia and won many fans over.

Of course, the bands will not neglect their Korean fans.
This year, the battle of the bands proved to be extremely competitve in the Internet world.
The battle between DBSK, Shinhwa & SS501 proved to be very tight, with DBSK gaining the upper hand in the first half of the year. Shinhwa managed to claim the winner spot during the later half 2006.

The results were based on the 2006 "Netizens Daesang MVP of the month" Poll.
Shinhwa won 4 times(July, Sept, Oct, Nov), DBSK won 3 times(Apr, May, first half of 2006) and SS501 only once in May.

DBSK won the spot in Feb, Mar and the first half of 2006 as MVP, which Shinhwa won the title in July, Sept, Oct & Nov.
Other bands like Epik High hit the TOP 5 many times during the first half of the year while Super Junior's rising popularity can be seen in the later half of the year.

Source: MYTH
Chinese Translation:打糕@shinhwachina
English Translation: AtelierGal@SimplyDongwan/Hikki@shinhwasarang

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Eric, transformed into winter story prince

Lately the duet by Shin Hyesung and Lyn, as well as Eric acting has let "Winter Story" become a hot topic. The 20mins full version of winter story will be publicised soon.

The show "Winter Story" has four songs recorded for it. the most special one is Shin Hyesung and Lyn's "Love.. Afterwards".

Although the show has been introduced briefly online, but this time it is going to be introduced officially. The songs fit the winter season well, together with the black effects like Hong Kong movies in the 80s~90s. (pris: it means the black strips at the top and bottom like in the mv) the 20 mins full version will be shown to the audience.

This show will be broadcasted in this month's 26th (Tuesday) 9pm on STYLE CHANNEL'S "On Style".

credits// ocean's six + rainyoung@bestshinhwa中文网 + prizzyy@shinhwasarang

Lee Minwoo emergency interview by MNET JAPAN

Today, kpop world great star Lee Minwoo came to Japan, and had an interview with MNET JAPAN.

Today, Minwoo is dressed in a black from top to toe, and shows his cheeky and carefree side of him, like always!

Minwoo wrote on the paper: "6th of January I will be able to meet everyone (his japan fans), I'm so looking forward to it!"
Today, this piece of coloured paper which is signed byMinwoo will be given away to a lucky fan through a contest online, organised by MNET! dont miss it!

the web, MNET MOBILE:
credits// MNET JAPAN + holaiker@bestshinhwa + prizzyy@shinhwasarang

KCM MV's performing newbie Kim Jong Kyeom was mistaken for Eric at the filming site, causing abit of confusion.

Hyesung, who is on great terms with Eric, gave up the passionate kiss in the MV to Eric. but after filming, whacks Eric! what nice concern he has for Eric!

Shinhwa member Hyesung solo with new female singer Lyn sang a duet for the show "Winter Story", and got Eric to be the main actor in the MV. The story summarises about the immerse pain between a couple upon separation. The 20min long MV is split into four parts, filmed at the end of last month at Incheon, scheduled to be broadcasted on the 13th of next month. The MV consists of conversations on the bed, and Eric passionately kissing the female lead in a telephone booth. But due to the female lead who couldnt help but keep laughing, there was alot of NGs, causing the lead actor and actress to kiss many times!

There are also many fighting scenes in the MV, causing Eric to have bruises all over. Furthermore, he was punched right after he kissed the female actress, what nice concern Hyesung has for Eric! (in the MV) also, the japanese album that shinhwa produced, is standing at first place on the hmv charts, becoming this year's kpop singer champion.

credits// + jasminelily@hyesungclub + prizzyy@shinhwasarang

Sina: JunJin's exclusive interview

Sina Entertainment is pleased to know that JunJin's debut single is finally released, after all the effort he has put in it.
The fans (known as Orange Princesses) weren't disappointed, as the single topped the charts soon after its release.

Debut Solo Act very lonely, hard work paid off after single sold well

JUNJIN: Sina internet friends, hello, I'm JUNJIN. It's my solo single and I've worked extremely hard in preparing it.
I hope you all will like it. I will work even harder in my debut album and activities. I will be a hardworking JUNJIN.

Sina: What are your thoughts on your solo single?

JUNJIN: Although this is my debut solo single, but seeing so many rave reviews and feedbacks, boosted my confidence.
I will work harder on my singing and learn as much as possible. I think I can give everyone a positive image.

Sina: What are your thoughts on doing activities as a solo artist?

JUNJIN: I feel lonely. Previously, I have the other Shinhwa members with me on the stage, I felt earnest.
But now that I'm on stage by myself, I felt cold and I need to overcome that. Now I know how hard it is to be a singer.
But everyone need not worry, I will overcome all obstacles.
Sina: Why did you choose a ballad as your first single?

JUNJIN: At first, the company & I wanted to release a dance number as my debut single.
But later when I heard "Love Doesn't Come," I like it alot and wanted to share it with everyone.

Upon learning JUNJIN's ill, his friends used his ringtone

Sina: How did you practice your singing?

JUNJIN: I practised in my car and at home. I also went to the studio with my manager to practice to record a Demo.
I brought the CD home with me and practised over and over again. When I got my CD, I could picture images in my brain.
I was thinking if I didn't put in effort, how will the CD turn out? After all the effort being put in the CD, that's why I felt good about the songs in the CD.
I fell ill recently, my vocals are affected. When I release my debut solo album, I will put in MORE effort and sing good songs for everyone.

Sina: What are your thoughts standing on the stage as a solo artist? You don't look nervous at all?

JUNJIN: I have many singers giving me tonnes of suggestions. They tell me about their stage experiences. Although I haven't stand on the stage as a solo artist, but then I'm have a familiar feel standing on the stage. They helped me alot.
Taking on the stage alone for the first time, I'm bound to make mistakes.
But on the day of the performance, everything went well. I know the encouragement from the other Shinhwa members and the experiences given by the other singers helped me alot. After the performance, I felt really hyper.

Sina: Looks like friends around you have high hopes for your debut single?

JUNJIN: I didn't force anyone, but some of the Shinhwa members and some friends have changed their ringtones to my songs. After I released my single, I called them and heard my ringtone (the kind where you could hear the music while your phone is dialing through a number). I felt happy for the first time since I haven't felt anything like that before.
I've got a thought of having a concert. Being chosen as having charismatic eyes really gave me a happy feel.

Sina: Thinking of having a concert?

JUNJIN: I did but I'm not sure when I will. Maybe after the first or 2nd album.
I have alot of ideas for my concert, I hope everyone will enjoy. But right now, the most important thing is my debut album.
I think I need to have alot of good songs before I can have my concert.

Sina: Heard that you got chosen as the artist with most charismatic eyes

JUNJIN: It's a direct voting by artists. I got chosen as the artist with most charismatic eyes, I felt extremely pleased.
I think there's almost 100 votes by the other artists. I'm not sure why I was chosen but I'm thankful.

Fans work hard in learning Korean, JunJin knows.

Sina: There's many China & Japan fans learning Korea, do you know why?

JUNJIN: There's alot of China & Japan fans studying & working in Korea, and learning Korean at the same time.
I could really feel that the fans learn Korean because of Shinhwa. I know that and will treasure their effort in my heart.
I will work harding to repay the efforts put in by the fans.

Sina: Didn't you perform as a solo artiste during the Shinhwa concerts?

JUNJIN: Those were before I officially debut as a solo artist, and I still felt hyper.
During Shinhwa's Asian Tour, I did my own solo act. I took it as a learning experience. It all help me when I debuted officially as a solo artist. Recently, I felt more comfortable performing on stage than on tv shows.

Wants to be close to Aaron Kwok, and perform in China.

Sina: Having thoughts of performing in China?
JUNJIN: If everyone is willing, I'll be glad to go. I will put on an outstanding performance.
I thinking China fans are different from Japan fans, and I'm more closer to the China fans.

Sina: Why China?

JUNJIN: In the past, I've performed in China many times with Shinwa. But I want to go as a solo artist.
One of my close brothers graduated from a university in China. We talked on the phone and he told me many things about China. I've been there many times, and I felt comfortable and suitable there.
I've performed with Aaron Kwok before. My backup dancers have danced for him too, so I felt I'm close to him

Sina: Lastly, say some things to your Sina Internet friends.

JUNJIN: I've released my single. I've received alot of support while in Korea doing solo activities.
Whether I'm acting or singing, I will work hard.

Credits: Koreaguy, double J + hikki@shinhwasarang
English Translation: AtelierGal@SimplyDongwan


Dongwan fans, there is a new forum dedicated solely for Wannie, you might want to check it out. Its a fairly new site so there are still few members in the forum.

If you're interested to register and it ask for the one who refered you, just write my username Wannie_sarang.

here's the URL to the site if you're interested to register:


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Kim Jong Kook, Rain, Shin Hyesung, and Tony An, are the most popular gasoos among the netizens.

IPB Image

This is according to this year's "Netizen Daesang MVP of the Month" male artist category's rankings. "2006 Netizen Daesang" final votings are going on, and attracted a lot of attention.

This year's "Netizen Daesang MVP of the Month"'s combined results show that Tony An is placed first at February, May to July, in the first half of the year, five times in total, receiving huge support from the netizens. On the other hand, Shin Hyesung's popularity flew high in the second half of the year.

Shin Hyesung received three consecutive records in "Netizen Daesang MVP of the Month" in September, October, and November; and Shinhwa's popularity is increasing with Shin Hyesung's as well. With this popularity, Shin Hyesung is rapidly walking at the top place in "2006 Netizen Daesang".

Aside from Tony An in the first half of the year and Shin Hyesung in the second half of the year, Kim Jong Kook is doing quite well as well.

"2006 Netizen Daesang" is now going on, and will end on the 28th Dec. At 11pm on the 15th, statistics show that in the male category, 59608 people voted, and Shin Hyesung is in the lead with 17606 votes (29.5%).

Following Shin Hyesung is Junjin with 13271 votes (22.3%), Lee Minwoo with 8644 votes (14.5%), Son Ho Young with 8169 votes (13.7%), and Kim Jong Kook with 2372 votes (4%). A fierce battle is going on.

Credits: Myth (source), 打糕@shinhwachina (cn translation), cognizantfire@angelicalharmony (eng translation), angelicalharmony, cognizantfire@shinhwachangjo, shinhwachangjo

Kim Jong Kook mistaken for Eric

KCM MV's performing newbie kim jong kook was mistaken for Eric at the filming site, causing abit of confusion.

recently while filming an MV in incheon airport, a group of japanese fans mistook kim jong kook for Eric. the fans barged through the crowd trying to see him, disturbing the filming.

kim jong kook said calmy "hearing that i resemble big star Eric has brought me many burdens, and also grateful. his reputation is admired by many, i will work hard."

credits// myth + 打糕@shinhwachina + prizzyy@shinhwasarang

Household Drama Eric Mun, Big Screen Lee Junki

(only eric's part is mentioned)

on the 18th afternoon a total of 83962 people took part in a household drama actor vote. eric, first place with 23475 votes (28%)

Eric, returning to the household drama industry in the autumn with show "invincible parachute", although with other shows like "what are you doing fox" has been struggling with viewership. but, due to the strong support from his fans, his popularity has been increasing.

second in place's Kim Jung Hoon is closely following behind. having successfully converted into an actor with the help of "goong", he has a total of 23128 votes (27.5%), showing the strong support from this online fans.

credits// myth + 打糕@shinhwachina prizzyy@shinhwasarang

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

4th day of Junjin's hospitalization

fourth day of junjin's hospitalization, although health is slightly better but date of discharge is not confirmed.

shinhwa's junjin has received treatment in the hospital for a total of four days already. looks like its kind of difficult to be discharged.

junjin is currently in seoul, kangnam recieving treatment. being admitted on the 15th at 12pm, it is the fourth day today.

his company good entertainment co expressed today that "junjin is recovering in the hospital, his condition is getting better. but he cant resume his activities at the moment, looks like he has to stay in the hospital for a period of time, the date for discharge is yet confirmed."

also, on the 15th, junjin couldnt get up due to tiredness because of overworking, he was carried to the hospital. after much checking it was deduced to be acute pneumonia .

after fainting after attending "2006 golden disk awards" on the 14th, he was put on a drip in the hospital.

credits// myth + 打糕@shinhwachina + + ANGELIX
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Monday, December 18, 2006

Shin Hyesung&Lyn, Online Music Winner

Shinhwa's Shin Hyesung and Lyn's duet "Love... Afterwards" swept the Melon music market. "Love... Afterwards" is first publicized in online music website Melon, and in a short two days, they have snatched the first place in the music sampling section.

In the past 13 days, through online sites such as SKT, Melon, KTF, CYWorld, "Love... Afterwards" was publicized. It made the record of ten thousand MP3 downloads, and 200 thousand clicks on to the page, becoming the winner in online music. "Love... Afterwards" is a song in the album "Winter Story", and as the first place of ballad singers in male and female categories respectively, Shin Hyesung and Lyn's first collaboration has started a lot of discussion, and as Eric's MV footages are slowly publicized, this collaboration attracted a lot of attention.

When talking about their feelings on this collaboration, both Shin Hyesung and Lyn said, "Personally, we both like this duet song a lot. We are very thankful for the public's fondness of this song. We will both work hard on our individual solo albums, and we will each try to release our solo albums as early as possible. We will meet everybody again at that time."

On the other hand, the full version of the 20-minute long MV starring Eric is scheduled to be released on 26th Dec to the whole of Seoul.

Credits: innofile (source), 堡堡@shinhwachina (cn translation), cognizantfire@angelicalharmony (eng translation), angelicalharmony, cognizantfire@shinhwachangjo, shinhwachangjo

Saturday, December 16, 2006

JunJin,admited to the hospital for acute pneumonia

All News are related, so just read along together with the message of GoodEMG
JunJin,admited to the hospital for acute pneumonia

Shinhwa Junjin admited to the hospital due to acute pheunomia on the 15th.

On the 15th 7pm Junjin was admitted to one of KangNam hospital for medication.

On the 14th Junjin was representing shinhwa and participated '2006 GOLDEN DISC AWARD CEREMONY', after he performed his new album song "Come Back to me", on 7:30pm he fainted in the waiting room.

Junjin was immediately being sent to a hospital in KangNam after he fainted, although the hospital advice him for a precision checkup, but he insist on carrying on with his next schedule, then he receives an injection and discharged from the hospital. On the 15th afternoon junjin once again went to the hospital for a clearer checkup, and when the results came out that he was suffering from acute pheunomia, he was immediately admited to the hospital.

A close friend of junjin express that "2 weeks ago he was suffering from pain", "During the Golden Disc Award he was saying he's was feeling cold, and his condition was not good".

One of the GOODEMG staff said, "Maybe because of the overwork schedule and made his body weak" "All the schedules and work will be stop for the time being".

Credits to:
Source: goodemg
CN Trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane@mySHINHWA + kpopkingdom + soul.mysticshrine + Soompi

Artist Junjin admited to the hospital and receives treatment because of acute pneumonia.

On the 15th afternoon, the hospital made a diagnosis that junjin is suffering from acute pneumonia and now he is receiving treatment in one of the hospital located in Seoul KangNam.

Junjin's close friend express, "2 weeks ago he already started not feeling well, but didnt know that it will become that serious", "digesting all his full daily schedule and at the same time he looks very tired."

Although Junjin had accept a 1 week rest notice, but his schedule on Music Camp' live performance on the 16th afternoon and SBS "Live Inkigayo" performance on the 17th could both of the activities be cancel is still unknown.

A continuous one month of schedule after releasing his new album "Love Wont Come", junjin had already performed and made appearances in kinds of music programme and entertainment programme, carrying a full swings of activites.

Source: OCEAN'S 6
CN Trans: yujin@bestshinhwa
Eng Trans: amane@mySHINHWA + kpopkingdom + soul.mysticshrine + Soompi


JunJin was being carried by his manager to the hospital.
Before the 15th morning he was being carried with lots of tiredness on his body, junjin could not wake up from his bed and his manager carried him on his back to hospital.

Junjin's family is now in the hospital taking care of him. According to the hospital side he was being advice to stay in the hospital for a week.

Junjin closest frined said "On the 15th morning because he could not get up from his bed he was then being carried by his manager on his back to the hospital", "and the hospital representative request for a 1 week admittion, still need a further specific reasons. "

His attendance doctor request junjin to take at least a week rest. In junjin's activities schedule there is 2 job which is on the 16th and 17th evening live performance on Music Camp and Inkigayo.

CN Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane@mySHINHWA + kpopkingdom + soul.mysticshrine + Soompi


12/15[NOTICE]Kiss the radio's Junjin & Eddie's part being cancelled.

15 Dec, friday broadcasting show Kiss the Radio first section "JunJin & Eddie's honor"
An urgent cancellation due to the perfomancer's personal case.
Kiss the Radio audience please do understand.

Credits to:
Source: Super Junior's kiss the radio & oceans
CN trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane@mySHINHWA + kpopkingdom + soul.mysticshrine + Soompi


12/15[NOTICE]About junjin's current situation, to fans (from GOODEMG)

Hi everybody
this is from GOOD

Junjin was being sent to the hospital this afternoon due to acute pneumonia.
After releasing his first solo single he has receives lots of fan's love and care. On December 14th after the Golden Disc Award Ceremony he was feeling unwell, and was sent to the emergency room, then went back home and take a rest. He was in a bad condition today and thus receives a full checkup, and therefore admitted to hospital for acute pneumonia, now he is in a safe condition.

First solo album sales, Junjin brought with his full enthusiasm and participated in kinds of activities, hope fans will wish him a speedy recovery, and continue giving him much concern.

News regarding on Junjin's health condition will be announce again.

Thank you.

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CN Trans:涵馨儿@bestshinhwa
Eng Trans: amane@mySHINHWA + kpopkingdom + soul.mysticshrine + Soompi

Friday, December 15, 2006

Shinhwa Receive Golden Disc Award

Shinhwa, "Although only came 3 of us, we are still Shinhwa."
Shinhwa was rewarded 2006 Golden Disc Award.

In this ceremony, member Shin Hye Sung, Kim Dong Wan & Lee Min Woo could not attend, but Eric, Junjin & Andy came to the ceremony.

On stage Shinhwa happily greeted "We are Shinhwa!" and gave their thank you speech. JunJin, "Thanks to all the fans and director of management company" expressing his happy feeling.

On the 14th evening 6pm, Seoul's Olympic Garden Indoor Hall hosted the "2006 Golden Disc Award Ceremony". After Andy attended and received the award he left the scene in a rush.

Credits to:
Source: mydaily & newsen news
Translation: amane@mySHINHWA

Shinhwa, 2006 Golden Disc Award, Congratulation to Shinhwa

Hi everyone.
This is from GOODEMG

Shinhwa attended "2006 Golden Disc Award Ceremony" this evening, and they even won an award.

Golden Disc Award is accord to the whole year album top sales to determine the winner, is a very meaningful award.

Firstly to 8jib "State of The Art" which had been released in this year, and working hard in their Asia Tour activities, we would like to congratulate to shinhwa members.
And also to those who given lots of love and care within the year, to able to let shinhwa to have the chance to receive this award, sincerely thanks to all the fans.

Hope everyone will continue giving support in the future on shinhwa's activities and member's personal activities, one again congratulation to shinhwa which received the award~!

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English trans: amane@mySHINHWA

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Just want to thank the regular viewers of our blog. The effort exerted in updating this blog were all part of our love to these guys and partly because it makes me, in particular, closer to them coz i am able to read the latest on what's happening to them. A daily dose of their news makes my busy day light and gives a smile on my face. Below is our sitemeter calculator and just looking at it makes me say that it is not only me who wants to get the latest updates on Shinhwa. When I first created this blog, it was my intention only to make myself updated on Shinhwa news. Tet said instead of making another Shinhwa blog for herself, she will just help me in posting the news. Now this labor of LOVE did not only gave us the chance to post pictures and updates on the guys but also gave us the chance to know other people from other countries as well. Thanks guys.

The Six Men In my Life Now - SHINHWA
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Winter Story Part 1

Here's a cut from the latest project of Eric, Winter Story. The song playing is sung by Hyesung and Lyn entitled Love...After.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Top 10 dramas of 2006 based on average TV ratings are:

12/11/06 – According to TNS, the Top 10 dramas of 2006 based on average TV ratings

1. Joo Mong (朱蒙, MBC) --- 38.5%
2. Peculiar Woman, Eccentric Man (aka Bizarre Bunch, KBS1) -- 34.5%
3. Chil Princess (aka The Infamous Chil Sisters, KBS2) -- 32%
4. Goodbye to Sadness (KBS2) -- 31.9%
5. The Sky (aka Dear God, SBS) -- 30.6%
6. Pure 19 (aka Pure in Heart, KBS1) -- 29.6%
7. My Love motnani (SBS) -- 24%
8. The Ballad of Suh Dong (SBS) -- 23.5%
9. My Girl (SBS) -- 22.9%
10. Palace (MBC) -- 22.6%

Goodbye to Sadness is also in the 100 highest rated korean dramas of all times .

credits to soompi news thread

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

M, playing 3 roles in SAT's "ERASER"

Shinhwa's Lee Min Woo is new artiste SAT's new single album producer, and has even featured and participated in the music video of the title track.

On December 6th, Min Woo was in one of the abandoned high schools in Yong San, Seoul, shooting the music video for SAT's title track "Eraser".

In this MV, Lee Min Woo plays a special agent, an invisible enemy and a hero. It is a challenge for him as he takes on 3 different roles in the MV.

The music video for "Eraser" will be open to public through music web and Cable TV at the same time together on the 13th of December.
Until now, "Eraser" is at number 14 on the music charts after 5 days of its release to the public through It has received good response from the public.

Credits to:
Chinese Trans:米饭小团子@bestshinhwa
English Trans: amane@mySHINHWA
+ xminwoo_26x@ Minwooforum [I edited it. ^^]

Monday, December 11, 2006

JunJin "feels that solo singers are, worth our respect."

JunJin from Shinhwa has shed 7~8kg in a month because of his solo activities, showing his fighting spirit.

“While I was having my solo activities, I lost about 7~8kg of my body weight,” JunJin said in a recent interview with Newsen. “The job was originally already tougher than usual, but I told myself that I want to have activities like someone who has just debuted.”

After releasing his single on 16th November, JunJin’s busy schedule began to take effect. The schedule was so tight that he could only sleep for 2 hours a day on an average. Although his life is resembles one of a emergency team soldier, JunJin is working hard for acknowledgement not as JunJin from Shinhwa, but JunJin the singer.

JunJin said, “While we are doing group activities, the other members can help to make up for the areas in which I am not good at, and at that time, I thought that imperfections were natural,” however, “Now it is different. I never thought that being a solo singer would be so difficult. I will be responsible right to the end. I always feel that solo singers are worth our respect.”

“Especially for someone like me who has always left an impression on others because of my dancing skills, to sing ballads for a change with the risk of failing is like fighting with yourself,” he said as the memories of the preparation process for his solo single came back to him, “There was a time whereby a part of me said, ‘JunJin, you are a dancer and a rapper’, while the other part of me kept encouraging myself. I have thought of giving up before. When there was a lot of pressure, I even had a phobia of the recording studio.”

JunJin also expressed with a smile that, “I have walked until here in this kind of situation. The first time I stood on the stage as a solo artist, I worked hard to become JunJin the singer, and not JunJin from Shinhwa. I am used to it now, and I have become even more stable even in a concert.”

“I have had a lot of desire to dance lately,” JunJin mentioned lastly. “However, I am now focusing on ballads. Even though I still have a lot of imperfections from the viewpoint of a fan, but I will still try my best keep improving. I feel very fortunate now.

Credits: akemi <>

JunJin, apologises to NanJin in a shiny jacket and bow tie

JunJin during MBC's 'Rival Show Special - Inkigayo 45 years', which was broadcasted on the 2nd, performed a comedic version of NanJin's song 'With Together'.

JunJin on the day wore a bow tie and was dressed in a shiny jacket, and upon singing the lines 'spring has come, sow the seeds' he made the gesture of scattering seeds, which created a spur of laughter throughout the audience.

After the performance, JunJin expressed, “Teacher NanJin ,Sorry, I have tried my best, but there are still imperfections.”

In addition on the day, in order to reflect the 45 years of history of Inkigayo, apart from JunJin, other stars including Seven、SS501, Bada, and Sung ShiKyung, all performed songs of competitive singers from the past.

Credits: (eng translation), jojoyu7@shinhwachina (cn translation), Yonhap (source).

Friday, December 08, 2006

Se7en, Kim hyun Jung, Andy & Lee Ji Hoon, the pretty male artist form of F4.

In MBC's programme show , Se7en, Kim hyun Jung, Andy & Lee Ji Hoon appeard in the latest episode filming.

Because of KangHoDong, ShinJungHwan, ImJaeMu and so on Golden Fishery members under those gloomy females' big interest and request/wanting them and production to form a pretty male F4.

Specially OkJuHyun phrase "Lately Golden Fishery's water is turning bad, if could invite such handsome boys to the programme is an honour, and our production is so happy about it too" he expression was also written with some over hang happiness. Her phrase too was being affected by the guest.

Will be broadcasting on next year's january, MBC's (every wednesday and thursday drama) Se7en will be appearing in Goldern Fishery as a Smile Man, and also to challenge his acting skills to a higher level. Smile Man Se7en's is acting as a murderer who still can smile no matter in what kind of situation, his acting skills surprised the crowd.

As Kim hyun Jung is acting as a stubborn worker, his silly acting receives the crowd's praising and applause.

This episodewill be broadcasting on the 6th.

Credits to:
Source:Newsen & Ocean's 6
Chinese Trans:胡椒薄荷@shinhwachina
English Trans: amane@mySHINHWA+

Junjin shares the same sentiments with TVXQ-Hero

Singer Junjin (27, Park Chong Jae) relates to the similarities of their sad family history with TVXQ Hero.

In a recent interview with JoyNEWS24, Junjin said "Hero has many similiarities with me." "We once talked about our family problems 2 years ago."

The 2 of them met over a meal 2 years ago, and talked a lot. The topic of own family history came up during their conversation.

Hero had publicly admitted that he was adopted during the recent parental dispute lawsuit. Junjin also only met up his birth mom 4 years ago since his parents divorced.

Junjin said "Hero would never talk about these things easily, but that day, he did. To tell the truth, I was also feeling the same, so talking helps."

It's never easy talking about a painful family history, far more so for the popular singer who's under the limelight.

Junjin also said "Not to mention, even we as an artiste are still unclear in the ways of life, but this kind of experience help us to mature faster. This the same for me, Hero too, and many others who had the same pain would feel that too."

"Though we had painful experience, but we promised ourselves to become the best singer by working hard."

As a senior and older brother to Hero, Junjin shows his deep concern and care to Hero.

After being awarded the Best Artiste on MKMF on 25Nov, Hero said "Thank you for awarding us!The hard work we had put in for 3 years... and now, I must say thank you to my birth mom!"

Junjin once expressed his wish to look for his birth mom when he's famous; his recent rendition of "Love won't come" was widely recognised, making his solo debut a success.

Source : ocean6
chi trans : mifanxiaotuanzi@bestshinhwa
eng trans : shermaine@mySHINHWA+ SHCJ

MinWoo, Eraser MV New Image

From an artiste to producer, Lee Min Woo was hoping to be JunJin's first solo single album producer but because of the time and music genre, he could only give it up sadly. Lee Min Woo instead became the producer for new female artiste SAT's first single solo album.

The shooting for the MV of the title song of the single, "Eraser" took place in an abandoned school on December 6th, 2006. Lee Min Woo not only produced the single but also participated and made an appearance in the MV. His new image in the MV will be shown to the public for the first time in Sina Entertainment News.

Credits to:
Source: Kona@Sina, 食客猪@ShinhwaChina
English Trans: amane@mySHINHWa
+ Minwooforum +

Foreign internet users have selected the six-man group Shinhwa as the best Korean singer of the year

Foreign internet users have selected the six-man group Shinhwa as the best Korean singer of the year, according to Arirang International Broadcasting on Wednesday. The group’s song “Once in a Lifetime” received 60 percent of the votes cast by foreign internet users.

Shinhwa beat last year’s winner, Kang Ta, who came in second with 20.3 percent followed by TVXQ with 17.3 percent. Super Junior took fourth place followed by Bada, Se7en, BoA, SG Wannabe, Buzz, and Paek Ji-young, with all of them winning less than 1 percent of the votes.

Only foreign netizens were allowed to participate in the vote by blocking domestic IP addresses, with the number of participants tripling from last year to some 1.9 million.

By nation, Chinese accounted for the majority of participants with 1.35 million, followed by Americans, Australians, French, Canadians, Cambodians, Brazilians, Malaysians, Taiwanese, and Japanese.

KBS Global

Latest G-market Pix Part 13

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

Credit : G-market, &

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lotteria Xmas ad

Credit:Lotteria + beck77 of

Shinhwa will participate, In 2nd round K-pop Super Live

Hello everybody, this is Good EMG.

Shinhwa will participate in "2nd Round K-Pop Super Live Concert" on 6th Jan, held in Saitama Super Arena in Japan.

The special thing is, this time it's not only Shinhwa, Lee Minwoo (M) and Shin Hyesung have also prepared their solo stages.

This is a long time since Shinhwa members have appeared together publicly, and this concert is for promoting Korean songs and encouraging cultural exchange between Korea and Japan, so we hope that fans from inside and outside the country can participate and be supportive to them.

Thank you.

Credits: Good EMG (source), allyssa@bestshinhwa (cn translation), cognizantfire@angelicalharmony (eng translation), angelicalharmony, cognizantfire@shinhwachangjo, shinhwachangjo

Andy's cross dressing appearance gave fans a good laugh!

IPB Image

"So hilarious!!"

Shin Jung Hwan and Andy's cross-dressing appearance have filled many audiences with laugther.

On the 29th November, during the episode of Gold Fishery 'OK Scene' segment, Shin Jung Hwan and Andy played Chae Gyung, the female lead role in MBC's popular drama Goong. This character who was originally played by Yoon EunHye is about a commoner who became a crown princess, just like a modern day Cinderella.

In the show, Shin Jung Hwan and Andy's "charismatic" cross-dressing gained a lot of viewership.

Shin Jung Hwan got to play the confession and kissing scene of Chae Gyung and Shin, with Kang Ho Dong as Shin. This parody scene brought many laughter. As Shin Jung Hwan's cross dressing seems so natural.

The most interesting scene is the kiss. Shin Jung Hwan who initially felt uncomfortable said I can't do it." But they did a splendid finish after that, this led the whole cast to applause for them.

Andy and Im ChaeMoo played a parody scene of "Shin and Chae Gyung's first night". At the first half of the scene, Andy kept laughing. "When I thought of myself being dressed like that, it made me laugh". This role gave him pressure therefore he ended up having many NGs.

Andy who displayed superb acting skill as good as Shin Jung Hwan's, received a 'thumbs up from the producer. In parody of Kim SamSoon, Kang HoDong and Andy's kiss scene had also received recognition. On the day of broadcast, many viewers had given very good comment on their acting skills.

Credit: ( eng translation), 胡椒薄荷@shinhwachina (Chinese translation), ocean’s six (source)

[Tsudoi final report] Message from Shinhwa members to LEGEND members.

IPB Image

How are you? This is Eric.
23rd of November is the first official fan meeting held since the birth of Japanese Official fan club, “THE LEGEND”. It is both meaningful and pleasant interaction with the fans for the first time. I am glad to be well-received each time I came to Japan, but thinking that we are now from the same family makes me happier.
Please continue to support us! Everyone, stay energetic always~ ^^

Everyone from “THE LEGEND”, how are you? I am Lee MinWoo.
The fan meeting is a very pleasant one, don’t you think so? I really have fun and it’s a moment not to forget.
I will endeavor to work hard for my solo album so as to meet all the Japanese fans as soon as possible. Please continue to give us your love and interest.
Always stay energetic and happy~!

Everyone from “THE LEGEND”, nice to meet you. I am Kim DongWan.
I am very happy to spend a pleasant time with all of you. Because of our family, I must study even harder for my Japanese from now.
I hoped to be able to exchange conversation with the Japanese fans more fluently.
I will work harder from now on, to present to you a better me in the future.
I love you, Japanese fans.

IPB Image

Everyone from “THE LEGEND”, this is Hyesung.
It’s very reassuring that there’s a Shinhwa family in Japan. I think it will be a great help in out future Japan activities.
I will endeavor with my utmost efforts to bring a good album to all of you as soon as possible.
From now on, please continue to give us your interest and love for us.
Japanese fans, always stay energetic and happy~!

Hello to all Japanese fans. This is JunJin.
I am glad to feel the love from many Japanese fans during the fan meeting that was held recently but I am not sure if everyone is able to perceive our mind. ^^
Now I am very busy with my solo activities. Please give me more support from Japan. I will put in more effort and work hard so as to be able to perform my solo stage performance in Japan.
Everyone, I really love you~!

How are you? Everyone from “THE LEGEND”, this is Andy.
Japanese fan club “THE LEGEND” is born this year and it’s really meaningful to hold the first fan meeting this year.
Moreover, I am happier to become familiar with the Japanese fans through the fan meeting. ^^ Please give Andy and Shinhwa more encouragements in the future.
Thanks, everyone. And also, I love all of you~

Credits: (English translation) + (Source)

Monday, December 04, 2006

Singers-Turned-Actors: the Best and the Worst

In Korea, singers don't just sing to make a living any more. They try hard to map out a career cycle as entertainers, with the arch usually taking them into acting ventures of varying success. In soap operas particularly, some acquit themselves well. Others, however, provoke derision from Korea’s merciless Netizens for the way they flounce and pout around the sets.

In fact, the majority of soap leads are played by singers today. The Chosun Ilbo asked 14 writers and producers of hit dramas who the best and worst of the bunch are. We asked them to rank the top three in each category by giving three points to the best, two to the second best and one to the third.

Among men, famously ambitious Rain came top with a score of 29 for appearances in “Full House” and “A Love to Kill.” Praise was fulsome. "He successfully appeals to the public with his ability to express feelings in a sympathetic way and by making the transition from singer to actor very naturally,” one panel member enthused. "He’s a jewel. It would have been such a loss if he hadn’t decided to act.” In second was Kim Chang-wan with 13 points, followed by Kim Dong-wan with 10 points and Lim Chang-jung with 9. Mun Jeong-hyeok or Eric, who landed in fifth with 8 points, got mixed reviews. Some said he was “taking full advantage of his pretty face and ability as an entertainer." Others were less kind.

Parts of the article were deleted(by yours truly)
credits: angel2nyt at ttp://

Lee Minwoo concert's line up, of glamous guest stars

user posted image

On 2nd and 3rd December, Lee Minwoo will hold his solo concert ‘M Live Works’ at Seoul Melon AX.

This concert will have a line up of glamous guest stars. Firstly, singer Lyn, who will be holding her own ‘LoveLyn Romantic Party’ concert on 17th December at Hong Dae Catch Light Club, will be appearing for both days of Minwoo’s concert.

JunJin who has recently released his single album will be performing on 3rd December. His songs ‘Love won’t come’ and 'Come Back’ promising to bring the concert’s atmosphere to it’s climax.

In addition, Good Entertainment’s new boy band Battle, who has been receiving a lot of attention will also guest star in the concert. They will be performing their dance song ‘Crash’ which can already be heard on their official website at Good Entertainment. A Good EMG spokenman expressed, ‘This will be their 1st official stage performance before debut. Although the song is not all perfect but it is a very powerful and dynamic dance song. It will fully display Battle’s latent ability.

Lee Minwoo will perform all his hit songs and also 'White Christmas’, ‘Don’t cry’ and 'Last season’ in conjunction with the festive season, to celebrate an early Christmas with fans. At the same time, a lucky fan will be chosen to go on stage to play games and there will be more interesting activities during the concert for fans to enjoy themselves.

About this upcoming concert, Lee Minwoo said, “There is a lot of things to look forward to during this concert therefore it will definitely be better than my first. This will be the first time that I’ll be performing on a standing area, so I’m also very excited to get close to my fans. I will do my very best."

Lee Minwoo is in the midst of rehearsal for this concert and also has plans to do another one in the 1st half of next year.

Credits: (eng translation), jojoyu7@shinhwachina (cn translation), myth6 (source), xminwoo_26x@Orange Crush

Saturday, December 02, 2006

M, producer of Sat's digital single

Being as a producer, lee min woo participated in new female artist Sat's first digital single album. Many overseas composer too participated.

Besides being as a producer, LeeMinWoo also sing in the title song and appearance in the MV.

December 4th through Melon and Dosirak music web will release this song to public.
^^ A link to watch the preview for the mv

Chinese trans:打糕@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane@mySHINHWA
+ Minwooforum +

11/30 [news] Shinhwa, "Everybody's busy", "It's hard to meet each other"

fter finishing the promotional activities for their 8th jib, Shinhwa's members sent a congratulatory message to MyDaily for their second year of establishment.

Shinhwa said, "Not long ago was Dongwan and Hyesung's birthdays" and "We sincerely wish MyDaily happy birthday as well."

Shinhwa members have been so busy with their individual activities such that it is hard for them to see each other. The busiest is Junjin, who just released his single album with ballad "Love Doesn't Come". Through this ballad, Junjin successfully got rid of his image as a dance singer. Junjin said, "I have been hurt in the heart by news reports before, and so I didn't express my feelings openly anymore" and told us his wish, "I hope that MyDaily can be loved by its good and real news forever".

Lee Minwoo will have his live concert on 2nd and 3rd of December, and is now busily preparing for it. Shinhwa members will also attend Lee Minwoo's live concert "Live Works".

Andy, who is now actively participating in variety shows, such as portraying "Kim Sam Soon" and "Laughing Prince" in Gold Fishery said, "MyDaily reported most of the schedules of Shinhwa's Asia Tour. Looking at their reports feels like looking at a diary" and "I hope that we can see each other through good news in the future". Andy was appointed "The 6th High Blood Pressure Ambassador" in the first week of December, and will receive his position formally on 1st Dec in Seoul.

Kim Dongwan will star in the television drama series "Not Love" which will be aired early next year. Eric has also finished the filming of drama series "Invincible Parachute Agent", and is pondering on his next project. Shin Hyesung, who just had his birthday on 27th Nov, is planning to release his second solo album early next year, and is now collecting songs for his album.

Shinhwa concluded with, "Congratulations to MyDaily's establishment for two years" and "Hope that MyDaily can work hard with Shinhwa".

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