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[08.10.28][info] M at the 2008 Green Concert

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[08.10.29][info]Kim Dongwan's schedule for November

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11월 1일 (토)

11월 2일 (일)

11월 3일 (월)

11월 4일 (화)
김동완 싱글 앨범 온라인 발매!!

PM 11H05 - KBS 2 상상플러스 시즌2 (녹화 방송) Sang Sang Plus 2 with Junjin and Kim Jong Kook.
홈페이지 :

11월 5일 (수)

11월 6일 (목)
김동완 싱글 앨범 오프라인 발매

11월 7일 (금)
6H30 - KBS 뮤직뱅크 Music Bank
장소 : KBS 신관
홈페이지 :

11월 8일 (토)
PM 5H20 - KBS2 스타골든벨 (녹화 방송) Star Golden Bell
PM 10H05이후 - MBC 표준 FM 박경림의 별이 빛나는 밤에 (생방)
홈페이지 :

11월 9일 (일)
PM 4H00 - SBS 인기가요 Inkigayo – 2008, 사랑나눔콘서트
장소 : 서울 올림픽 공원 체조경기장 2008, Sharing Love Concert
홈페이지 :
* 사랑나눔콘서트의 입장권은 농심 홈페이지 에서 신청

[08.10.30][diary] Dongwan: In "Tokyo Tower"..

Between people
They seem to be attracted to each other because of air
No matter whether it's the personality or the looks, before all that it is air
The air that revolves around people.
I believe in gut instincts...

-ㅎㅎI used this quote for the Busan fanmeeting............
I said this came from the book "Norwegian Wood" by Haruki Murakami...-_-;
Actually this is from the book "Tokyo Tower" by Kaori Ekuni...ㅜㅜ

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Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.10.29][trans] Eloquence - a must-have for idols

Eloquence and wit is now a necessary requirement to be idols nowadays.

Idol groups must now know how to go about creating gags and jokes to amuse the audience in order to gain popularity. Making appearances on talkshows and reality variety shows, idols must now show their eloquence and quick wit, in addition to the usual display of charisma. It is now the norm to adopt a more honest, frank and straightforward attitude, as opposed to the idols of the 90s where it was key to maintain a certain air of mystery.

(irrelevant info omitted)

When it comes to having a flair for variety programs, Shinhwa can be considered as the pioneers. As early as 2004, Shinhwa has been showing their knack for variety. Despite being a cool idol group, the members showed no mercy when it came to exposing embarrassing secrets about each other, yet this candidness did wonders in introducing each individual member's personality and charm. As using the foundation that Shinhwa laid as a platform, each member has gone on to carve out successful solo careers.

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[08.10.29][trans] Andy takes on the musical stage once again

Andy takes on the musical stage for the third time with .
When we meet him at the performance venue
Instead of the veteran singer who has been enjoying popularity for the past 10 years, we find a humble musical actor who is working hard at learning more about musicals.

In September, PLAY DB magazine did a poll to find the musical actor that the audience most looked forward to seeing in October's theatre projects. In the end, Andy of rose above his competition and was thus featured on the October issue. Let's go on a date with Andy, who, after and , is now starring in .

"I need to change my image now"

When we ask Andy to smile for the camera, he playfully nods, then shakes his head. Although he seems to be speaking in jest, his determination still comes through. The character of Soo Hyun in is a new challenge compared to Andy's gentle and mild image on various variety shows. In order to portray a more mature and masculine image, Andy has already started practising way ahead of time.

Learning and growing little by little

"Soo Hyun is a very attractive character. The way he loves a woman and the way he puts in effort is close to the character that I hope to be. In actual fact I think less than 10% of Korean men are like Soo Hyun, there really aren't many of them (laughs)."

He has clearly been very immersed in his role. Andy's image should finally be changed with this performance, and he is now working hard on portraying the slightly dull personality of the character.

Now, compared with the image of the popular star and Shinhwa member which he has been enjoying for the past 10 years, now he is more of a rookie musical actor.

"My first musical performance left me with many regrets. I wanted to show my more mature side but I didn't seem to achieve that. But I find musicals really interesting, having to interact and coordinate with the other actors within the two hours. It's really fun."

In 2006's , it is true that no one thought much of Andy. Although he had a very positive effect on the box office results, there were comments that Andy's effect stemmed from his status as a singer from an idol group. Although he possessed stage presence and the ability to grab the audience's attention, his acting skills still had room for improvement. He seems to know this better than anyone else when he says, "There are still many times when I wish that I can do better. I get most frustrated when I've already analysed the character yet I can't deliver what I wanted to, that's the worst part. I still need more practice when it comes to this."

"I still get nervous although I've practiced, but somehow though I can't see my own improvement, the others tell me that I've gradually improved."

Musicals: Turning Point

This year Andy released his first solo album, ANDY THE FIRST NEW DREAM. Fans' reactions were mostly of surprise, as Shinhwa rapper Andy chose to sing instead of rap for his album. "Some people said it was amazing and that I had practiced a lot, but there were others who said that it was still lacking. But people were mostly surprised. I didn't expect singing to be this fun."

It was his first musical Music In My Heart that triggered him, making him feel that singing was actually fun, something that he didn't realise even in Shinhwa.

"Before Music In My Heart I really hated my own voice. Every aspect of it. But during the musical, the director and the other cast members said that my voice has a unique charm to it, and it was good to hear that (laughs). And it's how I developed an interest and ambition towards musicals. I made many mistakes on stage then. Missing cues were nothing compared to forgetting lyrics. After that I always came to the venue an hour beforehand to practise. Now although I'm still nervous on stage, but I've gradually picked up the techniques and the other cast members often give me advice and tips too."

"During fellow cast member Do Hyun hyung told me, "Even if you have only 3 minutes on the stage, you must still understand the stage, and think of why you're eher and what you have to do." It's vital to concentrate and focus before going on stage, I've been swearing by this piece of advice and I'll continue to do so."

Andy then laughs playfully as he adds, "But Do Hyun hyung didn't teach me how to be in sync with emotions though."

I am Shinhwa

Besides acting, we have also seen him busy with his music activities. In March this year, he stood with the other Shinhwa members for Shinhwa's 10th anniversary concert, and he also held solo concerts in Japan, China and Korea. But he loves Shinhwa more than anything else, the Shinhwa that gave him what he has today. He says, "When people ask the members if Shinhwa will disband when the members enlist for military duty, we just laugh it off."

Although he agrees that Shinhwa has enjoyed a great amount of popularity for the past 10 years, but success didn't come easily.

"Honestly Shinhwa's 1st album did badly and when we got to the top of the charts with T.O.P from our 2nd album, our ambitions grew. We wanted to win the Daesang, but that didn't come until our 7th album. After 8 years, we also finally moved into the rest of Asia, that's how we spent the 10 years. That's why I think there's nothing for me and Shinhwa to be afraid of anymore."

His fans aren't limited to just Korean fans, but fans from Asia as a whole. For his musicals, it's a common sight to see large groups of fans from Japan and China among the audience. He had even met a fan from Mexico before. Andy says, "Once I think of the fans I want to work harder at showing my more mature side."

In the interview, when he talks about , he talks about his views on relationships and marriage too. He wants to find someone soon, but he concludes that "Marriage is something very difficult."

"Married life itself isn't tiring, but getting to the stage of marriage isn't an easy thing either. My ideal type changes everyday. My ideal type today is someone who wants to marry me (laughs), but tomorrow it may change. Having said that, I'm not a playboy. Honestly I like girls with beautiful eyes, and if she's filial that's even better."

He says he has a lot of ambition now. If there's a chance, he'll want to take up a new challenge in a new genre. Next year he'll be working on a new album and concerts, and variety show appearances are also on his list of to-do things. Redefining his role as a singer and actor, Andy might even bring us more surprises next year.

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[08.10.29][news] Minwoo: Men? Except for me, don't trust them

"Men really can't be trusted?"

In response to this interesting question, Lee Minwoo (28) has an interesting response too, "Except for me, don't trust other men."

Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo has just released his 4th solo album, featuring his title track Don't Trust Men, singing of the selfish and self-centered, yet charming character of the bad boy

You're too good to give away, but I don't want to keep you
I don't want marriage, but I want to date

Lee Minwoo has this to say about the lyrics, which may make ladies want to throw stones at the bad boys out there, "I never worried much about this, anyway the trend in the music scene lately seems to be bad boys." Rain's Bad Boy and DBSK's Mirotic are all examples of this. Although it may seem strange, but bad boys seem to possess a certain charm. Lee Minwoo is not exception.

"In fact I'm not a bad boy. I'm the type who will blindly give my all once I fall in love. I used to be that way with my ex-girlfriends. Perhaps I will still be this way in future."

Some time ago, Lee Minwoo was criticized for revealing the names of his ex-girlfriends on a variety show, the reason being that people felt that it was inappropriate to bring up the past relationships. "I called Ji Young and Shin Ae to apologize after that. At that time the MCs kept prodding me to reveal their names. I feel really bad towards them for my thoughtless actions."

Brave Brother wrote Don't Trust Men for Lee Minwoo. Since his debut Minwoo had already know the brothers Hyuk Chul and Dong Chul, and had already confirmed this track since late last year. Although Minwoo himself had written more than 10 songs, he decided on selecting more songs from other songwriters.

"I was too adamant on sticking to my own style for my 3rd album and Stomp, and I received comments that I was insisting on having my own way. This time round, I took a step back and listened to the views of the listeners." Having focused on an aggressively masculine sound in the past, Minwoo has toned down and gone for a softer, smoother sound in this album.

I 'M' U, a song written with Lee Hyun Do while they were in the car, features hiphop duo Mighty Mouth; Wonder Girls' Yoobin also features on Banhan Honey; Son Dambi lends her sexy vocals to Hot. These collaborations have give this album another dimension and more variety.

Having spent the past 10 years with Shinhwa, this is Lee Minwoo's 4th solo outing. As for the next 10 years, Lee Minwoo says, "I aim to build and expand my personal trademark." Last year, he set up M RIZING to manage his future music producing work.

"I'll be enlisting for military duty in the middle of next year, and I have a lot of things to do before that. I hope to help the younger talents to establish themselves. The next 10 years will be the period where I become Lee Minwoo the producer."

Source: isplus
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[08.10.29][news] KDW Will Have Pictures of Fans in His Last Album Before the Army

Singer Kim Dong Wan will have pictures of fans in his last album before entering the army.

Kim Dong Wan's agency prepared this special event for the fans who will not be able to see him for 2 years. In November, before he enters the army, for the last single album will put pictures of fans on it.

With the entry of more than 2,000 fans from many nationalities for this event, it clearly indicated the popularity of Kim Dong Wan as one of the hallyu stars.

Fans participating went beyond Chinese and Japanese fans. As fans from the Philippines, France, Germany, Vietnam and Mexico sent messages along with their pictures. Messages such as, "Please go to the army and come back safely", "Take care of your health", and "I will be waiting for you".

Kimg Dong Wan fans who are mothers took pictures with their children, pictures that he took personally of fans, and poses of him that were memoriable were all submitted.

Kim Dong Wan's agency said, "It was very touching to see fans from so many countries come together for this event. It was Kim Dong Wan's intention to leave a good memory to the fans."

Meanwhile, Kim Dong Wan will enter the army on November 17th at the Choong Nam training center.


[08.10.29][News] JunJin High School Girls 4 Last Eps on 10/29 After Numerous Events

Starting from August 6th, MNet show "JunJin High School Girls 4" will end at its episode on 29th October.

"JunJin HSG4" as well as other previous programs "In the purity of 19", "Handsome flowers state" of PD Kim Tae Eun attracted a lot of netizens' attention.

During the first episodes, the show starring singer JunJin and 4 high school students who formed a family, was accused by the audience. The HS students who ride motorcycle without helmet on, their bad language, and other uncivilized behaviors got a lot of criticism.

However, the show did better in ratings in later episodes and the audience requested for an extension in broadcast time. "JunJin HSG4" airtime was increased from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Therefore, the editing needed to be changed and the task was not as easy. PD Kim Tae Eun expressed his regret since the show didn't receive the same attention as when it had been edited out.

He said "With the existing programs, we don't use the normal production methods. We raised the shutter speed, and the characters activities could be more clear and it gives the feeling of a reality programs."

"JunJin HSG 4" follow-up program is still in uncertainty.

Credit: Osen
Korean/Eng: Kim Nguyen @

[08.10.29][info] Kim Dongwan's Single Album "Promise"

*Both YesAsia and DVD Heaven are taking pre-orders. On DVD Heaven it has 11/7 for the release date and for YesAsia it has 11/10.*

After reaching the peak of the music industry within the last 10 years, Kim Dong Wan will be leaving us for a short while..

Containing his most sincere and heartfelt feelings, he will be releasing his single album "Promise".

Through hits like "Handkerchief", "It's My Fault", "Secret" and "A Man's Love", Kim Dong Wan - who has been recognised for his abilities as a singer - he will be leaving the music scene for the next 2 years but before that he will release his last single album before enlistment, "Promise". Staying at the peak of his career until now, he has reflected on the time that has passed, and out of his gratitude to his fans, he is leaving the most sincere goodbye message through this single album.

The title track "Promise" is a song that expresses 100% the feelings of men and women who have fallen out of love, and is set to become another classic duet following "Regards" by Byul & Na Yoon Kwon and "He and She" by Vibe and Jang Hye Jin. Written by new songwriter Konan and hitmaker lyricist Ahn Young Min, the duet between Kim Dongwan and Younha is one to look forward to.

The song "Can't Forget" has a gentle piano melody, which shows off Kim Dongwan's expressively sorrowful vocals, is reminiscent of Jang Hye Jin's "A Night in 1994". This track is written by Kang Jiwon (who wrote Lee Seung Chul's Loving You) and Hwang Sung Jin (who wrote Seeya's Love Greeting and J-Walk's Fox Rain).

As this is his last release before enlistment, it contains all the gratitude that Kim Dongwan wants to express to his fans, as well as the regrets he has towards them for the temporary departure. This is Kim Dongwan's special present to his fans, which will be definitely remembered by fans.

[Track List]

1. Intro
2. Promise (Duet with Younha)
3. Can't Forget
4. Promise Instrumental

Release Date: 11/6/08
Publisher: Loen Entertainment
Label: Loen Entertainment

Source: Lee's Music / O6
Trans: happyheart@shinhwabiz / midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

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[08.10.28][news] Lee Minwoo on KBS2's Star Golden Bell (consolidated)

n the 25th Oct episode on KBS2's Star Golden Bell, Lee Minwoo was visibly glad to be assigned to the same row as the Brown Eyed Girls. He then surprised everyone when he said, "Out of Ga-In, Miryo and Narsha here, Narsha attracts me the most."

He added, "I like girls who look healthy as compared to skinny girls, just like Narsha."

At this moment Kim Jae Dong said, "I met Junjin the other day, and Junjin said that Lee Minwoo doesn't have very high standards for girls." Lee Minwoo quipped to the amusement of the guests, "Can't you tell by looking at Narsha?"

Lee Minwoo also said that he is envious of fellow singers Son Ho Young and Crown J - Son Ho Young for his clear fair skin and Crown J for his face shape.

"There was once when we had an outdoor camp together and we showered together, and I thought Son Ho Young had a really nice back. It was like "Son Ho Young's back, omona!" " Lee Minwoo exclaimed, to the embarrassment of Son Ho Young.

After which Lee Minwoo said with regards to Crown J, "Honestly although he doesn't have a pretty face but his face shape is pleasant to look at. He has a good and well-defined body too."

Lee Minwoo and Son Ho Young also shared examples of their rivalry back in the days of Shinhwa and G.O.D, livening up the studio atmosphere.

Source: Newsen / TVREPORT
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.10.28][info] 2009 Official Junjin Calendar -- Purchase Info

Hello, this is Openworld Entertainment.

Here is the information on the purchase and payment method of Junjin's Official 2009 Calendar for domestic (Korean) fans.

(*Japanese fans may possibly purchase on 3 November at KNTV fanmeeting sites, and for the other different overseas fans, information on the purchase method shall follow.)

JUNJIN 2009 OFFICIAL CALENDAR Method of Purchase:

An email shall be sent confirming payment for the calendar after such has been applied.


Price: 15,000 KRW (per piece)

Possible No. of pieces that can be purchased: limited to 500 pieces, a maximum of 5 pieces per purchase

Account where payment is to be made: Korean Exchange Bank 620-183572-866 (bank deposit), Park Mi Ran

Period for payment and confirmation thereof: 1 November 2008, 9:00AM until 16 November 2008 (11:59PM)

**also mentions that the person who applies must also be the one who shall make payment, to avoid confusion^^

-------------Payment Confirmation Mail-------------------

Contents of Email:

email address:

Subject: [junjin/no. of pieces] amount of payment/ date & time of payment

e.g. [junjin/5 pieces) 75,000 won/ 1 November 2008 8:00AM

body of email:

Name of Applicant
Shipping Address:
Contact Person:
Emergency Contact Person:



*Payment and payment confirmation mail shall be completed until 16 November 2008 (11:59PM).

source: + jineyes

[08.10.27][trans] Lee Minwoo's 4th album photoshoot #16

Photographer Jo Seon Hee took a black and white picture of M with his back painted.
So we thought that we definitely want to show everyone the color version
If we were to ever post behind the scenes pictures.
Although this is the 9th picture to be taken for the album, but this demonstrates fully M's idea
- It's something very meaningful painted on his body
So we decided that this will be the last series of behind-the-scenes pictures we're posting from the photoshoot.

Letting everyone see the little braid is Jo Seon Hee's idea, doesn't it go well?
This is M who wants to make the bodypainting as perfect as possible, thus cleaning it off and putting it on again
The final result after the repeated process

While letting his back be seen both from the left and right angles
The photographer has to hold the camera
And follow M as he turns left and right non-stop.. ^^;;

It will look pretty good if we're using this for a denim jeans ad isn't it?
Although this model has done one or two CFs he isn't exactly satisfactory....ahem!

M with his back painted
If he stretches his hands into a straight line, his hands become the wings of a big bird,
And if he only raises his right hand it becomes the "Z" of M RIZING,
If he raises both his hands upwards it becomes the victory "V".
The shoot took 12 hours, 14 concepts
A room filled with tens of sets of clothes and shoes, hats, accessories and 3 boards of reference images
The many staff, the cat and little angel in the studio, photographer Jo Seon Hee who dotes on M a lot, and our star Lee Minwoo, have all put in long hours and great effort to produce
The 4th album M RIZING.

But this album also owes its completion to M's fans who have been showing their support and love, and their patience.

This is the last set of pictures from the 4th album photoshoot.

If he didn't pay attention he wouldn't understand clearly, so M spoke slowly to the little angel
Squatting to the same height as the child, chatting lovingly
While everyone is busy with the preparations for the next shot
No one notices (M probably didn't know how he got caught on film too .^^
We see M at his gentlest and warmest, talking to the child,
And it feels like...ah...this guy is really a good person
On TV or on stage M probably never fully shows what a warm person he is
This scene feels really precious

Although his body is completely exhausted, and his senses are all confused
But M doesn't lose the cuteness in his eyes
Yes, a man who completely deserves to be loved

P.S: Thanks to everyone who has shown your support to the [4th album photoshoot] series
After this we will be posting behind-the-scenes pictures from the MV shooting of Don't Trust Men, please give your support too ^_^

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[08.10.27][H2 notice]Fan photo contest for Kim Dongwan's single update


This is H2 Entertainment.
'Fan photo event for Kim Dongwan's single' has garnered much support from everyone, and we are thankful for it.

Over 3000 fans from China, Japan, Malaysia etc has taken part in this activity. Because there were many enquiries regarding the activity, as well as repeated emails has caused our inbox to exceed the limit and thus, many were unable to take part in the activity. And so, we have decided to extend the deadline.

Right now, we are clearing our inbox.

27 Oct: From 8.30pm onwards, we will start collating the photos.
27 Oct: We will stop receiving emails from 12am.

We do not have much time till Kim Dongwan's enlistment, and thus we are unable to organise more events and we hope to seek everyone's understanding on that.

It takes much time to pick the 100 photos to be included in Kim Dongwan's single and so, the results will only be out on 28 Oct 1pm, do wait a while more, thank you ^^

*There are many people who send in their photos more than once.
For the benefit of other fans, please send only once.

from:H2 ENT&oceans
Chi trans:julias@bestshinhwa
Eng trans:

[08.10.27][info] H2 delays announcement of winners (Dongwan contest)

H2 Entertainment, Dongwan's company management, delayed the announcement of the winners for the Dongwan contest. They will announce the winners at 10.28.

source: H2 Enter + Lover +

[08.10.26][News] MBC "Infinity Challenge" broke new record with episode "Managers"

According to research firm TNS Media Korea, MBC "Infinity Challenge" espisode aired on October 25 broke the current national rating of 19.1%, after increasing 2.6% from last week episode.

In the episode, 6 members experienced the relationship between artist and his manager, which drew many attention.

SBS "Star Kings" was ranked 2nd with 9.5% and KBS 2TV "Sponge 2.0" with 8.6% came at third.
Credit: NewsEn
Korean/Eng: Kim Nguyen @

[08.10.26][News] JunJin was humiliated by his "manager" Noh Hong Chul

On MBC "Infinity Challenge" aired on October 25 featuring "Idol - Manager", 6 member exchanged the roles of artists and managers.

JunJin's manager was Noh Hong Chul, with the long wool vest costume. His excitement and steadfast tactics embarrased the idol star during recordings and performances, which made everyone burst out of laugh.

JunJin's manager during his stage performance eagerly cheered him "JunJin! Saranghee!", inciting people around, which heated the crowd. JunJin on stage couldn't help but secretly smiled in humiliation. However, "Junstin" still presented a tough and charming perfermance.

After the concert, "manager" Noh Hon Chul expressed his apology towards his artist.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Jun Jin to Hold Fan Meeting in Japan

Jun Jin, who is enjoying a personal renaissance in variety shows, will hold a large scale fan meeting in Japan.

Jun Jin, who is also a member of the group Shinhwa, successfully released his solo debut album and held his first solo concert in Japan this April. His upcoming fan meeting will be held on November 3 at Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo under the title of "Jun Jin's Fan Meeting; 2008 Autumn Special".

KNTV, a Japanese network specializing in Korean content and the organizer of the event, said that Jun Jin is enjoying a great deal of popularity not only as a singer, actor and TV host, but also as a regular guests on entertainment programs such as "Highly Ambitious: Season 2", "Good Sunday", and "Infinite Challenge."

credit: HanCinema e-news

[081024][notice] Jun Jin Will not be Performing at the Bucheon's Super Concert

This is Jun Jin Fanclub representative.

On Saturday, October 25th, Super Concert will be held at the Bucheon Stadium. Due to their lack of preparation and failure this week to keep up with the schedule, Jun Jun has decided not to be be part of the event last minute.

To announce this unexpected news, we are very sorry. Please do not be mistaken that he will be at this event.

We feel bad to Jun Jin fans who have waited to see him on stage after quite some time. Sorry to make all the fans wait again. We hope in the future to come before you with a better event.

Thank you.

source: &

[081024][news] Kim Dong Wan to Appear on Introducing Star's Friends for His Manager

On November 17th, singer Kim Dong Wan will be entering the army. In hopes of finding a mate for his lonely manager, he will appear on "Introducing Star's Friends".

While preparing to enter the army, Kim Dong Wan has not done any shows. Although, he declined going on other shows, he decided to appear on this show so that his manager might have a chance to to meet a mate. This will be his last appearence on a show before entering the army. (MBC's Introudcing Star's Friends is a couple variety show with directors Kim Young Jin and Sung Chi Kyung.)

At the recording, Kim Dong Wan said that before he enters the army he wanted to give his manager a gift. Introducing him proudly on the show he said, "We have a close friendship with one another and resembles Yoon Do Hyun a lot."

On that day, Kim Dong Wan's manager perform the dance with the chair to Son Dam Bi's "Crazy". Kim Dong Wan was suprised to see hidden sides to his manger.

Kim Dong Wan, Kin Hyung Joon (SS501), Koh Young Uk, Shoo, Kang Min In, and Boom will do their best to find a person for their friends. This show will air on the 25th at 5:20 for 70 minutes.


081024 3rd jib Tour Note 9 -- by Dr. Hong - Bali (Fast, quick)

Tour note 1-3:
Tour note 4-8:


As the practising gets overheated on one of the day before the actual performance~~
The dark underground dancing studio gets brighten up.
It is because the fans of singer Shin who have well-prepared for us the food~ ^^

Singer Shin who has not eaten (empty stomach)~~
Personally move the table upon seeing the food, combining them together one by one.
Not sure whether if its because of the hunger, we immediately picked up the fork, lobster, bento (rice box).... and eat them earnestly...
And then he told the band members and the staffs, "See it?", as he looks happy...

It seems that the motivation given to singer isn't the food prepared by the fans but their LOVE~~

Credits: (English translation) + 宝宝爱王子@申彗星中国首站S.C.I.C (Chinese translation) + GoodEMG (source)

[08.10.24][trans] 081022 “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’ – Shin Seung Hoon episode on Hyesung


[08.10.24][trans] 081022 “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’ – Shin Seung Hoon episode on Hyesung

S = Shin Seung Hoon/ J = Kim Jung Eun

S: Starting now, this album consists of modern rock genres.
J: Roughly 2 weeks ago, Shin Hyesung here and mentioned about Shin Seung Hoon.
S: What did he say? Huu, I am scared of him. What did he say?
J: About British rock. Try out new challeng.
S: He came to look for me, in my office.
J: Shin Seung Hoon asked why you are doing this. And then said nothing after this.
S: Shin Hyesung really said this?
J: Yes
S: In actual fact
S: He came over to my office to look for me. After listening to the music, I felt that its petty good and I want to know why he is doing this music. Because he’s a junior and has tries out new music genre therefore as a senior I will want to know the reason for doing this. Therefore I asked him, “Why do you do this?” and we started to talk under this atmosphere.
J: So it’s like this.
S: I also have things to say.
S: Today is Shin Hyesung’s concert day.
K: Oh~
S: He invited me to become his guest but I told him that I need to appear in Chocolate. He said can you give it a miss?
S: Next round, when you are inviting Shin Hyesung, please ask him.
S: No, or we will confirm first and appeared together.
J: Yes
J: That day when he saw my attire, he said it looks like chilli sauce.
S: Hyesung?
J: Yes
S: That guy has become weird recently.
S: He said look like chilli sauce?
J: Em. He said my image looks like chilli sauce which makes me feel hurt.
S: Recently I am preparing the album. However when I went to Japan, I didn’t do much of the reorganizing (editing) for the album.
S: I will be grateful if you are able to look after Hyesung too.
S: Hyesung ah. Did you watch this?

Credits: (English translation) + 狐狸素包子@申彗星中国首站S.C.I.C (Chinese translation) + Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate (source)

[08.10.24][notice] H2: Changes to request for photographs of fans

1) We will be selecting only 100 photographs

2) As we have received too many photographs, instead of featuring the photos on the cover, they will now be featured on 2 pages of the album booklet instead

Source: H2entertainment
Chi Trans: 金嘟嘟@dongwanbar
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who I am Thinking right now

[08.11.23][news] Kim Dongwan enlistment date announced.

Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan will enlist in 11.17 at Gongju training center to his military duty.

After the 4 weeks of military training, he will be doing the civil service.

Currently Kim Dongwan is preparing his last album before enlistment, and the release date is planned to early November.

After Eric, Kim Dongwan becomes the 2nd member of Shinhwa to enlist.

Source: joynews
"translation": Tatiana @

[08.10.23][trans] Minwoo's 4th album jacket shoot #15

This time it's Dandy M
M's strength lies in interpreting
Even the most difficult fashion concepts and making it his own style!

A hairstyle that shows the forehead
If one has no confidence in his style
It will be quite a shock! ....Wa~
No matter what M does, it's so easy for him!

It doesn't have to be said....bring on any style!!
Kaeganji M with 100% self-confidence

What's in the box that M is holding?

Kissing the empty box,
What is going through M's mind right now....

The will to make his dreams come true
The wings that don't give in to obstacles and continue flying towards the skies
The beautiful music and dance that turns tears into smiles, and replaces sadness with happiness
Although it seems empty, it's a box that contains all his dreams
And the words of love that M can't say.

Source: M RIZING
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.10.23][News]Shinhwa to lose its second member to military service

One down, four more to go. (Shin Hye-sung is exempt due to a bum knee.)

Following Eric’s departure earlier this month, Shinhwa singer and actor Kim Dong-wan (The Person I Love, Taekwon Boys) will be enlisting for army duty on November 17.

According to his management, he is currently busy recording for his last album before he serves (wait, didn’t he already collapse once from overwork earlier this year to rush out an album?). This last album will be a single, to be released in early November.

(You wanna know why a lot of kpop sucks? Well, I’m sure hurriedly rushing through last-minute recording to maximize exposure before army duty doesn’t help any. I understand the sentiment, but come on — it’s late October and they’re recording for an album to be released in early November?)

I foresee a ton of new enlistments in the upcoming few months. You can practically see the new crop of up-and-comers champing at the bit to take over the limelight once their hyungs are sent away for the next two years.

Via Hankyung

[08.10.23][News]Kim Dong Wan to Enlist on 17th November

Kim Dong Wan will be the second Shinhwa member after Eric to enlist. He will be reporting on 17th November at the Gongju training center in Chungnam.

Kim Dong Wan will receive 4 weeks of mandatory basic military training before serving in the civil service for the next 2 years. According to H2 Entertainment today, “Kim Dong Wan will report at the Gongju training center on 17th November. He is now recording his final album in the studio and will release it just before entering the army. His album will be released as a single in early November. Although we are less than a month away, Kim Dong Wan is giving his best effort to produce a last album for his fans before his enlistment.”


[08.10.23][News] The Second Golden Age of Variety Shows [feat JunJin]

The second golden age of variety shows is mainly featured by the rising popularity of many singers - entertainers. You can have a count with Lee Hyori, Shin Jung Hwan, Alex, Seo In Young, Solbi, Andy, Crown J, Hwang Bo, Kim Hyun Jong, MC Mong, Tae Jae Hoon, Lee Seung Ki, Kim C, Eun Ji Won, with the successful shows “We got married”, “1 night 2 days”, “Sang Sang Plus”, etc.

Among them, first of all, we need to represent the most brilliant artist. JunJin is the representative of Variety Shows’s Second Golden Age. In MBC “Infinity Challenge” and SBS “YSMM 2″, as a MC, JunJin is himself in his second primetime.

Among the new faces, MBC “WGM” new couple Marco - Son Dam Bi is receiving a lot of attention, as well as Hwayobi - Hwan Hee.

We also cannot forget SBS “Family Outing” Daesung, with a pleasant image and a popular “Dumb guys” connection with Yoo Jae Suk.

There are also many young singers who are challenging themselves with variety shows. 2PM Nich Khun who has appeared in SBS “YSMM” and KBS “Schoolympics” is a new fresh wind.

Recently, Yoo Jong Shin has become one of the leaders of varitey shows, especially with his shows for children, receiving a lot of love.

The increase in the number of singers joining variety circuit has a mutual effect on the popularity of the success of a program. The future of performing arts seems to be very bright and hopeful.

Credit: StarsNews - Korean/Eng: Kim Nguyen @

[08.10.23][News] JunJin’s Infinity Challenge Vs. Haha’s Infinity Challenge

Infinity Challenge of JunJin and Infinity Challenge of Haha, how has it changed ?

JunJin has changed MBC “IC”. That’s how it is, whether you call him 6th member or 7th member, it doesn’t matter.

“IC” CP Kim Yeop told the reporters on October 21st “JunJin has a sense of family for us, he’s a family’s member, naturally, and a real good fit. It doesn’t matter whether he’s made official or not.”

Then there’s IC of Haha time and IC of JanJin (JunJin) time, we wonder what the difference is.

“Haha is the member with many skills and flexible network. Back then, the relationship between him and Ho Hong Chul is especially unique and funny with their “thick skin” tactics. His presence captured the sense of timing and improvisation.”

Therefore, the absence of Haha in IC was damaging to the point that it reduced the feeling from the laughters of other members.

The weekly special guests were all given chance to adapt to the show and test in the empty space.

But finally, the fixed-guest “JanJin” was chosen. “JanJin” hang out with the existing members, he’s in good terms with the production team. Obviously, the choice is just natural decision.

CP Kim Yeop said “JunJin is member of an idol group, but he doesn’t have any slightest discriminations and doesn’t get any privileges. He’s funny in a side, and serious in another, there are many elements in him that mixed perfectly with the existing characters and made any situations more interesting.”

He added “Those people themselves make the situation a comedy, and they decide how to play in it. Haha and Yoo Jea Suk are playmakers. JunJin is different. He’s not a “maker” alone, he’s a “player”, with his bright and passionate character.”

Credit: HeralDM - JinEyes - Korean/Eng: Kim Nguyen @

[08.10.23][News] JunJin - The combination of passion and gravity

SBS ‘야심만만 예능선수촌’의 MC로 활약 중인 전진 ⓒ야심만만 예능선수촌 제공

No one could expect something like his popularity. After 10 years in idol group Shinhwa, he’s now building his own brand name and moving forward like a comet.

After replacing Haha in MBC “Infinity Challenge”, he’s once again announced as a fixed MC of SBS “YSMM - Celebrities Village”, in addition to many other terrestrial and cable shows.

He has emerged to the entertainment world as both an idol singer and a performing arts superstar.

However, most of us may not know that he was the first one who grabbed YSMM PD Cho Young Jin and Ga Seung Young attention to make him the show’s MC - MC JunJin. Kang Ho Dong was the 2nd one to be picked.

We met the PDs and listened to the interesting story.

“We made a lot of interviews to choose the casts for the shows. And he’s really special. 10 years active as a singer, but the public didn’t know much about the real him. 10 years in the entertainment world with fruitful results, but with many wounds and scars. JunJin during the interview was all honest and straight forward. He told us “You know that there are a lot of things I want to show and tell”. We also feel that way, and the decision was made.”

전진 ⓒ홍봉진 기자 honggga

The PDs acknowledged well JunJin’s wave as an MC. In particular, his talent showed in YSMM is the strong weapon of the show. The “man of public” believed it would be a chance to jump high.

As expected, he’s the hit. Everyone likes him, especially because of the unique passion and characteristics. In any seious conversations, he always shows the sincere and caring attitude towards the guests and gives them his bright smile which generates the special harmony.

“When I look at JunJin, I think that’s really a man of passion. There are 7 MCs in the show, but he’s still shining with his charm. When he interacts with people, and with a serious look on his face, you can’t help but blowing out laughing. I’m sorry to say this but sometimes, it’s so serious to the point that you have to laugh. Ha,ha,ha.”

Actually, our reporters met JunJin during the recording, and we realised how serious this guy was. Even when he’s in pain, he still managed to control it and deliver the funny lines. We were laughing, but his smile showed the pain.

“If you look at the monitor for editing, JunJin is unexpectedly shining. The cameraman always has a hard time when we’re shooting, cannot move the focus out of JunJin.”

Everyone in this life cannot avoid being indented. Neither can JunJin. But despite all the wounds he got from the past, he’s still moving forward. And when working, the passionate man will forget the pain.

“How many times in a 10 year time can you find someone with a great passion and the biggest mental strength as JunJin? He has in him the great synergy effect, and he wants to show you more.”

We know who’s the owner of 2008. That’s JunJin and his spectacular charm.

Credit: StarsNews - Korean/Eng: Kim Nguyen @

[08.10.22][notice] Jun Jin's 2009 Official Calendar Pre-Order

Hello, this is Open World Entertainment.

Pre-order for Jun Jin's official calendar for 2009 will be taking place. Quantity is limited and further details will follow about how to render payment as well as the start of the pre-order.


Jun Jin's Official 2009 Calendar

Quantity: 500 (limited)
Price: 12, 000 won (plus tax and shipping)


Please give a lot of support to Jun Jin's 2009 official calendar.

source: &

[08.10.22][notice] H2: Kim Dongwan's single / Request for photographs of fans

Hello everyone~ This is H2 Entertainment. We're very grateful for the constant support and love from the fans who have come such a long way with Kim Dongwan.

Not long from now, Kim Dongwan will be taking a temporary break from his showbiz activities.

The fans are most reluctant to part with him, so in order to create an opportunity for everyone to create unforgettable memories with Kim Dongwan, we have prepared some special events.

In early Nov, Kim Dongwan will be releasing his last single album before he enlists for military duty. We plan to include photographs of fans on the cover of Kim Dongwan's single album.
We hope that the fans will actively participate in the event, and create beautiful memories with Kim Dongwan for his last album before enlistment.


1. Closing date: 12.00am (Seoul time), 26 October 2008

2. Announcement of results: 3.00pm (Seoul time), 27 October 2008

3. Email address to send to:

4. Please indicate in the title "김동완 싱글 자켓 사진 응모" (Kim Dongwan Single Jacket Competition)

5. You can send only one photograph

6. Your email must contain the following information
- Name
- Gender
- Age
- Nationality
- Contact details
- Residential address

7. Other things to note
- The file format must be in jpg/jpeg
- The file resolution must be between 500x500 pixels and 2000x2000 pixels (horizontal/vertical)
- We will not accept photographs taken from mobile phones as the resolution is too low
- All emails sent after the closing date will not be accepted automatically be deleted

Source: H2 entertainment / O6
Chi trans: 金嘟嘟@dongwanbar
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.10.22][news] M, Hye Sung & Jun Jin to Attend 2008's Seoul Hallyu Festival

*Other people at attendence for this will be SuJu-H, Lee Jun Ki, Jang Nara, and FT Island. If interested please visit*

2008 Seoul Hallyu Festival will be held from October 23-26 at the Jamsil Sports Complex

(irrelevant information omitted)

On the 25th and 26th, Kim Jung Hoon who is gaining a lot of popularity in Japan and gaining popularity with his powerful dance all over Asia Lee Min Woo with have fan meetings at the Imperial Palace Hotel.

In particular, Lee Min Woo's fan meeting will have guests the ballad prince Shin Hye Sung and dance machine Jun Jin showing their deep friendship.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

[08.10.21][news] Shin Hyesung narrated Fan meeting plan “Inviting you to ‘Shin Hyesung’s small room” in November”


Shinhwa member, Shin Hyesung talked about his plan on holding Fan meeting in November.

In the afternoon at 4:30pm on the 18th, Shin Hyesung held a press conference before his 2nd solo concert '2008 SHS LIVE TOUR SIDE 1 "LIVE AND LET LIVE" IN SEOUL' at Seoul Songpa-gu Bangi-dong Olympic Park Fencing Arena, during which he said, “Still in plan to organize a Fan meeting during my birthday in November in the form of invitation to the fans to my small room.”

‘Although I’m not as nervous as the first concert in Seoul but yesterday I am still too tensed to get into sleep.” Shin Hyesung poured out his feelings before the concert and talked about his plan to invite the local fans to celebrate his birthday in November and a opportunity to spend a wonderful time together with them.

Shin Hyesung said, “During my first fan meeting in Japan called, “Shin Hyesung’s chisa heya” held on 28th of September, it has the theme of inviting the fans to my room and because of the memories that time which was too comfortable and cozy, I decided to extend the plan to invite the local fans to my little room.”

Shin Hyesung expressed his gratitude to his fans and said, “Every times when I have performances or important work to be done the fans will always be very nice to me and not only me but also to the staffs around me. I am very grateful to them and therefore has the idea to invite the fans.”

Credits: (English translation) +韩小国 @ Bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + Newsen (source)

[08.10.22][news] Lee Minwoo dreams of making Korea the best cultural space in Asia

When I first heard Taeyang's Look Only At Me, I wondered how it would be if it was M Lee Minwoo singing it instead. In the music scene lately, singers like M - with an image that's aggressive and rebellious - come across as being very attractive. The "bad boy" of the music scene, the embodiment of sexy - Lee Minwoo - is back.

Don't Trust Men....Coming back as a bad boy

Not too long ago Lee Minwoo returned to the fans with his new song Don't Trust Men, a song that paints a vivid image of the "bad boy". The song is somewhat reminiscent of Taeyang's Look Only At Me, and one can't help but feel that the track comes just a step too late.

"Is that how it is? The first time I heard Taeyang's song, honestly it felt like it was a song about me. It seems like I'm really suited to be a bad guy. I often hear comments about me like "he seems rude", "he seems aggressive"." In actual fact he is someone with a lot of emotions and is really quite a great guy.

Surprisingly Don't Trust Men isn't written by Lee Minwoo. "I wanted to have something that can satisfy the mass pop audience."

His 4th album, an album made for the listeners

It feels like Lee Minwoo's music production abilities have moved on to the next level. This album is very well balanced. "Taking a title track written by someone else, it seems to complement the songs I've written even better. Someone said that the other songs on the album should be heard before the title track. I took on the role of producer for 8 tracks on the album, and among these, Cool Life has had great feedback, so I'm really glad."

Fans have responded most favorably to Cool Life - an upbeat track with lyrics that give an interesting take on life - rather than the title track, and there's a high chance that it may end up being the follow-up single. The 4th album was produced with the fans' opinions and preferences in mind, and the titles of the tracks are mostly in Korean as well.

Lee Minwoo, and his dream

He doesn't give you the feeling of a manufactured pop idol right out of an idol group. During the times Shinhwa was active as a group, he had already written songs that appeared on Shinhwa albums. Eventually he released his solo albums and became a producer, and his talents finally got recognized.

He has dreams that are vastly different from his peers too. His dream is not just to have his own entertainment company, but rather to build the Shinhwa brand, and to make Korea the best cultural space in Asia.

"I hope for a start we'll have more concert venues tailored just for holding concerts and performances, and specialized record stores like those in Japan."

Shinhwa... Proud of being a member of the best pop group

Building a Shinhwa trademark is definitely not a small dream for Lee Minwoo. "Since we made our debut as Shinhwa, I've been talking to Eric about this. Building a Shinhwa trademark is not because of pressure from anyone. When that happens, we'll really be able to show off Shinhwa's unique qualities and music. I feel this way, and so do the other members, all of us have this grand ambition of making this happen. We will work hard to make Shinhwa last even longer and become the definitive Korean idol group."

Such a blueprint may just happen, given the strong unchanging 10-year friendship among the Shinhwa members. Since their debut in 1998, Shinhwa has survived numerous arguments and fights, rumors of disbandings, to become the longest-running idol group in Korean pop history. 2 days before leader Eric enlisted for military duty, the members all cast their hectic schedules aside for a little sending-off gathering.

"Eric has a thoughtful side to him too. Before he enlisted, he didn't ask the members out because he felt that everyone was too busy. But no matter how busy we are, we had to meet him before he left. So all of us came out for drinks and chatted, and we had a great time. Eric doesn't usually say thanks, but that day he did."

Source: oceans
Chi trans: 淼儿@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

[08.10.21][trans] Minwoo: Meeting The Fans (Fansigning)

19 Oct 2008: Fansigning
Meeting The Fans

The fans who have waited since early morning to meet M, nice to see everyone~
The crowds surrounded the record store and Central City was bustling with noise!
Even those who weren't fans were very interested in M's appearance
We really feel very grateful for everyone's support all these years ^^

Ohh......a pretty overseas fan makes her appearance!

"Do I look like this!!" A cute ( ;; ) drawing done by a fan makes M break into laughter

M listening carefully to everything the fans have to say, but please understand if he couldn't respond as it was really noisy there ^^;

Squatting on the chair so that the fans outside can see me.
Can you see me?

If I signed wrongly ummm~ actually I did it on purpose. Keke

The friendly M concentrating hard on signing each copy as if he was preparing for an exam

Halfway through the session he took out a notebook with something scribbled on it
"I'm Kaeganji!" caused a little commotion among the fans (can you see the words? ;; )

He picked out his preferred flavor among some candies that a fan gave to him and sucked on it
"I get attracted to sweet food as I get older."
Umm.... Unknowingly he's already 30, what to do. Keke (ㅠ_ㅠ)

Oh! A male fan! It's a staff member from the record store, who received a queue ticket...
M is popular with men and women, young and old!

The fansigning session was over in a flash. He signed on the banner.
He'll definitely meet everyone again. Thank you to all the fans who have helped us.
You will support us for future fansigning sessions too, won't you? ^^

Source: M RIZING
Chi trans: 虫虫猪猪 @
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.10.21][news] Seo Seol Hee: Dongwan oppa's message has given me strength

"After seeing Dongwan oppa's encouraging message, I will do my best!"

Prior to setting off on 19th Oct to travel to Manila for the 2008 Miss Earth pageant, 2008 Miss Korea 2nd runner up Seo Seol Hee received a text message of encouragement from her idol, Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan.

The message read, "I hope that you'll be able to do well at the competition in November. Fighting!" Seo Seol Hee had disclosed on an episode on KBS2's Star Golden Bell that she is a Kim Dongwan fan, and when Kim Dongwan got to know about it, he gave her an autographed CD album and after which they got to know each other.

Seo Seol Hee told Sports Hankook in a phone interview, "I'm really glad to know I have the support from Dongwan oppa. I was a crazy fan, and I was even a member of Shinhwa Changjo. I'm really nervous and stressed about the competition, but after the encouragement from oppa, I think I will be able to do well."

(non-related info omitted)

Source: Sports Hankook & oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.10.21][news] M's advice: Live together if you want to last as long as Shinhwa

Shinhwa's Lee Minwoo offered some advice to the juniors during an interview with Edaily SPN, "If you want to be a long-running group, my tip is that you have to live together with your fellow members in a dormitory."

Lee Minwoo is a member of longest-running idol group Shinhwa, which has spent 10 years in showbiz since making their debut in 1998. Not only are they the longest-running group, but they have also established themselves as one of the top idol groups in Korea. Besides their success in group activities, the members have also achieved success in their solo careers. This has made Shinhwa the role model of many younger idol groups.

Lee Minwoo suggested that the first step to being a long-running group is to live together in a dormitory, as it can strengthen their partnership.

"It's not just living together, you have to treat each other like family, like brothers. You can't think of outshining your fellow members and standing out by yourself. No matter who falls behind, you've got to pull him along."

"Besides giving support in spirit, you have to help in terms of material issues if need be. We fought before too, but it's because we've stayed together and understand each other really well that we can stay together for so long."

When leader Eric enlisted for military duty on 9th Oct, Shinhwa members all gathered on 7th Oct for a sending-off dinner despite their hectic schedules.

Lee Minwoo promised the reunion of Shinhwa in another 4 years' time. "Although there will be no group activities for the moment as the members will be enlisting, but we've already built up the Shinhwa brand. We still want to present Shinhwa's music to everyone. We'll create another legend then.

Source: Edaily SPN & oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.10.21][news] Lee Minwoo: My 4th album is like an anthology of movies

Halfway through the interview, Lee Minwoo suddenly sent out a text message. "Have you reached safely? Take care of yourself and come back healthy....."

It was a message to Eric who was enlisting that very day.

"2 days ago, all six of us and two other friends who were trainees together with us but didn't become part of Shinhwa, we had dinner and drinks together. We were reminiscing about the times we got into trouble, the times before we made our debut, and we just lost track of time. We took a lot of pictures with two disposable cameras we bought, and it felt like a high school gathering."

After Eric, Kim Dongwan is also scheduled to enlist for military duty, which means that fans will not see Shinhwa on stage. Lee Minwoo has also just released his 4th solo album M RIZING.

Although his previous album featured all self-penned tracks, a strong beat suitable for performances and an electronica sound, it did not do as well as expected. Perhaps because of this, the sound of the 4th album is catered more for the mass audience.

"I didn't hear much of my 3rd album being played on the streets, but this time round I hear Don't Trust Men quite often. The 3rd album was produced with a very tight timeline, and I wasn't exactly satisfied with it. This time round we fixed the release date a month ahead. I really like this album a lot and I'm really satisfied with the results."

-- Do you regret the results of your 3rd album?
▲ I wasn't satisified, but then I managed to get songs like The M Style that I use to hype up the mood at concerts. I wanted very badly to create my own style of music and ended up being overly ambitious for the 3rd album. Actually for this album, we hadn't decided on the title track even 2 weeks before the release date and I was really worried. But then luckily we had good feedback about Don't Trust Men, so that was a good thing.

-- You used music from Brave Brother, Kwon Tae Eun, Lee Hyun Do etc. Is this taking a break from writing all your own songs for the 3rd album?
▲ I wanted to take things a little easier, but somehow it ended up being more difficult because I was worried that by doing so I might end up with songs that I'm not happy with. Brave Brother's "Don't Trust Men" talks about men's selfishness towards their girlfriends, and is a melodic and upbeat song that one can dance to. Lee Hyun Do produced "I 'M' U" together with me, and it's a song with a more Miami funk sound with a touch of R&B. Kwon Tae Eun and Jung Joon Ho produced "Wink Show", which is a swing track with a bigband brass accompaniment.

-- Points to look out for on the 4th album
▲ The 4th album feels like an interesting anthology of movies actually. I'll recommend the two songs that I wrote...haha. "Cool Life" that gets people grooving, and I also added some dialect in the intro to make it more interesting. And also "Masquerade" which combines hiphop and opera. I sampled a part of the opera Carmen, and it's a song I wrote after watching Eyes Wide Shut. I reduced the proportion of rap for this song and varied my vocals a little more.

-- "Don't Trust Men" and Taeyang's "Look Only At Me" seems to be quite similar in terms of melody and lyric content
▲ I can only say it sounds similar. Although the melody is totally different, but the rhythm and structure of the song is common across many pop songs now.

-- You seem to have an interest in business.
▲ Entertainers survive on their image. What I can do well is in the field of fashion which I'm very keen on. Compared to making money from showbiz, the revenue from my businesses give me a different kind of satisfaction. I'm now involved in the Wolf M cap business, soon I'll also be launching a fashion brand called MnU. I hope the brand "M" will come to people's minds more than "Lee Minwoo"...

-- You set up your own company called M RIZING, as a musician what is your goal?
▲ This is a space for me to make my own music. I want to be like my seniors Yang Hyun Suk and Park Jin Young, assemble a group of talented composers and also groom young talents. I want to be a musician that the hyungs can be proud of. I've talked to Yang Hyun Suk hyung before about my journey as a singer, and he has given me a lot of advice.

Source: Yonhap News & oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.10.21][news] Lee Minwoo: I was interested in Kim Min Jung before

M Lee Minwoo has confessed that he used to like actress Kim Min Jung.

According to the production team of MBC's Norolwa, Lee Minwoo said during the recording of the 20th Oct episode that he "was once interested in Kim Min Jung."

"In 2002 Kim Min Jung shared the same stylist as me, so we got to know each other. At that time, I liked her. But Min Jung saw me more as an oppa to her and wanted to stay as good friends. Once I was clear about that we got along just like an older brother and a younger sister."

As for actress Kim Min Seon, Lee Minwoo said that she is a loyal friend. "I invited Kim Min Seon to my birthday party, and she wore a really beautiful dress to the party. I thank her for looking so pretty that day." He also said that Kim Min Seon is close to his idea of an ideal girlfriend.

Source: jknews&oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.10.21][news] Andy, Lee Sungjin appear on Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate

Currently active in his solo activities, Andy made an appearance with Lee Sungjin, just back from the army, on SBS' Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate. The recording was held on 18th Oct. The pair is currently involved in the musical version of Singles.

Having ended the promotional activities for his 1st album in early July, Andy is appearing on a music program after three months to promote the musical. During the recording, the entire Singles cast - including Andy, Lee Sungjin and Oh Nara - performed the opening number Singles.

After the performance, Andy and Lee Sungjin joined MC Kim Jung Eun for a short chat introducing the musical and interesting stories from their rehearsals.

Interestingly Andy and Lee Sungjin both said that they liked each other's role a lot and were secretly practicing for each other's roles. MC Kim Jung Eun then suggested that they swop their roles, they both said that might ignite a crisis on the performance day.

Lee Sungjin also praised Andy for his vocal skills, "Andy's role of Soo Hyun has songs that are rather difficult, but Andy is managing the songs surprisingly well given that he's a rapper in Shinhwa."

Andy said, "Although there's a lot of room for improvement but I'm going to continue acting in musicals. I've developed a passion for singing and acting now."

This episode will be aired on 29th Oct at 12.25am. The musical begins its run on 25th Oct, while Andy will join the cast on 13th November.

Chi trans: 草木番茄@andy4ever
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.10.21] [Info] Andy's October, November and December Schedules


October 29 - [24.25] [Broadcast] SBS Kim Jung-eun's 'Chocolate'

November 4 - [20:00] SBS Singapore Feature (Singapore Indoor Stadium)
November 13 - [20.00] 'Singles' Musical
November 15 - [15.00] 'Singles' Musical / [19.00] 'Singles' Musical
November 18 - [20.00] 'Singles' Musical
November 20 - [20.00] 'Singles' Musical
November 22 - [15.00] 'Singles' Musical / [19.00] 'Singles' Musical
November 25 - [20.00] 'Singles' Musical
November 26 - [20.00] 'Singles' Musical
November 27 - [20.00] 'Singles' Musical
November 29 - [19:00] ANDY in QingDao2008 for my sweeties (중국 청도 인민회당)

December 22 - [19:00] ANDY 2008 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL (TOKYO)
December 23 - [17:00] ANDY 2008 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL (OSAKA)

Source: ND Enter
Translation: Aindy @ Philippines

[08.10.21][diary] Minwoo's Cyworld: Signing and photoshoot

In the midst of signing

In the office

The photoshoot

Because the smoky eye makeup was too heavy
I cleaned it off with a tissue and went off to the fansigning session
But it seems that I didn't manage to clean everything off~~

Photoshoots are always fun ^^

Ah although I didn't want to reveal my body
But when I jumped up...


Junjin's latest message to Minwoo on Cyworld:
Kekekekekekekekekekekekekeke (Pesticide Park Choongjae)

Minwoo's latest message to Junjin on Cyworld:
Choongjae Fighting~~~~ (Moneymaker Lee Minwoo)

Source: Minwoo's Cyworld page
Chi trans: 韩小国 @ Bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Monday, October 20, 2008

[08.10.20][trans] Minwoo's 4th album jacket shoot #14

Lying topless on the cold floor, doing sit-ups and rolling around
His messy hair (although that's the concept of the shoot) and his dishevelled top... Looking listless

Wooup - Tighten the abs!!

Aigoo~ Aching all over... (M now taking off his shoes)

Hey! Look at my abs!! You can still see it clearly! >_< align="center">

To get a perfect shot he has to make about tens of expressions and poses, until he got facial cramps. But M doesn't show signs of fatigue during the long shoot and simply tries his best. A cool guy who doesn't make complaints like, "Let's stop for a while" or "I can't do this".

Omo! He seems to have frozen~
The charismatic gaze that makes people tremble
The messy hair
And the veins on his arm are popping
Slowly...even someone who's falling asleep can feel it ;(sorry)

Is he closing his eyes to rest for a while? Or is he really sleeping?

Oh! He really fell asleep!!

Feeling lost @_@
Where is this place....Mumbling...

M the only musician who can do a photoshoot while sleeping.

z z z.....

Source: M RIZING
Chi trans: 虫虫猪猪 @
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.10.20][news] Lee Min Woo, "I like cute women than glamourous ones."

In an interview with SPN, Lee Min Woo talking about his ideal match. "Many of people would think that I would like a glamourous woman but actually my ideal match would be a cute woman."

Lee Min Woo was on the KBS 2TV Happy Sunday's "Kko Kko Single" which aired on the 5th. After having a kissing scene with Amy while scuba diving, there was misunderstanding that they might be dating each other.

In regards to this, Lee Min Woo said, "I have known Amy for a long time and I consider her as a cute younger sister. As we meet here and there to eat, it could be interpreted incorrectly that we are dating." He said the truth is that they are not dating.

As he smiled, "I'm not that young any more. People who are in music spend a lot of time alone so it's easy to feel lonely. I wish that I could date freely as I can make music. I would like for the fans to give me a bit of a lead way in this area."

Lee Min Woo has released his 4th album and his currently promoting "Don't Trust Men". "Don't Trust Men" is in the currently trendy Dirty South genre which shows the mind set of a bad man who holds onto a woman he dosen't love.


[08.10.20][news] Amy reveals her "she-devil" in the fight for M on Single Single

On the 19th Oct episode of KBS' Happy Sunday - Kkokko Tour Single Single, it was the guys' turn to find out how the ladies felt about them as it was their turn for the I'm Alighting Now segment.

The male guests Gil, Lee Minwoo, Tim, Shin Dong Wook and Mun Sungmin couldn't hide their nerves as they alighted one by one while female guests Park Jung Ah, Amy, Tiffany and Hong In Young made their decisions.

Amy and Lee Minwoo, who ignited rumours of being a real couple after their underwater kiss, once again became a couple, but things got complicated when Hong In Young chose Lee Minwoo as well. Though Lee Minwoo was visibly flattered at the attention but Amy declared war on Hong In Young, saying "I will not let you snatch Minwoo oppa away", showing the viewers a side of her usually on seen on the cable reality show Bad Girls' Diary.

Source: Hankyung
Chi trans: fiona@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.10.20][info] Shinhwa's 10th Anniversary Concert DVD + Orange Edition photobook

SHINHWA... The story of the destiny of 6 men
29-30 March 2008, Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium,
Shinhwa's 10th anniversary concert live DVD + photobook
Don't hold back the tears and emotions of those moments
The live concert DVD with a 100-pg all colour photobook!
Released as the "Orange Edition"
Shinhwa's 10th Anniversary Concert


2 DVDs (full uncut concert)
+100p all-colour concert photobook (including previously unreleased cuts)
+ poster (limited production)

Never changed in the past 10 years, Shinhwa!
Their 10-year journey since their debut in 1998 with Hae Gyul Sah!
The six men of the longest-running idol group who has gone beyond being just idols
Their 10th anniversary concert

Shinhwa's biggest and best event ever!!
With Eric having enlisted in October, you won't be able to see Shinhwa in concert!
The music and dances from the last 10 years,
The charisma and power all included in Shinhwa's definitive concert!!!

The uncut version of the concert on DVD!
T.O.P, Only One, Hae Gyul Sah, Eusha Eusha, I Pray 4 U, Hey Come On, Perfect Man, Brand New, Yo!, Once In A Lifetime...
Shinhwa's many representative hit songs and dances
Breathing along with the members
Who present their last brilliant stage before enlistment!

SHINHWA MUST GO ON... Shinhwa will continue to live on!
The 10-year veteran group show off their spectacular stage performances!
The passion of the 6 men and the fans heated up the entire stadium

"We are Shinhwa. We are Shinhwa Changjo."
Making a promise to the fans to stay together forever
The heartwarming and touching moments at the 10th anniversary concert!!

The six tough guys who broke down at the end
Their tears at the 10th Anniversary Special Party

The 10th Anniversary Seoul Concert DVD + Photobook
Korea's representative icon, the legend of the music scene, Shinhwa
Celebrating their 10th anniversary with a live concert
All on 2 DVDs with a concert photobook, to be treasured forever...

The emotions and excitement of Shinhwa's 10th anniversary concert
All embedded within 100 pages of unreleased photos

From the press conference to the concert, to the tears at the 10th Anniversary Special Party and backstage
The emotions and tears all captured in the photobook

The DVD also contains a hidden video to be discovered!
Find the concert making film for Shinhwa's 10th anniversary!
Band practice, dance practice, concert rehearsals, backstage moments all revealed!
Browse the menu to find the video!

Product Information
- Date of concert: 29-30 March 2008, Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium
- Region Code: All
- DVD package includes 2 DVD + 100p all colour photobook
- Running time: 228mins (Disc 1: 99 mins / Disc 2: 129 mins)
- Special Features: Hidden video - Concert Making Film
- Subtitles: Korean, English
- Screen: Anamorphic Widescreen 16:1, 4:3 Full Screen
- Audio: Dolby Surround 5.1, Dolby Digital 2.0
- DVD package Size : 202 * 288 * 8 mm

Release Date: 7 Nov 2008

Price (as per DVDHEAVEN): USD55.155 with poster / USD38.695 without poster

Source: O6 & DVDHEAVEN
Trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.10.20][info] Min Woo & Hye Sung on MBC-R Boredom Break

MBC Shin Dong & Kim Shin Young's Boredom Break<심심타파> Radio Show

On Friday, October 24th, a special invitaton with M and Shin Hye Sung of Shinhwa.
First week for the new corner of a new program Boredom Break!
The guests for the first show!
They will come!
Members of "We are Shinhwa!".
Shin Hye Sung who could be the lead male in a romance comic book who is currently promoting "Because It's You".
Returning with "Don't Trust Men" who is oozing with power M!!
These two will appear on Boredom Break!
If you have anything you are wondering about M or Shin Hye Sung, don't hesitate to post it on the bulletin board on Friday!
As we have these two special guests, Love Taryeong will not air this week.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

[08.10.18][news] Shin Hyesung, no members came for the concert, "Although Junjin calls..."


Shinhwa member cum singer Shin Hyesung's concert is different from other Shinhwa members, his concert doesn't have any of his members attending and he explained the reason behind it.

Shin Hyesung who hold his concert, ‘2008 SHS LIVE TOUR SIDE 1-LIVE AND LET LIVE IN SEOUL’ on the 18th at 6pm expressed that he's different with the rest of the members, his concert has no attendance of his members.

When Shin Hyesung is introducing the concert guest, he said, "This concert will have Kim Gun Mo, Wonder Girls, Yu Se Yun to add colors to the concert performance." At the same time, Shin Hyesung had already stated during the reporter conference that his concert will be different from Shinhwa members, Kim Dongwan and Junjin, his guest list do not have his members.

"Everyone is busy, I do not want to add burden to them,"Shin Hyesung talked about it openly and laughs, "Because the members are digesting their busy schedules, my concerts will become a burden for them. If they have time, I want them to come in ease, I do not want to add to their burden."

He continued, "Actually a few nights ago, Junjin suddenly gave me a call and requested to sing a duet with me. However, because it is a sudden request and the flow of the concert arrangement is already fixed therefore there's no choice."

Credits: (English translation) + evmist@bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + Nownews (source)

[08.10.18][news] Shin Hyesung, 11 years as a singer sparkles the entire 3 hours concert with his mature performances


Singer Shin Hyesung presented his mature stage performances and diverse charms and ended his 2nd solo concert with great success.

On the 18th noon, Shin Hyesung hold his solo concert, “Live Tour Side 1: Live and Let Live in Seoul” at Seoul Bang-i-dong Olympic Park Fencing Arena and displayed his usual image as ‘Ballad Prince’ in which he’s always persistent with as well as other different humorous images.

In this concert, other than the Korean fans, including the Japanese and China fans, there’re more than 6,000 fans enjoying Shin Hyesung’s nearly 3 hours concert performance. During the concert, Shin Hyesung uses his usual friendly tone to communicate with the fans with his love for his fans.

During the afternoon at 6, he appeared on the stage by sitting on a swing from the top, and what surprised the fans is that Shin Hyesung begins his magnificent performance with the song ‘Everything’ which is a track from his 1st album.

Shin Hyesung’s first greetings to his fans, “I’m still a newcomer in terms of holding concerts but gradually, I feel the joy of holding concerts” and “I will not disappointed those who have came here, I will present all of you an interesting performance” and after finished saying this, the concert officially started.

Before the concert, Shin Hyesung expressed his determination, “Rather than activities, I will want to present more of myself as a singer’ during the reporter conference. And based on what he exclaimed, he has successfully presented different kinds of appearances through his singing.

Shin Hyesung expressed that other than performing those songs that are recorded under his solos, he will also be singing “Don't you know” that is recorded under the OST of the MBC drama, “Super Rookie” acted by Eric and also “Echo” and “Purple Rain” which is recorded under Project albums and this resulted in overwhelming response from the audiences.

In addition, as a member from a popular boy band, Shinhwa, he displayed his gorgeous dancing ability with songs “Center” and “Hidden camera” and also uses Seo Taiji and the boys’ “Classroom Idea (Gyoshil Idea)” to display his rocker image. And through songs such as “Change the World” and “End of the Road, he demonstrate his image as a Jazz singer which heat up the concert’s atmosphere.

When he’s performing the song, “Peter Pan's Serenade” from the 3rd album, the whole stage is arranged in the manner that makes others think of it as a musical drama. Shin Hyesung expressed, “Till now, I only put in my efforts on singing however I wish to try out the extent of acting in musical drama.” “I’m still new to it but if I practice hard enough, certainly there will be a day I will stand in the musical's stage!”

On this day, Shin Hyesung has even purposely invited comedian artist, Ryu Se-Yun from “Doctor Fish” as guest to perform a strange comedy to trigger laughter. As a member of “Doctor Fish” together with Yu Se-Yun, Shin Hyesung won applauses with his eloquence that doesn’t lose out to Ryu Se-Yun.

Besides him, popular girl band, Wonder Girls, singer Kim Gun Mo, Park Chang Guen and others are also performing together which add more colors to the concert.

After the duet “A Good Day to Love” between Wonder Girls member, See Ye and Shin Hyesung, Wonder Girls didn’t appear on the stage for nearly 10 minutes with ‘dissatisfaction of the stage equipped’ as a reason and this really startled Shin Hyesung.

However during the period waiting for Wonder Girls, Shin Hyesung started to dance Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me”, “So Hot”, “Nobody” and other dance tracks with his dancing experience (familiarity). The fans enjoy it very much and were well-received with applauses.

Moreover, during the performing of, “Awaken” from his 3rd album in this concert, Shin Hyesung’s microphone has no sound due to technical error. “If such thing happen, the coming performances will become better, isn’t this the pro of Live (performance)?” Shin Hyesung who joke with the fans, re-sings the song “Awaken” again.

Although Shin Hyesung left the stage after singing the encore song, “Same Thought”, which is the title song of his 1st album, however many fans still remain seated on their seats and reluctant to leave for quite some while as they continued calling out Shin Hyesung’s name.

After completing his concert this day, he will be focusing on his Asia Tour concert, beginning with performance in China “Shanghai Grand Stage” on 8th next month as a starting point, 26th of November in Japan Osaka, 28th in Nagoya and 30th in Tokyo to hold his solo concert.

He has also planned to hold concerts in China Beijing during January next year and Taiwan in middle of March and till 2009 his plan will connects to a long march on his Asia Tour.

Credits: (English translation) + 宝宝爱王子@申彗星中国首站S.C.I.C (Chinese translation) + STAR NEWS (source)

[08.10.19][news] "Introducing Star's Managers" - Hyesung's Manager battled 'riding horse' dance with DBSK


Video cut:

Shin Hyesung’s manager started a dance battle with DBSK, Micky Yoochun and U know Yunho.

The MBC program “Introduce your Star’s friend” Manager special episode have already attracted many attention before it was broadcast on the 18th. Shin Hyesung’s manager, Hyeon Tae Hak suddenly went to DBSK’s waiting room when he is doing a mission.

Because this is a surprise appearance, Micky Yoochun who was shocked and Uknow Yunho agreed with the “Riding Horse Dance Battle” after hearing the briefing. Both of them uses cute re-arrangement dances for the Dance Battle, and after that they danced ‘Crab Dance’ together with Shin Hyesung which brings laughter to everyone.

In addition, in this episode, Kim Gun Mo, Baek Ji Young, Shin Hyesung, BOOM and KimC will be appearing together with their managers, putting their best efforts to search for marriage fate.

Credits: (English translation) + 宝宝爱王子@申彗星中国首站S.C.I.C (Chinese translation) + reviewstar (source)

[08.10.18][news] Shin Hyesung, "Disliking adding burden to Shinhwa members, therefore didn't invite them this time." (consolidated news)


Singer Shin Hyesung held his second concert and have shown a more calmly side.

In the afternoon on 18th, Shin Hyesung held a reporter conference before his Seoul concert revealing his feelings before the concert and his future plans.

"Exceptionally exciting however because it's my second concert therefore, as compared to previous time, I'm feeling more peaceful (calmer) now," with this he started the topic and expressed, "During the rehearsal, I have the feelings of making the concert more interesting."

Shin Hyesung expressed, "During time with preformance or important matter, fans always take good care of me. This time, in order to welcome everyone, I have prepared entertaining activities." "Hoped that many people will follow and do it together with me."

In addition, Shin Hyesung has also expressed his feelings about the new album this day. Shin Hyesung who released his 3rd album 'Live and Let Live SIDE 1' on 26th of August will be releasing 'Live and Let Live SIDE 2' in December.

"To repay the fans, I can only put in efforts in singing at the stage." Upon saying this, Shin Hyesung said to the photography reporter, "When you are taking the pictures, please make them into photo postcards" as he uses his wit to end the reporter conference.

Shinhwa member Shin Hyesung expressed his happiness of being able to continue collaborating with members of idol girl band.

On the concert conference held on the 18th afternoon at 4.30PM, Shin Hyesung expressed, "Althought singing duet with Sun Ye is a little embarrassing, however I'm feeling very happy."

This day, he sung duet with Wonder Girls' Sun Ye after last week duet with SNSD's Taeyeon in SBS program, "Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate".

Shin Hyesung said, "(Sun Ye) is one who is already very good in singing, therefore the rehearsal turns up very well and smoothly." "Still feeling weird with let's us 'practise by looking into each other eyes.'"

After this, Shin Hyesung laughs happily and said, "Anyway, I feel very very fortunate to be able to sing duet with successful idol group."

Singer Shin Hyesung mentioned in the reporter conference before the concert, "Members may be very busy therefore I didn't invite them to attend the concert."

Shin Hyesung expressed his views about not standing on the stage together with Shinhwa members, "Members may be very busy with their own schedules therefore I purposely didn't mentioned them a word."

Shin Hyesung said, "2 days ago, Junjin gave me a call and said 'Let's sing together on stage' however because this is a sudden suggestion therefore unable to compromise. The rest of the members are busy and I do not like to add burden to the members."

Shinhwa member, Shin Hyesung expressed in the reporter conference, "During my birthday in November, I will be holding a fanmeeting in the way like inviting my fans to my room."

This day he expressed his feelings before the concert, "Although I am more nervous than the first time, however I was so excited yesterday night till I woke up in the middle of my sleep during the night by myself." Shin Hyesung also expressed that during November on his birthday month, he will be having a heartily chat with the local fans.

Shin Hyesung said, "On 28th September, I held my first fanmeeting in Japan named as 'Hyesung's chisa heya. It's kind of like an invitation to the fans to room and the impression is very comfortable and cosy thefore I will like to invite my local fans to my room this time."

Credits: (English translation) + jojoyu7@shinhwachina (Chinese translation) + Starnews + Ocean's Six(source)

[08.10.18][trans] 081015 Hyesung 2008 SHS Live Tour Side 1 Live and Let Live in Japan msg


Hi everyone, I am Hyesung
Recently, I have being busying with activities relating to the 3rd jib
Thanks to everyone who given me so much support
Have being planning for Asia tour since last year
After Seoul and Shanghai
Shin Hyesung's "Live tour concert' will also be held in Japan
Starting from Osaka on 26th November, 28th on Nagoya and then 30th in Tokyo
Hoping that with all these performances I am able to display more mature music
Hope that everyone will give me attention
I will continue to work hard, please give more support

Credits: (English translation) + sunsecret (Chinese translation) + (source)

[08.10.18][news] Junjin "I got punched by my girlfriend on the street in the past"

Singer Junjin confessed a humiliating incident in the past where his girlfriend punched him with her fist.

In the recently filmed episode of SBS "Yashimmanman Artist Athlete Village", Shinhwa's Junjin revealed "one time we went out drinking with my hyungdeul (male friends who he treats like older brothers), and during the drinking games my girlfriend then lost 20 times and had to drink each time."

Junjin continued "all of a sudden, my girlfriend yelled at me saying 'Park Choong Jae, you come here' then she pulled me out to the street and started hitting me on the face repeatedly with her fist even while other people looked on. Her punches were very strong and forceful, and I had no idea why she hit me."

More details of this humiliating incident shall be revealed in Yashimmanman 2, 20 October at 11:15 p.m.

source: newsen
eng trans: incarnadine@shinhwabiz

Friday, October 17, 2008

[08.10.17][news] Shocking secrets of the stars that their managers only know


The shocking secrets of the stars that their managers only know are revealed.

In the special episode of “Introducing the star’s manager” under MBC program “Introducing star’s friends” that is broadcast on 18th of October, the managers of the stars will be revealing the secrets that only they know about the stars. Kim Gun Mo, Shin Hyesung, Baek JiYoung, KimC, BOOM and their managers will be appearing in the show that day.

Shin Hyesung’s manager revealed, “Shin Hyesung’s circle of friends is very narrow”, and continued, “He will normally snore when he is sleeping” as he exposed secrets that is subvert to the image of Shin Hyesung. Shin Hyesung retaliates in regards to this, “In actual fact, my manager’s narrow mind characteristics (petty character) is similar to me”, which makes everyone laughs.

(unrelated portion is omitted)

Credits: (English translation) + 彼岸花开成海 @ BESTSHINHWA (Chinese translation) + NEWSEN (source)

[08.10.17][news] Beta Service Open - Hyesung

Waiting for a long time, TETRIS is finally OPEN!
BETA Service OPEN! ! !
October 23rd
To all who have been waiting long for TETRIS, finally it's the time to promote TETRIS with self-confidence
Meet your anticipated TETRIS at HANGAME on 23rd of October.

Shin Hyesung's title song in TETRIS OST reveals
TETRIS OST 12 full tracks DOWNLOAD for free!

Credits: (English translation) + 宝宝爱王子@申彗星中国首站@S.C.I.C (Chinese translation) + Forever HS (source)