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[Trans] Eric and Andy's Interview for Arena Act 12 Sept. Issue


A&E : (In Japanese) Hello!
*They said "Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu" but there's no direct translation of this word in English so I just translated "hello"

What kind of pictures did you take recently?

E : I make model guns and machine guns so I take pictures of them with my mobile phone. Also, I have a small poodle so I take picture of it.

Are you saving all the pictures you took?

E : Yes. Sometimes I look them over and think "Oh... I remember this"and stuff.

A : Can I answer the same question?


A : I also like to take pictures but I usually take pictures of people's funny faces. Also, because I don't have a girlfriend now, I'm asking my friend to send me a picture of a pretty girl and they sometimes send me one. lol

E : Hahaha! LOL (Whispers something to Andy)

What did you just say to him?

E : Secret : )

Do you take pictures with Shinhwa members at the backstage of a concert?

A : Dongwan loves to take photos and he takes pictures of us playing around or having fun without us knowing. Just like paparazzi! After taking photos, he saves them in his PC and show us after a few months. So we go like "When did you take this picture!?"

So he takes them secretly.

E : Yes. He even takes photos of us sleeping!

In fact, I saw Dongwan looking at his PC in this studio too.

A : He really likes to take photos.

E : Especially to take them secretly.

If you gather all the photos taken by Dongwan and make a photobook, it would surely be a hit!!

E : But we would be in trouble! lol

Next question. Please tell us about one of your best friends.

A : The most important friend to me is a guy named Park Ki tae. Who is older than me. He sometimes visit my house too. He helps me create my solo stage in a concert. He's always there for me when I'm having a hard time so he gives me a lot of strength. I think he helped me become what I am today.

Is he one of your staffs?

A : No, he's not even a manager. It's because he likes to nap... lol But wherever he is, he would come straight to me if I'm in trouble. He's a reliable person.

He must be very important to you.

A : Yes. Oh, I need to show him this magazine if he's name will be on an article!

Mr. Park Ki tae, right?

A : Yes, Ki tae-ssi

E : What does Ki tae (kite) mean in Japanese?

A : Come-on?

E : Park Come-on! lol

Next question. Who do you want to say "Don't worry"to?

E : I want to say it to Andy.


E : He's always worrying about something. I think his hobby is "to worry"! I want him to relax and have a happy life. I want to say "it's OK"to him.

A : Eric says I alway worry...


A : But I don't worry about anything when Ki tae-ssi is around.

E : He's very important to him. In fact, I know Ki tae-ssi too. He's very funny and makes people feel good.

The last question is, how was the photo shoot today?

A : It was fun!!

E : We the Shinhwa love a fun atmosphere. There's a famous photographer in Korea who's called "Dancing Photographer" and he makes everybody laugh on the set. It's very hard to smile when a photographer says "smile" with a stern face, don't you think? So it was easy to smile today with this pleasant atmosphere. I like a photographer who can create happy atmosphere on the set.

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed today's photo shoot. Thanks again!

A&E : (In Japanese) Thank you very much!

Credit: Arena 12 +Kikissxx@shinhwasarang


Moon Jeong-hyeok Chooses Interesting Roles –

Moon Jeong-hyeok is a member of "Shinhwa," a music group of six boys. Known more as Eric, his singer name, he is now reshaping his career as a TV actor in his 8th year in the entertainment world. His different roles in MBC dramas, "Firebird" (2004) and "Super Rookie," (2005) received different reviews.

"Seo Jeong-min's character in 'Firebird' was so different from me. It was difficult for me to pose and act like a chic man. I think that's why my acting looked so awkward."

Moon's Choi Kang character in "Invincible Parachutist" is similar to his Kang Ho character in “"Super Rookie"—a tough unemployed man with an embarrassing sense of humor. The production team hesitated to cast him because Shinhwa’s Asia tour schedule overlaps with the drama schedule, but he implored them to cast him.

"Kang Ho and Choi Kang are full of fun and blunders. They are just me. Their unfitting but frank action is like me when I am with members of Shinhwa, friends, or my family."

Moon chooses roles by the standard of how "interesting" they are. "Super Rookie" and "Invincible Parachutist" are dramas with cartoon-like exciting stories.

"I like cartoons a lot. I like a drama with unrealistic nonsense stories and characters. I'm acting with excitement as if I read a cartoon."

Injury and Misunderstandings–

Moon was injured during the shooting of "Wolf," an MBC TV drama, early this year. In shooting a scene in which he should protect Han Ji-min from a rushing car, both of them were hit by the car. The drama was pulled off only after four episodes.

"It took a long while to recover from the injury. I haven't fully recovered yet, so I had to start working out in the gym two weeks before beginning this drama. I'm eating lunch meals packed by my mother to nourish my body."

There was a double contract debate. Moon was criticized as "irresponsible" for his decision to take part in "Sweet Guy," a drama planned by Opus 101, and "Invincible Parachutist" about the same time.

"I read a draft of 'Sweet Guy' in early May and said, 'Looks interesting.' I asked them to send me the script and their schedule until August 10, but there was no reply. I then decided to take part in 'Invincible Parachutist.'"

Moon cut his hair short to transform himself into Choi Kang character. He has not had this short hair style since Shinhwa's second album. His role in the drama is a "parachutist," but his eyes are twinkling with passion for acting.

Source: The Dong-A Ilbo

[Trans] Dongwan & Minwoo's Interview for Arena Act 12 Sept. Issue

Dongwan, please tell us your future dreams.

D : Never forget happy and joyful feelings till I die. I try to meet people I like and forget bad things to keep me happy.

So you are the person who forgets bad things easily?

D : Yes. I wasn't like this before, but now I think I forget quite easily. When I have stress, I used to try hard to put them behind. But now, I meet people that I like and do the things I like... like watching movies or go out to have fun. This makes me feel better and help me forget the bad things more easily than before.

You are now able to control your feelings, Doesn't that mean you become mature?

D : Yes, I think so too.

Is there anything more specific? Like "I want a big house"?

D : I want to stay being an entertainer for the rest of my life. I want to work in various fields, as an actor, singer and MC.

Good to hear that! So Minwoo, can you tell us the Shinhwa's source of energy?

M : We sing and dance on the stage but our fans are always there to support us and I think we are gaining a lot of energy from their cheering. Orange is Shinhwa's color and our fans use orange balloons and orange goods to cheer us. They are even more energetic than us and this becomes our strength. Every time we release an album, fans support us and with their support, we were able to perform till now. If we were doing this for money, Shinhwa might already have broken up.

There must be a wonderful communication between fans and Shinhwa. Next question. Who is the most energetic person in Shinhwa?

D : (In Japanese) ME! That's why the members... hate me.

That's not true!

M : I do have a similarity with Dongwan. But there are some good points and bad points. Good points are he makes people laugh and give us strength. That's a wonderful skill. But when you are not feeling well and if he was being noisy, I sometimes want him to be quiet. lol. Anyway, I can say he's very energetic...

Dongwan is always full of energy.

M : Right. But there's one thing mysterious about Dongwan. He's known as a distracted boy... for example, when he walks on the set, something always breaks! Just the other day, the door on the set broke after he grabbed the knob and a costume was ripped. It may be because he's too energetic but I always wonder why they happen. So he's a man with a mystery! lol

D : (In Japanese) But I need member's love! Thank you members and Love forever!!
M : Look the paper cup is broken!! lol

But being active should be one of your attractive points. You like it, Right?

D : Yes... But sometimes, I hate being myself.

Oh... but don't lose your energy, OK? The last question is to Minwoo. Are you shy of strangers?

M : Not at all! But sometimes, eventhough I try to become friendly, some people do not open their heart to me. When people do that I feel like "I don't need to be friends with them" so I won't talk to them anymore. But other than that, I'm polite and try to become friendly with strangers!

So you mean there are people who do not open their hearts to you?

M : We are in the entertainment industry for a long time so we have junior singers. But some of them have hard time being friendly with us. I want them to be polite to senior singers and if possible, open up themselves. If they can't I will punish them! lol
D : When comparing Minwoo and me, people think I'm the one who is more friendly because I'm always smiling and talking. But sometimes I'm doing this just to be polite to others. But if you become friends with Minwoo, you can have a really close relationship. It's little bit difficult to approach him at the first time though.

You really understand Minwoo!

D : (In Japanese) First time... It's difficult. But cute! (Touch Minwoo's face)

Credit: Arena Act 12 + Kikissxx@shinhwasarang

Lee Min-woo Named PR Ambassador for Chinese Music Show

Lee Min-woo, a member of the band Shinhwa, has been named PR ambassador of the Chinese music show “M. Music Club,” produced by Chinese production firm Enlight Media. Lee will participate in the opening show of the program and a news conference September 3 in a large studio of Enlight Media in Beijing.

”M Music Club,” which will air every evening for 20 minutes beginning September 10, is a result of a partnership with China Mobile, a subsidiary of the Chinese telecom service provider China Telecom. The show will introduce the best new songs popular in mobile media and events for artists and fans.

In the opening show of the program, Chinese singer CiCi will perform her song “Cinderella’s Magic,” which was selected the most recommended song of China Mobile in September. CiCi’s music video featuring and produced by Lee in May will also be introduced for the first time.

Enlight Media says the show is yet additional evidence that the Chinese music market has been transforming into a mobile market, just like Korea, and that the event, which Lee will attend as the only South Korean artist, will feature some 50 artists from Chinese-speaking regions whose songs have gained popularity via mobile communication means. Some 100 reporters from entertainment and economy-related media outlets will also attend the event.

Lee’s nomination as the show’s PR ambassador stems from his popularity in China as a solo artist and a member of the group Shinhwa. Shinhwa’s agency, Good Entertainment, said Lee’s fan base in China has expanded since the release of his second solo album early this year and Shinhwa’s concert in China in July, where he showed off impressive artistic skills and hidden talents. Another reason might lie in the fact that there are several letters “M” in the show’s title (Lee uses the nickname “M” as a solo artist).

Lee, who leaves for China September 3, said he was impressed by the enthusiasm of his Chinese fans during Shinhwa’s concerts in China and is excited to have an opportunity to visit that country again. He also expressed hope that the show will contribute to the development of the Chinese music market.

Source: KBS Global

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dongwan Might Do A Comeback With A Movie

Basically, Dongwan who gained and attracted lots of attenttion from media and fans with his drama "Goodbye Sadness" last year has receive lots of drama and movie scripts proposal.

For now, Dongwan is looking through scripts and proposals that has been offered to him and thinking which one he should accept and among them consist 6 movie scripts.

Dongwan's company GOOD EMG "Not only dramas proposal are offered, even movie scripts are coming in too. Now we are still discussing which one will suit him the best"

He added On "For now, we are considering a movie for him to be followed by a drama series. We are planning his schedule for the next few months and Dongwan has deep feeling acting in a movie so we might be considering that path ". Dongwan has recevie lots of good feedback for his role in "Goodbye Sadness"and has a stable image but he feels a need to change his style. So for his next project, he might be coming back with a new style"

Credit: ocean6 + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Despite Being Sick, Minwoo Shows Fighting Spirit

On the 27th, Wontak angel main lead actor, Lee Minwoo who had intestine inflammations insist on going to the primere of his first movie.

Good " We advise him that his health come first but Lee Minwoo said that this is his first movie since he debuted so he cant missed it" thus he will be meeting all of his fans and spectators who will be there." They added on "As the other main lead actor HAHA who has left for China last week to so some fliming for SBS thus Minwoo feel more pressure on him"

On that night, on his way from the hospital to a message parlour, Lee Minwoo "In order to take part and appear all of the events next week, I will get well soon so the fans not to worry about me"

Won Tak angel will hitting the cinemas on the 24th August.

Credit: OCEAN6 + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

GOOD Message for Hyesung and Sungmin Project

Hello everyone
This is GOOD

On the 31st August, Shin Hyesung and newcomer singer Sun Min will be releasing their new project album "Sun Min thanks Hyesung".

In the album "Sun Min thanks Hyesung" songs like "Keep Holding you" which is the theme song for the moive "Has Japan Sink" and Sun Min solo song "Only Me And You" will be included.

Besides that, before the release of the album, Shin Hyesung and Sun Min will be performing the song on the 27th August on SBS Inkigayo as the start of their activites follow by KBS 'music bank',MBC 'Music core and others variety shows.

Please give lots of your support to Hyesung who is starting his solo activites by coming back with a duo team and also to Sun Min who is like a family to us and Shinhwa, she make her debute in Japan and now she is back in Korea, we hope fans will show her lots of support and warmth. On top of that, we ask fans to show lots of love and support for the album "Sun Min Thanks Hyesung"

Thank you

Credit: Good emg + dreamhyeusng@shinhwasarang

8/28 Dongwan's Diary Entry

It is oppa~! (2006-8-28 13:41:21)

Today woke up at 5am again..
It is hard being an actor

My eyes are bloodshot, dark rings are showing and pimples are growing...


Even thought it is like that, eyes expression is still very lively

eung..nothing..really..i this fellow...hoho..

Credit: GOOD EMG + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Monday, August 28, 2006

Hyesung And Sungmin Receives Good Reviews From Fans

Shinhwa Shin Hyesung and newcomer Sun Min duet song "Keep Holding You" has received good feedback and praise from the internet fans.

On the 27, on SBS Inkigayo, Hyesung and Sun Min stand together for the first time on the stage as "Sun Min thanks Hyesung" to show off their perfect combined voices.

Fans who heard the song for the first time, praise and made comments like "The song is very smooth and nice to hear" "Although I like Toshinobu Kubota' work, but the korean version is good too" were posted on the internet.

Especiallyt for Sun Min, as she started her career in Japan and not in Korea. This is the first time fans actually get to see her perform in Korea, they have high hopes and expectaions on her. They said "Her vocals are good and she has the talent, we might become her fan too."

The Korean-licensed version of the song “Keep Holding you ” is from the original soundtrack of the movie “Sinking of Japan” which opened in July and topped the Japanese box-office.

Credit: OCEAN6 + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Junjin and Minwoo To Appear On Korea-China Friendship Day

Concert Date: 04 - 11-2006
Guest: Minwoo and Junjin + others
Venue: Shanghai big stage (??)

Credit: newstargroup + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

8/27 Dongwan's Diary Entry

2006 08 27
Its Dongwan~!

It is rainning heavily in Seoul
In this type of weather, we should be eating snacks and drinking beer ^0^
Today will have Sunmin and Hyesung live performance
Really brilliant~!
After that Sunmin's voice in japanese [keep holding you] will be better ~

Start to count from today, after 30th, there will be Shinhwa Live
I am looking forward to till that day comes
Everyone, please look forward to it too
My essay is very alike to a primary student -____-
in that case, we will meet next time then~

p.s. Q> gackt and X from yoshiki really want to be together?

Credit: The Legend + jenny@hyesungangel + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Eric's New Drama

The charisma actor, Eric, show his cute and funny side among the other members of his drama.

This September 6th, a new drama 'Invincible Parachuting Employee' will be released. Eric showed his cute and funny side of him ever now and then, in between the times he acted out like an American gangster for the drama poster.

Eric's dark and heavy eyebrows, his funny expression, and his cheeks puffed up to look like JjangGu, made the fans say that he looked cute. Also, the way he opened his mouth and acted as if smoke was coming out made people say he was really cute.

This drama first protrays Eric as a lazy guy who doesn't have a job and does nothing. However, when he saves an old grandma from almost getting hit by a car, he changes his life.

‘Invincible Parachuting Employee' is a sequal to the last year's 'Super Rookie.' This will drama portrays Eric as a random and lively guy.

sOuL, yahoo korea, SBS, ReviewStar,

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A screen of Minwoo at a club between pretty girls filled the theater. Another screen of him beating four guys filled the theater screen.

A screen of Minwoo at a club between pretty girls filled the theater. Another screen of him beating four guys filled the theater screen.

The movie 'Holy Daddy' was released on the 24th. The main character Kang WonTak (Lee Minwoo) was characterized not as the movie's character, but as the Shinhwa's Lee Minwoo. Kang Wontak's father, Kang YoungGue (Im HaRyoung) died the day before he was released. Kang WonTak said "Are you happy that you are going alone?" and ran out of the funeral.

YoungGue asked an angel "I want to be next to my son, even for a second." So, the angel changed [rebirth] YoungGue to WonTak's class friend Ha DongHoon (HaHa).

However, the 50 year old man was to stay in a 18 year old's high school was hard. It was like oil and water, watching WonTak wondering, "What kind of a guy is this" and DongHoon trying whatever it takes to be with his son.

However, the music video of Minwoo in 1999 Shinhwa's 2 jib, 'YO!" was even more than James Dean and Choi MinSoo's charisma.

Haha had a lot of experience [of acting] from many shows. Minwoo showed a lot of settled(?) acting at the last scene.

sOuL, yahoo korea, donganilbo, and

[Photos] Shinwa's At Wontak Angels Premiere

Credit: as labelled + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Hyesung's Activities

August 27

Hyesung, Seven and Super Junior will perform on a concert as a kick-off for the Seoul 1st Drama Awards to be held at the Seoul City Hall. The concert will be shown on MBC on the 28th and the Awards Ceremony will be shown on the 29th.

He is also scheduled to make a guest appearance on SBS Inkigayo on the same date with Sung Min. They will sing the duet entitled "Keep Holding You". The show will be telecast the following day at 3:40 p.m. Andy won't be hosting on that day because he will be in China for the filming of SBS Xman.

Credit: Starnews + SBS + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Junjin's CT Scan Result Is Ok

Junjin complained of a headache on the 19th August when Shinhwa is slated to hold their first Thailand concert. He went to a nearby hospital for a checkup and was given some painkiller. After the concert, he went back to Korea a day earlier than he was expected too. He took a CT scan and the results was released yesterday. The result shows everything is fine and there aren't any thing serious.

Good "Junjin has been working very hard for his solo album and with the pressure on Shinhwa Asia tour thus he gets headache. The results scan shows everything is fine so fans dont have to worry" Junjin will be releasing his album in this coming fall so everyone please look forward to it"

On that day, once Junjin received his scan results, he went to Lee Minwoo's movie premiere "Wontak Angel" to show Minwoo his support.

Credit: Ocean6 + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

8/23 Dongwan's Diary Entry

変だが, 1時間だけ差があっても眠れないです.
日本は時差がなくてよし! ^_^
私たちも早く見たいです. 本当~
"oricon 4位"という話を聞きました.
疲れだ。。 -___-


It is Dongwan!
Dongwan here
I am now in Thailand
Because i have jet lag, I can't sleep
only one hour difference and I can't sleep
Am I wierd?
I don't have jet lag when I am in Japan
the members said they want to go to Japan earlier
Personally, I really miss the ramen in Japan
heard we got the 4th place in "Oricon chart"
I am really thankful
it is all thanks to everyone's support.
we will work hard for our Japan concert
please look forwad to it
till then
Good Night~GoodBye
a bit tired.-___-

Credit: 3asian + Jenny@hyesungangel + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Shinhwa Gets Together for Lee Min-woo

August 23, 2006

Members of the male band Shinhwa gathered together at the premiere of the movie "Holy Daddy," which stars Lee Min-woo, one of Shinhwa’s members.

The movie’s VIP premiere was held August 22 in Seoul.

Despite their busy schedules, Shinhwa members attended the event because it was Lee’s first big-screen role. Even Eric Moon, who is currently filming a TV drama, took the time to congratulate Lee. However, Kim Dong-wan was unable to come because he was shooting the first scene of “Best Theater,” where he plays a lead role. Shinhwa members gave Lee a standing ovation when he introduced himself.

Shinhwa will give concerts in Japan and Singapore in September as part of its Asian tour.

Source: KBS Global

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hyesung, I Still Prefer Singing

"I still prefer singing" This was what Hyesung replied when asked if he will consider acting and reveal his feeling.

On the 19th, Shinhwa held their Asia Tour at their fourth stop, Thailand. Besides Hyesung, the rest of the 5 member of Shinhwa has done acting.

Hyesung "The rest of them had taken up the challenage on acting but I am not ready for it" He added on "If i want to try out acting, I will work hard on it and I will work till I am satisfied with my performance. But for now I iwill just focus on singing and will not look into the acting path. But if I am given a good chance, then I will like to try acting"

on the 31st, Hyeusng will be doing a project with newcomer Sunmin and they will release an album "Sun Min thanks Hyesung"

Credit: Ocean6 + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cute Bangkok Photos

Credits: News sources &
Group Member Shin Hyesung and Junjin from Shinhwa will be releasing their album together in this coming Autum.

Around the end of Sepetember, Hyesung will be joing hand with a newcomer from GOOD EMG, SUN MIN to form a project group and the name of this grup is call "SUN MIN Thanks Hyesung" (what a weird name for an album) and Junjin will start his solo activites in October as a Solo Singer, J2.

Their plans for their activities was revealed to the Korean media on the 18th when they had their presss conference.

Hyesung: "The plan is to promote the main OST we will be sing for the movie "Has Japan Sink Yet" (what? another crazy title) and we will be appaering on music and games shows. After that, I will be going to Japan to get ready for my Japanese debute album and go back to Korea to prepare for my 2nd album."
Junjin: " I have already recorded one song and for my album, I will do my very best for my album. For now, I haven't receive the tittle song thus the concept for album is not decided"

Minwoo who will be helping to produce Junjin solo's album "I want to compose songs that are better then mine and I hope to choose dance songs that will suit Junjin image"

Credit; OCEAN'S 6 + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

MC Mong "After my mum persuade him, Dongwan bought insureance from her"

Coming this 22nd August, on KBS2 Sang Sang plus, MC Mong will reveal how his mother who is in the insurance line got all his friends to buy insurance from her.

MC Mong "For other's who just join this line, they will get about 8 sales but if my name is included, the sales rise up to 14" He added on "As long as my friends come over to my house, she will get them to buy insurance and that is how Shinhwa Kim Dongwan also bought insurance from her' which caused laughter from everyone.

Credit: 머니투데이 스타뉴스 + dreamhyesung@shinhwsarang

How is Shinhwa and Minwoo like in Haha's eyes?

Haha:I am really thankful for these good friends. Especially Minwoo who are hard to come by. I first met him when I debuted as a VJ. It is really touching to have him as my friend. He always gives me expensive clothing or some gifts. Do I have to say this cause I have to promote my movie? Oh~NO. Shinhwa and Lee Minwoo are top stars but when they answer my question when I was a newcomer VJ, they answer with friendlines and warmth. I got closer to Minwoo only when we went to eat eel together. The rest of the members always come after we finish filming as a form of support to cheer Minwoo on. But there are some disatifaction when I am with Minwoo, I will grow fat. Minwoo eats and excercises a lot. Morning, afternoon and night, he is always excercising. Though he eat the same amount as me but he will never grow fat.

Credit: 스포츠서울 + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Monday, August 21, 2006

If Our Girl Tours With Us I'm Sure They Will Get Along Well

Korean popular group Shinhwa has finally come to Thailand to hold their first Thailand concert. On the 18th, 2pm, at the hotel TUSITANI where they are staying, they held their press conference with more then 500 medias and reporters from all over the world attending it.

Some of the medie attending are :ThailandITV,channel3,channel7,modern and etc and for the magazines and news reporters mydaily news,seoul street etc.

Shinhwa members, Shin Hyesung, Junjin,Lee Minwoo, Andy and Kim Dongwan were presnt at the press conference. Shinhw leader Eric who was busy filming his drama in korea will only arrive in Thailand around 1.30pm didnt attend the press conference.

Shinhwa greeted the media in Thai and told the media "From the moment we arrive till now, everyone has been kind and nice to us, for that we have a very deep impression of the people, we will show everyone our best performance so please look forward to it"

After that, Lee Minwoo talked about the Thais fans "In order to attens the Channel V award, I had to come to Bangkok and everyone was so friendly and nice that I had a very good impression". I love the fact that they always smile be it in a concert or somewhere else"

Dongwan too praise Thias fans "Like Minwoo, actually I really like the Thai fans, they have a warm smile and are so polite"

When asked how is it that, Shinhwa can last so long and not once did they change member and didn't split up like the rest of the boyband, they reply "Shinhwa have been through a lot of ups and downs together, we are like brother to each other. Not even once did the thought of leaving or betraying cross our mind. Yes, we had arguements and fights, but we always solve and talk it out which make us more closer and we dont want to disgrace "Shinhwa" this name" There are lots of group in korea who envy Shinhwa. Liks our name Shinhwa, we are the everlasting legend group" as they said these, their closeness and confidence are shown on their faces.

When asked it is hard to hold a concert, Shin Hyesung "Every time we get the chance to go to a foreign country to hold a concert, we feel very nervous and excited"

When Thailand media interviwer Dina who is very famous and pretty ask what are their ideal girl , Lee Minwoo joking reply "You" and once she heard it, she blushed and gain lots of attention.

After that, they told her their idea girl type : pretty and kind (Andy), someone who is smart and fifial to the elderly (Junjin) , traditional girl (Dongwan)

Besdie that, when the question "What if your girlfriend can't along with the rest of the member"
Shin Hyesung "If they travel with us, we will get along fine. The members are very open minded and not so petty. No matter how, they will get along with them, so need not to worry. Especially with Junjin around, they will get very close to him." and start laughing.

To which Junjin reply "If my girfriend heard what Hyesung hyung just said, she will be so fascinated by him" which make the whole room burst out laughing.

For this concert, Shinhwa will be singing the remix of Throw my fist, their 8th album hit 'once in the lifetime" , perfect man and otherd of their hits.

Credit: OCEAN6 + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Thanks To Andy, Shinhwa Have Food To Eat Always!

On the 18th, 6pm, during the press conference, Lee Minwoo said "Andy has a fanclub called "ANDYTHEBEST". His fans will always bring pack food regardless if it's a concert or some programme show thus thanks to him, Shinhwa have food to eat and to survive."

When asked by the reporters on this, Andy modestly reply "I am not that popular" which Minwoo straight answer "Besides preparing food for Shinhwa, they even prepare for the rest of the staff crew members. And during concerts, the moment Andy appears, he will get the loudest cheer from the fans" and he kept prasing Andy till Andy has nothing to say.

Shinhwa will be holding their concert on the 19th at 6pm and will be returning back to korea on the 21st.
Credit: mydaily + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Shinhwa's Asia Tour In Thailand, Over 4000 Crazy Fans

Shinhwa held their ASIA TOUR concert successfully at the IMPACT ARENA in Bangkok, Thailand on the 19t. The concert was held at 7:30, and this is their first successful step in Thailand.

After their Tour in Shanghai, China, they created a great atmosphere on the stage in Bangkok and caused fans to go wild. 4000 fans attended the concert, which made the IMPACT ARENA very crowded.

Shinhwa's 8th album has only entered the Thailand market for 3 days, and without any promotion at all,the ticket's sold on that day was about 700-3500 Thai Baht. (14, 000 - 90,000 won)

During the concert the 5 members of Shinhwa sang "Happy Birthday" to JunJin for his 26th birthday. This caused the fans in orange shirts in the IMPACT ARENA to wave their orange glow sticks madly.

Shinhwa will be going to Singapore next month for their ASIA TOUR. The will be there on th 9th, and will also head to Japan after that.

Source:Ocean 6
Ko - Chi Trans: yujin @ bestshinhwa
Chi - Eng Trans: angel_b3k @ s-shinhwasarang

Junjin Returned Early To Korea Due To Headache

JunJin took a flight that left Thailand at 11:40pm back to Korea straight after the Bangkok concert due to his headache.

Before the concert, after the conference he had already felt pain in his head. He went to check up at one of the hospitals in Bangkok, but it wasn't anything abnormal so he took some pills attended the concert.

When JunJin is in Korea, he will take another check up to make sure there isn't anything wrong. A member of GoodEMG said "JunJin is weaker ans sensitive than other members of Shinhwa, when he is under stress his head will start hurting."

Eric also returned early with JunJin due to filming for his new drama, along with Dongwan.

Ko - Chi Trans:心里有鬼 @ bestshinhwa
Chi - Eng Trans: angel_b3k @ s-shinhwasarang

Happy Birthday Junjin!

The whole gang celebrated Junjin's birthday last Friday night with a korean barbeque dinner and of course a birthday is never complete without a cake courtesy of Charity ~ Jinnie's dream girl.

Shinhwa...Asia's Star

Popular group, Shinhwa proves that they are Asia's star through the concert in Bangkok.

Currently in 'Asia Tour,' Shinhwa had their Bangkok concert on the 19th at 7:30 at the Impact Arena. Here, fans from Hong Kong, Singapore, and other places, came in hundreds.

Shinhwa sang 'Throw my Fist', the Japanese version of 'Once in a Lifetime,7jib's 'Brand New,' 'Perfect Man,' 'Hero,' 'Only One,' and other hit songs from their 1998 debut.

The 'Channel V Music Video Award' award winner Lee Minwoo (who won the 'Asia Artist Award') showed his skillful dance moves at the conert. Plus with his charisma, the fans went wild.

This was Shinhwa's first solo concert at Tailand. They did vist here to cast a music video, but this was their first time having a concert. Plus. with no promotion, Shinhwa's popularity went sky high. One of the Shinhwa members said, "I want to come here again. Please love us even more so that we can come here again."

Plus, it was Junjin's birthday. He celebrated it together with the fans. The Shinhwa member prepared a birthday cake for him, and with the fan's birthday song, he made a happy memory with the fans.

At the concert, HaeRyoung was a special guest. HaeRyoung sang 'How to stop Sadness: Three Ways' and pop song.

This was Shinhwa's fourth performance of SHINHWA 2006 TOUR-STATE OF THE ART, after Seoul, China, Shanghai, and Busan.

Also, Shinhwa got a lisence for their 8 jib in Thailand. Shinhwa's first album was release in Thailand on August 3rd. This album was ranked 1st.

Plus, Kim Dongwan's 'SpinKick' and Eric's 'Super Rookie' and 'FireBird' was release in Thailand, and have a big popularity.

Eric, Junjin, and Dongwan came back to Seoul that day, for their drama. The rest are coming back on the 20th.

Yahoo Korea, and (Simply Soul)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Shinhwa, "We Miss the Days We Lived Together!"

This is an old news but just like to share this everyone (I envy their closeness)

"Whenever night falls, suddenly think of the members and get lonely!"

On the 14th at the Seoul Olympic park where group Shinhwa held their press conference, the members said these words showing off their strong friendship with each other.

Shinhwa's Kim Dongwan revealed, "When I cant sleep at night, I miss the days when we lived together and how when we couldn't sleep we'd talk together throughout the night. So now when I can't sleep, I miss the members."

Following this Shin Hyesung exposed, "These days Kim Dongwan must not be able to sleep every night. He calls every day late and asks 'Can't you sleep over at my place tonight?'" making the press conference room into a sea of laughter.

Kim Dongwan continued, "All the reporters writing the news articles and the fans watching please write to our boss and make us be able to live together again."

Lee Minwoo who appeared at the press conference with high spirits also added, "While I was active as a solo singer M, there were so many moments when I was lonely. In particular when I was preparing for the solo concert and my health was at its worst, I missed the members a lot."

For a long time of 1 year and 9 months in which through their solo activities on the small screen, film and stages they have each earnt their own recognition but still saying they have missed the 6 of them together; the future activities of the united Shinhwa is of great interest to many.

Credits :: + + orenji728 (translation) + Starnews

Shinhwa, Plans for US Las Vegas Performance

Popular group Shinhwa have revealed their tentative plans to perform in Las Vegas in America.

On the 18th during the press conference for Shinhwa's 4th concert for 'SHINHWA 2006 TOUR - State of the Art in THAILAND', Shinhwa revealed these plans.

Shinhwa's Lee Minwoo commented "We want to perform in the 'big waters'" and "at the time I was in Las Vegas, Alicia Keys was holding a concert at the hotel I was staying at. I didn't get a chance to watch the concert but they kept screening advertisements on billboards. At that moment I wished Shinhwa would come out on those billboards too". Lee Minwoo continued, "Whilst Shinhwa is working hard with South East Asia, I felt it would be good to go further into the US market. So I thought we'd like to perform in Las Vegas in the US."

On this a source from Good EMG revealed, "The Shinhwa members don't know it but we are currently going through information and plans for a concert in Las Vegas" and "The MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas have requested for a Shinhwa concert so we are thinking through it."

Good EMG continued, "Once this Asia tour finishes, the members will be concentrating on individual activities so going into official plans for a concert straight away will be difficult but not too far from now we hope to announce some good news."

credits: + + orenji728 (translation) + MoneyToday source: Soul (Simply Shinhwa)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Throw My Fist MV - Full Version

Snippets From Minwoo & Andy's Guesting In Sangsang Plus

On the 15th, 11.05 pm, on KBS 2TV “Sangsang Plus” Andy and Lee Minwoo who were the special guest spoke about their past especially Andy, who reveale how SM Entertainment Lee Soo-man felt after seeing his audition.

SM entertainment Lee-Soo man called him and asked him to go to a park, at first Andy thought he was kidding but he still went to the park with Tony Ahn.

Andy "Lee Soo-man turned on an audio song from his car and wanted me to dance in front of him, with everyone watching and Tony (Ex H.O.T member) was dancing very seriously so i did break dance" He added on "After dancing, we went to a recording studio and he ask me to sing to test out my vocals and after hearing me singing one phrase, Lee Soo Man stopped the music. I thought I was out as I know I can't sing very well but to my surprise, he smiled and told me "Ya, let go!" as he want to sign a contract with me. When I heard it, I was so happy! "

On other side, Minwoo who appeared together with Andy, revealed how Eric and he went to the recording studio and were almost kick out from Shinhwa by the manager.

Minwoo "Before we debuted, our manager was very strict wtih our private life while we were staying together in a hostel and we had to report to him everyday. That time, Eric and I was bored so we decided to sneek out to play. But as we overslept, the next day when we went back to the studio, we saw the rest of the member kneeling down on the floor and we went to kneel beside them. Then our manager came in and saw us, he was so angry that he told us if we like to go out, then go! So Eric and i got up and went back to our hostel. Just as we were about to leave for the hostel, Andy stood up crying "Hyung dont leave!" But with a roar from our manager "You Sit down!" he went back to kneeling.

When Eric and I were packing our bads in the room, in our heart we wanted to say goodbye to the rest of the members and Eric was saying " Lets go to the states and do something." He added on "Just as we were about to leave we heard the doorbell rang so we went out in hope that maybe the members came back to say goodbye. Hyesung came in first and told us in future we will have the chance to meet again. When I heard it I was very disappointed and Andy who cried while running in said "You dont have to leave if you dont want too" at that time Andy was really very cute and it was only after we were about to really leave that we realise we got pranked by them"

When asked by the Host when did he standed up, Andy replied "I have been kneeling for 2 hours and I wanted to stand up to stretch my legs before kneeling again"

When asked who will he choose to be his boyfriend out of Shinhwa if he is a girl, Minwoo reply "ANDY"

Minwoo "Junjin is good looking but his character is very strong and stubborn. Eric is really handsome but has burdensome feeling. Dongwan is too noisy, Hyesung is too clean so if I am a girl, I will choose Andy to date with."

To which Andy reply "But I still choose Eric although Minwoo is good looking and excellent in dancing because not only is Eric good looking but he knows how to earn money too." After he had finished, Minwoo's face was flash with a disappoointed look.


When asked who is the worst drinker out of Shinhwa, Minwoo straight away say "ANDY!" and explain "Each time when Andy drinks, he will take sea weeds and paste it on his face and start singing (??) butterfly song"

to which andy reply "After drinking, i want to be funny that why I acted that way"

Credit: OCEAN6 + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Eric: Parachute comes first, then Sweet Guy

Eric has already made a decision regarding his double drama contract controversy. He has agreed to first film Parachute(Super Rookie 2) and then Sweet Guy.

Eric's management company GOOD EMG has expressed that they will postpone Sweet Guy's production after numerous negotiations on the programming and casting of the series.

LK group has expressed their apologies regarding the conflicts and controversy surrounding both dramas and has agreed that Parachute will be the following SBS series aired on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting 6th September.

Eric's new series Parachute, will be taken up by LK group which has also produced MBC Super Rookie 2005. Parachute will be a continual story to Super Rookie.

credits: Korean Daily/ yobnka@bestshinhwa+ ripgal of soompi
link to chinese article:

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

One More Day Before.....

Just a few more hours till the repackaged "State of The Art" Album comes out in Korea. I'm so excited to see those never before published photos as well as the dvd that comes with the package. Just click here, to watch the teaser for the DVD.

And there's another thing to look forward to, the release of their newest MV "Throw My Fist". A preview is also available so go check it out here.

photo credits: Only4steve+Lilazinprincess of S-ShinhwaSarang

Monday, August 14, 2006

[Trans] First Kiss and First Love

First Kiss:

I'm focus on the mood and feeling very much. I kissed my girlfriend about 2 weeks after we met. One day, on our way home by bus after school, she brought 2 ice-creams and gave me one. It was raining and the mood was nice. My hand was starting evil, I put my hand on her waist and she got close to me too. It’s getting dark and I kissed her in a quiet lane. We felt nervous, happy and curious.

Let's talk about the definition of First Kiss first. Because of our family is open minded, we always kiss each other. When I was studying in school, we will kiss to test the feeling of love. (How is the taste?) It is very difficult to say, like getting an electric shock…

First Kiss? It seems in my high school year 2…on the beach….Dont let my mother to see this news, she will know. It’s embarrassing to say. The mood is good, have wave, wind and a silver moon, eyes contact…and I got an electric shock suddenly…

My First Kiss is happened in a park with force (You force her or she forces you?) Is me, of course. (What was happened?) I forgot…..haha~~(Let’s dump to the next question, What situation you want your first kiss happened?) I want my first kiss is under willingness and no confusion. I want my first kiss to be natural and the usual.

My first kiss happened when I was studying in high school. We took a walk in a crowded road, and then I found a quiet road, then I kissed her face …then (kiss lips)….together(both want to)! But girls force me to kiss them usually and I’m the passive one. (-___________-||| really? hahahaha....)

My first kiss happened when I’m study in high school too. Inside a quiet park.

First Love:

I like her(one-way) for 2 years since High School year 1. She went to USA and she's married now. It is a sad one-way love story.

I have a one-way love story when I’m studying in Secondary School. After that, she went to another country.

Dong Wan:
Your first love is same as me.

perhaps, they(girls) are the same one?

Dong Wan:
Absolutely not.

Jun Jin:
It is a really romantic story but I’m focus on my work now. I don’t know where she is now and I want to find her out!

When I was studying in P.6, I loved my friend’s girl friend. I did not tell her because of my friendship with her boyfriend until we graduated. I meet her again when I went to USA and I was dating her for 4 years. We broke down when I back to Korea. I think she is my first love.

Min Woo:
When I was studying in High School year 1. It is a simple love. I tell her I love her since I was really like her. Of course she was going to love me after I told her. We have not keep a very long relationship. It was a really unforgettable memory. First Love is a unforgettable memory.

Hye Sung:
Since Primary School, Secondary school up to now, I cant say someone I really love her. I will tell you when I meet one. But the deepest impression is the girl I met in the primary school.

Credit to: JK Sky(original place) + Byboby@BestShinhwa (eng trans) + ShinhwaSarang

Eric, Han Ji-Min, cast for lovers in 'Invinsible Parachute Agent'

Eric(27) and Han Ji-Min(24) was cast for the title roles of new drama, overcoming the misfortune of 'Wolf'.

Eric and Han Ji-Min will appear on the 'Invinsible Parachute Agent'(Playwriting:Lee Sun-Mi, Kim Ki-Ho /Directing:Lee Yong-Suk) of SBS TV which will be aired on September 6. They try to play lovers role in a drama again 8 months after they experieced car accident during the shooting of 'Wolf' on MBC TV.

Eric was supposed to come back thic autumn being cast last May as the male title role of the 'Sweet Guy' which is produced by the production Opus 101. But Since the programming of the 'Sweet Guy' recently was postponed,he suddenly changed the direction on August 11 to star in the 'Invinsible Parachute Agent'.

Han Ji-Min was still cast for a female title role at the end of July. Eric was treated as a top star, his gurantee is 20million won per time.

This drama is the sequel of the 'Super Rookie' on MBC TV which Eric starred in and made famous, will be aired after 'Come back Soon-Ae'. It will portray the successful episodes of rookies in secret information agency.

Eric and Han Ji-Min is really going to practice script and go shooting.

translation : loveeric @ubiquitouseric
credit : ericmania + shinhwasarang

8/12 Dongwan's Diary Entry

글쓴이 : 오빠얌! (2006-08-12 04:07:31 Hit: 362)

[동완]눈 아파...

오락하다가 인터넷하다가 영화보다가
(Playing games, surfing the net, watching movies)

(My eyes hurt....sleep.gif)

일찍 자는건 싫어..
(I don't like sleeping early..)


비빔면 먹어야징!
(I'll have bibimmyun! (*another kind of instant noodle that u mix with a spicy sauce))

Comment by Dongwan :
무슨 오락하냐면 귀무자3랑 용과같이를 하고있3!
(I play Kuimuja3 and With the Dragon! (* the 3 at the end is like.. korean internet language =_=..; ))
2006-08-12 04:08:02

Source : GoodEMG
Translated by : sometimes (Erica)

credits to GoodEMG + shinhwajj+angel2nyt of soompi

Friday, August 11, 2006

Korean Singer Eric Takes Part in SMAP’s New Album

Korean singer Eric’s participation in a new recording by the Japanese group SMAP has drawn the attention of the Japanese media.

The online edition of the Japanese Asahi Shimbun reported Thursday that Eric, a member of the Korean idol male group Shinhwa, wrote lyrics for the rapping part of the song “Tokio,” which is contained in the new recording of the Japanese group. The new album “Pop up! SMAP” was released on July 26. “Tokio” is a remake of SMAP’s previous hit song.

Eric recorded the song in a studio in southern Seoul.

The Korean and Japanese groups’ friendly relationship began after Shinhwa’s Shin Hye-sung and SMAP’s Kusanagi Tsuyoshi sang the duet song “Sky,” featuring lyrics written by Shinhwa’s Lee Min-woo, for the Japanese group’s 16th album “Sample Bang” released in July last year.

It is the first time for Eric to individually take part in a recording by the Japanese group.

Eric said, “SMAP is one of my favorite groups. I was glad to work with them. I hope Japanese fans will love both SMAP’s new recording and Shinhwa’s first Japanese album, which will be released on August 16.”

source: KBS Global

Sorry Girls They Are Still Very Much On

There have been news circulating about the break-up of Eric and his girlfriend Park Shi Yeon but the couple already issued a disclaimer on the said rumors. For those who are still in doubt or should I say hoping that it's true then just check out the following photos taken yesterday. Looks like they are going to watch a movie together.

source of photos: siyeon
credits to ericmania of soompi

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dongwan & Hyesung Shows Support

I'm happy that Dongwan and Hyesung is showing their support for their friend Lee Jihoon who is now a part of the musical Altar Boyz.

A Teaser of The Making From Their 8th Album

Eric:Paradise, first day recording starts! My first rhyme
Minwoo: I..dont have any strength
Dongwan:Everybody record properly! Shinhwa JJANG (Man Seh)!
Hyesung:Everyone do a good job! 8th jib Dae Bak X300000
Junjin: AH! It is said that my voice is the best~
Andy:long time no see..cant remember haha

Credit:GOOD EMG + dreamhyesung@Shinhwasarang

Minwoo, I'm Just Friends With Shin Ae

"I have been single since I had break up with Shin Ae"

When if he has a girlfreind, Lee Minwoo who is 27 reply " I have been single since i broke off with Shin Ae. Because I can't focus all my attention to my girlfriend, it iwill be a sin for me to have one now."

With just 3 -4 hours of sleep a day, Minwoo said it is neither good nor fair to him or his girlfriend if they are together. But he has revealed his feeling on marriage.

Lee Minwoo "I want to get marry when i am 34. i want to be stable in both my career and finance then I will plan a future for my family. She has to love me more than i love her"

Minnwoo comment that he is the one who always get hurts the most and when ask what kind of girl he is looking for "I want a wife who will love me more than I love her"

About his relationship with Shin Ae, Minwoo "It has been 10 months since we broke off, though we hardly contact each other, but we still meet occasionally. I just met her recently before she flew to China for work. We are not that type of couple who feel weird and uncomfortable when we see each oher."

Credit: myth6 + dreamhyesung of shinhwasarang

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

8/9 Dongwan's Diary Entry

[Diary] 060809 Dongwan - Naver you!

글쓴이 : 오빠얌! (2006-08-09 02:20:17 Hit: 483)

[동완]네이버 너!

나 소**씨랑 안 사귀어~~
(I don't go out with Miss So***~~

본적도 없다규!!!
(I've never even seen her!!!)

아~ 덥다..
(Ah~ So hot..)

짜파게티 2개 끓여먹었더니.. 배가 터질라그래...ㅜㅜ
누가바도 먹었지롱~~
(I had two JJapagettis (*A kind of ramen that's not spicy but is more like jjajangmyun).. My stomach's gonna burst...ㅜㅜ
I had Nugabar (*An ice cream; ) too~~)

일본 가는게 연기 되어서 아쉽당...
(I feel at a loss because we had to postpone going to Japan...)
하라쥬쿠에서 소유라멘 먹고 싶은데..그래도 괘안아!
(I wanted to have Soyuramen in Harajuku..But it's ok!)
곧 태국에 가니깐! 무하하하하~~ ^^;
(We go to Thailand soon! Muhahahahaha~~

더워서 미쳐가는 중................................................9_9
(Going crazy because of the heat.......................9_9)

Source : GoodEMG (
Translated by : sometimes (Erica)
credits to: GoodEMG + sometimes of shinhwajj

Just in case you are wondering who the girl in question, she's So I-hyun who made mention that she's dating a singer/actor whose name starts with the letter K. And lol ~ he's on a food trip again, I won't even be surprised to see him gaining weight.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Finally Hyesung And Minwoo Pics

It's been a week since the photos of Eric, Dongwan, Andy from their Throw In The Fist MV shoot appeared but nothing from Minwoo and my fave Hyesung. But finally the long wait is over, check this out!

source: wireimage +sam chin of soompi

Minwoo, I Don't Want A Girlfriend Only Work

Popular group Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo has finally voice out his thoughts on his love life and work.

Recently, on the 4th August, after finishing the flliming for his first movie "Wontak Angel", when asked about his love life by reporters, Minwoo's comment "Right now, i dont have a girlfriend, I just want to concerate on my work." He added on "The reason I dont have any is because I don't have the time to meet her. At first, I thought if I find one who works in the same line as me, it iwill be fine. Bbut i guess that is not how the way things work, once people in the same line date, they will break up straight away"

On that day, he also confirmed the break up which he was in last year. But no reason was given to what cause the break up. Minwoo "It is pointless to rack up the past, now what is most important to me than girlfriend is my work. Last July, Minwoo's comment "I won't find a girlfriend in future" when he met his japanese fans has sprak a lot of interest.

There wasn't any air around him when reporters met him and Minwoo will be busy with the promotional of his movie "WONTAK ANGEL".

Credit: 헤럴드 생생뉴스 + dreamhyeusng@shinhwasarang
Note: I can imagine the smile on a friend's face when she reads this post.

Andy Praises Junjin

Shinhwa member Andy cant stop praising Junjin who has been working hard to improve his vocals. Junjin who will be releasing his solo album in October has been practicing non stop.

Andy "Junjin hyung singing vocals esp when he hits high note has improved so much and faster then expected which left eveyone shocked. Before our performance, Junjin hyung no matter how weary and tired he is, will always practice for 3 hours or so just for that song." He also added "junjin hyung is really hard working whenever he goes, there will always be lyrics in his hand and he won't rest till he thinks he is perfect"

Andy is currently doing Shinhwa 8th jib activites and is a Host for SBS inkigayo.

Credit: mydaily +

GOOD Announced First Winner of Minjin's Gift

Hello everone
This is GOOD EMG。

A big thank you to those who took part in Minwoo and Junjin birthday event.
A lot people send and left lots of sincere message
Regradless of their busy schedule, each of the member has read each and every one meassge left on the board and has choosen two luckly winner.

Lee minwoo has choosen
a student who name is Han *** ***
Her parents who are happier then anyone else are very touched
We wish the operation a success and Han *** *** can see the world happily with her parents ^_^

For junjin choice (the second winner) and the grand winner will be release on the 14 August on Good homepage.

We really thank everyone for leaving so many message
We hope for everyone to live a blessful and warm day like this forever.

Credit: GOODEMG + Dreamhyesung@ dreamhyesung of

Monday, August 07, 2006

Minwoo Is Nervous For His Upcoming Movie

Group shinhwa Member Lee Minwoo also known as M for his solo activites state that he is nervous as the date for his first movie "WONTAK ANGEL" draws near for public viewing.

In this movie, Minwoo play a bad student who hates to study and love to fight. It will hit the cinemas on the 24th August.

LeeMminwoo who accepted Star news interview commented honestly and carefully "As an actor I am feeling excited and interested but honestly, I am very nervous too. Even though, I had never thought it has to be good movie. I am also worry about the outcome"

Lee Minwoo also commented on how fellow member Eric, who is also an actor kept running to the Gents due to nervousness. Minwoo laughed "On that day when Eric had his first movie premire, for the whole day he kept going in and out of the Gents. And even if he keeps going to the Gents, the feeling just won't go away. He told me that he was so nervous to death."

Wontak’s Angel is a comedic movie about an angel’s mistake that caused a life full of obstacle in the school life of a teenager (Lee MinWoo) and his father (Haha) whose soul is trapped in a 18-year-old body. The movie will premiere on 24th August.

Credit: mtstarnews + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Sunday, August 06, 2006

[Interview] " Kim Dongwan, "Smiling Too Much Is My Stress

SIm-Jung Kyung Hee & Kim Sora's Gossip Room

Question 1. Which of the following does not describe Kim Dongwan?

a) Two-faced b ) Smile-man c) Cheap d) Player

Question 2. Why has Kim Dongwan moved in with his parents again

a) To prepare for marriage b ) To get away from alcohol c) Because he's lazy d) Because he's lonely

The person that laughs constantly can also be scary.

Life makes it hard to be always laughing. To hide a dark shadow behind a bright laugh is hard to do without a lot of endurance. Meeting Shinhwa's Kim Dongwan, I discovered he's a solid person thats found his balance. His half-smile grin through his pearly whites completes his manly 'oppa' image. Being 'smile-man' who smiles even when he's sad through drama 'Goodbye Sadness' Kim Dongwan has firmly solidified his place as Korea's middle aged women's number one choice as a son-in-law. The following is his words that made this interview truly enjoyable and us as smile-women also.


I'm not as 'good' as the image from the drama. I have multi-personalitied aspects in my personality and I know how to skim the cream off the top too.

When I started 'Goodbye Sadness' I wanted to make the next-door boy image so I distanced myself from dieting. If I gained weight I left it as it was but when I finished I had gained 6kgs. Of course some blame goes on the constant noodle-eating in my role. But when I finished I discovered my face looked like it was drawn by a compass and there were balls of fat stuck here and there on my body. At this rate I'm worried if I'm going to be appealing to all the young ladies out there. I still want to be popular between the teens...!

Smiling stress

Yeah 'smile-man' is right. I'm constantly laughing. Its to the point where I'm getting face spasms. Sometimes I'm thinking "Why am I laughing?" but on the outside like habit I'm laughing. I get tormented by laughing stress. Next time I really want to have a role that doesn't laugh much. I am going to show that virtue and vice co-exist on Kim Dongwan's face.

Sensitive type-O

They all think from my laughing face that I have an easy and optimistic personality.

Definitely not. I'm sensitive and get stressed out a lot.

So I live trying to not make things for me to get stressed by. Recently I completely got rid of all my hobbies. My hobbies were rearing plants, making and taking care of aquatic plants aquarium and flying model planes, but all these things were in the end stuff that would torment me. I would stress over them trying to do them well but recently I sold them all. Now I'm going to look for a hobby that I can exercise in.

Oh yeah, on the night before the first filming I was so nervous I didn't sleep. Who would believe Kim Dongwan suffers from insomnia?


I don't spend on idle things. Maybe it's because I debuted at a young age, I know the value of money. I don't make things to have to spend on and they go straight to my home.

I've moved out but drinking only got more frequent so I moved back with my parents. I have a lot of interest in real estate and always have my antennae up for new businesses.

Player Moves?

My moves are my sincerity. But honestly I'm not a 'player'.

It just like when I think 'this is the girl", I date. My style is to try my best to a girlfriend. The things I think are most important in life are health, timing and money and within timing I think is love. Although there are many I lose too….

A group that ages together.

Its been 8 years since I've debuted as Shinhwa. All the members are approaching late twenties but I love how we can always meet the fans with a powerful and dynamic stage. We've begun work for our new album to come out in April. I want to always stay by them and be known as the 'group that grows old together'. I have plans to release a solo album too. When I look at Minwoo's stage I always reflect upon and examine myself. He's a friend I want to be like.

(That's the reason why i love Shinhwa so much, there is not a hint of jealuosy among the members. Each of them are happy with each others success. Hope you will always still the same guys.)

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Shinhwa's Future Babies (How they will look like)

Charity shared this link, hope you enjoy watching. Ohhhh, Andy-ya's future babies are cute.

I love the expression on Minwoo's and Junjin's face.

Popular group Shinhwa has taken over both Korea and Japan's music industry.

Shinhwa's newest album 'STATE OF THE ART' which released in May took the number one spot on Korea's largest record store Hottracks' ( total online and offline sales chart for the first half of 2006, overtaking previous best sellers SG Wannabe and Lee Soo Young.

This sales chart which takes in all sales from January 2006 till June 2006 is evidence of Shinhwa's power as they have effectively ranked number one within just one month of release.

Furthermore, Shinhwa's first official Japanese album 'Inspiration #1' which is slated to release on the 16th is continuing this immense popularity. This album is currently also ranked number one on Japan's largest record store HMV's pre-order chart.

Not only this, but Shinhwa's Japan concert entitled 'SHINHWA, 2006 Japan Tour Inspiration #1' sold out completely in just one minute after opening bookings.

In particular Shinhwa's Japan concert which set aside tickets for the members of Shinhwa's Japanese official fanclub also sold out within 1 day and once the remaining tickets for everyone else were released for sale, both concerts for Tokyo and Osaka amounting to a total of 20 thousand seats were all sold out within one minute.

This Shinhwa concert will be the first time a Korean management company will participate in a Japan concert and Japan's leading concert directing company 'WooDu' which has previously worked with Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton and the Black Eyed Peas will collaborate making it a truly high quality event.

Shinhwa commented, "We are very thankful of all the great love we are receiving from both Korea and Japan" and "We hope for lots of love for our 8th album follow-up single and Japanese album title song 'Throw My Fist' too".

Shinhwa will leave for Japan on the second week of August to begin promotions of their Japanese album 'Inspiration #1' and then depart on the 19th for Thailand where Shinhwa will continue their world tour with 'SHINHWA 2006 TOUR 'STATE OF THE ART in THAILAND'.

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Shinhwa 2006 Tour - Singapore

just click on the pictures to enlarge.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Shinhwa, Reveals Their Secret Notebook Through Repackaged Album

Popular group Shinhwa are revealing every single aspect of their 8th album making process.

On the 16th, Shinhwa will release their 8th album 'State of the Art''s 'Special Edition'. This special edition will be constructed as a CD and DVD where the CD will include a newly edited 'Throw My Fist' and 'Midnight Girl'.

The special edition's DVD will have all the scenes of the recording, dance practice, music video filming, jacket photo shoot, guerilla fan-signing locations and much more.

Furthermore, the special edition's album jacket will have all the unreleased photos from Shinhwa's 8th album photo shoot and episodes from their music video filming showing a large variety of the six men's natural and unseen looks.

Together with this, the secret notebook previously mentioned on which the members wrote messages to each other during the period of their 8th album recording will be revealed, providing a direct look into the encouragements and practical jokes played by the Shinhwa members as well as their exact thoughts during the time.

Shinhwa revealed, "This special edition shows the entire process of making the 8th album, as well as what the fans want to see; ourselves normally and what we have written" and "We hope everyone would learn more about Shinhwa through the special edition. We also ask for lots of love for our new album releasing in Japan too."

In the meantime, Shinhwa will leave for Japan on the 7th for promotion of the first official Japanese album 'Inspiration #1' also releasing on the 16th and then to Thailand for Shinhwa's 2006 tour, 'STATE OF THE ART in THAILAND'.

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Which Shinhwa Character are You?

I have observed how Shinhwa fooled around, on and off cam. I enjoy watching them do their stints/stunts, how they try to bully each other, yet when some of the members feel that the joke had gone too far, the famous Shinhwa group hug is displayed.

I would like to start this forum righ now by asking the question posted above. All comments are welcomed. Dont be shy!

I will start as icebreaker for the question.

Me, I can say I am an Eric by heart and character. Wae?

PDA (public display of affection) is natural for me especially if I like/love somebody.

If I love somebody, no matter my friends or family disapproves, I will fight for the person I love. I will try to reason out, or give my opinion why it is important that the person I love is accepted by the people who became close to me first, but in the end, the person I love will always be the first in my list.
I may seem aloof (as I was described by some) or moody, but once you get to know me, I can be as dorky as anybody. I have my own way of making my presence known. ^^
I love to dance. The voltes team can attest to that.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Shinhwa Conquers Korean, Japanese Pop Chart

August 3, 2006

The six-man group Shinhwa has dominated the music charts in both Korea and Japan. The Korean group, which released its eighth album “State of the Art” in May, sold the most records on- and off-line during the January to June period this year, leaving SG Wannabe and Lee Soo-young behind, according to record store Hot Tracks.

Shinhwa also saw its first feature album in Japan, “Inspiration #1,” to be released on Aug. 16, top the advance sales chart at Japan’s largest record store HMV. Earlier, it had drawn attention in that country because tickets for its “Japan Tour Inspiration #1” concerts scheduled for Tokyo on Sept. 24 and Osaka on Sept. 26 were sold out just one minute after they went on sale.

“We are very grateful for our fan’s love in Korea and Japan,” the group said. “We hope they like ‘Throw My Fist,’ a song that we are promoting now from our eighth album that will be included as the title song of our first feature album in Japan.”

Shinhwa will visit Japan next week to promote its soon-to-be-released feature album there. Then it will go to Thailand to hold the “State of the Art in Thailand” concert on Aug. 19.
site credit: AsianFanatics Forum

[Photos] Andy and Junjin Of Their New MV

Shinhwa new mv "Throw my fist" started filming on the August 1st and lots of media and press were invited to the film site where they got to feel Shinhwa popularity.

While Eric, Dongwan , Andy and Junjin went to Kyung Ki Do Pa Ju to film, Hyesung and Minwoo went to KINTEX for the filming of their scenes.

Kim Dongwan hurt his left eye while filming but it was nothing serious and the shoot continued.

The final filming ended the following day around 3pm.

Credit: photos as labelled + Dreamhyesung@Shinhwasarang

Junjin At Zippy Ziggy Fansigning Event

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Shinhwa's Birthday Greeting for Minwoo

Finally I saw a clip of Shinhwa's birthday greeting for Minwoo's birthday last July 28, 2006. They look so cute especially Junjin, check it here.

I'm still searching for an english translation. So far I only came accross Junjin's

"Hello. I'm Shinhwa's Junjin.
M. Lee Min Woo sshi. (then he laughs, don't you think he's so cute?!? haha)
Call him Lee Min woo sshi is so weird.
Min Woo hyung. Your birthday is here. Congras!
Gotta be more handsome, gotta be more perfect. and take good care of your health.
Last time me and Hyung promised to exchange presents during our birthday.
We'll tell what is it, when we exchange them.
Once again, wishing Min Woo hyung happy birthday. I love you.
Our birthdays are close.
I feel that because of this, we have lots in common.
Min Woo Hyung, you have to do your best in what you're doing now.
I, Chong Jae, will also do my best.
Hyung, Happy Birthday."

thanks to sHaziEe of soompi

Scenes From Their Flying Fist MV

Dongwan and Eric filmed the MV for their song Flying Fist last August 1. They are businessman transformed into killers. While the other four members have walking parts. Looks exciting right? But what about a poster boy shot, look here. But being Shinhwa clowning around is never far behind look at them here. And I never thought a hello kitty fan can be sexy, just check it here.

On a side note, glad to see that Dongwan is no longer wearing an arm support but aigoo he can't keep away from accident. He bumped his face on the moving camera while doing his running scene ouch!!! that hurts. The music video will start airing on August 16 in Korea and Japan.

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