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[09.02.27][news] Shin Hye Sung "A girlfriend has told me "Don't call" before"

Shin Hye Sung "I've had the experience before where a girlfried has told me "Don't call me anymore"'

Singer Shin Hye Sung revealed that a girlfriend had told him before to "Don't call me anymore."

Shin Hye Sung on the 28th broadcast of KBS 2TV "Star Golden Bell" stated that, "I have once called a girlfrend, who, even though we had broken up, I could not let go of. The girlfriend cooly said, "Don't call"' and hung up."

"I remember then, when the call ended, I really cried a lot."

Currently, Shin Hye Sung 's comeback stage with the song, "Why Did You Call" expresses a situation in which a parted pair still have a lingering attachment for one another but on the phone can say nothing but cry. This is a ballad that showcases Shin Hye Sung's distinctively touching voice.

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[09.02.25][news] Andy, before going to Taiwan, he received 1,000 mails from fans.


29th of March, the first Fan Meeting and Live performance for these 9 years.

Before Andy heads to Taiwan for his first Fan Meeting, he received at least 1,000 letters from the fans.

On the 29th of March, his first Fan Meeting and stage performance titled, “2009 Lee Sun Ho the first new dream in Taipei” will be held at Taiwan International Convention Centre. This is the first time for the whole 9 years that Andy had came to meet his Taiwanese fans since Shinhwa’s 3rd album promotion in year 2000. As soon as the related news is broke out, the Taiwanese fans started to send their congratulations through postcards and email to Andy’s management company. The management company brought the over 1,000 mails before Andy which made him very surprised.

Not only is Andy debuted from Shinhwa, since 2006 he has grown in popularity through variety shows, musicals and his solo singer activities in China, Taiwan, Thailand and other Asia countries. And it was understood that currently in Taiwan, there are already a group of near 30,000 online members.

Other than the stage performance prepared by Andy to his Taiwanese fans, he even planned on a moment of time to have a real sincere conversation with them. In addition, Andy, the producer of the newcomer group JUMPER who is active in music shows and variety programs and is now preparing for his 2nd album which will be released earlier half of the year.

Credits: (English translation) + susan427@Bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + SPORTWORLD (source)

[09.02.27] 11-year veteran singer Shin Hyesung: SNSD, they’re really pretty


Unlike most singers with idol group beginnings, Shin Hyesung has not strayed from the path of singing, to acting or variety. He does only music. Shin Hyesung performs dance songs while he’s with Shinhwa but sticks stubbornly to ballads during his solo activities.

“I like ballads, so naturally I would sing ballads. I’m not prepared for acting just yet, and I don’t want to rush blindly into a new field of work. Variety shows to me are difficult to manage, because I’m not exactly an extrovert and I don’t have many skills, so it won’t be easy for me.”

As a singer with 11 years of experience, Shin Hyesung still gets nervous during interviews or when he’s on stage. “Perhaps people think that I should be used to it since I’ve been doing this for 11 years, but that’s not the case. The 11 years have been a great experience, but it’s not as if I don’t get nervous. The juniors and newcomers these days are really pretty good. Especially SNSD, they’re really pretty. (laughs)”


Shin Hyesung shared an interesting incident with us. During a programme recording last year, the production team took extra care to place him in the same waiting room as Kim Gun Mo, who had once said that Shin Hyesung is the representative singer of the next generation. It’s clear that he has moved into the ranks of the veteran singers too.

Just like the past 11 years, Shin Hyesung has been incredibly busy this year too. Not too long ago he just visited Taiwan to promote his new album and an upcoming concert. Facing the fans who gave him an overwhelming welcome, Shin Hyesung feels only gratitude.

He has plans for an Asia concert tour in the first half of the year, and also to be more active in Japan. “Releasing albums, holding concerts and working hard to meet the fans. I don’t ask for much of my career, and I’m not really ambitious about doing things other than singing. I just want to keep singing while I can. There hasn’t been any change of plans so far, all I want to do is to show everyone the degree of change I had in Side 1.”

Source: CBS Nocut News
Chi trans: real@S.C.I.C
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[09.02.27] Shin Hyesung: Memories of separation from 4 years ago; only loneliness remains now


This is already the 11th year. Although he’s 30 this year, Shin Hyesung - who debuted as part of idol group Shinhwa - has already matured into a established veteran singer now.

Shin Hyesung has just released his latest album, Vol.3 Side 2 ‘Keep Leaves’. In his Vol.3 Side 1 released last year, we saw Shin Hyesung try his hand at Brit rock, and now he’s back to ballads in Side 2, an album that tells of unforgettable memories of love and separation.

The title track “Why Did You Call” is about a couple’s pain and longing after their separation, and just like the title says, it depicts the feelings one has when an ex-lover calls.

“Ballads seem to be really compatible with tales of separation. The last time I had to go through that was 4 years ago, and honestly just thinking about it, it was difficult to even sing. Now I can only feel loneliness. When fans hear the song, they should have the image of the couple each holding on to the receiver.”

The MV filmed in Sapporo is also very popular with the fans. Shin Hyesung and actress Lee Young Ah feature in the MV, set in a snow-white background, brimming with the bittersweet feelings of love. Though the final product is very beautifully filmed, Shin Hyesung and the crew went through quite a difficult time.

“There wasn’t a single staff member who didn’t suffer. The schedule was so packed that there wasn’t much free time, but because the Sapporo scenery is so beautiful, we just had to bear with it. I’ve had many concerts in Japan, but it was my first time in Sapporo, it’s really a beautiful place. When I have a girlfriend in future, I’ll definitely bring her here.”

The Shinhwa members all enjoy a great deal of popularity in Japan, and Shin Hyesung is no exception; he received a rousing welcome in Sapporo too. “There were fans at the airport to welcome me, and I didn’t expect that at all. Fans not from Sapporo headed down just to see me too, I’m really grateful to everyone for that.”


This album contains 12 tracks and 10 songs. Wanted’s Kim Jae Suk, Vink, Kim Do Hyun and Ahn Young Min are among the songwriters and lyricists who contributed to the album. Shin Hyesung himself didn’t pen any songs, and for a singer with this much experience, one would have expected him to pen his own story down.

“Although I wanted to write something myself, I didn’t want to rush things. I want to take it slowly and learn what I need to, and then move on to show the most realistic side of me. I don’t think being a singer-songwriter is a prerequisite to being a singer. I’d like to let everyone hear my songs at the most appropriate time possible.”

Source: CBS Nocut News
Chi trans: real@S.C.I.C
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Upcoming: Minsyung to perform in Love Concert 2009

note from Su: Someone asked me about this concert just now, so I thought I’d mention it here for anyone who might be in Korea at that time. You’ll need a Korean ID to purchase tickets off Interpark, so if you don’t, you could try calling the number on the poster below -> 82-2-1544-1555

But since the It boys of K-pop, Big Bang, are also performing, I don’t really think there are many good tickets (if any) left. *hmmm*

Do note that the concert is NOT in Seoul, it’s in Changwon in Gyeongsangnam-do, and is near Busan.

Date: 25th April 2009
Venue: Changwon Indoor Stadium
Rating: 5 years & above [which probably means that M won't be taking his shirt off then...hehe]
Duration: 120 minutes
Ticket prices: Standing 66,000won / Seating 55,000

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[09.02.27] Shin Hyesung: Acting? Just singing alone keeps me very busy

Singer Shin Hyesung has no intention of taking up acting just yet.

With the recent surge of multi-entertainers in Korean showbiz, many singers have moved into dramas, movies and variety as well. In a recent interview with Edaily SPN, he was clear about what he wants. “It’s tough enough just to do my job as a singer well, I just want to focus on making music.”

To prove his intention of working hard at music, Shin Hyesung released Vol.3 Side 1 last August and has just released Side 2.

In Side 1 he tried out new genres of music that he has never attempted before, and to this he said, “Although I don’t know what the general sentiment is, but Side 1 is an album that I’m very satisfied with. Thanks to this album, I was able to come up with Side 2.” It’s clear that Shin Hyesung has a great deal of anticipation and confidence towards his new album.

“Even if by chance I do think of moving into new territory, it isn’t something that I can just do right away, isn’t it? To start on something new, I’ll definitely need time to adapt and to prepare. Rather than to multi-task, I’d prefer sticking to one thing and doing it well.”

Vol.3 Side 2 ‘Keep Leaves’ was released on 17th March, and the MV of the title track which was released beforehand became the most-searched item on major search sites. The album itself has also risen to the top of the Hanteo weekly and monthly charts.

Source: edaily SPN
Chi trans: real@S.C.I.C
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[09.02.26] Music Bank 500th Episode appearances

This will be aired on 27th February, Friday, 6.25pm on KBS2 (Seoul time)

You can watch it live BUT quality isn’t great and you’re subject to frequent cut-offs and buffering depending on your Internet connection and the number of people logging in that time… In fact you might not even get connected -_- … No harm trying though

-> Go to

-> Click on 2TV
-> Make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled

The music program that satisifies all your five senses! The treasure chest of Korea’s best music!
The 100% happiness on Friday evenings!

Return of the Stars!
Comeback Stage
Back to recreate a sweet atmosphere - Hwayobi~
The R&B goddess comes back with a new image
Her new title track “Half” is written by herself and tells of a one-sided love
Hwayobi’s unique and charismatic vocals make you see her in a new light
Please look forward to Hwayobi’s performance~!!

500th Episode Special!
Special Stages

1. Music Bank History
A parade of the biggest hits in the history of Music Bank!

*If there was Sechskies in the 90s,
There’s SS501 in 2009! The new ‘Pom Saeng Pom Sa’!
- SS501

*The sparkling girls~
The best girl group! SNSD’s perfect transformation into S.E.S and Fin.K.L!

*The song that started the techno fever in 1999!
Lee Jung Hyun’s ‘Wa’ presented flawlessly by Yoo Chae Young!
- Yoo Chae Young

*After School’s sexy leader! Park Ga Hee as Park Ji Yoon!
Park Ga Hee’s rendition of ‘Coming Of Age’!
- Park Ga Hee from After School

*The adorable maknae of Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In
Becomes sexy queen Lee Hyori!
Ga-In from Brown Eyed Girls <10>

2. Special Stages
Special performances seen only on Music Bank!

*The best charisma for ‘Strong Baby’ Seungri
G-Dragon makes his appearance~ The fantasy performance of the two!

*Once SS501, Always SS501!
The perfect combination of the long-awaited reunion of the five members!

3. MC Congratulatory Stage
Former MCs’ special performances for Music Bank’s 500th episode!

*A special present from 2003 Music Bank MC!
Junjin’s ‘Wa’ meets Justin Timberlake’s ‘Sexyback’!

Music Bank Stage

*Let 9 fairies bring you a visual and aural treat!

*The Boys Before Flowers fever continues~!

*The five-colored treasure Island~!
FT Island

* The addictive ‘honey dance’! “My only honey~honey ~”!

*My heart has already been imprisoned by you…
Fly To The Sky

*The belated realization of love… Please come back…!
Shin Hyesung

*The best vocals! Gavy NJ’s new song!
Gavy NJ

*The great voice that never changes…!
WAX feat. Tae Hye Young

*An exciting date with Jewelry S~~!
Jewelry S

*Taegoon~~! If it’s you, “call me~ call me” anytime!

* My heart now? 100% love!!
Lee Ji Hye

*A man who has fallen into a love that’s like bitter coffee

*Unknowingly even I fall prey to their charms!
- Untouchable feat. Hwayoung

*I’ll get by without you..!
- Brand New Day

*Is everyone ready to have fun~? “Yes!”!

*Her sexy and provocative stage!
- Sori

Source: KBS+Six Senses
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
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[09.02.26] Idols on the big screen


After news of Big Bang’s Seungri being cast in the upcoming movie ‘71′ was released, public interest on the subject of idol group members taking on the big screen has once again been piqued. The first case of idol involvement in a movie was in 1998, when 6-member group Sechskies appeared in the movie ‘Seventeen’. Because it was based on the youngsters at that time and also because it was the first time idols have starred in a movie, it became quite a controversial project.

Subsequently in 2004, Sechskies member Eun Jiwon appeared in the movie ‘High School Girl Gets Married’, together with Im Eun Kyung.

In 2000, H.O.T also took on the big screen with a 28-minute-long 3D movie ‘Age Of Peace’. The short film was set in the year 2200, and featured H.O.T members competing for the Galaxy Cup. The movie also starred Dana of CSJH The Grace.

That was followed by ‘Emergency Measures No.19′, produced by gagman Seo Sewon. The movie became a hot topic of discussion as it featured many top idol acts of that time, including Shinhwa, Fin.K.L and NRG among others.

In the summer of 2006, it was DBSK’s turn to step into the limelight when they filmed ‘Vacation’, a story based on the adventures of the 5 members while on vacation.

The whole group of Super Junior also took part in the movie ‘Attack On The Pin-up Boys’ in 2007, which attracted more than 100,000 people to the cinemas. Super Junior member also featured in the 2008 movie ‘Romantic Comic’. ‘Meanwhile, So-hee of the Wonder Girls shared screen time with actresses Lee Mi Sook and Kim Min Hee in the 2008 movie ‘I Like It Hot’, and received some positive reviews for her performance.

In addition, Shinhwa members have also had starring roles in movies too - Lee Minwoo in ‘Wontak’s Angel’, Kim Dongwan in ‘Spin Kick’ and Eric in ‘Diary of June’. Former G.O.D member Yoon Kye Sang featured in the movies ‘Flying Boys’, ‘Six Years In Love’ and ‘Beastie Boys’, and former S.E.S member Eugene has also starred in ‘Unstoppable Marriage’, ‘That Man’s Book Page 198′ and ‘Romantic Island’.

Source: Star News
Chi trans: 悟空空@love-ric
Eng trans:

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[09.02.15][Infos] Evenif : How to place order+ How to pay + Gift

This is the reply i got from Evenif about how to place an order, how can i pay, and what gift i/we can get if i/we order as a group.

March 8th is the final day for the Special New Year Event For Oversea Fans. SO if you are interested, hurry and buy!

Sorry for this late answer
and we thank you for your kind interest and inquiry for Shinhwa's goods.

In that page, you can see "[Foreigner] Guidance of Buying"

It might help you to how to order.
Please follow the red lines.

payment method,

If you want send us by U.S dollar, before you send money follow information,
you should tell me your order number,
because I'll tell you how much you pay by dollar applied current exchange rate.

* Bank name : KOOKMIN BANK
* Account name : Vision Of Freedom Corp.(㈜꿈이있는자유)
* Account no. : 836368-08-100066
* Bank branch : Olympic Branch
* Swift Code : CZNBKRSEXXX
* Bank address : 17-3 , OgeumDong, SongpaGu, Seoul, Korea
* Bank phone number : 82-2-404-7801

Please make your remittance by USD($).

When you want placing a group order, we can give gifts to you, but it's depend on how many number goods buying or total price.
Tell us number or price that you want to buy

If you have another problem or question whenever ask me.

Thank you.

credits: ntlove@shinhwabiz

[09.02.25][trans] Hyesung Q&A session in Mini FanMeeting


"I'm back with 'Why Did you Call...', I'm the young looking singer, Shin Hyesung. These are your questions, right?

Q: What's your ideal type? Other than Choi Ji Woo
A: Everyone knows my ideal type, must be femine and knows how to act like a spoiled brat. (Fans said must be beautiful)

Q: If you want to have a beautiful daughter, which member will you marry to?
A: Why must I want a daughter after I gotten married? As a father, when I get lonely during my activities, daughter will be more caring to the dad. I really love my members and are close to them however, will never get married with them.

Q: Why do you like baby bird?
A: I like all of them.

Q: Who gave you Muri?
A: When I'm alone, I will thought of a beautiful clean house together with a beautiful doggie, doggie is given by my parents, if it is given by Eric, I will have thrown it away fast.

Q: Will you still continue to sing even when you get older?
A: Of course, I will continue to sing, I am often asked about this during interview, Shinhwa will always be together.

Q: Request to sing "Why Did You Call..." in Live
A: I'm not use to sing cappella without any music accompaniment. During the show, I'm unable to do so without any music accompaniment so everyone let's sing together. (and then he suddenly sing a sentence and apologised of singing too high pitched)

The last question (The fan said answered all the questions!)
Q: Recently there's a cute junior who is attracted by Oppa's stage attraction.
A: Attracted by me? Who? So Hee? I'm really depressed.

Q: What kind of feelings did you use to sing the song, 'I'm about to die'?
A: I like this kind of question. Assumed you have heard this album, which song do you like the most? (Some said I'm about to die' and some said 'Love Disease'). Using sentimental ballads to comeback this time, have used the best songs to show my gratitude to everyone. Everyone's passionate support during the music shows recently makes me feel really very good, anyway thanks a lot, hope everyone will like it.

During the sweets distribution time, everyone was seated on their place without moving or snatching, as jumping out is not allowed.

Credits: (English translation) + 林 @ 心晶阁 (Chinese translation)

[09.02.26] Andy volunteers as M Countdown MC to help promote Jumper

Singer Andy has volunteered himself as the M Countdown MC for the upcoming 26th Feb episode together with Jewelry member Kim Eun Jung, to help with the promotional activities for new male duo Jumper.

Their management company TOP Media said, “Andy would personally be present at all of Jumper’s music programme recordings to supervise them, and generously advise and encourage them as a senior. He even appeared on variety shows with them, which is usually difficult for newcomers to appear on. He is very enthusiastic about helping out with their promotional activities.”

Andy said, “I’m more nervous about Jumper’s performances than my own. I think I’m working even harder than I did for my 1st album last year. I’m glad to be not just their producer, but also as a source of support for the members.”

Andy will also be holding his first solo fanmeeting in Taiwan on 29th March.

Chi trans: 草木番茄@andy4ever
Eng trans:

Between “wanting to do” and “doing it well”, Shin Hyesung has chosen the latter for his latest album, Vol.3 Side 2 ‘Keep Leaves’, an album of ballads

Between “wanting to do” and “doing it well”, Shin Hyesung has chosen the latter for his latest album, Vol.3 Side 2 ‘Keep Leaves’, an album of ballads that mourn lost love.

“After Side 1 was released, many articles talked about how Shin Hyesung had ‘transformed himself with rock’ “. Of course that wasn’t the case, but having gained more than he had lost, he has no regrets. Side 1, featuring genres like Brit rock, swing and alternative rock, was released in August last year to mixed success. And although he had no expectations while promoting the album, but it was a success in the sense that it showed off Shin Hyesung’s abilities as Shinhwa’s main vocalist for the past 10 years.

For Side 2, the title track “Why Did You Call” is a ballad in Shin Hyesung’s distinct style. The lyrics tell of the story of a couple who have parted but still long for each other. “When couples break up, they would still try to get in touch once or twice after that, don’t they? I think I’ve done that before too, I borrowed a friend’s phone so that it wouldn’t be my number showing on her phone. The call got through and I kept quiet, and then hung up once I heard her voice. I can remember it only vaguely, it’s something I did when I was young.”

Starting with the beautiful piano-and-strings intro, ‘Keep Leaves Part 1′, touching ballads like ‘Even If It’s A Life’, ‘I’m Dying’ and ‘Love Disease’ come on one after another, and the 10-song album is just like an old diary with the scent of a bittersweet love.

Shin Hyesung spent a week in Sapporo filming the MV with actress Lee Young Ah, and even pulled off a crying scene. To thank Lee Young Ah for her help, he even gave her a musical box as a gift.

He said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been surrounded by snow like that, and it makes me want to be in love. I kept thinking, how nice it would be to have someone in my heart, no matter who it is, but who is it that’s by my side in reality? It’s still Kangta and (Lee) Jihoon whom I spend 24 hours with on my rest days, they’re my support. (laughs)”

Source: Naver + Six Senses
Chi trans: susan427@Bestshinhwa
Eng trans:

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[09.02.25] [trans] Dongwan’s diary: Question!

This might help you out this link Dongwa-nah

you are more familiar with the place than i am

The nearest mountains in Tokyo?

Source: oreobox
Trans: Tatiana @

[09.02.25] Jumper’s perfect rendition of ‘Gee’ on Star Golden Bell

Newcomer male duo Jumper performed impressive renditions of Shinhwa’s wildly popular and well-loved “Wild Eyes” and SNSD’s “Gee” on the recording for the 28th Feb episode of Star Golden Bell, and showcased a completely different kind of charisma.

Shinhwa members Andy and Shin Hyesung, who were also present at the recording, even followed along to the dance steps as they looked on with satisfaction. As the first group that Andy has groomed and produced for, the much-anticipated duo gave a perfect rendition of one of Shinhwa’s stage classics.

After ‘Wild Eyes’, Jumper member Rocky gave a solo performance of SNSD’s ‘Gee’ dance choreography, coupled with his interesting expressions and an arrangement that was different from the original, surprised even the SNSD members themselves.

This episode featuring Andy, Shin Hyesung, SNSD and Jumper will air on 28th Feb.

Source: Mydaily
Chi trans: susan427@Bestshinhwa
Eng trans:

[09.02.25] Ballads vs idols, which way will the music industry swing?


The music scene has been dominated by a battle between the music of idols and ballad singers.

(non-related info omitted)

With Shin Hyesung, Fly To The Sky, Lyn, Yoon Mi Rae and Byul all making their comebacks, a heated showdown between balladeers and idol groups look set to take place.

(non-related info omitted)

In a recent interview with Star News, Shin Hyesung said, “The ballad genre can allow everyone to relate to it at any time, and although dance pop is the trend now, people who like dance pop can relate to ballads too.”

He added with optimism, “Although we’re facing an economy decline now and ballads are probably going to be even less popular, but since it’s a genre that people do like, as long as we work hard on it, ballads will come back into popularity again.”

Fans are all looking forward to see how this battle between idols and balladeers turns out.

Source: Star News
Chi trans: 宝宝爱王子@S.C.I.C
Eng trans:

[09.02.25] Music industry in 1st half of 2009: SM vs ex-SM


With the music industry in the first half of 2009 being frozen, the 3 acts fighting for the top 2 spots on the music charts all kicked off their careers at the same management agency. SNSD, Shin Hyesung and Fly To The Sky all belong to 3 different management agencies, but their careers all took off with SM Entertainment.

SNSD still keeps their #1 spot on the sales charts with their runaway hit ‘Gee’, and according to their agency sales have already hit 80,000 and they look set to be the first act this year to break the 100,000 mark. The girl group is signed to SM Entertainment.

Debuting with Shinhwa in 1998 under SM Entertainment, Shin Hyesung is currently signed to Good EMG, and after releasing his new album on 17th Feb, he has already issued a battle call to SNSD in the first week of sales. Vol.3 Side 2 ‘Keep Leaves’ has already hit 40,000 in presales and according to major music sites, sales have already exceeded 20,000 in the first week alone.

Duo Fly To The Sky released their 9th album ‘Decennium’ to good reviews on 13th Feb. FTTS made their debut in 1999 under SM Entertainment, and later moved to PFull Entertainment. This is their 10th anniversary album, but also the last official album that FTTS members Brian and Hwan Hee will be making together.

Source: Mydaily
Chi trans: 宝宝爱王子@S.C.I.C
Eng trans:

[09.02.25] Hyesung’s JP Mobile Staff Diary




The white snow-covered scene
that appears at the beginning of the MV~
Taking a short break~
Embraced by the snowy scene

Hyesung who looks even fairer with the snow around.

Chi trans: 3129不是妹妹@S.C.I.C
Eng trans:

Pic Gallery: Junjin on Come To Play

click on the pics to view more

credits and thanks to

[09.02.25] Dongwan’s blog: The 8th row (p.s. note added)

Although people say the 8th row is the best,
I personally prefer the 6th row.
Because I feel the full range of the viewing angle.
When I’m watching a movie
I like the feeling of being in the movie.
But occasionally there are people who make noise…

Although these days you can download movies to watch
But if you want to watch a good movie
You must
Watch it at the theatre…
Watching the actors in vivid colors on a wide screen..
The emotions you feel are different too.

Please, it will be good if there aren’t people who give reviews after watching movies on dvix and such. -_-

If you’re talking about the best seats
When facing the screen
Koreans like to sit on the left.
The Japanese like to sit on the right.
Because the reading direction is different
So the viewing direction is different too.

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog

[09.02.24] Dongwan’s blog: My nephew Youngjoonie

10month old aegi-yah scared of dongwan's voice. maybe its the 1st time he heard your voice. dont worry he'll get used to it

10-month-old Youngjoonie.
Youngjoonie who stops crying only when I fake a woman’s voice.. -_-
Looks like he doesn’t like my voice…

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog
Chi trans: brandy妖
Eng trans:

[09.02.24] Dongwan’s blog: 2009 (main page updated)

he deleted some entries???????????
its only been 97days wannie-yah since you enlist and maybe your 100 days is the promise you made?????????? i trust you know what's the best way to get rid of short temper. its in the bible, you may want to read it. chawseem oppa.

Has it already been 100 days?
I’ll start quitting drinking from the 200th day onwards!

By the way.
Is there a way to get rid of a short temper?

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog

[09.02.24] Junjin: Girlfriend broke up with me because of my impulsive character

react now reason later is a scary behavior indeed. try to be more patient junjin-shi.

On the 23rd Feb episode of MBC’s Come To Play “Type B Men Special”, Junjin revealed that his girlfriend broke up with him because of his impulsive nature.

Other guests on this episode include other Type B men including Im Chang Jung, Park Hyung Bin and Moon Hee Jun.

Junjin said, “If I display my impulsive behaviour in front of girls, they tend to be somewhat shocked. And it was because of my impulsive character that my ex-girlfriend broke up with me.”

“Her reason was that I was so self-centered that it made her scared.”

However Junjin said, “Usually, if it’s possible, I’ll try to control my impulsiveness.”

Source: Newsen
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

[09.02.24] Hyesung’s JP Mobile Staff Diary

HS’s instax in Sapporo_4

2009.1. 21


It’s freezing~ HO~

Source: Always Hyesung + Flashback

Eric’s Video Screening Event in Singapore

Thanks to Nicole (iluvhyesung) for the info!!! Here is the post from the SHCJ forum regarding the event:

As you may or may not be aware, Eric’s management Top Class Entertainment has contacted us about holding Eric’s video screening (see information here) in Singapore.

Initially the condition of holding a screening event in Singapore was a guaranteed minimum of 600 fans attending. Unfortunately as this is realistically beyond our capabilities, we informed them so and regretfully had to decline.

However Top Class Entertainment has contacted us again and reduced their minimum to 350 fans attending. This is still a large number but we are willing to try and work to this number as we believe this is an opportunity for all Shinhwa fans.

We strongly believe that the reason they have not only approached Singapore but even reduced their minimum capacity is because of the trust they have formed with Singapore fans from the great successes we’ve had with past Shinhwa related events.

Therefore just as these past events has led to this Eric event in Singapore, we believe that once Shinhwa re-groups and holds world-wide tours, (which we have no doubt they will) depending on the continued success of the individual member events, Shinhwa will again return to Singapore with the firm knowledge that many will turn up to support their concerts.

We also have strong evidence to believe that future K-Pop concerts are inclined to hold their concerts in Singapore over Thailand. This is undoubtedly a great opportunity for all Singaporean music fans.

It is up to ALL of us to show that our support is unwavered during the time Shinhwa is on hiatus, and that we will continue to support and turn up to their events now and four years down the track too.

So we are asking all Eric supporters, Shinhwa supporters or even general K-music supporters to reply to this thread if you are CONFIRMED that you can attend the Eric Screening Event during the period of 21st or 28th of March.

Please feel free to post this notice up on other websites where people may be interested. Every reply counts!

Once we get at least 350 positive replies, we will immediately contact Top Class Entertainment to give them the go ahead to come to Singapore and hopefully many more great events will come searching for Singapore as their number 1 stop in the future!

Eric’s Screening Event Details

Date: 21st or 28th of March
Location: TBC
Duration: 90 mins
Ticket Prices: SGD20.00
Also Available for Sale at Event: Exclusive photo books & DVD


If you’re a fan who lives in Singapore OR in the neighbouring countries and is interested in the event, vote and give your particulars HERE at the SHCJ forum! Do note that you will need to register to be a member of the forum first.

Alternatively, leave a reply here with the following details:

DATE THAT YOU CAN ATTEND (21st or 28th March):
# OF PAX (if you are bringing people along):

Laugh of the day: Shinhwa and their fans…

as said by SU, this may or may not be true, but reading the whole incident, its definitely SHINHWA and they are the only one capable of doing this and this get away with it.
DOngwan-shi is really a kind of guy who can be a good model to the kids. i had a good laugh at this article :)

1. Once after the recording of a music program, the other singers all zoomed off in their vehicles. There were a group of fans of various singers waiting there at that time, including about 5 Shinhwa fans. Fans of the other singers were upset that they didn’t get to see their idols and started to cry.

At that time Eric’s vehicle drove out and stopped for a while, and then the 5 Shinhwa fans surrounded the vehicle and screamed for Eric to get out, and Eric had no choice but to meekly alight and receive their gifts from them… The crying fans saw this scene and started to laugh instead…

2. There were a couple of fans waiting outside Shinhwa’s dormitory to catch a glimpse of the guys, and were having jajangmyeon (black beanpaste noodles) when they felt drops of water falling on them. They looked up and realised that Eric and Junjin were shooting at them with water guns through the window… RicJin so naughty of you, guess you only get from the fans is a cute smile and the fans screaming AN-NYEONG ^_^

3. There was once when Dongwan got back to the dormitory and saw a fan who had been waiting outside. He asked her, “Shouldn’t you be preparing to take the university entrance exam?” And he ended up lecturing her for 2 hours. The fan cried and never returned to the dormitory again, but years later she said gratefully, it’s all thanks to Dongwan that she managed to make it to the university… awwwwwwwww so sweet of her to thank dongwan after being lectured on for 2 hrs

4. Hyesung was going back to the dorm when he saw fans waiting outside (again), and told them, “Dongwan’s coming back soon, you’d better leave quickly…” this really cracked me up :lol:

5. Once Eric and Dongwan came back to the dorm slightly tipsy and saw fans waiting outside (AGAIN!). Eric shoved a 10-won coin into a fan’s hand and told her, “This is for you, go and buy a house, a car and get a good meal.”

Dongwan said, “That’s not enough..”

After that Dongwan gave the fan a 100-won coin and said, “Take this and buy everything that you want…” "buy anything i want," CAN I BUY YOUR HEART :p :P :p

Source: Shinhwa Baidubar

[09.02.24] Andy to hold his 1st Taiwan fanmeeting in March

Singer Andy will be holding his first fanmeeting in Taiwan as a solo singer on 29th March.

On this day, the “2009 Lee Sunho The First New Dream In Taipei” concert/fanmeeting will be held at the Taipei International Convention Centre (TICC) at 7pm.

This is Andy’s first visit to Taiwan since Shinhwa’s promotional trip for their 3rd album 9 years ago in 2000. A spokesperson from Andy’s management company added, “One month before the news about the fanmeeting was released, we had been receiving letters and emails from the Taiwanese fans, and up til now we have already received more than 1,000 letters.

He added, “There are more then 30,000 members active on fansites and forums in Taiwan now, and they have shown a lot of love and support for Andy.”

And recently taking up a new role as the producer for new male duo Jumper, he has been making appearances on various programmes to help with Jumper’s promotional activities. He is now also preparing for his 2nd solo album to be released within the first half of this year.

Source: Asia Economy
Chi trans: 草木番茄@andy4ever
Eng trans:

[09.02.24] Touts, sweet potatoes and abonim at Junjin’s Shanghai concert

● A Contingent of 300-400 touts

As if it was a show of Junjin’s popularity, the appearance of a large group of touts caught everyone’s attention. Making up at least a 300-400-strong contingent, these were mostly ahjosshis over 35, who gathered at the concert venue on the morning of the concert. What’s more, unlike in Korea where touts sell tickets covertly, the touts in Shanghai were openly peddling their tickets.

● The Concert and Sweet Potatoes

Besides the touts, the street hawkers selling sweet potatoes formed another large contigent.. In Korea, one would mostly see the street hawkers selling drinks and kimbabs near concert venues, but in China, sweet potatoes are the norm instead. It was an unique situation with the combination of the loud calls of the touts and the sweet taste of the sweet potatoes.

● Once A Shinhwa Fan, Always A Shinhwa Fan

At the concert, many fans held up placards with Junjin’s name written in English, and all were dressed in orange and carrying orange lightsticks, all symbolic of Shinhwa. Although it’s Junjin’s solo activity, thy continue to show unwavering support for Shinhwa. That is why when Eric appeared on the screen in one of the videos, the fans all cheered loudly. Junjin is well aware of their thoughts, and shared the latest news about the other members with the fans.

● Please Perform “Micheosseo” and “Tell Me”

The Chinese fans who attended the concert mostly get in touch with his latest updates via the Internet, and they are well aware that he has performed Son Dambi’s “Michesseo” on a show. Thus, fans cheered loudly and requested him to perform the dance, and subsequently “Tell Me” as well. Junjin said, “Thanks to the Internet, just one or two days after my programmes show in Korea, subtitled versions would be all over the Chinese fansites.”

● During Charlie Park’s Performance, Fans’ Cheers of “Abonim! Abonim!”

Among Junjin’s entourage who came to Shanghai, his father Charlie Park is the most well-known. Everytime he appeared, the Chinese fans would cheer as well. With regards to this, a staff member from the management company said, “As the fans probably see Junjin as their boyfriend, they might see his father Charlie Park as their future father-in-law too.” As if to support his theory, many female fans cheered “Abonim!” when Charlie Park appeared as a special guest.

Source: Sports Donga
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans:

[09.02.23] Even Shin Seung Hoon approves of Shin Hyesung-style music

After releasing his new album, Vol.3 Side 2 ‘Keep Leaves’, as usual Shin Hyesung went to see Shin Seung Hun with his new album in hand. Shin Seung Hun listened to Shin Hyesung’s music intently and praised him, “After singing rock, your ballads are now stronger. The lower notes in the ballads are better too…”

Shin Hyesung released the experimental Vol.3 Side 1 “Live and Let Live” last August, and it was a valuable experience for him. He challenged himself to try out “un-Shin Hyesung” genres that he hadn’t attempted before, like Brit rock and swing. In a recent interview with Sports Donga, Shin Hyesung talks about how the Side 1 album became a milestone for him in his music career.

“It was a great help to me. Needless to say the concert repertoire is more interesting now, and trying the new genres of music has helped to broaden my musical horizons and also in terms of improving my vocals. Fans really liked it too, and that makes me proud. I’m thinking if I should continue making albums like this.”

The Evolution of A Ballad Singer… The Dramatic Change in “Keep Leaves”

The title of the Side 2 album refers to the dried leaves kept in between the pages of books, and implies separation, sadness, loneliness and painful memories of a past love. As such, Side 2 is a typically Shin Hyesung-type of ballad album.

Perhaps it’s the effects from his challenge of Side 1, but this ballad album is distinctly different from his first two solo albums. The title track “Why Did You Call” in particular, is a ‘dramatic ballad’, and has a different structure from that of usual songs. This track was written by Ha Jung Ho, who also penned Side 1’s A Good Day To Love, and tells of a man’s sorrow from being unable to forget his past love.

Besides Ha Jung Ho, other composers and lyricists such as Kim Do Hyun, Vink, Kim Jae Suk and Ahn Young Min have all contributed to different songs on the album, so that the album doesn’t end up having a similar style of songs throughout.

“If there is a particular fixed style of music that one can think of when you mention Shin Hyesung, that won’t be good in the long run. I hope to be able to create anticipation for everyone whenever I release an album, so that they would be thinking, what kind of songs will it be this time? I hope that my albums will have such a strong brand power that people would buy the albums without even having to hear it first.”

Now A 31-Year-Old Musician Who Debuted 11 Years Ago… Asia Tour Commences In 2nd Half of This Year

It has already been 11 years since 31-year-old Shin Hyesung made his debut as an idol group member. Unknowingly 30 years of his life has passed and he has spent already 10 years as a singer. It’s now time to reflect on his past 10 years in the industry, and to plan for the next 10 years.

“When I hit 30, the fact of moving from your 20s into your 30s is always a little depressing. Now that I’m 31, I’m still not quite sure of the significance of being in my 30s. I just hope I can continue making music.”

Shin Hyesung will concentrate on promotional activities in Korea, including a concert, and then move on to an Asia tour in the second half of the year. After holding concerts in Japan and China last year, he will be expanding his tour to other countries such as Thailand and Taiwan.

To prepare for his comeback performances, Shin Hyesung has been keeping late nights. “It feels better this time than any other time.” Just like what he says, the Side 2 album has already overtaken Fly To The Sky’s 8th album on the Hanteo sales chart and is current at top spot.

Source: Sports Donga
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans:

[09.02.23] Junjin sets up own fashion label “Big Enchilada”

i can only think of food when i saw the title, hahahaha

At his first solo concert “Our Promise -2009 Junjin Shanghai Concert” in China on 22nd Feb, singer Junjin showcased part of the collection from his own fashion label “Big Enchilada”.

He showcased different styles of clothes during the concert, ranging from dress suits, casual wear to hiphop streetwear.

Junjin’s management company Open World said, “Big Enchilada actually means ‘an important and influential person’ or ‘big shot’, and it’s a brand that is practical yet fashionable at the same time. It demonstrates Junjin’s vitality and everyone got a preview of the clean-cut style of the brand at the concert.”

The setting up of Junjin’s label comes in the wake of fellow Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo setting up his own brand of caps, Wolf M, earlier in 2008. Junjin also hopes to make the best out of his fashion touch through Big Enchilada.

Open World added, “It’s still in the initial stages now, but we anticipate that Junjin will carve out a niche for himself in the market with his sense of fashion.”

Source: Hankook Ilbo
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans:

Monday, February 23, 2009

Shinhwa Old Clips - 2003 03 21 KBS Punching Contest - Shinhwa Cut

credit SpiritBiz for the video

[09.02.23][news] "Shin Hye Sung Style Music ... Even Shin Seung Hoon Approves"

Presenting 3 Jib Side 2 "Keep Leaves," Shin Hye Sung, "Shin Hye Sung Style Music ... Even Shin Seung Hoon Approves"

A couple days ahead of the reelase of 3rd jib Side 2 "Keep Leaves," Shin Hye Sung, as usual, called on Shin Seung Hoon. Shin Seung Hoon took his time listening to Shin Hye Sung's music, and remarked "After doing rock your ballads are stronger. The middle bass of the ballad is stonger."

Last August Shin Hye Sung released the experimental CD, 3rd Side 1 "Live and Let Live," which was a valuable experience. It was a work that showed a new spectrum of his music, a "non-HyeSung-like" music, featuring alternative, British rock, swing, and big band among other genres.

Recently, Sports DongA held and interview with Shin Hye Sung. Since Side 1 added a new aspect into his own muscial life, he had a feeling of satisfaction.

HS: "It was a very big help. Of course it enriches my stage repertoire, but trying the new genres also helped me a lot in my musical point of view and singing, among other aspects. The fans also liked it so I was happy. In the future, I think about if I will continue to release this type of album."

The Ballad Star's Evolution ... The inclusion of dramatic diversity in "Keep Leaves"

The title "Keep Leaves" symbolizes the pain of a past love that is captured in the dried leaves pressed in between the pages of a book; the separation, hurt, solitude, loneliness, remembraces. Side 2 is a disc that is representative of the Shin Hye Sung style ballad album.

After concluding the experimental album, there is a different feel from the past jibs 1 and 2. Particularly, the title track "Why Did You Call..." introduceds the "dramatic ballad" that is different from previous songs. Ha Jung Ho who composed "A Good Day to Love" from Side 1, crafted a song about a man's sad heart because he can't forget his love after parting.

Besides Ha Jung Ho, other composers Kim Do Hoon, Vink, Kim Jae Suk, Wilco, Lee Hyun Jung, Anh Young Min, avoided the monotony.

"I wonder if I can have a long run with a music that is is particular to Shin Hye Sung. Whenever a new album comes out - 'This time what tye of songs will he make?' will they have they have this anticipation, - even though they haven't heard the songs and buy it - that kind of brand power."

Now, the 31-years-old musician who debuted 11 years ago ... In the second half of the year take on the challenge of an Asia Tour

This year marks the 11th year since his debut for 31-year-old Shin Hye Sung. Debutting as a part of a dance idol group, before he knows it 30 has passed and 10 years as a singer has passed. Looking back at the last 10 years of activity and the plans for the next 10 years.

"Becoming 30, actually going from my 20s to my 30s was a little melancholy. Now that 1 year has passed, I really don't know what the meaning or significance of being 30 is. I only hope that I can still continue to make music."

After first finishing promotional activities domestically, he will hold a concert in Korea in the first half of the year, and in the second half has plans to enter an Asia tour. Last year he held concerts in Japan and Chian. This time he plans to expand regionally and will hold concerts in Thailand and Taiwan.

Preparing for the first broadcast, Shin Hye Sung who didn't sleep for a few nights "This time, more than before, the feeling is better."

Shin Hye Sung's 3rd jib Side 2 has jumped up to the #1 position onf the real-time sales site Hanteo Charts, displacing Fly to the Sky's 8 jib on the weekly charts.

김원겸 기자
Eng trans:

[09.02.23] Junjin returns with new single in March/April

Shinhwa member Junjin will finally make his comeback as a singer after a year, and with the release of a single album in late March or early April.

Having made his solo debut in 2006 with the single album “Love Doesn’t Come”, Junjin released his first solo album in April 2008. One year on, he will finally be returning to the stage with a new single album.

Junjin has just held his “Our Promise - 2009 Junjin Shanghai Concert” in China on 21st Feb. Though he has held concerts with the rest of Shinhwa in Shanghai in 2006 and 2007, this was his first solo concert, and everyone can know truly see his overwhelming popularity in China.

He told the fans, “I’ll be making my comeback in late March or early April, I hope for your support.”

Currently starring in MBC variety show Infinite Challenge as the 7th member, Junjin is now experiencing the second peak of his career. He has also been paired up with Lee Shi Young in the MBC variety program We Got Married.

At the concert, he performed 18 songs in all, including “Even If It’s A Thousand Times”, “Painful Love”, “One Step”, “Come Back”, “Adorable”, “The Words Of Love”, and “Good Person” among others, earning himself a passionate response from the fans. The fans also sang along with him when he performed the original Chinese version of Ahn Jae Wook’s “Friends”.

Junjin’s father, trot singer Charlie Park, also featured as a special guest at the concert.

Source: Newsen
Chi trans: julias@bestshinhwa
Eng trans:

Hyesung’s Inkigayo Comeback Stage

thanks to

[09.02.22] A rainy night of car chase action for Junjin in Shanghai

one of the chinese fans took this picture of Junjin. he is in pain that he cant even stand on his own. junjin needs to rest and he needs it baad if he wants to recover soon.

Credits to junjinchina +

[09.02.22] A rainy night of car chase action for Junjin in Shanghai

Junjin unexpectedly ended up as the lead of a reality action film set in Shanghai, when more than 20 vehicles carrying fans chased Junjin’s vehicle in the rain for an hour in the early hours of 22 Feb, a clear demonstration of his overwhelming popularity in China.

After successfully concluding his first solo concert in China on 21 Feb, Junjin and his entourage headed to a restaurant for dinner, and that was where the unintended drama and action kicked off.

Fans followed in hired vehicles all the way from the concert venue to the restaurant, and a group of fans somehow got wind of Junjin’s itinerary and managed to get to the restaurant ahead of time while keeping tabs on Junjin’s whereabouts via cellphones with fellow fans who were tailing Junjin’s vehicle.

For the whole one and half hours Junjin and company were having their meal, the fans stood outside in the rain, waiting for Junjin to step out. When the group was about to head to the next venue for the post-concert celebration party, these fans once again got into their hired vehicles, following Junjin every step of the way despite the rain.

Although it was already rather late with fewer cars on the road, the 20 vehicles continued to hog the roads and some even ignored traffic stops. Despite attempts to shake off the fans, the fans’ vehicles continued to tail them from 1am to 2am.

A source from Junjin’s side said, “We did not expect a situation like this to crop up, so we were quite shocked. Although we can understand their intentions but Junjin does not wish for this kind of car chase to happen.”

“Honestly Junjin is not too concerned about fans following him, but he’s more worried about the safety of the fans who are chasing our vehicle in the rain.”

Source: Star News
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans:

[09.02.22] Junjin: All 6 members of Shinhwa will definitely be back

Although the 6 Shinhwa members aren’t together now, but having Junjin alone is enough to ignite the passion of the Chinese fans.This time, Junjin makes his comeback, not as an entertainer or an actor, but as a solo singer, enthralling the Chinese fans with his best efforts at his first solo concert in China, held on 21st Feb.

At the pre-concert press conference, he expressed his regret, “I hurt my back during the concert preparations, and I had trouble sitting down during my flight here. There wasn’t a lot of time to prepare for the concert, and because I hope to give the fans as much as possible so I got too anxious for a moment there. It’s my first concert in China, and I’m feeling really bad about it.”

Nevertheless Junjin still put up a great performance, and there was no signs of his injury at all. Kicking off the concert with “Even If It’s a Thousand Times”, he brought the atmosphere up to a high with his powerful dance. After which he greeted his fans with his limited Chinese, saying to them, “Because it’s my first concert, I’m really nervous. I usually see everyone here together with the other members, but this is the first time I’m on the stage alone, so I’m nervous.”

On this day, Junjin also performed touching ballads such as “Painful Love”, “The Words of Love”, and an adorable dance routine with “Adorable”. He even performed trot singer Park Hyunbin’s “Shabang Shabang” and demonstrated his entertainment talent. Performing ballads, trot, dance music, the fans saw Junjin at his sexy, adorable, masculine best. Undoubtedly the highlight was the title track of his first solo album, “Wa”. He captured the attention of the fans with his distinct style of dance with strong rhythmic beats, and sent fans into a frenzy when he ripped his shirt off.

Junjin’s father, trot singer Charlie Park also appeared as a special guest. Father and son performed “Shabang Shabang” together, in addition they also performed Charlie Park’s “Casanova’s Love” from his first album. Charlie Park went on to perform two of his songs with dance routines that betrayed no signs of his age.

Charlie Park said, “As his father, I would like to thank all of you here for coming to support Junjin. Please continue to give more of your love to our Junjin.” He added, “I’ve also released a new album, and I won’t lose out to Junjin. Let this year be the year of Charlie Park.” The 5,000 plus Chinese fans responded with a loud cheer of “We love you too, abonim.” Despite the 30-minute delay due to the big crowd and poor weather, the fans remained in high spirits with their orange balloons.

For this, Junjin kept saying “Thank you” in his inaccurate Chinese, and said that he felt bad for his poor Chinese. He added, “I’m working hard to show another side of me in Infinite Challenge, and I’m also working on my new album. Please look forward to my new album in the middle of next month.”

Junjin also mentioned his fellow Shinhwa members, “Eric and Dongwan are now serving their military duties, Andy has been active with musicals and Hyesung and Minwoo are busy with their solo albums, and everyone’s getting on fine. You don’t have to worry about Shinhwa. When we get back together again, I hope everyone will come back to see us. Right now, althought it’s just me here tonight, but we’ll meet again when Shinhwa regroups again.” The song “The Words of Love” drew loud cheers from the crowd as Eric’s rap was heard and videos featuring him were played.

Nearing the end of the concert, Junjin said in Chinese, “It’s the 11th year since my debut, and I really have to thank the fans who have been supporting me, especially the Chinese fans who I haven’t been able to see frequently.”

The Chinese fans barely took their eyes and cameras off Junjin. The Chinese fans sang along when he sang a Mandarin song “Friends” a capella, and gave jealous screams when he danced close to his female dancers. Junjin ended the concert with an encore of “Love Won’t Come” to after performing for more than 2 hours.

Source: Mydaily
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans:

[09.02.22] Junjin: Don’t tell the fans about my back injury

this is what i like about them. they will do their best even if it means getting hurt in the process. just wish he is okay and will recover soon. as i said before, we love the efforts guys but we also need you all to be fit and healthy.

chawseem, araso.


Putting his back injury at the back of his mind, Junjin put up a splendid performance for his first solo concert in China.

During the rehearsal for his 21st Feb concert in Shanghai, Junjin had injured his back and had difficulty to even sit down. But he kept reassuring the staff members that he was fine and continued with the rehearsal on 20th Feb and the concert on 21st Feb.

After the concert and on the way to the restaurant, Junjin found it difficult to even lie down in the van. However, during the concert, Junjin had performed to his best, performing even rigorous dance routines and not showing any signs of injury in front of the fans.

Source: newsen
Chi trans: binbin@shinhwatop
Eng trans:

Pic Gallery: Junjin’s Shanghai Concert on 21st Feb

click on the picture of Chongjae to see the rest of the pics

See logos on pics for credits
Additional credits to BestShinhwa & Junjin Baidubar
credits as well to:

[09.02.21] Shin Hyesung’s Music Bank comeback performance

Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung has officially made his comeback to the music scene. Having released his new album, Vol.e Side 2 ‘Keep Leaves’, Shin Hyesung had his comeback performance on KBS2’s Music Bank’s first episode to be aired on the Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) platform. Starting with Mnet’s M Countdown performance on 19th Feb, Shin Hyesung will be embarking on a series of promotional activities.

He performed his title track, ‘Why Did You Call’, and captured the hearts of his female fans with his sensual voice. Together with the melancholic melody, Shin Hyesung brought the song to life once again.

On the other hand, the MV for the track, shot in Sapporo with actress Lee Young Ah, was released on 12th Feb, to the overwhelming response of fans and netizens. And after the title track was released ahead of the album, it became the most-searched item on major sites such as Naver, Daum and Nate, and also caught much attention on entertainment community sites such as Bestiz. All online and offline activities that are taking place concurrently with his programme appearances have been greeted with great response.

Shin Hyesung said, “When we released Side 1 last year, we promised to release Side 2 in December, but now it’s a little late. To make it up, I’ll work hard on the comeback performances.”

Source: Newsen
Chi trans: 孩子气@S.C.I.C
Eng trans+video:

Infinite Challenge’s parody of SNSD’s GEE

AND FINALLY THE WAIT IS OVER…. Infinite Challenge’s parody of SNSD’s GEE…. *holding tummy in pain*

I don’t know if you can call anything awesome and scary at the same time, but I think this does exactly that to me… Leave me scared to death and in awe all at once… (by midnightgirl13)

Screengrabs courtesy of coolsmurf@allkpop

Jung Hyung Don -> Don-Taeyeon [But of course....hehehe]
Junjin -> Jan-Hyoyeon
Jung Joon Ha -> Heavyweight Sunny
Park Myung Soo -> Myung-ssica
Yoo Jae Suk -> (Grasshopper) Ttuk-Yoona
Noh Hong Chul -> (Hairy) Tol-ffany [HAHHAHAH it's PAYBACK time]

Vid credits to HarueKorea@youtube

thanks to

Lee Bul - Forever MV

my mind went bonkers when i see wannie lying on that couch :)

Credits to wondersmurf for the video + for the pics

The MV also features Park Jung Ah (Jewelry), Sun Ye (Wonder Girls), Ga-in (Brown Eyed Girls) and Tae Yeon (SNSD)

during the photo shoot

[09.02.21] Junjin: I drank milk everyday for 4 years to get back at someone

On the upcoming 23rd Feb episode of MBC’s Come To Play’s Type B special, Junjin revealed his competitive streak through an interesting incident.

“I was very short when I was in elementary school, and there was this really tall girl who teased me, “Choongjae ah, why are you so short?” and I was really hurt. From then on to grow taller, I drank 1.5 liters of milk everyday for 4 years.”

He continued, “When I got to high school, I had my growth spurt and quickly grew to 180cm. When that happened, I called up that girl’s home and told her, “Listen up well, it’s Choongjae here. I’m 180cm tall now” and then just hung up on her.”

Other Type B guests on this episode include Im Chang Jung, Moon Hee Jun and Park Hyunbin.

Source: asiae
Chi trans: 堡堡@shinhwachina
Eng trans:

Friday, February 20, 2009

[09.02.19][trans] Shin Hyesung: Taiwan Judy Zhou said, “You’re my idol” after seeing me.


Shin Hyesung revealed about his special fate with Taiwan newcomer singer.

In the recent interview with MYDAILY, Shin Hyesung said that he had gone to Taiwan for some activities in Taiwan. He met a singer who had left an encounter in his blog about meeting up with him and even upload the photos that they took together which shocked him. This singer claimed that he is his idol really did make him quite embarrassed about it.

Judy Zhou (22) met up with Shin Hyesung and after greeting each other, he gave his own EP disc Hyesung as gift. Judy even wrote down his excitement and feeling of respect on his blog.

Judy titled that entry in his blog: Like a comet (Hyesung) moving forward (Junjin)! SHINHWA FIGHTING! Finally able to meet up with my idol, Shin Hyesung, I have became a singer because of Shinhwa and being a singer now, able to meet up my idol in such a near distance make me almost cry out in joy.

Their meet up is because of Shin Hyesung’s visit in Taiwan for MV TALK SHOW ‘2009 SHS Music Show in Taiwan’ for the photo promotion. This visit is 9 years apart from Shinhwa’s last visit in Taiwan in year 2000.

Shin Hyesung expressed, “I, myself is also a singer, however, I have a deep impression of him being a little bit too nervous during the first meet up and I also want to convey my sincere gratitude to those Taiwanese fans who sincerely welcome my arrival to Taiwan, still remembering me even though I have not come to Taiwan for 9 years.”

Because of Shinhwa’s activities in Japan, China, Taiwan and other places, Shin Hyesung who accumulated high popularity had laid a solid foundation as a Korean star with his solo activity this time. Especially for Japan who hopes that he will continue to do more activities in their country, this year he will be visiting more countries with plans to meet up more of his Asian fans.

Credits: (English translation) +汶汶@申彗星中国首站-S.C.I.C (Chinese translation) + oasis79 + mydaily (source)

Newsflash: SyungDy on upcoming episode of Star Golden Bell

I’m not sure when the episode will be telecast, but Hyesungie and Andy will be at the recording for Star Golden Bell on 23 February at KBS… Other guests include Jumper and some SNSD members

I just love it when we get members on the same show!

Info source: Six Senses

[09.02.20] Shin Hyesung to hold a fanmeeting after Inkigayo on 22/2

Singer Shin Hyesung will reciprocate his fans’ love with a fanmeeting after his Inkigayo performance on 22th Feb.

Having released his Side 2 ‘Keep Leaves’ album on 17th Feb, he has kicked off his promotional activities with a comeback performance on 19th Feb on Mnet’s M Countdown, with his title track ‘Why Did You Call’. The track was released ahead of the album launch together with the MV shot in Sapporo with actress Lee Young Ah, and topped the search charts on major websites.

Good EMG said, “When we released Side 1 in August last year, we promised the fans to release Side 2 at the end of the year, but we’re now 2 months late. We’re very sorry for that, and to thank everyone for their support from even before the album launch, we plan to hold a fanmeeting for the fans who have been waiting so long, after the Inkigayo performance on 22 Feb.”

Shin Hyesung expressed, “I’m sorry that I couldn’t fulfil my promise to the fans, and everyone has given me a lot of support for the first comeback performance. I’m really happy and grateful too. I’m holding the fanmeeting for the fans who’ve been waiting for me, and I hope many people will turn up.”

Shin Hyesung will have performances on Music Bank on 20th Feb and Inkigayo on 22nd Feb.

Source: MyDaily
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[09.02.19] Strongest Chil Woo special (韓国TVドラマ JP magazine)

From Idol To Actor
Unlimited Scope of Activities

In 1998, group Shinhwa made their stage debut, and as a powerman on stage, Eric eventually rose to idol status. However he didn’t rest on his laurels, and in 2003 he took up the challenge of acting. However for his first project, MBC drama “Breathless”, in 2003, he was very insecure and unconfident, praying every night before sleep, and after MBC drama “Bulsae” in 2004, he seemed to have all expended all his energy and even said that he wanted to quit the entertainment industry. But he trudged on and reinvented himself as he continued to show fans his different images. In his last project before army enlistment, he challenged himself with his first sageuk drama - KBS drama Strongest Chil Woo. This decision of his encompasses Eric’s gratitude to his fans.

The condition of his back injury improved because of Strongest Chil Woo

- We heard that you didn’t have the intention to take up this project initially.

I found the script quite interesting when I first read it, but I didn’t decide right away to take it up. At that time it was close to my enlistment date, and I was concerned about my back injury, so I thought, ‘I can’t take this up’. So I met the director and explained my reasons to him. But then, people around me were persuading me, and I got swayed, so I agreed to it finally. I was concerned about the stress from my upcoming enlistment, and though my back wasn’t in a good state, the action scenes and horseriding scenes actually helped to make it better. In the end, it was my own negativity that was the obstacle. Once I decided on taking it up, the problem was solved. Lots of people have offered me tips on how to make my back better, they were really quite effective. (laughs)

- Since Chil Woo is a character that has so many dimensions, it must be hard to grasp the character.

It was adapted from an early Japanese drama, in it he’s a very charismatic and cold character. When filming started, the director said that this character is more of a commoner, just like one of the neighbours. However even so he hoped to ease the troubles of his fellow commoners. So the character changed bit by bit as filming went on. Having considered that Chil Woo is a commoner by day who transforms into a cold assassin by night, during the filming itself I changed my perception of the character being surrounded by loneliness the whole time.

- Have you watched the Japanese series?

I thought it would help to watch past adaptations for reference, so I watched the movie. The drama series is very hard to find, so I didn’t manage to watch it. The characters are much darker and more assassin-like that in our version, which has a slightly more optimistic tone. Because of this, I did have some differences in opinions with the director initially.

- The first episode wasn’t too well-received by viewers unfortunately.

We watched the first episode at the filmsite. Though the sound and editing was much better than expected, but the messageboard were filled with negative responses. After reading them I thought to myself, “I actually have so many anti’s… Am I really this bad?” But the second episode saw some positive reviews and ratings slowly climbed too. There were positive comments about my acting too. Actually episodes 1-4 were filmed at the same time, so though the inital atmosphere was kind of dark, the tone became better later on. The viewers seemed to have gotten used to my acting style and my character by then. Because of my English name Eric, and my image in Shinhwa, even the filming crew wasn’t used to seeing me like that either. (laughs)

- How did you feel about filming your first sageuk drama?

Just like how I filmed a movie after being in dramas, the feeling of appearing in a sageuk after the contemporary dramas was very refreshing. In contemporary dramas, besides bed scenes I’ve done pretty much everything else (laughs). This time round, I worked very hard on my style of speech and my actions. It was rather stressful because it’s an era that I’ve never experienced before. But no matter what kind of drama it is, I do my best for my role, and that’s the same for any kind of dramas.

- Since filming was done in the midst of summer, what was the most difficult scene for you?

There was a scene where So Yoon, Chil Woo and Chul Seok had to escape by pretending to be corpses and covering themselves on a cart. That time the sun was shining really brightly and our faces were exposed to the glaring sunlight. Although we covered our faces in between takes, but we still had to expose our faces during the actual filming. Moreover we had to stay very still (laughs), so that was really tough.

- The show performance on the horses at the beach became quite a hot topic too.

It was very fun to film that scene. Although we did the basic part of the scene, the show itself was done by Mongolian stuntmen. Looking at them displaying their skills, we wanted to try it ourselves on the mechanical horses too, it was really fun (laughs). I even learnt the whistle from the Mongolian horsemen. Although it’s supposed to be done when calling for the horse, but it’s really difficult to do it loudly. I practiced one whole night at the hostel, but Im Haryong sonbae teased me and said, “Don’t force it if you can’t do it.” (laughs)

- There were plenty of comments about the mechanical horse too.

That horse was used in the movie “The Last Samurai” too, as well as other projects. The rental fee was 100 million won. As it was difficult to get good shots from various angles if we used a real horse, so we had it specially shipped over. Though we had high expectations for this, unfortunately the results weren’t great.

- How did you take care of your health during the filming process?

Out of all my dramas, Strongest Chil Woo is the one where I’ve received the most support and concern from the fans. Fans from Japan and China came to the site and brought along food and care packages. I didn’t have any specific health regimen, but I had all the tonics from the fans. I worked even harder after seeing the efforts from the fans.

Pretty Boy
Gu Hyesun Dressed As A Man

- Did you get along well with Gu Hyesun?

I’m not the type that gets close to others easily, and Hyesun is very shy herself. Although the director told us, “You have romantic scenes together, you have to work hard at getting closer”, we never quite got close. Until we got down to filming Episode 13 where she had to be dressed as a man. Everyone who saw her called her a cute pretty boy, and treated her like a boy (laughs). From then I thought, “This boy looks fun”, and I started using informal language with her. Eventually we got more comfortable with each other, and we would toss things at each other (laughs). But when I do that, she would tell me “I’m not dressed as a guy now”. And she eats ramyeon in any free time she has. That’s the first time I’ve seen anyone eat ramyeon like that.

- How did you tackle the emotional scenes?

Although I was looking forward to the romantic scenes but this is after all a more masculine drama. After many episodes, there was finally a romantic scene (laughs). Comapred to the love story, it was more important to show the hardship the commoners suffered. But I was still glad to have romantic scenes (laughs). But I’d tell Hyesun, “Oppa doesn’t like you. Get lost.” (laughs) [HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA]

- We’ve heard about you going fishing.

When we weren’t filming, the sonbaes and I would go to areas near Mungyeong where we were filming to fish. What was unbelievable was that we caught nearly 100 fishes but we didn’t have a pot so we had to roast them over an open fire (laughs). And if we weren’t filming, we’d look just like the locals, because we would be topless and in our slippers.
[OH MY GAWD........topless..........]

- Did you miss Seoul?

Once I got back to Seoul I felt even lonelier, and though there were rest days in Seoul there were even more rest days in Mungyeong. In the past when I was staying in Yeoksam-dong in Gangnam, I could go out in slippers and shorts. But after moving to Cheongdam-dong, there are many female fans around because the Mnet building is just opposite. So I just end up staying at home. It’s really like a prison. So it’s great to be somewhere where the air is good and the water is clean, and hanging out with the fellow actors and staff. Even if we weren’t filming, we would go and have a good meal.

- Who hypes up the atmosphere on the set?

Yeon Doo (played by Kim Byul). She’s young and has her own eccentric ways. She hypes up when the filming gets tiring, and she doesn’t care even if the director is annoyed. She’s like a breath of fresh air.

All Expectations Have Been Achieved
Strongest Chil Woo

- What would you say are the similiarities between Eric and Chil Woo?

I always try my best to draw the lines clearly between work and play. Chil Woo too, he’s pretty lazy usually but when he gets into assassin mode, he has an air of righteousness. That’s similar.

- So out of all your roles so far, what is the role that is closest to Eric?

Choi Chil Woo. Not the assassin Chil Woo, but Chil Woo by day who isn’t outstanding but lives for his beliefs. In my early 20s, when I was active as Shinhwa, I took up challenges because there was a goal. But before my own goals, my prerogative was not to be a burden to others. If I could make things more perfect, it would be more easier.

You’re 30 this year, how different is it from your 20s?

In the past if I had a goal to work towards, I would just dash towards it without a second thought. It’s the same for the other members too. But now, even though achieving the goal is important, it’s most important not to make mistakes. Even if I have to do it 100 times, I will do my best, there isn’t room for even one failure. I tend to think, “If I treat people well, they’d treat me well too”. I’m thinking like an ahjusshi now (laughs).

- Were there any times when you wanted to give it all up?

(pauses) There was once, after Bulsae. I turned my phone off for about a week, and ran off to Jejudo with my friends. There was a sense of emptiness after completing a major project and I was annoyed with everything for no reason (laughs). But there was a typhoon warning when I was at Jejudo, so I headed to Busan (laughs). I just stayed at the Internet cafe, not doing anything. Taking a break after working so hard for so long, it felt a little strange because it was too quiet. I guess I was too immersed in the character, that’s why I became this way. But when I’m part of Shinhwa, because it’s not just about me, I have a responsbility towards the other members, and giving up is not an option. I don’t feel insecure because the members are by my side. But when I’m Mun Jung Hyuk, I often think about wanting to give up.

- What have you gained from Strongest Chil Woo?

A lot. I’ve been doing dramas on MBC and SBS, and this is the first KBS drama for me. And my first sageuk role is an important experience for me. I read about the criticisms about my acting, but I’m glad I got to try something that I’ve never done before, and that my health condition has improved too. Our target was to hit 15% in the ratings, and perhaps the Olympic broadcast helped in some way but the last episode did hit 15%. Because I’m the male lead, there was pressure for me to do well in order not to let the production company not to suffer any loss. To a certain extent I did achieve that, and all my expectations seem to have been achieved (laughs).

After Army Enlistment
A Regular Lifestyle And Free Time

- We heard that the members did a review of your performance.

At first it was Andy, but then it was Minwoo who kept up with the reviews. If he couldn’t watch it live, he would watch it online. “What’s that on your head?”, “Looks like Zorro’s mask”, “You don’t do a crying scene like that”, he said all kinds of irrelevant things (laughs). But throughout it all, he always sent nice messages of concern like “It must be tough on you to be outdoors on a hot day for the whole time”.

- Is there anything you’d like to say to the Shinhwa members?

Guys, I love you (laughs). Actually my biggest regret is not being able to go on a trip with just the members, without any staff members following along.

- Shinhwa members have been occupied with their solo activities, and many fans are worried about the possibility of disbanding.

That’s not our intention at all, those are just rumours. It’s impossible for Shinhwa to disband now even if we wanted to. Shinhwa doesn’t just belong to us, it also belongs to the fans and people who love us. Although we’re now focusing on our solo work, but I feel that a group will move in a better direction with solo activities. The only thing that’s different now is the way we work, there isn’t any intention of disbanding. As the longest-running group in Korea, it would be a pity to stop now. We can go on breaking records if we continue (laughs).

- What has been the biggest change in your life after you’ve enlisted?

Because it’s a fixed working schedule, I get to work and knock off at fixed timings, and my lifestyle is more regular now. And, I have a lot more personal time now. I’ve been busy with writing songs and playing games (laughs). Looking for good food and fishing is fun too.

- How does it feel living a regular life? And fans who visit your workplace, are there any incidents?

I’ve been in showbiz for 10 years before enlisting, and it’s great to be able to step out of it and reflect on myself objectively. This is exactly what I’ve wanted. I went to donate blood with my public service officer friends (laughs). Although I went there as a public service officer, there were still many fans who turned up. But compared to the initial period when I just got deployed, the fans exercise much more self-restraint now, in order not to inconvenience anyone.

- You received an award at your completion ceremony, how did you feel?

When I was in the midst of training, I thought that if I did just enough to get by, I would leave a bad impression of all public service officers. So I just worked really hard, and ended up getting an award (laughs). I’m very grateful for that. Of course it was tough, but everyone had good memories of the time we’ve spent. I think it was a great experience.

- Acting and music, what will you focus on upon your discharge from the army?

I haven’t thought about it yet. I’m planning to think about it when I’m not working. Right now I just want to make use of the time to recharge myself well. And, although it’s a little late, I hope to serve my duty to the nation well.


Born Mun Jung Hyuk on 16th February 1979. 180cm, 71kg, blood type B.
Family consists of parents and two elder sisters.
Graduated from Dongguk University, majoring in Theatre.
Migrated to the US with his family during high school and returned to Korea in 1998 to debut with Shinhwa. First appeared as an actor in MBC’s Breathless in 2003, and won the Best Newcomer award in 2004 for MBC’s Bulsae.
Appeared in MBC’s Super Rookie in 2005 as an office employee who got a job in a big company due to sheer luck, and in 2007 he played a Casanova who didn’t believe in true love in MBC’s Que Sera Sera.
Appeared in his first sageuk drama in 2008 with KBS’ Strongest Chil Woo.
Enlisted for military service in October 2008, currently serving as a public service officer in Seoul Metro.

Source: UB
Chi trans: 小玉@loveric
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[09.02.19] Hyesung’s Comeback Stage on M Countdown

Some pics of Hyesungie just before the recording of the performance

Credits to Six Senses +

Thursday, February 19, 2009

[09.02.19] Shin Hyesung: Nuisance calls? Just don’t answer calls from unknown numbers


Singer Shin Hyesung shared his way of dealing with nuisance calls in a recent interview with Star News.

When asked about his opinion on the recent phone cloning incident resulting in the loss of privacy, he said, “After all this time, I’ve already found a way to deal with things like this.”

“I heard that recently some idol group members had their cellphones hacked into and ended up with their numbers being leaked, but it hasn’t happened to me so far.” [shhhhhhh.....why are you jinxing yourself?!]

“But I do get calls from fans every now and then, but they all know my way of dealing with this is simply not to answer.”

He added, “When I get calls from fans, if you take the call and tell them not to call anymore, the number of fans calling will still increase. So the best way is just not to answer.”

“If I get a call from an unknown number, I’ll just not take the call. People I know will understand why I don’t, and text me instead.”

Shin Hyesung also had a request, “Although I get nice text messages from fans wishing me ‘Good luck for your first performance’ and ‘The album’s great’, and it gives me strength, but it will be best for me if everyone can cut down on the texts…”

Shin Hyesung will have his first comeback performance with ‘Why Did You Call’ on 19th Feb via Mnet M Countdown.

Source: Star News
Chi trans: 宝宝爱王子@S.C.I.C
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