Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dongwan - Not Just A Pretty Face, But A Filial Son Too

Shinhwa member Kim DongWan is not just a pretty face who excels in singing, dancing and acting. He is without doubt, the funniest guy out of the 6 members, and yet he is a caring filial son under the limelight.

Dongwan is the oldest son of the family, and despite being a son, he has a very caring heart.

Guys seldom discuss anything with their mother after they reached their puberty age, but Dongwan is a different case. He consults his mother before anything and chats with her everyday.

They didn’t just talk about Dongwan’s problems at work, but also his troubles and his relationship problems.

He had been keeping track of his mother’s signs of menopause, and had called Park KyungRim and discussed on menopause issues.

“My mother is reaching menopause, and I sometimes wondered on what I can do for her. I want to be some kind of help to her. My mother doesn’t feel comfortable talking about it as I am a son, and it would be embarrassing if I ask directly, so I wonder, what will a daughter do in my position?” He voiced out.

Being a man would never understand how a woman feel during menopause, and Dongwan’s caring acts had touched many people around him.

In the end, he chose to be with his mother’s side as much as he can, and accompanies her to shopping and chatting, doing what a filial son would do.

He had also expressed his love for his mother by saying, “My mother’s white hair is the most beautiful thing on earth.”

Credits: melxXz@ShinHwaChangJo.net (eng translation), jojoyu7@shinhwachina, goodday (source).

28/10 Dongwan's Diary Entry

(2006-10-28 10:20:31)
There are many cars in our country
Too many

Think of HoonJongShin¡'s song
I'm feeling hard even taking a breath¡±
Ar Ar~
Seoul really feels hard even taking a breath.. TT

Here is a question!
In Seoul & Busan, the sky is always very dusky!
How about the other places?
Those correspondents tell us please!

After invented the hybrid car, the other cars should be disappeared¡¦,,
Then we seems needed to buy air for using.. obviously! Sad..
Have a nice weekend~

Source: Name + abby@bestshinhwa
Translated by: C for Shinhwa @ Shinhwajj.com
Pasted by : Dreamhyesung@shinhwsarang

Minwoo ' I am really fine' + Dec release 3rd album!

"I am really fine"

After news of him getting 17 stitches on his right eyebrow, Minwoo told people who are worry for him that he is totally fine now.

On the 30th, Good commented "Minwoo had 17 stitiches and it was 2 - 3 cm long but after a week, he took off the stitiches and the wound is totally heal thus there woudnt be any problem"

Minwoo will be performing on this coming 4th November in "2006 Korea showcase- Feel The K-Pop In Shanghai’ and will be focusing on his 3rd solo album which is slated to be release in December.

Credit: newsen + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Minwoo had an accident and had 17 stitches on his face!

During Chusok Vacation (5-9 october) to Guam with his friends, Minwoo had an accident and had to have 17 stitches to his face (eye area) and news have just been released.

Group MuGaDang Member MC Prime, who is Minwoo friend and went together with him for the holiday, told MyDaily News that a group of them headed to Guam for a Holiday (with Kim Do Hyun and MuGaDang) and while at the Hotel Pool, they heard a loud cry and saw Minwoo coming out of the Pool, his face was covered in blood. He had to have 17 stitches at the local hospital.

Prime added on "it is really tough on Minwoo for the rest of the week as he got injuried on the first day"

Currently he is hiding his scar under makeup.

GoodEmg "As he is not doing any outdoor activites, his wound wont be affect by his sweat or the makeup so fans, dont have to worry. Minwoo is resting now and he is able to still concentrate on his 3rd album preparations and other activities."

Minwoo is currently in China after performing at All Star Concert in Hunan on the 28th and he will be attending a Kpop concert (Shanghai) on the 3rd of Nov.

Credit: Ling@shinhwajj + ocean6 + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Shinhwa's Current Activities and Updates

Shin Hyesung is in Korea. He is currently doing the recording editing on the Shinhwa concert DVD that is slated to release before the end of the year. He will release a solo album and after a solo album, he is planning to hold a solo concert but the production has not developed a lot and he is still waiting for a lot of tracks so he says he will do it all slowly. His solo album has sold 180 thousand copies. Again isnt that a great feat? His first album also took a long time to make, so we think it is all rewards for his careful preparations. So he says this time he will again take great care in making his new album. Just like this usual style. And the same goes for his Japanese single album. Theres nothing definitely decided with Project Group S as Kangta is also very busy and it seems it is not easy for all of them to get together.

A few of the Shinhwa members will be going to the army next year. But it seems there will be some time in the first half of next year before this happens. So before the members go to the army it appears to be that there is going to be something planned in the first half of next year but nothing has been decided. If a special album was released we're sure that would be a great present for the fans.

credits. ShinhwaChangjo.net + orenji728@ShinhwaChangjo.net (translation) + piffania.com (source)

2006 Seoul Gayo Daesang or Seoul Music Award 16th

For those who would want to help Shinhwa win, please vote for them.

2006 December 1st (Fri) 18:00 ~21: 30 (3 hour 30 minute live broadcast)

This is the first group voting poll booth.
We can actually vote without having to log in!
Let's do our best to vote like crazy!

This part of the poll ends on 10/30/06.

After that, we have to leave it to the Korean fans.
As the second group voting poll will be based on Mobile/ARS.
That is basically using your phone to vote.
2006 Seoul Gayo Daesang หรือ งาน Seoul Music Award ครั้งที่ 16

2006 December 1st (Fri) 18:00 ~21: 30 (3 hour 30 minute live broadcast)

This is the first group voting poll booth.
We can actually vote without having to log in!
Let's do our best to vote like crazy!

This part of the poll ends on 10/30/06.

After that, we have to leave it to the Korean fans.
As the second group voting poll will be based on Mobile/ARS.
That is basically using your phone to vote.

1.Enter this web http://www.jjqq.co.kr/sg/web/index.html

2. click for enter

(I can't get the picture to show up but it's orange dotted box at the top with word "go").
Click on that and it'll get you there to vote. Shinhwa is written in Korean but you'll see Once In a Life Time and you can click on the right.

3. *** important 1 vote /day

Credits: Shinhwachangjo.net+shinhwasarang.net+bobohturi+ringlet101

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Junjin In Couple Selection

Junjin from Shinhwa has started to promote his solo activities (new album) through the new SBS variety show "Couple Selection".

Junjin started his promotional activities from 22nd Oct, 8pm, when he participated in the recording of "Couple Selection". This is the first time Junjin has appeared on variety shows since 3 months ago when he appeared with the rest of Shinhwa in "Happy Sunday Xman" and "Heroine 6" in July.

That day, Junjin tied up his long hair, wore an ivory coloured coat and black trousers. During the recording, he appeared to be a bit nervous. Junjin said, "my new solo album is almost coming out, and because this appearance on the variety show marks the beginning of my promotional activities, therefore i feel very different from before. everyone please support my solo album."
This day at the recording grounds the fans in Junjin's fan club prepared 80 lunchboxes and coffee for the cast and the crew, celebrating junjin's first promotional activity for his album. This recording marks the start of future appearances on variety shows such as "KBS Happy Together" and "MBC Goldfish".

Junjin is now actively preparing for his release of his solo album, which will come out in the middle of november. Aballad in Junjin's solo album "Love Still Has Not Come" was revealed in 24th Sept, when Shinhwa held their "2006 Shinhwa Japan Tour Inspiration#1" in Tokyo, Japan. When Junjin participates in the showcase in Shanghai on 3rd and 4th Nov, he will reveal some of his singles in his new album.

credits: bestshinhwa (chinese translation) + candice@angelical harmony (english translation) + angelical harmony + candice@shinhwachangjo + shinhwachangjo + soompi

Monday, October 23, 2006

Junjin to set up style shopwith STARHOME!

On the 18th, Shinhwa member Junjin will set up a 'style shop'. He will be cooperating wtih Star Home,that is at the same competitive level as ‘G-market’ and ‘D&shop' which is know to be the fashion leader in the entertaiment world.

It is Junjin's first cooperation wtih them and the theme is "this autumn's male full dress wear/suit"

This style shop will be different from others stars shops or others stars collaborations with famous brands. This new online shop is unique in the aspects ranging from styles to promotion with Junjin making the decisions together with star home, making it a new type of marketing stradgey. Not only will he be promoting the brand but talks are still going on for him to promote his songs through the shop too.

Junjin who will be releasing his first solo album in mid November commented "I am looking forward to the opening of the shop and it would be great if everyone enjoy shopping in there. I also hope fans will show me lots of love and support when i release my solo album in November"

GM9 company who is the main organisers of this collaboration project “JunJin has fashion, good looks and a very high popularity, which he gained from appearing in numerous activities. Through him we will continue to promote new fashion products that matches with his charms”

Credits: Yonhap News + ocean6 + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Junjin to appear on Happy Friend!

Date: 28/10/2006
Guest : Singer Junjin (20years+)

It is the same one which Hyeusng appear on. The show is looking for your old classmates/friends whom you have lost contact

Credit: ocean6 + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Lee Min-woo Gains Stronghold in China

Singer M (Lee Min-woo), who is also a member of the boy-band Shinwha, has consolidated his position as a top artist in China.

Lee will perform at a large concert in China being organized by a Chinese satellite TV station on October 28. Other performers will include popular artists from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Lee will sing songs form his second solo album, including “Battle,” “Let Me Love You” and “Bump.”

On November 3-4, Lee will perform in the finale of the 2006 Feel the K-POP in Shanghai festival.

Organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Korea Culture and Content Agency, the concert will feature such Korean artists as Lee’s bandmate Jun Jin, SG Wannabe, Hwisung and Tony Ahn.

Lee says his participation in the concert is the result of his popularity in China as both a member of Shinhwa and a solo artist, and pledged efforts to publicize Korean music in Asia.

Lee will participate in the 2006 Seoul Music Festival at the World Cup Stadium in Sangam-dong, Seoul on October 27, and stage a mini solo concert where he will sing the hit songs from his two solo albums and foreign songs that fit well with the autumn atmosphere.

He is also preparing his new solo album and will give a solo concert at the end of the year.

Source: KBS Global

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Update on JunJin solo album!

진이님 싱글앨범이 자꾸자꾸 미뤄지고 있는데 처음에는 9월에 나온다고 했었지용.
지금은 10월 중후반으로 예상하고 있어요. 당근 레이블은 CJ이구요, 디지털싱글이다 어쨋다 말이 많은데
디지털싱글로 발매할지 여부는 아직 모르겠고 CD로 싱글 발매되는 것은 확실합니다.


Jinnie album is still the process of making, at first it is slated to release in August but now, the album is to be release around min october and it iwll be under CJ but whether it will be digital style it is unknown but for sure it will be the same format as CD functions.

Credit: 동완날개@myth6 + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Junjin will MC on the 21st for the MBC music program

For this week's MC Music Core, Shinhwa member, Junjin will become the MC instead of MC Brian (Fly To The Sky member) from 3:30. The reason for this was because of Brian unable to attend and MC the show due to a Korean festival being held in New York. Junjin, who sang his 'Love Doesn't Come' song during his solo performance during Tokyo concert has expressed "Becoming an MC for a music program has made me happy and nervous while preparing for my 1st solo album." He further added "I am just a temporary MC, but I will try to do my best, using what I have learnt while I was the MC for KBS 'Music Bank' show"

Junjin will also sing another song taken from his solo album in the 'Feel the K-Pop in Shanghai' in Shanghai on November 3rd and 4th. His solo album will be release during early November

Credits : (À̱Ը² ±âÀÚ tako@mydaily.co.kr)
Translated by : angelix @ s-shinhwasarang.net

Shinhwa's Hand Printed Shirts For Breast Cancer Campaign

remember this? --> http://hot.empas.com/star/read.html?a=129108&p=1 ? (where 30+ singers join together and handprint shirts for breast cancer awareness?) Here are the actual shirts that has Shinhwa handprints on it.

credits : wkorea + empas + angelix @ s-shinhwasarang.net

Friday, October 20, 2006

Good "Minwoo will attend 6th 'China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival"

Minwoo will be performing on the 28th October and it will be held at Changsha, China's Hunan Province

credit: GOODEMG + gracielovebong@minuworld + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Eric – UGIZ in Ceci Nov 2006 Issue

Credit to Da Capo + shinhwachangjo.net

Junjin and Minwoo are to attend 2006 Feel KPOP in Shanghai concert

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Korea Culture and Content Agency are joining hands to hold a showcase "2006 Korea Feel the K-POP in Shanghai" which will take place on 3rd - 4th November

The main purpose of the showcase is to introduce Korean music to the Chinese and also to open doors for korean artists to enter China market

Stars like SG Wannabe, Fly to the Sky, Lee Min-woo, Jun Jin, Tony Ahn, Kim Hyun-chul, Kang Kyun-sung, V.O.S, Typhoon, Ha Dong-kyun and etc are to appear.

the rest of the article just say how Korean music has failed to enter the china market and they hope by holding this concert, korean stars will be able to enter Chinese market.

Credit: wowkorea.jp + jenny@hyesung's angel + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

18/10 [Diary] Dongwan "if you wish to get rid of your eye bags"

It's oppa! (2006-10-18 07:39:30)

Damn it! cut down on your smoking then
seeing those haze and fogs early in the morning,
does it have anything to do with the nuclear test that north korea did?
so scary ..TT

Credit: GOOD EMG + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

2nd K-POP Super Live in Saitama, Japan

Year 2007, following with a new coming year, Korea-POP's top artist will be gathering in Japan Saitama Super Arena.

The concernation of the performancer, K-pop prominent figure will be SHINHWA as lead, SuperJunior will be perform for the first time in Japan, The beauty boy band BUZZ which brings alot of hit song of theirs, Tei who has splendid singing skill, and WheeSung's abundant charming power performance! Because of these outstanding artist, create a big attraction of performances.

Before Mnet release the public sale, Mnet members will get to preorder for the tickets.

Performance Name: 2nd K-POP Super Live in Saitama, Japan.
Performancer:Shinhwa, SuperJunior, Buzz, tei, WheeSung
Time: 2007 January 6, 5:30 opening stadium/6:30 opening performances
Venue: Saitama's Super Arena
Ticket Price:10,000 Yen for seats at S section (including tax)
Qualification: Mnet member
Preorder Period: 2006 October 23rd (12:00) ~ October 29th (24:00)
Application page: http://mt.pia.co.jp/k-pop06/
Supervision: Young Production Corporation Open World Music
Sponsorship: K-wave CJ Media Japan corporation (Mnet)
Mnet inquiry number:Mnet 03-3502-3141 Weekday(10:00 - 18:00)

* 1 person may only purchase 4 tickets
* We refuse inquiry such as guide of the seatings.

Credits to:
Source: Mnet Japan, Ocean6, myth6
Chinese Trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
English Trans: amane@mySHINHWA
- soul.mysticshrine, SHCJ.net, kpopkingdom, soompi

Shinhwa - Lotteria Burger CF version 2

Here's the 2nd version of their Lotteria CF.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Dongwan Oppa's Diary Entry

Dong Wan's invitation

Origina diary entry of Wannie

I came back from the Pusan Film Festival.

It's been a long time since I met KiWoo and MinSun, Mr. Ahnsungki, Mr.ParkJoongHoon.
I also saw lots of pretty actresses. HoHo (<--laughing) The film festival was fun.

I find that for the the film festival to last for 10 days to be awesome.
It unfortunate that there is nothing like this for singers/groups.
Of course, whenever singers are on stage, its like festival atmosphere too. Hul-

Oh and, I should not have worn the sporting shoes..haha.. it was cute so...haha ^___^: ㅜㅜ

This and that..

I really hope Yunho gets better! We all do!

p.s. the chosen picture to put on my id was kinda weird..it was also cute...haha ^____^:

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cute Pictures of (some) Shinhwa Members

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

11/10 Dongwan's Diary Entry

It's Oppa! (2006-10-10 21:11:07)

-have a glass of beer

-then plant a tree cause for some reasons you just want to try it..

-do all the love confesions you haven't done till now even to those you have a crush on..keke

-smoke a pack of malboro red..


then follow the government's course of action..


lets all pray that Minster kim jung il will have a peaceful heart!

credit: GOODEMG + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Artist Going To The Army One by One

Group Shinhwa who has 6 members will be having some of them entering the army soon and their group activites has stopped. They have insist that they wont break up which will be the worst thing to happen. GOOD EMG " the remaining members will be doing their solo activeites"

Credit: Ocean6 + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hyesung at Joong-Ahng College

Who can resist that face.... i cant

And then you start to sing and my heart melts

hihihi... I have naughty thoughts with that toungue of yours

oppa keep that shirt down pali!!!

Presenting an energized crab, I mean Sungie

source: keki of shinhwachangjo.net
credits: sHaziEe of soompi

Shinhwa's October Schedule

10/10 = Hyesung - Joong-Ahng College
10/11 = Eric - KSA
10/12 = Eric - KSA
10/12 = Dongwan - Busan Movie Opening Ceremony
10/20 = Andy - Shin Dong Yup Here, Not Here
10/21 = Minwoo - Asia Music Festival - China
10/27 = Minwoo - Seoul Music Festival

source: goodenter
credits: alikim of soompi

Monday, October 09, 2006

8/10 Dongwan's Diary Entry

It is oppa~! (2006-10-08 21:11:27)
Shinhwa wont be going
maybe Hyeusng and Minwoo will go
no matter what, even Chusok have activites!!
goodenter is really too much .. -_-

2006-10-08 22:45:26

It is oppa~!
what the hell is this?
now no one need to go at all
really sorry
it has been cancelled one month ago

Credit: GOODEMG + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

What happened was on the Japan MNET site, Shinhwa name is on the list
but on the korean site from MNET TVN Shinhwa name wasnt on it at all.
lol, i think Dongwan went to clarify it out and got a reply >__<

5/10 Dongwan's Diary Entry

It is oppa! (2006-10-05 01:32:17)


Credit: GOOD EMG + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Wannie seems to be bored and just managed to post one word, we guess he was listening to music while visiting his diary.

[News] Shinhwa's CF, Just Watch It Once And You'll Never Forget

"just watch it once and you cant stop laughing"

on the 6th August, group Shinhwa sang a cute song during the Burger CF they did for Lotteria. Actually this song was sang when Shinhwa held their State Of The Art Asia Tour in Seoul on the 13th and 14th May.

The song lyrics for this CF is different from the song they sang at the cocnert. They are serious when filiming this CF and they use their vocie to express their thoughts on the burger and it also the bond bettween them which had the fans talking about it.

No matter what angle they are caught on camera, be it when they are lying down and start singing or fooling around, it will make people burst out with laughter

After seeing the CF, fans gave lots of good feedback "the CF is really interesting and in this kind of strange and funny situation they can show such a side of them really make people like them" "it is so funny" "just look at their expression, nothing is cuter then that" "it is good and interesting" "seeing them nodding their head, it is so cute" and etc

On the 26th, Shinhwa successfully end their Asia tour in Japan where they held their "Shinhwa 2006 Japan Tour Inspiration #1 In Osaka"

Credit:daum + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

[News] Minwoo's Message on Japan's Minyshop Web

To be able to meet Japan Buddokan concert fans and other fans that I have not seen for a very long time, made me really happy. Thank you all for the support you have given us. This time in Japan, I went to all kind of shops and bought lots of things. That time everyone wore the clothes left me a deep impression and it matches this year Autum trend. Everyone! faster choose a style that suits and make you comfortable to pass this Autum. Girls look really cute and cool when they are dress in men clothing


Credit; ocean6 + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang + Minyshop

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dongwan's Ready For Chossuek

credits to soompi + qracee of s-shinwasarang.net

[10/01] Malaysia Kpop Chart - 988 Simon San (WeekLy Chart )

Click on the pic direct to 988 Webpage CHART PAGE

IPB Image

credits to SimonSan@988, amane@mySHINHWA

1. You gotta register first <it's free>
2. After register, then go to Simon San's Kpop Voting Chart page HERE

3. Choose 5 songs (i dunno why must be 5 songs)
4. Click OK/VOTE

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Eric for UGIZ

credits : Ugiz.co.kr + Ocean's six + angelix of s-shinhwasarang.net

Monday, October 02, 2006

Shinhwa Asian Tour in Japan KBS Clip

It has no subtitle but just watching them is enough to make me smile.

9/27 Hyesung CY Entry

Trans Message for you:
Becareful not to catch a cold~~hoho
AH! (i dont know how to express this sentence in english sweat) keke

trans for the blue lines:
It is delicious
today I feel like eating rice cake
anytime you look at it, it look great
Picture credit: Naver
please leave a message if you are taking out~

The rest of it is written by the owner who posted this. My chinese is not really that good so i just roughly translate ><

The writter say that Hyesung posted this on the 270906 22:43pm. the picture and the blue lines are all taken from other ppl CY ==. Hyesung leech other's ppl message nah2 but the message for you is confirmed to be written by Hyesung

原图来源:小孩的CY + bestshinhwa
trans:小狐sung@only郑弼教 + dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang (eng)