Tuesday, February 27, 2007

what junjin said in his SP, forever

At the first time I recorded "Forever", I was nervous and discomposure, which I still can't forget now.
I also can't forget the day I performed on the stage in the name of JUNJIN.
Which I will never forget is your expression when you were looking at me.
It contains all my feelings.
Thank you for letting me sing and dance on the stage.
Thanks again...
A sentence is coming into my mind now,which is I want to say most is that I love you...
Thanks to my family.They always give me strength. Thanks to GOOD EMG. Thanks to my friends. Thanks to my pretty Cry and Stal.
Thank you...
I will always remember your regard.
I feel happy with your support!
Thank you!

Source: junjinchina+wenwen0221/shinhwachangjo

Monday, February 26, 2007

Sneakers named after Shinhwa, will be release in the market on April

Popular group Shinhwa's named sneaker is release.

Templecode express, they will be producing the local most famous group Shinhwa as the product's name, "Shinhwa Sneakers".

Being commented and given suggestion towards the sneaker's design by the Shinhwa members, "Shinhwa Sneakers" will be divided into Elegant and Relaxation version and will be release in the market.

Toward's the member's elegant personality will be increase to the reason of the current total of fans, and they also had been thinking of release a relaxation version which will be accepted by the public's taste. Through Templecode's production which they had been design lots of overseas branded product, this Shinhwa Sneakers gotten lots of love and attention from the public.

"Shinhwa Sneakers" will have/start the preorder through Templecose's official online web on the 26th ( http://www.templecodes.co.kr ), and they are planning to start the market selling on April.

Templecode staff express, production of "Shinhwa Sneakers" the story behind is "A combition & competition with the trendy fashion, shinhwa's images was the best selection for it."

In another hand, shinhwa express towards the sneakers which was name after them, "A born of a brand with our name, feels very happy for it. Hope it will become everybody's favourite brand".

"Shinhwa Sneakers" business income, part of the money will be giving to the top 20 artist's product acitivity for their hardwork and creativity.

Credits to:
Source:Yahoo Japan Blog
Cn Trans:小佳佳@bestshinhwa
Eng Trans:amane@mySHINHWA
^ kpopkingdom, shinhwachangjo.net

Friday, February 23, 2007

Dongwan Diary Entry 2/23/2007

Author: It's oppa! (2007-02-23 00:55:14 Hit 1362)

Title: [Dongwan] While I was running the race..

It's just that the finishing line came a little closer..
I'll be more alert, and will start to rush to the finishing line a little earlier.
You want me to stay as a bad man for a longer time...?^^

credit: yeonae@soompi.com/forums

Thursday, February 22, 2007

SBS "Person I Love" 20 Episodes end earlier

Person I Love" person in charged expressed on the 21st, "the sequel to "Person I Love", "My Man's Woman" will be aired on the 2/4."

When "Person I Love" started airing on 15/1, it was due to have 24 episodes and to end on 3/4. but due to a changed schedule said on 23/1, which comprises of the president's cny speech and the showing of a movie on the 19th, 2 episodes of the drama was missed, plus the fact that the date of the final episode is pushed earlier, it is now decided to be 20 episodes.

"Person I Love" 's final episode being pushed forward, the viewership rating is considered. Being rival to other dramas and shows on MBC, it could not go above 5%, and even dropped to 3.6% on te 6/2. (according to TNS media korea)

credits// My Daily + 东升西落@BestShinhwa + prizzyy@ www.s-shinhwasarang.net/forums

Jun Jin to Go to Taiwan for Promotion

Singer Junn Jin will visit Taiwan in early March to promote his first single “No Love for Me” released last November, as well as a special album released on Wednesday.

The special album contains five songs including “No Love for Me” and “Forever,” and is bundled with a DVD and a picture book.

“Forever” is an easy listening song sung as a duet with Taiwanese singer Linda. The song will be included in Linda’s third album scheduled to be released during the first half of the year. It will also be used for the Taiwanese drama “When a Sparrow Falls in Love with Phoenix” to be aired in early April.

Jun Jin said that he is very pleased that the song “Forever” was chosen for the drama. He also expressed his determination to give his utmost to the promotion.

Credit: KBS Global+myshinhwa+kimdongwanthailand + www.s-shinhwasarang.net/forums

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Shinhwa, the King of Kings

Male group Shinhwa became the "King of Kings" in "Netizen Entertainment Daesang February MVP".

The popularity battle started from 31st Jan through voting. The first two candidates of each category are chosen, a total of 16 candidates, and votings for these candidates start agai, finally choosing the "King of Kings".

The popularity battle ended at 8pm on 20th, and Shinhwa came first. A total of 34259 netizens voted, and Shinhwa received 11158 votes (33.6%), capturing first place.

In second place is Shinhwa member Shin Hyesung. Shin Hyesung received 11097 votes (32.4%). In third place is Junjin with 6049 votes (17.7%), and fourth place is Kim Dongwan with 2340 votes (6.8%). Shin Hyesung and Junjin are both candidates from the solo gasoo category, while Kim Dongwan is a candidate from the actor category.

Aside from Shinhwa, Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK) received 2054 votes (6%), and ended in the fifth place.

In the female entertainers, Bae Seul Gi received the most votes, having 368 votes (1.1%) and is in the sixth place. Also, the deceased gasoo Unee is also one of the candidates.

Credits: Daum (source), julias@bestshinhwa (cn translation), cognizantfire@angelicalharmony (eng translation), angelicalharmony, cognizantfire@shinhwachangjo, shinhwachangjo

20/02 Dongwan's Diary Entry

2007-02-20 14:31:27

The best music movie...

No actor should miss this movie...
Although I watched it just because of Beyonce... ^^;

Jennifer Hudson's performance really is... Bravo!!

Credits: Good EMG (source), yujin@bestshinhwa (cn translation), cognizantfire@angelicalharmony (eng translation), angelicalharmony, cognizantfire@shinhwachangjo, shinhwachangjo

Sunday, February 18, 2007

17/2 [diary] Dongwan: After the performance ended..


Its oppa! (2007-02-17 02:13:35 Hit: 15)
Title: After the performance ended..

Because i feel so empty that im going crazy..

Although the claps and cheering was wonderful
I was very happy when singing..
But merely standing on the stage,
I cant concentrate on my tasks...

p.s: While soaking in the bath tub, i was singing, but got complaints by neighbours.. TT

credits// GOOD EMG + yujin@bestshinhwa +prizzyy@ http://s-shinhwasarang.net/forum
Taken from this thread ---> http://www.s-shinhwasarang.net/forum/index.php?topic=750.0
source: sngelix@soompi.com/forums
sitelink: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=90&st=17660

"Person I Love" 19/2 (Mon) stops airing temporarily for new year

Greetings to everyone!
To all fans and supporters of "Person I Love" drama!!! ^^

"Person I Love" episode 10 (19/2 Mon)
Will not be showing due to the new year break.

We're informing you now that episode 10 will air on 20/2, tuesday.

We seek for the understanding for all SA.SA drama fans
and we wish everyone a happy new year.
Thank you.

credits// SBS'相爱的人啊'官网 + yujin@bestshinhwa + prizzyy@http://s-shinhwasarang.net/forum
Taken from this thread --->
source: angelix@soompi.com/forums
sitelink: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=90&st=17660

Friday, February 16, 2007

Junjin’s new song “Forever” has been chosen as Taiwan drama theme song

Junjin and Taiwan singer Linda has a duet song “Forever” and it has been chosen as Taiwan drama them song.

Junjin’s entertainment company said “On the 15th, Junjin and Taiwan singer Linda duet song has been chosen for Taiwan drama “Mai Qie Ai Shang Feng Huang” theme song.”

This song will be used for the drama “Mai Qie Ai Shang Feng Huang” and the cast are Lee Wei and Fang Bing Bing. , it is expected to be broadcast on April in Taiwan and China.

The music composer for Junjin’s song “Forever” is Shin InSu who has also composed Hyesung and Lyn duet song “Love... After"
Forever song is a simple yet melodic piece of music. This song will be recorded in Junjin’s repackage album which will be on sales on the 15th. Moreover there are
plans on recording this song in Linda’s 3rd album which will be released on the first half of the year.

On the 14th, Junjin and the rest of Shinhwa members will be performing at the “Valentine Korea Concert 2007” that is held in Japan.

At the beginning of March, Junjin will start off his promotional activities in Taiwan, moreover there are plans for overseas activities.

Credits:ocean6 and julias@bestshinhwa for Chinese translation and Enne@Shinhwaism for English translation

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kim Dongwan- Shin Hyesung- Junjin, in the race for Feb MVP Star

Kim Dongwan - Shin Hyesung - Junjin, who is popular?

The Battle within the Shinhwa members popularity has began
on the 13th, 8pm, netizen has started voting for thier February MVP star with shinhwa memember members fighting with the race and the outcome is still unknown.

The votes from 31st jan are as follow :
Male Singer:Shin Hyesung - Junjin
Best Group: Shinhwa - DBSK
Best actor: Kim Dongwan and others
(Mic: note there are other artist too but i just put in Shinhwa in)

Group Shinhwa and DBSK who had a tough battle alst year, will meet again in 2007 for the best group catergory.
Besides this, it seems that the voters has their own favourite drama.

The battle with Korea Best MC and best actor is a battle to watch too.
Reasons Shinhwa fans voted for because Shinhwa seems to be together yet apart and with their solo activites, the fans are concerned
2007 being the start of the new popularity battle, the netizen MVP Star Battle February will end on 20th/2/07, 8pm

Credit: Ocean6 + Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Shinhwa's 2007 Valentine Message

Lee Minwoo, concert dvd sales cleared in 5 days

Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo's concert that was held on the 8th of February, the corresponding dvd did not have any press meetings nor advertisement; it just started selling in China.
If it is so, will the company worry about the sales? yet, the dvd made an unbelievable breakthrough in 3 days. The dvds were all sold out in 5 days, the fans who couldnt buy it pre-ordered it.

The shop in charge of selling the dvds said that everyday, passionate fans woud wait patiently outside the store. If he has the dvd, he would have to take out the dvds first.

credits// OCEAN’S 6 + chouszesze @ Bestshinhwa + prizzyy@ www.s-shinhwasarang.net/forums

"Person I Love" Viewership Rating Increases

In the drama "Person I Love", with the plot startling towards the touching side, in which the wife (Kim Seo(Suh) Young) cries upon hearing about the husband's (Yoon Seok Ju [dongwan] ) affairs. With the husband choosing the other woman (jung min) because of materialistic reasons, this choice makes the audience angry yet sympathetic.

This immediately created a changed in the viewership rating,on the 5th, the rating was 4.2%, on the 6th it was 3.8%, but on the 12th it rose to 5.0%, although this figure is inferior to other dramas, but comparing with the past ratings this has been a great improvement.

credits// OCEAN6 + abby@BestShinhwa + prizzyy@ www.s-shinhwasarang.net/forum

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

13/02 Dongwan's Diary Entry

Written: 2007-02-13 03:54:21 Hit:3
Title: [Dongwan]Sincerely...

I really dislike chocolates..



I am not saying the opposite..

Really…please don’t send chocolates again.. -_-

Looking at the chocolates Forcing myself to eat it Going through torture due to such thoughts I really dislike this…ㅜㅜ

Time to sleep..ah..ZZzzzz

Credit to GoodEMG + jojoyu7@shinhwachina + beck77@shinhwachangjo.net

Shinhwa - Charity Auction for Clothes Worn during 8th Fanmeeting

To celebrate the 8th anniversary of ShinHwaChangJo fanclub, Shinhwa is holding a charity auction.

Clothes worn by the Shinhwa members at the 8th fanmeeting held on the 10th Feb, will be auctioned at gmarket (www.gmarket.co.kr).

The auction will start from 12th Feb till 16th Feb. People who are interested, can participate in this auction at the main page of gmarket and all proceeds will be donated to various charity organizations.

Credits: yonhap (source) + jojoyu7@shinhwachina (cn trans) + beck77@shinhwachangjo.net (en trans) + shinhwachangjo + angelicalharmony

Monday, February 12, 2007

2006 in hospital, this year birthday, celebration with 10,000 fans

At the 8th ShinHwaChangJo fanmeeting which is held on the 10th Feb, 8pm. Singer, Eric celebrates his upcoming birthday with 10,000 fans.

At the party today, Eric says “It has been a long time since I heard such loud and clear shouting from fans. Last year, on the day of my birthday, I was at the hospital and also undergo operations. As for this year, I am very happy to be able to hold a birthday party like this.” From the sentence that he made, people can feel how grateful he was.

Last year on 22nd Jan, Eric was injured at the filmsite of “Wolf” thus not able to attend the fanmeeting cum birthday party held on the 5th of Feb.

Credit to mydaily (orginal article) + jojoyu7@shinhwachina (Korean to Chinese trans) + beck77@shinhwachangjo.net (Chinese to English trans)

Eric - Shin Hyesung: 'Whoa, we realy, can't do this!'

On the evening of 10th, 8th fan meeting of dance group Shinhwa's fan club "Shinhwa Changjo" was held at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul Songpagu.

Shin Hyesung and Eric are bursting out in laughter when they had to stand face to face and eat the remaining cream off of a knife that was used to cut Eric's 29th Birthday cake.

(Lee Dae Duc/news@photoro.com)
Credits: photoro.com + kay77@angelicalharmony (en trans) + angelicalharmony

6 Managers Aspire to be 2nd Shinhwa

Shinhwa's 8th fanmeeting'M.I.S-0210'(Mission:Impossible SHINHWA) was held on the 10 of February, 8pm.

On this day, labelmate BATTLE gave a performance to celebrate. But, although it was said that its BATTLE, but these obese people danced weirdly. =/

After the performance ended and when the lights came on, it was not battle, but Shinhwa's managers who wanted to give a surprise to the fans.

(pris: the people at shinhwachina said that they danced "wild eyes"! LOL)

credits// oceans6 + jojoyu7@shinhwachina + prizzyy@ www.s-shinhwasarang.net/forums

Goodemg: Thank you for attending Shinhwa Fanmeeting!

Hello everyone?
This is GOODEMG.

Shinhwa's 8th Fanmeeting "M.I.S-0210 (Impossible SHINHWA) has ended successfully on 10/2.

Not only fans from Seoul, many fans came from abroad to attend this fanmeeting, we are very grateful.

Also, Shinhwa, who has not been with their local fans for a long time, has finally spent a memorable day with their fans.

We once again thank those fans who have made the stadium full and bustling, and we hope that everyone will continue to support them in their future activities.

thank you.

credits// GOODEMG + 米饭小团子@bestshinhwa + prizzyy@ www.s-shinhwasarang.net/forums

Eric signs contract with Coca Cola

Singer cum actor Eric signs contract as the artiste receiving the best previlages, in their CF. Eric and Korea Coca Cola signed a 9-month contract, CF filming starts in mid February.

Eric's company GOODEMG expressed 'although we can't broadcast the exact of the money, but it is the highest in the entertainment industry.'

This CF that Eric films, is Korea's Coca Cola which reputation is high and is refreshing with low sugar, called 'zero'. this is Eric's first time shooting such a CF, it is scheduled to be broadcasted in March.

Coca Cola, "zero" person in charge said "in order to bring across coca cola to the public better, Eric, being an actor and a singer, with an extremely high popularity, is able to bring out the good points of "zero" well."

Eric will be engaging in his upcoming drama "Let Nature Take His Course", which will begin in March, and also preparing for Shinhwa's 9th jib.

credits// ocean6 + 米饭小团子@bestshinhwa + prizzyy@ www.s-shinhwasarang.net/forums

Thursday, February 08, 2007

DongWan"Though rating's low,but it means nothing if everybody likes it.

Shinhwa DongWan talk about the broadcast ratings for the first time.

Through SBS "Person I Love" & MBC "Jumong" competative, KimDongWan express during interview:"People around me are very worried about the ratings. but if there's audience who watch and like it very much, I feel fulfilled with it and happy about it."

"Compared to the large scale prolonged, I rather willing that everybody will deeply love this drama. We "Person I Love" producer and actors really had a great time during the shooting, hope in the future everybody will continue give us lots of support and love."

Futher, KimDongWan had aware of his role in the drama on his wild amibitious where he can even throw his true love aside, a totaly of behavior changing role.

Towards the role behavior changing, KimDongWan said:"There will be scene where i cant even understand role's feelings and I will seek and discuss with the writter over the plot to understand more on the sutation, and everything settled smoothly."

"In the beggining everybody will feel that SeokJu's a bad guy, a good looking one too. Follow with the drama plot later on, he will turn even bad and selfish.", "After becoming an actor, i realise that it's not easy to act, i will work harder on it."

Credits to:
Cn Trans:东升西落@BestShinhwa
Eng Trans:amane@http://z13.invisionfree.com/mySHINHWA

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

JunJin, Forever Special Edition

Forever Special Edition[40page of unrelease images booklet & DVD]

Product Information
Product Title : Jun Jin Single - Love Doesn't Come Repackage
Singer Name(s) : Jun Jin (Shinhwa)
Release Date : February 15, 2007
Language : Korean
Package Weight : 250 g
Publisher : Vitamin Entertainment, Korea
Other Information : CD + DVD + Photobook
YESASIA PRICE: USD 12.99 / RM45.46

Track List
2.Love Wont Come
3.Even Thousand Times
4.Come Back Ruff

1."Love Wont Come" The Other M/V
2."Love Wont Come" Making Story
3.Junjin,Linda Love Story
4.Junjin in Singapore
5.Junjin in 2006 Story
6.Junjin in Recording Room

Credits to:
Source:oceans & yesasia
Cn Trans:打糕@shinhwachina
Eng Trans:amane@mySHINHWA
FROM : ==>
source: lokeyee@soompi/forums
: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=90&st=17300

Naver Sales No.3, Shinhwa Winter Story

ON the first week of february 2007, Shinhwa's Winter Story is in Naver web album sales no.3.
No.1 goes to Park HyoShin's 5jib
No.2 is Epik High 4jib.

Addition: Naver Web Album Sale Special.
Activity Duration: 2007 Feb 2nd - 2007 Feb 16th.
Purchaser will get to join the contest and win prizes.
Information Site: http://music.naver.com/event.nhn?m=contents&event_id=5090

Credits to:
Cn Trans:abby@BestShinhwa
Eng Trans:amane@mySHINHWA
FROM : ==>http://z13.invisionfree.com/mySHINHWA/inde...?showtopic=2053
source: lokeyee@soompi/forums
sitelink: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=90&st=17300

DongWan and KimAhJung, Best partner

Through February MVP Web Acting Award, KimDongWan on the 6th afternoon receives 11898, the top no.1 vote.

Group Shinhwa members are all busy with their own individual schedule, KimDongWan's SBS drama "Person I Love" competes with "JuMong" and other dramas.

The no.1 female actor goes to KimAhJung who acted in movie "Lonely Beauty"

The nominated actor is being vote by the citizen through web for 10days.
[omited unrelated news]

Credits to:
Source: ocean6
Cn Trans:米饭小团子@bestshinhwa
Eng Trans:amane@mySHINHWA
FROM : ==>http://z13.invisionfree.com/mySHINHWA/inde...?showtopic=2063

Person I Love, ratings dropped.

SBS drama "Person I Love" got affected by MBC popular drama "JuMong", the ratings had dropped to 3%.

Ratings research company TNSmediakorea express that on the 6th, "Jumong"'s rating was 46%. KBS 2TV "Spring Flower Blossum" was 5.4% which had increased 1.7% from the day before, and "Person I Love" gotten the lowest rating ever, 3%. The day before was 4.2% and it had dropped.

"Person I Love" & "Youth Trap" storyline was almost the same, and most of the actors gotten critize and receives lots of audience's exclusion.

Beutiful female artist HanEunJung & KimDongWan taking the main casting in the drama, their partnership had receives many audience attention, but under the stress of JuMong's popularity, they gotten into a painful war.

Can "Person i love" break the popularity curse of "Jumong"? Lets stay tune with it.

Credits to:
Cn Trans:打糕@shinhwachina
Eng Trans:amane@mySHINHWA
FROM : ==>http://z13.invisionfree.com/mySHINHWA/inde...?showtopic=2067


Price: 6,800yen
Shipping Fee : 525yen Free shipping above 15,000yen
Release Date: 6th April 2007
Information Link: http://www.wowkorea.jp/shop/spec.asp?categ...y2=&id=1978

DVD Content List
Epi 1: Suite room
Epi 2: When princess meet punk
Epi 3: After that day

Epi 4: May i love you
Epi 5: Police and safecracker's love story
Epi 6: The body guard who loves me

Epi 7: In love again
Epi 8: Rival
Epi 9: His double Life
Epi 10: Lover


Product Information
■Other Information: 3 DVD
■Content Episode 1-10 "Total 10 episode"
■Content Time duration:
DISC1: 65minute
DISC2: 65minute
DISC3: 86minute
■Language: Korean
■Subtitle: Japanese
■Pubisher: CCRE Cooperation

Credits to:
Cn Trans:堡堡@shinhwachina
Eng Trans:amane@mySHINHWA

FROM : == > http://z13.invisionfree.com/mySHINHWA/inde...?showtopic=2062
source: Lokeyee@soompi.com/forums
sitelink: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=90&st=17300

News of Music Drama Winter Story

It will be released on 8th Feb.

The beautiful love of "Winter Story" music drama repackaged edition.

"Winter Story" is a project CD which uses music and drama together.

The release this time includes the two songs which was not included in the edition released in December, Lee Soo Young's "Tears" and Lee Soo's "My Own Sadness".

The title track of "Winter Story" is Shin Hyesung and Lyn's beautiful ballad duet, "Love... After" jumped into the top few places of all charts, and until now it is still really popular.

The newly recorded "Tears" is Lee Soo Young style ballad, and is a very good but sad ballad. The mixture of the orchestra and Lee Soo Young's voice creates a touching song. Another song "My Own Sadness" is resung version, Lee Soo's great voice will leave a lasting impression.

This time not only is the two new songs recorded, the new 36 minute full story of music drama "Winter Story" (making included) is also in the repackaged edition.

There are three MVs of three songs in the book recorded in the DVD, leading more anticipation. The background music 36 minute full story of the Winter Story music drama is from the songs in the album.

Also, the photos of Eric and Kim Young Kung are in the repackaged edition, and his a high treasuring value.

1. Tears - Lee Soo Young
2. Love... After - Shin Hyesung and Lyn
3. My Own Sadness - Lee Soo
4. White Winter Forever - Mr.2
5. Memory - Kim Bum Soo
6. Flower of Snow - Lee Soo In
7. Butterfly's Winter - Park Hyo Sun
8. Night Like Today - Shinhwa
9. The Snow in front of the University - Yoon Jin
10. To Her Guy - Kim Jong Kook
11. What to Do
12. The Love Song - Lee Mun Seh
13. Back again facing me - Kim Kin Mo
14. Please - Lee Soo Leh
15. Love - The Name
16. Sea of Winter

1. Music Drama Winter Story (full story) - 35:47
2. Love... After MV 6:14
3. Tears MV 5:20
4. My Own Sadness MV 3:44

Credits: Ocean's Six (source), 打糕@shinhwachina (cn translation), cognizantfire@angelicalharmony (eng translation), angelicalharmony, cognizantfire@shinhwachangjo, shinhwachangjo

Monday, February 05, 2007

Junjin Single Special Edition

Shinhwa's Junjin will challenge acting again in the first half of this year.

Shinhwa's management company Good EMG said, "Junjin will have acting activities in the first half of this year."

Junjin acted in KBS 2TV's "Nine Tailed Fox" in 2004, and "Go the the Seaside" in 2005, becoming an actor, showing his multi-talents.

His first single "Love Doesn't Come" released on 16th Nov will have it's special edition released on 15th Feb.

This time in the special edition, the songs of "Love Doesn't Come" single and the song "Forever", sung with Taiwan gasoo Linda will be in it. There will be a total of a 5 track CD and a DVD.

This will not only be released in Korea, it will also be released in Taiwan, grabbing the attention of the fans.

The new song "Forever" is by Shin Young Soo, who wrote the song for Hyesung and Lyn's "Love... After". Junjin and Linda's voices go well with each other, and the song is moderate in tempo.

This song will be in the special edition CD and Linda's 3rd jib.

The special edition DVD has Singapore's footage from September. Also, there will be a previously unreleased 40 page photoalbum, which is worth treasuring.

Credits: Ocean's Six (source), 打糕@shinhwachina (cn translation), cognizantfire@angelicalharmony (eng translation), angelicalharmony

Andy-GuHyeSun, resigned from "Inkigayo"

Shinhwa Andy, drama actress GuHyeSun resigned SBS 'INKIGAYO' MC post.

"Inkigayo" on the 11th will start on using One Day MC system. Representative from the programme express, although they have not found someone to replace it, next week they shall release the show with appointed 'one day replacement' mc.

On the 4th Feb Inkigayo, Andy and hyesun both expresses their feeling that they are reluctant to leave "During these period we had gathered lots of feelings with this programme, seeing so many good artist performing, sincerely feel hard to leave. Now we had become Inkigayo's loyal audience, will continously watching and supporting this programme."
Andy had been Inkigayo's MC since year 2005 June, within this one year and 7 months he had been working with PakHyeWon, HanHyoJu, GuHyeSun.

Credits to: Source:oceans Cn Trans:打糕@shinhwachina Eng Trans:amane@mySHINHWA

Friday, February 02, 2007

K-Pop Struggles to Boost Sales

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff Reporter

South Korea's top groups, TVXQ, top, and SG Wannabe, bottom, try various new marketing strategies to boost their CD sales in the face of a general decline.
Even though popular Korean boy band TVXQ topped the music sales charts in 2006, selling more than 340,000 copies of their third album "O-Chong.Ban.Hap", the figures represent a sharp decline for offline music sales, forcing many in the industry to rethink their marketing approach.

According to the Music Industry Association of Korea, the last few years have been difficult for sales of the once popular compact disc, while online music sales have surged.

Pop sensations SG Wannabe saw sales of their latest album "Third Masterpiece", which sold approximately 310,000 copies this year, fall short of the more than 410,000 of their 2005 release.

Other artists are also seeing sales of their CDs plummet. Shinhwa's "State of the Art" sold 215,000 copies, while Lee Soo-young's "Grace" and Fly to the Sky's "Transition" sold 210,000 and 128,000 copies, respectively, far below industry expectations.

The increase in online music sales has forced the music industry to get creative and to try to entice fans to buy CDs instead of downloading the latest hits on music sites such as Melon or Bugs.

A common complaint among music fans is that the price of CDs, which range from 11,000 won to 15,000 won is too high, especially when compared to the cost of downloading songs.

Some record labels have started to listen to the frustrations of their customers and have begun adding bells and whistles to the disc, such as music videos, bonus tracks and even free badges or cell phone charms.

For instance, in September TVXQ released two versions of their new album, one with a photo booklet and another with a DVD. A month later, two more versions were released, one with a movie about the band and another with a collection of their music videos.

To make sure die-hard fans would continue buying all the versions of their album, special events were organized to increase enthusiasm, including meet-and-greets with the band. One event last Dec. 9 required fans to bring all four versions of the album just to be able to get a ticket _ a ticket would allow a fan the opportunity to receive a pre-printed photo card personally handed out by a member of TVXQ.

The overall music industry, however, still continues to see a decline in offline music sales. Digital music sales have been outpacing sales of CDs since 2004.

Offline music sales started to decline in 2002, at roughly the same time that online music sales started to gain steam. Online music stores such as Melon, Soribada, Bugs and Dosirak have been successful in attracting customers who want to get their music fast and easy.

Based on data from the Korea Culture and Content Agency, online music sales hit 262 billion won in 2005, while offline music sales stood at 108 billion won.

This is a sharp reversal from only four years before when in 2001 offline music sales were 373 billion won while online music sales were only 91 billion won.

This trend is expected to continue this year, unless the music industry can think of new ideas to boost offline music sales.

Source : www.koreatimes.co.kr... ( English Korean )

MinWoo, Perceptual challenge appearance in HyeRyung MV

Artist Lee Min Woo appearance in HyeRung's new album MV.

On the 6th onwards, LeeMinWoo & PakYungRin, ChaeYunSu and so on were in a few places taking the 2 day shooting HyeRyung's new album song title "A ring".

MinWoo made this appearance in HyeRyung's MV is because they are very good friends. HyeRyung's voice attracted many people's heart during her 1st and 2nd jib, and after 2 years she return with her 3rd jib.

In this MV, the story is about a girl's sad love, no matter what his man is doing outside she will always trust and deeply love the man. LeeMinWoo putting down his charming image and taking the challenge on this role.

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M & Junjin,chosen as "Asia Artist" in China

Male group Shinhwa member LeeMinWoo & JunJin was being chosen by the Chinese citizens as the most favourite asian artist.

LeeMinWoo (M) & JunJin will be participating in "Asia Star - Family Love Concert" Shanghai, China on the 3rd Feb 7:30pm.

This concert invitation artist on "Most Wanted to be Invited Overseas Artist" as title for voting among the shanghai citizen and audience. MinWoo & JunJIn was then being picked by the china citizen as the most wanted Asia Artist.

Beside Minwoo & JunJin will be on the stage performing, there will be also Stephanie Sun (Singaporean), Show (Taiwan Male Artist), and so on chinese artist participating.

This "Asia Star Concert" is a weekly popular show which broadcast every Sunday 7:30pm in China. With the emerge of Spring Festival, "Asia Star - Family Love Concert" was being picked as a title and invited those popular artist among the chinese music industry and perform/make appearance on stage.

This concert will be broadcast by Shanghai Oriental TV on the 4th Feb 9pm & 18th Feb 7:30pm (2 hours long). And at the same time besides than in China, Southeast Asia, Japan, the United States, Australia, Europe also will get to catch the programme on tv.

MinWoo & JunJin express: "Really thanks to the China fans for giving so much love and care. Sides than in Korea, China Spring Festival is also a very important festivity, hope everybody will be happy to see our performance on stage. And in the future, hope everybody will give lots of love and care on our concert in China and overseas activites."

Addition, LeeMinWoo & JunJin will be flying abroad on the 3rd and returning on the 4th. Shinhwa members will be gathering in the Indoor Stadium on the 10th evening 7:30 for the ShinhwaChangjo 8th Fanmeeting ‘M.I.S-0210’(Mission:Impossible SHINHWA 0210).

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Shinhwa Eric, Army Enlistment Date to be 2008

Male group Shinhwa's Eric has been appointed his military enlistment date.

According to the Military Administration, Eric has been given the coming 3rd of December as his enlistment date.

If Eric enters conscription as planned, he will complete a 5 week basic soldier training and then carry out a normal 2 year long military service.

According to Shinhwa's management Good EMG however, Eric's conscription is expected to be delayed till next year.

A source from Good EMG revealed, "Eric will be engaging in acting activities in the first half of the year and in the second half will join the Shinhwa members and plan to announce a 9th album. Eric will also carry out overseas schedules as a Shinhwa member at the end of the year."

Eric's management 'Top Class Entertainment' revealed, "When Eric's social security number is searched on the Military Administration internet homepage, it says he is subject to conscription for December 3rd but we have not yet received an enlistment notice. Schedules for Shinhwa's 9th album releasing this year as well as drama and movie schedules have already been made and as Eric has not yet concluded his postgraduate studies, we have unavoidably delayed his conscription one more time. However as his age has already reached the limit, he will definitely enter military service in 2008."

Eric is subject to military conscription after giving up his American Denizenship in 2003 and is currently studying for his Masters degree in Theatre and Visual at Dongguk University.
In the meantime, Eric established his personal management Top Class Entertainment on the 31st and is planning to begin filming for new MBC weekend drama 'Que Sera Sera' on the 2nd of February.

credits. ShinhwaChangjo.net + orenji728 (translation) + MoneyToday (source)
source: ginnie@soompi.com/forums

Andy, Quit MBC "Golden Fishery"

Male group shinhwa member Andy (26) on february 7th as his official resignation, quiting MBC entertainment show "Golden Fishery".

"Golden Fishery" PD ImJungAh said "Due to his personal reason, Andy will quit, we wont be inviting a new member to join the programme, YuSeYun who who appeard in the begginin of january will become the fix appearance member."

Last year early novermber started with KimSungJu, KangHoDong, LeeJiHoon and so on appearance in the Golden Fishery with Andy, on the 28th shooting will be a special episod.

Andy's management company expresses his later on schedule "in the future Adny will focus and appeard more in his acting industry."

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