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[08.03.28][Trans] SHINHWA 9th jib special edition composer and lyrics info

(Composer: JangJunHo, Lyrics: JangJunHo, PakJangKeun)

One More Time Again
(Composer: KimJaeSeok, Lyrics: ChwiKapWon)

The unfinish words
(Composer: LeeSangIn, Lyrics: LeeSangIn)

(Composer: Eric, Lyrics: Eric)

(Composer: Eric, Lyrics: Eric)

(Composer: LeeMinWoo, Lyrics: Eric)

(Composer: KwonTaeEun, Lyrics: LeeMinWoo)

(Composer: Vink)

(Composer: Vink, Lyrics: Vink)

Source: Korean music production association & oceans
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Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[08.03.28][News] In movie premier, Andy will show his 3 confession style

Romance comedy "Definitely, Maybe" had prepared a romantic activity.

Singer Andy on March 31st 9pm will be appearing in CGV Apgudong's movie premier of "Definitely, Maybe" romantic confession activity, he will be showing a 3 different type of confession to the audience.

Andy will be confess like the movie lead male actor where he will giving out roses and accessories to the audience. Andy's 2nd confession style is Andy's dreamy confession style that he oftenly use. Andy will reveal his own confession style that he wish to use on the person he loves. The 3rd confession style is up to what the audience wants him to confess in, so it he will gather all the ideas from the audience that day and will only decide.

Andy's participation in movie premier of "Definitely, Maybe", ticket entry application starts on 22nd til 29th March.

This movie will be screening in the cinema on April 9th.

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[08.03.28][News] April, SHINHWA Junjin solo concert in Japan, album release in Korea

[Sina News] SHINHWA member JunJin celebrating the group's 10th year anniversary, he will be holding his solo concert in Japan. JunJin's first solo concert falls on April 26th in Japan Tokyo, C.C Lemon hall. According to the organizer, because the prepared 5 thousand entrance ticket were all sold off, the fans passionately request for another addition concert.

JunJin debuted in year 1998 as one of the SHINHWA member, in year 2006 he released his solo single, and next month besides than holding his first solo concert in Japan, he will be also release his first solo album in Korea at the same time. Junjin's management company express "This concert is actually out first time dealing with the japan management company and dealing the schedules together. Besides than Japan concert, at the current there are plannings holding Asia tour in China Shanghai and other asian countries."

Source: shinhwachina & Sina
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[08.03.28][News] Andy-Solbi, "The loser must kiss the winner."

Cute Andy Solbi group had made a cute bet with each other to attract viewers. Andy Solbi as a newly wed couple exercising period went to the basketball field, and they even make a ridiculous bet with each other. Andy who has good skills in basketball with Solbi who is unskillful in this game, they bet that "the looser will have to kiss the winner."

What type of kiss they will be having? It will only reveal in the next episode.

Addition, Andy in "We are married" program received a very good compliment from the audience viewer, the fans keep on requesting for more Andy's appearance.

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"i don't think this was posted, and you have NO idea how relieved i am to learn of this. after Eric's accident while filming "Wolf", you can see in perfs that Eric is not doing his best. fans have noted that it's because of his back. and if you watched one of the 9th mv makings, you would see that after posing with the toy airplane for a while, he would get back pain... =S so yes i'm relieved. and onto the news"

"Giving up his American permanent citizenship"Eric, Reason why he is not serving in the military but in civil office

Eric Mun Jung Hyuk will be serving in September this year. But because of his accident in early 2006 while filming a TV drama, he finally received the judgment that he will serve as civilian officer.

As the leader of a 10 year 6 men boyband, as well as an actor, Eric through a source close to him told Money Today Star in an interview that Eric had "given up his permanent residents in the States early 2000, and had chosen to serve the military." He then added, "Eric also believed that serving is a natural matter, and was making preparations for it. But when he got hurt in early 2006, he did another examination, and was finally decided that he would serve only as a civilian officer. However, because Eric had not been very active in the past year, he did not have the chance to tell the public, so there wasn't a public announcement earlier.Although Eric has received notice to serve as civilian officer, he stresses that he will accomplishes his tasks.

While filming MBC drama "Wolf" in late January 2006, Eric was hit by a car that was out of control. As a result, injuries were made to his leg and hip, etc. and was in the hospital for over a month. [Vifz' FYI: Eric got into this accident b/c he was saving his co-worker Han Ji Min. She was supposed to be the one to get hit and he pushed her out of the way. She too was sent to hospital w/minor injuries]

Recently, Eric has decided to film for the June drama KBS 2TV FantasyHistoric Drama "Strongest 7" and will be acting as the main character "Kang Chil Yu" .

from:Money Today Star News
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Chi to Eng Trans: la vifzetta*

[08.03.27][trans] 10th Anniv Site Production Note: Band Practice II

(Picture 1)
Today, Mr Shin's most passionate matter is?!
Rap & Dance~ Rap Rivival~!!ㅋㅋ

(Picture 2)
From starting to the end..
Baby bird and mommy bird's unstoppable controversy~
M song is idea bank~!!!

(Picture 3)
Jin ah!!
When hyung is talking please be concerntrate~~!!
Have to give you a punishment!!
Today keep punishing.. Mr Chung (JunJin)~ㅋㅋ

(Picture 4)
Although both of them looks weird in the pic, but they are so excited~

A ni la mian(If it's not so)~an sung tang mian(AnSung's soup noodle)~(Sing)

By DR.Hong

Source:10th Anniv Site
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[08.03.27][News] The richest member in SHINHWA is Eric

Male group SHINHWA which had debuted for 10 years, among the 6 member who is the only one who earns the most? The answer is ERIC.

On 26th Golden Fishery - Radio Star, MC asked LeeMinWoo: "Who earn the most among the member?" And Minwoo pointed out it's Eric without hessitation. He even explained "When he was acting in drama "Phoenix", almost half of the company's income was gain from Eric."

Then who is the 2nd member? The guest asked why is not LeeMinWoo. With the name SHINHWA running some activities, composing and production needs copyright fee, if MinWoo is the 2nd richest member of course it's a command sense fact, but towards the compare with KimDongWan who also run his actor schedules, there will be a difficulty on decided who's the 2nd richest member.

The funniest is, within SHINHWA 6 member, there are 4 of them are CEO. LeeMinWoo, Eric, Andy, Andy had set up their own company.

Source: oceans
Cn Trans:julias@bestshinhwa
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[08.03.27][News] The reason why the members set up their own company?

Idol group SHINHWA celebrate their 10th anniversary. There were groups facing disband and new groups being formed situation, SHINHWA who had gained a 10 years anniversary is not an easy record, SHINHWA members also had their own solo activities in acting, and other field, even though they are running their own solo activities, but in the end they are still circling around in the group 'SHINHWA'.

Part of the members will be enlisting, in coming April SHINHWA will release their 9th album. On 29th & 30th March they will be holding their large scale concert. With the name SHINHWA they had overcome everything together for 10 years, now they even had formed their own acitivity company.

SHINHWA Andy & LeeMinWoo appeard on 26th MBC Golden Fishery - Radio Star' they expresses the related info.

In year 1998 HOT was such an outstanding group debuted from SM Entertainment, then they formed a new idol group SHINHWA. But after the contract with the members had ended, they were being acknowledge that the company will only extend the contract with some of the members only.

Facing the fact of disband, LeeMinWoo said "Because the company were facing difficulties, so we had to leave, but SHINHWA member just couldnt leave each other."

KimJiLa said "At that time SM express that they wanted to continue to sign contract with Hyesung & Minwoo." Minwoo said "It was a true fact that they even made an planning proposal. Saying that wanted to turn me into the Asian Usher."

Then they changed to another management company and continue with their activities, now the members are in their own company doing their solo activities. Specially Andy, JunJin, Eric & Minwoo who had set up their own management company, KimDongWan & ShinHyeSung too was in a different management company.

Andy frankly express "I had a sudden greed & experience on wanting to go to another company."

SHINHWA 6 members who had been running in their own target and dreams. Because of SHINHWA they glitters. Even seperated they still run their solo activities at the same time together. 6 of them now are actually busy doing their 10th anniversary concert preparation. With "Resolver" as the starter, then they will be also performing many of their hit song. They are now moving forward together with the name SHINHWA.

Cn Trans:julias@bestshinhwa
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[08.03.27][News] SHINHWA vs Kangta concert

Group SHINHWA & HOT member Kangta will be holding a large scale concert in Seoul on the same day.

SHINHWA on 29th ~ 30th March will be holding their 10 years anniversary concert in Seoul Olympic Garden Stadium with title "SHINHWA MUST GO ON - 10th Anniversary Live". And at the same day, Kangta will be holding his large scale concert in Seoul YeonSeDae hall with title "Eternity - Forever" & fanmeeting. In the 90s HOT & SHINHWA was a pretty boy dance group which had gained popularity after their debut, surely their concert will catch lots of people's attention. Specially to Kangta that this concert will be his last concert before his military service which he will enter on April 1st. And at the same time too, SHINHWA KimDongWan & Eric too will be entering this, but with the memorial of 10th anniversary, this concert contains a different meaningful thought.

SHINHWA in this concert they will be having all member's solo charming performance, and at the same time they will be singing their 9th album hit tract 'Just one more time' in the concert and also will be revealing the MV clip for the first time. Addition, in the concert venue entrance area, there were fans specially handmade a '10th' logo with flowers. SHINHWA fans support was extraordinary passionate compare to the last time.


Source:Seoul Sports &oceans
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[08.03.27][News] Minwoo "I still keep a good contact with scandaled artist"

In 26th episod broadcast of MBC Golden Fishery - Radio Star, SHINHWA Andy & LeeMinWoo (M) expresses their inner thought.

Specially is when MC Kimgura questioned "Last time in a certain program, there was a time where you had blurted out your ex lover's real name and it had become a hot topic, right?" Towards this, LeeMinWoo explain "At that time love was so simple and beautiful, the words just came out naturally, i did not even thought of protecting my private life at all."

LeeMinWoo in one of a program last year once said "I use to really like Seo JiYoung & ShinAe, they are the women where i deeply inlove with before."

After the program was broadcasted on tv, it was non-intended but because the repots from the press caused the involved parties some trouble. LeeMinWoo made an apology call to them "Because i speak before i thought about it, so i'm sorry." Then, the female artist response "I understand." LeeMinWoo said that they are still keeping in a good connection with each other now.

LeeMinWoo realise that "I shouldnt have straightaway expresses out my thoughts." then he continues "If the relationship between a lover turns bad, they can break up, but i hate the feeling of bringing hurt and troubles to them, so i never say such words like 'lets break up' to them before."

Addition, Andy who was in the same appearance said "I had not been dating for 6 years" and receive a big response from the other guest saying "That's too weird", "Such good looking man like Andy is impossible to have an empty relationship for 6 years!'

Andy said "It's always me the only one having a single love" He said that women he likes are KimTaeHee, SNSD Yuna, Solbi

Because of Andy's such reply, LeeMinWoo chooses KimTaeHee as his most favorite artist "My mood will turns good by just looking at KimTaeHee" "Because KimTaeHee is H20. Without Air, i can die" and all the guest in the house into laughter.

Source: 韩国经济
Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[08.03.27][News] Minwoo "I had fought with Hyesung before til i see blood"

Singer LeeMinWoo reveal that he had fought member ShinHyeSung before in these 10 years.

MC questioned "Within these 10 years the members had fought before right?
LeeMinWoo answered "We had body fight and even bleed"

"Use to reprimanded JunJin, and member who will fight with fist is only HyeSung" the reason why he said this because Hyesung & Minwoo was into a situtaion before. MinWoo siad "When he kindly drank too much, he will keep repeating all his words that he had said. And i wanted to go to the washroom, but he keep sticking to me, so i got annoyed a little a gave him a slight hit. Then suddenly we got into a fight."

Then Minwoo said that the members had fought over something silly. "After i fart then i jokingly ask the other members 'It's you right', and nobody understands that i was just joking and we ended up in a fight."

Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[08.03.27][Info] ShinHyeSung Concert First Tour In Seoul - DVD release

[08.03.27][Info] ShinHyeSung Concert First Tour In Seoul - DVD release

*Release Date: 15th April 2008
*Other Information: 2 DVDs + concert photo book
*Language: Korean
*Subtitle: Korean, English
*Clip timing: 122+123 minutes


Supplement :
-Behind the Concert
-Encore Concert
-Japan Concert Making Film
-Multi Angles

Content infomation
Korean most popular group who debuted for 10 years, SHINHWA
their main vocal singer, Shin Hye Sung's first solo concert!!!

After 2 years and 3 months he came back with his 2nd album
"The Beginning, New Days" and hold a concert tour
Total of 4 live concerts in Seoul & Japan

The voice which capture the ladies's heart!!!
"First Person" became the most favourable ballad song in year 2007
"Island" "Centre" and so on hit song contained a success in ballad too!

Special performance with special guest on stage!!!
Concert staff, SHINHWA members & LeeJihoon, Kangta!
- ShinHyeSung + JunJin : The strong duo group was born! with name "THE BIRDS"
- Group S's support: Kangta , LeeJiHoon
- And..... friends who will always be there, SHINHWA members!!

ShinHyeSung, this is his first time!!!
Live+Dance+Charisma are all over everywhere!!
- Instinctive hot!!!? ParkJinYoung's "HONEY"
- SHINHWA member dance lesson!!! Lets learn KimJungGook's "Sarang Seureowo"
- ShinHyeSung + Wonder Girls "Tell Me" dance (during encore)
- Passion in Trot!!! "IChaSeon Dari" from movie Highway Star

3.첫 사람
4.다 알면서
5.DON'T + 중심
6.미소 속에 비친 그대
7.인형 (with LeeJiHoon)
8.숨 (with Kangta, LeeJiHoon))
9.사랑… 후에 (with Lyn)
10.우리가 처음 만난 날
13.너만을 느끼며 (with JunJin)
15.모든 게 다 너야
18.같은 생각

2.TALK with SHINHWA (1)
3.TALK with SHINHWA (2)


03.여자들은 좋겠다
04.눈물이 글썽
05.아기공룡 둘리
06.밤이면 밤마다
07.슬픈 인연
08.모든 게 다 너야
09.지우고… 버리고…잊어도...
11이차선 다리


Source:interpark & Oceans6
Cn Trans:jojoyu7&打糕@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

Yesasia pricing is US$34.99 + Freeshipping *Click*

[08.03.27][Article]A Taste of Celebrity-Owned Restaurants in Seoul

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia, Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporters

In celebrity-crazed Korea, stars can hawk everything from ramyeon to cell phones to vitamin drinks. So it is no wonder that some celebrities have started their own businesses such as clothing brands and restaurants, using ``star power'' for their own benefit.

Hallyu superstar Bae Yong-joon, K-pop group Shinhwa, singer Kim Jong-min and actors Lee Jung-jae and Hong Suk-chun are some of the celebrities who have entered the restaurant business.

Some of these stars generate hype for their restaurants by placing their names and photos prominently inside the restaurant. Others play down the star factor and concentrate on the quality of the food and service.

The Korea Times takes a look at some of the celebrity-owned restaurants.

[Non-Shinhwa related news omitted]

K-pop & Food

Korean pop group Shinhwa endorsed the fried chicken chain Kyochon a few years ago, and ended up opening a Kyochon chicken franchise restaurant in Rodeo Street in Apgujeong, southern Seoul.

The restaurant is quite small, and decorated with autographed posters of Shinhwa members and even their framed handprints on the walls.

There is not much variety on the menu, which includes the Kyochon original chicken (8,000 won for small, 15,000 won for big servings), French fries, salad and cheese sticks. There is even ``Shinhwa chicken,'' which is a very spicy version of the original Kyochon chicken. Because of Shinhwa's popularity around Asia, it is no surprise there are always some foreign fans dining at the restaurant.

Angel Mahinay, a 23-year old fan from the Philippines, said that she already knew about Kyochon chicken from watching the Shinhwa commercials on the Internet.

While visiting Seoul last week, Mahinay and her friend checked out the Shinhwa restaurant to try the chicken. "I saw the Kyochon chicken commercial and I really wanted to eat the yummy chicken. Now that I have tried it, I can say the chicken is really as good as it looked on the commercial,'' she said.

To get there, leave exit 2 of Apgujeong station, Line 3 and walk towards the direction of the Galleria Department Store. After around 700 meters, turn right at the Hana Bank, walk a few meters and you'll find the Shinhwa Kyochon Chicken restaurant on your right.


[08.03.27] [ND Notice] Andy's 1st Album Event (Evan Records)

Hello !

This is ND Entertainment.
From March 28th to the 30th of 2008,
buy ANDY's 1st Album, get <앤디야♥사랑해> towel free!
at EVAN record ( located in COEX )


1. Date : 2008. 3. 28 ~ 30 (3 days only)
2. Place : EVAN Record ( COEX , Samaung0dong )
3. Quantity : 150 ea by order of receipt. ( One towel for 1 CD )
4. For more information : T. 02-6002-1000
* This package ( 1 CD + 1 towel) of event can be sold out before March 30th.

ND Entertainment + + Shinhwa Philippines

[08.03.26][notice] Andy's Love Song collaboration with movie Definitely, Maybe

Hi everyone

We truly thank the fans who have been supporting Andy in his activities~

This time, Andy's Love Song
Will be collaborating on a promotion with the romantic comedy "Definitely, Maybe"

Firstly, we'd like you to write down your thoughts about this collaboration

On 31 March Andy will also be attending a special screening event
We hope everyone can participate

Thank you

Screening time: 9pm, March 31
Venue: Seoul, CGV Apgujung

[08.03.26][news] Shinhwa's secret to their 10 years together

H.O.T were active for 5 years, and though Shinhwa made their debut 2 years after H.O.T did, they have already gone on to celebrate their 10th anniversary this year, and will be holding their 10th anniversary concert on 29 & 30 March.

Shinhwa made their debut in 1998 under SM Entertainment, the same company that managed H.O.T, and Shinhwa was content to be No.2 then. Moreover, their path to success was also obstructed by Sechskies, a key competitor of H.O.T.

There were also other idol groups under SM that came and went, but Shinhwa did not disband like H.O.T did, neither did they put a stop to their group activities like G.O.D did, and in fact conquered all obstacles that most idol groups face.

The first reason behind Shinhwa's longevity as a group is their change of management company. After their contract with SM ended in June 2006, they signed on to GoodEMG, which gave them a newfound confidence. In SM, Shinhwa was just one of the many idol groups that was under the company, but to GoodEMG, Shinhwa is their everything.

Another reason is Shinhwa's strategy of "apart but together", similar to that of top Japanese group SMAP. When SMAP first made their debut, their results were less than satisfactory too, but their impressive performances on variety shows helped them to gain a lot of popularity.

Similarly, after the release of their 7th album Brand New, the 6 members of Shinhwa also strengthened their approachable images through variety shows such as Love Letter and Xman.

The splendidly-choreographed Brand New managed to sell a whopping 325,000 copies and was an overwhelming success with the audience. If it wasn't for the declining state of the music industry, industry experts were saying that sales might well have exceeded 1 million copies. That year, they won the Seoul Gayo Daesang for the first time in their 7 years together, and all 6 members were moved to tears. It was also after this that their solo activities began to take off.

Eric and Kim Dongwan took up acting, to great success - Eric through Bulsae and Dongwan through Goodbye Sadness. Eric even went on to become a highly valued CF star. At the same time, Lee Minwoo and Shin Hyesung became solo artistes, and their solo activities help to keep Shinhwa in the limelight.

Shinhwa didn't burst onto the scene to great success, but instead took a long and winding course of 7 years before they reached their peak. They faced disbandment crises and other situations in the 7 years, but their unity grew amidst these obstacles, and the bonds between the members gradually grew to that of brothers.

However, the lessened group activities have had its bad points as well. Their 8th album State Of The Art, released in 2006, had reviews that said that it seemed like a project album more than something that they had injected effort into.

Since 2005, the members have been occupied with individual activities as well as the Shinhwa concert tour and solo concerts. Facing brand new challenges such as these, Shinhwa members are still able to regroup the moment they shout "Urineun Shinhwa imnida (We are Shinhwa)".

Members Kim Dongwan, Eric, Lee Minwoo, Junjin and Andy are all due to enlist for the army, which implies that the next reunion will take another 3-4 years. Thus 2008 is an especially meaningful year for Shinhwa.

Source: dacapo
Chi trans: julias@bestshinhwa

[08.03.26][news] Eric: 30 million won per episode?

Shinhwa member Eric returns to TV as the highest-paid singer-turned-actor.

In the new KBS2 series that is scheduled for broadcast from June, Choi Gang Chil Woo (working title / produced by Park Man Young), Eric is expected to receive 30 million won per episode. If the ratings are higher than expected or if the rights to the drama are sold to other territories, his fees will further increase.

Eric is apparently the highest paid singer-turned-actor in the industry. Korea's highest-paid actor Bae Yong Joon reportedly received 2 billion won per episode for MBC drama The Legend, and thus making a cool 50 billion won for the whole series.

The reason for Eric's high fees is his status as a Hallyu star. As a member of Shinhwa, Eric is a star in Japan and he's also well known as an actor there through his dramas such as "Bulsae" and "Super Rookie". The reason for the production team behind "Choi Gang Chil Woo" choosing a Hallyu star for this project is exactly this - there are special plans for the drama to be aired in Japan.

If the plans for Japan proceed, Eric will receive royalties from the Japan activities as well. A KBS spokesperson said, "Choi Gang Chil Woo is the biggest project for KBS this summer. We're looking forward to attracting overseas acquisitions for the drama with Eric as the selling point."

"Choi Gang Chil Woo" is a 20-episode sageuk drama.

Source: sports hankook &oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.03.26][News] ANDY origin suppose to be a HOT member!

Celebrating their 10th anniversary, the fact that SHINHWA Andy was suppose to be one of the original member of HOT.

In recent recording appearance of KBS 2TV "Happy Together - Song Challenge" MoonHeeJun revealed in this shooting on 22nd March regarding the existing of HOT.

At the very beginning HOT started off with 10 members in the group, they were all being judges according in their skills improvement, then slowly eliminated the members and left the lucky ones and form the final group. The left over members were MoonHeeJun, Kangta, JangYuHyuk, Tony An, LeeJaeWon, and Andy.

As Tony An & Andy looks alike, one of them had to be eliminated. As Andy was young and powerful as an alternate, but Tony An's was facing family difficulties, so the members heart were more onto Tony An.

MoonHeeJun frankly said :"The members felt relief in the end." HOT was then debut with the meaning of High-five of Teenager. The original plan was to form a 10 member group, but members who were over up to a certain age was immediately be replaced over.

[Related news obimted]

Cn Trans:julias@bestshinhwa
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[08.03.25][trans] Shinhwa 9th Album Special Edition Lyricist Composer Report

Eric wrote two tracks entirely by himself, while Minwoo composed and Eric wrote the lyrics for a track together. Minwoo also wrote the lyrics for another song.
Interesting fact - All composers/lyricists have their own ID number
Eric's: W03292
Minwoo's: W05129

(Composer: Jang Jun Ho / Lyricist: Jang Jun Ho, Park Jang Geun)

다시한번만 (Just One More Time)
(Composer: Kim Jae Suk / Lyricist: Choi Gap Won)

아직못다한얘기 (Words Still Left Unspoken)
(Composer: Lee Sang In / Lyricist: Lee Sang In)

(Composer: Eric / Lyricist: Eric)

(Composer: Eric / Lyricist: Eric)

(Composer: Lee Minwoo / Lyricist: Eric)

(Composer: Kwon Tae Eun / Lyricist: Lee Minwoo)

(Composer: VINK)

(Composer: VINK / Lyricist: VINK)

Credit: KOMCA + shinhwachina +
Chinese Translations: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Chinese to English Translations:

[08.03.25][trans] Lee Minwoo Even Gives Up Performances! What Does He Plan to Do...

Singer Lee Minwoo gives his all for Shinhwa's 10th year anniversary activities.

To fully prepare for group Shinhwa's 10th year celebration concert, to be held on the 29th and 30th at the Gymnasium in Seoul Olympic Park, Lee Minwoo gave up his previously scheduled individual activities.

A representative from Lee Minwoo's management company OPENWORLD ENTERTAINMENT said, "Concerning the recently released MINI album, Lee Minwoo barely went through a promotional period. To prepare for Shinhwa's 10th year concert, he canceled broadcast activities previously scheduled for the 21st and 23rd, and is currently dedicating all his efforts into preparing (for the album and concert)”

Lee Minwoo is composing for four songs, one of which includes the title track (name yet to be determined), to be included on Shinhwa's 9th album celebrating their 10th year debut. Lee Minwoo is also spending a lot of time on dance choreography, in preparation for the upcoming public performances in front of the fans. With all this, naturally the situation arises in which the only possible solution is to cut back on his own personal activities.

Lee Minwoo's company expressed, "Because this will be the last set of activities before Eric, Kim Dongwan and other members will have to enlist, Minwoo felt that the concert stage this time seemed particularly special. While partaking in directorial roles of the album and concert, he is also giving his support to the other members."

Shinhwa celebrates the 10th year of their official debut on the 24th, and is preparing to issue their 9th album in addition to holding concerts on the 29th and 30th, along with other activities.

Credit: Korean Daily + + +
Chinese Translations: 文@谁宇争锋
Chinese to English Translations:

[08.03.25][trans] 10th Anniv Site Production Note 8: STUDIO GoodSound (JJ)

*ap.mohm - apgujung body, which means buff bod

...that's what jin called sungie in their latest MBC interview LOL*

"Ah oo, this is the first time I've worked out in 3 months, I'm dying of exhaustion"
Choong-gun, wearing a red training suit to the recording studio
Is eating chicken breast salad and drinking bitter coffee
Training for a buff body

JJ's caption: Please look out for the ap.mohm

Choong-gun, who records with the speed of the wind
When will he be able to read more English rap than Ric-gun and An-gun
Mumbling mumbling...ㅋ

by W

Chi trans: 打糕@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.03.25][news] Eric's return to TV before army enlistment

Shinhwa member Eric (Mun Jung Hyuk, 29) will be displaying his acting skills for the last time before he enlists into the army.

The KBS2 drama, 최강칠우 (Choi Gang Chil Woo / Strongest Chil Woo - working title) from 9 June onwards, every Monday and Tuesday at 9.55pm. Scripted by Baek Yoon Chul and produced by Park Man Young, the drama will star Eric as the male lead character Kang Chil Woo (working name).

"Strongest Chil Woo" is KBS's latest sageuk drama after "Hong Gil Dong". Eric will play a lowly officer in a 의금부 (eui geum bu) (a court that handles crimes of treason) in the Joseon era, nondescript, not very smart and whose lifelong ambition is to become a mid-level officer. However when night falls, he transforms into the top assassin in an assassination organization, who metes out punishment to evildoers and gives justice where needed. This challenging role will see him play out a man with two vastly different characters.

The court, the equivalent of the modern-day police department in the Joseon era, will be the setting for the drama, and the sageuk drama will feature action scenes with assassins with various secrets.

After starring in MBC's "Que Sera Sera" last May, Eric has been busy with Shinhwa's overseas activities. This will be the last drama project before he enlists into the army.

Eric, unlike the other members, hasn't had any solo album activities beside Shinhwa group activities.

Shinhwa's 9th album is due to be released very soon, and when interviewed Eric sad, "I took a long break because my health condition wasn't that good. Now I'm in my peak condition."

Eric's management company Top Class Entertainment expressed, "Eric can't really relate himself to a sageuk drama, but as the script is very interesting, he decided on it as his next project. After a year's break, he's now in the pink of health. This drama is expected to end in mid-August and he's scheduled to enlist in September".

Source: naver consolidated news
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Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.03.25][news] Andy: I invested in my own solo album

Shinhwa's Andy disclosed on a variety show that he invested in his own solo album.

On the 24th March broadcast of MBC's Jipijiki, Andy said, "My management company asked me to lose weight, so I lost about 8kg. But after all that effort, we realised that I didn't look good so I had to put the weight back on. So now I've got a bit of the weight back."

At this moment the other guests asked, "Why are you so obedient to the agency? Have you always been this obedient?" To which he candidly answered, "Ever since I released my solo album I've been very obedient to the agency."

Later on the show, MC Park Myung Soo commented, "The music industry hasn't been doing well, and you released your album now. I heard that there's a lack of investors too."

Andy then disclosed, "I invested in the album myself."

In response to Andy's honest reply, Park Myung Soo then said jokingly, "If you invested, then why do you need to listen to your agency?" Andy then said to the amusement of the audience, "I have no choice because I have a stake in the company".

Source: newsen&oceans
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[08.03.25][news] Andy: I cried when I watched Shinhwa's Guerilla Concert

On the 24th March broadcast of Jipijiki, Andy shared his pain during the time he was unable to join the rest of Shinhwa in their activities, touching the hearts of all present.

Andy said, "After I came back from the US, I stayed in a koshiwon (dormitory)", revealing the hard times behind the seemingly glamorous lives of idol singers.

He continued, "I had to go back to the US because my parents were not feeling well", revealing the reason for his temporary departure. "When I came back from the US, I didn't have a place to stay so I had to stay with a hyung at the koshiwon. After a year's absence I was afraid of going about life alone and I wasn't sure if I could carry on", surprising the guests who were present.

The reason behind Andy's return to the group was the true friendship among the members. Andy was watching at the koshiwon as the members were holding the Guerilla concert, where Minwoo said "If only Andy could be with us. Andy, we'll be together forever." Andy said that he started to cry when he saw that.

Describing his thoughts at that time, he said "Because I was at the koshiwon, I had to keep quiet, so I stuffed my face into the pillow and just cried."

The guests all couldn't contain their surprise, and were moved by the friendship between the members.

Source: tvreport&oceans
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Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.03.25][GOOD] Points to note for Shinhwa concert

Hi everyone
This is in Next Trend, in charge of Shinhwa's 2008 concert.

The following are things to note before
the "SHINHWA MUST GO ON" 10th Anniversary live concert.

1. Ticket office operating hours
29th March -- 13:00 - 18:30
30th March -- 13:00 - 17:30

1) Presale tickets collection
March 29 14:00 ~ 18:30
March 30 13:00 ~ 17:30

2) Onsite ticket sales
March 29 13:00 ~ 18:00
March 30 13:00 ~ 17:00
3) Complimentary ticket exchange: Same time as onsite ticket sales
4) Information counter: From 1pm til end of concert on both days

Onsite ticket sales
1) All cancelled tickets will be sold onsite
2) Prices
SR: 110,000won
R: 88,000won
S: 66,000won
A: 44,000won
B: 33,000won
(VAT included, no exchange of tickets using cash receipts or tickets)

3) No credit card payment, only cash payment

2. Personal belongings storage

Operating hours
1) March 29 14:00 ~ 21:00
2) March 30 14:00 ~ 20:00
Fees: 2,000won (cash only)

3. Sale of Concert Goods
Operating Hours
1) March 29 12:00 ~ 17:00
2) March 30 12:00 ~ 16:00

* In order to faciliate concert entry and the concert, sales will end 1 hour before the concert
* Depending on conditions, sales may also proceed after the concert
(details to be released on the day of the concert)

4. Concert Entry

- 2 hours prior to the concert please queue according to your designated sections
- 1.5 hours prior to the concert please enter the venue according to your ticket number
- Please have your ticket and belongings checked upon entry and put on the wristband

2) Seated
- 1.5 hours prior to the concert please enter the venue from the designated entrances
- Please have your ticket and belongings checked upon entry

*No entry after the concert starts
Everyone at the ticket booth, personal belongings storage booth, merchandise sales area, restrooms etc
Please enter the venue as soon as possible when you're done
(FYI It will take some time to find your seats as well.)

*All phototaking, video and sound recording is strictly prohibited at the concert.
Offenders will be asked to leave the concert.

*We seek your cooperation for the concert to proceed smoothly.

FROM:Good Entertainment
Chi trans: 虫虫猪猪@BestShinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.03.24][trans] 10th anniversary thoughts: Why Shinhwa is a legend

Wearing oversized costumes and sporting long fringes, earnestly performing Hae Gyul Sah. The 23-year-old fans then have also turned 29 or 30 by now. During this whole time, Shinhwa has functioned as a group, and also individually through members' activities in solo albums and dramas.

Due to release their 9th album next month, Shinhwa has had a long history with Sports Donga, as Sports Donga's first issue was also released on March 24. Since March 24 1998 when Shinhwa first made their debut, 10 years have already passed. On one hand, they have helped pop culture to flourish and left an indelible mark on pop history, and on the other hand they have managed to maintain their popularity and hold on firmly to their position of the national stars of Korea.

Once Shinhwa, Forever Shinhwa

"It's fate to share the same birthday, we hope that you can continue with Shinhwa in the future."

We met up with Shinhwa who were filming their MV at Jebu-do, Hwaseong in Gyeonggi-do, and they greeted us with the statement above when we started our interview.

"Although Sports Donga reports are often simple, but it's very detailed." - Lee Minwoo

"Though we also met with a setback the very first time, we still managed to get through 10 years. It's the same for Sports Donga I think, your first issue must have been difficult but you've pulled through." - Shin Hyesung

"We hope to still perform on stage when we're 50 or 60, all the members do. We hope Sports Donga can grow with Shinhwa." - Junjin

Failure of 1st Album, Disbandment Worries

The path of success didn't run smooth for Shinhwa in the last 10 years. After the failure of their first album, they faced the possibility of disbandment. And Andy's departure during the 4th album left many fans in agony. Disbandment worries once again surfaced due to a change in management agency and contract renewal issues.

Kim Dongwan recently disclosed on a program that, "Eric rejected very high solo contract offers to ensure that the group stayed intact."

To this Eric replied, "My choice wasn't a sacrifice, it was the best decision I've made in my life."


Most idol groups don't last long. Then what is the secret behind their longevity as a group? Shinhwa responded with "loyalty and brotherly love".

Shin Hyesung said, "Now we share an understanding like that of brothers. Although there are times that we fight and argue, but they only serve to strengthen our bonds."

Eric added, "If there isn't trust between the members, it's not possible to be able to stand on the same stage for 10 years."

Famous for being straightforward with reporters, Kim Dongwan said, "The loyalty between the members is very important. We all know that Shinhwa's power is much stronger than our individual strength."

Pre-Enlistment Confession..Reunion 4 Years Later

To Shinhwa, 2008 is a meaningful year not only because it's the year of their 10th anniversary, but it also signifies the beginning of the future. The members who will experience the biggest change in their lives will be Kim Dongwan, Eric and Lee Minwoo, as they will be enlisting into the army this year. Junjin and Andy are also due to enlist in 2009 and 2010 respectively. This means that it will take at least 4 years before the members can reunite as a group.

But Shinhwa members all agree that "there's no such thing as Shinhwa disbanding". Lee Minwoo said, "Our members will grab whatever opportunities that come along that will allow us to regroup. Junjin added that "When the members reunite 3 or 4 years later, it should feel like meeting our first loves." From what they say, we should be expecting a 10th album to come from Shinhwa.

Resolving Conflicts

Shinhwa's advice to the younger groups - "To be able to stay together for as long as we have, you have to be able to resolve disgreements between members as quickly as possible." Shin Hyesung said, "Most of the time when groups disband it's due to conflicts between members. After all everyone grew up in a different environment, and everyone has different values. We fight too, but we will resolve our disagreements immediately."

Kim Dongwan emphasized the importance of group unity, "You need to think as though you'll be living together for life. Once you notice that you have different points of view, you won't be able to breathe and grow together."

Chi trans: 染@bestshinhwa
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[08.03.24][trans] 10th Anniv Site Production Note 7: STUDIO GoodSound (Andy)

Andy's caption - My back hurts... Can't I sit to do recording?

An-gun who is down with a bad cold
Walked into the recording studio, with a runny nose
"Ah... My voice can't come out, how now?"
He was blowing his nose throughout the entire recording
And kept shouting "Ok recording GO GO GO"
Ah... But the recording took very long,
His back was hurting.

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Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.03.24][news] Shinhwa's 10th Anniversary: Time for the last concert

Sharing 10 years of friendship together, the 6 members of Shinhwa will be celebrating their 10th anniversary on March 24. They said that the motivation that has pushed them on for such a long time is "our trust in each other".

As the longest-running group in Korea, they will be holding their 10th anniversary concert at Seoul Olympic Park on 29 and 30 March. As members Eric and Kim Dongwan are due to enlist in the army this year, this will be the last time the members will be holding a concert and releasing an album under the name of "Shinhwa" in the near future. After the release of the 9th album in early April, all group activities will be put on hold.

"It feels terrible having to send the hyungs off first. Maybe my tears will just gush out during the concert." - Junjin

"Luckily it's not an incomplete number like 8 or 9, but a complete 10. I'm kidding (laughs). Being able to spend the past 10 years under the name of 'Shinhwa', I think it has been the happiest time of my life. We can't go back to our precious memories now, but maybe it will still be the same from now onwards." - Eric

Shinhwa members were filming their MV near the fossil site at Hwaseong in Gyeonggi-do. And in order to get into character, their fake handguns were also equipped with fake bullets. Although they all had the poise, but their faces all wore the excitement of kindergarten kids as they played around with the fake guns. The plot of the MV involved Shin Hyesung, Junjin, Andy, Lee Minwoo and Kim Dongwan having to rescue Eric who had been kidnapped by a rival gang.

"Isn't my hairstyle the same as my dad's (Charlie Park)?" Junjin joked as he did the Rimario dance (the dance that Andy used to do on Love Letter). Hyesung was nearby looking at the mirror wearing his fake moustance. Lee Minwoo flashed his bronzed chest muscles, while Andy was pretending to shoot wearing a bright yellow shirt. Eric attempted to greet the Uzbekistan extras with the Spanish he learnt in high school, but was embarrassed when they replied fluently in Korean, "Hyung please speak Korean."

Although Shinhwa's group activities will stop for now, but members will all be busy with their own solo projects. Kim Dongwan and Junjin will release their 2nd albums respectively, while Lee Minwoo will be holding his solo concert in the US and in Shanghai. Eric will act in a drama before he enlists into the army, Andy will also feature in a drama after he finishes his promotions for his first album, while Shin Hyesung is scheduled to release his 3rd solo album in June.

So what do they think of the next 10 years? Shin Hyesung said, "We'll be married and even when everyone becomes ahjusshis I'll still remember Shinhwa forever. Although everything will change, but all the memories and experiences we had as Shinhwa, that's probably the best thing in the world to us."

Source: joongang & oceans
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Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.03.24][news] Kim Dongwan's solo videoconference in Japan

Singer Kim Dongwan (29) held a successful solo video conference in Japan late last week.

Holding his videoconference in Harajuku Astro Hall, though Dongwan himself wasn't present personally, there were still more than 200 fans who gathered to catch a glimpse of him via the video conference, a clear display of his popularity.

This video conference is specially for the Japanese fans who have been waiting for Dongwan's 2nd album, and scenes from his last Japan fanmeeting, of him recording his 2nd album and also scenes from his everyday life were shown to the fans.

Through his video messages, Kim Dongwan expressed his regret at not being able to attend the event in person, "I should be there, but I can't make it due to my packed schedule. I've prepared the video in replacement of me, and Shinhwa's album and my 2nd album is about to be released, hope everyone will love it."

Dongwan is now busy with his preparations for the upcoming Shinhwa album, as well as his 2nd album. He is always busy practising for Shinhwa's 10th anniversary concert which will be held on 29/30 March.

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[08.03.24][GOOD] Congratulations to Shinhwa on their 10th anniversary!!

Hi everyone!
This is GoodEMG.

To us, today will be another precious part of our memories
Today's the day of Shinhwa's 10th anniversary since their debut

1998, March 24, Shinhwa was born to become a legend......
2008, March 24, until today when they have become a legend......

In the sparkling 10 years that have passed
They have stayed together, unwavering from the beginning til now
We congratulate the Shinhwa members who have come this far and Shinhwa Changjo who have stayed with them throughout.

Going forward Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo will be together for an even longer time!!

This year, the members will continue to be active as singers, actors, MCs and other solo activities, and they will show you the best of them as they present their 9th album
Please continue to love and support them. Once again we congratulate Shinhwa on their 10th anniversary, and thank you to all the fans.

SHINHWA Must Go On!!!

Source: GOOD
Chi trans: julias@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.03.24][diary] DW: 10th anniversary celebration messages


It's been exactly 10 years since our first performance that was aired. Everyone has worked hard, until we die we be the kind of friends that wil help one another.
- From Eric

Congratulations on our 10th year (anniversary)!! Shinhwa is the best! Ajja!!!
- From Minwoo

After 10 years, we are still close to each other. Even through hard times we have gotten through them. This proud feeling keep having for our 40s~~ These ten years we've been through a lot~~~
- From Hyesung

I love you. All the members.
- From Junjin

I love you ^^* Let's go together to the end.
- From Andy

Shinhwa Manseeeeeh!
- From Dongwan

p.s. When HS finds out that his message is posted he is surely going to be upset... how can i appease him..?

Eng trans: hyejin @

[08.03.23][trans] 10th Anniv Site Production Note: Band Practice

Band Practice

Before the members meet up with the band to practise..
The band members have already practised twice or thrice.
It's almost the same people who have been working with Shinhwa and M hyung for the last 3 years
Now they can already play Shinhwa's songs with their eyes closed..ㅋㅋ

The youngest band member, the one who is singing backup vocals...
Is singing in place of the members...
He's good at imitating the members' voices while they are singing..
Maybe it's because he's been working with them for so long, so he's gotten really good at it~~
rap...he does it exactly the same way as the Shinhwa members
So he had us all laughing in fits...what a great kid!!

The mission for the band today!!
To rearrange the songs into rock versions!!
The band members are playing a rock rhythm... relaxedly playing out a completely different feeling.
I Dr. Hong and Mr Lego from the music team are very happy with it
I wonder what Shinhwa will think of it! We'll have to wait for the members to join in the practice.. ^^&

And...what song is this...
See it during the concert then~~~

@band rehearsal studio
by DR.Hong

Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.03.23][news] Shinhwa's concert venue to be decorated with flowers from fans

The venue for Shinhwa's 10th anniversary concert will be turned into a garden as the entrance and the "10th" banner which will be hung at the entrance of the concert venue will be decorated with flowers from fans. As this will be a gift from the fans, the size of the banner has yet to be confirmed.

To commemorate Shinhwa's 10th anniversary, the "Sending Flowers of Love to Shinhwa" project will be ongoing at Starflower ( The concert will be held at 6pm on 29 March and at 5pm on 30 March at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium.

Prior to the concert, Shinhwa will be releasing their main track from their 9th album, 다시 한번만 (Tashi Hanbonman / Just One More Time) on 24th March.

Good Entertainment said, "다시 한번만 (Just One More Time) will be released on Shinhwa's official 10th anniversary site, as well as other sites like Melon, Bugs, Dosirak and Soribada."

The R&B ballad 다시 한번만 (Just One More Time) involves all the members on vocals, and is written by Wanted member Kim Jae Suk.

Shinhwa will be releasing 50,000 copies of the Special Limited Edition of their 9th album on 3 April, and their official 9th album will be released on 10 April.

Source: NEWSIS
Chi trans: eriko@幻梦星神
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.03.23][news] Shinhwa's concert venue to be decorated with flowers from fans

The venue for Shinhwa's 10th anniversary concert will be turned into a garden as the entrance and the "10th" banner which will be hung at the entrance of the concert venue will be decorated with flowers from fans. As this will be a gift from the fans, the size of the banner has yet to be confirmed.

To commemorate Shinhwa's 10th anniversary, the "Sending Flowers of Love to Shinhwa" project will be ongoing at Starflower ( The concert will be held at 6pm on 29 March and at 5pm on 30 March at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium.

Prior to the concert, Shinhwa will be releasing their main track from their 9th album, 다시 한번만 (Tashi Hanbonman / Just One More Time) on 24th March.

Good Entertainment said, "다시 한번만 (Just One More Time) will be released on Shinhwa's official 10th anniversary site, as well as other sites like Melon, Bugs, Dosirak and Soribada."

The R&B ballad 다시 한번만 (Just One More Time) involves all the members on vocals, and is written by Wanted member Kim Jae Suk.

Shinhwa will be releasing 50,000 copies of the Special Limited Edition of their 9th album on 3 April, and their official 9th album will be released on 10 April.

Source: NEWSIS
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Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.03.23][news] Andy gets embarrassed, "He's a singer?"

Shinhwa's youngest member Andy (27) who has just released his first solo album suffered some little insults on MBC's children program Deskmates of Imagination, and could only laugh in amusement.

The program is hosted by Kim Jae Dong, Oh Sang Jin and Park Sang Hyuk, where popular celebrities are seated at the same desk with Primary One children to answer questions, and is broadcast every Sunday at 9.30am. On the March 23rd episode, Seung Woo Yeong Nyeo, Andy, Ha Dong Gyu, Lee Kwang Gi and Jo Hae Ryun were among the guests on the show.

The first hit happened for Andy when veteran actress Seung Woo Yeong Nyeo whispered to Kim Jae Dong and asked, "Is he a singer?". After she realised that the scene was broadcast, she laughed in embarrassment as Kim Jae Dong shared the story with the rest of the guests.

After this, during the vote of popularity among the children between Ha Dong Gyu and Andy, Andy suffered his next setback. When asked how he thought he would fare in the voting Andy said, "I hope there will be at least one vote", and when Kim Jae Dong added "I believe there should be at least 2 to 3 votes", Andy gave a little confident smile. However Ha Dong Gyu beat Andy by 2 votes to nil.

Andy recently released his solo album and have been participating actively on variety shows. He had just appeared on MBC's "We're Married", playing a newlywed couple with Solbi and had received the accolade of "Wanso Nam" (a man that should be treasured), but unexpectedly suffered a shock at the hands of the children on this program.

Source: osen & dacapo
Chi trans: julias@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Sunday, March 23, 2008

[08.03.21][trans] We Are Shinhwa

Softly counting "one, two, three", then stretching one arm and then shouting "Annyeong haseyo, urineun Shinhwa imnida! (Hello, we are Shinhwa!)" Just like this, they have spent 10 years together.

In the past they would carefully rehearse their introductions, seriously saying "I'm English rapper Andy", now Andy would jokingly introduce himself "I'm Cute Guy Andy". Even with the passage of time, Shinhwa is still Shinhwa. There are still the 6 of them, Eric's still the leader, Shin Hyesung is still the main vocalist. It's hard to find any idol group even in the US and Japan where there hasn't been any change of members.

However, the reason why Shinhwa's 10th anniversary is attracting so much attention isn't just because they've been around for so long. Perhaps there will never be another group that will live through one whole pop era. This doesn't have that much to do with how popular they are or how good their music is. Shinhwa's stronghold is not so much in music, but rather entertainment, they are more of idols than singers.

10 Years of Shinhwa, 10 Years of Fans

Of course H.O.T was earlier than them. But since 2001 when H.O.T disbanded, Shinhwa has been the idol group that has set the benchmark for idol group culture for the 21st century. They are the first idol group to be able to achieve success as a group and individually. They unabashedly share their off-camera anecdotes on variety shows and bring laughter to even viewers who are not fans. Before them, there hasn't been any idol group who would reveal pictures of themselves in pyjamas or playing around in their dormitory, and there hasn't been any idol group members like Eric or Kim Dongwan who would state their point of views via their websites.

Everything that Shinhwa members have done serves only to benefit idol groups in general, and ever since then, many entertainment companies followed suit. Solo activities are part and parcel of all idol groups now, and management companies would reveal their personal photos even before they debut, attempting to narrow the distance between the group and the fans. Super Junior, now under SM Entertainment who first discovered Shinhwa, introduces themselves with "Urineun Super Junior-ieyo". Terms like 5-1=0 and 6-1=0, which fans use to oppose change of members, are also common now. Shinhwa, who began as an idol group of charismatic oppas, to today when fans are able to acknowledge the fact that there will be a day when they will have to split - they have already spent 10 years together.

Thus, Shinhwa and their fans have a relationship that are different from other groups. They made their debut wearing distinctive costumes with distinctive hairstyles, complete with a distinctive dance, singing Hae Gyul Sah. From then until the time when they sang "Once In A Lifetime" with a sophisticated image, Shinhwa fans have witnessed their whole growing-up process. During the whole time when Shinhwa turned from "idols losing their baby fat" to "handsome oppas", becoming oppas that made the fans love and hate at the same time. Shinhwa fans witnessed their successes, as well as failures, and amidst the highs and lows of the group, the fans have become an entity of its own. They loved, and hated, Shinhwa, and even if they didn't like Shinhwa as much as before they would still be affected by Shinhwa one way or another. They would still use terms like "Minsyung", "Mama Bird", and they would still have friends in the Shinhwa fan community. If they attended the concerts, they would meet the fans with whom have spent countless hours chatting about Shinhwa.

Idols with Evil Music and Dance Moves

Shinhwa is always willing to make a joke out of their own fabulous dance moves, turning their dances into spoofs and comic gags, and they are able to adapt to variety shows more easily and more quickly than any other group.

But it's a contradictory relationship between Shinhwa and their fans, that's because Shinhwa is an "evil" group. Shinhwa has never sold more than 1 million copies like H.O.T or G.O.D. If H.O.T has "Candy" and G.O.D has "Lies", Shinhwa doesn't have that one song that could let non-fans sing along easily. Their main tracks are always dance songs with quick beats and powerful rhythms, even when T.O.P was released, the complicated dance was incredibly hard to follow.

Here, member Lee Minwoo's influence on Shinhwa's music and dance is very extensive, and it's Minwoo's personal preferences that makes Shinhwa a more "extreme" group. His own solo work "Bump" is good evidence of that. He likes to use strong but controlled beats in his music, and his dance moves aren't only powerful but require a lot of technique and details in the smaller moves as well.

Just like the complicated dance moves in Justin Timberlake's "Like I Love You", Shinhwa similarly used difficult-to-follow moves in "Wedding". "Brand New" featured more than 20 people on one stage with various formations. If one wants to like Shinhwa, she needs to be able to appreciate the adrenaline brought forth by "Wedding", and she needs to feel the spectacularity of the complicated dance choreography in "Wild Eyes". Thus, for fans who are already stuck in Shinhwa's world, chances are that they just get more and more entrenched. But for non-fans, Shinhwa is a group that is hard to relate to.

Although They Have Done Everything An Idol Group Can Do, They Are Still Idols

The 7th album which they realised after they signed with a new company held extraordinary meaning for them. Shinhwa never used the strategy of staying away from fans and the public. They continuously work on getting closer to the fans, and though their fandom didn't expand overnight, it grew steadily and consistently throughout. This is the result of entering the threshold of public acceptance. Though "Brand New" is still a trademark Shinhwa dance song, but it was this song that won Shinhwa its first Daesang.

Fans give Shinhwa the nickname of "gag group", and their individual versatility on variety shows is known to everyone. The nature of the group is as such - the way group activities and individual activities complement each other - that is something that Shinhwa does particularly well, and in a sense Shinhwa can be considered as the most successful group evern. Of course in terms of a meteoric rise in popularity over a short period of time, there hasn't been any group that can surpass Seo Taiji & The Boys and H.O.T. But Shinhwa are still idols in an idol group, or even more than that. There are members who have gained recognition as actors, while others have written for other singers and are acknowledged as prominent songwriters. But at the end of the day, they're still idols, they're still Shinhwa.

A New Era Where No Korean Idol Group Can Surpass Their Achievements

They have spent their entire 20s as idols, and are everything from idol singers to multi-entertainers. The unique thing about Shinhwa is how they are still considered as an idol group when they are consequetively stepping into their 30s, and how their group activities go hand-in-hand with their individual activities. Members who have embarked on individual careers have had a huge push from the Shinhwa brand, and in return their individual careers have further strengthened the Shinhwa brand. But gradually members started to spend more time on their solo careers, and for their 8th album they only had a short promotional period for it, after which there has been almost no group activities in Korea. During this time, members have been acting in dramas or releasing solo albums. Away from the Shinhwa name, Eric can now be considered as the actor Mun Jung Hyuk.

Perhaps the "one and only idol group" SMAP from Japan is the kind of group they'd like to become, but unlike SMAP, they don't have their own variety show where they can get together every week. The poor state of the music industry also doesn't give them too many opportunities to perform together.

If during the SM days, Shinhwa was a group created by the company, then after the switch of companies, Shinhwa is the collective name used by 6 idols. Now the members are all signed to different companies, and everytime they get together it seems like a confirmation of their sense of belonging to each other. Although Shinhwa and their fan community are still active, but the sense of belonging to Shinhwa still remains even as they go about their individual activities.

Now they are about to enlist into the army one after another. For the past 10 years, they have been shouting "Urineun Shinhwa imnida (We are Shinhwa)". Can this line last through 15 or 20 years? At a time where Korean idol groups come and go, they are a legend. And possibly no Korean idol group can ever surpass what they have achieved.

Source: magazinet & oceans6
Chi trans: 打糕@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.03.21][trans] Vink working schedule (Hyesung Digital Single)

VINK, once work for SHINHWA 8th jib production, "Your Man" is his work which showed excellency.

He is one of the member from group Wittgenstein, and at the same time in the project group Monotonik where with his partner who is Jay from M.C Max.
Currently VINK is working on SHINWHA 9th album.

19:00 ~ 00:00
Vocal Rec.
In Good Studio

16:00 ~ 22:00
SHINHWA New Track: Lee Min Woo
Vocal Rec.
In Good Studio

17:00 ~
KimDongWan + Related staff meeting
In Davinhouse

SunDanBi, SHIN HYESUNG + Anycall Single
Instrumental work out
In Davinhouse

15:00 ~ 00:00
SunDanBi, SHIN HYESUNG + Anycall Single Tracks
Vocal Rec.
In Davinhouse

00:00 ~ 02:00
Guide Vox Rec.
In Good Studio

08:00 ~ 12:00
SHINHWA new track production
In Davinhouse

13:00 ~ 14:00
Guide Vox Rec.
In Good Studio

Source: Vink personal webpage
Cn Trans: 韩小国 @ Bestshinhwa
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[08.03.21][trans] SHINHWA 9th Album Package!!

Today's hottest topic!!!
Content..50000 limited copy..coding..
To develope everybody's imagination.. be surprise!

Using A4 size paper to produce a full 120page photobook~~
Lets compare how big it is~
Compare to the 8th album Cd~~~~ It's huge!! Almost up to a poster standard!!!
The pictures were taken so well..
Making everybody crazy about it~~
Me too is anticipating like crazy on how is the final production~

Only 50000 copy... go grab it~~ㅋㅋ

Cn Trans: shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[08.03.21][trans] 10th anniv site Production Note: Studio GoodSound

March 2008, STUDIO GoodSound

Ric brought his instrument and turned up at the studio.
He got an SOS call from M hyung and immediately appeared to lend a hand.
Ric played out the rhythm, while M hyung arranged the melody...
We're the Shinhwa producers team M & Ric.

During this time, Ric-gun was scribbling away in his lyrics notebook
Ric-gun said, "Isn't this notebook cute?"

[caption: Parody Play]

The two of them have been up together for the past 10 hours
When the sun rose they were a little stoned, and were listening to the finished product

Ah...I want to become a jumper, and wish that my bed is right in front of me now
The time now is (pic shows 6.25am)


Chi trans: 打糕@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.03.21][news] Shinhwa to release new song on 10th anniversary

Shinhwa will unveil their new song, 다시 힌번만 (Just One More Time) prior to the release of their 9th album.

The song, which will be unveiled on sites such as Melon, Bugs, Dosirak, Soribada, is written by Wanted's Kim Jae Hee and lyrics by Choi Kye Won, who has also written for singers like Wheesung, Big Bang, Gummy, Lee Hyori and Lee Seung Ki. "Just One More Time" is an R&B ballad, and will be unveiled on the day of Shinhwa's 10th anniversary.

The highlights of the new song will be its movie OST-like arrangement and the vocal harmony of all the Shinhwa members.

A Shinhwa spokesperson said, " 'Just One More Time" displays the coordination of their clean voices with powerful rap, and is a ballad that can fully demonstrate Shinhwa's charisma", his words showing the anticipation for the song.

Shinhwa spent 18th and 19th March in Gyeonggi-do filming the MV, and the video spot will be unveiled on the Shinhwa 10th anniversary site on the 24th.

Shinhwa will also be releasing 50,000 copies of the 'Special Limited Edition' of their 9th album on 3 April, and the official 9th album on 10 April.

The 'Special Limited Edition' will feature a hologram image of Shinhwa with serial numbers from 1 to 50,000, making this edition highly collectible.

Shinhwa said, "We're really glad to be able to unveil our new song on our 10th anniversary. In these 10 years, we had the most blissful time because we have the members and our fans. The 9th album and the 10th anniversary concert will be Shinhwa's unforgettable gift to our fans."

Shinhwa is now busy with their preparation for the 10th anniversary concert on 29/30 March and their 9th album.

Source: Asia Economic & oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

08.03.20][trans] Shinhwa: From the bottom to No. 1

The coming 24 March, to the Korean pop industry, will be remembered as a "happy day", beacuse there's an idol group - with no change of member through the years - who will be celebrating their 10th anniversary on that day.

As an idol group, while they enjoy massive popularity with the masses, becoming a long-running group is extremely difficult as well. Most idol groups that were popular with fans and media in the late 90s have either undergone changes in member lineup or have already disbanded.

But there is one group that has bucked the trend - Eric, Shin Hyesung, Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan, Junjin and Andy - they are Shinhwa.

Having made their debut on 24 March 1998 on KMTV's "Show! Music Tank", Shinhwa has gone through failures, setbacks and success in the past 10 years. The members have already reached their 30s unknowingly. Let's take a walk down memory lane, and share the past 10 years with Shinhwa who has been through tears and laughter with the Shinhwa Changjo fanclub.

▶Shinhwa, a successful but difficult 10-year period

The 1979-ers - Eric (Mun Jung Hyuk), Shin Hyesung (Jung Pilkyo), Kim Dongwan, Lee Minwoo - together with 1980-born Junjin (Park Choongjae) and 1981-born Andy (Lee Seon Ho) are the members who form Shinhwa. In 1998, they belonged under SM Entertainment, who also managed H.O.T, Sechskies and other popular idol groups. They took their first step into the gayo world at a time when these groups had already a huge headstart in the music scene.

At the same time, Shinhwa realised that the gayo world was not a place where they could do as they pleased. They were given a harsh dose of reality when their first album, which included songs like Hae Gyul Sah and Eusha Eusha (songs that they still perform at their concerts), did not do as well as expected.

But Shinhwa members persevered. After the failure of the first album, they told themselves, "If the 2nd album fails too, we'll quit the business". Bearing that in mind, they put in even more effort into vocal and dance practice, and it paid off well. The main track from their 2nd album T.O.P was a hit, and they rose up the ranks to become the next idol group to watch out for.

However, the 3rd album in 2000, the 4th album in 2001, the 5th and 6th albums in 2003 - which churned out hits like "Hey Come On", "Perfect Man", "Wedding" - still didn't launch them into idol group superstardom to become the No. 1 idol group, as they still had groups like H.O.T and G.O.D to contend with.

Through their solo activities, Eric and Dongwan gained recognition as actors, while Junjin, Minwoo, Hyesung, Andy proved themselves as multi-entertainers on different variety shows. After they've all gained more popularity for themselves, they released their 7th album in the summer of 2004, and finally reached the summit of the gayo world.

"Brand New", "Shooting Star", "Oh!", "Angel", "Crazy" from the 7th album all became hits, and with that Shinhwa won the Daesang at the 2004 SBS Gayo Awards - the unforgettable and emotional moment when they hugged in tears, holding the precious award.

After this, members Eric, Dongwan, Minwoo, Junjin and Andy delved further into the world of acting, as well as musicals, while Hyesung, Dongwan, Minwoo, Junjin and Andy went on to release their solo albums, in their own preferred musical styles and genres. As solo artists they continued to enjoy popularity in their own right.

Shinhwa continues to dominate the gayo world with the strategy of "independent yet united", which has proven to be more effective and efficient than any other group. The power of each individual member, together with the combined strength of the Shinhwa group, seems to produce the effect of "1+1>2", and with that they are recognized as representatives of the Hallyu wave.

In the midst of their rising popularity, each member has had his fair share of scandals with other female celebrities, and there were also times when the members have also had to make public apologies on their official fansite. But whenever they meet with situations like this, Shinhwa would always stand up after the fall. The strong bonds of friendship among the 6 Shinhwa members play a very large part in this.

Just like what the members have said before, "Being guys we had our share of fights when we were younger, but we'd resolve it soon after. But it's because of things like this that we've become as close as brothers. The members exist only because Shinhwa exists. To each other, we can't exist separately."

▶The Story of Shinhwa continues

Starting from this year, members are all due to enlist into the army one after another (Eric and Dongwan being first on the list), and it will be difficult to see all 6 members altogether in the near future.

But whenever they have the chance to do so, Shinhwa members will always emphasize that "Shinhwa is forever". Fans have also held on to this belief for the past 10 years.

In the past 10 years, Shinhwa members have expanded their fanbase, through their appearances in dramas, movies, variety shows, and through that they have shown their personable charm and charisma in every way.

Shinhwa is no longer just an idol group now, they've been recognized as the "national idol group". As a result, the members are able to stay active not only in the gayo world, but in other fields as well. This will definitely help Shinhwa to become even longer-running than they are now.

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Shinhwa will be releasing their 9th album, and also at the same time, hold a large-scale concert, to thank the fans for their love and support for the past 10 years.

The 22,000 tickets for the 10th anniversary concert were all sold out within one hour from the start of the presale.

Source: starnews&oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.03.20][Trans] SHINHWA 10th anniversary VS SHINHWA

"Do you know how to shoot?" "Please dont be late again"

Taken many NGs scene on brotherhood, elder brother who set fault on younger brother's lateness. SHINHWA 9th album hit track MV shooting scene started off in a "criticizing situation". Youngest member Andy was the first who came, while he was holding an empty gun taking his shot scene on the field, arrived Hyesung. Hyesung talked to Andy in a bully but loving way, and while they were having a little mouth fighting with words to each other, the other members arrive one by one. They did not even prepared anything for the shooting, they just grab their outfit and started making joke with it, using that as a replacement on greetings. LeeMinWoo felt that JunJin's outfit of the day looks the same as his dad Charlie Park, and he joke "Dad! Please do a dance for me". When Hyesung was filming his scene holding a gun in his hand and said "Now shoot right at Eric."

Because everybody is smart so we walkdown everything together to have today
Because everybody knows how we should live
- KimDongWan

“Had never thought of who is our opponent group. Because we are all busy fighting with each other. Haha” – Shin HyeSung

Looking at these 6 man gathering together from after such a long time is like something which cant be discribe. When KimDongWan arrived the scene, he took out his camera and start snapping the members, Eric in his breaktime he asked his mate to hop into his car and start playing game. You can say that because it is in an area where wind and sunlight was so quiet but they had made it turn out to be a cozy situation. Although it is for the hit song MV shotting, but the atmosphere was relaxing, it is just like what SHINHWA had presented to everybody now. Although they are the local most longevity idol group, but due to their solo activities, their own management company, but they still have their own fame as an artist. They have their own car, their own staff and worker.

During my solo activities, I had once thought “Why am I alone”
I will have moments of loneliness too, and that is very tiring.
- Andy

Althoug it is just an Mv Shooting, but they have the time to gather around and doing the chat together. When there is a member is trying to change their outfit according to the scene needed, the other members will keep playing. They even make some nicknames to each other such as "Alessandro" & "Carlos". Because the funny South American clothing style was SHINHWA first try for the MV. Their hit song MV concept is actually a comedy but yet evil making of a gangster movie, the member wore the American outfit where they wont be wearing for another 2nd time and pose in the field. Specially to LeeMinWoo who received "The Best Outfit Award". MinWoo had done exactly what the director wanted him to be, like Leonardo Dicaprio in movie "Romeo & Juliet" where Juliet cousin brother image was the same as him, thus has receive everyone's attention and praises.

Saying that it’s 10th anniversary, but there will be no special performances
The most meaningful part is, because it is the 10th years, it is already been 10 years
- Eric

Holding out a hand to grab hold the member who had back out, the person at the front shared his luck with the rest of the members (laugh)
That’s how we had gone through for 10 years.
- LeeMinWoo

Because of this outfit, so the media's photographer had a difficult time on not being able to shoot "the handsome pictures" but a "funny pictures" of them, but this is what SHINHWA could do now. Currently, being as a group, being as a solo, they have their own popularity and fame, because they dont have any stress laying back down behind them and they had a humour while shooting together. SHINHWA was not only charming, but also had a funny side of them, the member just could not stop expressing their excitement on their face. While Eric was filming on his gorgeous side while holding the gun in his hand ans was about to shoot out the bullet off from his gun, who would know that he will suddenly shout "Bang Bang" out from his mouth.

Being as an idol group who had walk down together for 10 years, from popularity, friendship and etc. Just when they are together they will naturally expresses out their own charm and energy. MV Director wanted them to look at the sun set and walk with a smile hanging on their face, but they shouting and talking and smiling while walking forward on the road. There were no special word phrase of content, no, it was like a beautiful scenery, but they made the atmosphere up to a cozy standard and cracked everybody around the scene with laughters. This is the energy that had made SHINHWA to be together for 10 years. Just like a group of people who are going to end their own current generation to a higher level of position, SHINHWA looking at the sunset walking out from the scene, this MV, will the their last shooting along on these 10 years. When the shooting ended, they heavily repeated their famous phrases, "Hi everybody, we are SHINHWA!"

On the 10th anniversary Concert, we would want to show everybody as a group
not me and my solo, because we are together as one
- JunJin

Source:magzine t&oceans
Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina

[08.03.20][Trans] Note from Director Song Won Young & Concert Notice

City of Reed

Director Song & Mr Ric
Ric:“Please solve your sh*t off before coming"

SHINHWA in Mexico

Mexican MAFIA
Actually we are not mexican

Note from director Song Won Young & Concert notice
Hi everybody
It is a pleasure to get the chance to work with everybody, and felt greatly thanks about it.
The weather is still cold out there, and it was a out shooting, everybody must have been working real hard.
The shooting suppose to be in Mexico_ but we could not make it there, so we decided to replace it with Gyeonggi City.
I believe within these 2 days everybody had difficulties in overcoming with things, for not leaving any regret in the whole project to produce the best result and everybody was giving out their profession of hardwork.

Several special matters
Although everybody should have known, but i still want to say it, that place is a land where fire is easily being caught.
Everybody please beware of your cigarates in that area.
If there is a fire being caught, it could occured matters like oil leaking matter of TaeAn & NamDaeMoon's fire explosion case..
Hope that everybody must becareful with fire.

Although it is just an MV shooting, but we were also recording scene and clips for the concert use,
We will be filming it with the same method in filming in a drama & movie scene
Hope that everybody must silent off your cellphone or not making other noises.

When the sun totally sets, the shooting will be ended.

There is only a toilet in the traveling make up van, so i hope that everybody will solve your big business before you come to work.
Hope that the guys will solve your toilet matters in the reeds.

Source: Shinhwa 10th anniversary web
Cn Trans:打糕@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[08.03.20][Trans] Mnet Japan, LeeMinWoo feb concert tv braodcast

Date: March 29 (Saturday) 11pm
Replay: April 1st (Tuesday midnight) til 2:30am, April 2nd (Wednesday) 3pm - 4:30pm

Early Feb 2008, on the 10th & 11th in Tokyo International Forum hold M LeeMinWoo concert, a guy who filled with charisma in the K-pop industry. In this concert he had showed his powerful, sexy & cool performance on stage. Mnet also will be revealing some making clips and interview scene to everybody.

Everytime, he will show his perfect bodyline to attract the fans during the concert, it will be one of the topic in of the concert.

Towards this, the whole clips are being taking on the eye view of the fans!

Source: Mnet Japan
Cn Trans: 神话香奈儿@bestshinhwa
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[08.03.20][Notice] Andy 2008 Shanghai solo concert

Andy 2008 Shanghai notice

A every big thanks to all the fans towards your care on Andy 2008 concert in Shanghai, the concert content is currenly on the progression on application appliances.

Recently there were news towards the concert tics spreaded among the webs from unofficial web, but ND has not authorized any company on ticketing, and ticket fees have not being confined. Towards Andy's concert everything is still under progression, we will update everyone through notice with our lastest and confine news, hope that everybody wont be tricked by the rumours around, to avoid unwanted lost.

Once again, thanks to everybody for your concern towards andy's concert.
Hope that everybody will wait a little more patiently. Thank you

Source: ND Entertainment
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[08.03.20][news] Shinhwa's thoughts about their 10th anniversary

In the fiercely competitive landscape of the music scene of the past 10 years, they have stayed firmly at the top. Soon to celebrate their 10th anniversary on March 24, they are Shinhwa!

Within these 10 years, many singers have come and gone, but Shinhwa has stayed on to earn the honour of being the longest-running group in the Kpop world, in the midst of the consistent support and love from their fans.

We met up with the Shinhwa members on 19 March at Gyeonggi-do where they were filming the MV for their 9th album, and though they haven't got together in a long time, the members were all wearing the brightest smiles on their faces.

The backdrop of the MV is a Mexican setting, where the 5 members have to rescue Eric who was being held hostage by a rival gang.

To celebrate their 10th anniversary Shinhwa will be releasing their 9th album in early April, as well as hold their 10th anniversary concert on 29/30 March at Seoul's Olympic Park.


▶I am suddenly starting to feel that 10 years isn't really a big deal. When we first made our debut, I thought that I'd be a father after 10 years..... (laughs) I think I'd like to spend the next 10 years like this.

Of course I don't feel that 10 years have passed. But during the concert, as some members will be enlisting soon, the thought of it being the last concert we have before enlistment will probably make me sad. We're now having dance rehearsals and rehearsing with the band for the concert. There's a song on the album, the lyrics are about saying goodbye, so that's really sad.


▶On one hand you can say that the 10 years, it has been a long time, on the other hand, it hasn't exactly been that long. To me it feels like a very short period of time. I'm very contented to have so much love from so many fans and other younger singers, thank you.


▶I don't really feel anything. Looking back, I only feel gratitude to my fantastic members and fans that I've had for the past 10 years. I'm very blessed. The fact that I've spent 10 years as part of Shinhwa, that makes me feel very blessed. If I had the chance to go back in time, I'd still choose Shinhwa.


▶No matter if it's 10 years ago, or now, Shinhwa is still the same. Even though we're able to show different sides of us during our solo activities, that's about it. Nothing has changed when the 6 of us get together. We're like old friends who haven't met in a while, we'll have lots of fun and feel really good.


▶Being recognized as the longest-running group who will be celebrating our 10th anniversary, I'm very proud of that. Before we enlist, we've already been through not 8, not 9, but 10 years. That's great. Before I enlist, I'd like to release a solo album, so I'm working hard on that. But I'm wondering if I'll make it in time for this year? I might delay my enlistment date one last time.


▶Although I feel that time has passed by too quickly, but because I've worked hard, I don't have any regrets. Also, since the hyungs are going to enlist soon, there's a corner of my heart that really hurts. I feel that Andy and I should bring our enlistment dates forward. Because this is the first time that I'm facing this, I don't know how to handle it.

Source: starnews & oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7 @ shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz