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Shinhwa’s Andy wants to release a nude photo album by himself?

On the most recent episode of jTBC‘s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘ Shinhwa‘s Andy declared that he would release a nude album without the Shinhwa members.
The May 26th broadcast of ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ featured debates in which the members competed against each other to win the title as the “God of Speech”. As mentioned previously, the Shinhwa members held a debate discussing whether they should release another nude photo album. (Shinhwa, who shot a nude photo album 11 years ago, remains the first and only idol group to have ever done so)
Kim Dongwan who was on the team that had to argue for the idea said, “We shot the nude photos during our 4th album when Andy was absent. Andy was left alone in Seoul. Therefore, we need to take Andy and shoot a nude photo album one more time“, to which teammate Junjin added, “I agree. Andy is Shinhwa’s cute guy. Many fans want to see Andy’s muscles. I think fans will like it more if we take a nude photo album with Andy“.
Subsequently Andy hilariously stated, “Objection. You guys took a nude photo album without me. Hence, the five of you can release a nude album. I will release one by myself,” causing the members to laugh at his explosive declaration.
Dongwan, who was momentarily shocked by Andy’s statement, said, “Then your personal nude photos can be the on the appendix pages following after our member’s nude photo album“, generating laughter from the members.
Source & Image: Newsen

Shinhwa’s Junjin tells Eric to leave?

Shinhwa‘s Junjin hilariously showed dissatisfaction towards the group leader Eric.
On the May 26th episode of JTBC‘s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘, the members of Shinhwa had a debate to pick the ‘God of Harsh Talk’. One of the debate topics was “Shinhwa’s leader must be changed”, which made leader Eric slightly uncomfortable.
Shin Hyesung, who was on the team that had to argue for the topic, stated, “Were our opinions considered when we first selected the leader? Eric became the leader just because he is the oldest member and the tallest.
He added on, “I am not saying that Eric should not be the leader. I just want to have a democratic election to pick the leader.
Lee Minwoo, member of the team that had to argue against the topic, countered, “We can’t change the leader. Eric has been doing well as a leader. We shouldn’t be saying things like this, instead we need to give Eric applause for carrying out his position as a leader well.
Junjin then hilariously responded, “There’s a saying that goes, ‘leave when people applaud for you’. I’ll clap for Eric now, so please leave!” causing the set to roar in laughter.
Source + Photo: News via Nate

Shinhwa’s Eric neglected by his members?

Shinhwa‘s Eric revealed that he was put in a very pitiful state because of his fellow members.
On one segment of the May 26th broadcast of jTBC‘s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘, the Shinhwa members parodied KBS 2TV‘s ‘Gag Concert – Four Things‘ with ‘Shinhwa’s – Six Things’. During this segment, the members expressed the frustrations and complaints they possessed.
To win the competition, Eric confessed a somewhat exaggerated frustration he had against the members. Eric said, “I am very unfortunate. We’ve worked hard since we made our comeback in four years. When we finish our recording for today, the members and I get a vacation lasting exactly two nights and three days. Hence, I was so excited and asked Hyesung and Junjin to play Starcraft with me. However, they all refused. Even though I am the oldest out of the members, they neglect me. Since I am abused and shunned by members all the time, I feel depressed again today. It looks like I will be spending my first 2 nights and 3 days vacation at home with my dog Gomdori“, causing the viewers to explode in laughter.
The hilarious ‘Shinhwa’s – Six Things’ segment starts at the 3:13 mark below.
Source & Image: Newsen

Eric’s Facebook updates: ‘You made my day’ + Bogeun’s ‘They suck!’ + Turtle Minwoo

Update 1 (I have totally NO idea why he posted this photo to go along with the post… Feel free to draw your own conclusions LOL)
Just a while ago I met a pretty flight attendant on the plane. I have a bit of a cold so I asked for some ginseng tea and I said to Dongwan, “Isn’t that flight attendant pretty?”. When we landed, she said she was a Shinhwa fan and she even came to our dorm at Jinheung Villa before… I know our fans have all reached the age when they enter society and start working but now that I’ve actually encountered an example, I’m feeling amazed and proud. Pretty Asiana Airlines flight attendant Miss Lee Se-*** ~ You made my day

Update 2
Girls who act as if they’re pretty… Bogeunnie said: 
(captions on photo: The right answer is “princess complex” but Bogeun’s answers, “They suck!”)

Update 3
Is there anyone who caught this week’s Shinhwa Broadcast ‘God of Eloquence’ episode? Anyone who has a screencap of Minwoo dressed in hanbok (traditional Korean garb) when he first appeared on the writing segment? The one where hanbok Minwoo first appeared, with his neck missing and sitting there sullenly… I couldn’t find anything on Naver… The photo below isn’t it, it’s just a sample

Minwoo’s comment: Do you have 2 lives?? (note: i.e. do you have an extra life to spare? HAHA)
Eric’s comment: Kekeke I have 1 and a half
Update 4
Thank you XXX-nim who found what I was looking for~~~ Kekekeke Turtle Minwoo

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Good Morning ^ ^

Finally... it's tomorrow.

I prepared for this too!

credit: Dongwan's Japanese Blog

I went to Japan


Its's been a long time.
See you at the concert!

credit: Dongwan Japanese Blog

Minwoo’s Facebook photo update: A kid I met in Harajuku

A kid I met in Harajuku~^^

credit: Minwoo FB + Absolut Shinhwa

Liveworks CEO Twitpic update: Studio rehearsal for the Japan concert tour

In the midst of the studio rehearsal for the Japan tour^^… Today the members seem to be in great condition… I hope they can keep this up all the way until the end of the Kobe concert^^

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Minwoo ~ ^.^ ~

Met Shinhwa's Lee Min Woo in airport. Took a photo together.

credit to 刘K靠O谱P@weibo

[12.05.24] ShinCast news: Eric says of Shin Hyesung, “That’s not an idol’s body!”

Shinhwa – who were the first idols to release their own nude photobook in 2001 – had a heated debate on the topic of releasing another nude photobook.
For the ‘Speech Channel’ episode of Shinhwa Broadcast, the debate was part of the process to decide who among the Shinhwa members is the ‘God of Eloquence’. In a mission to test the debating skills of the members, the members were split into the proposition (Junjin, Dongwan, Hyesung) and the opposition (Eric, Andy, Minwoo), and had to debate on the topic “Shinhwa should release another nude photobook’.
As the rule was that whoever gets agitated will be declared the loser, the members had to keep their heart rates below 120 to be declared the winner. Caught off guard by the unexpected topic, both teams launched into a heated debate.
Kim Dongwan argued for the nude photobook, saying that “Our bodies are completely different from 13 years back.” (Note: I’m assuming he means that their bodies are.. better now? Hehe.) But Eric argued against the photobook, pointing to Shin Hyesung and saying, “That’s not an idol’s body.” He went on to add, “13 years ago when we shot the photobook, there was a lot of criticism about Shin Hyesung’s body.”
Shin Hyesung responded resentfully, “Back then there wasn’t even time to prepare and then I got kidnapped to Southeast Asia (for the shoot).”
With the discussion getting more intense, the members successively saw their heart rates rising above 120. Tune into jTBC on 26 May at 10.55pm KST to find out which member wins to become the ‘God of Eloquence’ on Shinhwa Broadcast.
Credits: Joongang Daily + Absolut Shinhwa

[12.05.24] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2012 (main page updated)

“Spending money like water, without regrets… But that’s so offensive…”
From the film ‘The Taste of Money’
‘The Taste of Money’ is an erotic thriller directed by acclaimed director Im Sang Soo (‘The Housemaid’) and stars Kim Kang-Woo, Kim Hyo-Jin, Baek Yun-Shik, Yoon Yeo-Jung, and On Joo-Wan.
Check out the (R-rated) trailer… Don’t watch if you’re not comfortable with nudity!
Dongwan's Naver Blog + Absolut Shinhwa

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dongwan's blog update:

If I hang a mosquito net over the bed, Goguma will start enjoying going in there.ㅋ

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2012 (main page updated)

Made a survey trip to see the sea of clouds.
Because it was too early, and I was at a ‘backlit’ position where I was facing the sun, so even if was a sea of clouds it was difficult to capture it.
And it was cold and I was hungry… I took lots of selcas and then headed back.
Thanks to the Kolon marketing team for providing all the gear~^^/
credit: Dongwan Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

Friday, May 18, 2012

Why were the Shinhwa members so mad at Shin Hyesung? (ShinCast news)

On the upcoming episode of Shinhwa Broadcast, “Remake Channel – Family Game Centre Pt 2″, Shin Hyesung lost his fellow members’ trust in him when he failed to correctly answer an easy question.
In the classic ‘Between Rooms’ game segment from Family Game Centre, the members each stood in a room and had to use physical actions to act out given proverbs. Shin Hyesung, who was standing in the last room, subsequently gave a wrong answer to an easy question.
Shin Hyesung received icy cold stares from the other members before being driven to the first room where he had to act out the given proverb, but his poor explanation invoked a group protest from the members.
When Shin Hyesung sheepishly asked the members, “Which room should I go to?”, he was embarrassed when Eric replied, “The waiting room.”
Shinhwa maknae Andy and female guest Kim Na Young also demonstrated their outstanding skills in the ‘Between Rooms’ segment. This episode will be telecast on 19 May, at 10.55pm KST on jTBC.
Credits: Osen + Absolut Shinhwa
Shinhwa Broadcast Episode 10 preview: Remake Channel Pt 2 + Speech Channel Pt 1

Fancam: Dongwan arriving in Taiwan on 11 May

see video for credit =)

Melon Music interview: Being together for 14 years as Shinhwa (Pt 2 of 2)

Q: You also came up with the dance choreography, right?
Minwoo: All 6 of us did.
Hyesung: It was mainly the dance team leader, Minwoo and Junjin. The rest of the members just supported them.
Minwoo: Shinhwa’s dancing machine is Shin Hyesung.
Hyesung: Then that’s a misunderstanding again.
Q: Just like Hyesung-sshi’s sexy lyrics, I suppose his dancing would be sexy too.
Minwoo: Yes, it’s the sexiest of course.
Dongwan: He’s always thinking about being sexy!
Minwoo: It’s Hyesung’s instinct (everyone laughs)
Q: Seems like the members are all very interested in gags. And your sense of variety is well displayed on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ these days. In the past I thought only Minwoo, Dongwan and Junjin have good variety sense.
Dongwan: That’s true! (laughs)
Hyesung: But Eric and I have been working hard too, really. To the extent where everyone is wondering why we are working so hard these days.
Q: All of you have no hesitation about embarrassing yourselves. You can only do it if you can let yourself go.
Minwoo: Because even Hyesung and Eric who aren’t adept at variety are doing it together with us, that’s how we can let ourselves go.
Hyesung: If we let ourselves go on other variety shows, no one is going to help pick us up. (laughs) If we do it together, Choongjae (Junjin) will pick us up after that, so..
Eric: I can do this type of variety on Shinhwa Broadcast, but I don’t think I can pull it off elsewhere.
Q: Today’s interview is just as interesting as Shinhwa Broadcast. I guess there isn’t much of a difference between Shinhwa in real life and Shinhwa on TV.
Hyesung: What you see on TV is what we’re like in real life.
Dongwan: That’s true. Personally I’m sick of it.
Hyesung: Because it’s not suitable for use on TV, there isn’t a lot of footage that can be used.
Minwoo: Dongwan says that he’s sick of it but actually we’re enjoying it.
Dongwan: Actually I’m more of the serious type in real life. Quiet and reserved…
All the other members: (burst out laughing) Really?? Really??
Q: Actually when I was in high school, I grew up listening to Dongwan-sshi’s radio show.
Dongwan: You know, right? That’s my style to start with, the radio style.
Q: No, you were like this back then too.
Dongwan: What! (haha) If anything, I’m less (outgoing) than what you see on TV, certainly not more. But the others are more so, compared to when they’re on TV.
Eric: That’s right.

Q: Even so, Eric-sshi and Hyesung-sshi, these days the two of you have been working the hardest on letting yourselves go.
Hyesung: Andy too…
Andy: I haven’t really…
Dongwan: No, your variety sense these days is crazy…
Eric: Andy has really gone crazy these days…
Andy: I’ve heard a lot that I’ve gone crazy these days. That’s what the title of Teen Top’s song is ‘Going Crazy’… (laughs) Haha I’m kidding. I think everyone is working harder for Shinhwa Broadcast, which is really great to see. We would send text messages to one another as we watch ourselves on TV. Once it finishes, about 100 messages would arrive continuously, saying that it’s amazing, that they didn’t expect me to be like this. And images of those times when we were young and first made our debut keep popping up in my head.
Q: During the press conference, you mentioned that you wanted to carry on with Shinhwa Broadcast for a long time, just like MBC’s ‘Country Diary’. But filming for the show goes on late into the night and it’s going to be really tough, can you really carry on with it for a long time?
Minwoo: We don’t film everyday and it’s once a week. Once we’ve got our footing we’ll be filming once every other week, so it’s not too taxing.
Dongwan: When we watch the show, we find it even more interesting.
Hyesung: We’d feel uneasy if we only shot a little bit of footage. Since it’s our own show. So we told ourselves that we have to put in more effort.
Andy: As much as it’s tough, the resulting footage turns out to be interesting too. When we first started filming, we kept saying that it’s tiring. The next day, we still kept saying, “It was really tough yesterday.” But when we saw the result, it was really interesting, and we started to see the significance of it, and so everyone’s working hard.

Q: Is there anything you want to say to the fans and viewers who have been supporting and worrying about Shinhwa Broadcast? For example, “don’t you worry” (a catchphrase from Shinhwa Broadcast Ep 6)…
Hyesung: To wrap things up, let’s have Junjin-sshi… Don’t you worry
Dongwan: People shouldn’t realize it when you’re saying “don’t you worry”.
Eric: When the mood gets sad, Jinnie will go “don’t you…”
Junjin: (nods)
Hyesung: We know what the fans are worried about, but they don’t need to be. Because we will go on the show as comfortable as possible. Please pick us up as much as possible when we let ourselves go.
Eric: I observed the reactions to the show, and I think everyone got worried because there wasn’t a clear format in the beginning. Actually the production team had their own plans, but we said we wanted to do it more comfortably. This is a show named after Shinhwa and will carry on with this name, if we want to continue with this we have to be more free and comfortable. All variety shows need some time for things to adapt, and we want to shorten the time for that, so right from the start we’ve really embarrassed ourselves to carry on comfortably. Now we’ve established some kind of format, and the worries that surfaced in the beginning have reduced. We’ve done things like the SF special and the Unusual Olympics special, the facial contortions game, and we’ve also shown reality through the documentary special. Viewers and fans like it that we show our natural selves. We find it very interesting when we watch it ourselves too. We have distinguished ourselves, and we all look forward to what’s coming up next. We’re active after a very long break, so as far as possible we’d like to get closer to the public and let them know about Shinhwa. Lately when you turn on the TV, Shinhwa comes out on TV about three or four days, so I’m really very happy. Even so, the show I’m most looking forward to is still Shinhwa Broadcast. Maybe because only Shinhwa appears on the show, so I don’t know if that’s why I feel particularly attached to it. I feel like a viewer, wanting to go home quickly to watch the show.

Q: Lastly, please say something to the Melon users who love Shinhwa.
Andy: We released an album after so long, and we’re really glad that it has received so much love, thank you all so much. In future we will show everyone an even better side. We want to repay the fans for having waited so long. Like all of us altogether that you see now, we will work hard to show our best.

Minwoo’s Facebook updates: Having a drink after ShinCast recording + Feeling a little down

Update 1
Having a drink after ShinCast filming~ Together with the ShinCast staff^^ – With Mun Jung Hyuk.

Update 2
Feeling a little down so went to Gaepan for one more drink… I want to go on an unplanned trip with my parents…
credit: Minwoo FB + Absolut Shinhwa

Eric’s Facebook photo update: Don’t touch my fan!

In the midst of filming for Shinhwa Broadcast. Don’t touch my fan! – At Seongnam Sports Complex.
Words on fan:
I think I’m the best!
Mun Jung Hyu

credit: Eric FB + Absolut Shinhwa

Minwoo’s Facebook photo update: A fruitful day

Went to Bo Ang Ju (*a health massage clinic frequented by many celebrities) early in the morning for a pressure point massage and then came to Dosan Park for pasta. Later I’ll be going to the salon to get ready and then off to film Shinhwa Broadcast gogo-ssing~^^ It’s a fruitful day today too

credit: Minwoo FB + Absolut Shinhwa

Melon Music interview: Being together for 14 years as Shinhwa (Pt 1 of 2)

14 years since their debut, the pioneer idols who pride themselves on their unwavering teamwork. We did an interview with Shinhwa, who’s back after 4 years with their new album ‘The Return’, for which they’ve received much love. We talked about their thoughts about the conclusion of their album promotional activities, and their efforts on jTBC’s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’. Having become tougher after such a long time, Shinhwa does not have an unapproachable or overpowering presence. They prefer to be as open and candid like they always have been, which makes them come across as dignified. But they’re also still as playful as young boys. Shinhwa switches effortlessly between earnestness and cheerfulness, and we have a comfortable and pleasant interview with them.
An Open and Honest Interview with Shinhwa
Q: You concluded your promotions with a first-place win on M Countdown, congratulations. The album that Shinhwa won first place for, contains 2 title tracks – ‘Hurts’ and ‘Venus’. What kind of songs are they?
Minwoo: The title tracks ‘Venus’ and ‘Hurts’ are 2 songs that all six of us really like. Because they are songs that you will like more and more as you continue listening to them. The more you listen to these two songs, you’ll feel that they are the best songs. Eric wrote the lyrics for ‘Hurts’, while I wrote the lyrics for ‘Venus’, which was a song written by producer-songwriter Andrew Jackson who has worked with Britney Spears and Leona Lewis. The 6 members have made the greatest contributions to the process of turning this foreign song into a song befitting of Shinhwa’s style.
Q: Minwoo-sshi was seen crying in the 14th concert footage from not too long ago. I heard that Minwoo-sshi has been through a lot of hardship during album preparations.
Minwoo: When my nerves were on edge, honestly speaking only my parents were there for me when I threw tantrums. My mum suffered a lot, because the tantrums came in surges. I’m thankful, and also sorry. I wanted to express my gratitude, but instead the sensitive feelings overcame me so the tears came gushing out.
Q: Minwoo-sshi was involved in the whole production process of the album, and the members also participated in the production. Since everyone is pursuing different music styles, how do you come to an agreement during the production process?

Dongwan: It’s important to reach a consensus, and it’s also important to consult one another. But the ship must have a captain, and after the captain has been picked out, we need to trust and follow his lead. When the members and I had anything we didn’t like, we brought it up and worked things out, but when it came to situations where things weren’t so clear, we fully trusted and followed Minwoo and Eric’s lead. Thanks to that, we achieved results that we were satisfied with. Actually Minwoo became really sensitive during the production of the album. He isn’t a sensitive person to start with, and looking at his nerves going on edge, not saying anything at all at the tail end of the production process, how many things he must have had on his mind at that time. In any case, fortunately the results were good and our activities are all proceeding smoothly.
Minwoo: I hope Dongwan can be the captain of the ship next time.
Dongwan: I don’t think I can do it. Haha.
Eric: You said we reached a consensus, so the consensus was…
Hyesung: I think the consensus was in finding music that’s suitable for Shinhwa. Since our individual music styles can be different.
Minwoo: Actually this time we didn’t restrict ourselves to a single genre. There are a variety of genres combined within these 11 tracks. There are some that show off the members’ individual styles, like how ballads are mainly for Hyesung.
Q: Did Hyesung-sshi write the lyrics for the ballads?
Dongwan: Actually Hyesung wrote the lyrics for ‘Venus’, but his set of lyrics was rejected because it was too sleazy.
Eric: Rather to say it was rejected…
Andy: It was too sleazy so we couldn’t use it (haha)
Dongwan: We wanted to use it but it was too..
Minwoo: The original guide lyrics were on the sleazy side. But we used it as a motto…
Hyesung: Even so, I’m a member too so rather than to call it ‘rejected’…
Eric: How about disregarded..
Hyesung: That’s even more serious..
Dongwan: Let’s just say it was thrown out.. (everyone laughs)
Q: Now that you’ve concluded the promotions for this album, will you be more ambitious when preparing for the next album?
Hyesung: From this album onwards, we won’t be too focused on a specific genre anymore. Like what we’ve done up til now, we’ll prepare for albums that contain a variety of genres. On this basis, Eric and Minwoo will help to work hard on that.
Minwoo: Because when it comes to Shinhwa we cannot omit the element of performance, so I think we’ll continue to push out dance-style tracks, with the element of performance as a basis, for the time being.
To be continued in Part 2

credit: Melon + AbsolutShinhwa