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Solo interview with Kim Dongwan of Shinhwa before solo Japan fanmeet

Kim Dongwan, a member of the popular Korean group Shinhwa has set up his solo Japanese fanclub. Before his fanmeeting on 11 Dec held in Shinagawa, Asahi Shimbun had the chance to conduct an interview with him.

**Firstly, tell us more about the setting up of your Japanese fanclub.
We've always had the Shinhwa fanclub in Japan, and it is very reassuring to have the other members around. Now that I'm alone, honestly I do feel a little unsettled.

**When did you think about setting it up?
I'll be enlisting into the army next year, and I thought about setting it up when I'm back. But I decided to do it earlier anyway.

**What kind of fanclub do you hope to have?
I hope to have a fanclub where I can breathe naturally (*feel at ease) with the fans, and I'd like to hold many concerts too. I hope to show the Japanese fans a stage specially prepared for them, not just what I've shown the fans in Korea.

**What's the most important thing about this fanmeeting?
Everything's important, I was so nervous that I couldn't sleep last night.

**Even while you're serving military duty, will you still send out messages to everyone via the fanclub?
Of course. I hope to be able to show everyone my photos, my diary entries and my experiences regularly.

**Dongwan-san has also written in his blog today, isn't it?
It's my way of communicating to the fans.

**Communication is just as important as singing and acting.
Exactly. I feel that staying true to myself is very important, and I can communicate my intentions through my feelings.

**"True feelings" and "doing things that I want to do" must be your mottos in life.
Yes, actually being in this industry, there are things that you hate to do. But I still feel that one should focus on doing what he wants to do.

**To the fans, they are really happy to see your blog entries.
Yes, I know that.

**Did you write the Japanese blog entry on Shinhwa's Japanese site by yourself?
No I used a translation software. I was hoping to relay messages to the Japanese fans while I'm here.

**This time during your stay in Japan, I read that you wanted to eat beef rice in Nagoya.
I had breakfast with the obasans in the hotel I stayed in, and it was really good. I had sashimi too.

**Everyone knows that you often use Japanese. Are you interested in the language?
I'm very interested in Japan, especially Japanese musicians. Like in Ochanomizu (a place in Japan, near Tokyo's Chiyoda area), there are many young people who gather at the place where they sell musical instruments, it's really interesting. In Korea, it's usually the older folks who hang around the musical instruments market. I sometimes wonder if the Japanese are able to understand and appreciate the idea of music better.

**How do you feel now that Shinhwa's concerts in Japan are over?
"We've finally completed it", that's how I felt. It's been a long time since the 6 of us gathered on stage to perform in front of so many people, it's great! During our 2nd encore, the crew had all started to pack up and only the fans were left.

**Shinhwa will be celebrating their 10th anniversary soon.
The members all feel the same way as me, we all want to protect the group. We've thought about how things will go from here, because after all the members will be serving military duty soon.

**You have been very busy with your solo activities for this whole year.
It's been really tough, but I'm really glad. Getting number 1 on Inkigayo was the happiest thing for me.

**Tell us more about your upcoming 2nd album.
It will be released in January. And I hope to have more of a 'band' feel in the 2nd album.

**What would you like to say to the fans who can't attend the fanmeeting today?
I'll work very hard to prepare for the next performance, so please wait for me.

When we thanked him for giving us some time before his performance, he said "Don't mention it" in Japanese. And because we heard that he really likes ramen, we gave him a very popular brand of ramen as a present, and he said, "Ah~Shirataki ramen. I've seen this in Korean news before." We were really surprised at the things that he knew.

Source: Asahi Shimbun
Chi trans: 堡堡@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz + Shinhwa Philippines

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shinhwa member recorded supporting clips for KanMiYoun

May bring out with full credits only. TQ.

KanMiYoun set his gentle aside into a manly suite, with Battle performing in "Quake of Voice Fame".

Every friday through HuNam tv station's live broadcasting, "Quake of Voice Fame" has come to the final, this week's on the 8th competition, Korean artist KanMiYoun withe Korean group Battle will be performing together the Korean Longevitiy group SHINHWA's hit song "Wild Eyes".

When SHINHWA was having their concert in Shanghai on the 15th DEC, they receive news that KanMiYoun will be performing for the finale of "Quake of Voice Fame". Being working together before with SHINHWA and as a Baby Vox member, Shinhwa JunJin, LeeMinWoo, KimDongWan & Andy had spend out sometime after concert and record a supporting clip & blessing individually for KanMiYoun, they express that they believe that KanMiYoun will sing better than them, and also will perform it to the end to receive the champion prize.

KanMiYoun to practice Shinhwa's dancing movement, she purposely went back to Korea for a few days to ask for assist from Shinhwa's Choreographer of that song, then she went back to BeiJing on the 19th dec and hurriedly pracises the song and dance every night with "Junior Shinhwa" Battle.

KanMiYoun & Battle are from the same management company in China and they perform "Wild Eyes" together for the first time. This song was a hit throughout the whole Asia at that time and it has it's own specially of "Chair Dance", it is also a representative song for Shinhwa, successfully achieved fame. There were even numourous china artist imitate to perform it. Through this song, KanMinYoun will be challenging Shinhwa's chair dancing and at the same time also challenging on ShinHyeSung's song.

Source: 新浪 & shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

Minwoo: Looking forward to Shinhwa's 10th anniversary album

M Lee Minwoo expressed his anticipation towards the 10th anniversary commemorative album to be released next year.

Lee Minwoo held a press conference on Christmas Eve, just before his "Hey Michyeo Choumchyeo Oechyeo" (Hey Get Crazy! Dance! Scream!) concert at Apgujong Club, and shared his thoughts regarding the above.

When asked "What is the one thing that you are looking forward to the most in 2008?", he replied "The 10th anniversary of Shinhwa's debut. Although there are new exciting projects every year, but 2008 will be the most emotional year for me. Shinhwa's 10th anniversary album will be released next year, and I feel that this is the biggest milestone."

Shinhwa, who made their debut in 1998, will release their 9th album next year while celebrating their 10th anniversary on 24 March, and will be holding a large-scale fanmeeting and concert in Korea.

Minwoo added, "There are many singers and producers who are trying to liven up the music scene and I'd like to join them in doing so, and become a singer who works hard in music activities. I'd also like to organize jam concerts with other singers, and other kinds of performances as a visual and aural treat for the fans to enjoy." FYI:(*jam concerts refer to concerts where singers, who don't usually work together, will perform together)

Holding his concert in a club for the first time, Lee Minwoo will be having a total of three shows, and the 3,000 plus tickets have all been sold out. Fellow Shinhwa members Eric, Kim Dongwan and Shin Hyesung will also appear as special guests, a sign of the strong friendship between the members.

Source: mydaily & newsen & oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans:

Minwoo's sad confession: "Once I spent X'mas alone drinking soju"

Shinhwa member M Lee Minwoo shares his sad Christmas experience.

Lee Minwoo held a press conference at 7pm on 24 Dec at Apgujong Club, just before his "Hey Michyeo Choumchyeo Oechyeo" (Hey Get Crazy! Dance! Scream!) concert.

He disclosed, "I once spent Christmas alone when the Shinhwa members were all still living together. At that time besides Eric and me, everyone else had their families in Seoul, and even Eric went to spend Christmas at a relative's place, so I spent a really lonely Christmas by myself."

He added, "And I wanted to give the members a surprise, so I really put in effort to decorate the Christmas tree. Though I can't say who, but a member came back after drinking quite a bit and completely wrecked the tree while asking 'what's this?' " In the end Minwoo spent Christmas feeling frustrated and drinking soju by himself.

Minwoo has put in a lot of effort into this concert, and he'll be performing club remixed of The M Style, L.O.V.E among other songs. About 3,000 fans are expected to turn up for the concerts overt Dec 23-24.

Source: newsen&oceans
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[News] Lee Minwoo: "Beware of high heels when you attend the concert"

"Please come in something comfortable. And please beware of high heels." (laughs) This is Lee Minwoo's advice to enjoy the club concert a hundred times better.

On the afternoon of 24 Dec at Apgujong Club, before the "Hey Michyeo Choumchyeo Oechyeo" (Hey Get Crazy! Dance! Scream!) concert, Lee Minwoo held a press conference and expressed the point above.

For today's show Minwoo planned to have closer interaction with the audience, and he divided the show into three sections, with the third section for audience above 19 years of age only. Having already held one concert on 23 Dec, Lee Minwoo said "There were about 1,000 fans present, and the atmosphere was electrifying. For you to enjoy the concert a hundred times more, you may perspire a lot more, so please come in something comfortable."

After that he added, "Also it's only standing space at the club so beware of high heels. It hurts really bad to get stepped on by heels. And the ladies who come in heels will probably end up with very sore feet too. As a matter of fact, yesterday there was an accident and someone was sent to the hospital. So I hope everyone can come in comfortable clothes, be careful of high heels, and that everyone can really enjoy themselves at the concert."

For today's concert, fans from China, Japan, Taiwan and other Asian countries had all arrived at the venue 2 hours ahead.

Source: starnew&oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans:

Andy, will be performing "Irrelavant Imagination" in Japan fm on 23r

May bring out with full credits only. TQ.

Group SHINHWA Andy on this month's 23rd, Christmas Eve will be holding his first solo fanmeeting in Japan.

Being debuted as a musical actor, and also achieved sucess in solo, Andy receive much attention from Japan China and so on other counties before he even releases his first solo album which will be releasing next year January, he will be holding a fanmeeting cum Christmas style party with the fans in Yokohama, Japan.

Through concerts in Japan & Korea which had driven a mad Hanryu wave, Andy's coming up fanmeeting performance due to WonderGirls Yubin will be participating/appearing performaning "Irrelavant Imagination" together, thus had receive lots of anticipation from the fans.

Addition, Andy also planning, with the fans, prepared his first musical debut production "Music In My Heart" a certain scene. To be able to have a close distance fanmeeting with the fans, there are still lots of activities program under progression.

For his first solo album's recording & concert, Andy had finish shooting for the album cover, and currrently is busy with the final recording & concert preparation.

Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[News] Lee Minwoo worries about being "dead drunk on Christmas Day"

Holding a concert in a club for the first time since his debut, M Lee Minwoo revealed some interesting Christmas anecdotes at the pre-concert press conference.

Minwoo said, "Usually I tend to have performances during Christmas, so we will go for celebration dinners after the performance, and I tend to drink a lot. At the dinner I will drink a lot even before eating, and I get dead drunk as a result. When I get home, my wallet's empty too. I hope that's not going to happen tonight."

He added, "I feel really lucky to be able to hold a concert like this. I was hoping to have closer interaction with the fans in a smaller space, that's why this club concert came about."

As for many overseas fans who are in Korea to attend the concert, Minwoo said "Thank you to all the overseas fans who turned up, I hope they would be very happy after watching the show. I'm really very grateful for this."

Source: mydaily & oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans:

[News] Junjin, "today in tough image style"

On 20th evening in Seoul hold "J.Roseroco N.Y" opening party, Artist Junjin made his pose infront of the camera.

Being as the local top multi styling branding, J. Roseroco N.Y finally in Luxury Fashion Market's Luxury Street opened a J. Roseroco N.Y store.

On the 20th evening, besides than the political and economic related profession appeared, VIP guest & outstanding fashion Big Bang, Ok Ju Hyuk, Son Ye Jin, Kim Hwee Ae, Sun Ye Jin, Jang Keun Seok, Junjin, Sun Tae Young, Myeong Se Bin, Kim Hye Su and so on Top Celebrity gathered in J. Roseroco N.Y opening to send their congratulate.

Source: GONEWS
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Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

Andy to hold his first solo fanmeeting in Yokohama

*ai...i can't translate korean just yet with my measly knowledge of the language whahahah... but i managed to find the chinese version of the articles for translation LOL...ANDY FIGHTING!*

Shinhwa's Andy will be holding his first solo fanmeeting on Dec 23 in Japan's Yokohama.

Making his debut as a musical actor, and also taking on other solo activities, Andy has consistently received a lot of attention and interest from fans in Japan, China and other countries. He will meeting his fans in Yokohama in the format of a Christmas party fanmeeting before he releases his first solo album in January next year.

Andy, who has ascertained the power of the Hallyu wave through the Shinhwa concerts in Japan and China, will be performing his first single Extraordinary Imagination at this fanmeeting. This single has also become a talking point as Yubin of the Wonder Girls also features on this song. Fans are all looking forward to the performance.

In addition, Andy also plans to play out a scene in his debut musical Muisc In My Heart with his fans, and he has also planned many programmes in order to interact more with his fans during the fanmeeting.

Meanwhile, Andy has already completed his cover photo shoot, and he's currently busy with wrapping up the recording of the album and also preparing for his concert.

Source: joynews24&oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[07.12.22][news] Andy - Spending Christmas in Japan
(Seoul Yonhap News / Reporter Lee Eun Jung)

Shinhwa's Andy (Lee Seon Ho, 26) will be spending a meaningful Christmas in Japan.

Andy will be holding his first solo fanmeeting in the style of a Christmas party on Dec 23, in Japan's Yokohama.

Andy, who as expanded his solo portfolio with his debut as a musical actor, will be performing his first solo single Extraordinary Imagination at the fanmeeting. This single will also be included on his solo album, scheduled to be released in January next year. Yubin of the Wonder Girls also features on this track, thus bringing further interest to the song.

At the fanmeeting, as one of the programmes lined up, Andy plans to reenact one of the scenes from his musical Music In My Heart with the fans.

Andy has just completed a series of concerts with Shinhwa in Nagoya and Saitama on 6 Dec and 8-9 Dec.

Source: naver news
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Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Hue Story magazine: Mun Jung Hyuk - Hidden but still the star

*this article is a pure unadulterated tribute to eric mun jung hyuk...and i love reading it!*

Since the drama Que Sera Sera ended, it has been very difficult to see Mun Jung Hyuk in any official appearances. From being part of an idol group, Eric has swiftly transformed himself into the distinctive actor Mun Jung Hyuk. We don't know the reason why he's been absent from the public eye, but he is a celebrity that stays firmly on our radar. He is sorely missed.

Que Sera Sera! Mun Jung Jyuk the actor in full blossom

What did Mun Jung Hyuk gain and lose with the drama Que Sera Sera? He lost in terms of ratings, as the ratings were less than satisfactory. Even having hotshot PD Kim Yoon Chul from My Name Is Kim Sam Soon didn't help either. Although Eric played out the character of Kang Tae Joo to a T, the drama didn't do well. However, Mun Jung Hyuk the actor has passed with flying colors. Clearer diction and a more emotional performance has garnered much praise for him. If he was once called a singer who occasionally acted, now you can call Mun Jung Hyuk an actor who can sing as well. Just like this, he left a deep impression with his performance. Now, Mun Jung Hyuk's acting doesn't leave people ill at ease anymore.

Back to Shinhwa once again! Eric the singer and his dreams

Shinhwa once ruled the scene as the king of all idol groups. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the gayo scene at its peak was once dominated by
H.O.T., G.O.D. and Shinhwa. The three groups each had different traits, and among them Shinhwa had the edge with their more masculine charm and music that was targeted at the masses. Besides being very well-loved, the close bonds between the members were also well known within the country. Thus til today, they still exist as Shinhwa, with its lineup unchanged from day one. It is a feat in the Korean music scene for any idol group to be able to stay intact for this long. The core of this group is of course Mun Jung Hyuk. Well-known for giving the limelight to his fellow members, and taking care of them, his contribution to Shinhwa is massive. Regardless of his popularity, he remains the humble Mun Jung Hyuk, uniting the group with his presence. Lately he has been practising hard every night with the Shinhwa members for the Asian tour in December and the release of Winter Story 2007. We look forward to seeing Shinhwa at their best.

The Hallyu wave strikes again! The much anticipated appearance of the Hallyu personality

Mun Jung Hyuk's popularity in Japan has exceeded our expectations. The dramas that he's acted in have done better than some of the other dramas that star so-called Hallyu stars. Thus he held his first solo fanmeeting in Japan in December. The entertainment world is looking forward to what he has in store for us. People have identified him as the first choice to revitalize the Hallyu wave. Mun Jung Hyuk is not far from taking over Bae Yong Joon's place. Shinhwa's popularity in Japan is also extremely remarkable, and is of top class standard in the rest of Asia too. Their Asian tour this winter will surely spark off another round of frenzy. Shinhwa has stepped out of Korea and become a true Asian icon. We're glad to see the sparkling eyes of Mun Jung Hyuk amongst everything.

The King of Style! Catching the attention of ladies

One can't really tell his nationality just by looking at him. Sometimes he feels like the 2nd generation of a huge Hong Kong financial conglomerate, and sometimes he bears the air of a member of royalty from some exotic country. And other times he is a rebellious actor in Japan who oozes character. Probably in most Asian countries, Mun Jung Hyuk would enjoy popularity easily. That's the marketability of Mun Jung Hyuk the actor. He has an international appearance, and he is more than well-equipped to venture out of Asia into the West too. Undeniably his looks and body have enabled him to get attention and to carry off clothes really well. Of course good looks doesn't equate to style. It's almost impossible to criticize his style, which is proved by the fact that many fashion labels, who only go for the celebs with the best style, have selected him as their spokesman.

His Persistent Competitive Streak! Always working to exceed everyone's expectations

Most people who know him in real life often comment that he is a polite and quiet person. Many were surprised to see a different side of Mun Jung Hyuk on stage and in dramas. Introverts in general do in fact have a shocking amount of willpower, and are more tough. He always shatters our expectations of him, and at the same time brings us joy by exceeding our expectations. Now, he has already evolved from the image of a young idol star, and taken on the image of an actor. Will he be able to do it? Such questions only serve to provoke his competitive streak. We believe that he will become the true star of the show, and become a true actor with his acting skills.

Source: oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Shinhwa's Kim Dongwan tells fans, "One day, I will also write lyrics in Japanese"

In regards to Kim Dongwan, his official japanese fanclub just recently started. However, as he is planning to enlist in the military before next year's summer, he stated "In the two years, please don't forget me. I will definitely come back."

Shinhwa debuted in 98 as a 6 member boyband. While 3 members had activities as solo singers last year, Kim Dongwan also released his first solo album this year. In the fanmeeting, he played the piano and sang 3 songs from his album. He also sang a song with lyrics that resound in his heart, Kobukuro's "Sakura," saying that "Oneday, I will also write lyrics in Japanese"

About the seating being close to the stage, "Being able to see everyone very clearly is a strange feeling." As his last birthday in his 20s (Korean age) was just in November, fans sent him a birthday cake as well as wine he likes, a camera, a humidifier, etc. Shinhwa's leader Eric also made a guest appearance. The two sang "Liar", which Eric wrote and composed.

Dongwan revealed that after the military service, "I would like to spend about 6 months living in Japan," exciting the assembly hall. When asked "The type of girls you like are?" he replied in Japanese, "A woman whose nape is beautiful" causing fans to laugh. After, he replied, "A person who likes music."


[news] Lee Minwoo manages microphone malfunction with wit

*uri minbong is just so clever... just love him for that! and the reporters...aish jincha...just give the guy a chance to eat his dinner in peace!

and check out the great pics livvie and urishinhwa posted in SNE*

Dressed in a red suit and then a black suit, Lee Minwoo wowed the audience with his superb singing and his powerful dance at the Chivas Music Experience event on 19 Dec. He even greeted the fans in Cantonese, saying "Hello everyone I'm Minwoo, how are you?", sending the fans into a frenzy.

During the last song however, there was suddenly a problem with the microphone, and though Minwoo showed signs of being affected momentarily, he continued the performance with a smile, and prompted the fans to sing along. After the incident, Minwoo expressed his thoughts about the incident, "There are always emergency situations during performances, the most important thing is to know how to handle the situation. I saw the fans just now, and I'm happy just seeing them, so everything's ok."

After the show, Minwoo returned to the hotel to have a change of clothes before proceeding to a Korean restaurant in Causeway Bay's Times Square for dinner. The crew continued to stop reporters from taking pictures.

Source: 東方日報 Oriental Daily News
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

BONUS... a fan recap of the event

*the lucky fans who went! and too bad to the ppl in the crowd who didn't know who he is... you don't know what you're missing out on!*

Just came back from HK, I'm so tired!~

Minwoo was just so superb, he sang around 6 songs today, and he made some changes to the dance choreography too. He was wearing a red suit, totally gorgeous!~

The venue is just great too, it's small so we were very near the stage, the sound system was powerful too!~ He's just too gorgeous!~!~

He sang Showdown first, then M Style which he had a new choreography for, and the dance was even more powerful. (note: i think she's referring to the remix choreography which he performed at Music Bank before...) Then he sang La Noche Bonita, and he got that lamp post from the Korea concert here too, then he did Let Me Love You without the female dance, just dancing by himself with a new choreography too.

Then he did Stomp, it's the exact same version as the one in the Korea concert, then he finished off with Bump. A little incident took place, Minwoo somehow dropped the mic and when he picked it up there was no sound. He smiled and then pointed at the mic, telling us that there was no sound and the pointed to us fans to help him sing the song. So we sang out loud and clear, and he gave us a thumbs-up for it! ~And because Chivas' official color is orange, orange streamers were given out, so the entire place was pretty much decked out in orange, plus we had lightboards of Minwoo's name all over, so he looked really happy!~ And he really took this show very seriously, since he rehearsed nonstop for 2 hours for just a half-hour performance!~

There should be really great fancams of this, because the venue is small so many people took very clear fancams. But since Minwoo isn't that big in HK yet, and he was the first to appear, many of the HK audience members didn't really know who he was. They were mostly the white-collar worker type, so they didn't really react much to him except to stare at us fans. The last to perform were Grasshoppers, and after they finished they gathered onstage with Minwoo and Elva Hsiao. Grasshoppers really took care of Minwoo, and even hugged him too, I guess they really admired him too. When they exited the stage, one of them pulled Minwoo along with him!~ Minwoo really looked very happy today!~

Source: bs@ likita
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Presales of Kim Dongwan's 2nd solo album

*woo! dongwannie's 2nd album already in the pipeline!!!*

Presales for Kim Dongwan's 2nd album

Expected start date of presale: Mid-January 2008

Deposit: 2,000 won (refundable upon purchase)

Presale hotline: TBC

*the presale date is subject to changes

The Gwanghwamun branch of Hottracks is now taking presale orders for Kim Dongwan's 2nd album

Source: ocean
Chi trans: 堡堡@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[News] Minwoo duets with Hyesung at his club concert to delight of fans

Singer Lee Minwoo spent a hot Christmas Eve with more than 1,000 fans. on 24 Dec at 7pm, Lee Minwoo held his "Hey Michyeo Choumchyeo Oechyeo" (Hey Get Crazy! Dance! Scream!) concert at Seoul's Apgujong Club. The concert was Minwoo's idea of having closer interaction with his fans.

Making his entrance on stage while singing Play My Song, Minwoo said "I'm really glad to be able to see everyone up close. I'm really honored. Today's Christmas Eve, I hope everyone will enjoy this date with me."

He also expressed his excitement, "It wasn't easy to prepare for this concert by myself after completing the Shinhwa concerts in Japan and China. But receiving everyone's cheers standing on stage now, I'm feeling really good."

After that, fellow Shinhwa member also made a surprise special guest appearance and sang White Winter with Minwoo. Hyesung even performed the Wonder Girls' Tell Me at the insistence of Minwoo, to the laughter of the audience.

Hyesung said, "It's Christmas Eve tonight, and I was just idling at home since there's no work today, so I popped by. I'm really envious of Minwoo being able to spend time together like this. I hope to be able to hold a concert like this next year too."

However, during Minwoo's DJ segment with Phryme, the concert was momentarily interrupted due to a problem with the sound system. Minwoo also expressed his shock, but the sound system was soon fixed and he went on with the performance as if nothing had happened.

Minwoo performed Pretty Woman, L.O.V.E, The M Style, One In A Million and 신기루 (Shingiru/Mirage) among other songs, in an explosive atmosphere.

Source: starnews & oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans:

[Trans] Fan recap of Andy's fanmeeting Part 2

Translator's Note: *hehe this must be a Ricdy fan.... but can anyone get cuter than uri andy? like seriously? i say bring on the fancams!*

First I must say this is probably the most personal fan meeting, whether as a group or solo, that I've seen so far.

The fanmeeting was delayed by half an hour, it was supposed to start at 6 but it only started at 6.30. It started with a video of Andy messing around in his room, dressing up the Christmas tree. He said beside in the US, this was his first time dressing up a tree, and it's for his beloved fans, then he appeared, singing Extraordinary Imagination - cute beyond imagination! He was wearing a red jacket, I don't know how to describe it, it was, OMO, I can only say how can anyone possibly be this cute! The dance was super cute too, after watching it I was just thinking "Why is the world so beautiful?!"

After that it was the usual interview, at first Andy kept on laughing then the MC said, "Now I know why everyone here loves you so much... You're too friendly and nice~" Then Andy took the chance to say that's why he's always bullied by the other members, always and everyday, and the worst is Eric = = Come on...That's his way of showing his love, bet you know it too~ The MC team was a famous Japanese duo of comedians who looked really good, and one of them even dubbed Super Rookie in Japanese. They kept saying that Andy was the best at aegyo with the members...

After this Andy showed us a video of his daily life in Korea, we saw Eric's message to him too. Eric said "I'm hungry" then Andy replied "I'm going on stage now"...after that Eric replied "Hahahaha..." but I forgot the the next line. Do the two of them really send irrelevant replies to each other like that? = = Strange way of thinking that they have... no wonder Eric dotes on you - only you can understand him. After that he started talking about his musical, and taught us sign language. He told us that he learnt it for 4 months. He used "How's your health?" to test us, and he picked the fan with the best response. He then showed excerpts from the musical and then re-enacted a really intimate scene with the selected fan! OH! That girl leaned on his shoulder and he held her singing gently = = That girl is just so lucky~~~~

Then he played Scissors Rock Paper with the fans, and 10 winners can go on stage and ask him questions - any questions at all.... unfortunately I'm hopeless at any of such games...

Some of the girls who went up were just too nervous and didn't know what to ask, then Andy said "Let me start first then. Hmm, I like to eat sashimi and sushi, everytime I'm here I'll eat a lot of that. Can you recommend me some good places to go to?" And then someone asked him why his skin is so good, and he actually said "I was working quite hard for this period of time and I only had 4 hours of sleep a day. I don't really particularly take care of my skin and beauty sleep is important after all... I drink soju too..." I'm you learnt that from your hyungs = =

After that the fans could make any requests they wanted, and they really did - the Tell Me dance, the heart dance, imitating Jo In Sung etc... There was a request for the most powerful heart dance , so Andy gave an ultra superbly powerful version of the heart dance!!! His waist looked like it was going to snap! The fan then put her hat on Andy's head and for a while he really looked like Minwoo with a hat on!

When he did Tell Me he was super shy~ and kept saying that he really didn't know the dance, but he did it anyway....cute! After that while the MC was interviewing someone else he was still practising at the side... cute to the max!

The 10 lucky fans all received his autographed calendar. Then came the newbie Seo Minwoo, and he did the entire Tell Me dance, really cute too! After all he's under the wings of the CEO of cuteness himself...

Then came the video messages of the members, except for Jin...It's the same as Dongwan's and Eric's fanmeetings - if they didn't appear on screen then they were the special guests.. It was clear from the start that it was Jin anyway, and the MCs didn't have to say that it was a surprise... Jin even sang a X'mas song with him~ so cute...

Then Jin sang Come Back and then exited the stage without saying anything - what's wrong with you! = = After that I heard that he went drinking just before the fanmeeting - why is it like that again? = = Do you guys like going drinking before appearing as special guests at the fanmeetings?! (*fyi dongwan & eric went drinking before eric's fanmeet too...)

After that he took pictures of us, and he said we could do the same too! I finally understood why our bags weren't searched when we came in! This is really the first time!!!

His first encore segment was that new song I heard during lunch, it's one of the songs from his upcoming solo album in January, and it's not completed yet but he said he really wanted to share it with us so he just sang it. For the lyrics I can only remember something like "We walked this road together" / "Listening to the music together" / "Suffered together"... it's a ballad and it was really nice! It's nice beyond my imagination! I could see that everyone was surprised to see that Andy could sing like this! As perfect as this... I can only say Andy's no longer the boy that I used to know...he has completely grown up and transformed himself

After that the video that was played left a very deep impression on me. The narrator said this, "For the past 9 years he has been used to the number 6, now to become a successful 1, he is battling against loneliness". But Andy, looking at you today, I can only say that you really have grown up.

For the second encore segment, he picked a fan from the audience and the fan received a handwritten card from him.

That's it for Andy's fanmeeting...

Credits: fairylee@shinhwachina
Eng trans:

Thursday, December 20, 2007

[07.12.19] [Trans] Eric's interview at his Japan fanmeeting

Q: Just like the title of the drama, have you ever had a situation of Que Sera Sera? (Whatever will be, will be)

Eric: That has happened a few times, when I made my debut with Shinhwa, and starting out as an actor. During the time when Shinhwa was formed, we all stayed together to prepare for our debut. But I became an actor by chance, without being fully prepared and I was given the job.

When I was recommended to act in my first drama Breathless, it was really a case of que sera sera for me. I completed the project with the help from the people around me. The ratings for the show wasn't very good, but it was with the experience from that drama that allowed me to meet everyone through QSS eventually.

Q: How would you like to be recognized and remembered for your role in QSS?

Eric: should I say it? I've had quite a few different kinds of roles so far, whether it's the romantic type or the charismatic type. In QSS, Kang Tae Joo was both. I'm really glad that I took up this role.

Q: How has 2007 been for you?

Eric: From our debut til now, this year has been one of the most interesting. There were times when I was really busy, but I also had the time to take a good break, so the timing was pretty good. Next year Shinhwa will celebrate our 10th anniversary, and because of that, this year is a year that's worth celebrating. Next year we'll be having our concert and Shinhwa will also have activities as a group.

Q: During the concert (in Japan), you were being teased by the members for your hairstyle, but your hairstyle is really gorgeous today. What do you think of your hairstyles?

Eric: I often wear suits in dramas, so I will put some effort into complementing the suits with my hairstyles. As for concerts, I spend a long time on stage, singing while dancing, and I'd perspire a lot. It will be tough to maintain a hairstyle throughout. That's why I usually tie my hair up during concerts. Before this I usually had my hair all braided, but this time I tied half of it and braided the other half, and when we reached Japan, everyone called it the Samurai style. This kind of style used to appear in Korean period dramas in the past too. If anyone is unhappy with my hairstyle during the concert, I hope you can understand that it's a management decision. (laughs)

Q: With regards to the sexy Eric, do you do anything in particular to maintain that sexy image?

Eric: I don't have any secrets to this image, it's just people's opinions of me, whether performing on stage as a Shinhwa member or playing a character in a drama. For these I work out very hard. Usually I'm very lazy but it's because of these opportunities that I'm who I am today.

Q: Will you make your debut as a solo artiste and not as a Shinhwa member next year?

Eric: I've thought about releasing a solo album before, but I never could make it happen due to conflicts in schedules for other activities. But I'd still like to release a solo album no matter what. I have plans for that next year, but I can't promise anything. Andy's also releasing his solo album, then that would make me the only Shinhwa member not to go solo, that's why I'd like to release a solo album too. Besides, just before coming to Japan, I had a listen to the song that Minwoo wrote for me. It's quite likely that I'll be recording that song.

Source: ドラマ\x{97e9}
Chi trans: shin@fevEric
Eng trans:

[07.12.19] [News] Eric will support and help members in their solo activities

Eric will be supporting the other Shinhwa members in their solo activities.

Recently when he was interviewed at the pre-concert press conference in Japan, Eric said "I don't have any major plans for activities now. From now till the end of the year I'll stay by the side of the members and help them out in their activities.

Eric will be taking part in Lee Minwoo and Andy's year-end activities, clearly demonstrating the close friendship between the Shinhwa members. First, Eric will be a special guest at Minwoo's concerts on 23rd and 24th Dec, and he will also be featuring in a song on Andy's solo album.

Eric is the leader of Shinhwa, the longest-running group in Korea who will celebrate their 10th anniversary in 2008, and would naturally feel a responsibility to help the members in their solo careers.

Eric added, "Aside from our group activities, I'm really happy to see the members do well in their solo careers. If I can offer my help in any way, I'd like to help them continuously.

Source: sports korea&oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans:

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

[07.12.17][Notice] 2007 China CONCERT -SHINHWA FOREVER' succesfuly ended

Hi everyone,
This is from goodemg

On December 15th in Shanghai HongKou Sport Stadium successfully hold '2007 China Concert - SHINHWA Forever'

Although it's an ourdoor stadium, but the passionate support and cheers, those orange object from the china fans made the concert looks even grandeur, and also to the oversea fans who came to the concert, through here, we sincerely thanks to you all.

Futhermore, under the name SHINHWA standing right on the stage together, from the starting til the end the members had been giving out unlimited friendliness and great performances, too we shall give a big applause to SHINHWA.

In the coming future, hope the fans will keep giving unlimit support and attention.

Thank you.

Source: Good EMG&oceans
Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[07.12.18][news] Shin Hyesung's 2nd solo album close to breaking 100,000 sales mark

Popular group Shinhwa's Shin Hyesung, who has successfully carved out his own solo career, is likely to be the 4th singer this year whose album exceeds sales of 100,000 copies.

According to statistics from the Korean Music Industry Association, Shin Hyesung's 2nd album "The Beginning, New Days" have already sold a whopping 94,046 copies as of 30 November. Shin Hyesung released his 2nd album on 8 August after a break of 2 years and 3 months, and the main track "First Person" has garnered immense popularity. Within 4 months of the album release, he is now very close to breaking the 100,000 sales mark.

In August when Shin Hyesung released his 2nd album, sales already hit 50,182 copies, becoming the highest-selling album for the month. Maintaining his strong sales, by the end of November, he is now only just 5,000 odd copies away from reaching 100,000.

Using an average of 10,000 copies per month for calculation purposes, Shin Hyesung is very likely to break the 100,000 mark by the end of December. As a solo artiste, Shin Hyesung sold 183,463 copies of his first solo album, released on 6 May 2005. If he succeeds this time round, he will be able to enjoy the accolade of having both of his solo albums breaking the 100,000 sales mark.

Other artistes who sold more than 100,000 copies of their albums are SG Wannabe, Epik High and Super Junior.

Source: mydaily & oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[07.12.16] [News] Shin Hyesung dislocated his knee during concert in China

Shinhwa member Shin Hyesung suffered quite a bit when he dislocated his knee during the concert in China.

Shinhwa held their ‘2007 CHINA TOUR SHINHWA FOREVER’ concert on 15 Dec. As Hyesung had to attend the Golden Disk Awards on 14 Dec, he couldn't make it for the pre-concert press conference held on 13 Dec. He also performed suffering from a cold.

Adding to his troubles, he dislocated his knee and cried out in pain during the concert. Fortunately, as he moved around during the rest of the concert, he gradually recovered and completed the performance smoothly. Although Hyesung wasn't in the best condition, he still gave a steady live performance, and even performed the crowd favorite, his crab dance, as an extra for the fans.

Before and after the concert, there were throngs of fans who followed them about. At 1pm on the day of the concert, they held an autograph session, with each member giving autographs to 20 fans.

At the hotel that Shinhwa was staying, fans were following them all the way from the concert venue to the hotel. It is not known how the fans got the information, but wherever Shinhwa was heading for, the fans were already waiting there, fully showing their love for Shinhwa. Fans said that the charm of Shinhwa lies mainly in their friendship. The fans love to see the close relationship between the members and also their strong friendship.

A staff member commented, "Once the Chinese like something, they will like it for a really long time. For example songs from 10 years ago are still very popular now. They will still receive a lot of support despite the appearance of newcomers. From what we can see, for Shinhwa to be so well-loved, it's really very encouraging."

Ending the concert amidst the cheers of about 22,000 fans, Shinhwa will be moving on other group activities and solo activities.

Source: osen
Chi trans: 打�$(D??@shinhwachina
Eng trans:

Monday, December 17, 2007

12/13 [news] Eric “Want to release solo album before army”

On the 12th, Shinhwa Eric holds a celebration for airing of “Que Sera Sera” cum fanmeeting in Tokyo, and also a press conference. Even though at the concert, Eric tied up his hair, but today, he changes back to his old hairstyle. He said that “Due to the clothes wore today, this hairstyle is more suitable.” All along he has braided reggae styled hair at concert, however this time, the hair was half braided and half tied up. Minwoo say that this is samurai hairstyle. Except for Eric, the rest of the members have released their solo albums. With regards to this, he said that “I want to have my own solo album too, however I have been too busy till now. Recently, Minwoo give me 2 songs which I like a lot, thus I would like to include in the recording for my solo album released next year.” He also mentioned that before enlistment to the army, he will release a solo album and also continue to act.

After the press conference, at the same venue, there is a fanmeeting. With regards to “Que Sera Sera”, Eric said that he like Kang TaeJoo this character. He wants to act a character that slowly become more mature. There are a lot of kiss scenes, very happy.” His comments make the fans feel a bit sad. Beside that, he was asked about the reaction of the other members, he said that “The other members did not praise me, but they have a lot of comments on my acting skills and where are the things that I did not do well etc.” After that Eric make some food on stage, and he also sing “Liar”which lyrics is written by him, together with Kim DongWan. The various activities make the fans happy.

Lastly he expressed that “When all the Shinhwa members gathered together, he want to hold a fanmeeting, please anticipate for Shinhwa and me.” “Que Sera Sera” which Eric acted in will be aired from next year, 10th January at 1.30am onwards on KNTV.

Credit to beck77@ (English trans) + jojoyu7@shinhwachina (Chinese trans) + wowKorea (original article)

[07.12.13] [News] Shinhwa, December 15th "Goodbye" in HongKou.

Before the Shinhwa members enlisting on next year, their last Asia Tour Concert stop falls in Shanghai, December 15th, HongKou soccer field.

Beijing time December 13th, Group Shinhwa members came to shanghai and meet up with their fans and the press face to face. Members who appeard for the press conference were Eric, Junjin, Kim Dongwan, Lee Minwoo. The other 2 member Shin Hyesung, Andy due to they had performance schedule in Korea they were force to delay their arrival flight a day later. Thus, when the 4 handsome man appeared in the press they started off with their apology for the absence of 2 member. "We had no choice, but we are not parting. We will be appearing in a full complete image on stage to the fans." As 'The Revive of Shinhwa' is the most important activity for the group before their temperary parting for the enlistment, So they wish to use a full image to make the best/perfect performance on stage.

Revive of Shinhwa, Goodbye Shinhwa

Shinhwa stated that this concert is more meaningful than the previous concert they had in shanghai before, firstly is about their 10years anniversary celebrating with their Asia fans and 2ndly is that this will be their last performance together in oversea before their enlistment. The name it Revive of Shinhwa, is to continue their last concert name in Shanghai in year 2006 July 8th and also as a permanent goodbye to the fans. After this concert, a few of the members will be enlisting one by one and the total years of their parting will round up more than 3 years.

"We are not leaving everybody", although this is their last Asia performance stop before enlistment, Shinhwa refuses to say goodbye, "Believe in us, we will be back, because we love everybody, all our cute fans."

Lasting stable members

A nearly of 10years time, Shinhwa from a energetic teenager turned to their current perfect man image, from the changes of their fashion outfit and styling, but their popularity never died down nor changes, their humor and relationship too never changes, their last year success concert in Shanghai ---Forever Shinhwa --- 2006 Shinhwa concert was a good example/proof.

Although some of the Shinhwa member's solo activities are still on the run, but, through these 10 years, they would still take out some of their time to gather up, running activities together with the name SHINHWA, they are the only group in Korea which has no changes on the members and also the longest surviving male group, stability, is the biggest secret of Shinhwa who had grab hold the whole Asia music industry.

Visiting Shanghai , the local delicacies

Previously due to their tight schedules, Shinhwa did not manage to travel around in Shanghai, but this time, 6 of these man had chosen the closest hotel to the Chenghuang Temple. And we heard that after they had ended their rehearsal on the 14th Dec they will be separating going out looking for Shanghai's delicacies and their best view. 6 man, they even requested the organizer to prepare 6 car for them! Although the venue is unknown, but the basic places they will be going are surely beaches, New world, old west area and so on for the beautiful shanghai view.

Source: Shanghai Hotline & Shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[07.12.14] [News] Shinhwa, "China Fans are passionate, Japanese fans are polite"

No hotlinking, please.

Hanryu artist SHINHWA love the China and Japanese fans, thus they had attracted attention.

Shinhwa Lee Minwoo on the 13th evening in China Concert Press Conference comparing the China and Japanese fans, thus had expresses out his love towards the fans.

Lee Minwoo, "The passionate between these 2 country has no difference. But if we describe the China fans' passion are like the red of fire, then the Japanese fans are very polite" he manage to attract attention towards him. "China fans passion are very hot. Every time we hold a concert in china we always get surprise by the fan's action, this is not the first or 2nd time experiencing it."

Towards the japan concert atmosphere, Lee Minwoo said "The Japanese fans are like holding a party, they enjoy the concert. And don't know whether it's because of the Hanryu wave reason, they understand Korean Language."

On the day's press conference attract the Local (Korea) & China press of a total 100 in the scene, filling up the whole hall. Addition, on Shinhwa's arrival in the airport there were 1000fans gathered together cheering Shinhwa.

Shin Hyesung due to the Golden Disk Award, Andy due to the album recording they couldn't attend the press conference in Shanghai. Jun Jin, Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan, Eric were there apology for their absence.

In this concert is the last shinhwa concert for Eric & Kim Dongwan, thus also had attracted the Korean press naturally and receives highly attention.

Cn Trans:打�$(D??@shihwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[07.12.14] [News] Kindhearted Junjin attempted by Minwoo

[Sohu Entertainment Shanghai] Yesterday, Shinhwa 2007 China Concert Press Conference was hold in Shanghai Yiyuan Hotel Grand Ballroom. Although member Hyesung & Andy due to their own activity schedule they did not manage to attend the press conference, but yet the remain 4 members of the group attracted many press to come forward.

During the press conference, 4 of the members looks relax and towards all the questions being asked by the Korea & China press, they did not forget to self entertain themselves and showed their kindly sillyness/naughtiness.

The most lovable member --Junjin

Being as the youngest among the 4, Junjin naturally had replace the Shinhwa youngest member Andy position in the interview, the quietly receive all the hyung's 'love'. Maybe due to Junjin had been running lots of activities in China lately, all the questions being asked during the press conference were naturally falls onto him.

Minwoo even kindly pass the mic and place it in front of Junjin, and Junjin who did not got himself prepared were filled with shock and unresponsable emotion on his face. When a reporter as what is the biggest secret of Shinhwa being like a family after so many years, the other 3 members blurted out at the same time with the answer 'because there's JunJin'. And Junjin filled out with a happiness smile on his face.

The person who loves to attract the camera's attention -- Minwoo

Although Minwoo was dress in handsomely matured outfit but it couldn't hide his tiredness on his face, but when it comes to the camera he would not show his weakness out. When the other 3 members were not into the situation, Minwoo will show his signature killing smile to melt all the press's camera film.

During the press conference he keep giving eric a close whisper, then suddenly he will play with JunJin, and even wink at dongwan who was sitting right at the far end. Maybe due to he has already gotten use with the china press, when Minwoo was answering the questions he was specially relax. When the press mention that in last year china concert he had torn his out top on the stage, then he immediately answer "This year if the audience is passionate enough, i will help everybody to tear Junjin's top", and everybody burst into laughters.

Naughty Minwoo didn't let go of Junjin easily, When the press question them which area of China's ladies are much prettier, the quickly place the mic infront of JunJin. Til Junjin didn't know what to answer, he force out a sentence 'Shanghai's pretty' and after blurted out just a few words Minwoo grab the mic back to him and answer 'I think China girls are all pretty', lead Junjin who was just sitting beside him wanted to remorse him. And at that current atmosphere, the press where being lighten up with Junjin's cute attitude.

The Self Bubble member -- Eric

Shinhwa leader Eric was always known to have a very unique self spirit world, and through this press conference we manage to see his ET-ness. Throughout the whole interview, from the beginning till the end, exclude all the questions, Eric's conversation are much lesser, totally like a true leader.

But if you have a close up observation on him, you will realize that he's totally in his own world throughout the press conference. In the whole interview he actually had done 3 matter, one is when when Dongwan was showing off his off-tune Chinese language then he turn to him and gave him a punch to stop him from playing his own skills; 2ndly is when Minwoo was saying he will tear up Junjin's top, he look onto himself and softly burble :"I will hide in somewhere where nobody realizes me and tear it myself (his own top)" ; 3rd is with Dongwan to torture the other 2 members in front of the mic.

Comparing it with Minwoo's torture case (moving it here and there), Eric's & Dongwan's mic torturing case was given greater, because the mic was simply being torture by them on twisting it and straighten it for over more than a 100times.

The most responsible member -- Dongwan

In the interview Dongwan's performance was a highlight. After dealing with his uncomfyness at the very beginning of the press conference, very smoothly and quickly he had turn back to his own situation spot and started off with his responsible job "The spokeman". Besides than carefully monitoring all the member's speech ---- when all the members were talking he practically too looking at them warmly.

When the member's answer were not filling enough he will add in to make the press satisfy/understand ---- throughout the whole interview Dongwan's speech was the most; And he also enlighten the whole atmosphere when it died down. Although lots of the press were sweating due to Dongwan's performance attitude in the interview, but his serious and cuteness made people feeling of his friendliness.

Source: Sina & shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[07.12.14] [News] Shin Hyesung, awarded in Golden Disc

May bring out with full credits only.
Thank you.

From group SHINHWA to solo, Shin Hyesung had made a success and was awarded '2007 Golden Disk' DaeSang.

After Shin Hyesung was being awarded he said "Many thanks to GOOD EMG company staff and fans who has been supporting me. This honored to all the people who loves music."

When Shin Hyesung's name was announce on the stage, there were firecracker burst within the audience crowd up to the sky, thus had frighten much people on scene.

The firecrackers, where being prepared by Shin Hyesung's fans personally.

A related music industry staff said "We had no idea that the fans personally had made such preparation as a celebration."

Shin Hyesung released his solo 2nd album with the hit song 'First Person' on august 2007 and had receive lots of popularity since then.

Cn Trans:打�$(D??@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[07.12.14] [News] Shinhwa spent 100,000RMB within 3 days

May bring out with full credits only.
Thank you.

Last night, Korean group SHINHWA came to Shanghai for their tomorrow's concert. Although there is only 4 members arrived, but the press conference had attracted many press from Korea & China. Due Eric & Kim Dongwan will be enlisting next year, this is their last appearance in China together and also Shanghai is their last Asia Concert Tour stop.

Next year will be their 10 years anniversary, Lee Minwoo express that they are the only korean group which has never move out or changes on the members, and even the most longest male group surviving ever, "10years is a progression changes of a teenager, in the future we will produce our own music style according to our aging." Towards the enlisting problem, although 'Forever Shinhwa' still would make many people sigh on their temperary parting situation.

According to what have been heard, Shinhwa & 90 concert staff had booked 3 floors of Shanghai Yiyuan's hotel, for 3 days (13th, 14th, 15th) and the payment fee was 100,000RMB (about 14,000USD).

Source: Shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[07.12.15] [Diary] Dongwan - To Shinhwa Changjo in China!~^^

I'm really thankful for your unchanging support for Shinhwa all this while!
I hoped to say hello to each and every fan who was waiting for me at the airport,
But the police and security personnel were trying to manage the situation. So there was no choice but to exit through the back of the airport.
But I can still feel your support for me through the photos! ^_^
I'll see you in just a while! I'm really looking forward to meeting all of you!
Good night! See you tomorrow! ~

p.s Thank you Dong wan baidu bar I love you all! ~*

Source: november21

[Notice] Congrats to Shin Hyesung on winning Golden Disk Bonsang award

Hi everyone,
This is Goodemg.

Shin Hyesung was being awarded the 2007 Golden Disk ‘Bonsang’ award. Congratulations~!

In year 2007 he had release his 2nd album, and at the same time while running his activities locally, Shin Hyesung also successfully completed holding his first solo concert in Korea & Japan. He receives energy through all the fans' support, and also honored-ly receive the Golden Disc Bonsang which signifies a big meaningful and importance to the singers.

Important is, we would like to thank to the everbody who love Shin Hyesung's 2nd album, the fans who remain in the scene til late at night and giving their nonstop support.

In year 2008, please do too anticipate for more Shin Hyesung's great performances, and once again sincerely congratulate on the award.

Thank you.

Cn Trans:打�$(D??@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[07.12.14][news] Shinhwa will "tear off their shirts on stage"

At the press conference for Shinhwa's China concert, Shinhwa shared their thoughts and plans with more than 50 members of the media.

Shinhwa member Junjin said, "Upon reaching here, the moment I stepped into the airport, I felt very thankful when I saw the sea of orange. To thank everyone for this I will put on a brilliant performance later." After this, they were soon flooded with questions from the Chinese media.

A local reported asked Lee Minwoo, "During last year's concert you tore off your shirt on stage, will there be a repeat of that for this year's concert?" Minwoo then replied, "This time it will be Junjin tearing off my shirt." Junjin then added a comment about tearing each other's shirts off, to the laughter of the audience.

The reporter then asked Eric if he would be tearing off his shirt too. Eric said, "I'll tear it off in a corner quietly", further livening up the atmosphere.

Source: joynews
Chi trans: 打�$(D??@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[07.12.14][news] Shinhwa tries to "evolve naturally from an idol group"

It's been 10 years since their debut, and sometimes having activities for a long period of time may get tiring, and the average age of their Korean fans are also increasing. However, the 1,000 plus crowd of female fans who were waiting for Shinhwa at Shanghai's Pudong Airport on 13 Dec reminded everyone of the time when Shinhwa made their debut in 1998.

In response to this, Eric said "We have been having our activities mostly in Korea, so when we have concerts in Japan, China and other countries, we can feel a different atmosphere as compared to Korea. The fiery and passionate support from the young Chinese fans makes us feel that we're back to our debut period, and sometimes we feel even more excited because of that. Such an experience has really helped me to find that long-lost feeling. But having come so far as Shinhwa, all 6 of us have also done very well in our own fields, this feeling is just as freat. If the fans can support the members in their solo activities, we will work even harder no matter where we are."

Immensely popular in China, Shinhwa is celebrating their 10th anniversary soon. They have been changing in every sense from being an idol group, and they are still evolving. What kind of music does Shinhwa hope to create?

Shinhwa's Lee Minwoo said, "Shinhwa is an idol group, and we've also grown older. Just like how we have to wear clothes that are appropriate for our age, I think the music that we make is also the same. Usually the people who can appreciate our music now are not the ones in their 10s. Just as how we have created memories for the fans who were in their 10s a decade ago, we will make music to create new memories."

When asked about how they will become in the next 10 years, he said "Shinhwa will be much older, I guess it will be too tiring for us to do dances that are too vigorous? It's not wrong for us to evolve into a more appropriate image for Shinhwa then, so we will change based on Shinhwa's unique qualities. We want to evolve our music based on these Shinhwa characteristics and present them to the fans."

Shinhwa will be holding their ' 2007 China TOUR SHINHWA FOREVER’ concert on 15 Dec at Shanghai's Hongkou Stadium, with the theme "Beginning-Birth-Forever-Friendship". They will be performing the hits from their debut period up till now.

Source: oceans
Chi trans: 打�$(D??@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[07.12.14][news] Shinhwa "doesn't want to call it quits"...Thoughts on the future

*minwoo...yes a shinhwa museum will be nice...but why only for the japanese and chinese fans? *

As the last overseas concert for Shinhwa members Eric and Dongwan is approaches, they expressed their own special thoughts.

At the press conference held on 13 Dec, in response to the question "The 15 Dec concert will be your last before you enlist, and you seem to have a lot to say. How do you feel about this performance?", members replied "It will be a very meaningful concert, and it will be very emotional for us."

They added, "As we can't say for sure when the next Shinhwa concert will be, so this will be the last Asian tour for now. We feel that the fans have given us a lot of support, and it's been a long time since we had an Asian tour, we ourselves are feeling very emotional about this."

Lee Minwoo said, "Althought it's the last overseas concert before enlistment, but we don't want to call it quits here. We exist because of the fans who are waiting for us, we will work very hard with them in mind so as to preserve the memories and friendship that we've shared. We hope all the fans will wait for us, until the day Shinhwa holds a concert again."

Kim Dongwan added, "This is a concert for the fans who couldn't make it to the concert last year. We will create an orange wave again on 15 Dec 2007."

Eric also said," The fiery and passionate support of the young Chinese fans reminds me of the time when we've just made out debut. We get new sources of energy from overseas concerts like this. Please support all of the members' solo activities. We will not disband, and we will put in our best efforts in our activities."

When asked about the members' busy schedules with solo activities and the concert preparations, Junjin said "Minwoo, Dongwan and Hyesung as well have been very busy with their solo activities. They have worked very hard to give everyone their best work."

Shinhwa has walked through 10 years together. After another 10 years, how will the Shinhwa members be like?

Lee Minwoo replied, "10 years later we would have all become ajosshis. I once thought about having a place that belongs just to Shinhwa, something like a villa, and setting up a commemorative hall/museum for the Japanese and Chinese fans. That will be quite nice, won't it?"

Junjin answerd, "10 years later I'll probably still be working very hard. Maybe the members will be married. 10 years later I'd still want to sing and dance to songs appropriate for our age then with the members. And bring along my family to watch the concert."

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[07.12.16] [News] Shinhwa shanghai concert, seducing of the members

[Sina Entertainment News] Korean group SHINHWA hold their concert in Shanghai HongKou soccer stadium and attempts to create a wave of orange typhoon. Being as Korea most longevity group, at their current situation they were force to face the difficulty of parting period due to the enlistment of the members. In the future of a long period of time we would not be able to see SHINHWA. And the concert hold last night in Shanghai is actually there last oversea stop, on the stage performances the members had given fully their best onto it and the fans too keep cheering to the end, because no one knows when will be the time for the members to be together again. One word "BECAUSE OF YOU" from SHINHWA had lead the fans in the hall fallen even deeper for these man.

Although it's not like Rain's concert there's a communication service where there are subtitles translated onto the screen for the fans to be able to understand every single word their idol is singing and talking. But the fans who deeply crazily in love with SHINHWA, although there is no subtitle translated on the screen but they still could sing along with them. And SHINHWA 6 members spoken in Chinese to apology their regret. Not long after the opening of the concert, Kim Dongwan greeted "It has been a while we have not meet, How are you all? I miss you all!" passionately. Then the member's charm the fans by shouting "You all are pretty! You all are the cutest!" thus had receive unlimited smiles and applause from the crowd.

Besides than making sweet talking speech on the stage to capture the fan's heart, they too naturally started off with their significant humor. Shin Hyesung was holding a note in his hand and read it out with his unskilled Chinese saying "I know how to speak in Chinese, i don't need to look at the info. I am a genius." and the fans laugh, then the other 5 members pour him a bucket a cold water by saying "I don't understand!". And Lee Minwoo with Junjin they tail out their naughtiness on the stage, They were shaking their butt dancing on a hot dance and placing the mic to each other when it was their turn to sing, their brotherhood relationship are really extraordinary.

The highest peak is when Lee Minwoo tore his own top off on stage just like he had promise during the press conference. The press and fans were worrying for him before the the scene when he was just wearing a white singlet top walking around on the stage under the cold weather but no one expected during the highest peak of the song his sudden excitement made him tore up his only top clothing we was wearing and his muscular body line were totally expose, sexily, the fans totally went crazy screaming. Seeing him being so outstanding, the other 5 members too hardworking doing their dance move but still could not beat down Minwoo's charm.

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[07.12.16] [News] Shinhwa's successor Battle singing "Faraway"

Korean group SHINHWA under the cold windy weather they had successfully ended their concert in HongKou soccer stadium. Towards this is their last concert before their enlistment, 6 of the members sobs and at the scene they personally introduce their '2nd generation' Battle to the stage. With one Chinese song "Faraway" (origin by Jay Chou "QianLiZhiWai"), Battle had successfully won the China fan's heart.

On 7:40pm, when the stage were still in black, SHINHWA 6 member quietly walk up to the stage and suddenly the spotlight falls onto them with the starting song "Thank You" had made the audience went wild. Shinhwa's fans were all came with preparation fill and the concert hall were filled with ocean of orange light stick. But due to the concert hall were even larger than their past year concert in china, and the seatings yesterday were only 80% filled.

Shinhwa spoken in chinese on their first introduction by saying "Hello everyone, we are SHINHWA, thank you." then Kim Dongwan continue "Long time no see, how are you all? I miss you all." Although he had spoken out without the Chinese slang, but already had won the fans heart and they keep scream SHINHWA. When Junjin uses his Chinese skills to tempting the fans by saying "You all are pretty, you all are the cutest" the audience went even more excitedly.

Don't know due to their enlisting problem and they were force to be parted with the fans for a period of time, when Shinhwa's junior artist Battle came on stage they sang "Faraway" in Chinese, which surprised the fans and everybody sang along with them.

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[07.12.16] [News] Shinhwa will only be absent temporarily, not saying goodbye

As Shinhwa performs at their last overseas concert before members enlist for military service, Shinhwa ignited an orange storm at Shanghai's Hong Kou stadium on 15 Dec. When meeting the fans, Shinhwa did not show too much sadness for the upcoming absence, but instead promised to meet the fans at next year's 10th anniversary.

Greeting The Fans in Fluent Mandarin

At 7.40pm, Shinhwa appeared on the dimmed stage, and when the lights came on, all the fans welcomed their idols on stage with their overwhelming screams. After the opening song Thank You, they followed with Hero and Shooting Star. After the first 3 songs, Shinhwa started to greet the fans in Mandarin. "It's very cold today, thank you everyone for coming, hope everyone will enjoy themselves".

After the upbeat opening, the giant screens displayed pictures from their debut period up till now. After a short break, Shinhwa appeared again in stylish white suits.

Shinhwa fans had been looking forward to the concert and had made preparations for it well ahead. Unaffected by the cold winds, they were uniformly dressed in orange raincoats and wearing horns that represented Korea during the World Cup, holding lit placards with the names of the Shinhwa members.

"Are You Cold? I'm Really Worried"

The passion of the fans added to the energy of the Shinhwa members performing on stage. Junjin showed his concern for the fans when he said in Mandarin, "Are you cold? I'm really worried!" and called the fans pretty and cute. Andy in turn asked, "Have you all eaten yet?", bringing on an even bigger reaction from the audience. Shin Hyesung performed his famous crab dance, and Andy performed his heart dance too. Eric did his little samba routine, Junjin followed with a sexy dance, Dongwan did Andy's heart dance too and Minwoo wrapped up with the last two lines from Bump.

At the press conference the day before, Minwoo and Junjin had jokingly promised to rip each other's shirts on stage, and they didn't really go back on their words either. Perhaps due to the cold weather, Minwoo only lifted Junjin's top to show off his abs but he himself tore off his shirt near the end of the concert, prompting wild screams from the fans.

While promising to return, Shinhwa also introduced "Shinhwa Junior" Battle, who performed Jay Chou's Faraway. Facing the upcoming separation, Shinhwa did not show signs of sadness on stage. Instead they promised the fans, "We will meet again very soon. Shinhwa makes a date with everyone to celebrate our 10th anniversary next year,"

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[07.12.16] [News] Shinhwa's popularity in China is comparable to Andy Lau

After completing their Japan concerts successfully, Shinhwa has also wrapped up their Dec 15 concert in Shanghai with a bang. As it will be very difficult to see all 6 members perform together after this, as much as the fans enjoyed the concert they also found themselves unwilling to part with them.

# Shinhwa had an entourage of 100 people for the concert in China?

For the ‘2007 CHINA TOUR SHINHWA FOREVER’ concert on 15 Dec, there was reportedly an entourage of 100 people who travelled with Shinhwa. This was apparently because of the fact that all 6 members belong to different management companies, so they had different groups of staff members as well.

A source said with a smile, "Each company's representatives, the members' managers, marketing staff etc all travelled with them. Compared to last year, the travelling party has increased considerably. To have such a big group of people travelling around is really tough, but this is possible only because of Shinhwa, isn't it?"

# The reason for Eric's Samurai hairstyle?

Eric's unique hairstyle during the Japan concerts became a talking point, and he adopted the same style for the Shanghai concert too. Shin Hyesung's ponytail also received quite a bit of attention.

The person-in-charge for Shinhwa's hairstyling said, "As Eric and Shin Hyesung tend to perspire more easily compared to the other members, their hair would stick to their faces if they had the more conventional hairstyles. So to avoid this, we chose to tie their hair up."

# Shin Hyesung dislocated his knee during the performance!

At the concert, Shin Hyesung was seen limping onstage for a while. However after a while he looked fine, as if nothing had happened, dancing and singing. Fans who were worried about Hyesung's knee injury immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Shin Hyesung's rep said, "While walking up to the stage, Hyesung's knee suddenly got dislocated. Thankfully it recovered on its own as the show went on, so he proceeded on without much difficulty."

Shin Hyesung once fell from the stage during a concert in April 2003, and has since been troubled by the frequent dislocation of his knee.

# Shinhwa couldn't have a proper dinner?

After the concert ended, Shinhwa and their staff members were at a Korean restaurant having a celebration dinner. However the fans found out about the location of the restaurant, and there were more than 100 fans crowding around the area. As the police were worried that the crowd may cause accidents, they requested for Shinhwa to return to the hotel. As a result, Shinhwa and their entourage ended their dinner after a little over an hour and returned to the hotel.

# Shinhwa's popularity in China is comparable to Andy Lau

On 13 Dec, a reporter commented, "Shinhwa's popularity in China is comparable to Andy Lau", implying that Shinhwa's status in China as Hallyu stars is extremely high. "Although as Hallyu stars their popularity is behind that of DBSK, but their fanbase cover a wider range of ages."

On the day of the press conference, there were more than 35 media from China competing to release news of Shinhwa, truly demonstrating their compelling popularity.

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[07.12.16] [News] The indestructible popularity of Shinhwa takes over Shanghai

Hallyu stars Shinhwa has ended their hectic 4-day/3-night stay in China.

Shinhwa held their '2007 CHINA TOUR SHINHWA FOREVER’ concert at Shanghai's Hong Kou stadium on 15 Dec, bringing a superb performance for more than 20,000 Chinese fans.

Just before the concert, 4 of the Shinhwa members arrived in Shanghai (Junjin via Pudong International Airport and Minwoo/Eric/Dongwan via Hong Qiao Airport). More than 1,000 fans gathered at the airport to welcome the members, truly demonstrating the immense popularity of Shinhwa in China, and they packed the two levels of the airport holding orange balloons and placards. The atmosphere at the airport was electrifying.

Morever, some local fans also had a dizzying chase trying to catch hold of Shinhwa. In order to get a closer glimpse of Shinhwa, they even rented taxis and vans to chase the vehicles of the Korean reporters.

On top of that, fans also crowded the hotel in Shanghai's Yuyuan district where Shinhwa was staying. In order to manage the crowd, the hotel had to put up barriers.

The chase continued on the way to the rehearsal at the stadium on 14 Dec. At 2pm on the day of the concert, there was an autograph session held, creating a huge human jam. The 120 fans selected for the autograph session turned up at the hotel, but though the hotel couldn't accommodate 120 people at one shot, they still continued to shout "Shinhwa Jjang" outside in the cold, leaving an impression with their love for Shinhwa.

7.30pm on 15 Dec at the Hong Kou stadium, the response was just as overwhelming. After the concert, about 200 fans gathered at the restaurant where Shinhwa was having their celebration dinner, and even the Chinese police were called in to manage the situation.

After the successful concert, Shinhwa members returned to Korea on 16 Dec at 3pm. As expected, the Chinese fans chased all the way from the hotel to the airport, resulting in a rather tense situation.

Shinhwa, who made their debut in 1998 have not only conquered Korea, but China and Japan too. Kim Dongwan and Eric are expected to enlist for military service next year, and Shinhwa is scheduled to release their 9th album in March next year. The group has never had any change of members in these 10 years, and they will be celebrating their 10th anniversary with a large-scale concert in Seoul end of March next year.

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[07.12.16] [News] Shinhwa Shanghai Concert: Our past, current & future

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[Sohu entertainemtn Shanghai Report - 2007 December 15] This is the day of Shinhwa 2007 Asia Tour Concert in Shanghai was hold, with the title name "Revive of Shinhwa" for this tour, Shinhwa members will be facing their enlistment next year and hold this very last overseas concert. And on this Shanghai stop were being shown even more meaningful due to the parting. Thus it had attracted many fans from all over the world to come to shanghai to watch this concert. An unforgettable night.

SHINHWA ASIA TOUR CONCERT in Shanghai, had attracted many fans from all over the world, on 15th December evening the Shinhwa fans had already gathered in a large crowd together outside the stadium waiting patiently, as time passes by, there's even more people join into the crowd. The most outstanding part from them is all of their object are in orange in color.

Round around the whole HongKou stadium, you will realize that all the Shinhwa China forum's banner are being hung up, besides than passing out the member's item collection, they also given out the orange balloons, orange light stick out for free to all the fans.

The most outstanding crowd in the hall is Shin Hyesung & Lee Minwoo's fans where they had prepared a large balloon for their idol and these balloons where being place outside the stadium for the whole night.

Being as the only Asia stop for SHINHWA concert, the fans are not satisfied when they compare the difference between china, korea and the japan concerts which were being hold. All 3 countries concert surely have and outstand difference and the fans are not satisfy. Exclution of the difference of country market as the target, there were times that the organizer did not thought of the satisfaction of the china fans where they only request for a close and direct skinship.

From this matter, in this SHINHWA ASIA TOUR CONCERT in shanghai there were one surprise spot appeared under a white tent outside the stadium ---- The official goodies/merchandise purchase.

Being as a Korean artist holding a concert in China, this is actually the first time where there is official goodies and merchandise being sold on the scene, there is also SHINHWA 2007 Asia Tour light stick & towel were being sold, so as the member's CD, photobook, diary, cap and so on.

Obmit the pricing of these merchandise and the designs. To the china fans, this is good enough for them as it is almost the same as the Korea concerts priority & services. And also as a fan, we should have the same standard of right and services.

Besides than watching the singer on stage in the concert, the fans too had become the focus.

Shinhwa concert audience, there is 99% of them are female fans, all of them came with much proper outfit, exclusion with all the make up and accessories, there is head towel, raincoat, banner, logo balloons, and so on accessories are all in one color --- orange.

Although mostly the audience are female fans, but it doesn't mean there is no male fans. Just that among the crowd they only stand a tiny spot in everywhere but they still passionately giving their support.

Reporter too met a 3 member family who supports Shinhwa, Young parents brought their pretty daughter came to the concert and watching it together, extremely adorable!

Korean new group BATTLE, being a Shinhwa's junior they appeared in the concert as their senior's special guest. The most surprising matter is, these 6 young man singing Jay Chou's duet song "Faraway" in Chinese, thus had made the fans singing along together with them for the first time.

Being as a concert, the weather of the day too had credited the whole night for the concert very much. On the starting of the concert, from the lighting to all sorts of light stick shining, it is all in a total of orange ocean.

Specially when SHINHWA was performing "Once in a Lifetime", the crowd sang along. There were fans even prepared firecrackers and lighted it up. And at that very moment, with music & applause, under the moonlight, indoor dim light, and under the starry night with the firecrackers, that very moment had become an unforgettable night to SHINHWA and the fans.

In the concert, there were VCR broadcasted on the screen. Through these VCR, they personally translated with chinese subs. The wordings were deeply in touch and with the music background supporting it, it had made the fans cried.

According from the stage design, lighting effect and so on, SHINHWA ASIA TOUR in SHANGHAI were being simplified. There were much less stage effect but the members still could make the concert running wild and high.

Artist who hold their concert overseas surely will work hard on the local language, this had already become a must do section. This also falls onto Shinhwa and they will brought out their Chinese language skills.

Because there are members who often come to China for activities, their language usage had exceed more than "How are you" status. Too surely there will be a last minute work of memorization, they take turns to show off their skills and entertain their fans with a response replied back by laughters and cheering to the members.

According to all the Shinhwa fans had known, all of the members has their own significant dance, and towards this the fans are never bored on watching it.

In this concert, the members each had brought their own little solo dance. Eric doing his samba, Hyesung's crab dance, Andy's heart dance, Minwoo's Bump and Junjin with Dongwan doing the Tell Me dance.

In the previous Shinhwa concert tour, there were member solo performance, but in this 2007 Asia Tour concert, Leader Eric express due to this is the last concert before their enlistment, to be able to create a perfect "Shinhwa" image to the fans, to remember them as one group, they had cancel off all the member solo performance to a more exciting group performance, to give the fans the perfect SHINHWA.

Although there is no SHINHWA solo performance but still it was an unforgettable night to all the fans. Every time when we think of December 15th, surely our mind will pop out an ocean of orange and the image of the perfect SHINHWA on stage, nothing is happier than remembering this.

For a Korean Male Group, Shinhwa had been able to built up with a perfect image. Being debuted for 10 years, members are going to enlist next year but yet they still holding such large scale concert tour is another note of legendary to the industry. I believe that this night, all the cheering, laughters, tears, craziness from the Shinhwa fans would dearly believe that not matter how long it takes, how much more it will be, Shinhwa will be back together in one ---- The revive of SHINHWA!

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