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070616 KBS Yunyega - Dongwan 1st Jib MV Filmsite [ENGLISH hardsubbed]


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Dongwan completed his action scenes without using stand in

In the early june, dongwan started his 5D4N mv shooting at Pusan.

In this mv, there are many action scenes and dangerous stunts. And for this, dongwan has received personal trainings. He fully exhibits his vigour by insisting on not using a substitute for those dangerous stunts. He did those personally.

The making of the mv will be revealed on 21th and the full mv will be broadcasted on 26th, through the cable channel.

A related person of dongwan mentioned it was worrying as there were many dangerous stunts, however dongwan managed to complete those scenes rather perfectly. Dongwan also mentioned that he is looking forward to attending music programmes and meeting his fans as a singer.

Currently, dongwan is in his last stage of recording.

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Dongwan loses 6kg

Shinhwa member, Kim Dongwan, who is going to debut as a solo singer soon, lost 6kg; the image after losing the weight has been shown to the public.

After SBS drama "person i love" ended, to prepare for this album, Kim Dongwan underwent 2 months of strict diet and excercise, and succeeded in losing 6kg.

This solo album's cover aims to bring out Dongwan's manly beauty, just like those shown in posters and magazines.

The most special thing is, in this MV, Dongwan has perfectly shown his good acting skills, casting as a rough yet kind crazy policeman, everyone is looking forward to the MV.

On the 21st this month, through melon, dosirak, cy, Dongwan will leak out his top three songs, MV and the making of the film.

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Kim Dongwan 1st Album Tracklist (Released 28/6)

Label : 서울음반

Release : 2007/06/28

1. Dongwan Is (Intro)
2. 내 잘못이니까
3. 손수건
4. 삼총사 (Feat. MC몽, 허인창)
5. Scream (Feat. D.Bace, DJ Tukutz Of Epik High)
6. 사랑이 가여워
7. My Love (Feat. 에릭)
8. 여름이 좋아 (Feat. 앤디)
9. 남은 사람 (Duet with 신혜성)
10. 사랑해선 안될 사람 (Duet with 별)
11. 진담
12. Scream (Instrumental)

Label : Seoul Records

1. Dongwan Is (Intro)
2. It's My Mistake
3. Handkerchief
4. Three Musketeers (Feat. MC Mong, 허인창)
5. Scream (Feat. D.Bace, DJ Tukutz Of Epik High)
6. Love Is Miserable
7. My Love (Feat. Eric)
8. I Love Summer (Feat. Andy)
9. Person Left Behind (Duet with Hyesung)
10. Unable To Love A Person (Duet with Sung)
11. The Truth
12. Scream (Instrumental)

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Seoul Concert Booking Information For Overseas Fans

May Take Out With Proper Credits

Hello, this is in Next Trend Inc., organizing Shin Hye Sung's concert.

We appreciate huge interest from overseas in Shin Hye Sung's concert.
We have prepared ticket booking service for fans from outside of Korea.

Following is the booking process. Please read carefully.

However, fans from Japan is excluded as they could book through JTB. (Inquiry Phone in Japan : 03-5950-5445)

------------------ Information ------------------


◈ Date : 2007, August, 11th (Sat) 6PM / 12th (Sun) 5PM
◈ Venue : Seoul Olympic Hall
◈ Ticket Price : Reserved Seat R-seat 100,000WON
(including ticketing fee and tax)
◈ Organizer : In Next Trend Inc.
◈ Sponsor : GOOD EMG
◈ Inquiry Phone : 02-3446-3225

◈ Booking Process
1. Application : E-mailing in English
2. Please let me know : Name, Nationality, Number of Tickets and Passport Number
3. Application Address :
4. Term of Application : 2007, Jun 25th ~

2007 Jul 13rd
5. Term of Money Transfer : 2007, Jul 16~Jul 21st
6. Seat : The seat will be determined as we confirm your money transaction.
7. Ticket Price : 100,000WON (KOR)

※ We only have prepared 100 tickets. Limited in the first 100 people who applied)
※ Group booking is recommended because of expensive transaction fee.
※ No money return is accepted after money transaction. (Please carefully apply and transfer money.)
※ Please inquire through e-mail.

[Transaction and Number of the Ticket]
We only accept money through account transfer. (Credit card is not accepted.)

We will inform you about the account number that you transfer money to through e-mail after your application is confirmed.

You can receive tickets at the special booth at the concert venue on the concert day. Please bring your passport and come 2 hours before the concert begins.

Best Regards,

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"Yesterday We Were, Friends, But Today We're Rivals

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"Yesterday we were friends but today we're rivals" - Shinhwa's members; Kim Dongwan, Lee Minwoo and Shin Hyesung has announced their solo albums released dates.

After the released of Shinhwa's 8th album last year, 3 members from Shinhwa are preparing their solo albums which will be out soon and they will stir up competition within the music industry.

Even though they said that it is 'A competition with good intentions' but the fact is that this is not a situation that can be taken for granted. Although all of them were born from the same group, however they each want to be recognized as a musician too.

Let's start with Kim Dongwan.

In his first solo album which will be out at this coming 28th June, not only he loses 6 kg but he also grew mustache to show his manly charismatic image.

Shinhwa's members also participated in this album. Lee Minwoo composed the song 'My Love', while Shin Hyesung will duet with Kim Dongwan in the song '남은 사람' (Person Left Behind) and Eric's raps will also feature in this album.

After the airing of Kim Dongwan's music video, he will perform in front of his fans for the first time at SBS 'Inkigayo' on July 1st.

M Rising's CEO, Lee Minwoo, will be releasing his 3rd solo album on July 10th. From the album titled 'Explore M', we will see Minwoo's variety of images in this album.

Lee Minwoo has released 2 solo albums under the name 'M' which gave him lots of confidence as a solo artist.

The concert that was held in Japan during April has proven his strong fanbase in Japan. Establishing his own record companies, and being a producer, 'he just wanted to try it'.

Lee Minwoo will held his showcase for the new album in July 8th at Melon AX hall. After that he will begin his Asia Tour in various countries including Shanghai, Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand.

Shin Hyesung will release his Korean-Japanese album and held his own concert for the first time.

Shin Hyesung who has succeeded in being a ballad singer will be releasing his 2nd album on August 8th which will be on sale both in Korea and Japan at the same time. He will perform first solo concert on August 11th & 12th in Seoul and in 4 major cities of Japan.

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Korea's Popular Gasoo Vietnam Perf

The cultural department and Korean Cultural Spreading Department will be holding a "Korea-Vietnam 15 Year Friends Anniversary Memorial, 2007 Kovina Friendship Concert" on 3rd July in Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City Stadium. "Kovina" is Korea's "Ko" and Vietnam's close expression "Vina" put together, and it helps the relationship between Korea and Vietnam, with a meaning of friendship.

This concert will have a total of 9 representative gasoos from Korea, and they are Kangta, Chae Yeon, Baek Ji Young, Shin Hyesung, Popin Hyun Joon, Paran, Seo Ji Young, Pyeon An Hal, and from Vietnam there are representative gasoos such as MyLinh, Lam Truong, and it is predicted that there will be about 6000 Ho Chi Minh citizens and immigrants from Korea. After this concert, Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh TV and Korea's SBS will replay the concert.

This activity not only celebrates the anniversary of the friendship of the two countires, and also uses music as a centre to expand the cultural exchange of the two countries. A day before the activity, 2nd July, the "Korea-Vietnam Cultural Enterprises Exchange" will be held in Ho Chi Minh Equatorial Hotel. This exchange session will be attended by Vietnam's music planning companies, entertainment companies and music groups, and also Ho Chi Minh City's about 100 related people, and also will discuss the programs for the cultural exchange of both countries.

Credits: Ocean's Six (source), 东升西落@bestshinhwa (cn translation), cognizantfire@angelicalharmony (eng translation), angelicalharmony, cognizantfire@shinhwachangjo, shinhwachangjo

Shinhwa Together To Support Kim, Dongwan's Solo Album

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Shinhwa showed their 10 years of friendship through Kim Dongwan's solo album.

For a long time, Shinhwa members finally got together and showed their support for Dongwan's solo, hence Shin Hyesung, Eric Mun, Lee Minwoo and Andy will be featured in Dongwan's solo album as a sign to show their strong 10 years of friendship. Junjin, on the other hand, has helped Kim Dongwan in his dance choreography.

Lee Minwoo has composed a song entitled 'My Love' that will be in Dongwan's solo album, and in this song, Eric contributed parts of his raps. Shin Hyesung, who is currently busy with his solo album too took the time to do a duet song with Dongwan with song entitled '남은 사람' (Person Who Stays) which was composed by famous song writer Park Chang Hyun. The other song title '여름이 좋아'(I Like Summer) will be featuring Andy as a rapper of which this song defines a fast and an upbeat song.

Also, Junjin who experienced an accident and was hurt, showed his professionalism and showed up in international concerts. Upon his return to Korea, he went to Dongwan's dance practice and created dance moves especially for 'My Love' which Lee Minwoo has composed.

This has made Kim Dongwan feeling grateful and showed his thankfulness towards the other members. He expressed "I've been working together with the group Shinhwa, thus there were a lot of pressure on working on the solo album, but since the other members showed up and helped me with most of it, it has been a great big help for me". Shinhwa will be always together forever.

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