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[11.08.14] Sidus HQ explains why Han Ye Seul hasn’t shown up for ‘Spy Myung Wol’ (via allkpop)

talk about being a BITCH... get acts together. you're not the only one being compromised here.......

I understand that actresses are stupid, but while we’re shooting Eric says his lines but she won’t do hers a lot of the time; she says she doesn’t want to do things that make her look funny so she won’t say her lines. She came all the way to far away Mungyeong, turned off her manager’s cell phone, and they just left the set together; because of that the other actors/staff had to put up with a really tight schedule and that made everyone tired. They had to go back to Mungyeong to film that scene. She wanted less scenes with her in them because she’s tired and asked instead to extend Eric’s scenes. In the scenes where she has to appear with Eric together she doesn’t show any consideration for Eric; she just goes in to quarrel with the director. Filming for the drama’s plainly going to be mostly all-nighters and the drama will practically be broadcast live, but she says she wants a 5 day workweek and she also wants us to finish up filming for the day everyday at midnight. We have to build up the Myeongwol-Kang Woo relationship and continue the melo story but she makes Eric look stupid because she doesn’t even try to understand what the script is about. All the news came out because of her but the next day she didn’t even look apologetic and she went around proudly. She never wants to do anything that makes her look funny or bad; in the scene where she had to get hit with eggs she treated the stuntman so badly when there was nothing wrong and she made the stuntman film the scene for her. Sidus can’t control her, so in the articles written against Han Yeseul they made Eric look bad too along with her when he’s trying his best. The atmosphere at the set is great when Han Yeseul is not there but when she comes in, it changes; it settles down. Even when we try to tell Han Yeseul’s staff and the production company about this she just acts as she pleases. If she does it one more time I think I’m going to swear directly in her face next time I see her. I’m sorry this is so unorganized, I’m so mad.


Earlier today, the media reported that Han Ye Seul had refused to show up for the filming of her drama, KBS’s ‘Spy Myung Wol’. Representatives of her agency, Sidus HQ, have come out with an explanation for the four-hour standby she forced onto the cast and staff.

Through Newsen, they explained, “Han Ye Seul is physically not in great condition, which is why she hasn’t gone to the film set yet. As reports said, it is true that she was also late for filming on August 12th. Yesterday, however, filming was scheduled to end at 2 AM but it ended at 5 AM instead. There was another filming scheduled for 7 AM, so isn’t it only natural that she isn’t able to make it?”

According to the representative, the producers of the drama and Han Ye Seul had conflicts when it came to balancing their schedules.

The representative added, “Han Ye Seul will return to the film set as soon as she’s in better health.”

Source: Newsen + allkpop
credit: Absolut Shinhwa

[11.08.14] Han Ye Seul refuses to show up for ‘Spy Myung Wol’ filming (via allkpop)

KBS’s ‘Spy Myung Wol‘ has been put on an emergency hold due to actress Han Ye Seul’s refusal to show up for filming.

On August 14th, a representative revealed that filming was scheduled to begin at 7:30 AM KST. As of 11 AM, however, Han Ye Seul has yet to show up for filming.

According to the representative, today’s scenes required Han Ye Seul, Eric, Jo Hyung Ki, and Yoo Ji In. All staff and cast, excluding the actress, are currently waiting at the filming location.

Through Star News, the representative revealed, “Han Ye Seul directly told the director that she is not filming. She has not come to the film set since then.”

The reason behind her refusal stems from her differences in opinions with the producers regarding balancing her other schedules. This isn’t the first time she has appeared late. On August 12th, she showed up at 3:30 PM when filming was scheduled to begin at 6:30 AM.

On another occasion, she left the filming set early, without reason and consideration for the rest of the staff, leaving producers dumbfounded.

One producer of ‘Spy Myung Wol’ revealed, “If Han Ye Seul does not appear for today’s recording, it will impact the episodes to air this week. We have only filmed about 40% of the episodes that are scheduled to go out this week so we’re all just very shocked that the leading female role has yet to show up.”

Source + Photos: Star News + allkpop

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(2011/08/12) Added trailer, stills and updated cast for the upcoming Korean drama "The Peak"

"The Peak" (2011)

Directed by Lee Sang-yeob-I

Written by Hwang Jin-yeong

Network : MBC

With Kim Dong-wan, Seo Hyeon-jin, Lee Seung-hyo, Yoon Ji-hye, Eom Hyo-seob, Oh Hyun-kyeong

2 episodes
A drama about the life story of Lee Yook-sa, an independantista and the poet who wrote "Wilderness","The Peak", "Green Grape" and more.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2011/08/15

[11.08.13] Eric’s management explains stand on controversial religious tweet, “The misunderstanding has been resolved”

Transcript from Sumi re: this news:

I won’t go into the details here, but in summary Eric got into a little exchange of tweets with a follower, and tweeted something (which he has since deleted) that was somewhat religiously insensitive. He subsequently got hounded by netizens, and now news media have also picked up on this religious “spat”. In any case, Eric has said that he will be taking a break from Twitter for now. The translation for his final two tweets can be found atShinhwa Biz

My take is this: Religion has been, is, and always will be a sensitive issue. Especially when we’re talking about an unforgiving environment such as Korean cyberspace, it always pays to be EXTREMELY careful. Unfortunately for him whatever he wrote has touched some nerves, and as expected Korean netizens are having a field day taking his words out of context.

But no point dwelling on what has been said, and let’s just move on. Twitter is evil. -_-


Eric’s management has made a clarification about his tweets on religion.

In a phone interview with Newsen on 12 August, Eric’s rep expressed, “(The tweet) is definitely not directed at anyone in particular. He has been busy filming his drama lately, and in his physically and mentally worn out state, he wrote a tweet containing some religious comments. This was misconstrued by a netizen and his comments came about while trying to explain himself to the netizen.”

“The episode with the netizen has already come to a close. I hope there’s no further misunderstanding.”

This controversy came about after Eric had gotten involved in an exchange of tweets with a netizen regarding Venerable Beop-Jeong (one of the most respected contemporary monks in Korea) and Christianity.

Credits: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

Myung-wol the Spy gets an extension, sort of

If you hear one source tell it, KBS’s Monday-Tuesday comedy Myung-wol the Spy is getting two more episodes added to its initial 16-episode order. Another source says it’s not an extension, because the drama was always meant to have 18. Yet another says that no, it’s not an extension, because the drama’s length was meant to be fluid from the start, so it’s not that it has been lengthened so much as it has now been decided.

Bottom line: The show will end with Episode 18.

Despite struggling in the ratings — sageuk dramas Warrior Baek Dong-soo and Kye Baek are both performing better — Myung-wol even went as far as considering a longer extension that would have placed it at 20 episodes. The possibility of 20 had been on the table from the start, so the cast’s contracts actually are for 20 episodes, meaning that no additional negotiations were necessary in making the decision.

A rep from KBS stated that the extension doesn’t have anything to do with its follow-up show, action drama Poseidon, although given all of Poseidon’s troubles getting off the ground and the extreme lateness of its casting, I smell PR bull in that answer. Of coursethey’ll want to give Poseidon more time, and it’s not like Myung-wol was doing well enough in the ratings to justify the addition on its own. The numbers have climbed a bit with the latest episode, netting a 7.6%, but it’s still single digits.

As it happens, the timing actually gives Poseidon two extra weeks: With Myung-wol the Spy ending the week before Chuseok, Poseidon will have till the week after that. (Chuseok is one of Korea’s biggest holidays, a big event for family gatherings — and movie openings — during which currently airing dramas are usually postponed in favor of family-friendly holiday programming.)

Eep! I’m enjoying the farcical wacky comedy — and the newest dramatic twist that this week’s episodes brought — but I’m pretty much always going to argue against an extension. We’ve already seen the show recycling some story beats to keep the two leads together, and I don’t want them to increase the number of plot points they reuse. That would take away from the zany charm that got me in the first place.

On the upside, though, the story did take a huge turn at the end of Episode 10, which effectively puts the kibosh on any more plot recycling — the bickery dance is basically over now, and we’re getting to the meat of the romance. I do think there are plenty of story possibilities built into the world that have gotten pushed aside, and maybe now will be the time to tap into those. Like making the North Korean officials (SO weird and funny) more of an antagonistic presence, and heck, the South Korean ones, too. Remember that feisty NSA agent on Kang-woo’s tail? Whatever happened to her dogged pursuit and insistence that Kang-woo’s up to shady deals?

Or, you know, the drama could always just go meta-upon-meta-upon-meta and give Myung-wol amnesia. The idea makes me groan, but then I think of how Kang-woo’s drama-in-drama character gets amnesia, and how Han Ye-seul starred in Fantasy Couple, and the joke potential IS sort of killer. Hee!

Myung-wol the Spy ends September 6, and Poseidon premieres on September 19.

Via Joy News, NTN Seoul, 10 Asia

credit: Dramabeans

[11.08.12] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2011 (2 updates)

I don’t want photos that are irrelevant to the plot to be circulating around before (the drama) has even started.
Though I can’t stop things from being shared…
I’ll be grateful if I can’t see them.


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[11.08,11] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2011 (main page/profile pic updated)

The wise leader Eric.
The cool creator Minu.
The lead vocalist who only walks on one road Hyesung.
The energizer Junjin.
The strongly responsible Andy.
The handsome me.

This is the secret behind Shinhwa’s longevity!!!

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.08.01] Eric’s Twitter update: About the mention of Junjin and Shinhwa Company in “Spy Myungwol” Ep 7

eric mun
충재는 자기이름 나왔다고 아기처럼 마냥 좋아한답니다~오늘 방송은 군복무중인 (cont)

Choongjae is so happy to hear his name on TV, just like a kid~ Looks like the members, except Andy who’s serving his duties, have all watched tonight’s episode, their messages keep coming~…… Saying that Sailor Moon Han Ye-seul is cute… Uploading a sesame-like screenshot and then I’m headed for overnight filming for the 5th night in a row~ I’ll try to have fun filming Ep 8~!

From Eric’s Ep 7 script:

Dae-kang: That’s what I said too. But he keeps wanting to speak directly to hyung..
Kang Woo: Get rid of him. Unconditionally.
Dae-kang: Yah if he calls, don’t answer.
Road Manager: Yes.
President Kyung: Those people are really.. I heard that there’s Shinhwa’s Junjin. He pestered him like this too and in the end he’s going to sing a few songs. Just leave it as it is or something.
Kang Woo: Me together with Junjin? Our levels are different.
President Kyung: Well then… There’s nothing else in particular, right?

Screenshot of their group chat

Lee Minwoo (10.38pm): Hilarious puahaha Shinhwa Company’s CEO is vicious! Out of control
Eric (10.39pm): Hehe I couldn’t do the lines that made fun of Jinnie~ Hehe anyway isn’t it timed perfectly with the press release for Shinhwa Company? Hehe
Lee Minwoo (10.40pm): Are you vicious or am I vicious hehe
Eric (10.40pm): You
Kim Dongwan (11.14pm): Kekekekekeke

Credits: @miclarge1 + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.07.07] Eric’s Twitter update: On the way home after filming…

eric mun
촬영끝마치고 집으로가는길. 몇시간후있을 종합검진때문에 음식 물 담배 껌까지도할수없어서 기분이영언짢다. 굳이안해도돼는거지만 못한다는기분 훈련소에있을때느껴본기분을 다시느끼니, 자유로운 그냥보통일상에 다시고마움을느낄듯.

On the way home after filming. Because I have a medical examination in a few hours’ time, I can’ have food, water, cigarettes or even gum, and so I’m feeling a little uncomfortable. Though I can do without these things for now, but the feeling of not being able to have them reminds me of I felt at the training camp, and once again I feel thankful for that free and ordinary life.

Credits: @miclarge1 + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.07.06] Eric’s Twitter update: Tweet to HaHa about the Infinity Challenge Song Festival

ha dong hoon
제일좋아! 나만부를수있는노래!RT @ 오늘 나만부를수 있는 노래 댄스버젼이 나왔네요…
개인적으로는 이 트랙이 더 좋아요…
전설의 요정 ses가 절로 생각나게 하는 곡입니다…^^
바다양은 참 훌륭한 보컬입니다…고마워 바다~

It’s the best! “The Song That Only I Can Sing”! RT (Gil’s tweet) The dance version for “The Song That Only I Can Sing” has been released today… I personally prefer this track… It’s a song that naturally brings the legendary fairies S.E.S to mind…^^ Miss Bada has excellent vocals… Thank you Bada~

eric mun
@ 난 무한가요제 4부까지받아놓고 한번에몰아보려고 때를노리고있어. 쫌보다 일해야돼서끊기면 성격이사나워져서 무조건몰아봐야해 무한도전특집은! 홍대카페에서 너십센치무시하면서지나가는 애드립칠때 내가다무안하더라. 넌참못돼쳐먹어서기여워~

I’ve got all 4 parts of the Infinity Challenge Song Festival and I’m aiming to finish watching it all at one shot. If I get interrupted because I have to work I’ll get annoyed so I have to finish watching the Infinity Challenge Special in one sitting! I felt so embarrassed when you ignored 10CM and proceeded with your ad-lib in the Hongdae cafe. Still acting cute at your age~

ha dong hoon
@ 푸핫!!!! 역쉬…. 난 그런놈이였던가.. 알지?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나도 너 드라마 한번에 몰아봐야겠다!!

Pwa!!! Indeed…. I’m this kind of guy.. You know that?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m going to watch your drama in one sitting too!!

Credits: @miclarge1 + Absolut Shinhwa