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[11.03.24] Dongwan’s memolog: 2011 (main page updated)

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Time to identify the hands again!! 우리는 신화입니다!

[11.03.25] Shin Hyesung donates 30 million KRW in aid of victims of Japan earthquake

Shin Hyesung has donated 30 million KRW to help with the reconstruction of the eastern part of Japan struck by a powerful earthquake earlier this month.

A rep from Shin Hyesung’s management company said, “Shin Hyesung made a personal donation of 30 million KRW to the Korean Red Cross in aid of the rebuilding efforts in Japan on 22 March.”

Shin Hyesung was working hard on recording for his new album but had to take a rest due to problems with his vocal cords, and thus the release of his album has been delayed to June instead.

The rep said, “He will resume recording once he recovers. As we have to consider the health condition of the artiste, we will work hard towards producing only the best album when he recovers.”

Shin Hyesung also has plans for a concert tour after the release of his album in June.

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[11.03.25] Eric’s official Japanese website: Message to Moon Light members

This is Shinhwa’s Eric.

I saw the news about the earthquake disaster in the Tohoku and Kanto regions. My heart is really heavy with worry and concern.
I hope there won’t be any more of such tragedies, and I pray for everyone’s safety and all the recovery work.


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[11.03.25] Shinhwa celebrates their 13th anniversary – “It’s our day today”


Saeng-il Chooka Hamneeda !!!!!!
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Korea’s longest-running idol group Shinhwa celebrates their 13th anniversary amidst congratulatory messages from fans and juniors.

Eric, Kim Dongwan, Shin Hyesung, Lee Minwoo, Junjin and Andy celebrated their 13th year together on 24 March, having made their debut on 24 March 1998.

Shinhwa is the only idol group in Korea that is still intact with the same line-up all these years since their debut. Thus, other than the members themselves, the fans are happier than anyone else that Shinhwa is celebrating their 13th anniversary.

Lee Minwoo wrote on his Cyworld page, “The memories of this day back in 1998 continue on even now. That’s all because of Shinhwa. Compared to the actual performance, we put in more effort for the rehearsal.. It was the first time that I’ve ever seen the red camera light.. Not being able to fall asleep even at dawn, and everyone’s excitement.. The memories from that time are still fresh in my memory.”

“To our fans “SHINHWA CHANGJO” who have given us love all this time and who will continue to support us, since today’s our day, let’s thank and congratulate one another from the bottom of our hearts.”

He added that “today’s the day that I’m going to meet the members”, showing the unchanging friendship among the members.

At the end of his message, Lee Minwoo wrote, “I will also celebrate with a heart full of gratitude, and I miss the orange color even more, more, more today! The birthday of the 13-year-old Shinhwa and the orange princesses.”

Korean and overseas fans have been leaving congratulatory messages on the Shinhwa fan cafe, the members’ minihompy pages and blogs since yesterday until today afternoon.

“Thank you for being with us these 13 years… I’m really happy to be a Shinhwa fan. I love you.”

“I’m bringing the memories of following Shinhwa around back then. Come back soon, we’re waiting for you.”

“So the oppas met up!”

“Please know that there are orange princesses in Japan too.”

Idol group Teen Top, produced by Andy, also sent their congratulations to their Shinhwa seniors via their me2day page.

Lee Minwoo and Junjin are currently serving their military service as public service officers, while Andy is now in active duty. Shinhwa will regroup and return to the music scene after all members complete their duties in 2012.

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[11.03.25] Pic: Dongwan with a fan

Saw the 6 Shinhwa members at the same time!!!
Took a photo together with the good-natured Dongwan
Andy was sporting an army haircut…
It was a birthday party
And thanks to being nearby at the next table ^_^
Kim Dongwan took a photo with me after we helped him to find an umbrella ㅎ
He has a really small face, really good-looking ㅠ_ㅠ

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[11.03.24] Open World notice: Congratulations to Shinhwa on their 13th anniversary!

Hello everyone, this is Open World Entertainment. ^^

Since their debut on 24 March 1998
Shinhwa celebrates their 13th anniversary today on 24 March 2011!

While we send our heartfelt congratulations to Shinhwa’s 13th anniversary
We would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the fans who have stayed faithfully by their side throughout this long period of 13 years,
And who will continue to stay together with them.
It’s because of your love and support that there is Shinhwa now, that they are able to celebrate their 13th anniversary.

We’re now counting down to the day
When Junjin will return to everyone in good health!
We hope everyone will continue to give your concern and love
To Junjin, who will be returning in style.

Please also look forward to the exciting activities of the six members
Who will once again create a legend in the music world in the name of Shinhwa ^^

March 2011 has been exceptionally cold because of the last cold snap in spring
The weather will start turning warmer from this weekend onwards~
But it’s very easy to catch a cold in between seasons, so please take care
And may all good things come to you.

Thank you.

Credits: Open World + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.03.24] T.O.P Media notice: Congratulations to Shinhwa on their 13th anniversary!

Hi everyone, this is T.O.P Media
March is almost over but the weather is still cold, are all of you staying healthy?

It’s already been over a year since Andy enlisted for military service .
These days Andy has been earnestly performing his duties at the Defense Media Agency, and is spending every day in good health.
Everyone has occasionally seen news of Andy through TV programs or the newspapers, right? ^^

Today’s a very special day for Andy and Shinhwa.
Since their debut on 24 March 1998, they’re already celebrating their 13th anniversary today!

To the fans who have always given much love and encouragement to Andy, as well as Shinhwa,
It’s because you that Shinhwa can get to celebrate their 13th anniversary .

We send our heartfelt congratulations to Shinhwa on their 13th anniversary,
And to all Korean and overseas fans who have stayed by Andy’s side all this time, crying and laughing together with him,
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Not just for their 13th anniversary,
We hope all the fans will continue to support Shinhwa and Andy, who will stay together for a long time ahead.

Wishing everyone good health.
Thank you.

Credits: T.O.P Media + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.03.24] Minwoo’s Cyworld minihompy: Diary update

The memories of this day back in 1998 continue on even now.
That’s all because of Shinhwa.
Compared to the actual performance, we put in more effort for the rehearsal..
It was the first time that I’ve ever seen the red camera light..
Not being able to fall asleep even at dawn, and everyone’s excitement..
The memories from that time are still fresh in my memory.
To our fans “SHINHWA CHANGJO” who have given us love all this time
And who will continue to support us
Since today’s our day, let’s thank and congratulate one another from the bottom of our hearts~
Today is the day that I’m going to meet the members ^^
I will also celebrate with a heart full of gratitude, and I miss the orange color even more, more, more today!
The birthday of the 13-year-old Shinhwa and the orange princesses… (Survival report completed!!)

Credits: Minwoo’s Cyworld + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.03.24] Happy 13th Anniversary!!!

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[11.03.22] Liveworks notice: About Shin Hyesung’s 4th album

Sad news about the health condition of Hyesung…

Take care Sungie, at the end of the day, what is most important is, you are well and that we will get to see you guys perform once again on stage. Be well soon

To Liveworks: Take care of our Angelic Prince and update us always

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Hi everyone, this is Liveworks Company.
Firstly, we apologize to everyone who has been waiting for a really long time for Shin Hyesung’s 4th album.

In our previous notice, we said that due to Shin Hyesung’s health problems the second half of the production process was put on hold, but the album would still be released in March,
And that recording had yet to resume.

Now we’ll share with you the exact details of Shin Hyesung’s health condition,
His vocal cords are not in a good condition.
Although he had received treatment previously and continued with recording,
He cannot forcibly carry on with recording any further.
He has been told that he cannot sing for a considerable period of time,
And that he has to stop all recording work.

His vocal cords are slowly getting better,
And he may be able to resume recording in mid-April.

Also, the songs that have already been recorded
Were recorded when he wasn’t in his best condition,
And therefore it has been decided that most of the songs will be re-recorded.

All the fans are aware of how important Shin Hyesung’s 4th album is.
The 4th album is also very important to Shin Hyesung and Liveworks.

From the company’s perspective, the delay of the album release is not a small problem.
Other than Korea, there are also plans to license the release of Shin Hyesung’s 4th album in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.
In addition, in conjunction with the album release, there are also plans for a concert and Japanese single album to be released.
Having to reschedule and re-plan these projects is no easy task.

We seek your understanding for not having been forthcoming with news about the 4th album.
Although we can’t share with you the exact timeline yet
We’ll briefly share with you the situation for now.

The scheduled release date for Shin Hyesung’s 4th album in Korea is in June,
And in July for Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

The concert tour for the 4th album is expected to kick off at the end of June.
In addition, the Japan single album and the Japanese edition of the 4th album are expected to be released in July.

As for the details of the exact release date and the concert tour,
We will inform everyone via the official website once we’ve sorted out the details.

Liveworks Company will take thoroughly good care of the health of our artistes
And to the best of our abilities, ensure that we keep to the schedule.

Thank you.

Credits: Liveworks + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.03.21] Kim Dongwan donates 20 million KRW in aid of Japan earthquake victims

Dongwan is really a kind and generous man. He never fails to reach out in times of trouble to those people who have been helping him ……..

Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan has quietly made a 20 million KRW donation to the victims of the earthquake-tsunami disaster in Japan.

According to Kim Dongwan’s management company, Kim Dongwan donated 20 million KRW to the Korean Red Cross in aid of the disaster victims. Kim Dongwan’s kind act was discovered when his management company made enquiries to the charity. His management said, “Kim Dongwan initially didn’t want his donation to be made known, but in the discussion process of deciding where to make the donation, the news was accidentally leaked out.”

“Kim Dongwan sincerely hopes that things will quickly stabilize for the Japanese fans, who have been showering Shinhwa and himself with much love.” Kim Dongwan also donated 12 million KRW to the victims of the Yeonpyeongdo incident last year.

Credits: Star News + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.03.21] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2011 (main page updated)

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

[11.03.20] Lee Jung Jae, Kim Dongwan, Yoon Sang Hyun take part in charity event for Japanese earthquake

Asian stars have united in aid of the victims of the earthquake-tsunami disaster in Japan.

Actors Lee Jung Jae, Lee Jung Jin, Yoon Sang Hyun; and singers Kim Dongwan, Kim Tae Woo, Son Ho Young, have teamed up with other Asian artistes in a charity event in aid of the victims of the disaster.

A rep from Kim Dongwan’s management company told Star News on 20 March, “The proceeds of the sales of handkerchiefs signed by stars from Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan will be donated to the victims of the disaster. All stars represented by Kim Dongwan’s management company in Japan are all taking part in this event to do their bit to help.”

After donations from Hallyu stars like Bae Yong Joon and Ryu Shi Won, top entertainment agencies like SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment are also spearheading donation events for the victims in Japan.

Credits: Star News + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.03.20] Dongwan’s reviewlog: Jekyll & Hyde, the Musical

(Seoul) Jekyll & Hyde, the Musical
Charlotte Theater, 2010/11/30 ~ 2011/05/08
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

A completely flawless performance.

I actually went to watch this for Kim So Hyun,
But I was completely captivated by the charm of Kim Sun Young. ^^

But how did that maven called Hong Kwang Ho come to be born?
He’s such an amazing musical actor.
He’s younger than me, but somehow I feel great admiration for him as an actor …!

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fanpics: WooDong at the Korail GLORY Publicity Committee Appointment Ceremony (11 March)

Click on picture to see more ^^

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[11.03.18] Dongwan’s Naver blog: What’s even more frightening than the earthquake and the tsunami

Kim Yong Sung, residing in Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Hello. I’m Kim Yong Sung, a Korean currently residing in Japan. Due to the earthquake and tsunami that struck the northeastern region, the greatest ever in the history of Japan, right now the whole of Japan is overcome with grief and fear. It’s the same for us Korean residents. But there’s something even more frightening than the earthquake and the tsunami. That would be the careless media reports and speculation in Korea.

Every day after the earthquake occurred, we are watching news reports on the disaster, and watching out for aftershocks. With every passing day, the number of casualties is snowballing and the quake alarm is sounded two to three times even within an hour. But compared to the news that are reported in Korea, that’s not scary at all.

It’s true that Japan isn’t safe. It’s also true that marts have been emptied of food supplies and daily necessities and that there are rolling blackouts due to power shortages. But rather than to say it’s dangerous, it’s just inconvenient. Over here, people are composedly returning to their daily lives, cooperating and conserving in order to overcome this disaster. Instead of flinching with anxiety, they just want to overcome and beat this.

It’s no different for the Korean residents. There are those who lost their homes in one morning, and there are those who weep bitterly not knowing if their parents and siblings are alive. They are looking for the courage to stand up again to rebuild everything. But they lose all strength and courage the moment they hear of the news reports in Korea.

Despairing news are conveyed via smartphones and speculation from unidentifiable sources are circulating around. Trembling with fear and wanting reassurance, they listen out for the emergency broadcasts. But their hearts drop when they hear reports that are contrary to the statements issued by the Japanese government.

News bulletins like the long-awaited “Nuclear explosion! The world’s worst radiation leakage ever! A prelude to another great earthquake! The biggest blackout since World War II!”. But these are news that are hard to find in Japanese news reports. Reading Korean news after the earthquake, I saw a news article discussing whether the Korean peninsula will be safe from this disaster. Fortunately it said that the peninsula will be minimally affected and that there is no damage. But it’s very different comparing Japan-related reports based on the worst-case scenario.

Why is it so? Like the hearts of parents who pat and embrace their child who’s trembling in fear, it’s to allay the fears of their fellow countrymen?

There are apparently more than 900,000 Koreans residing in Japan now. Our parents, siblings and friends who are worrying about us now are all indeed citizens of Korea. Did they not think about how these reports will unnerve these millions of citizens who are worrying about us, and spend sleepless nights worried about the safety of their children and parents?

Like how there is no risk of radiation leakage in Korea, it’s the same here in Tokyo, and no one is spending each day in anxiety because of that. No one will be afraid too, if another earthquake strikes. There are only people who are just getting prepared beforehand and encouraging those in the affected areas to stand up again.

The Korean residents take pride in seeing and living together with those who are crazy over the drama “IRIS”, those who sing along with DBSK’s songs, those who dance along to KARA’s dance steps. And are we going to cause despair and unease to our families in Korea through exaggerated reports, speculative reports and rumors with unidentifiable sources? Or are we going to give them hope and courage to stand again?

I hope the government and news media can make sensible judgments and sensible reports with the compassion of the world’s first rescue team to be dispatched.

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.03.16] Via Arirang’s Showbiz Korea: Eric’s birthday fanmeeting “Hello Again”

Credits: arirangworld@YT + Absolut SHinhwa

Fanpics: WooDong at the Korail GLORY Publicity Committee Appointment Ceremony (11 March)

this is an editorial piece from Joongang Daily that Dongwan shared on his blog 2 days ago. It’s a long piece, so read on only if you’re keen to do so.

(Joongang Daily = Reporter Kim Hyun Ki)

① Giving Way at the Refuge Center
10 bowls of udon, and 50 people tell one another, “After you”

② No Pushing of Blame
No scenes of resentment or protest are seen on TV

③ Hand-in-hand in the Face of Disaster
Assemblymen call a truce to political strife… Put on their overalls and head to the disaster areas

④ Composure and Calmness
Not a single case of looting in the whole of Japan

⑤ Putting Others Before Self
“If I cry, I’ll cause more trouble for victims who have suffered greater losses”

On the 12th, boats were washed up ashore in the port city of Kesennuma in Miyagi. Washed ashore by the tsunami, large vessels are stuck between buildings after the floodwaters receded. In the aftermath of the earthquake, on the night of the 11th, most of the tsunami-struck city of Kesennuma was destroyed by fires caused when the tsunami overturned an oil tanker and the flames spread inland along the river towards the city centre. (Kesennuma AP=Yonhap News)

# “Osaki ni” (“After you”), “No, I’m fine, I’m not hungry yet.”
After the eastern part of Japan was struck by a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0 and tsunami waves of more than 10 meters, at about 6pm on the 11th in Akita, extraordinary scenes played out in the lobby of Hotel Grantia Akita, which was pitch dark due to a blackout.

When the hotel announced, “Until the power comes back on, we will not be able to take in any guests”, the 50-odd guests in the lobby quietly started to form into lines. Without anyone saying anything, lines were formed with the elderly in front. In the darkness, neat lines were formed. There were no arguments over the standing order. Moments later, the hotel announced, “Due to the blackout, we will not be able to serve dinner”, and 10 bowls of udon were served for emergency. Far from rushing for the noodles, everyone was more concerned about whether others were hungry, and the bowls of noodles were passed on and passed on, into a “relay of giving way”. Including the hardest-hit areas of Miyagi and Iwate, there hasn’t been any news of looting taking place in empty shops.

# Miyamisanriku, situated in the northeastern part of Miyagi in the Tōhoku region. Most of the town has disappeared, leaving only the blackened remains of the forest which had been ravaged by fires. Boats, washed ashore by the tsunami, are stuck into the ground, with their sterns pointing skywards. In this place, which has been the hardest-hit by the earthquake, there are news that there are about 10,000 people missing. But one doesn’t hear any cries or grievances. The 100-odd residents taking shelter at the refuge center are seen on Japanese news, speaking in low voices, “Just hoping for everything to recover soon. Tomorrow.” They don’t blame anyone else. Touching scenes of people comforting one another, sharing insuffcient water supplies and blankets are circulating around.

Operations Director Shirota of the Japanese Red Cross said on the 13th, “Personal and corporate donations, as well as relief supplies are pouring in.” Opposition party members, who have always been fighting with the government, put on their overalls and sprung into action to save their country. Having the community spirit to join hands in the face of crisis is the strength of the Japanese society.

# In Korea, when reporting on disasters, coverage is usually on the victims, and scenes of the mortuary and the hospitals where the bodies rest are constantly showing. But in reports of the earthquake in Japan, news and media outlets are different. Although we keep seeing scenes of buildings and cars being swept away by the tsunami on TV, no channel actually broadcasts images of people being swept away by the tsunami. Because “even if one person dies, the world still remains” is generally the Japanese people’s characteristic view on life and death, it’s rare to see scenes of them wailing and sobbing. A rep from TV Asahi said, “Unless it’s for disaster prevention, the implicit rule for reporting on disasters is not to restrict images that would greatly shock and upset the general public.” After the earthquake occurred on the 11th, until the dawn of the 13th when the tsunami warning was lifted, hosts of all TV programs were wearing safety helmets. In the face of an earthquake of this scale and such an extent of damage, Japan has been frighteningly calm and composed. There’s a reason for this.

Take for example, at the 12-storey fire station in Yotsuya, in the suburban district of Tokyo’s Shinjuku, there is an eye-catching line drawn on the outer wall up to the 10th storey. This line, drawn from the ground up, measures 30m in height. Beside it is a sign that reads, “This height is the height of the tsunami waves, triggered by the Hokkaido earthquake in 1993, that hit Okushiri Island”. This is to promote awareness among the public that tsunamis can strike anytime, and that preparation is always necessary.

The Japanese have constantly been educated about disaster response, starting from kindergarten. Safety bonnets to be worn during times of disasters are always hooked next to their tables. If an earthquake occurs, “put on safety bonnet→take shelter under the table→evacuate to the playground→maintain order”, they can do it even with their eyes closed. The first lesson of this comprehensive disaster prevention education is “meiwaku kakeruna 迷惑かけるな (do not cause trouble to others). This is the underlying value of Japanese education and the key to their composure in dealing with large-scale disasters. The generally Japanese characteristic of accepting their circumstances as fate also comes into effect here.

The Japanese victims themselves almost do not sob or wail loudly either, and that’s because of their extreme consideration – “If I act like this, I will cause more hurt to the people who have suffered greater losses”. This is what you see in the disaster areas in Japan now. This is “There’s Japan.”

Correspondent Kim Hyun Ki

◆ Meiwaku 迷惑 (めいわく) = Japanese word meaning “being a trouble to others”. The core of Japanese education and social ethics is “do not trouble others.

“Great Tōhoku Earthquake”
This powerful earthquake rocked 6 prefectures in Tōhoku (east of Japan), and was initially termed “Tōhoku Earthquake”. With powerful aftershocks occurring in the Kantō region as well, the term “Great Tōhoku Earthquake” is now commonly used.

Credits: Joongang Daily + Naver + Dongwan’s memolog + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.03.17] Hyesung’s message to Always Hyesung fanclub members

This is Hyesung, it’s been a long time.
I’ve been reading many reports about the current situation in Japan.. I’m really shocked and I’m very worried too.
Very worried about everyone in the disaster areas…
But most importantly… I don’t know if anyone from Always Hyesung has been caught in this catastrophe.
And I’m very sorry that I cannot offer immediate help in any way.
There are still aftershocks happening..
I sincerely hope that there will be no disasters anymore.
I will pray with all my heart..

From Shin Hyesung

Credits: Always Hyesung + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.03.15] Minwoo’s Cyworld minihompy – diary update

My heart hurts more than ever…
I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences and sympathy to the many victims and their families
Who are facing this unspeakable and painful reality.

Credits: Minwoo’s Cyworld + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.03.14] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2011 (main page updated)

Wishing for the safety and well-being of the survivors and for the disaster areas to recover as soon as possible.
Wishing that there will be no more pain brought about by the earthquake…

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.03.14] Dongwan’s Japanese blog: This is Kim Dongwan.

Dongwan visited and blogged about Kamaishi in 2009.

This is really heartbreaking.
While watching the news about the earthquake, I prayed for the disaster area not to get bigger.
Japan is now in a state of panic.
I heard that the tsunami has destroyed Kamaishi.
Looking at how the tsunami has ravaged what used to be a quiet and beautiful city
It really breaks my heart.
No words can really comfort the hearts of the victims.
In Korea we are praying,
That there will be no more victims,
That there will be no more earthquakes.
For now, please let this be over.

From Kim Dongwan.

Credits: Dongwan’s Ameba blog + Absolut Shinhwa

Saturday, March 12, 2011

[11.03.10] Dongwan’s memolog: Stupid fool.

For me.
I truly want to be deceived.
The things that you are grumbling and worrying about are things that I wouldn’t even snort at…
Try making up better lies.
People around you feel embarrassed and I can’t even be deceived!

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.03.07] Dongwan’s reviewlog: Black Swan

Director: Darren Aronofsky
Starring: Natalie Portman, Vincent Cassel, Mila Kunis
Released: 2010, U.S
Rating: 5 out of 5

You can’t deny that it’s a happy ending.
Because in that way, it showed everything that she’d dreamed of…

The beautiful Natalie Portman.

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

Monday, March 07, 2011

Kim Dong Wan & Kahi perform a duet on “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate”

As previously promised, Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan and After School’s Kahi collaborated for a duet performance on the March 6th broadcast of SBS’s “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate.”

The two performed the sweet love story of Park Sun Ju and Kim Bum Soo’s “Male and Female,” an emotional ballad stage which they perfected with beautiful harmony and emotions.

Kahi later went on to liven up the atmosphere by performing Shinhwa’s past hit track, “Wild Eyes,” and Dongwan returned the favor by doing a bit of After School’s own debut track, “Ah.”

Kim Dong Wan also revealed future plans for Shinhwa by stating, “In order to live up to the title of the ‘longest lasting male group,’ we’ll be doing whatever it takes. Eric and Minwoo are already working on our comeback album.”

Source: Sports Today via Nate + allkpop

Sunday, March 06, 2011

[11.03.04] Kim Dongwan: Eric and Minwoo are already discussing the concept for Shinhwa’s next album

Singer Kim Dongwan revealed that work has already started on Shinhwa’s comeback album in 2012.

During the recording for the upcoming 6 March episode of SBS music program “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate”, Kim Dongwan talked about Shinhwa’s plans for their comeback in 2012.

“Eric and Minwoo are already working on the concept of the album. We will try our best to live up to the title of the longest-running idol group.”

For this episode, Kim Dongwan, together with After School’s Kahi, performed the duet “Man and Woman”, originally by Park Sun Joo and Kim Bum Soo. The pair, usually known for their powerful charm, moved the audience with their rendition of this sweet ballad.

Kahi also gave a great performance of Shinhwa’s “Wild Eyes”, which greatly impressed Kim Dongwan. Kim Dongwan later revealed, “I went to the same church as Kahi when I was in high school, but I only realised it after her debut.”

Kim Dongwan also performed Kim Min Jong’s “Under The Sky”, wowing the audience with his flawless rendition of the song.

Meanwhile, Kim Dongwan is preparing to return to acting.

Credits: TV Report + Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.03.03] Idols of today, think about “Shinhwa’s steps + Kim Dongwan’s words”

The words of Kim Dongwan, a member of the 6-member pioneer idol group Shinhwa, have raised interest again.

Having made their debut in 1998, Shinhwa will celebrate their 13th anniversary this year. At the moment half of the group – Lee Minwoo, Junjin and Andy – are currently serving their military duties. However, the name ‘Shinhwa’ still comes up among music fans, and often gets mentioned by their idol group juniors.

Although Shinhwa as a group has experienced difficult problems and incidents that other idol stars would not even experience once in their lives, they have a passion towards music and the stage that makes people forget about these incidents. Despite the good looks of all 6 members, they still come across as being approachable. Despite the scandals and gossip, Shinhwa remains to be an idol group that cheers up the fans.

If one were to say that H.O.T had a strong elite image, then Shinhwa has a style that’s closer to being “warmhearted bad boys”.

In the past 10 or so years, Shinhwa, together with their management companies and their managers, have experienced many things. Sometimes they fight, at other times they drink together happily. Now in their early 30s, the members always express their gratitude to the people around them.

On the 1 March episode of SBS’ “Strong Heart”, Kim Dongwan said, “What I felt the most when I was serving as a public service officer, was that our work (in showbiz and entertainment) is really well-paying. I realize that although I don’t see them, there are many people who are working for me. And I feel their value even more and I’m even more grateful to them.”

For Kim Dongwan, Eric, Shin Hyesung, Lee Minwoo, Junjin and Andy, their best moment in showbiz was of course getting first place (Daesang) at the year-end music awards as Shinhwa.

At that time, they were involved in a contractual dispute with their previous management company. But with the team who had been with the Shinhwa members since their first management company and who set up their second management company Good Entertainment, whenever there was any unhappiness they would all resolve it and talk it out over a round of drinks. Thus, all problems were resolved at the earliest stage. Such situations took place among the members too. Eventually, trust and affection was naturally built up.

As the years slip away, the Shinhwa members, who have spent 14 years together, keenly feel how precious their work and the people around them are; and Kim Dongwan has openly expressed this.

The Shinhwa members have all left Good Entertainment. Because Good Entertainment is no longer in existence. But all six members are still working with the people from Good Entertainment.

Kim Dongwan and Shin Hyesung are now signed to a company set up by one of the Good Entertainment directors (Mr Lee); Andy is signed to a company set up by another Director Lee from Good Entertainment; Eric is in a company run by a former Good Entertainment section chief; and Junjin is with a company set up by CEO Jang whom Shinhwa has established ties with since their debut.

The recent disputes between idol groups and their management have been compared to Shinhwa’s case, and before they argue over who’s right and who’s wrong, these idol groups – for the sake of their future – should seriously think about the steps that Shinhwa has taken and the words that Kim Dongwan has said.

2012 will mark the year of Shinhwa’s comeback to the music scene.

Credits: Star News + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.03.02] Consolidated news: Dongwan on Strong Heart (Pt 2)

On the 1st March episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart’, Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan shared even more of Shinhwa’s legendary antics.

After listening to the Big Bang members talk about clubbing, Kim Dongwan talked about how Junjin, Minwoo and Eric respectively took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in a “sexy” dance competition held at a club, showing their enjoyment for nightlife despite their idol status.

To the amusement of the studio guests, he added, “The idols these days hide the fact that they like to go to clubs, but we really wanted to show it.”

“Junjin won an audio system at that time. It’s a good thing that there weren’t phone cameras back then. If there were, there wouldn’t be Shinhwa now.”

Big Bang’s Seungri then expressed his respect for his seniors, “They are legends indeed.”

When the MCs asked G-Dragon who in Big Bang he thought are similar to Shinhwa members in terms of personality and behavior, he replied, “Seungri, TOP and myself. Daesung and Taeyang are more like the H.O.T seniors.”

Seungri then added, “Stories of the Shinhwa seniors are legendary among the current boy bands. Although we are scared, but we want to live like the Shinhwa seniors, even if it’s just for once.” He then went on to share a story about how fellow Big Bang member TOP hid in the bathtub to avoid his next schedule.

Kim Dongwan then shared an incident similar to that. “Eric often hid in the bathtub too. He would hide there in order to scare us, but he fell asleep instead.

Kim Dongwan went on to talk about his stylist then, a girl of the same age hailing from Busan, whom he nicknamed ‘Carp’.

“She was really stressed out by me. My bag was really precious to me not because it was expensive but because my medicine and pills were all in there. One day I couldn’t find my bag and I got really worked up. I kept on yelling at her, “Where’s my bag?!” Then she pointed to a spot near my feet and there it was. Even now, Hyesung and Eric would still tease me, “Dongwan ah, where’s your bag? Where’s your bag?!” “

Kim Dongwan shared yet another interesting episode, “There was once when Stylist Carp even cried after getting scolded by me. We were waiting to go on a music show. Hyesung wanted to go to the washroom perhaps to blow his nose, and there were girl groups like Jewelry and Fin.K.L in the same waiting room with us, so he quietly asked Stylist Carp, “Please give me some tissue”, but Stylist Carp embarrassed Hyesung when she tactlessly replied loudly, “Why? Are you going to take a dump?”

“That stylist was often reprimanded by me for being tactless and insensitive. She eventually quit.” When MC Kang Ho Dong asked if there was anything he wanted to say to Stylist Carp, Kim Dongwan had this to say, “Carp, I take care of my own bag now. But I think you really went too far in Hyesung’s case. Wherever you may be now, I hope you are happy.”

MC Kang Ho Dong then asked when everyone can expect to see Shinhwa back as one again, to which Kim Dongwan replied, “In 2012, we definitely will reunite and be back on stage again.”

Kang Ho Dong then asked, “Is that your wish or is that a promise?”

Kim Dongwan replied, “It’s a promise.”

Credits: Newsen + TV Report + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.03.01] Dongwan’s memolog: Innate nature

It’s not easy to change one’s innate nature.
If you don’t like someone’s character,
It’s better to meet someone else instead rather than to try to change that.
Even if it’s someone you love…

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.03.01] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2011 (main page updated)

just figure out who's who :D

A work by Miss Lee Hyun Joo~

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[11.02.28] News pics: Dongwan at the Seoul Cultural Arts Awards

Sumi’s note reads:

Eric was supposed to turn up together with Dongwan to give away one of the awards tonight, but he couldn’t make it due to some unforeseen circumstances (according to a tweet from Top Class earlier today).

But we still have Wannie cutting a fine figure in that suit with his megawatt smile as always!!! Keeping Shinhwa alive and relevant!!

AND JUST TO ADD… It’s raining in Seoul today and it’s BRRRRRR COLD!!!! Kudos to Wannie for keeping up with his crazy schedule ever since his discharge from military service!! APPRECIATE HIS EFFORTS PEOPLE!!!!

credit: Absolut Shinhwa

[11.02.24] Dongwan’s memolog: Shindong’s “Rascals like Shinhwa”

He came to me twice and asked me if he could say that.
Of course I’ve heard that being mentioned elsewhere before~ㅋ
Shindong in private is a very kind and humble kid~^^

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.02.24] Dongwan on Strong Heart: consolidated news

On the 22 Feb episode of ‘Strong Heart’, Kim Dongwan was asked if the Shinhwa members went on blind dates. He replied that, “We didn’t because we found it childish. But we did ‘hunting’ (picking up girls).”

When Big Bang’s G-Dragon talked about how he avoided blind dates after one girl mentioned that she met with Seungri only the week before, Kim Dongwan said, “It’s the same with me. The girls always said that they know Junjin.”

Super Junior’s Shindong also revealed the phrase that Super Junior hears most often – “Rascals just like Shinhwa” – for their similar trouble-making traits. Kim Dongwan then added, “There was once when Fly To The Sky were late for an hour for a music show rehearsal, and the PD yelled at them, “Are you Shinhwa?!” “

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk also shared an interesting episode. “There was once when Dongwan-hyung had a schedule lined up and their manager was trying to wake him up. He then locked the door and shouted, “I said I’m not going!” “

Kim Dongwan talked about fellow labelmates H.O.T. “They were recognized as the role models for all idols. The members all had a lot of ambitions for the stage and their music, and when we saw that side of them, we always reflected on ourselves and regretted that we didn’t become like them.”

On the other hand, Moon Hee Jun said, “Because we had to maintain our mysterious concept, we couldn’t freely visit the restrooms and we weren’t allowed to date. Our lives were really boring for 5 years. But for celebrities, Shinhwa were leading their lives freely and happily.”

Kim Dongwan then replied that they were often compared to H.O.T in many ways. When the members asked their manager why they had to put on make-up to go to the supermarket, they were told, “Because Moon Hee Jun gets his hair done before he goes to the supermarket”.

MC Kang Ho Dong also quipped that the Shinhwa members were the most-often seen celebrities in Apgujung, much to the agreement of other studio guests.

Moon Hee Jun then added, “I’ve seen the Shinhwa members, from before their debut until now, it’s already been more than 15 years, and it’s really like watching a reality drama. During rehearsals for music programs, there was an average of 2-3 members who had to be carried on stage because they were sleeping. Either because they were sleeping or they were having hangovers.” To which Kim Dongwan agreed, “We often had hangover soup for breakfast.”

To the amusement of the guests, Kim Dongwan further confessed, “H.O.T couldn’t freely visit the restroom, but I actually waved to fans when I was peeing on the street.”

MC Lee Seunggi also shared his experience with Shinhwa in the waiting room. “Usually singers would bring handheld games into the waiting room, but they brought along their TV screen from their dormitory as well and happily played their games.

Kim Dongwan also confessed to having a nose job done before his debut. “One day Mr Lee Soo Man came to me and told me that my nose looked weird. Originally my nose resembled that of actor Shin Hyun Joon, like the nose of an Arab. He then said that he was going to give me a present, and then he brought me to the hospital. And there I received a new nose for a present.”

Credits: TV Report + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.02.23] Kim Dongwan reveals photos of mischievous Eric on ‘Strong Heart’

Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan shared daily photos of Eric on the 22nd Feb episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart’.

When asked about how the other Shinhwa members have been doing lately, Kim Dongwan said, “Everyone is getting on fine. I’ve been in touch with Eric lately, and he’s been sending photos of himself to the members too”, after which he shared the photos in question, much to the laughter and amusement of the other studio guests.

The photos showed a more mischievous side of Eric, unlike the tough and charismatic image he usually portrays.

Credits: Osen + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.02.21] Shinhwa’s remarkable friendship – Kim Dongwan and Lee Minwoo attend Eric’s birthday fanmeeting

Eric’s first individual birthday fanmeeting has ended on a high note.

All 1,700 tickets to Eric’s birthday fanmeeting titled “Hello Again”, held at Yonsei University on 20 Feb, were snapped up within 10 minutes. The fanmeeting was named as such to express Eric’s excitement at meeting his fans once again after a 2-year hiatus.

Held in conjunction with Eric’s 33rd birthday, the fanmeeting was held in a venue filled with fans and orange items. Gagman Jeon Hwan Gyu was the MC for the event, where Eric, together with his fans, created memories to keep forever.

For his first individual birthday fanmeeting, fellow Shinhwa members Kim Dongwan and Lee Minwoo graced the event with their presence and showed off their strong friendship. Fans waved their lightsticks along to Kim Dongwan and Eric’s duet performance of “Liar”.

Other than the Shinhwa members, Eric’s ‘Poseidon’ co-star Choi Jae Hwan also turned up, sharing interesting behind-the-scene stories. Teen Top was also in attendance on behalf of fellow Shinhwa member Andy, currently serving his military duties.

In addition, close friend Uhm Tae Woong also made a surprise appearance.

After this, there are plans for Eric to hold an Asia fanmeeting tour, with Taiwan being the first stop.

Credits: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.02.21] Teen Top tweets pictures from Eric’s fanmeeting

Idol group Teen Top attended Eric’s birthday party on behalf of Andy who’s currently serving his military duties.

At Eric’s birthday fanmeeting held on 20 Feb, Teen Top amused the Shinhwa members with their special entrance.

Teen Top maknae Ricky made his way on stage wearing an Andy mask and doing Andy’s trademark heart dance, to the cheers of Eric, Kim Dongwan, Lee Minwoo and 2,000 fans present at the fanmeeting.

In addition, Teen Top also presented a birthday gift to Eric, which was a photo frame with photos from Eric’s debut days, and they topped that off with their version of the ‘Eusha Eusha’ dance.

Having witnessed the extraordinary friendship of the Shinhwa members, Teen Top said, “Like the Shinhwa seniors, we will work hard to maintain our friendship and work hard in our activities.”

Eric then commented, “Although I’ve been watchin them since the time they were preparing for their debut, looking at them grow and develop day by day, you feel more and more affection for them.”

Kim Dongwan added, “They’re doing really well now, and I’m jealous that Andy seems to love only Teen Top now”, while Lee Minwoo said, “I’ve only seen them on TV and now they’re here. If they work hard at developing themselves in all aspects they can become like Shinhwa too.”

On 21 Feb, Teen Top posted photos on their official Twitter and me2day pages, commenting, “We’ve come back from Eric-hyung’s birthday party. How are the photos that Minwoo-hyung took for us?”

Teen Top is now in the midst of promoting the remix version of ‘Supa Luv’.

Credits: TOP Media + TV Report + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.02.21] Yoon Jong Shin’s Twitpic with Dongwan

Filming for Director’s Cut Season 2… With the Baekdoosan hyungs.. Dongwan.. U-Kiss Soo Hyun.. It’s awesome today.. Reflecting on myself today too after witnessing the spirit of the hyungs…

Credits: Yoon Jong Shin’s Twitter + Absolut Shinhwa

[11.02.21] Top Class Twitter update: Please do not share videos from Eric’s fanmeeting

For those of you who have already circulated fancams around, you know what to do.


Please do not share videos from Eric’s birthday fanmeeting or videos related to Poseidon ^^ We hope the fans will observe basic manners ♥ Please show us sensible behavior for the next fanmeeting~ We have to meet again right, ^^V


A tweet from earlier today:

Did you go to Eric’s fanmeeting yesterday? We hope you enjoyed yourselves ^^ And there are already videos of the drama (teaser) circulating around, please observe basic courtesy for the staff and actors who have put in a lot of hard work. The drama is not airing yet. ㅠㅠ

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[11.02.21] Fanpics: 20th Feb 2011 Eric’s birthday FM – Hello Again (Part 3)

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[11.02.21] Plans scrapped for ‘Poseidon’ to be broadcast on SBS

Note from Sumi:

Just when everyone was still reeling from the excitement of the “Poseidon” teaser shown at yesterday’s fanmeeting… Way to burst our bubble, SBS. -_-

Tweet from Top Class:

“Did you go to Eric’s fanmeeting yesterday? We hope you enjoyed yourselves ^^ And there are already videos of the drama (teaser) circulating around, please observe basic courtesy for the staff and actors who have put in a lot of hard work. The drama has not been scheduled for broadcast yet. ㅠㅠ”

So for those of you who have already shared the teaser video online, you may want to consider taking it down…


The highly anticipated drama ‘Poseidon’ – due to it being Eric’s comeback drama project – will not be scheduled for broadcast on SBS.

According to earlier reports, ‘Poseidon’ was to be scheduled for broadcast on SBS in May in the Mon-Tue slot. However, after an internal meeting at SBS last week, it has been decided that the slot will be filled by another drama. SBS management told Sports Hankook on 20 Feb via a phone interview that “It’s true that ‘Poseidon’ will not be aired on SBS in the first half of the year. We were only in the process of reviewing whether or not to schedule ‘Poseidon’ for broadcast. After a discussion, we decided we couldn’t schedule it, and not that we decided to cancel the broadcast.”

Originally targeted to be broadcast in May, filming for ‘Poseidon’ had started at the end of last year. But with SBS scrapping the plans for the broadcast, the drama will now be scheduled for broadcast in the second half of the year. There is also a possibility of the drama being pre-produced and lined up for a broadcast date. A rep from the production team expressed, “Filming has already begun, and a substantial amount of production costs have already been incurred. Because of that there’s a high chance that we’ll complete this as a high-quality pre-produced drama and wait for it to be lined up in the broadcast schedule of a terrestrial channel.”

In order for the filming of ‘Poseidon’ to proceed, the schedules of the cast members need to be coordinated. Almost no filming could be done this year so far, so the filming schedule has been delayed. As a result, there is also a possibility of some cast members pulling out of the drama. A rep from the management company of one of the cast members commented, “The cast members like Eric, Kim Ok Bin, Kim Kang Woo and U-Know Yunho are all top stars. The production company (for ‘Poseidon’) can’t keep holding on to these actors who have been receiving lovecalls from other production companies. We will wait for the production company to express their position officially by this week.”

The production company has expressed confidence that the drama will get through this crisis and resume filming as soon as possible, with the stellar line-up of top stars and the production team including PD Yoo Chul Yong (‘All In’) and writer Jo Kyu Won (‘IRIS’). A rep said, “As this is the comeback drama for Hallyu star Eric, it is also widely anticipated in overseas markets as well. Although plans for the drama to be aired on SBS has not worked out, there will be a good outcome.”

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[11.02.21] Fanpics: 20th Feb 2011 Eric’s birthday FM – Hello Again (Part 2)

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[11.02.21] Fanpics: 20th Feb 2011 Eric’s birthday FM – Hello Again (Part 1)

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