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[09.01.28][Trans] M Rizing Staff Diary: MBC Seollal Special ‘My Fists Are Crying’

Translator's Note: Go Go Ssing - Korean internet slang for ‘let’s go’ or ‘let’s have a good time’

Going through the script conscientiously with fellow red team member Bae Gi Sung.

Filming of the contestants training is taking place in the busy and crowded waiting room.
Putting on a cute hooded tee, M is looking at the other guests.

Unable to resist joking around, Bae Gi Sung and M tumble around =3
M, who is yelling “Stuff it!”, please teach us how to do that~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Getting his makeup done while preparing for the recording
Since he’d be perspiring a lot today too
Let’s go easy on the makeup~
Hmm…. must put up a good fight…

Chatting with MC Lee Hyuk Jae-sshi who hurriedly comes around to give out bokjumeoni (good luck pouches)
Lee Hyuk Jae-sshi who dotes on Minwoo even off-camera too

As the bouts are for real, all guests appearing on the show must put on mouthguards
M’s mouthguard is being soaked in water, making all preparations to prevent any injury

Expertly putting hand tape on Bae Gi Sung’s hand.
Oh~ He can appear as the trainer too, can he?

Looks like he’s putting on blue tape on his hands…Oh! I’m from the red team but why is only my tape blue?!
Give me the red tape too! But the red tape has been given to the other guests
He quickly finds some black tape but he doesn’t really like it…
Although we didn’t take pictures, but M bound the tape three times before he was satisfied. ㅋㅋㅋ We don’t really know very well but it looked good after that~ ㅋㅋㅋ

In the waiting room teaching Kim Na Young and Jang Young Ran some tackling moves
Jang Young Ran who gets pinned down, aaack~~~ Oppa! That really hurts!!

His opponent in the final 8 is gagman Jo Won Seok.
Ah~ Even for a close hyung… I can still hit him…

M changes into a judo suit, it’s really quite a cumbersome attire
You can’t really move your arms, the thick top makes you perspire more easily… Ah… It’s already getting hot
But.. the judo suit really suits him… Cute~ Kyao!

Now… the preparation is perfectly complete… Let’s take a look outside?!!

After all the preparation work he looks just like a K1 fighter and for some reason he’s feeling hyped up…

He puts on his protective gear right from the beginning, so even drinking water is difficult
Thirsty~ My hands are already sweaty! The coordinator is arduously helping him to drink some water.

All decked out in the judo suit, preparing for his performance with the popular Chu Sung Hoon (a K1 fighter)..
Hmm… because he’s the first representative from the red team, he has to look good! Getting ready to step out…

Though he didn’t win
But M has given his best
Although during the bout with KCM
In a bid to make it more interesting
He hurt his upper lip and it was even bleeding…
But just like doing break dance
All the accumulated stress dissipated in the ring

Changing after the competition
Perspiring as he watches the recording on the monitor
Ah… Even that’s a little tiring… >_<

This is the first staff diary for 2009
To all the fans who love M, happy new year. ^_^
Have a good bowl of ricecake soup, and enjoy the holidays
And please remember to watch M’s stylish dance on KBS2’s ‘Shall We Dance?’
This year too Staff Diary will have fun 고고씽!

Source: M Rizing

[09.01.28][Info] Coming soon on SBSi Star DVD Collection

Coming Soon:





Shinhwa must go on - 10th Anniversary Live Concert in Seoul


paris story


The Beginning,
New Days...











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[09.01.27] Dongwan’s blog: Seoul on Lunar New Year’s Day

Gyeongbokgung (Gyeongbok Palace)… Right? ㅎㅎㅎ ㅜㅜ It should be right? Since the skies were clear when I got up I headed there~

And I walked around the alley in Hyoja-dong too…

The day before yesterday I saw this doggy cloud~ One of them has its neck cut off… ㅜㅜ

The lonely Hannam Bridge…
Lonely… -_-
Nonetheless at night I went for a cup of coffee with my friends~~ ㅎㅎㅎ
Happy New Year to everyone~!

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog

[09.01.26][Info] Korea 100% Ent. Photo Exhibition at Urawa PARCO (feat. Eric, Andy)

Hi everyone, this is the official fanclub administration team.
Let’s go to Eric’s and Andy’s photo panel displays at the Photo Exhibition at Urawa PARCO, shall we?

The ‘Urawa PARCOxMnet - Korea 100% Entertainment Photo Exhibition’ has been confirmed, and all the photo panel displays will feature never-before-seen photographs of Eric, Andy and 7 other Hallyu stars. There will be photos that have been shown previously to the fanclub members and previously unreleased photos, so please be there.

Event Details
Event title: Urawa PARCOxMnet - Korea 100% Entertainment Photo Exhibition
Duration: 15 Feb 2009 (Sun) - 3 March 2009 (Tues)
Venue: Urawa PARCO Reds Gate (

This event is not limited to fanclub members, please invite your friends along too. Admission is free.

Phototaking of the panels are allowed, but please keep them for your own collection.

Source: Eric’s & Andy’s JP fanclub sites
Chi trans: 小玉@love-ric
Eng trans:

[09.01.26][News] Junjin gets thrown off track by Lee Shi Young’s shrewish ways

Junjin’s one-day ‘marriage’ with newcomer Lee Shi Young has become quite a hot topic among viewers.

On the Seollal special aired on 25th Jan, Junjin was unsettled early on during their first meeting, by Lee Shi Young’s four-dimensional ways.

Even though she was facing Junjin, who made his debut 10 years earlier than herself, unlike a panicky and nervous Junjin, Lee Shi Young appeared calm and confident in all situations.

There were mixed reviews towards her attitude - some viewers found her eccentric ways “refreshing”, but there were also comments of “she looked completely insincere” and “she was too rude to her senior”.

After a simple ceremony, the ‘newlyweds’ headed to Lee Shi Young’s home, where she left Junjin waiting in the living room while she changed into casual wear. Then she instructed Junjin, “There’s curry in the refrigerator, go reheat it and then we’ll eat it”, leaving him somewhat perplexed.

During a conversation later on, Lee Shi Young once again sent Junjin into unease when she said, “We were from the same high school, and I saw you leaving class early all the time. You even had that strange hairstyle. If that was the case, how did you manage to graduate?”

Junjin later brought Lee Shi Young to the dance studio where he taught her the dance steps for his song ‘Wa’, where she surprised everyone by picking it up quickly and even showing off her own dancing skills.

Later in the solo interview, Junjin was asked if Lee Shi Young is his ideal type, and he replied, “My ideal type is someone who will be a good wife and mother. A life where both husband and wife can fulfill their own responsibilities, that will be good.” On the other hand, when asked the same question, Lee Shi Young simply answered, “I like men who are able to manage a household well.”

At the end of the day when both of them had to decide if they wanted to continue living as a ‘married couple’ by breaking the wooden boards, they both decided not to do so.

Source: sstv + newsen
Chi trans: 悟空空@isay81
Eng trans:

[09.01.26][News] Junjin meets his match in Lee Shi Young

Lee Shi Young - who caught the attention of viewers with her role as Oh Minji in Boys Before Flowers - made her appearance in MBC’s We Got Married Seollal Special as Junjin’s ‘bride’.

On the episode aired on 25th Jan, new couple Junjin and Lee Shi Young completed their ‘wedding ceremony’. Junjin, who mistakenly thought that his ‘bride’ would be Kim Shin Young, was unable to hide his pleasant surprise when he saw the attractive Lee Shi Young instead.

However Junjin, member of 10-year group Shinhwa, was driven to exasperation by newcomer Lee Shi Young who has been in showbiz for only a year, creating quite a interesting scene for the viewers.

During the solo interview, Lee Shi Young said, “He doesn’t really have the kind of looks that I like, I prefer someone like (comedians) Jang Dong Min or Ahn Sang Tae. But, he’s not bad too.”

After the ceremony, Lee Shi Young brought Junjin back to her home, and said that as her father always cooked for her, she wanted Junjin to make her some curry too. Without saying another word, Junjin headed straight for the kitchen.

While Junjin was taking a tour of Lee Shi Young’s home, he gave her a high score for her guitar performance. But Junjin was constantly feeling the pressure from Lee Shi Young, and in order to establish some degree of a husband’s authority, he brought her to the dance studio, ultimately he ended up giving her a thumbs-up for her dancing skills instead.

Right until the end where the two of them had to decide whether or not to continue living as a ‘married couple’, it was clear that they shared good feelings about each other.

Source: jknews
Chi trans: narryjin@DoubleJ
Eng trans:

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[09.01.24][News] "The Biggest Star 9" New Year Wishes [feat JunJin]

Stars who are also worried about the economic recession, however, believe that 2009 will begin a new stage with more power.

Stars who are also worried about the economic recession, however, believe that 2009 will begin a new stage with more power.

Since last year, JunJin has established his "crush" and "character" with an abundant range of activities from music art to broadcasting, and acting. JunJin, in variety shows in particular, is making a strange rising phenomenon.

After the breakthrough on stage with nickname "Junstin", the singer is planning to release a new single (?) in March.

"Hi, this is JunJin! 2009 is going to be a new refreshing year.

I really appreciate all the love and support from you last year. Please always keep being healthy, keep the courage and hope ! 2009 happiness and appreciation are waiting for you to send and receive."
Credit: AsiaEconomy - JinEyes - Kim Nguyen @

[09.01.24][News] Eric nominated for Popularity Award at the 45th Baeksang Awards

The 45th Baeksang Arts Awards is here! This time round the award ceremony will be held on the 27th of February at Seoul Olympic Park. With the event getting near in slightly more than a month’s time, the committee has released the nominees list yesterday.

For the TV Drama section, we have Kim Myung Min, Song Seung Hun, Lee Joon Ki, Park Yong Ha and Song Il Gook vying for the top excellence actor award and Kim Hye Ja, Moon Geun Young, Kim Ji Soo, Han Ye Seul and Han Ji Hye competing for the top excellence actress award. Nothing really surprising here. All the Daesang winners from the respective TV stations are gathered here.

For the movie section, the fight for Best Actor will be among Ha Jung Woo, Kim Joo Hyuk, Song Kang Ho, Joo Jin Mo and Sol Kyung Gu while Best Actress will be chosen among Kong Hyo Jin, Kim Hae Sook, Son Ye Jin, Kim Min Sun and Soo Ae.

Scroll down for the Nominees list.

TV Drama Section
Best Drama

Angry Mom (KBS), Beethoven Virus (MBC), Last Scandal (MBC), The Painter of the Wind (SBS), On Air (SBS)

Best Educational Program

Human and Wetland (KBS1), I Want to Know “Dokdo’s Choice” (SBS), The Tear of North Pole (MBC), The Secrets of Pythagoras Theorem (EBS), Dinosaurs of the Korean Peninsula (EBS)

Best Variety Show

Happy Sunday (KBS), Gag Concert (KBS), Good Sunday (SBS), We Got Married (MBC), Golden Fishery (MBC)

Best Producer

Lee Jae Kyu (Beethoven Virus, MBC), Jung Young (Angry Mom, KBS), Shin Woo Chul (On Air, SBS), Lee Tae Gon (Last Scandal, MBC), Choi Jong Soo (Gourmet, SBS)

Best Newcomer Producer

Boo Sung Chul (Star’s Lovers, SBS), Kim Do Hoon (Spotlight, MBC), Jeon Chang Geun (My Precious Child, KBS), Son Hyung Suk (When It’s At Night, MBC), Kim Kyung Hee (Life Special Investigation Team, MBC)

Best Screenplay

Hong Jin Ah - Hong Ja Ram (Beethoven Virus, MBC), Moon Hee Jung (Last Scandal, MBC), Kim Eun Sook (On Air, SBS), Yoo Hyun Mi (The Scale of Providence), Kim Soo Hyun (Angry Mom, KBS)

Top Excellence Actor

Kim Myung Min (Beethoven Virus, MBC), Song Seung Hun (East of Eden, MBC), Lee Joon Ki (Iljimae, SBS), Park Yong Ha (On Air, SBS), Song Il Gook (The Kingdom of the Winds, KBS)

Top Excellence Actress

Kim Hye Ja (Angry Mom, KBS), Moon Geun Young (The Painter of the Wind, SBS), Kim Ji Soo (Women of the Sun, KBS), Han Ye Seul (Tazza, SBS), Han Ji Hye (East of Eden, MBC)

Best Newcomer Actor

Uhm Ki Joon (The World They Live In, KBS), Lee Sang Woo (First Wives Club, SBS), Kim Bum (East of Eden, MBC), Lee Min Ho (Boys Before Flowers,, KBS), Jung Gyu Woon (Women of the Sun, KBS)

Best Newcomer Actress

Im Yoon Ah (You Are My Destiny, KBS), Hong Ah Reum (My Precious Child, KBS), Lee Yeon Hee (East of Eden, MBC), Moon Chae Won (The Painter of the Wind, SBS), Han Ye Won (On Air, SBS)

Best Male TV Entertainer

Lee Soo Geun (Happy Sunday - One Night Two Day, KBS), Kim Byung Man (Gag Concert, KBS), Yoon Jong Shin (Good Sunday, SBS), Hwang Hyun Hee (Gag Concert, KBS), Yoo Shi Yoon (Golden Fishery, MBC)

Best Female TV Entertainer

Park Mi Sun (Sunday Sunday Night, MBC), Shin Bong Sun (Happy Together - Season 3, KBS), Song Eun Yi (Good Sunday, SBS), Park Ji Sun (Gag Concert, KBS), Seo In Young (We Got Married, MBC)

Popularity Award (Male)

Kim Rae Won (Gourmet, SBS), Kim Myung Min (Beethoven Virus, MBC), Kim Bum (East of Eden, MBC), Kim Joo Hyuk (Terroir, SBS), Kim Hyun Joong (Boys Before Flowers, KBS), Park Yong Ha (On Air, SBS), Song Seung Hun (East of Eden, MBC), Song Il Gook (The Kingdom of the Winds, KBS), Eric Mun (Strongest Chil Woo, KBS), Lee Dong Gun (When It’s At Night, MBC), Lee Dong Wook (My Sweet Seoul, MBC), Lee Min Ho (Boys Before Flowers, KBS), Lee Bum Soo (On Air, SBS), Lee Joon Ki (Iljimae, SBS), Jang Geun Suk (Beethoven Virus, MBC), Jang Hyuk (Tazza, SBS), Jung Joon Ho (Last Scandal, MBC), Cha Tae Hyun (General Hospital 2, MBC), Han Jae Suk (Women of the Sun, KBS), Hyun Bin (The World They Live In, KBS)

Popularity Award (Female)
Kim Min Hee (Love Marriage, KBS), Kim Sun Ah (When It’s At Night, MBC), Kim So Yeon (Gourmet, SBS), Kim Jung Eun (General Hospital 2, MBC), Kim Ji Soo (Women of the Sun, KBS), Kim Ha Neul (On Air, SBS), Nam Sang Mi (Gourmet, SBS), Moon Geun Young (The Painter of the Wind, SBS), Son Ye Jin (Spotlight, MBC), Song Hye Kyo (The World They Live In, KBS), Im Yoon Ah (You Are My Destiny, KBS), Lee Yeon Hee (East of Eden, MBC), Lee Young Ah (Iljimae, SBS), Lee Ji Ah (Beethoven Virus, MBC), Choi Kang Hee (My Sweet Seoul, MBC), Choi Ji Woo (Star’s Lover, SBS), Han Ye Seul (Tazza, SBS), Han Ji Hye (East of Eden, MBC), Han Hye Jin (Terroir, SBS), Han Hyo Joo (Iljimae, SBS)

Movie Section
Best Movie

Celebrate Our Love, Movie is Movie, The Good The Bad The Weird, Speed Scandal, Frozen Flower

Best Director

Kim Ji Woon (The Good The Bad The Weird), Lee Yoon Ki (My Dear Enemy), Kim Yoo Jin (Divine Weapon), Kang Woo Seok (Public Enemy 1-1), Lee Joon Ik (Sunny)

Top Excellence Actor

Ha Jung Woo (My Dear Enemy), Kim Joo Hyuk (My Wife Got Married), Song Kang Ho (The Good The Bad The Weird), Joo Jin Mo (Frozen Flower), Sol Kyung Gu (Public Enemy 1-1)

Top Excellence Actress

Kong Hyo Jin (Miss Carrot), Kim Hae Sook (Celebrate Our Love), Son Ye Jin (My Wife Got Married), Kim Min Sun (Portrait of a Beauty), Soo Ae (Someone Dear is Far Away)

Best Newcomer Actor

Cha Seung Woo (Go Go 70), Kang Ji Hwan (Movie is Movie), Song Chang Ui (Boys Don’t Cry), Joo Ji Hoon (Antique Bakery), So Ji Sub (Movie is Movie)

Best Newcomer Actress

Seo Woo (Miss Carrot), Park Bo Young (Speed Scandal), Hwang Woo Seul Hye (Miss Carrot), Kim Ok Bin (Disturbance in Her Bar Room), Yoon Jung Hee (Gosa)

Best Screenplay

Jang Jin (Public Enemy 1-1), Kim Ki Duk (Movie is Movie), Park Yoon (Celebrate Our Love), Shin Dong Il - Kim Young Nam (My Friend, My Wife), Kang Hyung Chul (Speed Scandal)

Popularity Award (Male)
Kang Ji Hwan (Movie is Movie), Kim Joo Hyuk (My Wife Got Married), Park Hae Il (Modern Boy), Sol Kyung Gu (Public Enemy 1-1), So Ji Sub (Movie is Movie), Song Kang Ho (The Good The Bad The Weird), Yoo Ji Tae (Pure Comic Strip), Yoon Kye Sang (Beastie Boys), Lee Bum Soo (Gosa), Lee Byung Hun (The Good The Bad The Weird), Jang Geun Suk (Baby and Me), Jung Woo Sung (The Good The Bad The Weird), Jung Jae Young (Public Enemy 1-1), Jung Joon Ho (City of Regret), Jo In Sung (Frozen Flower), Joo Ji Hoon (Antique Bakery), Joo Jin Mo (Frozen Flower), Cha Seung Won (Tooth and Nail), Cha Tae Hyun (Speed Scandal), Ha Jung Woo (My Dear Enemy)

Popularity Award (Female)
Kong Hyo Jin (Miss Carrot), Kim Min Sun (Portrait of a Beauty), Kim Hye Soo (Modern Boy), Nam Gyu Ri (Gosa), Park Bo Young (Speed Scandal), Park Shi Yeon (Damchimawa Lee), Park Jin Hee (Sweet Lies), Seo Woo (Miss Carrot), Son Ye Jin (My Wife Got Married), Song Ji Hyo (Frozen Flower), Soo Ae (Someone Dear is Far Away), Shin Min Ah (Go Go 70), Eugene (Romantic Island), Yoon Jung Hee (Gosa), Yoon Jin Seo (Beastie Boys), Lee Soo Kyung (Romantic Island), Lee Yeon Hee (Pure Comic Strip), Jeon Do Yeon (My Dear Enemy), Chae Jung Ahn (Pure Comic Strip), Han Eun Jung (Divine Weapon)

Source: ISPLUS
link to the news:

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[09.01.23][News] Andy gets addressed as ’sonsaengnim’ by a junior

Singer Andy gleefully shared with fans at his birthday fanmeeting on 21 Jan, that he has been addressed as ‘team-jang’ and ’sonsaengnim’ of late. At the “Happy Birthday To Andy” fanmeeting, Rocky of new male duo Jumper also shared many interesting tidbits about Andy.

When asked about what he usually addresses his producer Andy, Rocky said, “It feels too distant to call him ’sajangnim’ (boss), and calling him ’sajangnim’ seems too old for him, so I call him ‘team-jang’ (team leader) instead.”

After that, fans who participated in the event online quickly reacted, ‘An-teamjang fighting’, ‘From An-sobang to An-teamjang’, ‘막내 (pronounced mangnae - meaning the youngest) Andy is An-teamjang?’

Andy also talked about an incident where he was addressed as ’sonsaengnim’ while filming overseas for a programme in November last year. He was seated next to a member from an idol group, and the junior addressed him as ’sonsaengnim’. Andy said, “Although it was quite a shock but thinking about it, I think that junior is 10 years younger than me.” When asked about the frequent changes of members in idol groups these days, Andy replied, “No comments.”

180 fans from Korea and other countries attended the fanmeeting, at at one point in time there were 35,000 fans online who watched the live broadcast of the event. The total number of viewers came to a staggering 113,533.

Chi trans: 繁星满天@bestshinhwa
Eng trans:

[09.01.23][News] Infinite Challenge’s version of Boys Before Flowers

MBC variety show Infinite Challenge has come up with a new parody drama based on KBS2’s hit drama Boys Before Flowers, which has begun filming on 22 Jan.

According to the production team, for the concept of the Single Drama Special, the script is handed over to the 6 members, and filming begins once the roles are allocated.

For this first episode of the Single Drama series, the team members were given the script of KBS2 hit drama Boys Before Flowers. Park Myung Soo, Yoo Jaesuk, Jung Joonha and Noh Hong Chul will play the F4 characters, while Junjin and Jung Hyung Don will put on school uniforms and take on the female characters.

A member of the production team laughed as he related, “The members were all able to display the feel of the F4 characters and were able to grasp the concept of the script. But once they put on their costumes, they looked a little strange, and as filming went on it just became stranger and stranger until it really became a spoof.”

The earliest that this episode will be aired is likely to be in February.

Source: SPN
Chi trans: narryjin@DoubleJ
Eng trans:

[09.01.22][trans] Consolidation of Shinhwa members' activities for January 2009


[09.01.22][trans] Consolidation of Shinhwa members' activities for January 2009

[Telecast] MinWoo - 22:05 SBS Love Generation
[Recording] Junjin - MBC Infinite Challenge
[Telecast] Junjin - 18:45 MBC He's Coming

[Recording] Junjin - MBC He's Coming
[Telecast] Junjin - 18:45 MBC He's Coming
[Telecast] Andy - 16:00 Mnet Wide News
[Telecast] Andy - 16:00 ETN EnU
[Telecast] Minwoo - 17:35 KBS Music Tank

[Recording] Minwoo - KBS New Year Special
[Telecast] Junjin - 17:40 MBC Infinite Challenge
[Recording] Junjin - MBC He's Coming

[Telecast] Junjin - 16:10 MBC Sunday Night "We Get Married"

[Telecast] Minwoo - 17:45 MBC New Year Special "Star Challenge Show - My Crying Fist"

[Telecast] Andy/ Minwoo - 18:45 KBS New Year Special Music Gayo TOP STAR gathering! Shall we dance

[Recording] Junjin - MBC Infinite Challenge

[Recording] Junjin - MBC He's Coming
[Telecast] Minwoo - 17:35 KBS Music Tank

[Live] Junjin/ Hyesung - K-POP SUPER LIVE in Tokyo III
[Telecast] Junjin - 17:45 MBC Infinite Challenge

Credits: (English translation) + susan427@Bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + shinhwato (source)

[09.01.22][news] Variety New Star Junjin: Singer again before enlistment


Among Shinhwa members, Junjin (29), who emerge as the shining new star from variety programs will return to his singer identity once again to meet up with his fans before his army enlistment.

Recently, Junjin was cut from SBS program "Yashimanman" and currently he is appearing in MBC "Infinite Challenge" and "He's Coming". Junjin who is active in various variety programs, plans to comeback as a singer in the second half of the year.

Junjin's management company expressed, "In order to meet the target to release the album on March, from the beginning of next week we will be busy preparing the collection of music tracks and if everything goes on smoothly, the album should be able to release on time." However, due to the approaching army enlistment, the issue on whether to release as a single or official album is not finalised yet.

The management company expressed, "For the sake of his activities as a singer, although we did thought of delaying his army enlistment but that's not really possible therefore there's some tension in the music production. Most likely, it will be released as a single or mini album.

Credits: (English translation) + susan427@BestShinhwa (Chinese translation) + mydaily (source)

[09.01.22] [Info] SPECIAL VOD of Eric in Indonesia

Dear All,
Ada kabar baik yang kita terima dari pihak TOP Management. TOP Management telah menghubungi Shinhwa-Indonesia untuk mengetahui berapa banyak fans SHINHWA / Eric di Indonesia yang bersedia untuk datang dan berkumpul bersama untuk menyaksikan SPECIAL VOD dari aktifitas Eric selama ini.

We have received some good news from TOP Management. TOP Management has contacted Shinhwa-Indonesia to find out how many SHINHWA / ERIC fans there are in Indonesia, who are willing to come for a Get Together. and watch a SPECIAL VOD of Eric’s activities throughout his carreer.

TOP Management akan mengirimkan file VOD tersebut kepada Shinhwa-Indonesia di Jakarta, tetapi ada “Persyaratan” jumlah penonton yang sudah mereka tentukan. So let us know kesediaan teman-teman untuk berkumpul bersama ya.

TOP management will send the VOD to Shinhwa-Indonesia in Jakarta. However, there is a “Condition” on how many people must attend the viewing. So please let us know if you are interested for the Get Together.

Kita akan melihat berapa banyak SHINHWA Mania & Eric Mania di Indonesia melalui Polling Khusus. Polling Khusus ini berada di sebelah kiri website kami : (anda harus login untuk vote). Dan apabila jumlahnya memenuhi “Persyaratan”, kami akan segara mengatur waktu dan tempat acara. Kami rencanakan acara ini akan diadakan bulan Maret (Ultah Shinhwa) (^_^)

We will see how many SHINHWA Mania & Eric Mania there are in Indonesia through a Special Poll. This Special Poll will be on the left-side of our website : (you have to login to vote). And, if the amount satisfies the “Condition”, we will immediately set up a time and place for the viewing to take place. We are planning this event to be held in March (Shinhwa’s Bday) (^_^)

Kami tunggu partisipasi dari teman-teman!!

We really hope that YOU, our dear friends will participate!!

Shinhwa-Indonesia Fighting!!

Admin /

[09.01.22][News] Infinite Challenge takes on Boys Before Flowers

The emergence of the Infinite Challenge F4 has captured the attention of Korean netizens.

On Jan 22, once news was released that MBC’s Infinite Challenge members will be doing a parody of KBS hit drama Boys Before Flowers, the Internet was abuzz with commotion.

Photos of the cast of Boys Before Flowers were also combined with images of the IC members to form hilarious parodies of the actual characters.

The parodies cleverly weaves the IC members’ profiles into the original characters. For example, female protagonist Geum Jandi becomes ‘Geum Soodi’ (Park Myung Soo), the daughter of a fried chicken shopowner, and enters Infinite High School with her singing talent instead of swimming skills.

Gu Joonpyo now becomes ‘Gu Jinpyo’ (Junjin), part of the Hallyu conglomerate Shinhwa, who ends up at Infinite High. Original character Gu Joonpyo is fluent in multiple languages as he lived abroad, but ‘Gu Jinpyo’ can speak at least 5 languages with his concert tour experience.

Yoon Jihoo, played by SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong, is now ‘Yoon Suk Hoo’ (Yoo Jaesuk), the heir to the Grasshopper Conglomerate. In addition, ‘So Yi Chul’ (Noh Hong Chul) and ‘Song Ha Bin’ (Jung Joon Ha) completes the F4 grouping.

Netizens’ comments include ‘the person behind the parody is a genius’, ‘the effects are just spectacular, it’s really fun’.

For the parody of the drama itself, Park Myung Soo is slated to play the role of Gu Joonpyo, Yoo Jaesuk as Yoon Jihoo, with Jung Joon Ha and Noh Hong Chul completing F4. Female lead Geum Jandi is expected to be played by Junjin, and Jung Hyung Don as Jandi’s friend Ga-eul.

Source: Starnews
Chi trans: susan427@Bestshinhwa
Eng trans:

[09.01.22][Info] Updated!!! Discography - Shinhwa Premium CD Box

click here to order:

Price: JPY33,600 incl tax (approx USD380)
Launch date: 18 March 2009

14 CD albums + a custom made box (400mm x 130mm x 100mm)
Shinhwa 10-year history book (120pp)

Albums include:
Vol.1 - Vol.9
Winter Story 2003
Winter Story 2004-2005
Shinhwa Summer Story 2005
Winter Story 2006-2007
Shinhwa Winter Story 2007

アジアのスーパーグループ「神話」のこれまでの全てのオリジナルアルバム+企画アルバムをコンパイルした14枚組みのCD-BOX! 08年3月のデビュー10周年記念コンサートを最後に活動休止となった韓国の人気グループ「神話」。活動休止後、軍隊に入ったリーダー・エリックの入隊時には日本からファンが駆けつけ、また、メインボーカルのシン・ヘソンは11月に日本コンサート (東京・大阪・名古屋)を開催するなど、現在も根強い人気を誇っている。その「神話」10年の音楽活動を詰め込んだCD-BOXを完全限定生産にてリリース!! 初期のオリジナルアルバムは韓国・日本でも入手困難となっている希少品ばかり!! 140曲を超える全楽曲に日本語新訳に加え、韓国カルチャーの老舗雑誌「HOT CHILI PAPER」出身のライターによる神話10年のヒストリーブック(120P予定)付きのスペシャルBOX仕様となり、まさに10年間の歴史に相応しいファン必携のアイテム!!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009


6 of Korea’s top artists/groups will be coming together for the “K-POP SUPER LIVE” concert.

Shin Hyesung and Junjin of Shinhwa, SG Wannabe, Super Junior-Happy, Tei and Wheesung will be holding a joint concert on January 31st in Tokyo, Japan

source: allkpop

[09.01.22][News] Junjin-Lee Shi Young, the off kilter couple

New WGM couple Junjin-Lee Shi Young decides on marriage by breaking wooden planks with their heads.

For the 25th Jan Seollal special of WGM, viewers will see Junjin and Lee Shi Young spending a day together getting to know each other’s interests, personalities and hobbies, after which they make the decision on marriage by breaking wooden planks with their heads. This scene was filmed in Lee Shi Young’s actual home.

Althought the matrimonial home should have been prepared by the production team and all the couple has to do is to move their belongings into the apartment, but all filming was done in Lee Shi Young’s home. This is because Lee Shi Young’s unique lifestyle and her vast amount of collectibles made it impossible to move her belongings.

Upon seeing her collections, Junjin remarked, “Pretty girls don’t usually collect things like these,” and refused to believe that it was really Lee Shi Young’s apartment.

Out of all 3 couples who will be appearing on the special, the Junjin-Lee Shi Young couple has garnered the best response. Lee Shi Young, who started out in a mini-series on cable channel Super Action, moved on to more prominent roles in KBS2 dramas ‘The Kingdom Of The Wind’ and more notably ‘Boys Before Flowers’, where her short appearance has left a deep impression on viewers.

WGM PD Im Jung Ah said, “Lee Shi Young has a very unexpectedly interesting personality for a pretty girl like her, and her actions aren’t what you would expect from pretty girls like her.”

She added, “For Junjin, it will be very interesting to see his reaction when he sees a partner whom he didn’t expect. From there we’ll be able to see how this variety star uses his humor and wit to deal with the situation.”

Source: Now News / Kuki News
Chi trans: yujin@bestshinhwa/susan427@Bestshinhwa
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[09.01.21][trans] Dongwan's Blog: 2009 (Update on graffiti board)


I do not think that it's lonely being alone~!

Credits: (English translation) + 虫虫猪猪 @ (Chinese translation) + Kim DongWan's Blog (source)

[09.01.21][Trans] Dongwan's Blog: Thanks

note from the translator from bestshinhwa (susan427@Bestshinhwa):

apparently, Korea V.I.P (Big Bang fanclub) has expressed their deep
apology at a particular website and also give their promise to put in efforts
not to allow such issue to occur again, and over hundreds of V.I.P fans send
mulitple wish messages (in message board) to ANDY for his birthday.
For more info about VIP apology to Shinhwa Changjo-ers go here

A HUGE THANK to KRIS! Thank you so much again dearie~

and this is Dongwan's Message to apology of the VIP's on the Orange Issue

Thanks~ v.i.p. ^_____^

Eng. Trans. :


[09.01.21][trans] The gift from V.I.P. (The Apology from V.I.P. on 'Orange' issue)

Inside "[V.I.P] Gift from VIP" is a picture which writes

"What we can do is to express our sincere apology to every respectful Shinhwachangjo-ers.
We will work hard to become a more mature VIP.
Thanks for any possible encouragement given to us, this is our model.

Really can feel the so called sincerity and thoughtfulness as a fanclub....! Really respectful!
【V.I.P】21st of January, sincerely wish Andy oppa Happy Birthday. We will become V.I.P who always working hard"

And at the end of the picture follows a whole lot of V.I.P. replies with content as "21st of January, sincerely wish andy oppa Happy Birthday. We will become V.I.P who always working hard"

Credits: (English translation) + jojoyu7@shinhwachina (Chinese translation) + (source)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

[09.01.21][News] Andy’s exclusive birthday party with fans

On 21st Jan at 8pm, Shinhwa’s Andy will be celebrating his birthday with local and overseas fans at Mokdong’s GOMTV studio, at the fanmeeting titled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANDY”.

For this event, more than 1,000 fans from Korea and countries like China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand sent in their requests to be at the event, plus 2,000 fans who sent in their requests for online participation. However the event is highly exclusive and only 180 fans were selected to attend the fanmeeting at a ratio of 1 to 10.

At the fanmeeting, Andy will interact with the 180 fans via games and also real-time online chatting with the fans who can’t be there at the event in person.

Hosted by MC Han Hyun Min, Andy will also introduce the leader of Jumper, Rocky (Kim Hyun Rok), who will appear as a special guest. Andy is currently busy with producing the duo’s debut album and his own 2nd album.

Source: osen
Chi trans: susan427@Bestshinhwa
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[09.01.21][News] Concept couples for WGM Seollal Special

Yet another couple has been added to the Seollal special of We Got Married.

PD Shim Jung Ah said on 19th Jan, “The special will be broadcast on 25th Jan, featuring 3 new couples who will be living out their ‘married life’ experience. The concepts will be based on different type of couples that we see around us, and it will be fun and refreshing for the viewers.”

Jung Hyung Don/Tae Yeon, Junjin/Lee Shi Young, and Shin Sung Rok/Kim Shin Young will all appear as couples. According to the production team, while Jung Hyung Don/Tae Yeon will replace Crown J/Seo In Young, the other two couples are likely to only feature in the Seollal special.

Jung Hyung Don/Tae Yeon - They will not enter into “marriage” immediately, instead their concept is the decision and preparation for marriage -> “Can We Get Married?”

Junjin/Lee Shi Young - Lee Shi Young will leave Junjin feeling lost and helpless with her unique character, and their concept is based on the MBC variety program *”I Married A Strange Person” -> “I Married A Strange Wife” [*this show showcases real-life couples who complain about each other's peculiar habits etc]

Shin Sung Rok/Kim Shin Young - Based on the concept of “The Encounter Between Stars in their 20s”, their pairing is reminiscent of the popular Jo Insung/Park Kyung Rim pairing in the sitcom Nonstop 2.

According to the WGM producers, starting with the Seollal special, they will be planning more interesting concepts. Beginning with Kang In/Lee Yoonji, who will play out the concept of a married college couple, this will be another phase of change.

Source: joynews
Chi trans: narryjin@DoubleJ
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[09.01.20][trans] Dongwan's Blog: Orange


[09.01.20][trans] Dongwan's Blog: Orange

Really, the one who hurt his/her self-esteem isn't us,
Does it means are those friends.?
Till now, there's no representative color
As a result, they chosen the color that is used by their seniors over the 10 years.
Always following up on the situation,
It seems like those people are not tactful (there's)
Those ignorant FANCLUB moderator and those small traders seems to be very happy because of this (taking advantage)
When will there be an improvement, or is there still no consideration of self-esteem and continue using...

But what's the smiliar significance at the end..
It's not as if those who has perm, is Gu JunPyo .... KE
The orange that you carry is special
just like us who is navie to always being mad.
No matter whether in China, Japan or other countries in which people recongise about Shinhwa will know.

The reason that makes me change my opinion is.
When a Louis Vuitton fans encountered people who bought counterfeit products,
They do not feel the need to seize the person and blame him... kekekeke
Anyway a colour is only a colour.

Someday when we will be back to protect~ *orange*
The time flies fast..

p.s. Absolutely cannot force and request an apology from that FANCLUB and accept it.
I totally could not understand the intention of the FANCLUB.
Well... 1TYM started on using of towel as the cheering tool is really stylish, I'm really envious..
kekekeke funny scenes~

Credits: (English translation) + 虫虫猪猪 @ (Chinese translation) + Kim DongWan's Blog Picture Blog (source)

Note: Gu JunPyo - Domyoji in Hana Yori Dango (Korean)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

[09.01.20] [info] Shinhwa discography release?


<> (10%OFF) 2009 March 18th sale! SHINHWA (myth) history in 1!!

The debut 10th anniversary commemoration concert of 2008 March SHINHWA which becomes activity pause lastly (myth). The SHINHWA (myth) CD-BOX which stuffs the music activity of 10 years in a completely limitated production release!!!

Early original albums are even a rare item in Korea & Japan and difficult to procure! All original album which exceeds 140 tunes in addition to Japanese new meaning SHINHWA (myth) the history book of 10 years (120P schedule)

the attachment!

* Contents:
CD14, booklet & label

* Please note in advance. there are times when contents and specification of the item can be modified without notice depending upon the circumstances of the selling agency .
* The photograph differs from the photograph of the actual commodity in image.
* Details of the commodity publish as soon as to be understood, chasing.
* Reserved on a first come, first served basis.


[09.01.20][News] Andy’s new protege duo JUMPER officially unveiled

Singer and now producer Andy’s first producing assignment will be for the new male duo JUMPER, who has finally been unveiled to the public.

On 20th Jan, Jumper’s management company TOP Media officially introduced the newcomers for the first time on their Cyworld page ( TOP Media said, “This Exciting Boy Duo, who will excite all of Korea and inject a fresh burst of energy into the music scene in 2009 with their fun and feel-good dance music, has been named Jumper.”

The site posted pictures of the two members and introduced them as leader Rocky (Kim Rok Hyun, 18 ) who will be the main vocalist, and Park Dongmin (21), who will take on rap and backup vocals.

TOP Media added, “Initially we only wanted to reveal the details in early February, but recently photos from Rocky’s minihompy page of himself with actor Seo Minwoo, taken at Andy’s fanmeeting in Japan have been circulating around the Internet, and created the misunderstanding that Seo Minwoo is the other member.”

Jumper has already done a photoshoot together with Andy in early January for the February issue of InStyle, with the concept of ‘Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gifts’, ahead of their debut in mid-February.

On the other hand, before their debut, they will also appear as special guests at Andy’s birthday fanmeeting “Happy Birthday To Andy” on 21st Jan, which will be broadcast live on GomTV at 8pm.

Source: Newsen

Monday, January 19, 2009

[09.01.19][News] Lee Shi Young is Junjin’s “bride”

Newcomer actress Lee Shi Young, who plays Oh Min Ji on KBS2 drama Boys Before Flowers, will pair up with Junjin on MBC’s We Got Married.

During the preview trailer shown on the 18th Jan episode of WGM, viewers caught a glimpse of Junjin and his mystery bride in a church. The production team has said, “This is part of the Seollal special, and we’re not sure if it will be a permanent arrangement.”

Although Junjin and Lee Shi Young appears on the special episode, whether or not they will stay to become a regular couple has become a topic of interest among viewers. At the moment the only permanent cast members on WGM are Son Dambi/Marco and Hwayobi/Hwan Hee.

Although Junjin has recently left SBS Yashimmanman Season 2, he is still appearing on MBC’s Infinite Challenge and the sitcom He’s Coming, and is also currently preparing for his new album scheduled for release in March. Lee Shi Young’s roles on KBS2 dramas Kingdom of the Winds and Boys Before Flowers have also raised her profile.

Source: NEWSEN
Chi trans: yujin@bestshinhwa
Eng trans:
Picture Credit: Coolsmurf

[09.01.19][News] Junjin is MBC’s man?

Singer Junjin has been dubbed as MBC’s man with him appearing on programmes on MBC everyday of the week.

Junjin has recently recorded the Seollal special for We Got Married, playing a married couple with newcomer actress Lee Shi Young (Oh Min Ji of KBS2 drama Boys Before Flowers), and this episode will be shown on 25th Jan.

Besides this, Junjin also appears on Infinite Challenge on Saturday as well as sitcome He’s Coming on Mondays to Fridays. A spokesperson for Junjin commented in jest, “These days Junjin is often called ‘MBC employee’, because he’s so frequently seen at the MBC building that he really does look like an MBC employee.”

Source: star news
Chi trans: susan427@bestshinhwa
Eng trans:

[09.01.18][News]*Updated*Lee Si Young and JunJin Confirmed For WGM New Year Special

Now barely 24 hours after the PDs of We Got Married had announced that they would be keeping the identity of JunJin’s bride on the New Year Special a secret until the actual broadcast, they have now (flip-flopped) revealed the name of the girl. Actress Lee Si Young, recently seen in KBS Boys Before Flowers as Geum Jandi’s (Goo Hye Sun) friend, Oh Min Ji will be JunJin’s partner.


The We Got Married PDs refused to rule out the possibility of them staying beyond the New Year Special. But at the present moment, it’s understood that they are only appearing for the New Year Special on 25th January.

Lee Si Young (24) is a newbie actress who was in KBS dramas Kingdom of the Winds and Boys Before Flowers recently. It’s funny to note that after failing to snag the heir to the Shinhwa group, Goo Joon Pyo in Boys Before Flowers, she does get someone from Shinhwa afterall on We Got Married.

With the confirmation that he is on We Got Married, JunJin is now going to be on MBC for 7 days in a week. JunJin appears from Monday to Friday on daily sitcom That Person Is Coming and on Saturday, he is on Infinity Challenge. Someone close to JunJin joked that he is like a MBC employee now.

Source: Coolsmurf@wordpress

[09.01.18][News] Junjin yet to receive medical examination for shoulder injury

Junjin, who suffered an injury to his shoulder blade during the filming of the bobsled special for MBC’s Infinite Challenge, has yet to receive a thorough examination in the past week.

A spokesperson from Junjin’s management company said, “We actually scheduled for him to go to the hospital today (16th Jan), but we can’t confirm the appointment due to the filming session for MBC He’s Coming. No matter if it’s during a break in filming or after filming, once he has time we’ll head to the hospital.”

He added, “Junjin’s health condition is good now, and has no problems in programmes that don’t require heavy physical exertion.”

Source: Newsen
Chi trans: 紫水晶@isay81
Eng trans:

[09.01.18][News] Junjin appears on WGM Seollal Special

Junjin will be appearing in the Seollal Special of MBC’s We Got Married.

In the preview shown on 18th Jan, Junjin appears in what seems to be a church, with the bride not being revealed to the curious public. The PD for WGM said, “We don’t know if we will continue from the Seollal Special, but we’ll definitely keep the identity of the bride under wraps until the episode itself.”

With his appearance, viewers are now very curious as to he will be appearing as part of the regular cast. At the moment, only the Son Dambi-Marco and the Hwayobi-Hwan Hee couples are part of the regular cast and are likely to continue.

On the other hand, after departing from SBS Yashimmanman Season 2, Junjin is currently appearing in MBC’s Infinite Challenge and sitcom He’s Coming. In addition, he will be making a comeback to the music scene with a new album in March.

Source: newsen
Chi trans: 紫水晶@isay81
Eng trans:

[09.01.16][trans] Hyesung's TWN perf will not increase/ Letter of appreciation 2 fans


090116 [t] Hyesung's performance Taiwan will not increase

Hi to all the fans~~
After discussion with Hyesung's management company,
Both parties decided to put piority on having this time event to manage in prefection and therefore decided not to increase another performance.
And hopefully that the prefect performance this time, is able to increase the opportunity for Shinhwa as a whole to come over to Taiwan to meet up with their fans in Taiwan.
Thank you everyone.

Credits: (English translation) + 全通網傳播有限公司 - (source)

090116 [t] Trendtonenet letter of appreciation to the fans

Thanks to every fanclubs and fans overwhelming supports and assistance for Shin Hyesung 2009 Live Music Show.
We are impressive of the enthusiasm by the fanclubs and the fans on this show~~~ (impressive impressive)
We also hope that the fans will be satisfied with the event on 3/14.
We also hope that through the performance this round, Hyesung will have a better understanding on our passion on Shinhwa.
Hoping that in the near future, all the members will be able to come to Taiwan for performance.
If you are free... we welcome all the fans to come to our company to have a cup of tea and provide your valuable advice to us ^^
To let us to have our future activities to be done more successfully...
Sister Man of our company and all the staffs of Trendtonenet presented our highest tribute,
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and wishes come true.

Credits: (English translation) + 全通網傳播有限公司 - (source)

[09.01.17] Dongwan’s blog: Friday

Stepping out of the door
The white and bright accumulated snow
Is welcoming me..

I took the bus at the usual time,
But I don’t know if it’s because everyone went out earlier because of the snow
The bus was surprisingly empty~

After reaching the administrative office, it was snowing even more heavily..

Very heavily…~

Since it was Friday
I went to hang out at the nearby Sky Lounge with my friends~

Jeongwonnie who appeared on Stars’ Friends~~ㅋㅋㅋ

As for this guy..
‘Why do you like to take photographs so much, and yet hate being photographed..’
He asked me this before~
‘Phone-ca (phone camera - pictures taken with mobile phones) can’t be considered as photographs!!’

Malibu sip by sip~~

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog

[09.01.17][News] One member of Andy’s new duo unveiled

One member of the soon-to-debut male duo - whom Shinhwa’s Andy discovered and will be producing for - has been unveiled to the public. He is none other than 18-year-old Kim Rok Hyun, who had earlier featured in Andy’s first solo album on the track U-Turn.

Andy’s management company TOP Media said in an interview with Star News on 16th Jan, “Kim Rok Hyun is indeed one of the members of the new male duo that Andy will be producing for. He had featured one of Andy’s songs, U-Turn, and he has also performed with Andy at his overseas concerts as well. Andy’s fans have also given very good feedback about his vocal abilities.”

TOP Media added, “Although there have been many inquiries about the identity of the other member, but we’re unable to reveal more at this point in time. Early next week we will release more information about the other member of the duo, the name of the duo as well as other information about them.”

Andy’s new proteges will be making their debut in February.

Source: starnews
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans:

[09.01.16][Trans] Minwoo's Nuna Cy: Family Photo

2009.1.1 Yonsei University, Main Lecture Hall

When Minwoo’s concert ended, we took a family photo to commemorate the new year~~~ ♡
It has been very difficult for my brother during this period of time…
I was moved by the performance, where the fans gave him their unchanging love…
Indeed~~~ the fans are really great~~~
Thank you.

Source: (Minwoo’s sister) Lee Young Mi’s Cyworld page + sixsenses

[09.01.16][Trans] Dongwan’s blog: Indigestion

I told them not to stop you from taking photos with your handphone, I thought you would keep them for just yourself
Kids nowadays really don’t know what disrespect is… -_-.
I really don’t understand..

I must be getting old.. ㅜㅜ

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog

Friday, January 16, 2009

[09.01.16][News] Tickets to Shin Hyesung’s 1st Taiwan concert/fanmeeting sold out

Tickets to Shin Hyesung’s 1st Taiwan concert/fanmeeting sold out within 20 minutes

All 3,000 tickets to Shin Hyesung’s first fanmeeting/concert in Taiwan, to be held on 14th March, has been sold out within a mere 20 minutes.

Tickets to the ‘2009 SHS Live Music Show in Taiwan’ went on sale on 15th Jan at 1pm, and all 3,000 tickets were snapped up in no time at all.

This fanmeeting will be in the format of a talkshow-cum-music show. Shin Hyesung had previously visited Taiwan in 2000 with the other Shinhwa members, but this will be his first official meeting with fans in Taiwan. Shin Hyesung’s management has been flooded with requests for interviews from local media and also requests from companies for distribution rights for his album in Taiwan. Shin Hyesung is scheduled to release the ballad-style Side 2 of his 3rd album on 17th February, before launching full-scale promotional activities starting with the fanmeeting/concert in Taiwan.

Shin Hyesung said, “This is my first solo visit to Taiwan since my visit with the Shinhwa members back in 2000. I read from reports and heard from the organizer that fans queued up from the dawn of 15th Jan onwards for the tickets, and I’m really grateful for the interest and support from the fans. I’m looking forward to letting the fans see me at my best.”

Shin Hyesung will be travelling to Sapporo in Japan for the photoshoot for his Side 2 album on 19th Jan.

Source: Newsen

[09.01.16] Actor Jung Woon Taek: Lee Minwoo gave me an X-rated video

On the 16th Jan episode of MBC’s Let’s Sleep Here Tonight, the MCs visited actor Jung Woon Taek’s home, and found several items marked with “19 & above” stickers, ranging from comics to videos.

The curious MCs quickly interrogated Jung Woon Taek about who gave him the items, and he answered in a fluster, “The one who gave me the video is someone who has appeared on this show before.”

To which the MCs asked, “It’s Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo, isn’t it?”, and Jung Woon Taek could only give an embarraassed expression and then broke into laughter.

(unrelated info omitted)

Source: nownews
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans:

[09.01.15][News] Shin Hyesung’s Taiwanese fans camp in cold for concert tickets

Fans of Shin Hyesung - member of top Korean group Shinhwa - battle the cold as they queue overnight for tickets for his March 14 concert at the Taipei Convention Center.

Tickets went on sale today, and already there were fans braving the cold and camping outside the box office since Monday, just to get the best tickets. The temperature has been dropping to an average of 6 degrees these couple of days, but one loyal 20-year-old fan has been queuing outside for 3 days, armed with only a sleeping bag. She said, “I’m worried that the tickets will all be sold out, so I came earlier just in case. I’ll be there at the airport when he arrives too.”

Shin Hyesung has visited Taiwan together with the rest of his group mates in 2000, and even then there were already hordes of fans on their trail.

However at that time, their schedules were packed, and he was left with no time to take in the sights of Taiwan. Shin Hyesung said that after watching the SBS drama On Air telecast last year, showcasing scenic spots like Jiufen and Sun Moon Lake, he hoped to be able to explore Taiwan. “It will be my first solo concert in Taiwan, and it’s a little lonely. I hope I can come here again with the other Shinhwa members.”

The first 100 fans to purchase his NT$3,200 tickets will be able to take part in a fansigning session. For more details, please log on to Era Ticket’s official website (

Source: Apple Daily

[09.01.15][News] Public service officer Eric donates blood at Jamshil

Public service officer Eric (Mun Jung Hyuk, 30) has just taken part in a blood donation drive.

Eric, who’s serving his duty at the neighbouring Sports Complex subway station, arrived at Jamshil subway station at 2.30pm on 15th Jan together with four other public service officers to donate blood for the drive.

In a telephone conversation with reporters on 15th Jan, a spokesman for Eric said, “Although he’s now taking part in the donation drive in the capacity of a public service officer, he has also donated blood before. Many fans were waiting for Eric since morning, and they also took part in the donation drive themselves.”

Source: Daum News

Thursday, January 15, 2009

[09.01.15][News] Infinite Challenge PD: Junjin’s role will be clear soon

As a regular member of Infinite Challenge, what kind of character is Junjin on the show?

PD Kim Tae Hoon of MBC’s Infinite Challenge has great anticipation towards the development of Junjin’s character and role on the programme.

Since his first appearance as “the guy who just rolled in” in the Money Bag challenge on 21st June 2008, Junjin has become the 7th member of the cast. With his background as an idol group member, Junjin - with his extraordinary dance prowess - has been nicknamed ‘Junstin’, ‘Janjin’ by the viewers, a sign of their acceptance of him.

However, the IC members all have very distinct characters and functions on the show, and this is what Junjin needs to show to the viewers.

In an interview with PD Kim on 13th Jan, he said, “Prior to this, the characters and roles of the members, including Haha, took about a year before they were fixed. For Junjin, his role will be clear soon.”

He added, “While filming the bobsled special in Nagano from 7th to 11th Jan, there was some degree of conflict between the members due to their characters, and Junjin came in very useful in that case. Unlike the “foolish” image that the other members tend to have, Junjin will have a more active character that constantly develops.”

On the other hand, Junjin who suffered an injury during the filming in Nagano, has returned to Seoul and continued with filming for MBC sitcom He’s Coming and the rest of his work schedule.

Source: Star News + Junjin Japan
Chi trans: Jinの香蕉@junjin baidu bar
Eng trans:

[09.01.14][Trans] GOOD Ent Director Lee’s Cyworld entry

It’s very cold, isn’t it?
We can see the snow when we look out of the recording studio
Has it snowed this winter yet?
I remember… it seemed to have snowed once in Seoul….

Next week…. We’ll go to Sapporo to see the snowscape
Rather than to say we’re going to admire the scenery, we might as well say we’ll come back getting scared by the snow… ^^
We’ll have everyone see HS in the snow in early February
The late winter before spring….
Please listen to the music that we made painstakingly while admiring the snowscape

I haven’t been able to update everyone lately…
And… the album couldn’t be released on the original date…

Anyway we’re working even harder now….
We’ll show everyone the results in early February….
Please just hold on for a while more

Source: GOOD Ent Director Lee’s Cyworld
Chi trans: 弼教吾爱@onlyhyesung
Eng trans:

[09.01.14][Trans] Eric’s fansite website: Staff entry on 13th Jan

It’s the last day of the break…
Dear fans, is everyone well?
It’s really winter in Korea now, and these are the coldest days of the year.
From last weekend onwards, the temperature has been hovering around -8 to -10 degrees…
In such cold weather, Eric must have had a great break (haha)

But, the long (?) seven-day break has come to an end today.
From tomorrow onwards, he has to start work with a brand new mindset again (hoohoo).
During these seven days, Eric has been playing a new game that just got released,
And he had an enjoyable break.

In Korea, there are many people down with the flu because of the cold,
Fans in Japan, you must be careful not to catch the flu, ok?

Chi trans: 蘑菇菇@love-ric
Eng trans:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

[09.01.14][News] Junjin received thorough medical examination on 13th Jan

Junjin who injured his shoulder blade while filming in Japan has received a thorough medical examination on 13th Jan.

After returning to Seoul on 11th Jan, Junjin immediately started work on MBC sitcom He’s Coming, after which he received a detailed medical examination for his injury.

A spokesperson for Junjin said, “Although we know there’s a crack in his right shoulder blade, but the details weren’t clear even after the X-ray, so we decided that he needed another check on 13th Jan.”

“He was complaining of pain on the first day, but he can move about now. He didn’t find it particularly uncomfortable, so he decided to complete his original work schedule. But as we’re worried that there might be any problems, so we had him for the medical check.”

(non-related info omitted)

Source: starnews
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans:

[09.01.14][Info] Junjin Concert Tour in Shanghai

On 21-22 February 2009, Junjin will hold a fanmeeting and concert in Shanghai.


Date: 21 February 2009, 7:30 P.M.
Venue: Shanghai Gymnasium


Date: 22 February 2009, 7:30 P.M.
Venue: 진마오음악당 (진마오Tower, 1st floor)

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We hope a lot of Chinese fans came come. Thank you.

EDIT: Here are the ticket prices (check them out here >>

VIP ticket (Includes free admission in the evening of the 22nd -- presumably the fanmeet): 1280 yuan, 880 yuan [estimated at USD187, USD129]

Grandstand: 680 yuan, 480, 280 [USD100, USD70, USD41]

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

[09.01.12] Dongwan’s blog: Muju Deokyu-san

Gondola - a type of ski lift.

Seolcheonbong (Seolcheon Peak) - One of the peaks of Deokyu-san at 1,530m, just under the main peak Hyangjeokbong. The ski range at Seolcheonbong has a variety of gondolas and lifts, and has the famous outdoor hot springs, with snow-covered mountains in the background.

Otaku - a term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga and video games.

I took the gondola from Muju Resort to Seolcheonbong.
And climbed Seolcheonbong for another hour~

Maybe I’m..
An otaku…..ㅜㅜ
I carried an otaku bag out today..

That’s it for today.

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog

HAHA!! LOL. otaku!! silly wanniieee.
hmmm i have a feeling you love the play games too hehehe
i think i quit games a while ago o_o
he looks so coollddd~~

[09.01.12] Dongwan’s blog: Climbing Deokyu-san

Some background on Deokyu-san in Jeollabuk-do - these pics are AWESOMELY breathtaking…. Isn’t it great he has time to visit places and enjoy himself now?

Deokyu Mountain is one of the 12 most beautiful mountains in Korea and centers around Hyangjeok Summit that stands 1,614m above the sea level. Deokyu Summits that starts at Sambong Mountain in Mupung and reaches South Deokyu creates a 40km-long ridge dividing Youngnam Area and Honam Area. Crystal water flows from the Hyangjeok Summit to create the 33 most beautiful sceneries in Gucheon-dong in addition to Muju Resort in Buksa-myeon and Chilyeon Valley in the southwest attracting a lot of visitors. The valleys of the mountain are filled with red royal azaleas in the spring, and green forests draw visitors in the summer. Red autumn leaves tint the mountain in the fall, and it creates mysterious scenery filled with white snow in the winter.

Although I covered every point on Deokyu-san
But because today was the coldest winter day and snow was all over
I couldn’t get all of the sky..ㅜㅜ
The village looked like the back of the mountain instead…-_-;
Even so the air was really good~~ㅎㅎㅎ

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog

Monday, January 12, 2009

[09.01.09] 01/01 Stars in their 20s entering military. Emptiness in Talent Pool - Eric

Stars in their 20s entering military. Emptiness in Talent Pool-Eric

In 2009, there will be an emptiness in the talent pool as a result of people in their 20s entering military. In the past year, Chin Jeongmin, GongYoo, Jaehee, Eric, Jo SeungYoo have entered the military, and it has been confirmed that in March, Jo In Sung will join the military, making it difficult for producers.

Not only this, but "King's Man" Lee Junki is also planning to enter the army at the end of 2009. Jo Hansun who recently acted in "Pleasant Lie" is also considering entering the army in the later half of the year. As well, active on the big and silver screens are Lee DongWook, Lee DongGun and Lee Kiwoo and others are also due to enter the military.

Army service is a very sensitive issue. The time to confirm entry dates for many actors have come. Actors in the late 20s now are becoming bothered by the dates. This will bring an emptiness to this age group of actors in the film industry. There is also the question of finding new blood to replace them.

Source: Asia Times 2009-01-01
Korean to Chin Trans: 悟空空@情投E赫
Chin to Eng Trans: vifz @ shinbiz

[09.01.10][news] Shin Hyesung visiting Taiwan to sing in White Day


Shin Hyesung, the ballad prince of Korea supreme group, "Shinhwa" is going to Taiwan. He will lead before his other members to visit Taiwan again on the White Day on 14th March to present (sing) ballads to 3,100 Taiwanese fans face to face in Taipei International Convention Center.

With excitment, Shin Hyesung said nervously, "I will be exposing multiple images and performances for the first time exclusively in Taiwan's live music show. I will be traveling to Taiwan soon, so please anticipate!"

Shinhwa who debut for more than 10 years, following Eric and Kim Dongwan's enlistment in the army, rumors started to spread around. Shin Hyesung who is recently active in his career development in Asia exclaimed firmly, "Ours are only a short term separation, this isn't an end, we will continue to create more "Shinhwa"(myth) in the future for everyone."

Credits: (English translation) + (source)

[09.01.10] Junjin was cut from YSMM because of budget cuts.

Junjin left YSMM because of budget cuts.

Junjin's cut from YSMM2 has caused the attention of fans.

Known as the "Variety New Star", the active Shinhwa member JunJin has been cut from YSMM, along with Seo In young and Kim Jae Dong. According to sources, a main reason is because of budget cuts.

New MCs are finalized to be In KyungEun, Choi YangRok. The show will also be revamped. A new corner will involve guests competing with a particular song and the song's related conversation.

Junjin will focus temporarily on his performance in "Infinity Challenge" and "He is here".

As well, MC Kang Ho Dong, Yoo Joong Shin and MC Mong, along with the new MCs,make a new group that people are anticipating. The new "YSMM2-Variety competitor village" will begin broadcasting on the 19th.

Korean to Chinese Translations:susan427@Bestshinhwa
Chinese to Korean translations: vifz @ shinbiz

[09.01.12][News] Junjin injures shoulder blade during IC filming in Japan

Singer Junjin has hurt his shoulder blade during the filming of MBC’s Infinite Challenge bobsled special ins Japan. On 12th Jan, a spokesperson for IC said, “Junjin was training with the coach of the national bobsled team and sledding down at high speed in the bobsled. They were unable to hold on to each other and Junjin injured his shoulder blade when he tried to shield himself.”

The spokesperson added, “Not only Junjin, but the others are also injured and bruised all over. Fortunately (what?!!) Junjin hurt his shoulder blade, and will not affect his activities. He has decided to continue with filming for IC and MBC sitcom He’s Coming.”

Coach Kang Kwang Bae, who has been training the IC team in Nagano said, “The training has been completed, and everyone’s back home safely. There were no major injuries or accidents.”

A representative from Junjin’s management company said, “It could be a crack but it could also be a fracture. He has already headed to the hospital and will undergo a thorough examination on the doctor’s advice.

Other than Junjin who will be unable to participate in the challenge due to his injury, Noh Hong Chul has also returned to Korea due to prior engagements. Remaining members Yoo Jaesuk, Park Myung Soo and Jung Joon Ha will proceed with the national team tryouts.

Source: Star News

[09.01.11][Trans] Dongwan’s blog: Namdaemun Market

When I have time I still go to Namdaemun to shop~
Because there are many cheap and cute clothes…

But because of the poor economy there’s no one else but the Japanese…..
こんばんは(Goodnight in Japanese)~^^


That’s all for today
Goodnight to all~

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog

[09.01.10][Trans] Dongwan’s blog: Impulse

I was updating the photos when the text got deleted..
Anyway. Today is the day of lens buying impulse.

I’ll have to starve… -_-*


As for the part that accidentally got deleted, here it is:

새로운 렌즈 장만하며,
첨으로 카드할부한날~
요즘은 돈을 벌수가 없기때문에….ㅜㅜ
할부수수료가 있다는것 조차도 몰랐네.. -_-*
Is the day for the first instalment payment by credit card for the new lens I bought~
Since I’m not earning money these days…. ㅜㅜ
I didn’t even know that there are administrative fees for instalment payments.. -_-*
I’m going to starve.

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog / Dongwan Baidu bar

[09.01.10][Trans] Dongwan’s blog: Goguma

My friend Goguma
Because I was going to take a photo he was very disobedient and kept barking loudly
Goguma with a strange expression..
This kid, has totally grown up..

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog

[09.01.10][News] How male stars in the army keep fans update

As everyone knows, entertainers who are serving their military service usually spend the two years being cut off from their fans. However recently, many male celebrities who are serving their military service have found different ways of keeping their fans updated about their lives.

Having enlisted for duty in Jan 2008, actor Chun Jung Myung - who volunteered to join the recruit training department of the 30th Mechanized Infantry Division - is a prime example of this new trend. Currently serving out his duty with a great attitude, he has been involved in the publicity of various army policies. In an interview with a Korean army policy newsletter on 1 Jan, he talked about his interest in shooting practice and his progress with his English lessons.

Fan cafes are also important sources of updates for stars in the army. Chun Jung Myung left a message on his fan cafe page on 3rd Jan, “I’ve finally got promoted to Corporal. It’s been 1 year since I enlisted. It feels surreal to receive an extra badge.”

On 28th Dec last year, singers Psy, Sung Shi Kyung, Kim Jae Duk, who are all serving their duty now, met their fans in a concert for the open broadcast of the army radio station’s New Year special.

Updating the fans via minihompy pages and blogs is also a good idea. Shinhwa members Eric and Kim Dongwan are now serving as public service officers, and though they have their personal time when they are off duty, they still have to be careful as their words and actions are scrutinized due to their celebrity status.

Recently, Kim Dongwan posted a picture of the 6 members gathering on Christmas Eve on his blog, much to the delight of fans who haven’t see the 6 members together in a long time.

Completing projects prior to enlistment also helps to fill the void, as shown by the examples of singers Sung Shi Kyung and Lee Jung. Sung Shi Kyung had featured in the OST for the KBS drama The World They Live In prior to his enlistment, while Lee Jung’s album will also be released soon.

Source: osen
Chi trans: 悟空空@love-ric
Eng trans:

[09.01.10] Entrepreneur Lee Minwoo takes a big leap forward

Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo, who released his 4th album M Rizing in September last year, has kicked off the new year with his entrepreneurial activities.

His series of Wolf M caps, which he personally helped to design, has gained popularity not only in Korea, but also with celebrities in China as well.

Lee Minwoo personally participated in the design and production process of the Wolf M caps, which come in different series with different distinctive designs and are sold in limited quantities.

When the first and second series of the caps were launched, they got so popular that imitations quickly emerged in Korea and even China. As a result, the production quantity of the latest series of Wolf M caps had to be increased to meet the overwhelming demand from fans in Korea, China and Japan.

In December last year, the Wolf M bags were introduced for the first time at a Wolf M sales event Lotte Young Plaza, and enjoyed much popularity with the fans.

Likewise, he also personally took part in the design process for the items in this season’s product lineup. With the upcoming watches, bags and other accessories in the pipeline for Wolf M, entrepreneur Lee Minwoo is now even busier than ever.

Source: news24
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: