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[08.09.30][trans] Minwoo's 4th album jacket shoot #6

Everytime a shot was taken, M would paste the Polaroid shot on the wall and carefully scrutinize it

The moment where all the staff members gather around M,
Fixing his hair, slathering on shiny cream on him, or checking on his clothes,
Checking and checking....for one good photo
There were many pairs of hands working tirelessly for it.

To get the popular White M painted on,
It was a process of painting, removing and repainting.
The final M is perfect!!

Close to the end of the shoot...everyone was already exhausted
All our senses had already abandoned us with the shoot extending beyond midnight,
M sat on the floor silently during the change of lighting
What exactly was going through his mind..

Source: M RIZING
Chi trans: 彼岸花开成海 @ BESTSHINHWA
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.09.30][trans] Minwoo's 4th album jacket shoot #5

M who needs his time alone too, taking a break during the shoot~
M sitting there enjoying the warm sunlight~

Making a gorgeous expression and pose~

And quickly changing into a mischievous boy
M's endless charisma
He was in a good mood the moment he stepped into the studio
And kept a bright expression throughout
Maybe that's why the 4th album photos look exceptionally cheerful and warm

Source: M Rizing / O6
Chi trans: fiona@bestshinhwa-M区
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.09.30][trans] Junjin - Fanmeeting 2008


Activity highlights:

Name: 'JUNJIN-fanmeeting2008'~Autumn special~
Date: 3rd of November 08 (Monday)
Commencement time: 13:00
Performance time: 14:00
Venue: Nakano Sunplaza
Ticket Pricing: Fixed price 10,000yen (inclusive of tax)/ postage to be paid separately
Tickets on pre-sales: 29th September 2008 19:00 (Members can reserve the first 500 seats)
Organiser: KNTV Co., Ltd.
Planning & Executive: ME plus
Collaboration: JUNJIN Japanese official CLUB
Tickets on sale: 6th of October 2008 (estimated)
Enquires: ME plus info@meplus-ent.com

Credits: hyesungstory@Shinhwa.biz (English translation) + :神话香奈儿@bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + JunJin Official Japan fansite

[08.09.30][notice] ND: Opening of Andy's Japan Official FanClub


Hi everyone, this is ND Entertainment.
Andy's Japan official fanclub site will be opened on the 1st of October.

The Japan official home page (www.andyfan.jp) will open and at the same time welcoming their the FanClub members. On the December, 'ANDY 2008 Christmas Special' is organised to commemorate the establishment of the fanclub so hope that all the Japanese fans will pay more attention on it and participate.

Details will be release later in the form of notice to inform everyone.

Thank you very much!

* Japan's official FANCLUB site
www.andfan.jp (10 / 1 Official opening)

* ANDY 2008 Christmas Special related matters

Credits: hyesungstory@Shinhwa.biz (English translation) + 虫虫猪猪@bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + ND Entertainment (source)

[08.09.30][notice] M Rizing: Thanks to everyone who attended the M Rizing concert

Hi everyone, this is M Rizing Entertainment

Held on 28th Sept at Cheongdam-dong's Club Answer, the M RIZING Tour - Step1. Club has ended with a bang.

We'd like to thank Lee Minwoo (M) who has never failed to bring us the best stage performances and the many fans who attended the concert

We'd also like to express our gratitude to Andy, Junjin and Kim Dongwan who turned up as special guests

And we'd also like to thank the staff and crew who worked together to put this together.

We hope for your support for M's upcoming activities.

Source: M Rizing
Trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.09.30][news] Shin Hyesung, 1st fanmeeting in Japan.


Singer Shin Hyesung held two of his first Japan Fanmeeting "Le Petit Chambrel-Shin Hyesung chisa heya" on the 28th in Japan Odaiba at 'ZEPP TOKYO', meeting up with 6,000 of his Japanese fans.

The theme of the fanmeet is to fictionalize a room on the stage and spend an enjoyable afternoon tea time moments together with the fans, showing them his childhood photos and so on as to fill up the surroundings with warm and blissful family atmosphere.

Shin Hyesung introduced, "In the 3rd album, other than the usual ballads, I have also tried on ROCK, JAZZ and other genres of music. Because this is the result of many people's efforts therefore I always sing with gratitude in my heart." He also shared about his recent move to the same apartment as Eric.

During the memory recollection session, he narrated interesting story as he show everyone his childhood photos. He said, "My calligraphy and painting are really bad, and although I went to college to learn them but I still have no talents on them. However after my father's persuasion, I began to learn Taekwondo." As he continued, he perform a live demostration to everyone a charismatic spin kick just like in the video, breaking the barrier (tiles/boards) on the stage.

He also expressed, "I will held my solo concert in Seoul next month on the 18th, in Osaka on 2th of November, 28th in Nagoya and 30th in Tokyo."

Credits: hyesungstory@Shinhwa.biz (English translation) + 虫虫猪猪@bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + Ocean's Six + Yonhap (source)

[08.09.30][News] OW Announcement "There will be no activities of JunJin on KBS"

With KBS decision of not broadcasting JunJin's new song "Saying I love you" music video, JunJin's agency expressed that: "Recording is how a life of a singer relies on. We cannot agree with them in this problem."

"We decided that the "Not broadcasting the song and the MV" will eventually become a "No broacasting activities of JunJin" on KBS channel."

A source close to JunJin told the News Agency "We cannot understand their decision. And at our side, we can't get into the broadcasting promotion without the release of the music video. This decision was made after an internal discussion."

Therefore, except KBS, JunJin will start promoting his song and the music video on MBC, SBS, and other cable channels, regarding the current circumstances.

Credit: StarNews
Korean/Eng: LetSayEden @ Shinhwa.biz

[08.09.30][News] Lee Hyun Ji disclosed the secret of the kiss marks on JunJin's face

[Extract from Lee Hyun Ji's interview with Joon Gang]

Q: We heard that you just released a new album. What is the title song?

A: That's a single called "Kiss me kiss me". I also did a music video for that song with singer JunJin. For my last album, he has especially appeared in my music video. The song's tones are sweet and addictive.

Q: Tell us about about the MV?

A: JunJin in the MV had a lot of kiss marks on his face, his cheeks. But those are not mine. Initially, we intended to use my lipsticks, but the marks were too small and they didn't look sexily (full lips are sexy, aren't they?). So, the recording manager came up with a breakthrough idea: using a man's lips. One of our staff left the kiss marks all over JunJin ssi face. The set was so funny, all of us couldn't help laughing. JunJin oppa unwillingly accepted the "weird kisses" and after finishing, it was our manager getting attacked. *laughs*

Credit: Joon Gang - Oceans Six
Korean/Eng: LetSayEden @ Shinhwa.biz

[08.09.30][news] KBS will not broadcast Junjin's new MV for The Words of Love

The MV for singer Junjin's new song The Words of Love will not be broadcast on KBS.

Junjin's management company Open World Entertainment said on 29th Sept that the MV for his follow-up single The Words of Love has been banned from broadcast on KBS after a censorship review by the KBS censorship panel. This is reportedly due to a line from Eric's rap lyrics in the song.

Because of this, Open World had submitted another 100 copies of the album with the song omitting the lyrics in question to KBS, but were still rejected as the color of album cover of the copies differed from the original copy of the album.

Open World said, "What needs to be vetted are the lyrics and not the color of the CD cover. By rejecting this it seems that the station is being unreasonable."

Junjin released his repackaged album at the end of August, but have been unable to promote the album due to his packed schedule of variety show appearances and his concert in early Sept. He is now preparing to embark on the promotion for the album on music programs after completing the shoot for the MV of The Words Of Love.

The Words of Love features Eric on rap and Monday Kiz's Jinsung on vocals, and the MV also features Lee Hyunji.

Source: newsen
Chi trans: 糯糯@DoubleJ中文网
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.09.30][News] JunJin vs. KBS - The Media Fight Over A Song

Singer JunJin and KBS fight over his new song "Saying I love you" has become the dominant topic for discussion within music industry these days.

On 30th of September, Open World Entertainment told the News Agency about the issue: "We cannot understand the problem. From the lyrics to the jacket, it seems like we can never meet their high standards. We cannot, in order to satisfy KBS, spend millions of won to create separate CDs."

"This is a very serious issue, since it involes funds from producing factories and retailers, at the end, all of us must shoulder a huge loss. This is totally unreasonable."

"Hundreds of thousands of copies have been delivered to retail stores and we cannot possibly collect back and replace with new versions."
Credit: NewsEn
Korean/Eng: LetSayEden @ Shinhwa.biz

In KBS stand, "the disqualification of JunJin's new album" is an irreversible issue, in order to maintain "the integrity of music industry" - "This is not "a song" issue, this is the matter of "rules" since JunJin's album producing process doesn't fit the rules".

The growing opposition between JunJin's side and KBS's side has put both of them into a very tough position, and the damage cannot be measured.

[08.09.30][info] Oct schedules for Minwoo, Hyesung and Junjin

Oct 1
Minwoo - SBS Power FM Cultwo Show (recording)
Minwoo - KBS2 FM Super Junior's Kiss The Radio (recording)
Hyesung - MBC Star's Friends (recording)
Junjin - Mnet High School Girls 4 (recording)

Oct 2
Minwoo - KBS2 Sang Sang Plus (recording)
Junjin - MBC Infinity Challenge (recording)

Oct 3
Minwoo - SBS Sixth Sense (recording)
Hyesung - KBS2 Music Bank (live)

Oct 4
Minwoo - MBC Show! Music Core (live)
Minwoo - Mnet M Super Concert: City Hall (recording)
Hyesung - SBS Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate (recording)
Hyesung - Mnet M Super Concert: City Hall (recording)
Hyesung - Mnet M Super Concert: Busan (broadcast at 8pm)
Junjin - Star Bear launch fansigning session at Lotte Jamsil (2pm)

Oct 5
Minwoo - SBS Inkigayo (live at 3.30pm)
Hyesung - SBS Inkigayo (live at 3.30pm)
Hyesung - SBS Family Outing (broadcast at 5.20pm)
Hyesung - YTN Star Live Power Music (broadcast at 6.00pm)
Junjin - SBS YSMM (recording)

Oct 8
Minwoo - Mnet M Coundown (recording)

Oct 9
Minwoo - YTN Star Live Power Music
Junjin - MBC Infinity Challenge (recording)

Oct 10
Minwoo - KBS2 Sponge (recording)

Oct 12
Minwoo - KBS2 Happy Sunday Kkokko Sightseeing (recording)
Junjin - SBS YSMM (recording)

Oct 13
Minwoo - KBS2 Happy Sunday Kkokko Sightseeing (recording)

Oct 14
Minwoo - KBS2 Happy Sunday Kkokko Sightseeing (recording)

Oct 15
Minwoo - KBS2 Happy Sunday Kkokko Sightseeing (recording)

Oct 16
Junjin - MBC Infinity Challenge (recording)

Oct 18
Minwoo - Mnet M Super Concert

Oct 19
Junjin - SBS YSMM (recording)

Oct 20
Minwoo - KBS2 Star Golden Bell (recording)

Oct 23
Junjin - MBC Infinity Challenge (recording)

Oct 24
Junjin - Osaka Super Live '08 (concert)

Oct 25
Minwoo - Seoul Hallyu Festival
Junjin - Super Concert @ Bucheon Stadium

Oct 26
Junjin - SBS YSMM (recording)

Source: M Rizing, Good Enter, O6/Junjin official site
Trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

JunJin FanMeeting in Japan "Autumn Special"

JunJin FanMeeting in Japan "Autumn Special"

Time: November 3rd 2008
Opening: 13:00 - Begin: 14:00
Venue: Nakano SunPlaza Hall
Presale tickets: 19:00 on September 29th. (500 Reserved Priority Tickets)
Host: KNTV Co., Ltd.
Tickets on sale: 19:00 on October 6th.
Planner: ME Plus Entertainment
Contact: info@meplus-ent.com

Credit: jun-jin.com -
Korean/Eng: LetSayEden @ Shinhwa.biz

Monday, September 29, 2008

[08.09.29][News] Singer JunJin - "I am now confident to play the game by myself"

Moving forward with his 1st solo album repackage and various TV performances, singer JunJin has established his position as the "Hottest Star". Popular with male and female, young and old, he is in his primetime as a solo artist after 10 years with Shinhwa.

Towards his Shinhwa's members, JunJin said "Usually we would see each other by face, now most of the time, we see each other through TV screen. I'm in need to meet them more."

Towards the next steps in his solo career, JunJin expressed "I just think I must go on! I have no fear!" - these are the strong determination and the genuine passion that we can always feel in JunJin.

"Junstin Jinberlake", "Tireless Man", "Energizer", "Dancing King" are just some of his countless nicknames given by fans and netizens.

Meeting JunJin recently, we could obviously see his swollen and tired eyes.

"In Thursday, I recorded "Infinity Challenges", Sunday "YSMM", during spare time "High School Girls 4", and some other guest appearances such as in "Family Outing", "Immortal Music", ect. The repackage "Together 4ever" was released nearly a month ago but I still couldn't find time to promote it. Activities in China and Japan are also waiting for me. Honestly, there's no day to take a break."

Being in the entertainment industry for 10 years, now the singer is playing the game alone all by himself, with a strong self-confidence and comfortability.

"Now we are working as solo artists, singer or actor", JunJin said, "I sometimes believe that there was a sloth once in a while". "That's not always easy to share your inside thoughts, but recently in MBC program "Golden Fishery", I realised that there was nothing to fear. After all, being frank is the best way to overcome the obstacles." - smiled JunJin.

"It is hard to make money. When you're young, you work hard and earn as much as you can." - JunJin laughs.

"Some years ago, my father lost a good amount of money in an accident. People would think that Shinhwa members must have accumulated great wealth. But actually, my bank account balance was at Zero. Well, it's my pride not to tell anyone about that."

JunJin's parents, grandmother and his dependent aunt lived together in a small house. After his birth mother left, JunJin's father remarried twice. The singer was always looking for his birth's mom, and eventually, he got to see her by face.

"My current mother has always been by my side. During Shinhwa's time, I was suffering terrible panic disorder. It was mom who always smiled at me and encouraged me the most. That is the power of love."

After the successful concert in Japan, JunJin conquered domestic market with his stunning concerts in Seoul on September 5th and 6th.

"We had a lot of fun during the concerts. I enjoyed that great time and I hope the fans did as well. I started solo activities a little bit late to compare with Lee Min Woo and Shin Hye Sung. But I think that's not necessarily a disadvantage since I have more time to prepare and get ready."

Powerful, magnetic, great personality, he is the well-loved artist of the public.

"I think every singer has different charm. I may not be the best singer, but I'm trying to put all my efforts and emotions into the songs I perform."

"Turning from a rapper to a vocalist, I am now confident to play the game all by myself."

"I always love acting. I consider it at the same weight as singing, but obviously, I have to keep working harder."

Besides the release of his repackage including a new song recorded with Shinhwa's Eric "Saying I love you", from now to December, the singer's schedule is totally filled in with many stage performances in Japan, Korea, China, and Singapore.
Credit: Yonhap News
Korean/Eng: LetSayEden @ Shinhwa.biz

[08.09.29][news] Shin Hyesung – Comedy on “The embarrassing call with Eric”


Shinhwa members, Shin Hyesung and Eric reveal their cold relationship to the public.

On the 27th, Shin Hyesung appears as guest in KBS2TV “Star Golden Bell”, together with Miss Korea Na Re, singer YoonHa and other guests to undergo challenge of talents and eloquence.

Shin Hyesung said, “I get along well with all the Shinhwa members except for Eric, who I felt embarrassed to meet up or call him.” He mentioned before in his appearance in KBS2TV “Happy Together Season 3”, “I have no problem with other members except for Eric who I never meet up with him alone before.”

Shin Hyesung narrated earnestly, “I moved into the same apartment block as Eric a few days ago and I am not aware that I lived below Eric, therefore I gave Eric’s a call”, “However, we didn’t exchange much words, he just gave me his house entry pin number and then hung up the phone” and the audiences roared into laughter.

The guests said, “When Shinhwa members are together, they do not appear that they will do such things”, “It’s different from what is seen, must be very careful”, Shin Hyesung joked.

In addition, counting up the votes from Miss Korea, Na Re, Kim Min Jung and Seo Seol hee who participated in the episode that day, Andy won the most as their favourite Shinhwa and even Shin Dong Hyuk who is a regular guest also claimed that his favourite is “Andy Hyung” which makes Shin Hyesung confused.

Credits: hyesungstory@Shinhwa.biz (English translation) +悟空空@热病81℃神话中文网 (Chinese translation) + gonews (source)

[08.09.29][news] Shin Hye Sung is Family Outing's Cautious Mama's Boy

The successful singer from the group Shinhwa, Shin Hye Sung appeared on the popular weekend arts program's segment "Family Outing" showing another aspect of his charm.

On the 28th's broadcast of SBS's "Sunday is Good - Family Outing", Shin Hye Sung joined as the 8th member of the family and left for the Haesan town which is in the Junradoe province. Whenever there was a problem that came up, Shin Hye Sung said each time, "Is that because of me?" or spoke starting with "My mother..." showing a cute side to him as a cautious mama's boy.

During the trip down to the destination with the family members, Shin Hye Sung said, "My mother said making breakfast looked like a lot of fun so I should make sure to be part of that." He expressed his strong desire to make his duty preparing breakfast.

Also, Shin Hye Sung used the soup base packets for instant noodles that his mother got ready for the family's dinner. When it was time to pick the most popular guy, he said, "My mother is most likely watching this." For Lee Hyo Ri and Park Ye Jin to hear to arouse their compassion on him.

For Shin Hye Sung, if a problem came up or if it looked like the food wasn't turning out properly while cooking dinner. He would ask, "By chance, is that because of me?" Or he would ask, "Is it usually like this? Is it this way after I came here?" Coming across to the family as a one who quick to notice what is going on as well as a man who is cautious.

source: oceans-six.com
translator: HappyHeart7@shinhwa.biz

[08.09.29][news] M Lee Min Woo Returned as a Cute Flirt for his Comeback Concerts

With the 4th album "M Rizing", Shinhwa's Lee Min Woo made a return with club concerts.

Lee Min Woo on the 28th held 2 concerts 4:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. at Club Answer in Seoul's Cheongnamdong. Performing his previous hits along with songs from his 4th album.

Prior to his concerts at the press conference, "Around Christmas time last year, I had a show at a club. I couldn't forget the atmosphere that the club provided so I decided to try this setting again. I wanted to choose a setting where I could be close to fans," said Lee Min Woo explaining the reason for the club setting for the shows.

After a year and 3 months, this show featured the title song from his 4th album, "Don't Trust Men", "Just One Night" and "If You" along with his other previous hits and songs from his 4th album.

As these concerts were for those 19 years and older, Lee Min Woo had as part of the show, where he is changing costumes on stage behind a silhouette in between songs. Also, he danced with sexy and powerful moves exuding charisma to domestic and foreign fans who filled the club.

In particular, revealing his muscular upper boy, using the sexy dance moves with the feel of the opera "dance for the departed" and the skit reminiscent of the Broadway musical "wink show" performances were all part of the show that lasted over 2 hours. Through Lee Min Woo's performances you could not help but feel his charm which is smooth and sexy at the same time is cuteness as well.

On that day, Sohn Dam Bi, Andy were at the first concert. Jun Jin and Kim Dong Wan appeared as guests in the second concert. Their appearences brightened up the concerts even more. 1,2000 fans including those from Japan, China and all over Asia came to watch Lee Min Woo's concert.

Showing the bad intent of a guy, the title song for the 4th album "Don't Trust Men" is in the Dirty South genre. Starting with the the club concert on the 28th, Lee Min Woo will continue to have concerts. With the total of 4 concerts: in November, "Step 2 - Asia Tour", at the end of the year concert "Step 3 - Adieu 2008" and the last concert before entering the army "Step 4 - New Begin".

source: oceans-six.com
translator: HappyHeart7@shinhwa.biz

[08.09.29][news] Lee Min Woo, "First Impression of Andy? He seemed like an ahjusshi."

Singer M (Lee Min Woo) of Shinhwa talked about the other members inclinations and his first impressions of them.

On the 28th broadcast of KBS 2TV's "Cider", M made an appearence on the show. MC Ji Suk Jin asked, "Friendships are deeper when you fight with one another. Did Shinhwa members fight among themselves a lot?" He also asked who was the best fighter.

Lee Min Woo revealed, "Personally, I fought with Dong Wan with words. I had a fist fight with Eric. Hye Sung the king of pouting. The reason for that name is that it just came up from seeing who he is from day to day."

Then Lee Min Woo talked about his impression of Shinhwa members when he first saw them. "Eric looked like a nice guy. Andy seemed like an ahjusshi. Hye Sung had ring on all ten fingers and his hair caught my eye because it was pointing straight to the sky," he revealed.

Lee Min Woo was in such awe of Shin Hye Sung's hairstyle that he asked him how he styles his hair. He told him that just lie down on the sofa and with hair spray just keep spraying your hair. At this, much laughter came from the audience.

In this broadcast, Lee Min Woo talked about how before the group Shinhwa's debut, there were actually 7 people getting ready in the group. The person who was cut was his friend from his home town and shared this behind the scenes story.

M (Lee Min Woo) is making a comeback after a year and 3 months with his 4th album entitled, "M Rizing".

source: oceans-six.com
translator: HappyHeart7@shinhwa.biz

Lee Minwoo, “I missed my fans and the stage”

After 1 year and 3 months with his 4th album “M RIZING,” Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo is back to full-time solo activities, and spoke of his experience.

Before his 4th album concert on September 28, he held a press conference at 3pm at the Chungdam Club in Seoul. “It’s been a while since I was on stage. I really missed my fans and the stage,” he said before the concert.

On this day, Lee Minwoo said in the press conference, “I was here at last year’s Christmas show, and I can’t forget the appeal that this club has. After 1 year and 3 months being on stage, I want to breathe together with the fans.”

In Lee Minwoo’s album “M RIZING,” a bad man’s mentality is expressed as a dirty south genre in the title song “Don’t Trust Men,” and includes the trendy style in its 12 songs. It gives a more sophisticated sound than his previous three albums.

Source: MyDaily
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com
Please take out only with credit and do not add any credits.

[08.09.28][news] Lee Min Woo Has Concerts for 19 and Above for 2,400 Fans

Shinhwa member singer, M Lee Min Woo (29), held a concert at the club last Christmas and is having concerts at a club again.

For his concerts many guests will attend~

Lee Min Woo on the 28th will be having 2 solo concerts entitled "M Rizing" at the Seoul Cheongdam's Club Answer. They will be at 4:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.. Prior to the concerts he expressed, "Last Christmas there was a show in the club and this time the concerts will be at the club as well. I will make the show to be a great party with the fans." He added, "Having concerts in the club is a bit more nerve wrecking than other performances. I practiced a lot but when I see the fans, my fatigue disappears."

On this day, Lee Min Woo will perform his hit songs from the 4th album "M Rizing" which was recently released. This is the first time I met him since he relased his 4th album. "For the 4th album, I chose to go with against the main stream songs. The title song called "Don't Trust Men" shows the bad side of guys," he said.

The concept for the concerts coinciding with this 4th album will be "a cute flirt". He explained that all the passion he has shown in performances up to this time will still be there now cuteness will be added.

For today, the guests for the first concert will be Andy and Dam Bi. The second concert will have Jun Jin and Kim Dong Wan.

Although the concert is for 19 years old and older, for the 2 performances there will be 2,400 in attendence. Reflecting his popluarity beyond Korea, fans from Japan, China, Taiwan and other countries were all awaiting the concerts in front of the venue. Lee Min Woo's last concert at the club was also for those 19 years and older and was set up to be a party for older fans.

source: oceans-six.com
translator: HappyHeart7@shinhwa.biz

Sunday, September 28, 2008

[08.09.26][trans] mnet Street Sound Take 1


NB: Girl
MG: Guitarist
HB: Panioist
LSY: Drumist

Nam Bi (NB): Hi everyone
HS: Hi everyone
HS: This place (shop) looks good
HS: Here
One of the guy: Soon Yong Hyung's shop
HS: There's still a stage
HS: The shop is petty good
HS: Hyung's shop, I will come and play
HS: If it isn't the activities period, it will be very good to come here for drinks
HS: The shop location is so good
Lee Soon Yong (LSY): What's your name
Girl: Choi Nam Bi
LSY: I then won't speak to you in formal
NB: Yes, please be casual
NB: Me
All: Wishing you the best for your new album
(Wishing your album is selling well)
HS: Thank you
HS: You have give me lots of help, very grateful
HS: Start now
(But what to do?)
HS: Because its you
HS: Use only panio to play will do
HS: Although usually added many other music instruments will be better
HS: However if using too many instruments for 'Because its you', it will turn out empty
Heon Bin (HB): Starting now
HS: Start
HS: So sad
HS: Sad
(Hyesung sings the song Because its you)
HS: Very sad
HS: Ya this song is so depressing
HS: Very sad
LSY: Didn't we still have that
HB: Shisha, water pipe smoking? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hookah)
HS: Wow this is impressive? What's it?
LSY: Very amazing right
HS: So this can be smoked
HB: Just like smoking, do not need to shallow, you only need to smoke in will do
LSY: Try to smoke once
HS: Cheers Cheers
LSY: Wishing Heon Bin happy wedding
HS: There's lot of stuffs here
HS: When should I join in
HS: 1 2 3 4
(Hyesung sings the song Love Actually)
HS: Joyful, great
(continue singing)
HS: Great
(continue singing)
HS: Joyful, great
(finish singing)
HS: Interesting, really interesting
*Prefect man*
NB: Dance
*Eusha Eusha*
HS: Really tiring
HB: This is the highlight
HS: I am envious of those who can sing rap
HS: Even for Beat Box
HS: After 8 beats, is already my maximum
HS: During Beat Box, I will be breathless
(do beat box then pant after that)
HS: I will be like this
Myeong Gi (MG): But you do it well, let's sing another
HS: Very embarrassing
(finish singing)
HS: Try this as well
HS: Play for me
LSY: The name of this is very funny, uklalla
NB: Uklarle
HS: Hyung has a Meixcan ahjusshi feeling
HS: When Hyung touches the bread and looking at the size of the guitar, he will have those Meixcan ahjusshi feeling
Street sound take 1 9th Shin Hye Sung
HS: Really interesting
MG: Ah Soon Yong, the atmosphere is very good, we will come and gather here once a week,
LSY: we will fix it this way
HB: that's good, time passes really fast
HS: Everyone, thanks for hard work, let's go
Thanks for hard work

Credits: hyesungstory@Shinhwa.biz (English translation) + BestShinhwa (Chinese translation)

[08.09.28][news] Why is it that Shin Hyesung only have awkward relationship with Eric?


Shin Hyesung and Eric as the only members in Shinhwa who do not share a close relationship is revealed and catches the public attention.

Recently, Shinhwa member, Shin Hyesung who is having his solo comeback appears in KBS 2TV "Star Golden Bell" on the 26th and mentioned that although they are together for a long time, his relationship with Eric is still awkaward.

Shin Hyesung revealed, "Although I'm very close to the rest of the member, but it is only Eric which he feel difficult to meet or call him."

In addition, he also disclosed, "Recently I concincidentally move to the upper level of Eric", "Because I want to understand the furniture placement of the house structure, therefore I gave a call to Eric, he only told me his house's entry pin number and then hang up the phone", "Eric seems like disliking to have a long call with me".

Credits: hyesungstory@Shinhwa.biz (English translation) + 彼岸花开成海 @ BESTSHINHWA (Chinese translation) + I.B TIMES KOREA (source)

------------------- please ignore the earlier translation, the chinese translation has problems --------------------------

[08.09.27][news] Shin Hyesung, "Only not close to Eric"

"Shin Hyesung is least close to Eric".

Recently, Shinhwa member, Shin Hyesung who is having his solo comeback appears in KBS 2TV "Star Golden Bell" on the 26th and mentioned that among the Shinhwa members, he is the least closest to Eric.

Shin Hyesung said, "I get along well with all the Shinhwa members except for Eric is concerned when both of us meet up or over a phone." "A few days ago, I have moved into the same building as Eric, because I want to know the structure of the room therefore I make a call to Eric and at the end, Eric just tell me about the secrets of the room and hang up the phone."

Credits: hyesungstory@Shinhwa.biz (English translation) + M小天@shinhwayeah.com (Chinese translation) + Ocean's Six + NEWSEN (source)

[08.09.27][trans] Andy 2008 Christmas Special on 22nd and 23rd Dec


Invitation on a memorable fanmeeting on the establishment of Official Fan Club!

Shinhwa member, Andy will be holding fanmeeting at Tokyo and Osaka to for the establishment of the Japan Official Fan Club since the last meet 1 year ago!

Andy who tried his best to show a pretty and cute self in the June concert will not be showing any cuteness in the fanmeeting this round. He will be displaying his one rank charm of a mature guy without any hesitation in front of everybody.

This will be the first Japan fanmeeting on the establishment of the Fan Club.
Let’s spend a sweet evening with loveable Andy in the Christmas season this year?!

ANDY Japan Official Fan Club
www.andyfan.jp (Open on 1st Oct)
Enquire mail: info@andyfan.jp

Decided on high touch!
After the performance ended, it is decided to go ahead on ‘high touch’ together with all the fans at the venue!

Tokyo – date & time: 22nd Dec 08 (Monday) - 18:00 entrance time/ 19:00 start
Osaka – date & time: 23rd Dec 08 (Tuesday) – 16:00 entrance time/ 17:00 start

Tokyo – venue: Nakano Sunplaza (http://sunplaza.jp)
Osaka – venue: Osaka Kousei-Nenkin Hall (http://kapara.jp/)

Price: All at 8,800yen

Tickets: Fan club members have the privileges for preordering starting 15th of Oct 08 (Wednesday) 12:00~ 24th of Oct 08 (Friday) 24:00

Organiser/ Planner/ Prouction: TOP MEDIA, CJ Media Japan Company, Mnet
Operation/ Collaboration: Sack Corporation Company, HIP.Osaka Company

Credits: hyesungstory@Shinhwa.biz (English translation) + as tagged on pic (Chinese translation) + BestShinhwa + andyfan.jp (source)

08.09.27][trans] 4th Album "M Rizing" - A glimpse at the cover shooting scene #1 ~ 4


Up to 4 clothes stands that are fully hanged with the clothes..
Huge volume of clothes and shoes that are lined up in rows,
All kind of hats that are fully packed in those transparent container boxes
All these are to furnish the cover shots for the 4th album.

The staffs who gathers at Jo Sun Hee photography studio were busy since early the morning to prepare for the photo shots.

The cat which is once used as the lucky charm in the photo shooting... is unexpectedly loving M's clothes and shoes ^^
Thereafter, it even went and slept in the container that packed the shoes, and because it always hide itself within the clothes cover, and therefore it scared the assistant staffs quite a fair bit.

Although the cat is cute...;; however it will be bad if the clothes had the white fur on it. Meow~

The music that accompany the whole long shooting period within the studio...
M's red IPOD has many songs.

M personally illustrated M RIZING new logo design,
The 'M' that is drawn behind his body is also his idea.

Given all of himself for music, passionate musican M, Lee Minwoo's 4th album, a glimpse of the photo scene, please anticipate.

On the CD Cover is --> newspaper, that is to use to make the hat
Although everyone wants to spread out all each piece before folding however didn't expect it to be so difficult;;
M who is watching from a side has also decided to join in to fold the hat...

HO~ so did M finish folding any paper hat...? he he he

Discussion with the photographer on the concept...
M and photographer Jo Sun Hee who is reviewing thoroughly from the start and having dicussion are truely the best professionals!!

Didn't relax himself even when doing changing~

When he has breaks, he will do push up~ not even a moment of rest for M

The packed lunch for M who is concerned with health management is breast meat, black bun and steaming hot vegetables.
M is hungry~ TT_TT
As a result, in the end, he shouted "Ah~!! Not nice (to eat)!!". Ke.

Even though it looks light, but the bells weigh 8kg
holding on both hands, HE~QIU!!
Everyone, please admire M's charismatic figure~ ^^

Half of the time is spend in the make up room
Kept fixing his hairstyle, and keep changing of his clothes...
The spectacular scene in the make up room when doing the make up, hairstyle and tidying!

em... getting a little sleeply now.. ZZZZZ
(a little hungry also.. TT_TT)


The Bat Man game together with French Pie~

M who is concerned about French ~ Pie,
Said that he wanted to teach the method to improve the way to consume it in a tastier way and started to give lecture~
"Must bite the French Pie firmly, then turn it over to this side.
The side that is turn over has the jame right?
Let's the jam touches the tongue and starts eating from the ja first..
Because the tongue taste the sweetness therefore it will be tastier."
(wow yo~ this kind of eating method!! Admiring that person who follow accordingly!!)

Everyone, try to follow step by step on how Lee Minwoo eat the French Pie then ^^
If you want to eat together with friends, it will be perfect to end up with Bat Man playing method!

This is M whi eat differently fro
m others, thumb up!

Once he is free he will sure to film video message for the fans
Ah~ so busy! busy!

Credits: hyesungstory@Shinhwa.biz (English translation) + 彼岸花开成海 @ BESTSHINHWA (Chinese translation) + M RIZING (source)

[08.09.27][news] Miss Koreans all expressed, "Favourite Shinhwa member is Andy"


2008 Miss Korea expressed frankly "My favourite Shinhwa member is Andy".

During the recording of "Star Golden Bell" that will be telecasted on KBS 2TV on the 27th, Miss Korea winner, Na Re, first runner up winner, Kim Min-jung and second runner up winner, Seo Seol-hee expressed frankly, "Favourite members in Shinhwa is Andy and Kim Dongwan".

2008 Miss Korea winner, Na Re's first favourite member in Shinhwa is Andy and second is Eric, first runner up winner, Kim Min-jung expressed that her first choice is still Andy and second will be Junjin. All these let many feel the recent popularity of Andy.

In addition, Miss Korea, second runner up winner, Seo Seol-hee said, "I used to be the trump card of Shinhwa fan." "Although I used to like JunJin a lot however recently I am liking Kim Dongwan."

And in regards to Shin Hyesung who also appears in the show uses a smile to cover the humiliation of zero vote.

Credits: hyesungstory@Shinhwa.biz (English translation) + susan427@bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + NEWSEN (source)

[08.09.26][trans] Minwoo@M!Count & M Super Concert First Broadcast from M Rizing

Credits: on pix and shinhwa.biz/forums

[08.09.26][news] Shin Hyesung, Japan fanmeeting of 6,000 seats sold out within a day


Singer, Shin Hyesung is holding a fanmeeting in Japn to meet up with over 6,000 of his Japanese fans.

On 26th, Shin Hyesung's management said that on the 28th Hyesung will hold his Japan fanmeeting 'Le Petit Chambre-Hyesung's chisai heya" twice in Japan Tokyo 'ZEPP Tokyo' to meet up with over 6,000 of his fans.

The person in charge said, "When the ticketing for the 2 fanmeetings started on the first day, it was all sold out within a day." "Therefore, for those Japanese fans who cannot attend the fanmeeting, Shin Hyesung has expressed his consoles and sadness in the released message video."

Shin Hyesung expressed histhoughts, "Merely the opening of Japanese official fanclub has already make me very happy, being able to hold a fanmeeting makes me excited and anticipating. I will be spending a comfortable time with all of you in the relaxing atmosphere having a true talk and create precious memories together.

After Shin Hyesung's Japan fanmeeting ended, he will be putting 100% efforts to prepare his solo concert on the 18th of October.

Credits: hyesungstory@Shinhwa.biz (English translate), wangshu_1115@shinhwayeah.com (Chinese translation) + starnews (source)

[Pic]081025-081027 Kim Dongwan Fanmeeting in Busan

cred worldtraveler58@soompi

[08.09.26][news] Shin Hyesung holding a fanmeeting with capacity of 6,000 fans.


Shin Hyesung will be holding his Japan fanmeeting ‘Always HYESUNG Le Petit Chambre’ to meet up his 6,000 Japanese fans.

Shin Hyesung, who fanclub ‘Always HYESUNG’ opened on 1st of July will be holding their first official event twice on the 28th at Tokyo ‘ZEPP Tokyo’ to spend an unforgettable moment with many of his Japanese fans.

The fanmeeting this round will be holding in a small room which is use as his stage to welcome the Japanese fanclub members, to spend a memorable time together, viewing his child hood photos and so on which fulfilled the theme of Le Petit Chambre to spend time together in a cozy atmosphere happily like a family.

In particular, the seat ticketing for the fanmeeting for 2 sessions were all sold out and we can see the strong interest of the Japanese fans on him. Shin Hyesung expressed his consoles and regrets to the Japanese fans that are unable to attend the fanmeeting in his video message that is released from his Japanese official site, www.hyesung.tv.

Shin Hyesung expressed his thoughts, "Merely the opening of Japanese official fanclub has already made me very happy, being able to hold a fanmeeting makes me excited and anticipating. I will be spending a comfortable time with all of you in the relaxing atmosphere having a true talk and create precious memories together.

In additional, after the Japan fanmeeting has ended, he will be devoting himself on the preparation of his solo concert, '2008 SHS LIVE TOUR SIDE 1 "LIVE AND LET LIVE" IN SEOUL' that is held on 18th of October.

Credits: hyesungstory@Shinhwa.biz (English translation) + wangshu_1115@shinhwayeah.com (Chinese translation) + newsen (source)

[08.09.26][News] M's cute comeback performance

LeeMinWoo (M) on 25th evening 7pm in Seoul 88 Stadium performed in Live broadcast Mnet program 'M Countdown'.

In this day, SHINHWA LeeMinWoo return after 1year & 3months with his new 4th album 'M Rizing' and his first come back on stage, he performed 'I M U' & "Dont trust man'.

Source: Logo on pic
Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa, shinhwa.biz

[08.09.26][news] M Exposed that Shinhwa Originally had 7 Members

Singer M (Lee Min Woo) shared behind-the-scenes story about the group Shinhwa.

On the broadcast of the KBS 2TV show "Cider", Lee Min Woo revealed that Shinhwa originally had 7 members. He said, "Before our debut, a friend of mine who I used to dance with in my hometown came up and was in a dance contest. At the contest, he caught the eye of a manger and started to be part of the practices. At the same contest, we met Eric, Andy, Shin Hye Sung. Later, Kim Dong Wan and Jun Jin came. Along with me and my friend, 7 of them trained together for 1 year."

"After being in training for 1 year, one day the manager came and said that Shinhwa group will debut with 6 members", said Lee Min Woo recalling this tough situation. All 7 of them prepared thinking that they would be together (in the group). He thought he couldn't debut without his hometown friend and told them, "Then I can not be part of the group."

Lee Min Woo said, "I was in agony about what to do and couldn't sleep then my friend said to me 'I know you will do well. Fighting. You do what I can't do.' It's due to my friend that I am where I am now." He expressed much gratitude to his friend.

On this day, Lee Min Woo talked about his first impressions of Shinhwa members Eric, Shin Hye Sung and Andy. His surprising confession will be broadcasted on the 28th at 10:45 on KBS 2TV's "Cider".

source: oceans-six.com
translator: HappyHeart7@shinhwa.biz

[08.09.26][News] Japanese Trend: Decorate the magazines with JunJin-look-alike models

Japanese teen magazines are exploding with the Korean wave and popular singer JunJin is obviously one of the most featured.

The recent issue of Male fashion magazine "COVER" had in its cover a JunJin-look-alike picture. The issue soon became very hot and sold out. The readers found the male model really similar to their favourite star with the dark eye brows, the clung, and the intense staring eyes.

The picture was also scanned and uploaded in Japanese and Korean portal sites and attracted a lot of viewers. Some netizens commented that it looked more like JunJin's father Charlie Park, or it could be the singer himself in the future (?).

Moreover, MBC IC member Park Myung Soo was also "found" in Japanese mag "Bicyle 21". We have to admit that the Japanese model really looked like our comedian.

Credit: StarNews

Korean/English: LetSayEden @ Shinhwa.biz

[08.09.26][News] Fedor Emeilianenko's two daughters are huge fans of JunJin

World MA Wrestling Champion Fedor Emeilianenko in his visit to South Korea expressed his desire to meet Korean idol singer JunJin.

On 26th September, at Gangnam peace hall, both sides met and took a short interview together. However, due to the late presence of JunJin, the computer game they had prepared before hand wasn't pushed through.

When JunJin said that he has watched many games of Fedor and was personally Fedor's big fan, the athlete surprised everyone with the confession that his two daughters idolised the singer and asked to come with him today in order to see their idol.

Fedor and his daughters eventually took pics with JunJin. The kids couldn't hide their hope to play computer games with the singer, but due to both sides tight schedule, they couldn't make it.

Fedor Emeilianenko and JunJin meeting is an event to promote Russia - Korea friendship. Both sides sincerely hope for further meetings in the future.

Credit: Korean Finance & Economy Newspaper - Korean/Eng: LetSayEden @ Shinhwa.biz

[08.09.26][news] Eric in a Dilemma to Attend Kwon Sang Woo's Wedding or M's Concert

Shinhwa's Eric (Mun Jung Hyuk) who will be entering the army soon is in a dilemma.

With the impending entry into the army, Eric has been taking a break when he received an invitation for Kwon Sang Woo-Sohn Tae Young's wedding invitation. Coincidentally, around the same time, Shinhwa member Lee Min Woo (M) will be holding a concert. He was requested to be a guest there as well.

As he will enter the army soon, he is taking time to spend with acquaintances, now he has a big dilemma as rather to attend Kwon Sang Woo's wedding or Lee Min Woo's concert.

A source close to Eric said, "As the time for Kwon Sang Woo's wedding and Lee Min Woo's concert is around the same time, Eric has been in a dilemma about what to do. He has not decided what he will do, yet."

On October 9th, Eric will be entering the training camp in Choong Nam. After receiving 5 weeks of basic military service, he will be in Seoul working as a worker for the public interest. He is the first to enter the army among the Shinhwa members.

Instead of taking a break, Eric is planning to release an album. A source close to Eric said, "With a month left before entering the army, he is staying at home and resting. He was planning to take a trip but with his busy schedule, he decided to cancel it. The decision is still in discussion about if it will be a solo debut album is going to be a single."

Eric's album, as accustomed to his role in Shinhwa, will introduce rap genre of hip-hop style.

source: oceans-six.com
translator: HappyHeart7@shinhwa.biz

[08.09.25][trans] M 4th Jib Album 'Thanks To' Message

**Putting in brown comments to help clear up a little of who's who...there are a lot of names ^^

Paragragh 1: Minwoo thanks his manager and friends
Paragragh 2: Everyone involved in the album's recording
Paragraph 3: Staff for MV and Album photoshoot
Paragraph 4: M fans
Paragraph 5: Family (Shinhwa members included ^^)


Thanks to:

I smile...to me, who makes music, I
can only smile.
During the period which I was acknowledged, the me now seems
to be seeking some surplus...happiness.
Therefore, I'm also smiling today.

When I'm tired, the one who's always by my side and always making me
laugh, Bong Gu hyung, "Hyung, you're my life's greatest companion !! All this
time, I've really wanted to thank you~"
Also, Yoong Hui, who is like my
blood dongseng and always bringing oppa happy and pretty cherries.
Doong-ie and Bo Ram-ie, who are like family now, "Please take care of me." ^^
Byeong Min hyung, who could face each of Minbong's matters with guts, and
the one who's always by his side, the never-changing Joong Hyeon-ie.
irreplaceable friends, Yeong Il-e, Jang Joong-ie, Jin Soo (Rapper), Phryme (YG
rapper), the one who hasn't kept in touch, Hyun Do (in M.A.R.S. with Ricmin),
and sturdy Kangko!!

Hae Joong, who works very hard during recording, Soo
Min & meticulous InterSound's team leader, Min Seongee hyung & my
meow-meow, Bok Dong, who likes I M U, and Bok Dong's twin, Kim Barney ^^
handsome guys, Tae Eun-ie hyung & Joon Ho hyung (Forgive me, Wink Show,
Seducing Honey), who created this time's Playdog Sound, "I miss you with every
breath I take."
D.O, Hyun Do hyung (ex-Deux Member, I'M'U),who treated me
like his little own brother during the time I was in the States, my
irreplaceable English friend in L.A., Chris, and Han Jinn-ie hyung, who brought
me much inspiration!!
The music people who have always given my album their
greatest support, Yeong Joong-ie hyung (Sad Song), Jungle Family's (Underground
hip-hop mvt.) Jae Seon-ie hyung Banhan Girl).
Seong Ho hyung,Han Ah
nuna,Jeong Yeon-ie,who did background vocals, Han Gu hyungnim, who creates the
strongest music,NO.1!Hoe-ie hyung.
The one with godly hands, Hyo Yeong
nuna,Keyboard's Keong Goo nuna,guitar fever punk,Tae Yeon-ie !!
courageous friend, Dong Chul-ie (a.k.a. Brave Brother; Don't Trust Men), who
possesses more coolness than anyone. "Ddong Chul ah~ (pronounced like this, is
sounds like poop^^) I'm also your best friend !!"
The ones who like my
music, the multi-talented Tae Wan-ie (a.k.a C-luv; I'm Here), Se Hwang-ie &
my energy source, Sang Chu, Shorry (members of Mighty Mouth) & resilient
Dambi and Yoobin of the Wonder Girls, whom I give my full recognition & my
dongseng, Rapper Bigtone, who suits my style perfectly, are the best!!

As expected, the one who is in tune with me every step of the way, Seon
Hui nuna (photographer who said M has the most charismatic eyes ^^ Shot
Shinhwa's 9th album), "Know that the camera I was looking at were your eyes.
Hehe. " ^^
The best of the best 'family members', including pretty Ji Hyeon
nuna, who designed the cover and Make-up's Hyeon Jeong nuna.
Wan Tae hyung,
who is like a family member and has channeled wisdom into me!!
The one who
has touched my body more than anyone,the master of my body, my Master Hwang!!
Always drooling over my smile, Gu Seun-ie & magnae, Hye Jeong &
Enco's queen, Jeong Hyeong nuna...Thank U~ ^ ^
Director Joo Shin hyung, who
is solely responsible for M's MV & all the staff involved in the making of
the MV…“Thank you for all the hard work~”
Seok Oo hyung,Seong Ril-ie hyung
and Cheong Je Yeon Family, who have given me lots of help in the past year!!
No matter when, the ones who are always like friends in harmony, Joo
Hyung-ie hyung & his beautiful wife...
My YG Hyeong Seok-ie hyung, whom
I love and respect SO~ much!!
I want to give everyone my heartfelt thanks~

Even more than the others, the roots of my smile originates from those
who have been anticipating my music and has, furthermore, given me their
unbounded love and concern; the M fans, who are like my own family...my smile is
especially happy. Oh, right!! Also, because of the existence of my nuna fans,
Minbong is truly blessed~ ^^

Lastly, my beloved parents and sister, our
Rambo & Flee (Bong's pets ^^)...as well as my most precious members and my
fountain of continuous happiness, my lovely and cute mascot, M!!! Sarang Hui ^ ^
(His cute and weird way of saying I love you)

In all this love, inside,

My Kae! Gan! Ji! *

* Kae Gan Ji- to my
best understanding, it means a high-class/valuable feel...like the
upper-grade/best version of something. I guess, Minu is saying that this is the
best of himself or what he values to most.

Source :M 4th jib《M RIZING》+ Kimdongwan.net
Chn Translations:猫er@LASTLOVEMIN.COM
Eng Translations: crystalis

[08.09.25][trans] Always Hyesung Le Petit Chambre - Hyesung's Message


video: http://www.shinhwa.biz/forums/showthread.php?t=6967

Hi everyone~ I am Hyesung~
28th of September,
the date to meet up
with everyone is nearing~
To spend an enjoyable time
together in a cosy
small room!
Please anticipate~
For those who
cannot attend due to
different reasons this round..
or those who have
applied but weren't
I'm really regretful ahout it.. T.T
However, we will sure to
meet up next time! Promise yo!
Thanks for
the support all along!
anticipate~ ^^
Bye bye~~

Credits: hyesungstory@Shinhwachangjo.net (English translation) + S.C.I.C (Chinese translation) + Always HYESUNG (source)

[08.09.25][notice] MRizing: 9/25 Mnet M Countdown & M Super Concert Appearence

This is MRizing.

On the 25th, M (Lee Min Woo) will have his first performance for his 4th album on M Countdown.
As many of you have been looking forward to this performance, we hope the show will be worth the wait.

As the 4th album promotions start, we ask for everyone's attendence and support.

Information: Thursday, September 25, 2008 at 19:00 to 20:30
Location: Deung Chon Dong 88 Gym

+ Item: M's 4th album
+ Check in time: 1:30 p.m.
+ Taking photos is not permitted.
As the show will start recording at 3:30, we ask everyone to arrive by 1:30.
Thank you.

This is MRizing.

On the 25th, M (Lee Min Woo) will be having a performance at the M Super Concert.
As many of you have been looking forward to this event, we would appreicate many fans support and cheers.

Information: Thursday, September 25, 2008 at 19:30
Location: Seoul City Hall Plaza

+ Item: M's 4th album
+ Check in time: 5:30 p.m.
+ Taking photos is not permitted.

source: MRizing & oceans-six.com
translator: HappyHeart7@shinhwa.biz

[08.09.25][notice] GOODEMG: Shin Hyesung - China concert


Hi everyone,

This is GOODEMG.
Shin Hyesung ‘LIVE AND LET LIVE’ concert will first embark in Seoul on 18th of October.
Thereafter, the concert will be held at China Shanghai Grand Stage (Shanghai Stadium) on 8th of November.

Please give your supports.
Thank you very much!


1. Date: 8th of November 2008 (Saturday) 7:30 evening
2. Venue: Shanghai Grand Stage (Shanghai Stadium)
3. Ticket Price: 80/280/480/680/1200/1680 Chinese Yuan
4. Sales started: 24th September 2008 (Thursday) 5:00 noon

China concert related link: http://www.alltickets.com.cn/chinese...il.asp?id=1726

Credits: hyesungstory@Shinhwa.biz (English translation) + jasminelily@申彗星中国首站S.C.I.C (Chinese translation) + GOODEMG (source)

[08.09.25][News] JunJin 100% Successful Secret - "I only use my eyes"

What is our top singer's success secret ?

In most recent KBS 2TV "Champagne" Talk Show - "Because of you", JunJin revealed the secret of his success in seducing.

The male celebrity with 100% successful rate answered the "Know-how" question from MC Shin Dong Yup: "There is no special secret" - added "If I see my target, I will come close to her, and then look straight into her eyes".

The star was then asked to illustrate his electrifying stare, which totally impressed the participants.

Moreover, JunJin's various old memories from his school days were also disclosed during the episode, which will be aired on September 27th.

Credit: ReviewStar - Oceans Six - Korean/Eng: LetSayEden @ Shinhwa.biz

[08.09.25][news] Andy, "WGM" Romantic Guy in Paris

Through the MBC TV's "We are Married" show, Andy has been seen as a romantic guy but in Paris he is going through a bit of a change.

Completing his photo shoot for Le Coq Sportif, Andy flew into Paris soak in the the culture and lifestyle there including food, arts and sports.

Le Coq Sportif representative in Paris said, "Andy emerged from the 'We are Married Show' as a guy who is sophiscated and one with a soft heart."

With the the promotions for the single album done and as a before the start for the role for the musical 'Singles', he took a trip to Paris. The atmosphere of Paris is one of romance which also offers a variety of cultural experiences."

Meanwhile, Andy's photo shoots for Le Coq Sportif footage has been broadcasted on the cable channel tvN every Saturday called "Style Monologue - Andy's French Kiss". Being broadcasted to Olive channels, he is gaining a lot of popularity.

Shinhwa's Andy through MBC TV "Sunday Sunday Night" segment "We are Married", he became a couple with Solbi shows his appeal to the female audiences. Also, the group (Shinhwa) seems to be going strong with much popularity.

source: oceans-six.com
translator: HappyHeart7@shinhwa.biz

Thursday, September 25, 2008

[08.09.24][notice] MRizing: Release of Lee Minwoo's official 4th album


Hi Everyone,

This is MRizing Entertainment.

(M) Lee Minwoo’s official 4th album, ‘MRIZING’ has started it sales online and off the shelves from the stores on 23rd of September 2008.

The release of the 4th album, ‘MRIZING’, which is 1 year and 3 months apart from the release of his 3rd album is a production of his hard work from the selection of the songs to recording them, Lee Minwoo has kept working non stop in the period of 8 months.

Please purchase a copy online or off the shelves from stores.

Credits: hyesungstory@Shinhwa.biz (English translation) +虫虫猪猪 @ bestshinhwa.com (Chinese translation) + MRIZING (source)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

[08.09.24][diary] Dong Wan: Concert

Thank you.
Although, the second day was really tiring..
The people who cheered hard for me throughout it must have felt it~

The concert was not done by me alone.
We did it together~ ㅎㅎㅎ
Really! It was like that! I definitely felt that it was!

credit: november21.co.kr
translation: HappyHeart7@shinhwa.biz

[08.09.23][trans] 080916 SBS POWER FM Choi Hwa Jung's POWER TIME


Sweet & beautiful vocalist Shin Hyesung, Explosive singing talents, Yoonha.

2 of them who met for the first time during the radio recording!
Yoonha who belittled oppa has an impressive talking ability...
Even if he wore snoobishly, Shin Hyesung is still at his artist's pose...
Together, both of them spent a glittering nervous moment!!!

Credits: hyesungstory@Shinhwa.biz (English translation) + as per tag

[08.09.23][news] Shin Hyesung's fansigning at Busan & Daegu


A fansigning session is organised to celebrate the release of Shin Hyesung's 3rd official album SIDE 1 'LIVE AND LET LIVE'.

Focusing on music programs, Shin Hyesung attended many different variety shows to broaden his activity area. The title song 'Because its you' from his official 3rd album is well-received by the fans which increase his popularity.

Therefore in order to express his graditude to his fans, he will be holding fansigning session on 24th and 25th of September 6pm at Hottracks branches in Busan and Daegu to meet up and spend a special time together with his 600 fans. Participularly, the fansigning this round is held at the district area for the first time since the release the album which holds a different significance to both him and his fans.

Shin Hyesung said, "Each time I released an album, I always want to hold a meeting session, however I felt regretful for not able to hold them often. I am really looking forward to meet up with many fans these 2 days. With this as the starting point, I will visit more areas and create happy memories."

In additional, Shin Hyesung will be performing at Mnet 'M Super Concert' on the 24th, 'Daegu International Athletics Meeting' at Daegu Stadium on the 25th, heading to Japan on 28th to meet up his fans and also at the same time making preparation for his 2nd solo concert '2008 SHS LIVE TOUR SIDE 1 "LIVE AND LET LIVE" IN SEOUL' on the 18th of October, and thus will be spending a very busy period of time.

Credits: hyesungstory@Shinhwa.biz (English translation) + wangshu_1115@shinhwayeah.com (Chinese translation) + newsen (source)

[08.09.23][News] M, "above age 18" concert in club

Shinhwa LeeMinWoo in a memorial of the release of his 4th album, hold a concert in a club on 18th in Apgudong, Seoul.

On the same day, hold 2 concert session on 4:30pm & 8pm, besides on celebrating of his 4th album release, too to be the first solo member among SHINHWA to hold such close distance performance concert in a club. Quite a meaningful concept of sharing the same space and air with the fans together.

LeeMinWoo with his signature name 'M', is the first SHINHWA member to debut and perform as solo artist. On 23rd he had already release his 4th album, and this is too his 7th concert. Besides than that, no matter how busy is his own solo schedule, he will still spare some time out to give the other member's solo performance and activities to make his appearance and to show his support to them.

Addition, LeeMinWoo reveal towards his passion for concerts: "Currently all the SHINHWA members are having their own solo activites, holding concerts and so on, although we couldnt always gather up to chat, but due to my very own early experiences and overcome, towards the preparation of up and down on the whole concert i wont feel grudge anymore."

In the other hand, towards the concert venue is in a club, thus there is an age limit towards the entrance for the fans. LeeMinWoo will be performing his hit song in his 4th album and too will be doing a great performance on stage.

Source:Dong-A Ilbo
Cn Trans:彼岸花开成海 @ BESTSHINHWA
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa, shinhwa.biz

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

[08.09.23][News] Metro Seoul Star Photo Exhibition & JunJin Special FanSign Event

Metro Seoul, Korean largest daily Newspaper, will organise a Star Photo Exhibition on September 26th and 27th to celebrate its 6th Anniversary.

The exhibition house will be decorated with colorful and exclusive pictures of 2008 "Most Popular Stars" : JunJin, Wonder Girls, Shinee, and SNSD.

The exhibition shares the the concern about "Environment" and "Earth" issues, while using recycled materials for all art products.

2000 visitors will have the chance to purchase special gifts cards, photo postcards, star bracelets, and the money will go to the Association of Environment Protection.

Especially on 27th, singer JunJin will hold a fansign section at our Exhibition Hall from 11 am. to 2 pm., before attending our 6th Anniversary Ceremony at 4pm.

We welcome all the fans and readers to the special events at 1-141, Jong Go Ru, Seoul 2 [ Metro Seoul Newspaper Head Office ] !

Credit: MetroSeoul - Korean/Eng: LetSayEden @ Shinhwa.biz

[08.09.22][News] Prank on JunJin - "We heard that you decided to quit Shinhwa?"

MBC "Infinity Challenge" Hidden Camera section aired on 20th September has become the recent topic of viewers and netizens when JunJin, the current most popular male solo singer, got a prank from fake reporters about him and Shinhwa.

"Please tell us JunJin, is the story of you splitting from Shinhwa true ? We heard from other members that you decided to quit Shinhwa!"

Awake from sleep, JunJin was forced to get out of the house and face Ideiri SPN reporters. Numerous questions about Shinhwa were thrown from the air, which totally shocked the star."

You have become a Superstar, with the popularity nowadays, are you going to quit Shinhwa?"

"What? I am still Shinhwa!" JunJin looked at the reporters and didn't really know how to hit back since he was still in shock - "What kind of story? There's no such thing! "The singer then came back into the house and called everywhere to check what the reporters told him - "I was swarmed by the reporters. What happened?"

The reporters outside realised JunJin calling his manager couldn't help but to burst out of laugh.
To release the pure singer from being all frustrated, Yoo Jae Suk, Jung Hyung Don, and Noh Hong Chul decided to get out of the car and go to his house. When the singer opened the door, his three IC members revealed that they were deceiving him!

"I'm sorry JanJin, but this is really funny" - Yoo Jae Suk tried to conform the young member.

Credit: SPN - Korean/Eng: LetSayEden @ Shinhwa.biz

[08.09.22][News] MBC "Infinity Challenge" Cosplay Special Broke September Record

MBC "Infinity Challenge" episode aired on 20th of September broke the September current record of 20%.

The viewership rating of the show, according to TNS, hit 21.4 % (national wide), rising 5.9% from last week episode (15.1%).

"Infinity Challenge" aired this week featured two parts: "Cosplay" and "Hidden Camera".

In Cosplay section, excluding Yoo Jae Suk, the 5 members had to dress and play as a character in public (on the street, on the bus, the subway, etc). Jung Joon Ha as Kungfu Panda, Noh Hong Chul and comedian Queen, Jung Hyung Don as Uhm Jung Hwa, Park Myung Soo playing Joker of "Knight", and JunJin dressing as himself back in Shinhwa's debut time.

The hidden camera section began when Yoo Jae Suk, Noh Hong Chul, and Jung Hyung Don arranged a crowd of reporters wait in front of JunJin's house and wake him up all suspicious. Then they also came to visit Jung Joon Ha and surprised Park Myung Soo.

Broadcasting at the same time, SBS "Amzing tournament" got 10.3% view rating, followed by KBS 2TV "Sponge 2" with 8.9%.

Credit: Asia Economy
Korean/Eng: LetSayEden @ Shinhwa.biz

[08.09.22][news] Lee Min Woo Will be Making a Comeback After a Year and 3 Months

M, Lee Min Woo, will be releasing his 4th album. On the 23rd, this 4th album entitled "M Rizing" will make a comeback after a year and 3 months.

For this album, Lee Min Woo, worked tirelessly for 8 months personally overseeing every facet of it including choosing the songs and recording it. "M Rizing" is his personally created label which became the title of the album. The name representing the new strong jump musically that he will make in this album which will be evident to everyone.

What makes this album's different than his previous one is that he had a lot of collaborations with others. Duex's producer Lee Hyun Do, Yong Gahm Han brothers who produced for the singer Tae Yang, JYP's producer who made music for Bi and Wonder Girls and there are others who participated in making the album.

Lee Min Woo will start his promotional activites for the 4th album on the 25th on Mnet M Countdown. Then on the 28th, he will have his concerts to commemorating his comeback in Gangnam Seoul at the Step 1 Club.

credit: oceans-six.com
translator: HappyHeart7@shinhwa.biz

[08.09.22][News] Lee Min Woo - "JunJin! Now I am also around!"

Lee Min Woo is the Shinhwa's member who officially threw the challenge to Variety Show star JunJin.

In KBS 2TV "Happy Sunday - Kkokko Singles Tour" aired on September 21st, Lee Min Woo made everyone laugh by yelling "Choong Jae ah! You're good!"

MC Tak Jae Hoon revealed that he got a text message from JunJin saying: "Jae Hoon hyung, please take good care of Min Woo hyung!". All participants were impressed at the strong bond between those two Shinhwa members.

But soon, Lee Min Woo replied back, "Choong Jae ah, you better take care of youself ! Don't worry about hyung !" *laughs*

Starting with "Kkokko Tourism for Singles", Lee Min Woo is planning to take full-scale participation in variety shows following JunJin's path - "JunJin! Now I am also around! Get the challenge from hyung !"

Credit: StarNews
Korean/Eng: LetSayEden @ Shinhwa.biz - With precious help from HappyHeart7 @ Shinhwa.biz

[08.09.22][news] Andy Casted in the Musical "Singles"

Singer Andy has been casted in the creative musical "Singles" which will start performances in November. Leaving the cute image behind he will take on the role of a mature single man.

Today the agency said, "Andy during this time had countless projects to choose from and was in a dilemma but chose "Singles". It seemed that he wanted to once again be in a musical and show his ability as an actor by being part of it. After practice, in November the performances will start in Baekam Art Hall."

Debuting last September in the musical "Music in My Heart" and continue to work steadily in musicals as his second musical was the "Polaroid".

The representative of the company in charge of "Singles" said, "Andy's potential as an actor in a musical is great and has the ability to become a big star. Through this musical, it looks like he could garner more roles in the future."

Andy's role in the musical is "Soo Hyun" who is a capable, single man.

Andy has completed activities for his solo albums as well as held concerts. On the 22nd, he will be shooting his last appearence for the MBC show "We are Married".

note: *Irrelevant information ommitted.*

credit: oceans-six.com
translator: HappyHeart7@shinhwa.biz

[08.09.21][News] Park Choong Jae's tears - "Grandmom is my reason for living"

Singer JunJin's shedding in tears thinking about his family and the painful childhood.

During KBS 2TV "Cider" aired on September 21st, JunJin talked about the memories when he was still in primary school, living with Grandmom, and eventually couldn't hold back the tears.

"When I was in elementary school, my friends and their moms all went to the picnic camp, but I didn't have mom to come with me. Then 2 hours later, Grandmom came with her kimbab. I felt so ashamed because the other kids started teasing me about my Grandmom and I asked her to go back home."

"She was walking down the hill in tears ... And when I got home, I could still see her eyes swollen"

"Sometimes when I was working, I would avoid my grandmom's calls. Everytime after I talked with her, I was crying like a baby. I missed her every minute I heard her voice and every minute I didn't"

"I've been parted from my birth mom since I was born, so Grandmom was all I have. I asked her "Grandmom, can I have more love?". Now she's not around anymore, but she has been, she's always been my reason for living, the reason why I still live my life ..."

"When I think of Grandmom, I promise her that I will be a man of family, and no matter how hard this life is, I will never give up."

"Grandmom, I love you!"

Credit: NewsEn
Korean/Eng: LetSayEden @ Shinhwa.biz

Monday, September 22, 2008

[08.09.20][trans] Minwoo-Junjin's Cyworld Messages

Msg from Minwoo

ChoongJae yah~~~ Come to my concert and play with me~~~ (MoneyMaker - Lee Minwoo)

and here is JJ's reply (pink underline in the pic)

Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho (Insecticide - Park Choongjae)

Pic from : ShinhwaChina
Source: Minwoo and Junjin's personal CYWORLD
Chinese trans: 韩小国 @ Bestshinhwa
Thai trans:xue-ni @ Shinhwathailand
Eng Trans: Finny@Shinhwathailand

[08.09.20][news] DW "Fans even after we go to the army please remember Shinhwa"

Singer Kim Dong Wan apart from Shinhwa has put his name on the line as he has his first and last solo concert before he enters the army.

On the 20th, Kim Dong Wan will have his first solo concert in Seoul at the Ewha's Women University since he debuted 10 years ago and shared about his feelings. The concert is entitled "Promise" meaning during the time he is away for his military service asking that he will not be forgotten.

Kim Dong Wan said with confidence, "Shinhwa is kind of "jjang" so I don't think the fans will forget us."

The following is from news conference before Kim Dong Wan's concert.

*As you have your first concert how do you feel?
-I don't feel nervous but I feel sad as it feels like a send off. In fact, during rehearsals I got teary eyed. I was worried as I wanted to do as many appearences as I could before I leave for the army.

*What is the meaning of the title for the concert "Promise"?
-The title was chosen to keep the bond that we have in tact even while I will be away while serving in the army.

*Who will be appearing as guests?
-Kim Hyun Chul, Sweet Sorrow, Joo as well as many others will be part of the concert. I believe it will be a very solid performance overall.

*Have you gained confidence as a solo artist?
-It isn't that I have gained confidence but more like I don't get as nervous. I think it's because those who support me are constantly watching over me.

*Did you sleep well last night?
-Usually before a performance I don't sleep well but last night I slept really well.

*How are you feeling about the military service?
-It will be a valuable time. I see it as a time for me to think alone about what I would like to do in the future. Honestly, I don't feel that I am serving my country any less as a public servant (instead of in the army). For 10 years, Dong Wan didn't rest and kept going. There is a part of me that wants to rest a bit now.

*The resason that you have so many overseas fans?
-I think it was because I was part of the first wave of singers to go abroad in the Korean wave. Currently, DBSK, SS501 and others are doing a lot of promotions in Japan. Shinhwa has steadily been doing promotions over a prolong period and there is a lot of merit in that.

*What will make Kim Dong Wan's concert different from the other Shinhwa members' concerts?
-I saw in the concerts for Min Woo, Andy and Jun Jin that they were cute or had powerful dances. For me, I want to show "unplugged" stages in my concert. Instead of relying on audio devices, I would like to use just music and my voice. To show the beautiful blending of these things (to the audience).

*Within Shinhwa what is Kim Dong Wan's charm?
-I think my charm is that my image is one of a familiar older brother. Then at other times I have charms of a wild beast. ha ha ha (laughter)

*You released your second album and your concert seems a bit belated. What does this concert mean to you personally?
-Honestly, during these time when we are in a recession, it's hard to enjoy the concert. I struggled with having a concert when it's a hard time for many people suffering loss. For Dong Wan to sing for 2 hours alone, I didn't have confidence to do that in my 20's.

*What would you like to say to fans lastly?
-Please don't lose the feelings you have for Shinhwa. I don't think they will lose them. It's because Shinhwa is kind of "jjang"! (laughter)

***Just a clarification "jjang" means the best.

credit: oceans-six.com
translation: HappyHeart7@shinhwa.biz

Sunday, September 21, 2008

[Info][SHIN HYESUNG Concert in Seoul] Ticket bookings for Overseas fans

In Next Trend Co. Ltd is the only official ticket seller
for fans residing outside of Korea and Japan.

Hi, this is Concert planning/promotion company ‘In Next Trend Inc.’
for this coming October.

Here is the Ticket booking information for overseas fans
(excluding Japanese fans).

[Concert Overview & Ticket Bookings]
2. Date: 2008, October18th (Sat) 18:00
3. Venue : Seoul Olympic Park 2st Gym
4. Promoter/Organizer : in Next Trend Co. Ltd
http://www.innexttrend.com +82-2-3446-3226
5. Cooperate : GOOD EMG
6.Ticket Bookings
1) Ticket booking period: Sep 19 (6pm) ~Oct 2 (8pm) (Korean Local Time)
2) Payment period: Sep 25 (10am) ~ Oct 10 (3pm) (Korean Local Time)
3) Limitation on number of ticket bookings: 20 tickets/person
4) Seat location: Seats will be reserved for in the order of payments received.
5) Ticket Booking Methods
:Please download and complete the attached file then send it to

*Attending Application Download*

6) Notes
① Duplicated ticket bookings will cause failure in reserving
your tickets and/or will be disadvantaged in location of your seats.
② Please read all sections in the ‘Application form’ carefully and fill out
all required fields.
③ You must attach the ‘Application form’ file when applying through an Email.
④ Make sure to make bookings within the ‘Booking Period’.
⑤ Please make sure you make Ticket bookings through
an official Ticket-Line ONLY as there seem to be an illegal movement
in selling concert tickets in improper way.

※ There are LIMITED number of seats for Overseas fans.
Therefore the Tickets will be sold out as in the order
of application & payments received.
※ Ticket Price is informed in the [Application form].
The Seat Numbers will be informed via Email only for those
who have made bookings.
※ Those who have reserved over 20 tickets,
please contact the concert management company ‘In Next Trend’ Inc.
for assistance.
Tel :+82-02-3446-3226
(English & Japanese assistance available. Chinese unavailable.)
※ Please note that enquiries other than ‘Group tickets’
will not be provided with assistance.
Ticket price is $120 - (in application form)
source & credit: Good Enterment

[08.09.20][news] Kim Dong Wan Sings Live with Guitar on Love Letter

Shinhwa's Kim Dong Wan (29) who will be entering the army soon shared the stage with an elder singer Kim Hyun Chul. On the 19th's broadcast of KBS 2TV's "Yoon Do Hyun's Love Letter" from his 2nd solo repack album's song "What's Wrong" was sung as a duet.

The emcee Yoon Do Hyun brought up that all three of them had prior experiences as DJ's in the past. Using that as an introduction, he suggested that they sing live with guitars (on the show). Kim Dong Wan, Kim Hyun Chul and Yoon Do Hyun gave the audience a taste of their ability to sing live and gave a moving performance.

Kim Dong Wan will be having his first solo concerts on the 20th and 21st at Ewha's Women University as his last concerts before entering the army. Guests for his concerts inculde Kim Hyun Chul, Sweet Sorrow, Kim Jae Suk, Yoon Ha, Joo and July along with a slew of younger and older singers.

source: oceans-six.com
translator: HappyHeart7@shinhwa.biz

[08.09.20][diary] 080919 3rd jib Tour Note 1 -- by Dr. Hong


2008.09.19 (Friday) Pre-sales war

Have you fortunately survive from the intense war on the sales of the concert tickets yesterday?

Singer Shin who waited and waited (this is how he is addressed during his solo perf.)
Counting to his 2nd tour! left only a month~
Although everyone is waiting, however Singer Shin is also secretly (?) waiting

After the pre-sales of the concert tickets... (everyone who are going to purchase or those who didn't thought of attending the concert~)
For those who are anticipating for the arrival of that day
In order to bring all the little fun, once again I re-appeared again
Because I'm unsure when I will be pasting these kind of contents, so please come back frequently to take a look~ ^^

Those who didn't have date this weekend~~!!!
Go to those places where the crowds gathered
How about finding the banner of Singer Shin?!ㅋㅋ
Around Sinchon, Jongno, Myeong-dong, Sillim, Sadang, Gangnam, Yeongdeungpo, Yeouido, Euljiro, University Street... etc
And near the banner, shouting "omo! Shin Hyesung's concert~"
Should be petty interesting~ this is consider as word of mouth?! ㅎㅎ

So~happy weekend~ bye!!

Credits: hyesungstory@Shinhwa.biz (English translation) + jojoyu7@shinhwachina (Chinese translation) + GOODEMG (source)

[08.09.19][news] Junjin: I lost my first kiss to a nuna from the judo team

Singer Junjin described his panic-stricken first kiss during the recording of the 21 Sep episode of KBS2's Cider, which happened with a nuna from the judo team suddenly "attacked" him.

When chatting about the topic "An Unforgettable Moment", Junjin said, "My first kiss happened in a "sneak attack". It was a nuna from the judoteam, who loved to play pranks."

Lowering his head, Junjin said, "It's a first kiss I don't want to remember."

(irrelevant info omitted)

Source: nownews&oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz