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[08.07.30][trans] Dongwan: Summer Special [radio program]

Summer Special
The star of the first part of the Summer Special
Singer Kim Dongwan~

Captions (L-R)
Pic 1 - A chiseled nose!
Pic 2 - Firm shoulder muscles! / Protruding biceps!
Pic 3 - Strong thighs!

Because he's such a goodlooking guy, it's a pity to have only one picture of him~
So I specially made a montage of pictures~
For my own selfish desires....haha...

Captions (L-R)
Pic 1 - *quiet quiet* Reading the script
Pic 2 - Ah...Nervous

Using his bassy and magnetic voice to perfectly narrate - Dongwan...
Doesn't he look more relaxed after the broadcast?^^

Signing the CDs that he's about to give the crew~

Goodlooking people standing side by side
It's been a long time since we felt this kind of perfection..

Attempting to stop Writer Kim from following him, Dongwan
"Yah! You want to take a picture of even my back?"
"Yes! Of course!

Source: Ocean's 6
Trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.30][news] Junjin: The only difference is whether or not meals are provided

"I guess the only difference is if they feed us or not? Haha"

Junjin, the up-and-coming star of the variety show circuit, had this to say when asked to compare the two shows that he's appearin in, MBC's Infinity Challenge and SBS' Family Outing. After appearing on the 29 July episode of Infinity Challenge, he soon moved on to the recording for Family Outing. It's usually rare for a guest to appear on two competing programmes.

During an interview with Sportskhan, he joked "Meals are provided for Family Outing, but no food is provided at all when we film Infinity Challenge, that's the difference. The objective of Family Outing is to complete the wishlist of the elderly folk living in the villages within 2 days and 1 night, and the great thing about Family Outing is the team actually does something for the elderly viewers of the show."

"Infinity Challenge works in a different way, it has these meaningful projects such as the Beijing Olympics Special. Family Outing has cameras filming us for 24 hours, and there is more time since it's a 2 day/1 night trip. For Infinity Challenge, the filming is more intensive with not much time for rest in between, so it's more physically demanding."

He added, "Although the guests on both shows are different, but each set of cast members all get along very well, that's the key similarity of the shows. The Infinity Challenge cast are all very familiar with each other, and the Family Outing members also take very good care of each other."

Junjin will soon be releasing his repackaged album, and will be appearing on both music and variety programmes.

Source: sportskhan&oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.27][Trans] Eric, Lee Minwoo takes part in Junjin's repackage album

Shinhwa member Eric takes part in Junjin’s repackage album, displaying the strong friendshop between the two.

Junjin’s first solo repackage album, which will be out soon, includes Eric’s rap portions.

According to related parties, although Eric is busy with the filming of KBS 2TV ‘Strongest Chil Woo’, he has made time for his friend of 10 years and has put in a lot of effort for the album.

In this repackage album, besides Eric’s rap, we can also expect to see another Shinhwa member’s work. Lee Minwoo has penned lyrics just for Junjin, and this has also gained much attention.

Through this album, Junjin will bring to us his wild side. Junjin has been working with the renowned photographer, Kim Jung Wan and will show his muscular upper body. And according to sources, the pictures this time as compared to his pictures during Shinhwa are of a higher intensity.

Also, Junjin has braved the storms in the mountains to complete the shootings.

Junjin’s repackage album is near completion and will be out soon.

Chi translation:jojoyu7@shinhwachina\
Eng translation: [email]

Shin Hyesung : Color Purple / Purple Rain, Amazing Song + Amazing Voice

Before the released of Hyesung's soon to come out 3rd album in August,
he has been selected as the next artist after (Seeya, Davichi, and Black Pearl) to participate in the Color Project.

He worked with the famous Kim Do Yun with the song "Purple Rain."

"Color Purple" is a project that aims to introduce collaborations between producers and artists.

Seeya, Davichi, and Black Pearl had previously worked on the single Blue Moon, which was well received by the public.

This ballad, written by composer Kim Do Hyun and lyricist Choi Shin Won, features a string orchestral arrangement and tells of how a person can't forget his past love as much as he would like to.

A spokesperson for the production company behind Color Purple said, "The song narrates the feeling of longing and sadness with its lyrics and melody, and is complemented by the delicate and expressive vocals of Shin Hyesung. This song will appeal to the traditional ballad lover."

The Color Project focuses on the producers more than the artists, and it succeeds in satisfying both the fans and critics in terms of commerciality and musicality.

Shin Hyesung is currently preparing for his 3rd album due to be released at the end of August.

credits goes to >> miss lakwan @ soompi

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[08.07.29][news] Yashimmanman Season 2 returns with a bang

SBS's Yashimmanman Season 2 - Players Village returned to television with a bang on 28 July, beating MBC's Come To Play and KBS2's Global Chitchat to win the ratings race for the Monday night variety show timebelt.

According to research company TNS, the 28th July episode of YSMM clinched ratings of 11.5%, ahead of Global Chitchat (10.1%) and Come To Play (6.9%).

Come To Play seemed to be the worst hit by the return of YSMM, falling behind in ratings by 3.6% from the previous week.

Source: mydaily
Trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.29][news] Lee Junki is the new face of Hallyu (Minwoo news)

Coming off a great past year with two back-to-back hit dramas (Iljimae and Time of Dog and Wolf), Lee Junki has been selected as the face of Hallyu — at least for the upcoming 2008 Seoul Hallyu Festival as its spokesperson and PR rep.

A rep for the festival explained, “Through projects like The King and the Clown and My Girl, Lee Junki has amassed popularity not only in Korea but in China and throughout Asia as well. With his current popularity, we plan to promote the Seoul Hallyu Festival as an up-and-coming international event.”

The Festival will take place over three days starting October 23, and will host a Hallyu star fanmeeting and photo session, as well as a fundraising concert to raise money for recent disasters in Asia. Other celebs scheduled to attend include DBSK, SG Wannabe, Super Junior, Lee Minwoo, and more.

Via Hankook Ilbo

Credits to Dramabeans +

[08.07.29][news] Junjin on a variety show rampage with appearance on Family Outing

Singer Junjin has proven his passion for variety shows with an upcoming guest appearance on SBS Family Outing, on top of his new role as MC on the new Yashimmanman.

Junjin was involved in the filming for Family Outing in Gyeonggi-do's Yangpyeong County. His spokesperson said, "We heard that filming for Family Outing is very tough, but he still chose to make a guest appearance on the show anyway."

Junjin's active participation in Infinity Challenge, Yashimmanman and now Family Outing has attracted a lot of interest from viewers.

Source: Star News+Ocean6
Chi trans: Fanny@
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.29][news] Eric, Jang Geun Suk as ambassadors for Academic Credit Bank System

some background info about this scheme:

Academic Credit Bank System - Background and Objectives
• • • • • • • • • •
The Credit Bank System (CBS) is an open education system that recognizes diverse learning experiences gained not only in school but also out of school. When a student accumulates the necessary CBS-approved credits, that student can obtain an associate or bachelor’s degree.


The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has appointed Choi Ran, Eric, Jang Geun Seuk, Jang Yoon Jung and Park Hae Jin as the ambassadors for the 2008 Tree of Hope Celebration Festival.

"The Academic Credit Bank System - 2008 Tree of Hope Celebration Festival" plans to encourage students under this scheme and to raise the social standing of the system.

A spokesperson said, "Although the system has been in place for 10 years, the public is generally still unaware of it. We hope that the appointed stars, who themselves set good examples for continuous learning, will help to spread the word about the CBS and the Tree of Hope celebration."

Choi Ran has had the practical experience of earning a degree via the system, while Eric was the ambassador for the anti-school violence campaign. Jang Yoon Jung was previously involved in activities for young cancer patients and other charity events, and Park Hae Jin has been working on an acting course via the CBS.

They will be appearing in posters, advertisements and UCC for the campaign. From 23 to 24 September, activities will be held in Olympic Gymnasium and Haneol Plaza in Olympic Park, and the festivities will kick off with a performance on 23 September.

Source: daum&breaknews&oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.29][news] Chil Woo's change of hairstyle "really suits him"

According to the development of the plot, Chil Woo's (played by Eric) image is often changing in the KBS2 drama, Strongest Chil Woo. Now Chil Woo's hairstyle is about to change as well. On Episode 13 shown on 28 July, the preview for Episode 14 shows Chil Woo with a slightly revamped image, which has become a little of a talking point for viewers on the messageboard.

All along, though Chil Woo keeps his hair in a neat topknot as a najang, he sports untamed long hair as an assassin. His hairstyle has been a focus of viewers' discussion since the drama started.

A brief scene in the preview shows Chil Woo with a slightly modified hairstyle with changes to his bangs, and viewers are celebrating the change in style. Although it's only a small change, to the fans who have been paying attention to this, it's causing a big effect.

"Now his style looks like something I can remember, really cool", "Finally Eric's hairstlye makes him look suave", are but some of the messages left on the messageboard.

Source: Tvreport
Chi trans: 丢丢@情投E赫
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.29][news] Andy holds his first ever solo nationwide concert tour

Shinhwa member, now turned solo singer Andy will be holding his first ever nationwide concert tour in September.

Andy will be holding his solo concert titled ,"Shall We Love" in Korea's 3 major cities - on 6 and 7 September in Seoul's Dome Art Hall, followed by Daegu's Exco Hall on 20 September, and in Busan's KBS Hall on 21 September.

Andy has already held a solo concert in Seoul in January this year, but this is his first nationwide tour.

Andy's management company said, "After he had completed the promotional activities for his solo album, he has thrown himself into the preparation for the musical Polaroid. However, due to the overwhelming requests from the fans he has proceeded with plans for a nationwide tour. Besides the 3 major cities, he is also considering other venues as well."

Now occupied with the musical and the concert tour, Andy's schedule is completely packed. A spokesperson said, "For the concert, Andy has personally called for planning meetings, and he is paying extra attention to all the details for the show, even the directing of the concert."

Andy will start appearing in the musical Polaroid from Aug 3 onwards, at Freedom Theatre in Seoul's Daehangno.

Source: mydaily
Chi trans: yujin@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz[/QUOTE]

[08.07.29][info] M-Rizing: Minwoo's Aug schedule

5 Aug - KBS Immortal Musical Classics - recording

12 Aug - KBS Yoon Do Hyun's Love Letter - recording

13 Aug - MBC Stars' Friends Blind Meeting - recording (tentative)

19 Aug - KBS Champagne - recording

21 Aug - Release of M's 4th album

23 Aug - Concert at Olympic Fencing Gymnasium

26 Aug - Inauguration of Japan fanclub (Japan)

Source: MRizing & O6
Trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.29][info] Kim Dongwan's 1st solo concert: Presales notice

[Presales Guidelines - Please read through before making your presales purchase!]

※1 person is limited to purchase only 4 tickets per show. If buyers are found to have purchased more than 4 tickets, the outstanding ticket orders will be cancelled from 5 Aug onwards.

1. The organizers will not be responsible for any losses caused by purchases transacted through other channels.
2. Any illegal transaction will result in disqualification from the presales process and legal implications.
3. To allow for greater efficiency and organization on the concert day, tickets will be mailed out on 2 September.
4. Lost tickets will not be replaced, and persons not holding concert tickets will not be allowed into the venue in all circumstances.
5. Tickets are all for fixed seats.

[Concert Guidelines]
1. Only patrons 8 years and above are allowed into the venue.
2. All partypoppers, flares, and beverages are prohibited at the venue.
3. All audio recording, photography and videography is strictly prohibited. Offenders will be asked to leave the concert venue.
4. To allow for the smooth flow of the concert, we hope that the audience will be seated 10 minutes before the concert begins.

The most charismatic guy with the most popularity, the best hit songs, the best body
With a magnetic and masculine voice
The best live performer Kim Dongwan

Having been active with the top idol group Shinhwa for the past 10 years, Kim Dongwan will be moving local and overseas fans with his unstoppable harmonies and fantastic stage performances.

Not as Shinhwa, but as Kim Dongwan the solo singer.

Making his debut in 2007 with the title track from his 1st album, Handkerchief, Kim Dongwan has successfully transformed himself from and dance group singer to a ballad singer with a captivating voice, proving himself to be a force to be reckoned with. Now making a comeback into the hearts of female fans with his electronica-infused title track of his 2nd album Secret, and his follow-up ballad A Man's Love, he has once again displayed his masculine charm.

In the autumn on 2008, watch, listen, feel and fall into Kim Dongwan.

Holding a solo concert 1 year after his debut is a show of his love and gratitude to his fans. He will be performing hits from his 2 albums, as well as J-pop tune, and even perform his own instrumental accompaniment, all for a stage where the audience can watch, listen and feel.

For this concert, stage director Kim Seo Ryong - who has worked with Rain, Seven and Lee Seung Hwan - as well as band director/sound supervisor Kang Ho Jung - who has worked with Yoon Do Hyun, Kim Dong Ryul, and on many movie soundtracks - will help to present a concert with the best sound and audio ever. Kim Dongwan and his crew are not letting up on even the smallest details.

In addition, for this concert titled <약속, Promise, やくそく, 约定>, Kim Dongwan will use his own distinctive voice to perform songs of his favourite group Bon Jovi. The concert is guaranteed to be Kim Dongwan's live audiovisual treat for the audience.

Seating Plan for Ewha Women's University

Source: interpark&oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.27][news] Eric's fans prepare for last episode screening of Strongest Chil Woo

After the fan-organized event for Iljimae, Eric's fans are also preparing for a last-episode screening party for Strongest Chil Woo, where the cast of the drama is expected to attend as well.

It seems that viewing the last episode together with fans has become part of drama fan culture.

Eric's fans have also prepared a special present for him - they have rented a cinema hall in downtown Seoul, in order to view the last episode of the drama on 19 August, as well as a post-drama party.

This event does not just involve Korean fans, but fans from China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and other Asian countries as well. Recently, about 20 of Eric's overseas fans visited the filmsite, and prepared food and gifts for the cast.

The production company said, "We were surprised to hear of Eric's fans preparing for the event. As the outdoor filming schedule has been delayed due to rain, it seems that we have to film even on the day of the broadcast. After filming ends, the cast will all rush down to join in the party."

Source: Ocean's 6
Chi trans: 虫虫猪猪@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.27][trans] Mnet: Junjin's High School Girls 4

Junjin becomes the guardian of delinquent schoolgirls!

The real private lives of high school girls and a top star
Will be revealed in the same space!!!!

Because of his own lonely childhood, Junjun has always dreamed of having a warm family of his own
And just for him, the production team presents to him pretty yet difficult daughters!
Making the situation worse, he has to take on other jobs in order to support these daughters of his...
No matter how tough the situation becomes he must show that he's their dependable guardian
How will the future be?
Presenting his new image as a young father
Junjin's new reality show!!

Hoping to become a good father - Junjin
and the uncooperative gang of 4 high school girls
drive him up the wall!!!!!

From 6 August 2008 onwards, every Wednesday at 6.30pm
Coming to you soon.

We hope everyone is looking forward to it!

Source: Mnet + Ocean's Six
Chi trans: evmist@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.27][trans] 080721 Star B.Net Attack – Tele-conversation (Shin Hyesung & Seo Kyung Jong)


Additional Information:
Star B.Net Attack is a MBC Game program in which each episode there will be a professional contestant challenging against another contestant. However the filming is only focus on the professional contestant while the other contestant will not be disclosed therefore there won’t be any filming on him. In this episode, the professional contestant is Seo Kyung Jong and his competitor is Shin Hyesung. During the whole contest, Seo Kyung Jong will not know who his competitor is but the latter knows because Hyesung is able to see Seo Kyung Jong however Seo Kyung Jong is unable to see Hyesung. After the contest ended, the host will connect the tele-conversation to the other room (Hyesung’s room) and this is their tele-conversation contents:

A: Host 1 B: Host 2 HS: Hyesung KJ: Kyung Jong

A: Hi?
HS: Hi?
A: Hello!
HS: Hello~
A: How are you these days?
HS: Ah?
A: You are doing fine recently?
HS: Ah, I am doing fine recently.
A: Good, I will cut it short. Sitting besides me is contestant, Seo Kyung Jong. Now, I need the help from contestant, Seo Kyung Jong.
HS: Ah contestant Seo Kyung Jong~
KJ: Yes, how are you!
HS: I am his fan.
KJ: Ah, thank you! However, the host kept laughing as if they are something going on…
A: No such thing, it is because you have performed very well.
HS: Yes, you are really good in playing the game.
B: Ah, this person who has just introduced himself is Seo Kyung Jong fan.
KJ: Ah, his voice cannot be hear clearly, I should be able to identify who he is if the voice is clearer.
HS: My voice is unclear?
B: Oh… Seo Kyung Jong do not know who the other party is right?
HS: Do you need me to reveal?
KJ: Ah?
HS: Do you want me to reveal?
KJ: Not…clear…
A: Both of you have went through many contests and are friends and also done event together before.
KJ: Kyung jong, is me, hyung ah!
A: Ah… who’s this?
KJ: Chi Hwan?
A: Chi Hwan? Hahaha… Are you referring to Park JiHwan contestant?
B: You are saying that this person is Park JiHwan contestant.
A: Saying that he’s Park JiHwan contestant.
HS: It’s me, Hyesung hyung!
A: Ah… is Shin Hyesung ah!
HS: Yes.
KJ: Ah… Ah…
B: Oh I see.
KJ: Hello!
HS: Now I am sitting in front of the monitor device looking at all of you, other than Seo Kyung Jong contestant, the rest should be aware of this.
A: Yes, all of us know.
HS: The staff here calls me to keep on talking.
A: Only to get you to keep on talking? Just now, I thought that it is going to end soon, they calls us not to say these, later they will then warn us again.
HS: Yah, during the contest period, there’s a television on the side. And through the monitoring device, I am able to see you laughing. Viewing it throughout makes me really nervous.
A: Ah, really ah…
KJ: Hyesung hyung, I lost a couple days ago right, now I am here to revenge, keke…
HS: Ah, that is a pact made together with Seo Kyung Jong contestant, there’s once we play like this before, and today I am here for the contest for once.
B: Our Star Attack is really famous, even Shin Hyesung participate in it.
A: Yes, and among these included the fate with Seo Kyung Jong contestant, and just not long ago, both of them have played the games together before, therefore Shin Hyesung had also participated in this. We are grateful to Shin Hyesung for bringing us such an exciting game!
A: Just now, Seo Kyung Jong contestant.
KJ: Yes.
A: Is it my illusion, I heard you calling Shin Hyesung “hyung”
KJ: Yes.
A: Lastly, repeat it again clearly!
KJ: It’s embarrassing, perhaps it is my voice (pronunciation) problem, you have heard wrongly, sorry, keke.
HS: No, didn’t say.
KJ: keke, I will participate in the game contest, hyung, thank you!
HS: Later after the call, must practise hard!
KJ: Okay, keke.
A: Mr. Shin Hyesung.
HS: Yes.
A: Heard that you really like our Star Attack program.
HS: Yes, I am a fanatic fan.
A: Ah… Can you say a word to the audiences who are supporting Star Attack?
HS: Okay. Comparing to other events, because this is a beautiful memories, I hope that everyone will happily continuing to give more support s, giving your supports to each of the contestants especially to our lovely Seo Kyung Jong contestant.
A: Ah…
KJ: Than you!
A: Really thank you! Please give us another surprise performance next round.
HS: Sure.
A: Okay, thanks for participating!
HS: Thank you!

Credits: (English translation) + REAL@申彗星中国首站-S.C.I.C (Chinese translation) + FOREVER HS (source)

You can view the video here: Thanks to Ocean's Six & infiniti512

[08.07.27][news] Lee Minwoo celebrates birthday with 2,000 fans

Shinhwa member M Lee Minwoo celebrated his 30th birthday with 2,000 female fans on 27 July with a birthday fanmeeting.

At 5pm on 27 July, at Seoul's Kwangwoon University, Lee Minwoo held his birthday fanmeeting, where he even performed the Wonder Girls' So Hot, complete with the V line dance, earning an excited response from the fans. He even performed Jewelry's ET dance, adding to the atmosphere of the event.

Fellow Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan and VJ Ji Young all turned up for this event. Lee Minwoo said, "It's as though jast year's birthday was just a few days ago, I can't believe time has passed by so quickly. Because I'm having such a great time with the fans, I'm feeling really blessed and happy. I like to sing because of the fans."

Lee Minwoo will be releasing his 4th album on Aug 21, followed by a concert at Olympic Fencing Gymnasium on Aug 23. After which, he will embark on his Asian tour, starting from Thailand in October, Singapore in November and Japan in December.

He will also be holding a special fanmeeting with Japanese fans at 5pm on 28 July at Renaissance Hotel.

Source: oceans
Chi trans: 紫水晶@热病81℃
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.27][news] Eric's fans prepare for last episode screening of Strongest Chil Woo

After the fan-organized event for Iljimae, Eric's fans are also preparing for a last-episode screening party for Strongest Chil Woo, where the cast of the drama is expected to attend as well.

It seems that viewing the last episode together with fans has become part of drama fan culture.

Eric's fans have also prepared a special present for him - they have rented a cinema hall in downtown Seoul, in order to view the last episode of the drama on 19 August, as well as a post-drama party.

This event does not just involve Korean fans, but fans from China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and other Asian countries as well. Recently, about 20 of Eric's overseas fans visited the filmsite, and prepared food and gifts for the cast.

The production company said, "We were surprised to hear of Eric's fans preparing for the event. As the outdoor filming schedule has been delayed due to rain, it seems that we have to film even on the day of the broadcast. After filming ends, the cast will all rush down to join in the party."

Source: Ocean's 6
Chi trans: 虫虫猪猪@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.29][info] Eric, Kim Dongwan feature on Heo In Chang's 1st solo album "Again"


1. 허인창 again (Disco Decadence RMX) by Oriental Funk Stew feat. 김서형 & beautiful 박선영 / Heo In Chang Again (Disco Decadence RMX) by Oriental Funk Stew feat. Kim Seo Hyun and beautiful Park Seon Young

2. 달려! feat. 장효석 A.K.A Super Sax / Run! feat. Jang Hyo Seok a.k.a. Super Sax

3. skit # 모하냐? / skit # what are you doing?

4. SHOW feat. 에릭 / SHOW feat. Eric

5. 우리 셋(삼총사2) feat. 김동완 & MC 몽 & 이정은 / Four Of Us feat. Kim Dongwan, MC Mong & Lee Jung Eun

6. YEAH feat. soulman 태우 / YEAH feat. Soulman Tae Woo

7. 후회 / Regret

8. 너의우산 feat. 박봉두 / Your Umbrella feat. Park Bong Doo

9. 허인창 again (instrumental) / Heo In Chang Again (instrumental)

10. 달려! (instrumental) / Run! (instrumental)

11. YEAH (instrumental)

Source: O6
Trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

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[Info]Junjin as a father of 4 in new show

Preview for the show cred kassuma
080724 High School Girls 4 Preview - JunJin

Edit - Lmao I just saw Jas's post later.

I don't know where the heck this was suppose to go, but remember this pic -

The show is called Junjin's Girls (or Junjin and 4 girls. something like that). O_O Definetly check out the site.

Hopefully we'll get more info on this.
Man! He was voted best father and now look at this! This is going to be crazy. hahaha

His "daughters" 4 High School Girls

[08.07.26][news] Jinjin fainted & admitted into hospital on the 25th due to overwork

After releasing his solo album, Jinjin who is recently active in attending the variety shows was admitted into hospital due to tight schedules.

Representive from Junjin's management, OPEN WORLD expressed, "Due to the solo repackage work and the various variety programs that are progressing at the same time, these tight schedules caused Junjin to be overworked. He fainted on the 25th and was admitted to a hospital in Seoul."

In additional, "Junjin's health is recovering now and his weariness is recuperating." "Even though the medical personnel have advised him but in order to attend KBS 'Open Concert' that is held at Bangi-Dong Olympic Park in Seoul, he was in the drip while making his way there. Although he is required to be on drip before his performance, however he was still able to give his passionate performance of his song the moment he stands on the stage."

Jinjin eagerly expressed, “Although I am feeling fatigue due to the tight schedule, however due to attending all these programs during this period which makes me understand many things, therefore I do not wish to miss any of them.”

Junjin will be releasing his solo repackage album next month, and on the 16th next month, he will also be having his birthday party event in the Millennium Concert hall at Kunkook University. He also plans to hold his concert in Seoul on 6th of September, in China on 5th of October and in Singapore during the end of November.

Credits: (English translation) +虫虫猪猪@bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + Oceans (source)

[08.07.25][news] Junjin, Andy evenly matched in popularity on variety shows

Shinhwa's two youngest members Junjin and Andy have become the new stars of the variety show circuit. Through their appearances on various variety shows, Junjin and Andy are now riding yet another wave of popularity. Though Andy has had a headstart in this field, Junjin has quickly caught up as well.

"The Guy Who Just Rolled In" Junjin takes to Infinity Challenge like a fish to water

Thanks to Infinity Challenge, Junjin has started to attract attention on the variety show circuit. Previously on the 21 June episode on MBC's Infinity Challenge Money Bag Special, Junjin made an impressive appearance as a replacement for original IC member Haha who's currently serving his military duties.

Initially Junjin was a little awkward, but he quickly adapted very well to the show as an IC member. Viewers have also commented that Junjin would fare very well as the 7th member of Infinity Challenge. He even got chosen as the kingka (handsome guy) with the best butt on MBC's Infinity Girls, a title he truly deserves.

On Infinity Challenge, Junjin was nicknamed Junstin Jinberlake, a name that arose from girl group SNSD and has since become a running joke among his fans. As Junstin Jinberlake, Junjin continues on his unstoppable course and is even scheduled to travel with the rest of the Infinity Challenge team to Beijing for the Olympic Special.

On top of this, Junjin has also been selected as one of the MCs for Yashim Manman Season 2. With his good looks and buff body, Junjin is guaranteed to gain the favour of the viewers with his unique brand of humor.

"An-Sobang" Romantic husband Andy wins the hearts of female viewers

Andy hasn't been particularly outstanding in Shinhwa, and even in his 10th year with Shinhwa he hasn't had any opportunity to shine. Coupled with his rather introverted personality, it is even harder to stand out compared to the other more eloquent members. However after he embarked on his solo activities this year, he has come to prove himself.

Andy had released his first solo album early this year, and his title track Love Song had earned him enough popularity to warrant a regular spot on MBC's We Got Married.

On the show, Andy plays husband to his reel wife Solbi, playing out an interesting love story. Working hard to prepare a meal with his impressive culinary skills, occasionally preparing romantic events for his "wife", Andy's thoughtful and sensitive side has earned him nicknames such as "An-sobang" and "Romantic Guy". His females fans have all fallen under his charms.

Andy, whose real personality the public hasn't managed to see, has benefited a great deal from his appearance on the semi-reality show.

Souce: Ocean's 6
Chi trans:
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.26][info] Pre-order Junjin's Vol 1 (Repackage) Album

1. Intro
2. Wa
3. 아픈사랑
4. 한걸음
5. For You
6. 좋은사람
7. 귀여워요
8. Fancy Lounge
9. 천번이라도 (Remake)
10. Wa (Instrumental Edit)
11. Epilogue
12. Together 4 Ever (세상속으로...) [추가삽입곡]
13. 발라드 곡 (제목 : 미정) [추가삽입곡]

yesasia (free shipping for US$25 and above)
Release date: August 12, 2008

DVDHeaven (price does not include shipping)
Release date: August 8, 2008
USD12.245 (without poster)
USD28.705 (with poster)

source: Lee Music + O6 + incarnadine & jiahhui

Friday, July 25, 2008

[08.07.24][notice] Cancellation of Soulmate concert

Hi everyone
This is Auction Ticket
This is the notice for the cancellation of Shinhwa's "Search for a Beautiful Face - Soulmate" concert
Below is the apology notice from the organizers regarding the cancellation of the concert
Hi everyone, this is the organizer of the concert, BSK Entertainment
Towards the fans we have been looking forward to Shinhwa's "Search for a Beautiful Face - Soulmate" concert
We offer our deepest apologies.

Originally scheduled to take place on 9 August at Lawn 88 in Olympic Park
The "Search for a Beautiful Face - Soulmate" concert has unfortunately been cancelled.

As our (BSK Entertainment) preparations for the concert were lacking,
we're afraid that there will be problems during the actual concert, thus we have decided to cancel the concert.

We hereby apologize to the fans who have already purchased tickets to Shinhwa's "Search for a Beautiful Face - Soulmate" concert, and we promise to refund 100% of the ticket funds within half a day.

We will contact each customer who has prebooked the tickets.
We are sorry to cause the inconvenience.

We will bring you the best performances and concerts in the future to make up for this.

Source: Auction Ticket/O6
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Thursday, July 24, 2008

[08.07.23][news] Lee Minwoo's birthday party relay with fans

Shinhwa member/solo singer M (Lee Minwoo) will be receiving birthday greetings from Korean and Japanese fans one day after another.

Lee Minwoo, whose birthday falls on 28 July, will be having a birthday event with more than 2,000 Korean fans on 27 July at 5pm in Seoul's Kwangwoon University, followed by a fanmeeting with Japanese fans at 5pm on July 28 at Seoul's Renaissance Hotel.

Despite the tight schedule over the 2 days, Lee Minwoo shows his love for the fans by celebrating his birthday with both Korean and overseas fans.

Lee Minwoo's management company Open World said in a notice on 23 Juoly that, "Lee Minwoo has prepared special presents to repay the fans for their love."

Lee Minwoo himself said, "My heart is already very moved by the fact that fans are preparing for my birthday party. I'm really thankful to them." Shinhwa members are also apparently to spend Lee Minwoo's birthday together with him.

Due to release his 4th album in August he will also be holding a commemorative concert for the launch of the album at the Olympic Park Fencing Gymnasium. He is also preparing for an Asian Tour that will bring him to Thailand at the end of October, to Singapore in November and to Japan in December.

Source: Yonhap & Newsen
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.23][news] Kim Dongwan's first solo showcase since his debut

Recently releasing his follow-up single A Man's Love, Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan held his first solo showcase.

At 6.30pm on 23 July, at Gwanghwamun's KT Art Hall, Kim Dongwan held his solo commemorative showcase for the repackaged edition of his 2nd album, "The Secret; Between Us_Part II". The vast numbers of fans that turned up is a testament of his popularity.

The showcase with the photo MV of A Man's Love, featuring Kim Dongwan himself and model Lee Ki Young, after which he performed songs like The Song of the Wind, Goodbye Call, Love After, and Good Person.

Kim Dongwan said, "A Man's Love was written when songwriter Choi Jong Won thought about me. Because it's similar to my own experience, so I'm even happier to be able to perform this song."

"I worked hard to make this showcase feel like a concert. It's a little awkward to have to manage the entire stage space by myself, so now I'm missing the Shinhwa members even more now."

Fellow Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo also turned up in a surprise appearance to congratulate Kim Dongwan on his first solo showcase. Lee Minwoo said, "I took a break from recording my new album and stopped by." He added, much to the laughter of the audience, "Because Kim Dongwan said he's going to attend my birthday party, that's why I'm here."

Kim Dongwan also received rapturous cheers and applause after he sang Goodbye Call and Love After with Kim Jae Suk and July respectively.

He will be holding his first live concert titled Promise, on 20/21 Sept at Ewha Women's University.

Source: asian economic daily & oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.23][news] Kim Dongwan discusses post-enlistment plans at solo showcase

Singer Kim Dongwan has outlined his post-enlistment plans during his solo showcase held on 23 July. He is scheduled to enlist for military service this year.

For most entertainers who are active right now, enlistment is a little of a pity, but surprisingly Kim Dongwan doesn't seem to feel any regrets about that. Instead he views it as a turning point in his life. In what way will he then meet his fans again after military service?

Kim Dongwan said, "The details are still confidential, but after I finish my stint as a public welfare officer, I will undergo a training period to prepare for my comeback. I will not have any activities for about 1 year after military service, after which I will return as an actor."

When asked who his role model is, he answered "No matter who gets asked this question, I hope I will be able to make them reply 'someone like Kim Dongwan'."

To the question "How about Eric?", he joked "Just the face and the height".

As for his upcoming solo concert on 20/21 Sept at Seoul's Ewha Women's University, he said "It's my first solo concert, so I'm very very nervous. I'm worried about my performance. But even so, I'm preparing very hard for this, and I will have segments that will show my unique qualities."

He added, "Since I still have about 2 more months to prepare, it will be a show that will satisfy everyone. We will put in a lot of effort in terms of the sound. Coming from a dance group, we usually place more focus on the performance itself, so sometimes fans may be dissatisfied with the sound. This time round I will work hard on blending my voice with the music. Of course I'll work on the visual aspects too. I hope everyone will look forward to the concert."

Source: osen&oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.23][news] Kim Dongwan "embarrassed by disparity in height with MV female lead"

Shinhwa member-turned-solo singer Kim Dongwan revealed an embarrassing experience during the filming of his MV due to his relatively small build.

At his showcase held on 23 July, Kim Dongwan candidly mentioned, "During the shoot for the photo MV for A Man's Love, the female model Lee Ki Young is taller than me, and that made things a little difficult for me."

He went on to explain that when they had to hug each other, he had to stand on higher ground in order to take the shots.

"Miss Lee Ki Young's height is 183cm, 10cm taller than me. Because of our disparity in height, it was quite awkward when we started shooting. But things got easier as the shoot went on, and we successfully finished the shoot."

Source: Asian Economic Daily
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

[08.07.23][notice] H2: Kim Dongwan's first solo concert - PROMISE

Autumn is here, so spend it with the man you want to love - Kim Dongwan's First "약속, Promise, やくそく, 约定"

Dedicated to the local and overseas fans who have stayed with him for the past 10 years, Kim Dongwan's first promise to them - on September 20 and 21, his first solo concert at Ewha Women's University <약속, Promise, やくそく, 约定>

- Performance title: Kim Dongwan's First Concert <약속, Promise, やくそく, 约定>
- Performance date: 20-21 Sept 2008, 7pm
- Performance venue: Ewha Women's University, Main Hall
- Ticket prices: Section R - 77,000won / Section S: 66,000won / Section A: 55,000won
- Organizer: H2 Entertainment
- Managed by: Lojit Entertainment
- Enquiries: Interpark 1544-1555

Source: H2 Entertainment & Oceans
Chi trans: 虫虫猪猪 @
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.23][news] Eric's fans deliver late night supper of love

The fans of Mun Jung Hyuk from KBS2's Strongest Chil Woo have proved that their love for him knows no boundaries of time or place.

Last weekend at about 2am, a surprise supper party took place at the Strongest Chil Woo filmsite at Mungyeong. Mun Jung Hyuk's fans visited the set with a supper treat for the cast and crew of Strongest Chil Woo.

It was difficult for the fans to have to deliver the food to the mountains where the crew was filming. They booked rooms in a nearby motel, and prepared all the food by themselves without feeling that it was troublesome at all.

The fans delivered meat and seafood pancakes, kimbab and noodles to the set. All the food were packed in separate boxess, and each box had the message "Strongest Chil Woo Mansae" on it.

Fans also prepared 100 t-shirts designed by themselves, together with 200 icepacks and raspberry wine.

A spokesperson from the production company Olive9 said, "We're astounded by the sincerity and dedication of the fans who came here late in the night to deliver the food and gifts, it's completely amazing. Our fatigue instantly disappeared, and we're really grateful to the fans for their support. I can safely say that this is the best supper we had in our lives."

Source: inews24
Chi trans: 丢丢@情投E赫
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.22][trans] Magazine t: Eric's t map

Eric (a.k.a Mun Jung Hyuk): The leader of Korea's longest-running idol group. A superstar with several hit dramas on his resume. Earning praise from senior actors/actresses such as Choi Min Shik and Shin Eun Kyung, and featuring in albums of prominent rap artistes such as Joosuc, Cho PD, Lee Hyun Do, and has a wide network of friends. In summary - hardworking, cool, popular...But then, everyone already knows that.

Q: Can you write a two-line verse with your name?
Eric: E (에) - ERIC (에릭) being said backwards would be.... Ric(릭) - Ric-E (릭에)

Q: Who's your favorite entertainment personality?
Eric: Masaru

Q: Say something to your fans
Eric: If a hedgehog walks by, night has come.

How has this person with the exterior of an idol and the soul of Masaru survived 10 years in the entertainment world?

The idol group that has survived for 10 years and going strong. Making their debut with Hae Gyul Sah, and known for their impressively complicated dance choreography for songs like Wild Eyes and Wedding. Eric is the leader of Shinhwa, and takes up the role of the cool rapper. Although he's been assigned the image of charisma in the group, but that is solely his exterior image. To the fans, they are well aware that Shinhwa members attempt to scale walls in waiting rooms and pull off silly stunts during interviews. Shinhwa's leader Eric contributes a great deal to the group's gags. He would sometimes pull his hiphop-style pants right up to his waist. When Junjin asked him during an interview, "Why do you like to hug me at night?", he simply answered "Omo, the child is shy! If you dare to hug me again, I will hit you", fulfilling his duties as the 'gag' leader.

Junjin once said of Eric, "He's very chatty and he loves to crack jokes, but once he goes on air he becomes much too tough." But Eric also said, "I'm often placed in the centre among the Shinhwa members. I don't like that. I never intended to step out to do anything." In the group, he never thought of stepping into the limelight, and his real self wasn't known by others not close to him. Yet, Eric started to gradually step into the limelight when Shinhwa's contract with SM Entertainment ended. At that time SM Entertainment still owned the rights to Shinhwa's name, and Eric had to put himself through a crash course in legalities to resolve Shinhwa's contract issues. In the end, Shinhwa left SM with the rights to their name. Since then, Eric started to become more active in solo activities, and the funny side of him slowly became known to the world. According to Eric, "The members will find it very awkward if we praised each other. We're happier teasing and messing with each other."

Shin Hyesung
Shinhwa member. The creator of "kaptuktwi" (Abbreviation for "kapchagi tukhago twieonaon"/ "suddenly jumping out"). The reason for bringing up Shin Hyesung is the love-hate relationship he has with Eric. They are what the other Shinhwa members call "oil and water". And "kaptuktwi" is also a term that Shin Hyesung came up with in a message about Eric which he left on their website. One of the lines in the message was,"My computer at home isn't working. Please help me repair it Professor Dongwan, kekeke (kap.tuk.twi)". Eric's reply was, "It was antagonized by an ant that was passing by. And it was the smallest worker ant." And his reason for sleeping at night with his eyes open was "Hyesungie might hug me when he sleeps." And when asked which member he would like if he was a girl, he said "Hyesungie. Because it's more convenient since we're both girls." Eric often makes such comments to provoke Hyesung. Their oil-water relationship doesn't just affect their image, but to Shinhwa's image as a whole. Their situation provides their fans with a lot of room for imagination, and has made Shinhwa the kings of fanfics. Even Eric himself once mentioned that he has come across many Ricsung stories among the fanfics.

Besides his relationships with Hyesung and the other members, Eric's unique personality has made him the pioneer of the 4th dimension. Among his classic 4D remarks: "In future if I get scolded by the officers in the army, I'd catch an ant that's passing by and complain to it", "Shin Hyesung has a cat's blood flowing in him, Andy has a comedian's blood flowing in him, Minwoo has Choi Minsoo's blood flowing in him, Junjin has a sportsman's blood flowing in him, Dongwan has blood flowing from his nose, Eric has green blood flowing in him."

Park Jung Soo
MBC's drama PD. He handpicked Eric for the MBC drama Breathless. At that time when he saw Eric reading the script during the casting call, he said "His performance is the worst. It doesn't get worse than this. But not being shy when he was reading the script is a good thing." After saying this, he "made a life-changing in 0.5 seconds". He recommended Eric and Eric was quickly confirmed for the role. That decision changed Eric's life. Before he started acting, he "was living a life where he slept only in the morning and woke up late in the afternoon. After acting in Breathless, I placed the reviews of my acting as a lesser priority, and instead I changed my way of thinking, my life, my everything. I used to waste my time recklessly and I started to think about what I wanted to do, and to look for the things I wanted to do."

"I felt that I was starting from scratch as a new actor, so I decided to use my Korean name Mun Jung Hyuk." He even personally thanked and replied all the people who criticized his acting on the viewers' messageboard."

Cha Eun Tae
CF/MV director. He worked with Eric on various CFs, including Megapass, AnyMotion and AnyClub. Through these projects, Eric proved that besides being an actor and a rapper, he was also a stylish and fashionable guy. If we say acting and singing laid the foundation for his career, then Cha Eun Tae's CFs and MVs created the Eric Style. Through the dramas Breathless. Phoenix and Super Rookie, he has proved himself to be a real actor. Through the CFs and the MVs, he has proved that Eric, not as a Shinhwa member but as a solo act, also possessed star quality.

Park Shi Yeon
Actress, and was in a relationship with Eric. At that time, Eric disclosed the relationship on his website, resulting in quite a media ruckus as there weren't many cases of popular idol group members admitting to being in a relationship. After Eric went public about the relationship, their dates were once again the centre of media attention.

Eric eventually became known for not being afraid to disclose his personal life and opinions. When a certain journalist made scathing criticisms towards Shinhwa's 7th album, he replied "If you want to criticize us, please make sure you're qualified to do so" in a long message on their website. When he was acting in Breathless, his fans made personal attacks towards other netizens who criticized him. He said, "I'm not the kind of hypocrite who wants to make my fans like me at all costs." About his popularity after appearing in Phoenix, he said, "I didn't actually get recognized for my work, it's only an issue of popularity, and as a result I have to live as someone I'm not. This so-called popularity makes be really uncomfortable."

For someone who prefers a carefree and laidback life, this unfortunate situation is expected. In a random personality test that he did during Shinhwa's early days, he was asked to make a sentence using 'I', 'rabbit' (signifying his partner), 'keys' (signifying ability or wealth) and 'bridge' (signifying difficulties). He came up with, "I will use the keys to unlock the rabbit from the bridge that it is locked to." - I will use my abilities to rescue my partner from difficulties. He ended by saying, "The rescued rabbit will come with me on the path I'm taking."

Lee Seon Mi-Kim Ki Ho
Drama scriptwriters, who wrote the screenplays for Super Rookie and KSA (Invincible Parachute Agent). Although Eric once commented that he didn't put in particular effort for Super Rookie as he thought he would never work with the writers again, but in order to get the role in KSA he had to be rejected by them twice before he persuaded them to cast him in the role. Super Rookie and KSA were the turning points in Eric's career as an actor. Drastically different from the suave image of Director Seo Jong Min he portrayed in Phoenix, Kang Ho and Choi Kang were characters that were more realistic and somewhat with a 4th dimension personality. Super Rookie, KSA and most recently Strongest Chil Woo have all captured the attention of viewers with their unique humor, and Que Sera Sera has also broken the tradition of typical melodramas. Of course, due to the subject and nature of these dramas, they didn't do particularly well in terms of ratings. Yet, a devoted fan following of these niche dramas still developed, and Eric is still doing what he wants to do.

Singer, whose claim to fame came about with her song My Name Is Yozoh in the Olympus CF. Eric recently worked with her on the digital single Nostalgia. The pairing of an indie singer and a idol star may be a little strange but the rapper Eric has a wide network of firends. Besides featuring in the albums of his fellow Shinhwa members, he has also featured on tracks for Lee Hyori, Lee Soo Young and Lyn. He also participated in albums of hiphop artistes such as Lee Hyun Do, Joosuc and Cho PD. Despite being a superstar from a top idol group and a popular actor, Eric would still feature on tracks for friends for the price of a slice of pizza.

As an idol group member he doesn't hide his relationships from the public eye, and as a star he features on albums for friends out of goodwill. MC Kim Won Hee disclosed that he generously gave a wedding gift of 1 million won. As a superstar he still chooses to live freely. What's even more special about Eric is he doesn't see himself as a star and continues to live his life in a carefree and laidback way. He's enjoying great popularity, and he quietly goes about doing the things he wants to do. He doesn't hide his real personality, or perhaps this man isn't from the 4th dimension, but he's like Chil Woo who is in between of illusion and reality?

Source: magazine t & oceans 6
Chi trans: 丢丢@情投E赫
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.22][news] Good reviews for Eric's acting, "getting more polished"

Viewers have given good comments about Mun Jung Hyuk's acting in the KBS2 drama Strongest Chil Woo.

On Ep 11 shown on 21 July, Chil Woo returns after rescuing the girls from being sent to China, only to find out that So Yoon has been captured by the Chinese general Yong Go. Though he attempts to rescue her, he is no match for the muskets of the Chinese soldiers. Heuk San comes along and gets into a fight with Chil Woo which he loses due to his injuries, and passes out as he watches So Yoon being taken away. The despondent Chil Woo sheds tears and is expected to have a showdown with Heuk San in Ep 12.

After the episode was aired, viewers left positive comments on the messageboard - "I could really feel him truly wanting to protect the woman he loves", "Mun Jung Hyuk's charisma lit up the scenes", "Mun Jung Hyuk's acting is getting more polished", "The expression in his eyes was very touching".

In Ep 12, Chil Woo will have a one-on-one showdown with Heuk San, and break into the den where So Yoon is being held hostage.

Source: reviewstar
Chi trans: 丢丢@情投E赫
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

[08.07.22][info] Junjin's birthday fanmeet info - for OVERSEAS FANS


JunJin 29th Birthday Party "♡ All for you"

- Date : Aug, 16, 2008 (Sat.)
- Place : New Millieum Concert Hall in Kunkook Univ.

If you are overseas fans or foreigners in Korea (means NO KOREAN),
and want to join the birthday party,

(Seats are limited. So, First send, First served)

- July, 30, 2008, 11:00 A.M. ~
- E-mail Form
title : [29th] Passport name in English
contents : name/ address

ex) if your Passport name is Park Chung Jae,

[29th] Park Chung Jae
name : Park Chung Jae
address : Seoul, Korea

- 1 e-mail = 1 person = 1 seat

- NO Duplicate mail.

- If you get the entry, we'll send you a reply with the acounts number.
- Ticket price is 20,000won.
- If you don't remit money within the appointed day, the next will get your right to join. No exception.

3. Bring your "Passport" and "our Reply printed" on the Party
- Your name don't match, and you cannot get the ticket. No Exception.
-Your ticket is non-transferable. Your ticket is just for you.


[08.07.21][info] Lee Minwoo 4th album concert ticketing info

Lee Minwoo 4th album concert - presales ticket guide

- Date: 23 August 2008, Saturday
- Time: 6.00pm
- Venue: Olympic Park Fencing Gymnasium
- Ticket price: Section R 77,000won / Section S 66,000won / Section A 55,000won (Standing/seating)
- Organizer: Open World Entertainment, M Rizing Entertainment
- Managed by: In Next Trend
- Enquiry: 02-3446-3226

※ Presales open on 24 July 2008, 6pm

Source: O6 & Interpark
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.21][info] Junjin Birthday Party: All For You

Junjin 29th Birthday Party: All For You
An invitation to the fans

Date: 16 Aug 2008, Saturday
Time: 4.00pm
Venue: Konkuk University Extension Centre

We'll be issuing more information in a 2nd notice later in the afternoon.

We hope you will show your support and participation for Junjin's 29th birthday party.

Source: Ocean's 6 / Open World
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.20][News] Junjin defeats Rain: Best Kpop Celebrity Dad

Junjin defeated Rain, ranked first to become "Best Kpop Celebrity Dad".

As a multi-talented celebrity in popular group Shinhwa, Junjin has been voted first in China's "Best Kpop Celebrity Dad". In this recent voting, other than Junjin who has been placed first, Shin Hyesung at 6th, Andy at 8th, Eric at 9th and Lee Minwoo at 12th, has proved Shinhwa members' popularity in China.

In a recent voting done by SOHU, out of 544,597 people, Junjin received 146,565 votes (24.44%), selected by Chinese as a representative of gentle fatherly image.

One netizen voted for Junjin because, "While watching Korean entertainment shows, Junjin and his father are very close. In the future, it feels like he will treat his own child like his friend."

In second place was Rain, with 142,203 votes (23.5%)

Source: SPN&oceans
Chi-translation: jojoyu7 @ shinhwachina
Eng-Chi translation: jiahhui @

Sunday, July 20, 2008

080719 Onstyle Magazine Fashion Pet - Dongwan + Goguma Cut

An Anonymous Comment

This was posted in the comment section of this blog - "CHRISTMAS SPECIAL" JUNJIN FAN MEETING (GUEST ANDY), I know that everybody is entitles to their opinion but let me say my piece as well

According to Anonymous:

" I'm so surprised to know that they will hold a concert in Korea.
Do they forget "Forever Concert" was the last concert prior to their military obligation.
How many times will they have the last time?
Usualy we in our ordinary world the last means the one as well as the first is one time.
I can't believe it nor understand them. I feel a little betrayed. How about you all? Seems like a boy claimes a wolf is coming.
Please show their honest and sincere attitude to us (fans).
And go the military service as they say for these few years.

My Comment:

Each guys have their own individual concerts. The one they did March 2008 is their way of saying "Thank You" to all their fans who have supported them for the last 10years.

Everyone who is a SHINHWA FAN knows that Eric and Kim Dongwan will be the first to enlist and doing this concert with the rest of the guys is very special to them. I myself would have watched had i not been too sick to watch myself.

If you are talking about the Soulmate Concert they will have this August 9, 2008, its a charitable act of the guys to help a poor little girl to pay for her treatment. If this makes the guys a liar then so be it, but the rest of us who knows and support the guys in their effort dont think that this is just another way for them to add more money to their bank account.

Individual concerts of the guys, in my honest opinion, doenst make them a liar if it would mean performing infront of their fans before they all go in for enlistment. If the other fans felt betrayed with what the guys are doing right now, these fans wont be watching the concert and they would have already said a ton and i dont think this will not reach any of the guys let alone the management company where the guys are working with right now.

I know this wont make any difference or will it affect what you think in any way, i just gave you a piece of what i have to say and if there will be anyone who agrees with you, then i will respect that.

I will also appreciate if others will give their views on this.


JADE left this comment on this post:

Dear annoyed Shinhwa Fans,

There is nothing wrong with the continuous concert of Shinhwa. Please do not feel being betrayed for their concerts. Their last concert prior enlistment was on 29 and 30 March 2009 and the concert in August is clearly stated as Charity concert. Perhaps the latter is being mixed up by the announced word of concert prior their enlistment which is quoted most of the time. However please treat it as reminder only. If we feel that we want to attend it because we want to support Shinhwa, just do so.

I think Shinhwa fans would not mind with their rows of concert prior enlistment. They are going to be out of stage for so many years anyway. We will definitely miss them during that period of time. So please keep support them since they are doing the charity concert to show their human side as part of their social responsibility. I am moved and proud of their decision on having this concert. If we support them that would also mean we are doing the charity works.

Warm regards,

[08.07.19][news] Consolidated news: Lee Minwoo's 4th album to be released on 21st Aug

Article 1

Singer Lee Minwoo will be making his comeback with his 4th album on 21 August to join in the summer album battle.

Lee Minwoo's management agency Open World stated on 19 July, "Lee Minwoo will be releasing his 4th album on 21st August, and at the same time he will be holding a solo concert to commemorate the release of the album."

The concert will be held at Seoul's Olympic Fencing Gymnasium in Olympic Park on 23 August.

A spokesperson from Open World said, "Though we have yet to announce the ticketing details, we've already received many enquiries from the fans. Lee Minwoo is now in the midst of preparation for the concert, where he hopes to present an exciting and vivid performance to the fans. He hopes to be communicate with the fans directly through the concert."

On top of that, Lee Minwoo also has plans for an Asian tour at the end of October in Bangkok, then to Singapore in November and to Japan in December.

Chi trans: 33love猫@LASTLOVEMIN

Article 2

M Lee Minwoo will be holding a solo concert on 23 August at 6pm to commemorate the launch of his 4th album, and promises to present the most passionate and most original stage performance.

Spokespeople from Open World Entertainment and M Rizing said, "We've received many enquiries from the fans about the concert even before we released ticketing details."

Lee Minwoo himself said, "I hope to present a concert where I can breathe together and interact with the fans."

He plans to kickstart his Asian tour in Bangkok at the end of October, followed by Singapore in November, and Japan in December. He adds, "The most direct way of communicating with the fans is via concerts, so I want to do this even more."

Presales for the tickets for the album launch concert will start on 21 July at 6pm on Interpark.

On the other hand, Lee Minwoo will be attending a birthday party organized by the fans on 27 July at 5pm at Kwang Woon University, and also a fanmeeting with Japanese fans on 28 July at Yeoksam-dong's Renaissance Hotel.

Source: newsen&oceans
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.19][info] Lee Minwoo's 4th album launch concert

M Lee Minwoo 4th Album Launch Commemorative Concert
Date: 23 Aug 2008, 6pm
Venue: Olympic Fencing Gymnasium, Olympic Park

Presales start on 21 July, 6pm on Interpark

Source: openworld
Chi trans: ilkwang@谁宇争锋 /

Shin Hyesung - MV Purple Rain

Friday, July 18, 2008

[08.07.17][notice] GOODENTER: About Shin Hyesung's activities

Hi everyone!

GOODENTER has been hearing news regarding Shin Hyesung's concert, new album, fanmeetings, and because of that we are issuing this urgent notice.

There are no confirmed details with regards to Shin Hyesung's concert, new album, fansigning sessions and photobook as of now, however reports concerning these has been surfacing in Japan, China, Taiwan and other Asian countries. We have already informed all news agencies who have released such information that the information is yet to be confirmed.

In particular, all information is inaccurate as long as it isn't posted on GOODENTER's official website, we hope the fans will not be taken in by these untrusted sources.

Also, all preparation and management of Shin Hyesung's 3rd album is undertaken by GOODENTER. Other than a few other companies who are working with us on this, any information about Shin Hyesung that is released by other companies is inaccurate.

Shin Hyesung, currently preparing for his 3rd album, will be rolling out activities in the Asian region. When dates for overseas activities are confirmed, GOODENTER will inform everyone via our official website.

In future GOOD will improve the management of all information regarding Shin Hyesung's activities so that truthful and accurate information is released. For We will bring you updates of the album, and we thank the fans for their support.

These are the few companies that are involved in Shin Hyesung's activities

* Official Shin Hyesung merchandise in Korea (GOODS)

* Official Japan fanclub management and merchandise(GOODS)

Source: Good Enter
Chi trans:
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.17][news] Infinity Challenge Pirate King

MBC's Infinity Challenge arrives at the beach for a Pirate King contest for their summer special.

The Infinity Challenge members, a la Pirates of The Caribbean, create sidesplitting moments in mud games. The recording on 17th July also features Junjin, Lee Yoon Suk and Yoo Chae Young, alongside the IC members.

A crew member said, "We hope to use this theme to make it interesting and fun for the viewers, and there will be many interesting and funny games too."

The episode, featuring MC Yoo Jae Suk as Captain Jack Sparrow, will be aired on 27 July.

Source: O6
Chi trans: JunJinChina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Thursday, July 17, 2008

[08.07.17][info] July schedule for Junjin, updated 15 July

17 July

MBC Infinity Challenge @ Taean (recording)


18 July Special @ Jamsil


19 July

Album shoot for repackage


20 July

SBS Yashimmanman


21 July High School Girls 4 (recording)


22-23 July

XTM B-boy Bullets Over Broadway @ Pyeongchang High School Girls 4 (recording)


24 July

MBC Infinity Challenge (recording)


25 July

KBS Open Concert (Olympic Park)


27 July

SBS Yashimmanman


28 July

XTM B-boy Bullets Over Broadway (Japan)

MBC Radio Kim Shin Young's Shim Shim Ta Pa


29/30 July

XTM B-boy Bullets Over Broadway (Japan)


31 July

MBC Infinity Challenge (recording)

SBS Radio Kim Chang Ryul's Old School

Source: Open World
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.17][info] For the overseas customer, about booking tickets - Andy Concert

This is Blue Entertainment, sponsoring ANDY's concert.
These are the answers to your question.

First of all,
You can buy the tickets from 16 July (Wednesday) all at one time including Seoul, Daegu and Busan.
Please transfer money to Blue Entertainment in Korea.
If you want to buy tickets for the Seoul, Daegu and Busan performances, you may transfer the money all at the same time.
( eg. 6 tickets for Seoul, Daegu and Busan ( R) : 462,000 won )
and then E-mail us ( Blue Entertainment / address:
Name of Depositor: please use the same name on your passport.
Date of concert:
Seoul / (1) 7:30 pm, Sept. 6 (Sat), 2008 (2) 6:00 pm, Sept. 7 (Sun), 2008
Daegu / 7:00 pm, Sept 20 (Sat), 2008
Busan / 6:00pm, Sept 21(Sat), 2008
Number of tickets:
Seoul (1) 2 R seats (2) 1 R seats
Daegu 2 R seats
Busan 1 R seats
Money of transfer: 462,000 won

After Blue Entertainment verifies your e-mail, reservation and wire transfer, confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail.
We'll inform you of the seat number with payment order, and verify the payment particulars on the concert day
Please ensure that the name of the applicant and the name of the depositor should are the same. Otherwise, it will take a long time to complete your reservation.

*To get the tickets more easily

1. transfer money
2. send e-mail
3. we'll check your mail and money.
4. we'll inform the seat number by E-mail
5. collect the tickets at the ticket office 2 hrs before the concert

*** The seat number goes by payment order, not by e-mail*****

If you have more questions, please contact us.

E-mail :
Tel : 82-1566-1774 /82-2-2057-0996

Source: ND Enter

[08.07.16][notice] Junjin-Japan: Birthday event, Date for event in Korea confirmed

We thank everyone for their feedback

The date for for Junjin's birthday event in Korea has been confirmed.

Date: 16 August (time TBC)
Venue: Yonsei Hall

Only the details above have been confirmed, thus we are unable to answer any other questions. We appreciate your understanding.

Our fanclub will not be arranging for ticket orders, and will not be organizing a travelling group.

Source: jin" class="t_tag">junjin-japan
Chi trans: Éñ»°ÏãÄζù@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.15][info] KimDongWan 2nd repackage, The Secret : Between Us Part

The Secret : Between Us Part.
Release Date: 2008.07.22

1. 남자의 사랑
2. 비밀 (Narr. 소녀시대 티파니)
3. 왜 그래 (feat. Heritage)
4. Honey (feat. Eric)
5. 사랑하는 사람아
6. 바람의 노래
7. 사이키스
8. 떠나도 돼
9. 악녀탈출
10. 좋을 사람
11. 잊어야겠다
12. 후애 (後愛)
13. 이별전화 (Duet with Wanted 김재석)
14. You don’t know me (Duet with Jade Valerie)
15. 비밀 (Instrumental)
16. 왜 그래 (Instrumental)

Credits: Oceans6 & leemusic &

[08.07.16][info] Shinhwa 10th anniv concert DVD, To be released in Japan first

Shinhwa 10th anniversary concert DVD

The tear-filled Shinhwa 10th anniversary concert
Held on 29th and 30th March at Korea's Olympic Park Gymnasium
The concert DVD is finally due for release!

¡ñ The memorable 10th anniversary concert where all 6 members stand on stage together
¡ñ From their debut song Hae Gyul Sah to their 9th album, their 10 year history.
¡ñ Includes the touching 10th anniversary party after the encore where members shed tears
¡ñ All the members together, a precious keepsake for the temporary separation

DISC 1 Concert (approx 2 hrs)
DISC 2 Concert, 10th anniversary party, making of the concert (approx 2 hrs)
DISC 3 3 songs with member-specific camera angles, concert VTR collection, VTR making film (approx 1h 30min)
Total of 5h 30min
Special feature: Pictorial collection

1.Throw my first / 2.Hero / 3.Shooting Star / 4.angel / 5. Deep Sorrow / 6.T.O.P / 7.Only one / 8. Hae Gyul Sah / 9.First love / 10. Prayer / 11.Jam#1 + Eusha Eusha / 12.How do I say / 13. The Things I've Always Wished For/ 14. The Stories We Haven't Told / 15. I Pray 4 U / 16. Hey, come on / 17. Perfect Man / 18. Once in a life time / 19. Your Man (remix ver.) / 20. Brand New / 21.Oh! (remix ver.) / 22.Y o! / 23. I Pray 4 U

On 29 and 30 March 2008, Shinhwa held their 10th anniversary concert at Seoul's Olympic Park Gymnasium. In their 10 years together, they have never changed their member lineup. Shinhwa, Korea's longest-running idol group.

2 years after their last concert, all 22,000 tickets were snapped up. Being the last concert with all the 6 members before army enlistment, the concert was more highly anticipated than ever.

From their debut song Hae Gyul Sah until their 9th album, we witness 10 years of Shinhwa's history. After two sets of encore performances, the members themselves were all moved to tears by touching video messages prepared by the production crew as well as the anniversary cake prepared by the fans.

Shinhwa members will be separated temporarily soon, making this an extremely precious keepsake for the fans, containing the memories of the laughter and tears that they shared with the fans.

Chi trans: ±Ë°¶»¨¿ª³Éº£ @ Bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Note: Pictures to follow

[08.07.16][info] 2 days 1 night with Dongwan, GMarket summer camp

GMarket( will be giving 50 lucky customers the chance to spend 2 days and 1 night with Kim Dongwan during a special summer camp on 28/29 July at Gangwon-do's Pyeongchang, and 12/13 August with Brown Eyed Girls.

To participate, simply state the reason why you want to be at this summer camp with Kim Dongwan on the GMarket website, and 50 entries will be selected to join in the event with a friend each. Accommodation and food will be provided by GMarket. The call for entries will end on 21 July at 6pm, and the lucky winners will be notified on 22 July.

The programme for the summer camp will include a BBQ party, a campfire session and a mini sports meet. This will be a great chance to meet with your favorite star and win great prizes.

Source: Ocean's six
Chi trans: Þ©è¨deä½ÐÜ
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Monday, July 14, 2008

[08.07.14][news] Eric loses 5kg while filming

While filming the KBS2 drama Strongest Chil Woo, Mun Jung Hyuk has already lost 5kg in the midst of the sweltering heat.

The reason for his rapid weight loss is the hot weather, making the film set no different from a sauna, filming action scenes in the hot summer weather, wearing thick costumes.

A crew member said, "The filming has caused his unintentional weight loss due to the heat, with the many action scenes that he has to film in this weather. In fact, he would lose weight even if he was just standing there and not moving."

He also added that Eric keeps the heat away with a large pink fan that he has had with him since filming of the drama began.

It's not just Eric, but Jeon Noh Min, who plays Min Seung Kook on the drama, also carries food around with him to replenish his energy. The other actors are also trying to search for ways to beat the heat.

Strongest Chil Woo will begin to unravel the mystery of Crown Prince Seo Hyun's death. Episode 9 shows on 14 July.

Source: Newsen
Chi trans: º«Ð¡¹ú @ BESTSHINHWA
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.14][diary] DW: In The Name Of Love - SES

*2 entries in one night....and the guy posted this after 4am...SEOUL TIME...*

Please use words to express that heart of yours that you've been hiding
Don't be lost, please let me hear your voice
People will all linger at low points and get hurt
Although we continue living with unspeakable pain
But we still can hold on to the courage of love

p.s. ha ah~ why do people always linger at low points and get hurt
Continue living with unspeakable pain?... ¤Ì¤Ì

Source: november21
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

[08.07.14][diary] DW: A quote from Notari hyung

*i'm not exactly sure about thie Notari hyung, but "Ha-ak Ha-ak" is a book written by a famous Korean novelist Lee Oi-Soo about philsophies of life....*

Don't hope for the world to change,
Hope for yourself to change.
Hoping for the world to change
Will bring about uninvited guests called discontent and failure, who will tell us to give up
Hoping for yourself to change
Will bring about welcome guests called success and hope, who will encourage us to take up challenges
The master of your life is not the world but yourself

-from Lee Oi Soo's "Ha-ak Ha'ak"....

Source: November21
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Shinhwa Soulmate concert

Hi everyone
This is The Star Company.

On 9 August at 7.30pm, Shinhwa members Shin Hyesung, Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan, Junjin and Eric will be presenting Shinhwa's "Search For A Beautiful Face, Soulmate Concert", on a specially built stage at Seoul's Olympic Park.

Firstly, as the organizer of the Soulmate concert, we hereby apologize for the inconvenience and unhappiness caused by the cancellation of the concert originally planned for June.

After the spectacular end to the 10th anniversary concert on 29/30 March, Shinhwa members were prepared to hold the Soulmate concert in June in aid of 8-year-old Ga In. However due to the Sichuan earthquake and also the fact that it coincided with the examination period in Korea, many fans expressed their regret at being unable to attend the concert. Thus we have postponed the concert to 9 August, making it yet another meaningful gatherinf for the Shinhwa members.

Shin Hyesung, who had released his 2nd solo album and held a solo concert; Lee Minwoo, who has just held a successful concert in China; Kim Dongwan, who has just made a comeback with his new title track Bi Mil; Junjin, who is now in the midst of the promotional activities for his 1st solo album; and Eric, who is currently filming Strongest Chil Woo, will all be presenting never-see-before solo performances. This concert will see all Shinhwa members putting up performances with their own unique and distinct characteristics.

(Andy will be unable to attend due to other work commitments)

In addition, although Eric has been busy filming the drama Strongest Chil Woo, but he will still join his fellow Shinhwa members in this charity event and have a special meeting with the fans.

Shin Hyesung, Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan, Junjin and Eric have decided to hold the meaningful Soulmate concert in order to help little Ga-In find her smile back, and this will also be a good opportunity to see the Shinhwa members together on stage. We hope fans will show their support.

Ticketing details for the concert will be made available at a later date.

1. Concert title: Shinhwa - Search for A Beautiful Face, Soulmate Concert
2. Date: 9 August 2008 (Sat) 7.30pm (1 show only)
3. Venue: Seoul Olympic Park, 88 Lawn Garden
4. Enquiry: BSK Entertainment 02-581-2134

Tickets open for booking on 16 July 7.00pm

Source: goodemg/oceans6
Chi trans:
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Sunday, July 13, 2008

[08.07.11][diary] Hyesung's moblie diary

7/11 [diary] Hyesung's moblie diary

The weather in Korea is really very hot recently.

I sweated easily therefore, in order for me to avoid the heat,

Other than the recording studio....

I will only stay at home!

Home --> Recording Studio --> Home --> Recording Studio

I am a youth with good discipline of my life.

Credits: (English translation) + ’Ž’Ž’–’–@bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + Always HYESUNG (source)

[08.07.12][Info] Mnet Color Purple Event, hyesung

Color Purple Shin Hye Sung's Purple Rain Lottery event
Event Period: July 9th~23rd 2008
Winner annoucement: July 30th 2008
Event prize: CD (10)

Official web:

Souce: MNET + Oceans
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[08.07.09][News] 'YSMM Season2' rivive/back with, 'Biz Player Village'

5 years incharging of Monday night 11pm session, SBS 'YaShinManMan' is now back with season2.

'YSMM' appearance guest were holding a shooting together on 10th in Gyeonggi Province mountain's SBS production center. This is the first recording before 13thJuly, and the first gathering of unition for the guest.

Specially is, 'YSMM2' is now officially being called 'YSMM2- Biz Player Village'. If you say that the Korean representative players were training with sweats in TaiLing village in able to won the gold medal, then in 'Biz player village', the 7 artist met up and in able to become the most outstanding artist, they will be undergoing a tester training.

With KangHoDong as lead, includes KimDongWan, YunJungShin, JunJin, SeoInYoung, Mc Mong and so on artist participating in the day's shooting.

*Program Note
Biz Player, the MCs and the guest will be having a talk challenge in order to win the gold medal. Before the MCs welcome the everyday guest, they will first discuss together on the preparation to have a deep attack on the guest. The bizarre talk will be vividly depicted through the process.

Addition, in the show, they will be harshly pointing out on the artist's possition on their good and bad side, a hard challenge cant be avoided and it will reveal the true fact of each player's expression, to see who's the outstanding artist among them.

The production side express, being as a talkshow with the guest in 'Biz player village' with the origin of YSMM, will be taking on a different static.

Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[08.07.12][Info] andy designed bag for auction

This bad designed by Andy for auction during 2008.07.01~07.11
But it's now closed.

[Product Info]
- Code number : FOJL69NRCZ4UQOB
- Brand : perryamerica
- Bag name: - Designed by andy
- Color :White
- Size :35cmX35cm, Bottom width 14cm


Source : elle&oceans
Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[08.07.12][ND Notice] Andy Love Concert, "Shall we fall in love?" presales info

ANDY LIVE CONCERT "Shall we fall in love?"

When first starting of the Fall.. Andy will be holding his sol concert singing with all the man's romance with all the sweetest moment in song 'Shall we fall in love?'

In year 2008 he had release his first solo album and andy too debuted as a solo artist through a mini theatre for a musical play.

After sucessfully hold his first concert on the 6th, andy has been making a solo record in China & Japan with his solo concert where all the tickets were sold out and fans has been requiring for more performance, thus in this coming September Andy will be bring his solo concert back on stage again for everybody.

With Seoul as the starting of the running point, then to Daegu, Bushan will be holding each a concert to extend & express all the tracks in his solo album, thus he will be bringing a different performance in each concert, and he has been showing a great passion while doing all the preparations & in proposal meetings.

This concert title is name after a track in his first solo concert "Shall we fall in love?", Andy will be performing to all the couples among the audience seats and expressing out the warmth and love's messages to everybody. Thus, in this concert he too prepared romantic scenes of musical/drama& movies, and some activities to all the couples and too prepared a special gift to them.

Addition, Andy will be presenting his cute & soften side of him on stage, too a powerful stage performance, thus this concert is filled with much anticipation among everybody.

This is Andy's solo concert who recent had gained the popularity as the number 1 bridge groom & too gained lots of news topic.

Andy in this coming Sept, through breaking the first step in Autumn with his concert, being as a solo artist, musical actor, all the wills and skills in entertainment he will presenting them newly through performance. Besides than the local fans, too the oversea fans has been calling in for inquiry. Once again felt the true popularity from him.

Andy's Love concert "Shall we fall in love" will be on Sept 6th & 7th in Seoul Children's park Domart Hall, then on Sept20th in Daegu's Exco Convention Hall & Sep21st in Bushan KBS Hall.

[Seoul concert info]
- Production: (株)TOP media,blue enter.
- Organizer : blue enter.,(株)도앤모픽쳐스
- Sponsor : (株)rich auction
- Time : Sept 6th, 08 (Sat) 7:30pm ~ Sept 7th (Sunday) 6pm
- Venue :Children Park's domarthall
- Inquiry :1566-1774

※ ticket open: July 26th (Wednesday)
※ Overseas fans please proceed to the written team below

[Daegu Concert info]
- Production : (株)TOP media,blue enter.
- Organizer : blue enter.,(株)도앤모픽쳐스
- Date : Sept 20th 08 (Saturday) 7pm
- Inquiry :1566-1774

※ticket open: July 17th (Thursday) 2pm

[Bushan Concert Info]
- Production : (株)TOP media,blue enter.
- Organizer : blue enter.,(株)도앤모픽쳐스
- Management: 신한경호
- Date : Sept 21st 08 (Sunday) 6pm
- Venue: Bushan KBS hall
- Inquiry :1566-1774

※ ticket open: July 18th (Friday) 2pm


Hi everyone, this is from ND Entertainment
On September in Seoul, Daegu & Bushan will hold andy love concert 'Shall we fall in love?'
The tickets will be release for sale on next week July 16 (wednesday)

Hope the fans will give your care and support
Detail sales schedule & location are written as below.

Thank you


[Presale Info] * andy love concert 'Shall we fall in love?’

- Production : (株)TOP media,blue enter.
- Organizer : blue enter.
- Advisory : T.1566-1774 (blue enter.)
-Ticket sales web: interpark(드(
-Ticket Pricing: Section R: 77000won, Section S: 66000won, Section A: 55000won
Oversea fans ticket Inquiry: e-mail.

Source : interpark&auciton ticket&ND enter.&oceans
Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

[08.07.12][Info] Dongwan performs in, Bucheon International Film Festival

A preparation for a grandeur stage performance for the Number 12th Bucheon International Film Festival Opening Ceremony.

Bucheon Internation Film Festival PiFan 2008 with Mnet on July 17th (Thursday) in Bucheon Central Park from 7pm onwards will have a prepared stage performances, as Pifan 2008 opening ceremony, the total performance will be as long as 120minutes.

The MV of the night will be Alex & ChaeYeon, the new generation & current popularity artist will be performing. Performancers are Battle, Davich, SG Wannabe, Mighty_Mouth, MC Mong, Super Junior, JangYunJeong, ChwiYunJeong (Angel), V.O.S, KimDongWan, PakSangMin, ShinJi, WooJungHyuk and so on.

In the day's performancers will be promoting PiFan's nominated movies & productions in a short video as opening, The audience seatings will be on first come first serve basis starts on 5pm. There will be a total of 5000seats of audience with 100sq ft of performance stage.

[obmited news]

Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,