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[10.08.30] Liveworks Twitter: Shin Hyesung sings for ‘The Invincible’ OST

Hyesung’s song aside – I’m a bit wary about how the movie will turn out… It’s rarely a good idea to remake a classic, but let’s hope for the best… At the very least, EYE CANDY! More about the movie here

Back to Hyesung’s song, this seems to be a link to a 35-sec preview of the song… But I can’t seem to view anything on my office laptop – you guys can try it out and see if it works though


Shin Hyesung will be participating on the OST of the most anticipated blockbuster this Chuseok, ‘The Invincible’.

‘The Invincible’ is the Korean remake of the Hong Kong noir classic ‘A Better Tomorrow’ and this project has become a hot topic for discussion.

‘Timeless Memory’, performed by Shin Hyesung, is slated to be used as the theme for the character of Kim Chul (role originally played by Leslie Cheung), played by actor Kim Kang Woo.

Please give us your support.

Movie info
Title: The Invincible
Director: Song Hae Seong
Starring: Joo Jin Mo, Song Seung Hun, Kim Kang Woo, Jo Han Seon
Premiere date: 16 September (Thursday)

Track info
Title: Timeless Memory (Kim Kang Woo’s theme song)
Launch date: 7 September (Thursday)

Credits: LIVEWORKSCP Twitter + Absolut Shinhwa

[10.08.29] Liveworks Twitter: I am Singer Shin!

I am Singer Shin! (Kojiam Resort 2010.08.28)

Minwoo’s surprise appearance! Even Hyesung was surprised! Shinhwa’s loyalty^^ Completely in sync!

All the Shinhwa members making their appearance? ^^ Hyesung’s idea?

Credits: LIVEWORKSCP Twitter + Absolut Shinhwa

Pics: Hyesung’s Kojiam Resort fanmeeting (with surprise guest!!)

Click the link below to check who is Hyesung's special/surprise visitor ^_^

Guess who?

See logo on pics for credits + Absolut Shinhwa

Saturday, August 28, 2010

[10.08.28] Liveworks twitter: Chef Hyesung at Kojiam Resort

Now in Chef Hyesung’s room at Kojiam Resort!! Who’s cooking for the staff!! What is he cooking??

Hyesung-style ddukbokki!!! Extremely popular with the staff!


Credits: LIVEWORKSCP Twitter + Absolut Shinhwa

[10.08.25] Dongwan’s memolog: The person I look like…

I was watching Ip Man 2 I look like Donnie Yen! That’s what I thought… ㅋㅎㅎ

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

[10.08.23] ’79 Club’ members get hitched one after another… Is Lee Hyori next?

“Who’s next after Park Kyung Lim, Seo Min Jung and Lee Soo Young?”

The announcement of singer Lee Soo Young’s impending marriage on 5 October to a company employee, has led to speculation as to whether a marriage wave will take place among the members of the “79 Club”.

The “79 Club”, made up of entertainers born in 1979, is a clique of celebrity friends that include Lee Ji Hoon, Shin Hyesung, Lee Ki Chan, Lee Hyori, Lee Soo Young, Park Kyung Lim and Ahn Jae Mo.

The first wedding of the “79 Club” took place in July 2007 with the marriage of Park Kyung Rim and Park Jung Hoon, who’s three years younger than his wife. A month later, Seo Min Jung married dentist Ahn Sang Hoon. Three years later, wedding bells are ringing for yet another “79 Club” member Lee Soo Young.

Netizens expressed, “The ’79 Club’ is a big clique in Korean showbiz, and it’s interesting how all three members have married non-celebrities”, and “it feels like another member will get married soon, who will that be?”

“79 Club” members are all 32 years old this year (Korean age), and are of marriageable age, or some say, over the marriageable age. Looking at their good friends getting hitched one after another, they might feel the impulse to get married too.

News of male “79 Club” members getting married may be a little harder to come by. An industry insider said, “Sung Shi Kyung, Kangta and Lee Ki Chan have either just completed military service or are still serving in the army. As for Lee Ji Hoon and Shin Hyesung, they are focusing on things other than marriage for now. Ahn Jae Mo has announced recently that he is dating a younger woman who’s not in showbiz but is not discussing marriage plans yet.”

All eyes are thus on Lee Hyori now. As the last single female member of the “79 Club”, and a top female Korean celebrity, she has always been the object of affection for many men. Of course, there is a possibility that she may be dating secretly as well.

Credits: Sports Chosun + Absolut Shinhwa

Sunday, August 22, 2010

신혜성 - MV Ex-Mind

thanks much to 최원철 sending me the video

video credits: 최원철 + shinhwa06@wordpress

Saturday, August 21, 2010

[10.08.18] Pics: Junjin with friends

Source: Cyworld + Junjin Baidu Bar + Absolut Shinhwa

[10.08.19] Dongwan’s memolog: My daughter! Don’t marry someone like that.

My daughter! Don’t marry someone like that

Don’t marry a man who sleeps a lot in the morning
Someone who’s lazy in the morning won’t be hardworking in the afternoon either.

Don’t marry a man with a paunch
Someone who doesn’t take care of himself
Will not faithfully carry out the duty of supporting his family.

Don’t marry a person who throws things around.
In future he’ll toss people around.

Don’t marry a person who’s disrespectful to his parents.
If he’s like this to his parents he won’t be patient with you for long either.
Filial piety is a good quality to have, in any era.

Be careful of people who walk slowly with a toe-out gait.
You may end up having to be the breadwinner instead.

Don’t marry someone who finds it fun to tell you off in front of friends.
It will be easy for him to find ridiculous reasons to break off with you.

Beware of people who are nice to everyone.
Inappropriate relationships may cause you incessant suffering.

Don’t marry someone who never contacts you before you contact him.
Love will find its way to you even if you don’t call for it.

Don’t marry someone who’s uncertain and ambiguous.
He can break off even with the person that he couldn’t live without.

Don’t expect too much from successful people.
If he has never failed even once in life, that proves that he has been living an easy life.

Don’t marry a man who often tells you to ‘stay quiet’.
Rather than living a quiet life, you’ll be living silently.

My daughter!
Meet and marry someone kind and warmhearted.
Find a man who will earn money and not let you starve
Who will sometimes buy you flowers
Who will hide cans of warm coffee in his pocket
Who will wait for his wife.

Reposted from a friend’s blog. Author unknown.

While always bringing coffee I’ll have to frown too.
I won’t smile!!

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

[10.08.18] Dongwan’s blog: 2010 (main page updated + pic of Junjin!)

Ignore what a man desires
And you ignore the very source of his power.

- Walter Lippmann


Happy happy happy happy birthday to Baby Bird~!

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

[10.08.18] Dongwan’s blog: 2010 (main page updated)

Ignore what a man desires
And you ignore the very source of his power.

- Walter Lippmann

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

[10.08.17] Dongwan’s reviewlog: I Saw The Devil

Director: Kim Ji Woon
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Choi Min Shik
Produced: 2010 Korea, 144 minutes
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Expressing my deepest respect for Lee Byung Hun and Choi Min Shik.
Objectively speaking, just watching the acting of Lee Byung Hun who’s working really hard
And Choi Min Shik acting creepily scary and cruel
Even with the long running time I didn’t get bored.
I’m sorry to say this but it’s cumbersome to add in someone between the two of them…

I watched Lee Byung Hun in ‘Addicted’ and thought ‘Wa~ This guy acts really well.’
This time too he has fully showed off his acting skills.
Action that’s simple and built up.
The kind of action that shows the intention to kill your opponent as you would in a real fight.
This kind of action is really worth watching.

Like Kitano Takeshi in ‘Blood and Bones’. Or the even more brutal Choi Min Shik
Who often makes us take the focus off Lee Byung Hun.

Because of morally questionable parts this seems to have been banned from general screening…
Is our society that moral?
The world won’t turn evil just because of a movie.
It’s just people who are expressing the ugly and evil world through movies.

Having to become a beast in order to capture a beast, this is a work that contains a good cautionary lesson.

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

[10.08.17] Dongwan’s memolog: Just let it be~ (p.s. note added)

These friends who can’t even agree on one color
What is there to get so bothered about?…ㅋ


A saying comes to mind here.
‘If criticism hurts, it’s because whatever is being said is right.’
Though I’ve never talked about ‘anyone or anything’, but if I receive mails from people not related to me…
I guess it’s because they feel guilty about it.

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

Monday, August 16, 2010

[10.08.16] Dongwan’s memolog: Just let it be~

These friends who can’t even agree on one color
What is there to get so bothered about?…ㅋ

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

[10.08.16] Dongwan’s blog: 2010 (main page updated)

Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.

- Erma Bombeck

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

[10.08.15] Dongwan’s Naver Profile picture

I thought I updated then profile picture of my favorite Shinhwa Namja :)

Here it is :D Even in this weird picture… he still look dorky…. LOL

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog

[10.08.15] Dongwan’s blog: 2010 (main page updated)

It’s Gwangbokcheol (Liberation Day) today!

On 15 August 1945, the surrender of Japan not only marked the end of World War II, but also the independence of Korea, and the government of the Republic of Korea was established on 15th August 1948. To commemorate the day of the end of Japanese occupation and the establishment of an independent government, on 1 October 1949, under the “Law Concerning National Celebration Days”, the government of the Republic of Korea designated 15 August of every year as Gwangbokcheol, a National Celebration Day. “Gwangbok” literally means “the restoration of light” and implies the recovery of lost sovereignty.

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

Saturday, August 14, 2010

10.08.14 [MagPics] Shin Hyesung ~ Man Like Him

Excerpts from the interview:

Singer Hyesung:

Having debuted as lead vocalist of SHINHWA for more than 12 years, Hyesung stays in Korean entertainment business as singer, whether singing by himself or in his group. He doesn’t shoot up fame fast but he keeps up in a good pace. When asked what he thinks he would be if not a singer, he thought for a while and said ‘I’ve always wanted to be a singer since I was little and after so many years, I’ve never thought of other alternatives.”. In previous years, he held many large sized concerts but this time he had small fanmeeting since he wants to be closer with his fans.

Lee min woo once said ‘Hyesung told me to tell everyone that he’s the best dancer in SHINHWA.’ Even though, Junjin has more power and sex appeal, Eric’s more skilled dance moves and Minwoo’s technique, Hyesung’s dance skills might be more mediocre but his moves such as his crab dance is cute and popular among fans. When asked about his dancing skills, Hyesung is confident and said he was okay in dancing in SHINHWA, but now that he’s older and isn’t as good as before, he grades himself 50% but Kim Dongwan only gets 49%!! (Poor wannie)

Otaku Hyesung

* Note: Otaku is a japanese word refer to the one who are obssessed with one thing such as comics or games

Hyesung likes to play video games and he’s quite good at it and he’s an otaku who likes to stay at home and play games. He’s also good at cooking and he had won the title of ‘master of cooking’ in a korean TV show. But when asked whether he cooks at home since he stays at home so often he says he doesn’t because he doesn’t like to wash the dishes.

Soccer fans Hyesung:

World cup is a national holiday for all men, and Hyesung is no exception. He showed his love for football in many TV shows and in many footages and reports on SHINHWA, he had been seen playing around on football fields. “The last world cup hosted by Germay was right around when SHINHWA released their 8th album(State of art) and SHINHWA members concentrated on cheering for KOREA. This time I watched all the world cup games, the first match I saw with Eric, Junjin and Minwoo but after that I didn’t feel too well so I watched all the othermatches at home by myself ” says Hyesung. Even when asked repeatedly, he refuses to answer what team he cheers for other than Korea, and says “If I cheer for teams other than Korea, all Koreans will scold me!”

see picture for credits + Angela Lin
source: Cindy @facebook

Thursday, August 12, 2010

[10.08.12] Minwoo's cyworld diary update

2010.08.12 (Thursday) 01:49

It’s really been a long time since I’ve came on Cyworld.
Living with the same routine everyday might be relatively boring but I’m spending my days with ease, making my own music~
Hot weather please stop and go away now, and the cool autumn breeze~ come quickly!!

Credits: Minwoo’s Cyworld mnihompy + Absolut Shinhwa

10.08.10 Dongwan's Blog: 2010 (Main page updated)

“You can give a fool a thousand intellects, but the only one he will want is yours,” says an Arabic proverb.

When we start planting the garden of our life, we glance to one side and notice our neighbour is there, spying. He himself is incapable of growing anything, but he likes to give advice on when to sow actions, when to fertilise thoughts, and when to water achievements.

If we listen to what this neighbour is saying, we will end up working for him, and the garden of our life will be our neighbour’s idea. We will end up forgetting about the earth we cultivated with so much sweat and fertilised with so many blessings. We will forget that each centimetre of earth has its mysteries that only the patient hand of the gardener can decipher. We will no longer pay attention to the sun, the rain, and the seasons; we will concentrate instead only on that head peering at us over the hedge.

The fool who loves giving advice on our garden never tends to his own plants at all.

- Like The Flowing River


It’s a good thing that there are many people who are concerned about other people’s gardens.
Thanks to people who think that “there are people who need it more than me”
I slowly realise how foolish that is
And how important it is to maintain our own rhythm.

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

Monday, August 09, 2010

[10.08.06][Diary] Dongwan’s blog: 2010

There is an epigram in the Arabs.
‘Though you teach a fool a thousand pieces of wisdom, they are really only yours.’
While we cultivate our life’s garden we suddenly become aware of our neighbor stealing a glance at us. He puts aside his own errands,
and heatedly gives us advice on when we should sprinkle our seeds of action, when we should give it our manure of thought,
and when we should pour our water of accomplishment.
If we lend him an ear ultimately it will become as if we are working for him,
and our life’s garden will be decorated according to the wishes of our neighbor. In the end we will not be able to recognize the land we sweat for and cultivated with our manure of blessing.
We will forget that in each span of land there are secrets that only the gardener’s persevering hand can unlock, and instead of studying the changes in the sun, rain, and seasons,
we will hang on to the advice of our neighbor watching us out of the corner of his eye from behind his fence.
But that fool who loves to speak of the gardens of others does not have room to care for the flowers and trees in his own.

From “Like the Flowing River”

It’s a good thing that there are people who only care for the gardens of others.
Due to ‘those who are like me but yet worse,’
I can learn slowly how foolish it is to act like this,
and realize the importance of keeping my own rhythm.

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog
Credits: orisic @

[10.08.08][Diary] Dongwan’s memolog: Huhu~ (+Addition)

Sometimes, something I thought would be easy doesn’t work out,
but if you see something you were afraid to start at first clear up easily,
you start to think it’s a life that you should not cling to strongly, nor give up easily!

Are ‘relations(緣)’ like that also?

Suddenly last week…
I was sort of embarrassed, ashamed, and sorry to the active soldiers that I was going around too much while I’m just a public service soldier
and I wasn’t going to post it. But secretly I’ll just add Minwoo’s birthday picture here~

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog
Credits: orisic @

Saturday, August 07, 2010

[10.08.03] Dongwan’s memolog: I should go on a diet.

My weight in summer and in winter differs by about 4kg.
Whenever summer comes about my weight decreases by about 4kg.
So that’s why during winter I rest easy and eat indiscriminately. Whether I put weight or not.
Since I’ll lose weight anyway….
I didn’t lose it.
Instead, I put on another 2kg.
Aging weight gain!?…

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

More pics of Andy from “2010 Culture and Arts in Seoul Plaza”

Credits: DEMA Club Twitter + Absolut Shinhwa

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

[10.08.02] Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo & Junjin choreograph for Dae Guk Nam Ah

Shinhwa members Junjin and Lee Minwoo have come together to choreograph the dance for juniors Dae Guk Nam Ah’s follow-up track.

Currently serving as public service officers, Junjin and Lee Minwoo have provided ideas for the follow-up track for Dae Guk Nam Ah, juniors that they have always doted on. The juniors had asked if they could incorporate chairs into their choreography.

Having choreographed the chair dance for Shinhwa’s ‘Wild Eyes’, Lee Minwoo came up with a chair dance specially for Dae Guk Nam Ah.

A spokesperson from Dae Guk Nam Ah’s management company expressed, “Dae Guk Nam Ah took the suggestions from their seniors from Shinhwa, and they are even more encouraged with the completion of the choreography. In order not to smear the reputation of their seniors, Dae Guk Nam Ah are putting in even more effort into their practice.”

“A choreography that fits the song and the group very well has been created, please look forward to it.”

Credits: Sports Chosun + Absolut Shinhwa

Monday, August 02, 2010

[10.08.01] Dongwan’s memolog: Let’s live.

Though every day may be difficult, not able to see hope, and the end of pain, in sight.
For ‘the people who live on even though it’s like this’, we have to live on.

The pain that we feel may be clearly a luxury for someone else.
Every single day that we find weary and difficult, may be hope for someone else.

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa