Saturday, September 01, 2012

On the August 18th broadcast of jTBC‘s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘, Shinhwa‘s Dongwan revealed his opinion on friendship and love.
The episode featured, “Friendship Channel – The Best Friend“, in which a 50-member panel of men were invited to answer a series of questions along with the Shinhwa members.
Guest MC, Son Bum Soo, asked “If your friend and girlfriend asked to rendezvous at the same time, who would you go to?“, to which Junjin replied, “I’d call my girlfriend over to where I am hanging out with my friends. When I am on a date, most of the times my friends are also with me“. Hyesung added, “In the past, friendship was more important to me than love. I would deem my appointments with friends more important, but now I regret doing so“, while Eric displayed his romanticism as he firmly stated, “I will go to my girlfriend no matter what“.
On the other hand, Dongwan displayed a much different opinion than his members when he stated, “I used to be a person who believed that love was more important than friendship, however, after suffering because of love a few times, I found out that friendship goes on forever and girls don’t mean much.”
To this, Son Bum Soo, asked Dongwan, “Are you in pain because of your recent break-up?”, to which Dongwan replied, “This has nothing to do with my recent break-up. [There was a time] when I was dumped when I was deeply in love“.
Furthermore, Dongwan added, “The Shinhwa members helped me overcome my heartbreak over breaking up“, to which the members  replied, “That is not true. We didn’t even know he was dating“, playfully lightening up the atmosphere.

Source & Image: Newsen

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