Friday, November 02, 2012

Which Shinhwa members are the best and worst at Anipang?

Shinhwa will be showcasing their Anipang skills on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘.
The group decided to invite the ‘masters of Anipang’ to teach them how to get a high score on the popular mobile game. Before they started to learn anything, the members decided see who was the best originally.
The group’s maknae, Andy, received the highest score with over 520,000 points. Dongwan confessed that he had never played Anipang before. Even after he received tips from the ‘masters’, he was confused as to what they were trying to say, and couldn’t even get the score that Andy got when he played with his eyes closed.
Throughout the games, Dongwan complained, “I can’t see the animals!” and couldn’t even get the basics of the game down.
The episode will air 7:40 PM KST on the 28th.
What is your high score on “Anipang”?

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