Monday, August 30, 2010

[10.08.30] Liveworks Twitter: Shin Hyesung sings for ‘The Invincible’ OST

Hyesung’s song aside – I’m a bit wary about how the movie will turn out… It’s rarely a good idea to remake a classic, but let’s hope for the best… At the very least, EYE CANDY! More about the movie here

Back to Hyesung’s song, this seems to be a link to a 35-sec preview of the song… But I can’t seem to view anything on my office laptop – you guys can try it out and see if it works though


Shin Hyesung will be participating on the OST of the most anticipated blockbuster this Chuseok, ‘The Invincible’.

‘The Invincible’ is the Korean remake of the Hong Kong noir classic ‘A Better Tomorrow’ and this project has become a hot topic for discussion.

‘Timeless Memory’, performed by Shin Hyesung, is slated to be used as the theme for the character of Kim Chul (role originally played by Leslie Cheung), played by actor Kim Kang Woo.

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Movie info
Title: The Invincible
Director: Song Hae Seong
Starring: Joo Jin Mo, Song Seung Hun, Kim Kang Woo, Jo Han Seon
Premiere date: 16 September (Thursday)

Track info
Title: Timeless Memory (Kim Kang Woo’s theme song)
Launch date: 7 September (Thursday)

Credits: LIVEWORKSCP Twitter + Absolut Shinhwa

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