Saturday, August 28, 2010

[10.08.23] ’79 Club’ members get hitched one after another… Is Lee Hyori next?

“Who’s next after Park Kyung Lim, Seo Min Jung and Lee Soo Young?”

The announcement of singer Lee Soo Young’s impending marriage on 5 October to a company employee, has led to speculation as to whether a marriage wave will take place among the members of the “79 Club”.

The “79 Club”, made up of entertainers born in 1979, is a clique of celebrity friends that include Lee Ji Hoon, Shin Hyesung, Lee Ki Chan, Lee Hyori, Lee Soo Young, Park Kyung Lim and Ahn Jae Mo.

The first wedding of the “79 Club” took place in July 2007 with the marriage of Park Kyung Rim and Park Jung Hoon, who’s three years younger than his wife. A month later, Seo Min Jung married dentist Ahn Sang Hoon. Three years later, wedding bells are ringing for yet another “79 Club” member Lee Soo Young.

Netizens expressed, “The ’79 Club’ is a big clique in Korean showbiz, and it’s interesting how all three members have married non-celebrities”, and “it feels like another member will get married soon, who will that be?”

“79 Club” members are all 32 years old this year (Korean age), and are of marriageable age, or some say, over the marriageable age. Looking at their good friends getting hitched one after another, they might feel the impulse to get married too.

News of male “79 Club” members getting married may be a little harder to come by. An industry insider said, “Sung Shi Kyung, Kangta and Lee Ki Chan have either just completed military service or are still serving in the army. As for Lee Ji Hoon and Shin Hyesung, they are focusing on things other than marriage for now. Ahn Jae Mo has announced recently that he is dating a younger woman who’s not in showbiz but is not discussing marriage plans yet.”

All eyes are thus on Lee Hyori now. As the last single female member of the “79 Club”, and a top female Korean celebrity, she has always been the object of affection for many men. Of course, there is a possibility that she may be dating secretly as well.

Credits: Sports Chosun + Absolut Shinhwa

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