Saturday, August 21, 2010

[10.08.19] Dongwan’s memolog: My daughter! Don’t marry someone like that.

My daughter! Don’t marry someone like that

Don’t marry a man who sleeps a lot in the morning
Someone who’s lazy in the morning won’t be hardworking in the afternoon either.

Don’t marry a man with a paunch
Someone who doesn’t take care of himself
Will not faithfully carry out the duty of supporting his family.

Don’t marry a person who throws things around.
In future he’ll toss people around.

Don’t marry a person who’s disrespectful to his parents.
If he’s like this to his parents he won’t be patient with you for long either.
Filial piety is a good quality to have, in any era.

Be careful of people who walk slowly with a toe-out gait.
You may end up having to be the breadwinner instead.

Don’t marry someone who finds it fun to tell you off in front of friends.
It will be easy for him to find ridiculous reasons to break off with you.

Beware of people who are nice to everyone.
Inappropriate relationships may cause you incessant suffering.

Don’t marry someone who never contacts you before you contact him.
Love will find its way to you even if you don’t call for it.

Don’t marry someone who’s uncertain and ambiguous.
He can break off even with the person that he couldn’t live without.

Don’t expect too much from successful people.
If he has never failed even once in life, that proves that he has been living an easy life.

Don’t marry a man who often tells you to ‘stay quiet’.
Rather than living a quiet life, you’ll be living silently.

My daughter!
Meet and marry someone kind and warmhearted.
Find a man who will earn money and not let you starve
Who will sometimes buy you flowers
Who will hide cans of warm coffee in his pocket
Who will wait for his wife.

Reposted from a friend’s blog. Author unknown.

While always bringing coffee I’ll have to frown too.
I won’t smile!!

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

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