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[12.08.09] Lotto Talk with Kim Dongwan: 6-17-20-25-30-34

Hello, I’m Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan. Thank you for showing so much love to the movie ‘Yeongasi’ which I was a part of. Back when the movie first opened, I had hoped that it would be able to cross the 400,000 viewer mark, but the movie has really received a lot of love.
The numbers that I’m going to talk about are: 6, 17, 20, 25, 30, 34. You must be curious about the hidden stories behind these numbers, right?
If you like Shinhwa, you’ll be very familiar with the significance of this number. When six has to become one, the 6 Shinhwa members. For me, Shinhwa is my life, and in turn, the number 6 is something that can’t be omitted in my life.
When I was studying at Whimoon High School, I started a rock band called ‘Impact’. And I also took on the main role in an EBS short drama. During my first year, I appeared in a youth drama titled ‘We Are Y-Teens’. It was the age where I did many things like this. I was 17 years old.
At the age when most students head to university, I entered the working world. Making my debut with Shinhwa was a great turning point in my life, and a time of challenge for me. The age where I became Shinhwa, 20 years old.
Do you remember ‘Brand New’? It was the title track of our 7th album that we released in 2004. It was this song that gave us our first Golden Disk award. It was a completely unbelievable moment for us. At that time, I was 25.
It was a time where perhaps I started living another life. It was when I started my duties as a public service officer. I enlisted for military service at a very late age, and I had a lot of fears and concerns. But starting public service late seemed to allow me to adapt better. It was a time where I was able to lead a regular life and reflect on my life, which I couldn’t do when I was busy with showbiz activities. I was 30 years old then.
You probably can guess the significance of this number, can’t you? That’s right. It’s how old I am right now, now with Shinhwa’s successful comeback. 4 members are 34 years old this year. Actually back then, I used to think that all of us would have gotten married at around this time. But in any case, being able to achieve new successes with our comeback, that makes me really happy.
Five of the numbers are my ages. All these ages were times of my life when I encountered challenges and turning points. I hope these numbers, which are meaningful to me, will bring everyone good luck. Please be happy always.
Credits: OBS News + Absolut Shinhwa

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