Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shinhwa′s Eric Goes Drag As He Struts the Runway for ′Shinhwa Broadcast′

Never one to concern much over his perceived image, Shinhwa’s Eric is making yet another shocking transformation.

In the upcoming episode of jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast, the second part of the ‘Fashion Channel – Model, Shinhwa’ will air. 

Inviting top Korean models such as Han Hye Jin, Kim Won Kyung, Ji Hyun Jung, Lee Hyun Yi and more, each Shinhwa member will pair up with a model to compete in a fashion show. 

With the fashion show’s theme being ‘Autumn’, each pair will work to decide on their concept, attire, music, lighting and more and present their work before each other for the fashion show.

In the show, the Shinhwa members and models were all floored when Eric strutted down the runway in tight leather pants, colorful shirt, a short bob wig and face fully made. Looking like Matilda from the French movie Leon, Eric easily commanded the attention of the 300 individuals that were present at the show.
Eric humorously shared afterwards, “I’m worried my parents or my nephew/nieces will watch. I hope viewers don’t tune in for this week’s Shinhwa Broadcast.” 

Mighty Mouth and G.Na will also perform a special stage for the episode when it airs on October 13. 

Photo Credit: jTBC

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