Thursday, February 04, 2010

[10.02.03] Dongwan’s memolog: Since I received a pretty serious email…^_^;

There’s no reason for me to insist on doing that kind of thing. I have my blog anyway…-_-
And though I also often use Internet slang for fun….After becoming an adult, using standard language is better.
Could it be the sense of feeling comfortable? The beauty of Hangeul. Well. Like this? ㅋ When listening to young kids talking.
The so-called ‘hands and feet shriveling’ (note: slang that means ‘cringing’) syndrome happens to adults too. Honestly speaking..
Sorry to the many ‘kids’…ㅜㅜ Since people who have been supporting Shinhwa for a long time should all be in their 20s and beyond…
That place is teeming with Internet slang isn’t it?… -_____-
In conclusion, going to that ‘that place’ isn’t quite appropriate. It’s not even my kind of place…
Although I blog frequently. Recently I’ve been living life pretty diligently…^_^
Anyway, stop the serious emails.
Life in the 30s is serious enough! Don’t tell me about useless things. I don’t want to know.
It’s pathetic that I’m making time before I go to school to sit in front of the computer and explain something like this…
I could have memorized 20 characters during this time….ㅜㅜ

p.s. By the way looking at my profile picture on the left and reading this, why do I feel that they go so well together?
That picture is the best. I like things that are done without effort. Even the butt cheeks on the face~! ^0^/

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

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