Sunday, February 21, 2010

[10.02.20] Stars returning from the army look set to shake things up

2010 will see a big gathering of stars who will return to the entertainment scene after ending their military stint.

In the first half of the year, starting with singer Naul (of Brown Eyed Soul), who has completed his 2-year public service officer stint on 28 January, popular celebrities will be making their return to showbiz.

Singer Kangta (real name An Chil Hyun) has been discharged on 19 February, after enlisting for active duty on 1 April 2008. Kangta had been serving in the 8th Infantry Division as a scout, and upon his discharge, he will kick off a series of fanmeetings starting from Seoul, then to Beijing and Tokyo.

Haha (real name Ha Dong Hoon) will be discharged from his public service duties at the Supreme Court in Seochu-gu. Haha had been active as a member of ‘Infinite Challenge’ on MBC prior to his enlistment. Besides returning to the music scene, his return to the variety circuit is also highly anticipated.

In addition, singer/actor Yang Dong Geun will be discharged on 25 March. Yang Dong Geun had impressed with his unique style as an actor and a singer, and fans are looking forward to his next project.

J-Walk member Kim Jae Duc will be discharged of his duties as an entertainment solder on 21 April. Kim Jae Duc was also a member of the first-generation idols Sechskies, who gained fame with their debut hit ‘Hagwon Byeolgok’.

Sung Shi Kyung, who is now serving as in the military band, will be discharged on 17th May.

Singer Eru (real name Jo Sung Hyun), son of trot singer Tae Jin Ah, is now serving in the Jongno-gu District Office after enlisting on 1 May 2008. He will be discharged in May 2010.

Actor Jae Hee (real name Lee Hyun Gyun) and actor Jo Hyun Jae, will be discharged a day apart on 18th and 19th June respectively. Jae Hee is serving in the 2nd Ammunition Depot while Jo Hyun Jae is serving as an army dog handler. Singer Lee Ki Chan will also be discharged in June.

The second half of the year will see several first-generation idol group members being discharged: Shinhwa’s Eric (real name Mun Jung Hyuk) and Kim Dongwan; and H.O.T’s Tony An (real name An Seung Ho). Eric and Kim Dongwan have both gained popularity as actors on top of their music activities, and their post-army plans have garnered much anticipation. Eric will be discharged on 30th October, Kim Dongwan on 7th December and Tony An on 25th September.

Singer Lee Jung has gained much attention for being enlisted into the Marines, and he will be discharged in August 2010.

Credits: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

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