Sunday, February 14, 2010

[10.02.12] Updates on Recruit Lee Sun Ho (Happy Army clip added)

Shinhwa member Andy has sent out a letter to his management agency TOP Media, where he said that he’s “getting on fine” in the army.

According to a rep from TOP Media, “Before Andy left for the army, he said he wanted to write to us, so I gave him the address. We received the letter a few days ago. He said he’s getting on fine, and asked if the juniors in the company are practising hard.”

“He said that it’s tough because of the cold, but he’s hanging in there. He’s also getting along well with his younger platoon-mates and is adapting well. He apparently has been receiving a lot of praise from his superiors too.”

The rep added, “It must be miserable for Andy to spend his birthday and Seollal (Korean New Year) in the camp. We’re planning to visit him once he has been deployed to his new unit.”

Scenes of ‘Recruit 125′ Andy during training will also be revealed on Feb 12’s episode of “Happy Army” on Chuncheon MBC. With his face smeared with camouflage paint, Andy is seen in the midst of grenade training. Andy has been appointed squad leader for his model behavior in camp.

He says, “Fans have been sending me many encouraging letters, asking me to get through training safely and return in good health.” When asked if the Shinhwa members have been sending him letters, he replied, “I didn’t even receive one single letter from them. I’m going to get them for this later.”

He added, “I realised that I’m able to learn many things while being in the army.”

After his 5th week of training, Andy will be deployed to his new unit where he will serve his remaining 22 months of military duty.

Credits: Newsen + Star News + Absolut Shinhwa

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