Sunday, June 24, 2012

Eric’s after thoughts

Before that…
Eric: Why? Why? Suddenly…
Min Woo: Please tell us how you feel…
Eric: But how did you all know I will fall for it?
Dong Wan: Because you are a blockhead!
Hye Sung: Ah just say how you feel!
Min Woo: Because you are a fool!
Eric: …..I can’t believe it…so next time when I watch the broadcast, everything will be shown and it will be different from what I have been thinking all the while.
Dong Wan: Everyone else is variety but only yours will be a documentary. (Suddenly becoming anxious) let’s then shout once ‘Eric’s Hidden Camera Success’?
Everyone: No no we have to first hear his feelings…
Jun Jin (to Dong Wan): Do you need to go somewhere?
Everyone: You have an appointment? Hiking?
Eric’s message to the members
It’s not an easy task to fool someone for the whole day…the teamwork between our members seems to be manifesting. After hearing each of the member’s messages, it feels that they are sincere and I am touched. I hope Hye Sung will fulfil what he be my best friend and be someone whom I can talk with…
Min Woo: Dong Wan you have something to say?
Dong Wan: We should commemorate such a prank, let’s say ‘Eric’s Hidden Camera Success’…(still not giving up)

Haha there’s a twist at the end where the PD told Eric as a present for his hard work he gets to choose one other person to accept any punishment that Eric wishes. Everyone thought he would choose Hye Sung but instead he chose Jun Jin! Reason was Jun Jin treated him well (throughout the day) so he didn’t like it. HAHA! The punishment is ‘self dak bam’ (Onew’s style) and Hye Sung wondered what sin has Jun Jin committed. LOL!
The more fight, the more love they have for each other!
credit: Fallen Angel@tumblr

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