Sunday, June 24, 2012

Heartfelt messages to Eric

The touching video messages left by the members…

Andy: Jung Hyuk ah look over here!
(Eric: This is crazy)
Min Woo: You really worked hard!
Dong Wan: We feel so happy and blissful to have fooled you…
Jun Jin: Your expressions were unforgettable!
Dong Wan: Like an idiot!
Hye Sung: The main reason why we are doing this is you, as a leader, have worked hard for Shinhwa’s comeback and we want to thank you for that..
Min Woo: Continue to work hard to the end!
Hye Sung: Don’t be upset…
Jun Jin: We hope you can laugh as much as today..
Hye Sung: With hope next year you’ll do better, this is an award prepared by the members!
Dong Wan’s message

Eric ah it’s the CEO of Shinhwa Company you seemed to have gone through hard times. This round of Shinhwa’s activities you have worked hard and I personally am very thankful for that. Next year too we’ll entrust Shinhwa’s activites to you. Fighting!
Min Woo’s message

Hey yo!! E-R-I-C! It’s been almost 15 years? During these 15 years, in various aspects, even though I have been unable to express my thanks to know since both of us dislike being emotional. Anyway recently I think you are really pretty (handsome)! In the future hope you will continue to work hard.
Hye Sung’s message

My best friend Eric ah…so awkward!! My best friend Eric ah I’ll try to drop by your place often *burst out laughing* The empty space that Yong Bae left behind, in the future I will work hard to fill up that space. Fighting!
Andy’s message

Leader-nim Eric hyung hope you will continue to lead us well. For today’s Hidden Camera we actually wanted to make you feel touched and for you to forget all the hard times, that’s why we prepared this. In the future let’s all fighting and work harder!
Jun Jin’s message

It must be very stressful to balance the different opinions of the members. We believe in Hyung and hope you won’t forget that we love you very much. Even without the cameras we hope to be as what we are in Shinhwa Broadcast. I hope to be with Shinhwa till I die (Jun Jin’s eyes were teary in the video). I love you~

Everyone: Shinhwa Fighting! Eric fighting!
Min Woo: Your brain is kind-hearted!

credit: Fallen Angel 안젤리나

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