Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan Asks Fans Not to Judge Based on One Mistake

With Shinhwa member Kim Dong Wan’s movie Deranged coming out soon, a minor dispute between his company, Live Works Company, and fans occurred. 

On June 26, Live Works Company posted an official apology on its website, explaining the situation that fans were upset about.

“The movie promotion company gave Live Works Company 100 tickets for a special screening of Deranged, but as time was limited to hold an official event to give out the tickets, we distributed the tickets to Kim Dong Wan’s largest fan club," read the apology notice. 

“We want to apologize especially to the fans who have excitedly been anticipating Kim Dong Wan’s Deranged for our unprofessional actions and disappointing everyone.” 

It seemed that some fans, who were upset about not being given a chance to receive a ticket, complained about Live Works Company’s faults. 

The outrage of certain fans caused Kim Dong Wan to write a short entry on his blog, saying “Whenever a Shinhwa member has a small worry or a misunderstanding, the Live Works family played a big part in trying to solve it. I have never heard or seen such a company do this ever. Please try not to judge them based on one mistake. This is my request.” 

The blog entry has since been removed. 

Fans were apologetic for their actions and wished Kim Dong Wan the best of luck with his movie. 

Netizens commented, “It would have been good if the company explained the situation before it blew up,” “At least they apologized,” “I hope this all gets solved well.” 

Deranged will open in theaters on July 5. 

Photo credit: Shinhwa Company
source: CJ E&M enewsWorld Stewart Ho

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