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[10.09.07] Dongwan’s blog: 2010 (main page updated)

Note from Sumi:

These are the lyrics to a Japanese song called “Only Human” by K, from the drama “One Liter Of Tears”… Which Wannie is now using as the BGM on his blog…

And I just have to clarify that my translation is based on Wannie’s Korean translation of the Japanese lyrics…

So if it’s incorrect… blame Wannie! Just kidding, do point it out to me if anything’s not right! :D


哀しみの向こう岸に 微笑みがあるというよ
They say that there’s a smile on the opposite coast of the river of sadness

たどり着くその先には 何が僕らを待ってる?
But before we reach there, is there something that awaits us?

逃げるためじゃなく 夢追うために
Not to run away, but to pursue a dream

旅に出たはずさ 遠い夏のあの日
I left on a trip, on that faraway summer day

明日さえ見えたなら ため息もないけど
If I could only see tomorrow, I won’t even let out one sigh

流れに逆らう舟のように 今は 前へ 進め
Like a boat that goes against the current, now I have to go on

苦しみの尽きた場所に 幸せが待つというよ
They say where suffering ends, happiness awaits

僕はまだ探している 季節はずれの向日葵
Yet I’m still searching for the sunflower that’s out of season

こぶし握りしめ 朝日を待てば
With my fists tightly clenched, I wait for the morning sun

赤い爪あとに 涙キラリ落ちる
Sparkling tears falling on the red fingernail marks

孤独にも慣れたなら 月明かり頼りに
If I become accustomed to solitude, I’ll rely on the moonlight

羽根なき翼で飛び立とう もっと 前へ 進め
And fly up with featherless wings to keep on going further

雨雲が切れたなら 濡れた道 かがやく
If the rain clouds part, the wet road shines

闇だけが教えてくれる 強い 強い 光
Only darkness can teach us about the strong strong light
Bravely moving on

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

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